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Characters: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader

Length: 1682+ words

TW: Character Death & a sentence of gory impaling

A/N: This story has been on my mind for a very long time. This is a pretty personal fic for me, but I thought I would share it with you guys anyways! I’m also submitting this for Jen’s (@supernatural-jackles) Birthday Challenge! My mom’s birthday is actually on Canada Day, and we’re going to be spending it in the States lmao. We always celebrate her birthday/Canada Day in USA… It’s now a tradition. 

Feedback is appreciated (AND SO ARE YOU)!

Prompt: “You are enough. No matter what, you will always be enough.”

Dean was angry. He was always so angry lately. He was angry when dad and Sam fought every chance they got, but now that Sam was gone, he was angrier. He was angry at dad for pushing Sam away. He was angry at Sam for leaving. Hell, he was probably mad at you for not convincing Sam to stay. But, you knew that he madder at himself than anyone else. He’d rather have them fight everyday than having Sam gone.

You looked at your older brother across the small motel room. He was glued to his phone, and you knew he was texting the waitress he was flirting with the other day. Dean was your hero. He was more of a father to you than your real dad would ever be. You looked up to him so much, but lately he’s just been so… angry. Every conversation you had with him had been about how annoyed he was that Sam was gone, or the fact that dad kept leaving to hunt on his own. Every question was either about the hunt or whether you had heard from Sam or dad- which you both knew was a silly question to ask. You were the outlier in the family. It was always about the Winchester Boys. You were just the orphan child who nobody wanted. You would never be the first person they would contact. But that was okay because you had Dean. Key word: had. 

You’ve always been his babygirl, but you haven’t heard that term of endearment in months. You hated being so distant with your brother, but what could you do? You tried everything to talk to him like you used to, but he never reciprocated the same way. When they first took you in when you were two, Dean was the first to hold you, marveling at how small you were. The only reason you knew this was because of how much Dean talked about you when you were younger. He always told you stories of the times you’ve clung on to him. His second favourite nickname for you was “monkey.” You grew up close. John was always gone, so that left Dean and Sam to take care of you. The oldest Winchester took responsibility of you to the nth degree. He taught you everything he could so you wouldn’t be on the receiving end of John’s abuse. He always protected you. Always. Whether it was from school bullies, or your own father. He was always there. Standing in front of you, and when you were younger, you used to imagine a cape on his back. When you told him about the cape, he laughed, and ruffled your hair.

“Babygirl, don’t you know it’s dangerous for superheroes to wear capes? What if they trip over them? Or it gets caught in something? Real heroes don’t wear capes, they wear leather jackets.” He pointed to the sleeve of his worn out leather jacket that John had given him.

Your eyes were wide with wonderment as you nodded at your older brother. After that you saved up every bit of money, picking up loose coins from the side of the street to save up for a leather jacket. You were still saving up for that jacket.

Dean’s scowl brought you back to reality.

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The Sound of Her Face

She was my first love and my last. My first kiss and my last.

Our first kiss wasn’t even a kiss. It was just her blowing pot smoke towards my face as we sat in her parents’ dim basement, autumn light slanting through the tiny window, pillars of pot smoke dancing in the beams. We’d skipped school to get high, unable to stomach one more day of Mr. Carruthers’ horrid take on world history (“Those who aren’t learning from stuff in the past will have to do history again”). The kiss came soon after.

Love followed, promises of undying, eternal love. One thing was different – our thing. We always kissed before and after we went anywhere, even short, minutes-long trips; the store, the gym, work. A kiss before leaving, a kiss upon return.

“Life is uncertain,” she’d always say. “I never know when I’ll be able to kiss you again.”

When the contagion came, what the media were calling The Virulence, we stuck it out, this time in my basement, minus the pot. We had one window that we could see the outside world through, one small window that let in a little natural sunlight. Walled off from the world, armed with only each other, protein bars and the water in the toilet tank, we waited for the global panic to subside.

It didn’t.

