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Bygones of the Sun | 07 (M)

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Genre: Angst/fluff/(future)smut || dance captain!hoseok, bad boy!au, uni!au

Pairing: Reader x Hoseok

Length: 6.7k

Summary: Jung Hoseok was once the sweetheart of the school, the dance captain whom every girl, including you, can’t help but fall head over heels for. But like the force of the ever-glowing sun, everything that rises must also set. A year of inactivity later and he’s now the school’s resident bad boy. You’re a firm believer of allowing the past be the past, and yet you can’t help but wonder where the risen sun has gone into hiding—because perhaps its shadows have out-shined its own radiance.

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I’ll Be Your Nurse


“Babe, i’m sick.. so don’t kiss me” … “I don’t care, we’ll just be sick together” with percy? if you can’t/wont do it it’s fine. have a greatt day

Warning? Slight Language


You knew you shouldn’t have gone hiking with Percy, especially since the weather called for rain showers non-stop today. It started raining as soon as you were a mile away from camp with no shelter in sight except for a pricey hotel that wouldn’t even allow you in the lobby with your lack of mortal money. Now here you are, laying under a number of blankets brought up to your chin, hair sticky with sweat from your fever, and nose stuffy and running rapidly which was the reason behind the piles of dirty tissues in the trash bin beside your bed.

You tossed off the covers you so desperately needed only a minute ago while moaning about how hot you felt, swiping your forehead weakly and calling out for Will who was supposed to be taking care of you.

You propped yourself up on your elbows and peered around with a lazy gaze, “Will?” You croaked out, clutching your throat in pain. The only response you were given was silence and the occasional clanking of metal from the infirmary beds filled with injured campers.

You huff and swing your legs out from under the sheets and are greeted with the cold hardwood floor as you made your way– rather shakily– through the infirmary and out into the seemingly empty big house, “Chiron? Mr. D?”

No answer.

You groan out in pain when your head begins to throb in pain which started to obscure your already hazy vision. You lean against the wall, exhausted and feeling the need to vomit anything that was left in your already empty stomach.

“What are you doing?! Oh gods, let’s get you back to bed.” You hear someone say in a panicky voice just before you’re hoisted up onto your feet by strong arms. Now that you’re thinking about it, these arms felt familiar…

“You are so lucky I love you or else I’d be dragging you back by your arms.” Was that… Percy? You shake your head in an attempt to clear your vision enough to identify your nurse but it was no use.

You felt the slightly damp sheets of your bed from where you were sweating out your fever, inwardly groaning at the feeling of grossness and turning over on your side once the person had laid you down with a disapproving click of their tongue.

“Get some rest, dimwit.” You heard as you drifted into dreamland.

You were already planning his murder once you’re well.

You awoke later that day feeling slightly less like death than you did yesterday. Your head had ceased to throb and your fever had calmed down due to you sweating out the fever earlier that day.

“Look who’s up, rise and shine, sweetheart.” You heard a  tired voice chuckle. You turn your head and notice Percy sitting on a backward chair with his head resting on his crossed arms, “You feeling better?”

You nod and rub your eyes sleepily, “I still feel like death, but not as bad as yesterday. Was that you that helped me out last night?” You questioned with a raised brow and turning over to look at him dead on, “I could’ve sworn that was you, I can’t really remember it clearly, though.”

Percy cocked his head to the side, “Since you’re feeling better…” He trailed off, looking to the side before snapping his gaze back to you, “What the Hades were you thinking?! You could’ve passed out face first into the ground and broken your face or something.” He lectured very similarly to how a worrisome mother would, “Are you trying to give me a heart attack?”

You snickered and nodded, “Yeah that’s my life goal.” You loved teasing Percy, he was always so stressed about… well everything so it was sort of your “job” to destress him.

“Hardy har har, I’m serious about this Y/n.” He scolded with crossed arms, his brows furrowed in concern and his hair a mess from where he had carded his fingers through it from worry. He sighed and placed his head in his hands, rubbing his face before looking up at you through his long lashes, “This cold of yours can get worse if you aren’t taking care of yourself, Will said so himself..”

You sat up much to Percy’s protests and clasped his hands in your own, looking down at his hands while you spoke softly, “Percy I’m sorry. You can’t keep stressing yourself out over me, though, I’ll be okay.” You assure with a small smile in his direction, “Will’s a good doctor so I’m sure I’ll be up and training in no time.”

Percy shook his head and sat on the edge of the bed, his lips pressing into a thin line as he debated on what to do with you. He sighed and brushed away stray (h/c) strands that hung in front of your tired eyes, “Will’s good but he’s busy, I won’t let you stay here by yourself since you can’t seem to stay in bed,” He sassed.

You rolled your eyes and pushed his hand back to him, “Percy you are not staying here with me, I’m fine.” You laid back onto the not so fluffy pillow and turned away from him out of irritation.

Not long after you had turned your back to the bright-eyed boy you felt the bed sink behind you as a sun-kissed arm laced around your waist, a kiss being placed behind your ear. He sighed and nuzzled the nape of your neck with his nose, “Y/n, I’m just worried about you. It’s my fault you’re sick in the first place, if I hadn’t forced you to come hiking with me then you wouldn’t be sick.” He mumbled apologetically.

Now you just felt bad, mentally and physically. All he wanted to do was help and you had pushed him away rudely, how much of a bitch are you? You turn in his grip to face the upset looking demigod, “It’s not your fault, Perce. I’m just being bitchy because I’m sick, that’s all. Thank you for being here, though,” You said with a small close-lipped smile.

Percy grinned lopsidedly and started to lean in when you held your mouth to his lips, shocking him, “Babe, I’m sick… so don’t kiss me.”

He rolled his eyes and removed your hand and kissed your palm while looking into your eyes mischievously, “I don’t care, we’ll just be sick together.” He spoke with a small chuckle before planting his salty tasting lips on to your own chapped ones.

“Achoo!” Percy sneezed, his nose bright red and his usual bright sea green eyes now drooping and tired as he weakly glared at the ceiling. You snickered as you held some nectar in a cup, the straw in front of his dry lips, “I told you not to kiss me, fish brain, now look what happened.”

He grumbled and sucked on the straw, perking up when the sweet liquid hit his tongue. You pulled the straw away when you realized his self-control had vanished when that fever hit him last night. He whined and pouted at you, his eyes glowing and forming that baby seal look that he mastered.

“At least I have a hot nurse, maybe all those cartoons weren’t lying.” He smirked and shot a wink at you which normally would have caused you to roll your eyes at his flirty nature but this time he just looked like a flirty old man. You scoffed and placed the glass down on the side table, “Yeah, your nurse is super hot,” you said slyly before backing up and calling out, “Will!”

Percy’s eyes widened at your action and tried to yell at you, but all that came out was a cough.

Will shuffled over to Percy while drying his hands with a dish cloth, “Alright Perce, time for some rest. Y/n you can go now, I’ll be his nurse today.” He joked, not knowing why you were laughing so hard and why Percy looked absolutely horrified.

