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Zayn looks like he has dry skin but pop some coppery gold metallic eyeliner on him and his eyes will sparkle I swear

I literally feel like a capillary exploded in my left eyeball at the accusation that Zayn has dry skin. I’ve seen some shit thrown his way on this site BUT the very implication that Zayn Javadd Malik, one of the premiere hair and skincare innovators of our GENERATION, does not moisturize and exfoliate and use serums is a slight on his character that I WILL NOT LET STAND. 


Look at that texture, LOOK AT IT. I bet even babies touch his face and are like 

Even in an amateur photo Zayn’s even skin tone and micro pores make him look like he’s starring in “The English Patient”. WHEN WILL YOUR FAVE EVER

This is a candid but he might as well tell everyone else to go home. He looks like he’s about to star in a Neutrogena commercial 

IN SUMMATION, Zayn has reached the heights of skincare at a mere 24 years old that most will never achieve in a lifetime. 

British family's perspective of inauguration on Sky News
  • Dad: *mumbling swear words a lot*
  • Me *mocking Trump*: I, orange Dorito...
  • Me *sees Bernie Sanders*: BERNIEEEEEEE YASSSSS
  • Mum (referring to Trump): Where is the shooter?
  • Mum: I wonder if one of the waiters is the shooter
  • Me: I bet Melania will kill him
  • Dad: When does the war start?
  • Sky News woman refers to this as the apocalypse
  • Sky News woman saying how the security is very secure so a "scene" won't happen and sounds very sad about it
  • Mum *sees Obama leaving on a plane*: No, don't goooooo. Come backkk
  • Me *sees Trump supporters*: woah, look at all the white people
Hide your little dreams, the ones that mean something. Hide them in the gaps of your memory, hide them in those rose-tinted days you always miss. Hide them in those thoughts you’d never tell. Hide them in people with kind eyes and open hearts. Hide them in the color of your first love’s eyes and the sound of your best friend’s laugh. Hide them behind your lips, in your throat, where you always want to speak them but never can. Hide them away from a world that would rip them away if you let it.
—  Journal Entry; Summer 2015

Okay but imagine this concept: Iwaizumi with a huge old female dog like she’s almost his height and is the love of his life and the entire seijou team is in tears because hunky iwa mothering a Godzillaish dog and did I tell you that oiks is literally her bed like she will suffocate him just sleeping on him cause she’s been doing that ever seen she was a pup and oh my god someone stop me just beefy iwaizumi calling this giant ass dog princess I can’t even

I’m scared I’ll never find anyone who’s going to love me back. I know my parents love me etc. but no one ever did romantically and it just makes me sad that I’m 18 and I’ve never experienced anything with a guy…. like I literally find every guy around me compulsive lmao but I just wonder how people get in & out of relationships so quick and I can’t even find one guy kind of attractive and who likes me back. Last year my heart was broken by a guy, I told him I liked him and yeah it didn’t end well for me. I’m still scared to bump into him. He really left his marks on me and I hate it and I feel so stupid for ever letting him get to me



i know everyone’s excited about all the keith and shiro moments in season 2 but like

keith is 17 and shiro is 25. shiro was 7 when keith was born. keith is still a minor.

like i’m 21 and i would feel like a creep dating a 17 year old. so shipping a 25 year old with a 17 year old is just really not okay.

If You Meant It - Part Two

A continuation and conclusion to If You Meant It, a short fic where Yamaguchi drunkenly confesses his feelings to Tsukishima. Read below or on Ao3.

Part One

Summary: Tadashi wakes up on the bathroom floor in the morning with no recollection of what happened the night before, and for some reason Kei is avoiding him.

Tadashi awoke to the harsh buzz of his cell phone. It vibrated in his pocket twice, drawn out and clattering, stuck between the fabric of his pants and something hard. Without looking he reached towards the sound, but instead of finding it his hands touched only bare skin.

Confused, he opened his eyes too quickly. The fluorescent glare of the bathroom light pierced into his brain, sending a spike of pain that felt like thousands of ice picks simultaneously digging in. A wave of nausea passed over him, and he squeezed his eyes shut again until it subsided.

When the threat of vomiting was gone, Tadashi reopened his eyes, this time with caution. There was the bathroom floor beside him, his face level with the pink spotted tile. There was the base of the toilet, to his left, wet with continual condensation in the old apartment building. And there, half way down his legs in what appeared to have been a struggle to free himself, were his pants.

He reached for the phone in his pocket, his eyes still bleary and squinting in the bright light as he checked the incoming message. It was a number he did not recognize, so he swiped it away to be dealt with later. He had more pressing matters to attend to.

With effort Tadashi pushed himself to his feet, the change in position causing another bout of nausea. He groaned and pressed his lips together tightly, doing his best to ignore the rising taste of bile in his mouth.

He flinched at his reflection in the mirror above the sink. His hair was flattened from where his head had lain on the hard floor all night, and his cheeks looked splotchy and red. A shower, he thought through the haze of his hangover. A shower will help.

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Hey, Luce, this is truly important- Do you have a pack?

‘’I think that you referred to this kind of pack.It is hard to tell since you didn’t specified what  kind.’’

// Edit: My lack of knowledge in English hurts me , she meant a fanny pack. *repeatedly bangs face into a wall* //

so i was having a conversation with my friend and she was upset that her boyfriend probably won’t remember their little anniversary and then she said “i know it’s just stupid girl stuff but….” and i was like wtf???? why do people still think that remembering dates, drawing hearts in notebooks and liking pink color is “girl stuff”? like some idiot thought like that decades ago and now thousands of people still believe this bullshit. 

and this is the part where i tell you that i am so grateful for skam. they show us a character who is male, likes epic love stories, puts cute drawings into his boyfriend’s jacket, draws freaking hearts for him on glass windows????? and is so proud to call that boy his boyfriend that he never misses an opportunity to do so. i am so grateful that this show exists and teaches so many important lessons. 

and at the same time it makes me sad that it literally had an entire season about characters destroying stereotypes and teaching us not to stereotype or generalize anyone and yet so many people in the fandom still think that certain things or emotions are only “for women” or that “gay guys are so cute” and it’s all after these things were discussed in the show MULTIPLE TIMES. 

that moment when you start to wonder if maybe you’re on the aro spectrum but you also know you’ve only attempted dating like three people and that’s hardly enough of an idea