even if they dont know it

Alec is so dead. We all are.

I have no words. I’m just shook. The cat eyes are wonderful and I can’t wait to see them shine in the show. This whole look is just so fucking good. Every part of it. At first I was sceptical about this goatee but damn, it does things to me now. And photo was unlocked in less than 20 minutes???

The fact, that I’d die for Magnus Bane is one thing, but the fact, that I’d die for Harry Shum Jr. as well is another one. I bet he wasn’t expecting it to be unlocked so fast and it just shows how much we love and appreciate something/someone he pours in his whole heart and soul. Harry is incredible as Magnus. Harry is Magnus. I want to give him every single damn award for his acting. Step Up, Glee, Mom’s Night Out, Crouching Tiger, White Frog, Single by 30… - all of this never gave him as amazing chance to show off as Shadowhunters. I’m close to tears just thinking about it. He should be more appreciated. If there’re people, who somehow judge his acting skills but never saw him as Magnus, I want them to hear me clearly: Harry Shum Jr. is an amazing, taletned actor who truly becomes his character while shooting. There’s no Harry left, when he plays Magnus. Not his voice, not his body language, not even his looks. Just pure Magnus Bane. That’s what good acting means. He deserves all the love; it’s sad that he gets hate too.

But anyways. I love it. I love Magnus. I love Harry. I’m dead and tomorrow I’m gonna see Alec’s poster from afterlife and then come back again on 2nd January.

I just read that some people are upset that all the members havent tweeted about jins bday and like seriously ????? these boys have just gotten through several very tiring and super emotional days give them a moment to rest. I am 100% sure that they have congratulated jin in person and are celebrating it in some kind of way just cause we didnt get to see it doesnt mean we have the right to get upset i mean maybe they still will tweet something idk but I want these boys to rest and relax more than I want them to tweet something

reminder: "tranny" is an anti-trans slur and hate speech.

CRACK, for the carry on countdown!

Penny entered the shed and immediately everyone started yelling, beaks wide open and feathers out.

“Relax,” Penny laughed, as she quickly threw the breadcrumbs around, careful not to get hit by one of them.

Simon looked around for crumbs near to him, and when he saw one he leaped at it, wings fluttering, legs in attack position.

When he almost reached it (he could almost taste the heavenly taste of the crumb), Baz jumped in front of him and gulped it down in one breath.

“Baz!” Simon cackled. “That was my crumb, give it back!”

He slapped him with his wing and Baz squawked angrily, “I was first!”

“I fucking hate you, you fat chicken!” Simon cried and he punched Baz’ stomach with his foot, desperately looking around to look for other crumbs, but they were all eaten already.

Baz cackled at him and then ran away, tail wiggling and feathers high.

Simon grumped and was arranging his feathers, when he suddenly felt a hard pull in his stomach. He sighed, “Not again, please.”

But he couldn’t stop nature, so he squatted down and waited for the pain, and when it came he squawked loudly, eyes closed. And then it just rolled out of him, and started rolling away from him.

Agatha cried from the other side of the shed.




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honestly doe…….. randos on this site who hijack posts or hand out unsolicited opinions to other blogs yallve no rapport with,, like are these peeps are the kind of ppl who go around butting into strangers convos in the middle of the street bc they overheard something i feel like they are 


thanks @ the snapchat filter for making me look 100x more white than i actually am… anyways! @aigustd tagged me for the bias selfie, and honestly im weak as fuck, i thought about only putting yoongi but? hoseok…? couldnt leave him out, i would die for their happiness tbh

and! i tag @teamochanyeol @jacksonscarol @yoongisluvr @jirae @shineesavedkpop @biiirb @lovingyoongi @bangtanbf @wbadlands and anyone that wants to do it! 💖💖💖