*I hope this is good enough >·<  


Rabbit Emoji Review

It a friendly bun who wants to have fun!! They try to look serious but they actually are a big fluff. Wants to eat carrots all day!! 10/10

What a sassy bunny!! Even though they has a simplistic look, they probably uses like super pricey shampoo to shine its fur. Is gay bfs (bun friends) with mozilla bunny!! 10/10 (+ some stylish new shampoo)

The bun that is actually a robot in disguise!! But its ok the bun still has feelings too. They probably also listens to edgy songs cause sometimes they dont know how to feel. 10/10

Its probably the snarkiest out of the group cause they’re the one with only white fur. They are proud of their white fur, and they love to show it. But its ok their friends still love them and care!! 10/10

Buds with the apple bun!! They go out and party every once and awhile but also like to sit down and chat with each other. They want to have fun too but also will get down to business if necessary. 10/10

The dorky bun!! They will eat anything and everything, but its ok they are a lovable fluff ball that just loves to eat and be fluffy!! What a sweetheart!! 10/10 (+ a bowl full of carrots to eat)

The runt of the litter!! One day it wants to be as big and tall as all the other buns, but for now its strutting its little stuff!! 10/10

The bun everyone comes to for advice!! It the smartest and looks out for everyone. Dont mess with their friends or they’ll pounce!! 10/10

The athlete of all the buns!! Can jump reallyyyyyyy far and hop reallyyyyy quickly!! Run bunny run!! 10/10 (+a pair of running shoes stay safe bunny)

Another sassy bunny!! Gets all their perfect fur tips from google bun and the loudest out of the two. Maybe could even out sassy google bunny who knows!! Bfs (bun friends) with google bun!! 10/10

The jokester bun!! Its got all the latest jokes for the other bunnies to enjoy!! Will also play pranks on other buns so watch out!! They have a tricky time playing pranks on twitter bunny though cause they run so fast. 10/10

The most sensitive and caring out of all the buns!! They use lots of makeup and they rock the look so much!! Gets easily embarrassed to aaaaaw!! 10/10 (+some new makeup to use yay)

Complaints: I want and need more. Please appreciate this rocking bunny family!!

Jumping aboard the Obitsuroid craze.

Say hello to ObiTsukki!

Lots of fun poses are possible now!

Pout, kiddo, pout!

As if he wasn’t already tall enough!  Look at that smug bastard!

Kingdom Hearts: Why are the Remixes Good?

I see people bashing the Kingdom Hearts development team for “buying time” and “making a quick buck” with re-releasing the Kingdom Hearts games on the PlayStation 3 (and later the PlayStation 4). “They only did it because they needed to sate your hunger with mildly new stuff in each collection, only trying to buy time for Nomura’s ignorance to the final installment.”


The ORIGINAL Kingdom Hearts, made for the PlayStation 2 way back in 2002 (I was literally a babe when that game came out, can you believe that) is probably the most cherished game in the series, but… also the most annoying to play. Platforming was a little jumpy then and the way the combat rolled out was sorta messy. Nevertheless, the game proved to be fun and full of good story. 

The original developers lost the assets to the game and took the collective decision to remake it from the ground-up. This let them fix a LOT of issues the game had with it’s camera work and select cutscenes, including the installation of new bosses, weapons, abilities, and an easier-to-use reaction command system, or as people call it in KH2, “PRESS TRIANGLE TO WIN.”

In addition to fixing the mechanical issues, the in-game models were updated to their HD versions, Yoko Shimomura re-composed the soundtrack for the game, and many cutscenes and textures were upgraded to match the stunning HD of the PS3. 

This was only the beginning. Since 358/2 Days came out originally on the Nintendo DS, cutscenes were limited in this game. The story was told through, dare I say, poor quality in-game dialogue with hardly any voice acting to back it. This did make the characters in the game feel a little less like themselves. The HD Remaster of 358 really helps to bring back that tie. It completely scrapped the combat system used in Days, but did well to keep up it’s heart-wrenching story. While there is no gameplay, it was a touching movie that I still shed a few tears over. 

Albeit, nothing much changed in Chain of Memories aside from the final boss having a remastered soundtrack, it was nice to see the cutscenes in HD. And if you’re like me, that sweet 60 fps on the PS4.

“Storm, this isn’t selling me. It still sounds like a cash-grab. ”

UNDERSTANDABLE! I honestly thought the same thing a long time ago! Allow me to inform you more on the next addition: Kingdom Hearts 2.5!

Kingdom Hearts II is, arguably, the best game in the franchise via gameplay. The combat system is much less punishing if you get hammered, and very cinematic. You thought Ars Arcanum was a cool way to finish off an enemy? Try having the scripted event be throwing the enemy INTO THE AIR and SMACKING IT IN THE CHEST SEVERAL TIMES, then having it LAND ON THE FLOOR BEHIND YOU AS YOU STRIKE A POSE.

Vertigo Toss is the coolest shit ever and I don’t know how to top it.

How do you make it better in the Remix? Anyone knows, compared to Kingdom Hearts I, this “much better” installment was very lacking in secret bosses and bonus content to do after completing the game. So that’s exactly what the developers added: extra areas to explore, more bosses to fight, new abilities to abuse, cool content to have fun with, AND A HELLISH SECRET BOSS THAT TIES INTO THE LORE.

The game also added in new cutscenes to help explain what’s going on within the Organization, as well as Roxas’ motivation behind fighting Sora, and Sora’s resolve to thank Naminé for what she’d done for him. On top of very beautiful HD graphics and a new soundtrack, the game was enjoyable for the viewer and a challenge for the player.

Birth by Sleep didn’t receive much change aside from the new graphics and a few remastered soundtracks. However, the Mirage Arena was modified for single-player use, new bosses were added, and a new Secret Episode was included in the game after finishing the Final Episode. This Secret Episode would tie into the later release of Kingdom Hearts 0.2 on the PS4. 

It’s well-known to hardly affect the plot, but some of my theories say otherwise. Coded was a fun, side-game that delved into the data world of Jiminy’s Journal. While not a whole lot happened there, it was a fun game that did hint towards new releases for the future. The Remastered movie pulled a 358 and completely scrapped the gameplay part of the game. It became a 3-hour movie, mostly for viewing pleasure and not exactly designed to move the plot of the franchise. But there were a few-tear jerking cutscenes in there. It was well-worth the remake.

“Okay, but I’m not seeing the point. This still feels like a time-staller for KH3.”

Patience, my reader. We’re on our latest Remix: Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue

yeah, i know, it’s a ridiculous name, but this is Kingdom Hearts, we all thought Goofy was dead for 2 minutes

Dream Drop Distance is infamous for being a mind-fuck to the viewer. While it has it’s flashy gameplay and interesting mechanics, the game is best known for it’s sudden exceleration in the plot with the introduction of time travel.

Yes, because things weren’t confusing enough. Plot aside, the gameplay didn’t change all that much. A few new Dream Eaters were added into the game, but aside from revamping the touch-screen commands, nothing really changed. 

