even if they are mad


Yo, people. We put up a redbubble page because we wanted to print some stuff and then thought that maybe some of you might want it as well.
|| If you know any place where we can sell stuff for a lower price it would be great and please let us know! (because the price seems pretty expensive to us ???)
EDIT: Yo, pleaopleeeee we are idiots so here’s the link that we forgot:
[LINK to the shop HERE}

I’m so frustrated!! Why are people condemning Tobin for just one game? Yeah she shouldn’t have done that to Smith but it’s not like she was trying to injured the girl on purpose? Look a her now, she got injured too bc other to players did that to her but why aren’t y’all condemning the others to player the same way y’all are condemning Tobin? Just leave Tobin alone. She is a good person and I’m 100% sure she feels bad for what happened to smith and now bad bc is injured too and can’t play (again) the sport she loves


pride & prejudice + mr darcy’s declarations of love

watch got7 fool us into thinking that this is gonna be a deep and powerful message about their friendship and bond as a group but when they drop the video and the necklaces all connect it turns into a cheesy Power Rangers parody and they’re wearing tacky suits and when they take off their masks they all have their stop stop it era hair