even if they are mad

I felt like I would keep on missing my true destiny forever. But it was perhaps only one moment in my life. I am not gonna be ruled by that moment. I will continue to prove that my choice is right in this crazy world. But if you truly believe that what you love will always save you… no matter how many times, you will always reborn on ice.
—  Yuri Plisetsky (bonus manga translation)
  • what forced heterosexuality means: when two people who are well developed characters on their own happen to be male and female, their stories are often forced to center around one another as romantic interests, even if there are other relationship dynamics or parts of their story that could be better explored. the problem is not that the couple is straight, but that by virtue of being a man and a woman, they are expected to fall in love, and their stories suffer from this expectation. much in the same way that a man and a woman being friends often means they MUST want to date, even though many straight men and women are annoyed by this trope, and thus unknowingly annoyed with forced heterosexuality. "forced homosexuality" doesn't exist because society has a different set of tropes and conditions surrounding gay people's existence on a whole that lends to the OPPOSITE effect, wherein two people of the same gender with great romantic chemistry and teasing are ignored as a potential couple because they aren't straight.
  • what straight people think it means: being straight is bad

I was set to go to sleep early and get a good night’s rest. Before going to sleep I decided to check Tumblr(big mistake) just for a little while. As I had completely forgotten that WTTM was coming out today I was not expecting to open up the app and be bombarded with tens of thousands of pictures of yuri’s fingers shoved down otabeks throat. And if you think I’m going to sleep after that you couldn’t be more wrong.

whenever transmisogynists open their mouth they make it clear they’ve never known a trans woman and have no idea about their daily experiences / the kind of vulnerability and power imbalance they face in every little situation especially in public. every statement u make scorning and slandering one of the most vulnerable groups in LGBT communities (to the obsessive point where u even harass anyone who has a personal relationship of any kind with a trans woman like the ask I got today because u literallty dehumanize that badly) reveals this complete and utter lack of the slightest clue. 

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Now that Caitlin is gone and good-ish, Julian can move on from his puppy love crush and realize he's actually in love with Barry Allen. That's it. That's season 4.


ok, but seriously, Julian did all he could and should for Caitlin. He saved her life and then spent the most important episode of the Flash away with Cait’s mom to find her a cure. He should now be free of any sense of guilt and responsibility, and hopefully he isn’t the same lonely boy in dire need of some company and love. 

They didn’t give our son any closure. His last line in the finale was ‘mate’ and a handshake that they didn’t even show much and was rudely replaced for that heartbreaking hug that had given us allenbert fans so much joy :’( BUT i can totally imagine Julian working with the team to find a way to get Barry back. And once they do, well…hopefully Julian will have that hug and then some xD

If they’re really going to have Julian back next season, they better give him more screen time (preferably with Barry). and cut down on the absurdity and the whole melodrama. @flash PLEASE BRING BACK OUR SASSY SMARTASS GAY JULIAN IM BEGGIN YOU (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ DO THIS AND SAVE THIS SHOW FROM TOTAL RUIN