Here’s the real reason everyone bought 2.8: Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep - A Fragmentary Passage


Kingdom Hearts 0.2 was a completely new experience in the franchise. It had only been touched on in the Secret Episode of Birth by Sleep and this short game was only a fraction of what was initially planned. I look at this game to be a demo for Kingdom Hearts III, as it uses the finalized graphics, mechanics, and game engine that is to be used in the final installment, as well as having a final cutscene that connects to the beginning of KH3, as confirmed by developers. 

The game should only take the average player about 2 to 3 hours to finish this game. It is VERY short, but very amusing. Featuring absolutely stunning graphics, beautifully orchestrated music, fun gameplay, and an immersive world, I find people replaying this small demo all the time. Not only for it’s fun gameplay, but also the character development and story.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Back Cover is an HD recreation of the cutscenes in the mobile game, Kingdom Hearts Unchained X. It’s best understood by watching and/or playing the mobile platform, as the story may not make sense without its guiding game. The remaster touches on the 5 Union Leaders and how they intend to fight the impending darkness, as well as introducing the 6th Apprentice and what his role just might be.

“I can see why that LAST one wasn’t a cash-grab, but it definitely felt like a stall… Storm, where are you going with this?”

I admit, I do believe somewhere in my heart that the Remixes were a way to keep us busy while Kingdom Hearts III was being developed. But in no way or form do I think they were meant to just earn money. Granted, they certainly did, but I doubt that was the goal that the team was going for.

Kingdom Hearts has received MANY new fans since the initial release of Kingdom Hearts on the PS2. And what with how spread out every game is onto different consoles, it’s hard to actually play them all. Tetsuya Nomura, game director and developer, stated in an interview himself that the main reason the Remixes were made was to allow Kingdom Hearts fans new and old to visit and revisit the series without having to dig up old consoles. 

Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 released onto the PS4, along with Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and the soon-coming Kingdom Hearts III places each and every game onto the PlayStation 4. Albeit pricey even now, every single game is accessible on a single console. Unchained X, or Union Cross, is still a phone game, but I do think they intend to recreate the story cutscenes and release them onto the PS4 in a potential DLC package. 

“So… they made it easier for the fans?”

Not just easier, but they made this series mean even MORE to the fans. The recreation of 358/2 Days and Coded as movies, and the addition of new story content and gameplay material would not have been added if it wasn’t for the fans to enjoy. I don’t think I could love Roxas as much as I do if I didn’t get to see that HD Remaster of Days. 

And with the release of Back Cover, it’s proof that they intend to bring Union Cross to the console players in some form or another. I can’t play Union Cross simply because I have a phone that doesn’t allow it to work properly. So being able to watch the “important” cutscenes in stunning HD feels like a privilege that I’m entirely thankful for.

And most important to me was the release of Kingdom Hearts 0.2, a practical demo for Kingdom Hearts III. It was a proof-check for the developers, so they could make sure that we knew their development was coming along just fine, so they could make sure that we LIKED what they were making and to see how they could perfect it for the grand title they’ve been working on for over 7 years. It was a reassurance that Kingdom Hearts III was on it’s way and that we would ENJOY it.

The Remixes were meant to tide us over, yes, but they were meant to make us fall in love with this game even MORE. So it would be beloved by our hearts and enjoyed by new ones. The Remixes, in all honesty, just made the Kingdom Hearts series better. I can say that as a fact.

Piano Man

Originally posted by xehunted

Pairing: Taeil x reader
Genre: smut 
Warnings: language
Word count: 4,296

You breathed through your nostrils furiously as you scrolled down the page on the hundredth site for houses for rent you had checked that day. Nothing lived up to your expectations. Well, actually, if you were honest with yourself a lot of them lived up to your expectations, exceeding them in a lot of cases. However, even the shoddiest rooftop room seemed to be way too pricey for a college student that was trying to be independent just like you. Which also translated to “I will not be asking my parents for help” as much as it was needed in situations like this. 

You did find an apartment that was at a somewhat reasonable price, but it still being more than you could afford with the low wage of your shitty part time job. Moving out of the college dormitories was not going to be easy and you knew that, but all your plans came crumbling down as reality hit you. Neither of your three best friends could be your roommates because two of them already had one and the third one shared an apartment with their partner. Writing down the needed information about the apartment, you closed the tab and opened another one, typing in the website of your college. A lot of students could post various stuff on the home page, so it was time you typed in a post looking for a roommate. 

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Jack Maynard Imagine - Surprise

I’m sorry that this is quite short

Jack’s birthday was just around the corner, and your head was struck for ideas. You literally had nothing. And then, suddenly, after days and days of pointless brainstorms and restless showers, you finally found it. Or more like it found you.

You paced nervously around the flat, which looked incredibly small to your eyes now, as you waited for Jack to come back from Conor’s. It wasn’t unusual for him to be gone all day. You weren’t at home that often yourself neither. But that specific day, it was bothering you.

It wasn’t even his birthday yet. However, over the past years, you had grown the habit of giving each other your presents the night before, to make it more special. But it was 8pm already, and only you were at home.

You had your two presents carefully placed on the wooden table, waiting for Jack to open them. You chewed on the inside of your mouth nervously. What if he didn’t like that one present? What if it was too much for him? You shook your head as you looked out of the window, the bright night of London staring back at you.

At 8:35 pm, Jack finally opened the main door as you chewed on your thumbnail for the eleventh time that evening, He raised an eyebrow when he saw you, then smiled widely when he noticed his presents on the table. He had almost forgotten about his birthday “Hey, babe” he greeted you, kissing your lips softly “Everything alright?” he chuckled.

You stopped chewing your finger, and looked up at him with a wide smile. But you knew that fooling Jack after 5 years of relationship and 2 of friendship was a long shot. He could see that you were worried about something, and eventually you let it be.

“I’m actually kinda nervous about your presents” you said, a small smile forming on your lips as he took a seat in front of them.

Jack couldn’t stop smiling, and although his smile always made you relax, it didn’t happen this time. You didn’t even sit down with him as you always did. You stood up by his side instead, waiting nervously for him to open them. To open that one fucking present.

“I’m sure I’ll love them, babe” he reassured you “I always love whatever you get me. It will be no different this time” he said as he started to unwrap the first one.

You nodded and waited for his reaction. You smirked knowingly when he saw the Rolex, and his jaw dropped “Shit, babe, you didn’t have to” he said, holding you by the waist to kiss you.

“But I wanted to” you said truthfully. He always made sure you were treated like a queen. He deserved nothing less than that, even such a pricey item wasn’t enough for him, or so you thought.

When he put his hands on the last present, your heart started racing again “I really hope you like this one” you said abrumptly “You can’t really return it”

Jack let out a small laugh “I’m sure I’ll love it”

You nodded, staring blankly at the now little wooden box that laid in front of him “Yeah”.

You rubbed your eyes impatiently. When you opened them again, you saw that Jack had already gotten the fragile object out of its box, and his hand was over his mouth. You freaked out for a moment, but then he turned his head to look at you with watery eyes, and suddenly yours started feeling kind of wet as well.