We each made trips out for provisions and to look for something to protect our little basement fortification. She made trips by day, when the virulent were less active, mine usually at dusk. We came back with armfuls of what we could carry: cans of beans, bottled water, once an AR-15, picked from the car of some unfortunate who’d been eaten. The virulent were fast, insatiable, unkillable. Even decapitation didn’t render them harmless; they’d keep marching forward, arms swinging in wide arcs while the head still gnashed and snapped its teeth on the ground. Stupid, lying zombie movies.

She was bitten on one of her sorties. We’d kissed before she went out. She came back for one more.

She leaned in towards me, skin already ashen, eyes dead, the tendons in her neck stretching and creaking as her jaw opened wide, wider, wide enough to black out the sun, the little window, and everything I could see.

Fic masterlist

So I decided to make a master list!! 

T- Teen
M- Mature
E- Explicit 


The Bodyguard (M; in progress; co-written by @alittlemissfit)
An AU crossover between The X Files and  The Bodyguard (the movie). Scully is a bodyguard who is hired to protect Mulder. 

Evelyn Samantha (in progress) 
After giving up William and being on the run for a few years Mulder and Scully settle down and have a couple more children who turn out to be as extraordinary as their first born who finds his way back into their life. (almost to the end)

The Red Haired Woman (in progress)
William begins to have visions of a woman who he believes to be his mother. Picks up at the end of season 10 (Post colonization; also almost to the end)

My Sister
A series of vignettes exploring Scully’s thoughts on her sister at different big events in her life. 


Never Leave (M) - 52) things you said with my lips on your neck

Movie Night (T) - Every Saturday Mulder and Scully have a beer, pizza and movie night

Head (E)- After watching Caddyshack Scully gives Mulder some head.

Nightmares (G)- 94. “I had a bad dream again.”

Deal (T)- 39. “It’s your turn to make dinner.”

No Fun (E)- “Sorry isn’t going to help when I kick your ass!!!”; “You’re bleeding all over my carpet.”

Chances (G)- 53) things you said in the dark

The Invention of the Kiss (G)- “I was really hoping I’d hallucinated all that”

One Room. One Bed. (E)- 37: “They mixed up our reservations. One room. One bed.”; 39: “You, my friend, are a filthy sinner, and I approve wholeheartedly.”; 40: “Did you mean like… this?”

Classic Trope (G)- XF Writing Challenge Prompt: sharing a bed

Relaxation (E)- Mulder, Scully, baseball, hot tub.

The Domestic Life (T)- 52. Why don’t you try it if it’s so easy?; 57. Put some clothes on for the love of God.

Feelings (T)- “You’re so determined to protect yourself and your feelings, but what about me?”; “Jesus, you’re acting like you don’t even want to touch me!”

Airplane (E)- Prompt word: airplane

The Short Trip (T)- 75. “Why is THIS in your fridge? This is some serious contraband.”

Fireworks (T)- 136. “Seriously, staring at me won’t get me to be your new years date"

Unbridled (E)- Just another version of how Mulder and Scully dealt with the fallout from En Ami.

A Kiss in the Dark (G)- 26. “I didn’t intend to kiss you.”

Come Home (G)- 28. Familiar cuddle

Never Let You Go (G)- 30. Out of necessity (trapped in a small space, etc.)


Mr. Tamborine Man- A reflection of Mulder’s life. 

Because You’re Mine-

Mulder and Scully have a night out on the town.

Wonderful YouMulder and Scully have a private moment in the hospital during the Cancer arc.

Hurt- What if Mulder never found the cure to Scully’s cancer? 

Rambling Man- A reflection on Scully’s life. 

Night Terror-

Mulder and Scully’s partnership through the years

Nothing Else Matters- Mulder makes Scully a playlist as they rebuild their relationship (s10)

Stand alones: 

Last Regrets (G)- As Scully is dying of cancer Mulder finds a note intended for him after her death. 

Tears (E)- Another angsty smutty Sein Und Zeit fic but I think you’ll like it

Against the World (M)- Post- colonization one shot. Mulder and Scully only find comfort in each other.

