even if the nib is point 1

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I've been using Fire Alpaca for quite a while now, and today I was finishing up a picture when I noticed here were very small lines or wisps? I made a new canvas to check it out and when I moved my pen- even to the point where it was about an inch above the tablet's surface- it would make these barely noticeable small lines.. Any way to fix this?? I've tried reinstalling a few times.

There are a few things that can cause this.

1. If the pen nib is not completely returning to 0, it might still register as a little pressure even if the pen is not touching the tablet. Removing and replacing the nib (with the same or a different nib) might fix this - most of the are just a small rod of plastic inserted in the end of the pen (some people even make their own with the line from a line trimmer). Some pens come with replacement nibs and a “nib remover” - usually a circle of spring metal with a gap and a notch that acts as a pair of tweezers for gripping the nib - but you might be able to do the same with your fingernails.

2. Some pens have a “hover click” setting in the tablet software which can cause this - even hovering above the tablet can be detected as pressing lightly. Untick this if it exists in your tablet software.

3. Some tablets are both pen and touch, and the edge of your hand can make small marks as it brushes the tablet. These tablets usually have some way of turning off the Touch function.

4. Alternatively, flaws in the tablet’s Wintab driver can also cause this.

Get the latest version of FireAlpaca (1.7.5 - check your version under Help menu, About) - it has added some tablet compatibility features. Only download from the official site at http://firealpaca.com

Install  the latest tablet driver from your tablet manufacturer web site (and restart your computer after installing it).

Next, try File menu, Environment Setting, and change Brush Coordinate from Use Tablet Coordinate to Use Mouse Coordinate.

If your tablet software allows it, and if you are using Windows (I don’t know whether Macs have any equivalent), turn off Windows Ink/TabletPC services. Wacom (under Mapping) and Huion have this option, I don’t know about others.

Also turn off other tablet services built into Windows or your tablet software, such as Pen Flicks (the Pen and Touch applet in the Control Panel) or long-press or press-and-hold or hard-press for right-click (try the Pen and Touch applet in the Control Panel and/or your pen settings control applet, which might be in Control Panel, or in the system tray in the right lower corner, or maybe in the start menu). Screenshots instructions here (somebody else’s bad language, for which I apologise, but they document the process very well): http://i.imgur.com/Viuhhok.jpg

If you have a Huion tablet and a recent version of FireAlpaca (see Help menu, About for your version, current version 1.7.4), be sure to tick the checkbox for Check if there is a problem with HUION tablet (under File menu, Environment Setting).