“Is…is this for real?” he asked you, a shy smile forming on his mouth.

You nodded, words not able to escape your mouth. Just before you knew it, Jack was spinning you around the living room, laughing as a white porcelain mug that spelled ‘Happy Birthday, Dad!’ watched you from the table.

“I’m glad you liked that one” you joked, still on his arms, as your hand went up to push back a rebelious strand of his hair out of his eyes.

“I love it more than I love myself” he mumbled, closing the space between your lips once more. But this time, it meant the start of something new. It didn’t mean just love. It meant family.

Waitress MC

Someone requested a HC for RFA+V towards a waitress MC, so here ya go~~

P.S. This might’ve deviated from the actual request, but I found it interesting ^^


–College life = no money + no time to cook because LOLOL = eat cheap food at a family restaurant to get a student discount

–Pleasantly surprised to find the food was pretty good and decent quality?

No please don’t feed onto (get it?) his shitty life schedule and giving him more of a reason to be a NEET

–He needs to get his shit together, and he knows that with this good and cheap food he won’t progress from Cute Boy to Manly, Responsible Man

–So he’s just internally screaming, a skill he’s mastered throughout his college life 

–But before he can spiral into thoughts like how to beat Seven in LOLOL, he hears bickering at a nearby table, and turns his head to look at MC looking very Pissed

–He almost mistook her for Jaehee with the resting Bitch Face that she had all the time while working for Jumin

–Curious, he peeked his head over the booth behind him and he saw that you were arguing about the price of a smoothie

--Lowkey him when he’s broke, but the customer was so disrespectful damn like have some chill bro

–He saw that the customer was about to snap at MC after minutes of pointless arguments, but MC shut em up real quick

–”Excuse me, sir, but we are past haggling in this time and place. If you’d kindly leave the premises and try to catch up to the present timeline, that’d be very much appreciated.”

–Yoosung internally screamed and fanboyed there and then

–He’d occasionally go to visit MC and chat, but he tried to be more responsible to suit her mature tastes


–He was eating out with his coworkers after rehearsal, because he’s a lil shit who only has beer and instant noodles at home hungry, and he hadn’t expected to see MC, with rags in your hands, in a dimly lit restaurant at 2 am

–”MC! What are you doing here?” MC gave him a tired smile, “College fees.”

–Ah. MC had told him about her financial troubles recently, but he didn’t think it would worsen to the point that she had to overwork herself at 2 am, probably getting very little sleep and less-than-enough eating

–Gdi, he knew his premonition dreams was trying to tell him something

–With his smooth charm and suave, he convinced the supervisor to let you eat with him and his coworkers

–But he had made a Very Huge Mistake

–His coworkers started to flirt with MC,and even though it was friendly (hopefully) he saw that MC was uncomfortable and kept smiling politely

–Eventually, Zen has had enough of it, and tells his coworkers on MCs behalf

–”Guys, I don’t think she likes to violate work ethics with flirting…”

—One of the guys saw this as jealousy and decided to target Zen’s insecurity which was a Very Bad Idea “What, just because we get a little bit more decent casting roles than you, you’re going to swoop away this young lady?”

–MCs polite smile immediately thinned into a disappointed scowl, “Excuse me, but shouldn’t you be able to discern my fake smiles from my genuine ones? If Zen, who you claim to be worse than you is better at that, then where do you stand, really?”

–They shut up immediately, and MC just sips her mango smoothie in silence

Zen thought that was slightly hot oh no


–Here she was, buying cat food for Elizabeth the 3rd during her lunch break. I didn’t fuckin sign up for this man what the shit

–But alas, she did it anyway because she’s a responsible lil bean <3

–So, as she was walking towards C&R with a bag of premium cat food, she heard a very familiar voice yell out: “Thief! Stop the thief in the ugly Christmas sweater!”

–Jesus Christ MC, you still have time to yell that part out? I mean considering she told Seven in his route ‘I love you’ when she was grabbed by Saeran I wouldn’t be too surprised

MC saw Jaehee, “Jaehee? What are you doing here?” and wordlessly, Jaehee threw the bag of cat food to MC and ran after the thief

–She went Sanic The Hedgehog because she’s Gotta Go Fast™

–She just judo-flipped the fuck out of the thief RIP You won’t be missed m8

Then she just. kinda dragged the thief to MC lmfao and asked for her cat food back

–She saw MC wearing a waitress’ uniform, and asked, “What did this man steal, MC?” Other than her time of course

–”We bought premium coffee beans recently, and couldn’t find a place to store them immediately and so we just put it under the kitchen counter, but he just…leaped over the counter and stole a jar of them.”

–Jaehee was pissed. How dare he even try to steal precious coffee beans? DIdn’t he know how pricey they can get? Furthermore, it was stocked for a restaurant, so it must’ve been of some degree of quality product—

–Jaehee subtly stepped on his stomach a little bit more

–MC made Jaehee a cup of coffee, which was perfect because Jaehee missed her whole lunch break just to get a bag of cat food and to catch a thief smh

–”Don’t worry, it’s on the house. But you can come to my house….anytime. ;)”

–Gdi MC you smooth fucker

–Jaehee’s face was red the whole time as she stomped to C&R


–So he had this brilliant idea of finally progressing from cat-obsessed man to cat-obsessed man WITH  A BUSINESS

–So one day he visited a cat cafe to see what it was like and to get ideas of opening his cat-themed business

–The first thing he saw was MC in a waitress uniform with cat ears on her head

–He looks calm but he’s actually like AAAAAAA WHAT THE HELL

–Additionally, the first thing he asked was “Do you have financial problems that you need my help in?” and MC almost looked offended if she didn’t know that Jumin was just a concerned Friend and Cat Mom

–Jumin was quick to dissipate the amused but Jumin doesn’t know that lol frown on her face by assuring her that he found it respectable for her to get a job at her age Dude I’m like in college what do you mean by ‘your age’

--MC recommended him a latte with cat art on the foam, which he immediately said yes to

–But he saw another customer giving you a hard time, and he just zoomed over there

–”Excuse me, is something the matter?” holy shit he sounded like he owned the place

–”Yes, your employee refuses to repay me for what my money is worth!” he nodded sharply to MCs direction, who just shut her lips even more and glared icily at the customer

–He pulled out his wallet and threw a 20 on the customer’s table, shocking both the customer and MC.

–”Didn’t you hear? People don’t serve things that have worth to worthless people. Take this as compensation and go.” DAMN SON YOU’RE MORE DRAMATIC THAN ZEN

–After the ordeal, he confronted the manager and tried to buy the shop from him, just so he can keep an eye on MC

Saeyoung / Seven / 707

–Okay so this boy is a secret agent, but he doesn’t do a very at good job at keeping it a secret

–For example, he just deadass went to restaurant to eat something other than HBC and Dr Pepper

–This would’ve been fine, were it not for the fact that he was oN A MISSION AND HE’S STILL IN HIS DISGUISE AS A MAILMAN


–So there he was,a mailman ordering a Happy Meal at McDonalds (not sponsored) and he’s waiting at the counter just chillin and waiting for his cheeseburger with fries and a limited edition toy on the new Cars movie

–A few minutes later, a bunch of suspicious looking dudes entered the restaurant, and their clothes were bunched with, what he suspected looks like firearms

–Secret agent instinct: ON

–And his suspicions were confirmed, as one of them approached the counter with feigned bravado and trying to exude some sort of confidence maybe??

