even if some of you can be faggots

Tw: slurs and transphobia

An open letter to instagram (and affiliated sites):

Almost every day I am welcomed to instagram to this screen. No notice of which photo was removed– no way to protest, fight, or repeal the removal. Nowhere to even send a complaint. It’s a guessing game what part of my identity, anatomy, or life is offensive enough to warrant removal. Meanwhile I get death threats, slurs thrown at me, I’m called a faggot, a tranny, told i’ll never be a man, that I’ll burn in hell, it goes on and on. Instagram never flags those comments, and even when I personally flag them they’re often just hidden from my view not actually removed. Hell those accounts are left to operate and troll whoever they like.

And before you say it’s just social media and just get off it: I share my journey so that young trans people know they’re not alone. So that I can help some kid know there are people like them. So I can be a light in someone’s darkness, the way that some people online were for me. I also share my journey so I can see where I’ve come from. I don’t share my journey to be policed and told that trans men’s nipples aren’t held to the same standards that cis men’s are. I don’t share my journey so I can be treated like a picture of my body in boxers is more provocative than every teen idol in Calvin kleins. My body is not a bad body, my body is not overly sexual. Society has deemed and fetishized the bodies of trans individuals so much that we can’t even post censored progress photos without being told we are a violation.

There is something inherently wrong with a system/platform that takes over a week to take down a catfish using my photos (this has now happened about 5 times) but within an hour removes my pre-op photos because my trans body “violates community guidelines.” A platform that allows for cyber bullying and hate speech, but nipples are where we draw the line. Even if you censor what society deems unfit, you are still unfit to be as body positive as Justin Bieber, who can flaunt in his calvins all he wants, but a trans person– god forbid. Now, I understand that images are only removed when they are flagged by someone who deems them inappropriate, but the algorithm at the end of that flagging system should recognize that gender isn’t always inherently reflected in the size of ones nipples, and that if Zach galifinaks can go topless, why can’t I if I’m feeling particularly body positive. (Don’t worry though, I spent $6k to remove those socially offensive parts of my chest, and still received about 100+ violent comments on a video of my surgery reveal).

When you tell a person that their body, and in turn their identity, hell, their very existence is a violation to a community that allows white supremacist pages, porn pages, and catfishing like it’s a sport to run rampant you are telling people that they are unfit to be within a community that has morals so low it makes the Trump Political team look progressive.

Instagram, or as we should call it Cistagram, perpetuates society’s idea that only cis passing bodies are valid (and we could go into depth about which cis passing bodies are actually allowed, because I have seen (among other things) plus sized women’s photos removed for violating these guidelines, which is 7 shades of fucked up) and that we should be ashamed of what we are and what we look like. Can you imagine after a lifetime of being told otherwise, finally being confident to be yourself and show the world, or hell, just the 25k people who happen to follow your page, just to open your page to see this message of violating community guidelines over and over again?

By keeping the community “safe” you are endangering the lives of countless trans individuals. Letting other people (and some computer formula) dictate their worth. You are infringing on their right to express themselves, when they aren’t doing anything you’d remove a cis person’s photos for. You are emotionally harming people who have fought their entire lives to be seen, actually fucking seen, by keeping everyone else “safe.”

The next time I have a 12 year old come onto my page and tell me to burn in hell I’ll wonder who exactly we are keeping safe here. (Side note, why we allow minors to interact with adults is a problem in itself, that’s a real safety issue). The next time a mother tells me I’m a disgrace to my own parents I’ll wonder who is the problem here. The next time a 40 year old religious zealot tells me there’s only two genders I’ll wonder where my safety is then. The next time a young man with a confederate flag profile pic calls me a “faggot tranny dyke” (wouldn’t be the first time) I’ll wonder how many comments they’re allowed to make like that before they violate your supposed community guidelines and why their account remains unflagged (trust me, I’m reporting these people left and right yet they’re still going strong and my photos drop like flies).

This isn’t just about selfies, This is about representation. When your app and other apps flag trans bodies as inappropriate we become more taboo than we already are. We can’t even see ourselves reflected on shitty free social media applications in any capacity. When you tag our queer posts as NSFW and mature content you are othering us, and more importantly telling us that we are nothing more than a porn movie fetish.

Your slogan is “capture and share the world’s moments” but you’re excluding a world that accurately represents those of us outside the binary. And you’re leaving me guessing as to what part of my world I shared violated and offended this time.

My body is a good body and it doesn’t violate your community guidelines, trust me, I’ve read them more times than I can count.



Kids can be the most ruthless people in the world. They can just be supernaturally cruel. You’ve got to be a man ! Be a man ! BE A MAN ! Sometimes you just wanna cry. Sometimes hate is the only real thing in the world. You can stop loving someone, but hate seems to go on forever. People respect hate. It speaks, it vibrates. Some people don’t even need a gun to hurt you. They use words or laughter. They enjoy watching you bleed to death. They get off watching you fighting back the tears, getting a lump in your throat, blushing, wanting to cry, and they give you a name: Trashcan, pizzaface, loser, faggot, loser, weirdo, spaz, retard. ” - BANG BANG YOU’RE DEAD (2002)



“Faggot!” The bully yells at Rei and shoves him into the lockers hard, Rei making a little pained cry as his back hit the lockers. 

