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You don't have to but I ship Shinoa and Mitsuba and finding art is hard. Could you draw them?

Ah, yes…Tsundere Hime and Sass Queen…we can never get enough of these gal pals

Okay, so maybe it’s the part of me that says “I want too cook ramen” at 10 till 11 at night, but I’m standning here waiting for the noodles to soften and watching my tumblr feed blow up from Blackkkat-sama’s Ask’s, and all I can think is: “that is way too much for any one woman. Even if she is pretty much the Kage of fanfiction.”

So, hear me out guys, cause I’m not sane at this hour, but has anybody considered a club called “Village Hidden in the Ink” or something equally cheesy. We could elect somebody as Kage… probably Blackkkat, and basically throw a shit ton of ideas into a pool. Then, we get to pick an idea and write it. Bounce ideas off each other. You say you want to read it, then write it goddammit.

Also, can you imagine newbies being lectured like Academy students. “And this is what you DO NOT write. No Naruto, I don’t care if it’s a prank.” “Goddammit people, homophones! It’s ‘They’re’, ‘There’, and ‘Their’.”

But yeah… I think right now my insanity is on the level of Anko.

[I’m officially out of miso paste now. And udon noodles. I will need to buy more. And Halloumi. Cause it’s a great tofu sub.]

I’m going to go sit in a corner with my ramen now. Shove off.

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people who whine about tumblr being america centric during a time of near national crisis in which a racist angry pumpkin can become president clearly don’t live here and don’t understand the imminent threat we’re all facing if trump gets nominated :’)))

im doing a really brief powerpoint abt sylvia rivera and marsha p johnson for hell feminism class and im like. trying to figure out how much information i need to be giving my class abt them because i dont think theyre ready for the full scope of these two LMAO