–EIther way, it didn’t work very well, because even MC looked like ‘really m8 you coulda tried harder’

–Saeyoung didn’t know what he was thinking, but he didn’t want to cause a ruckus and any unnecessary trouble for MC

–He walked up to the guy, and pecked a kiss on his cheek.

–MC is wtf’ing

–The guy is definitely wtf’ing

–Saeyoung is DEFINITELY wtf’ing like what the hell what am I doing, why am I here, I want to walk away, Jaehee where are you pls help me get out of this BS

”Honey!” Saeyoung cooed, snugging closer to the man and cuddling his arm as if it was the most natural thing in the world. He caressed his arm, and stopped at his hands gripping his handgun in the pocket


–The man was so traumatised that he just,,, signalled his friends to scram

–”Saeyoung? Is that you–”


V / Jihyun

–I…..he’s blind….

–Well, he’s getting more blinder, anyways, MC couldn’t convince him to get the surgery. :’(

–He decides to spend the last days of his sight by looking at ordinary, normal, beautiful things.

–So one day he just walks along the roadside, camera hanging from his neck and his mind swarmed with sentimentality. 

–He saw a family restaurant, and it saddened him. He would be able to hear and smell, but he wouldn’t be able to see the bustling warmth of families. He wouldn’t even be able to see, or witness the birth of his own child that he’d someday make with MC.

–So he stopped by. He wanted to remember, and he if he couldn’t do so, he would leave an evidence of his memory through his photgraphs.

–”Jihyun!” There was only person that could call his name out like that, like they were excited to see him, that they anticipated his arrival. He smiled, feeling grateful that even if his sight would disappear, one thing that remained a steady constant in his life would stay that way.

–”MC,” he turned, and squinted. and widened his eyes as he vaguely recognized MC in a…waitress uniform?

–”You work here?” “Yep!” “Do you have financial problems?” Gdi no wonder you’re friends with Jumin 

–MC grinned impishly. “No, but I’m helping a friend with her shifts. Plus, the kids here are so adorable and well behaved!”

–MC turned around as she heard her name being called. “Coming!” then she turned to Jihyun, “Sorry, I’ll get back to you later, okay?” her hasty footsteps left an imprint on his memory, as if she herself radiated passion and warmth.She crouched down, wiping a little girl’s tears, and making goofy faces to cheer her up.

–Jihyun smiled. He took his camera, hands tentative. A shutter of a camera was heard, and he felt a smile curve his lips. It’s a good picture, he thought.

–The next day, he lost his sight.


Hey,,,you didn’t tell me I couldn’t write angst, okay. Plus, in the words of @mysplaced-pen, V is too easy to angst. This was requested by @herecometheohs ^^

Requests are open! 

P.S.: I’m really proud of Seven’s lmao


Complete 10k+ fics posted on AO3 during this time

1. amor vincit omnia by @adreamingsongbird [T, 16.4k] 

The fae are known to be cruel. It’s a fact of life, but it’s not one Viktor Nikiforov has ever really put much thought into, given how much of himself he’s poured into his skating career. He’s exhausted and low on inspiration, and perhaps inheriting a countryside mansion from a distant uncle is just what he needs to give himself a reset. It seems perfect - not too far from town, plenty of space for Makkachin to run around, and an enchanting sense of magic. So really, it’s too bad that it comes with a curse.
AU, mystery, figure skater (V) | POV: V

2. The Intrinsic Properties of the Human Heart by @mismatched-ideas [T, 16k]

Yuuri Katsuki is just another dancer from Hasetsu, a small southern region that most people have never heard of. But with invaders threatening from the south, he and his troop head to the capital in the hopes of winning the Prince’s favor and his hand. 
AU, dancer (Y), royalty (V), mental health issue | POV: both
Victuri Bang 2017 

3. Made of Magic by @andthenshesaid-write [T, 11.4k] ♥

Yuuri is a warlock whose power malfunctions when Vicchan, his familiar, dies. The night he loses Vicchan he unknowingly summons Victor, a demon, who tracks him down and tries to help him get his power back. Featuring Phichit the Imp; Yuri, a (lesser) god of madness; and Makkachin, the Actually-Immortal Hellbeast. 
AU, magic (Y), demon (V) | POV: YK
Victuri Bang 2017

4. a penny lost is a penny found by @missmichellebelle [G, 10.8k]

Yuuri wonders what he must have done that, of all the strangers in all the world, the one walking towards them has to be the beautiful mystery man from their Splash Mountain photo. 
AU, Disneyland, fluff | POV: YK

5. precious things by thehandsingsweapon | @handsingsweapon​ [?, 124.7k]

Victor makes friends with depression before he knows its name, grows up with the ghost of it in his bones, gets acclimated to the chill. He’s a changeling’s child, a chameleon; he makes himself into all the things people want. He’s acclimated to his winter life, cold and stark and glittering success. He has everything a person could possibly want. There’s no reason for discontent. […]
Canon AU | POV: V | with music

6. till you show me what this life is for by the__magpie | @wecalleverythinglove [T, 17.1k]

With thousands of subscribers and expectations piling on, Youtuber Victor Nikiforov is starting to lose his joy for the hobby that he once loved. At least, until he strikes up a friendship with a fellow vlogger who calls himself Katsudon, who never shows his face in his videos, and who might be exactly what Victor needs to face the truth he’s been trying to avoid. 
AU, uni, social media, mental health issue | POV: V
Victuri Bang 2017

7. Upon the Notes by @spazzticrevenge [M, 13.3k]

It all started with a dance on a sun-soaked balcony. Or maybe it was with the harsh smack of a door to the face. Or maybe it started with the adventures of a panty-thieving cat. Or maybe with a drunken kiss tangled in blonde wig hair. Whenever it started, it doesn’t look like it’s ending anytime soon.
AU, neighbors, composer (V), dancer (Y) | POV: both
Victuri Bang 2017

8. The Virtue of Sin by DefiantDreams | @gia-comeatme [M, 16.2k] ♥

Katsuki Yuuri is meant for something bigger. When the 7 Deadly Sins appear in his home and offer to help him reach his dreams and get the man he’s in love with, Yuuri can’t afford to say no. Saying yes turns out to be more pricey than he could even imagine.
AU, ballet dancer (Y), demons | POV: YK

The Day Always Ends

Originally posted by superwholockmarauder

Characters: Y/n, Dean, Castiel


Warnings: Fluff, mentions of smut, cuteness, happiness, sadness, regret, hinted alcoholism, general sadness in the end!!