The bullies step around him so he can’t escape, they laugh at him. “Oh look at him, this gay loser can’t even defend himself, guess your gay parents can’t come save you huh? Serves you right anyway, your gay as is. My mom said being gay is a sin and anyone who is should burn in hell.” 

Rei lets out some air through his nose, eyes narrowed a bit at the boy’s. 

“Shut up! I’m not gay-” One kicks him in the chest, Rei curls up with pain and lets out more crying sounds, hurting a lot. His teeth grits, looking up at them growing close to snapping. “Wow for a son of two CCG’s you sure are weak, maybe they are weak too- “ And Rei snaps, he sits up and goes for the guy’s leg, chomping own right on it, the boy yells in pain and the other two start to kick and punch Rei to get him off, he don’t brake off though, he is fighting, tears in his eyes, fighting this all alone

  • Nicky (upon first seeing Seth): well HOT DAMN, hey there good lookin' why the sour fa—
  • Seth: *glares at Nicky* don't even fucking go there, faggot.
  • Nicky (upon first seeing Matt): well aren't you just the most precious thing
  • Matt: thank you?????????????
  • Nicky (upon first seeing Neil): oh heyyy, can i get some of that
  • Neil: *completely thrown off* um, what

Anon requested: Can you maybe write a kid fic Destiel au in like middle school-ish age, maybe a little younger where Cas and dean have been best friends since they were little but Cas is kinda nerdy and super innocent while dean is, well, dean. Some kid calls Cas a faggot (oh god I hate even typing that word) for the first one and he asks dean what it means and dean gets super angry and threatens to beat up the kid who did it and Cas kinda realizes that he has a crush on dean?

“Dean, what does faggot mean?”

Dean sent soda spraying all over place. Castiel tilted his head while Dean tried to stop choking.

“What?” He croaked, staring at Cas like he had never seen him before.

They had been best friends for as long as Dean could remember, despite how different they both were. Cas was straight ‘A’s nerd that grew up in a strict, religious household. Dean was far from both of those things. Even with his upbringing, Dean never thought that he would hear that word come out of Cas’s mouth.

“Gordon Walker called me a faggot yesterday. I want to know what it means.”

Dean felt his blood start to boil. How dare Gordon call him that when Cas didn’t even know what it meant? He shoved himself back from the table and stood.

“I’ll kill him,” He said. “I swear to God I will.”

“Dean, wait,” Cas caught his hand and pulled him back down into his seat. “What does it mean?”

“It’s a slur, Cas,” Dean sighed. “It’s a bad name that assholes call guys that like other guys instead if girls.”

“Oh,” Cas said, dropping his eyes.

He hadn’t known that there were words for this. He thought that the way he felt around Dean was just a passing thing that would go away when he met a girl. If it was a real thing, maybe it was there to stay.

“Is it normal to have those feelings?” Dean ran a hand through his hair.

“Well, yeah. I mean, it just depends on the person.”

Cas still looked confused, so Dean tried to explain the different kinds of sexualities. Cas nodded, as if he had never heard of anything like it before. He probably hadn’t, Dean realized. His parents definitely wouldn’t have tried to teach him any of this.

“Cas, do you like dudes?”

“I…” Cas’s face turned pink. “I don’t know.”

They had been friends long enough that Dean knew that he was lying. He decided to let it go because Cas looked so uncomfortable.

“It’s okay to feel like that, Cas. It’s normal. And if you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here for you.” Cas nodded, but he knew he wouldn’t come to Dean. Not if he didn’t have the same kinds of feelings.

“I need to get home,” Cas said, standing up and gathering his things. “I have youth group tonight.”

Dean nodded and watched his friend leave, worry gnawing at his gut.

Years passed and Cas never brought up the incident. He and Dean continued their friendship as if it never happened. Then one night, Cas turned to Dean and asked him if he remembered.

“Yeah,” Dean said, smirking. “I still give Gordon hell on the field for it.” Cas smiled a little, then looked down.

“Dean, I do like boys,” He confessed. He looked up at Dean from under his lashes. “I like you.”

“Thank God,” Dean laughed, before pulling Cas in for their first kiss.

Another day in the principal’s office but Steve didnt give a damn. Theyd call his mom, maybe even make her takr him home but the what? He’d be back tomorrow like nothing even happened
Steve picked at the scabs on his knuckles. He didnt get to break any skin with this fight but the last one, oh man, he definitely made himself known on campus now. Beat the living shit out of some freshman who called him a faggot. He wasnt a faggot, but his tiny frame made him a target for bullying ever since he was little. So he started fighting back. Suddenly little Steven was someone to be feared
“Well, Mr Rogers your mom cant pick you up so im going to have to send you back to class. Can you behave for that long?”
“Yeah yeah can i go now?”
But he didnt wait for an answer. Steve had already hauled his backpack onto his shoulder and was out the door, taking his timr as he strolled down the hallways