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✿Send this to 10 other bloggers that you think are wonderful. Keep the game going, make someone smile!✿

Anhsbavhv, YOUVE SEEN YOUR OWN STUFF RIGHT??? ffffffffff All those Headcanons and stuff about what Suna is and is like, the fleshing out of this place and just dwbhis.

Like Bruh, thank you though! But imma tag because I’m lazy atm (also I usually want to point at more then ten people so, also some of you I don’t talk to a lot or at all but I do follow you and honestly- you are all so talented and wonderful! Keep being awesome!) 

@amehanaa / @cervamater / @setsukix / @icebloodedprince / @fire-hearted-father / @leafmedic / @mita-rashi / @fosphor / @tensasai / @tohomonai / @fulgadrome / @rasendab / @thesunaroboticist / @masterofwar / @desertgourd / @sennenryuu / @zilveninde / @pocketsystem / @introverses

and also @sunagakurenosato, because yes you too are amazing and beautiful and talented.

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Maya I hope you know Harry was the one who came up with "Tommo The Tease"? I think it was Twitter questions in one of their concerts in fetus times asking what their stripper names would be and Harry went "He would be Tommo The Tease". I'm sure Harry knows everything about his teasing ways 😉 And I suspect Louis knows and remembers where that nickname originated from. 😏

Anon, I DIDN’T KNOW! I made those tags not having a clue, now I’m on the floor, thank you

Pro No Evens 5 - YOLMT 2

Pro No Evens - You Only Live Multiple Times 2

After the first one, I couldn’t get the concept out of my head, so here we go again. 

Against All Odds is from @royalflushstories and Royal Expectations is from @trulymightypotato

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