Word Count: 1920

Summary: Dean has the perfect day. But…Dean’s day always has to come to an end. 

A/N: Ok, so some angst cos…it’s what happened today!! I…I’m hoping this breaks u. If not, dammit!! If it did, woohoo!! Hope u like it!!

Tagged Peeps: @waywardsons-imagines@whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname @sallyp-53 @salvatorexwinchester@helvonasche @notnaturalanahi @wayward-mirage@riversong-sam@nerdflash @miss-miep @impala-dreamer@mypeopleskillsarerusty0203@greek-geek481@chelsea072498 @deals-with-demons@plaidstiel-wormstache@impalaimagining@deathtonormalcy56@scorpiongirl1 @the-latina-trickster@aingealcethlenn@squirels-angels-and-moose @meganwinchester1999 @cubs2019-blog @lucifer-in-leather


Dean awoke with a smile on his face.

Today was the day.

The day he’d get everything he ever wanted.

He looked down at you, your face practically stuck to his bare chest, a little bit of drool collecting there.

Had you been anyone else, he’d have rolled you right off.

But it was you. There was nothing about you he didn’t love.

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Royalty Mess: Part One

author’s note: I’m such a sucker for royalty and Shawn but I won’t be making Shawn as a Prince here just for reasons, sorry. Feedback is very welcomed x



”Don’t be silly,” another non-grateful glance from my mother was sent straight to my face, ”you can be eighteen but it doesn’t mean you can go outside by yourself to meet your loving boyfriend.”

”And he is still not allowed to come to the palace, how equal is that?” Madness took over me again, trying to explain the Queen herself that I deserve some normal lad’s rights too. ”People don’t know that we are a thing, isn’t that already enough to go incognito and be myself who I am already?” I sighed.

”You’re a Princess, my darling. We do have to be careful what we are doing and saying, not just loose in and go with the flow,” her sigh was louder and more angrier than before. ”Also, in my opinion, but I don’t know  your father’s, you should break up with him - it’s not going to work out like that way. Come on, look at your nephew Harold, what happened with him and this girl Hannah - kinda hurtful, wasn’t it?”

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Since its close to Valentines day, how about the boys trying to make certain chocolates for thier crush?

Sure thing, please enjoy it!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • He tries his hardest, he really does, but this just isn’t his line of expertice.
  • But he reads the recipe very carefully before doing anything! Each step is followed carefully, he wouldn’t want you putting trash into your beautiful human digestive system.
  • He simply wouldn’t allow it.
  • So he makes sure to follow the recipe perfectly.
  • He also leaves quite a mess in his kitchen.
  • On Valentine’s Day, he’s sure he has everything planned!
  • He’s going to walk up to you, tell you that you look lovely, give you the chocolates, and wish you a happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Things…don’t go as well as planned.
  • As soon as he’s standing before you, he freezes up, his nerves get the best of him.
  • He thrusts the box of chocolates at you before walking away, blushing.
  • You’re pretty surprised, but…why not eat them?
  • They taste pretty good, nothing extraordinary, but not blande either.
  • Overall a nice gesture with good intent!

Rantarou Amami

  • A little more experience than Korekiyo, but still fairly inept.
  • He tries his best in the kitchen, but in the end, things come out a little messy…
  • Well, although they’re a little misshapen, they taste delicious.
  • He tests one just to be sure, this is a very important exchange, he can’t make you chocolates that you wouldn’t like…you’d never go out with him then.
  • Honestly, he’s kind of nervous, but he decides to take a deep breath and just do this.
  • So he walks up to you at your locker after the class, making casually friendly conversation, just enjoying a nice chat!
  • Finally, he segways cleanly into the topic of Valentine’s Day, and with all the confidence he can muster, gives you the chocolates.
  • They’re in a neatly tied, lovingly decorated little green box, and you can tell he put a lot of care into this.
  • You accept his gift with a smile, and you can tell he’s very pleased and relieved!
  • Maybe someday he’ll have the confidence to ask you out, but for now, this will do.

Kokichi Ouma

  • Is an absolutely useless cook, and there is no way in hell he made those himself.
  • But nobody ever said your underlings couldn’t make the Valentine’s Day chocolates for you! That was never specified!
  • Regardless, they taste AMAZING, and a whole new batch has to be made because Ouma keeps eating them all.
  • But finally, a batch sticks, and Ouma agrees to stop eating them and actually wrap some for you.
  • He puts them in a little bag, ties it with a nice ribbon, and writes your name on it.
  • He’s blushing just enough to be noticeable when he does this, prompting some teasing from his underlings.
  • Ignoring them, he decides he has to do this, he’s come too far to back out now!
  • So on Valentine’s Day, he approaches you right after school. He’s blushing again, and he’s quite fidgety. He looks nervous.
  • He’s just kind of glaring at the bag in his hands, like he doesn’t know what to say to you and is trying to avoid eye contact.
  • Finally, he takes a deep breath, and still beet red, holds out the bag.
  • You’re surprised at first, but he’s not done.
  • He tells you he’s liked you since the day he first saw you, and he wants to take your friendship further than just a friendship.
  • He…wants to be your boyfriend.
  • You agree immediately, you can’t help yourself, he just looks so cute, and you can tell he’s not lying, you can see how nervous he’s been about this, you can see how much he wants to care for you.
  • He looks absolutely elated when you say yes, like his entire world just got brighter, and you can’t help but laugh.
  • The chocolates are just a plus. Now you have Ouma too.

Shuuichi Saihara

  • He’s…not very good at this, but he tries.
  • The chocolates are in a pretty standard box, he can’t really think of anything special, but he swears he put a LOT of effort into making the chocolates themselves!
  • He sits with them in his bag all day long, waiting for the perfect opportunity to give them to you.
  • He’s blushing for practically the entire day, he’s really nervous.
  • And in the end…you go home without even talking to him once that day.
  • Just as well, he supposes.
  • He throws them out with a sigh, he chickened out again, what was he even thinking?
  • At least, that’s what he thought until you approached him on his walk home.
  • He was surprised, really! And a little mad at himself for throwing out the chocolates.
  • Even though they were pretty bitter.
  • But what’s this? You made chocolates for him?
  • He’s honestly really taken aback, he never thought you would do something like this just for him…
  • He’s very grateful! Maybe this could mean something more…?
  • But he doesn’t get a chance to ask before you’re back on your way home.
  • Maybe another time.

Kaito Momota

  • Out of all the boys, he’s the worst at this.
  • His chocolates look terrible, they probably taste terrible, but they are in one hell of a box!
  • It’s fully galaxy printed, and looks awesome.
  • He’s not nervous about giving them to you, that’s not a problem, but…
  • He’s pretty nervous about asking you out along with them.
  • He’s blushing a little, but otherwise, he looks pretty happy and confident!
  • He just really, really wants you to like him, that’s all.
  • So, before you two leave class at the end of the day, he asks to speak to you!
  • You comply, because you’re curious, and he’s sweet, and you’re hoping that maybe you’ll get something out of this because it’s Valentine’s Day.
  • He doesn’t avoid the top, but he does bring it up pretty casually.
  • He mentions that he made you something, hand hands you the box.
  • You’re more surprised by how great it looks than the fact that the chocolates look so bad!
  • You thank him quickly, and are ready to leave, when he stops you.
  • He says that isn’t all he wanted to say today.
  • Finally, he just mans up and tells you he’s had feelings for you since before he could even remember, and he wants to be more than friends.
  • You’re surprised, but you do say yes, because you like him back!
  • Happy ending!


  • He’s thoroughly searched the internet for the best possible recipes to use! The ones with the nicest ingredients, best reviews, and…the ones that are a bit on the pricey side.
  • So even though the ingredients pretty much swallow his wallet, he’s glad he could get them!
  • Every individual chocolate is individually inspected for quality before being boxed.
  • He’s a little nervous, because he can’t actually taste, so he has no idea if they’re good or not…but he hopes they are!
  • He doesn’t really know the proper protocol for giving you the chocolates.
  • He doesn’t actually know the proper protocol for Valentine’s Day at all, especially now that he’s had his first crush!
  • It’s very stressful! He’s nervous!
  • But he picks a time he feels suitable, right after school.
  • But things can never just work out perfectly…
  • By the time the end of the day comes around, he’s exhausted.
  • The constant stress of him being nervous about giving you the chocolates has been eating at his battery all day, and he’s just wiped.
  • You notice him struggling to stay awake in his desk as the class pulls to a close, he looks like he could pass out at any moment, but sleepy Kiibo still looks kind of adorable.
  • When class ends, the entire class leaves, and Kiibo just…doesn’t register that they’re gone…he’s still just sitting there, bobbing in and out of consciousness.
  • You walk over and sit beside him, stroking his hair gently and chuckling to yourself as you ask him if he’s alright.
  • He snaps to attention, blushing and apologizing.
  • He quickly remembers the chocolates, and musters up enough energy to offer them to you!
  • You happily accept them, and he gives you a tired smile, you can tell he was hoping for that.
  • You offer to walk him home, because you’re pretty sure he won’t make it hope alone…
  • Sleepy end?

Gonta Gokuhara

  • He makes an absolute mess of the kitchen.
  • Just a total disaster.
  • He tries his best, but in the end he has almost nothing to show for it…
  • He makes a few messy chocolates, and they’re not very good, but it’s the effort that counts, and he spent hours on these.
  • When he gives them to you, he’s so excited! He hopes you really like them!
  • You ignore the way they look, it’s the thought that matters.
  • You thank him very gratefully and give him a nice hug!
  • He hugs you back, and may or may not pick you up accidentally in the process.
  • He’ll ask you out another time, but for now, he’ll be a friend.
  • Even if he wants to be more.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • Well…a short story, really.
  • He puts a lot of effort into them.
  • A lot. Hours of effort.
  • Finally, they’re perfect, everything about them is perfect, you couldn’t buy more perfect chocolates.
  • He boxes them nicely, they’re just perfect.
  • But when he gets to school, he notices something kind of crushing.
  • You’re already getting chocolates.
  • Lots of them.
  • So many other people want you.
  • He’s out of your league.
  • He throws them away.
  • He never mentions this to you.

lembeau  asked:

Since everyone's gearing up and waiting to hear back for residency interviews, I realized I have no idea what I should wear for them. This comes about bc my dad said I should buy a suit and I was thinking that a slightly more dressy business casual outfit would be ok. The slight complication I run into with suits is that I'm busty as hell (and fat lol) so finding a jacket or dress shirt that won't gape is near impossible aaaand I wear hijab so I need to not look like a mess. Any thoughts?

Girl I feeeel your pain. Suits are not designed with busty ladies in mind. I had the same problem. Every suit coat I tried on ended up being too short waisted for me and gaped strangely when it was buttoned. Unfortunately, the most accepted interview outfit is a suit, even for girls.

But as a girl I think you can also get away with a little more than a guy can. You can wear a suit skirt or pants and nice blouse with no jacket and get away with it I think. You also don’t have to wear a suit coat buttoned. You can certainly find blouses to go with a suit that aren’t button-down collared shirts, so you’ll look distinctive but not inappropriate. Another option would be a conservative single piece black/grey/navy dress with tasteful accessorizing. If you’re gonna go the suit direction, definitely invest in one that is tailored for you and that looks really good (you may have to buy a jacket too big and have it altered) even if it’s pricey.

I think you have another avenue of clothing options open to you as a hijabi that other ladies won’t have. I don’t know what your everyday dress is like, whether you’re a jeans and T-shirt girl or you wear more religiously/culturally traditional clothing, but you could wear something other than a business suit that celebrate your culture and beliefs. They make pretty swanky abayas and shalwar kameez these days. You would look professional without being cookie cutter, and that would make you a more memorable interviewee.

Other ladies of medblr, do y’all have any suggestions for @lembeau?

Intriguing images for an Ian Fleming James Bond Novel Fan (i.e. me), since the finish on this car’s passenger compartment is what Fleming meant in “From Russia With Love” when he referred to Darko Kerim’s…

…gleaming aristocrat of a car - an old black basketwork Rolls Royce coupé-de-ville that Bond guessed must have been built for some millionaire of the ’20s.

Since it’s a 1926 Phantom 1 with a coupé-de-ville body (passengers inside, chauffeur outside) built for the Financial Director of Woolworths(!), this may be the very car Fleming had in mind.

Peter Sellers had a Mini with a luxurious customised interior, and a basketwork-finish exterior painted by a heraldic artist who also worked on royal coaches…

…but it’s just as likely that the pattern on the Rolls was real basketwork, either already mounted on a metal body panel or actually woven in place with tape…

…then sealed down with multiple coats of lacquer. The texture can still be clearly seen and felt, otherwise why go to all that trouble?

I’ve also seen some commentaries suggesting that this sort of bodywork was actual wicker basketweave all the way through. It wasn’t, but the notion isn’t as silly as it sounds and not a long step from a US Woodie…

or UK Morris Minor Traveller…

…though some wooden bodies looked much sleeker, like this 1924 Hispano-Suiza in tulip-wood.

There was a historical precedent for wicker vehicle bodies (which had a wind-and-waterproof lining, for obvious reasons!) They were just the thing for sidecars on early motorcycles, light and cheap, yet sturdy, resilient and shock-absorbing.

…including family size, since bikes and their road tax were (AFAIK still are) considerably cheaper than cars.

Wicker also appeared on cars, but given the difference in cost (these early runabouts were rich people’s toys) basketwork bodies tended to be more of a Statement than a Necessity…

Even when cars in general became much cheaper, some marques stayed pricey. The customer who could afford this 1929 Bugatti…

…or this 1932 Voisin…

…would have specified using basketwork for the look, not to save a few pence.

Of course there’s always room for some eccentricity. In the mid 1920s, German engineering company Hanomag made a tiny compact car, the 2/10PS (2 seat / 10 PferdStarke i.e. horsepower) which looked like an ambitious roller-skate:

They were fitted with other bodies such as delivery vans…

…or this passenger box, with the diced strip and meter that denoted a taxi…

…though occasionally taxis used the standard body and a lot more optimism.

The Hanomag was nicknamed “Kommisbrot” - Ration-Bread - since Army rye bread came out of its baking tins that shape, and as if trying to make them even more loaf-like, several were finished with super-light wicker racing shells like these…

(Like a Chianti bottle on wheels, says @dduane.)

The engine lived in the back, but to me all of these Hanomags, especially the wicker ones, look more like something a child would work with pedals.

Their basketwork may be unquestionably genuine, but they’re a long way from that OP Rolls Royce…  :->


A word of caution

So J made a little post here offering free tickets for those who had been hurt by the all the scam raffles lately and I thought I’d scope it out and holy mother of dragons I don’t trust that scycat raffle any further than I could throw a full grown imp.

Follow me down this fuckin rabbit hole folks.

Lets start by just taking a look at J’s account.

Well, It’s empty as hell for starters.

It is a 2014 account with a Skycat and a full set of sprites. Now this in itself is not outside the realm of possibility people who weren’t there for the kickstarter can in fact get a Skycat and sprites but not without dropping some serious dragon mula. Again, also not impossible. So they probably bought them. Generally though people who invest enough money into a game to get a hold of those kinds of familiars don’t leave their account completely dead for two years. To clarify, they weren’t active and then disappeared for two years and came back. As near as I can tell they made the account and haven’t gotten so much as a ping or post with it until 6 months ago and they’ve somehow managed to procure a full set of sprites and a Skycat without any kind of public communication about buying anything whatsoever.

They have no friends and no comments in their recent history. That in its self is a huge red flag for me because again someone who has these kinds of items doesn’t usually whole themselves up away from the community. Again not impossible but strange.

Color me intrigued.

Let’s take a jog through J’s recent clan history. Not much there but Oh! It turns out they did use to have a few friends. We’ll call the first one TM, now TM joined on the exact same day as J and oh? They also held a raffle for a Skycat. Actually they held a pretty big going away raffle with a ton of super neat prizes. but guess what? That raffle was never completed.

TM set it up, got a good chunk of tickets generated, and suddenly vanished without a word. That actually sounds kind of familiar. Hm, and the Skycat is gone from TM’s bestiary, mysterious. But wait, that’s not all!. Along with the Skycat TM offered some sprites (also gone) and my personal favorite, some dragon prizes. Two of these prizes are key here.

First I recognize a certain pair of Double blue WC gen1’s as one of TM’s prizes. These were in Greg’s lair before he ditched it. Now both of them are exalted to the Lightweaver. Oh wait, J’s account is in light. What an odd coincidence. I mean they could have been sold for fod price on the AH and exalted by someone else but I find the idea of someone missing these were pricey old gen1’s highly unlikely even more so that a light exalter/sniper wouldn’t realize what a money pot they had just found.

next up is this guy, now remember this little fucker because he pops up again later.

Lets turn our attention to what little info we can scrounge up about J’s posting history. J’s account has been around since 2014 but the earliest post is from Dec 2016 nearly 2 years after the account was made so lets take a look at that. Probably just a friendly little intro about how they’d been out of the game since they made it and had finally decided to return right? Wrong! J’s first post is to a gen1 auction thread made by none other than Greg himself the infamous Sprite Collection raffle douche makes another appearance . That’s unfortunate but people have unintentional encounters with scammers all the time. A bit unusual for the same account that barely makes any interactions at all to have connections to both of them but I’m sure it’s yet. another. coincidence. Lets take a look at the dragon Greg was auctioning. 

Well damn that’s the same dragon from TM’s raffle. Now earlier on in an IC someone calls Greg out on having the dragon and Greg claims that TM said Greg could have the dragons and that they had no idea that they were part of TM’s raffle but we all know Greg is a lying sack of asses. Their not friends with TM nor have they ever interacted with TM publicly before. Ever. And even if they were such good friends that TM would let Greg have their priciest gen1’s then how did Greg not know about his good friends raffle in the first place?

So J who (activity wise) has been dead since they made the account comes back and the first thing they do is ‘supposedly’ drop 50kg in items and gems on a dragon that started out as a prize in TM’s scam raffle and was ‘given’ to Greg’s account along with the two WC gen1’s before being sold to J just before Greg was started up his scam. Raffle scams follow this dragon like flies follow shit, it’s impressive.

The timing of J’s posts are also rather hinky, besides the initial post where they come out of the wood work and drop a good size pile of gems on Greg’s cursed WC they go dead until right around the time that Greg’s account gets locked and then they start posting like a regular user. You know what else happens around that time? J’s clan achievement history shows that they finally got 10 familiars in their bestiary on 5/25. Which means that J didn’t get all the sprites until right around the time Greg starts cleaning house.

Sorry but that is way to many fucking coincidences for me. Hell just the fact that J is tied to two accounts that held massive scams that they weren’t actively screwed by either of them has me leaning to no fucking way in the trust department. Couple that with their lack of presence on sight and I’m willing to bet my entire clan that they’ll suddenly vanish in about two months and all of their familiars will go with them. Any dragons they have will either be liquidated, moved, or exalted to cover their tracks. The fact that they offered free tickets to people I’m 99% sure they’ve already scammed once is just an extra slap to the face.

Everybody Needs Good Neighbors. – Chapter Four.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Plus Size Reader.
Warnings: Language, Light Smut, Fluff.
Word Count: 1.8k
AN:This chapter is is shorter than the others, it’s kinda a filler chapter.
I suggest reading chapters One. Two. Three.


You and Dean have been dating 6 months today and you’re ready to say it, those three words, you just don’t know when or how but you know what you’re feeling is real, you’ve been thinking about saying it tonight, cooking Dean a nice meal then just “I love you”, it sounds more romantic in your head.

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Gifts for trans friends

As the holidays are coming up (whichever u celebrate), me and a ftm friend were talking about good gifts that are genuinely appreciated for him and other trans people. (Whilst I myself am cis, I tried my best putting together this list of stuff u could buy.

-UNDERWEAR!! it’s expensive and that goes even more for mtf as fem underwear is v pricey.

-if ftm- sports or swimming binders. Not something most buy for themselves but when it comes to summer they’re so appreciated.

-nightclothes for their preferred gender- same as with the underwear, it’s pricey and isn’t something that u spend ur money on if ur trying to pass in public but helps u feel that bit better when at home or in the evening

-Woolly jumper for the cold months- u can get some really nice ones with skits at the back for mtf. Having others see that u have a bra on can really make u feel that bit more feminine. For ftm there are super comfy less shapely ones that come in nice autumnal colours so they can stay cozy

-FACEMASKS!! Who doesn’t wanna have good skin???

-light weight foundation or cover up for ftm that might wanna cover blemishes without looking fem with makeup

reblog with any more that u think of! Sorry if things aren’t covered- like I said I’m cis and my best mate is ftm so I wasn’t sure on mtf stuff