Late Night at the Lab (E)- Mulder and Scully have been sleeping together for a little less than a week when Mulder reveals a fantasy he has always had about her.

A Visit From Santa (G)- The Scully-Mulder family discusses belief in Santa Claus.

Beeb (E)- Mulder and Scully have dreams that are very similar.

Bibs and Barbecue Sauce

 (E)- Mulder and Scully bond over good Barbecue.

My Last Testament (T)- Diana Folwey’s version of events.

Licking Mulder (E)- Title pretty much explains it.

Love into Hate (G)-How did Mulder’s parent’s relationship affect his own relationships?

Our Own Little World (M)-Mulder and Scully are running from the FBI.

Contemplating Death (T)-Scully, Mulder, and Teena’s thoughts during Sein Und Zeit.

Mr. Scully (T)-A short little conversation Mulder and Scully have in bed.

Growing Up (G)-William has a date on Halloween

Not Alone (G)-Random thoughts about Mulder’s beliefs about God. 

Baseball and Horror (G)-Mulder and William are watching the World Series and want Scully to join them.

Snow Day (G)-Scully, Mulder, and William venture out into the snow.

My Religion (M)-Mulder has long professed to be an atheist but he recently finds salvation in a new religion.

Triangle Revisited (T)-What if Mulder never got out of the Bermuda Triangle in season 6?

Finding William (G)-Mulder and Scully need to find Will before the 2012 deadline.

His Brilliant Mind (T)- “When his brilliant, complex, beautiful, passionate, obnoxious, silly, dazzling mind met mine the world made sense.” Dana thinks about why she loves Mulder.

Not Mulder (E)-Scully struggles to date while having a partner like Mulder. 

The Starlight (G)-After Scully gives up her son she is alone and in need of help. She gets it from an unexpected source in a way she thought impossible

Sveta (T)-Mulder tries to find out why Scully was so upset to see Sveta at the little house.

Monthly (T)-When Scully leaves she promises that she will be back each month because she can never truly leave Mulder.

The Missed Kiss (T)-Post ‘Sixth Extinction: Part 2’ pre 'Hungry’. Why didn’t Scully kiss Mulder after he confessed his feelings? Also a little bit of a wrap up on The Fowl situation.

On the run series: 

Halloween on the Run (G)- Celebrating Halloween while running from the FBI

Thanksgiving on the Run (G)- Celebrating Thanksgiving on the run.

Christmas on the Run (G)- Celebrating Christmas on the run. 

X Files- Hamilton crossover: 

The Ham Files (G)- Mulder is sick of William’s obsession with Hamilton. 

The West Wing: 

Always on the Table (G)- After Simon’s death Toby comforts CJ. 


Cheesy story time: I saw Green Day for the first time in October 2009. I was really unwell and I struggled to even make the short trip to Birmingham.

Eight years on I’m in the middle of nowhere in the US and I got up on stage in front of 14,000 people and stage dived.

Green Day changed my life more than I can even explain. They inspired me to follow my heart. Following the 2010 tour allowed me to conquer my mental illness. I met my fiance through Green Day. They gave me confidence and happiness I could only have dreamed of before.

People think I must be rich but I made so many sacrifices and worked so hard to pay for this trip. There were times I wondered what the fuck I was doing but it couldn’t have been more worth it.

Thanks Illinois for catching me and treating me well.

Video: David Hardy

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This section of the hold reeks of salt, rotting ropes and stale piss. Crammed as they are into a space much too small for six adult men, Damen and his crew alternately grit their teeth and curse through the battle. Damen meets the grim eyes of every one of his men in turn, silently sharing with them the feeling of being so helplessly, infuriatingly passive, unable to do anything to affect the ship’s movements or the fight’s outcome. Unable to do anything at all except wonder if the next ball to splinter its way through the hull will take one of them with it, or allow seawater to come flooding into the cage of the brig.

When it’s finally over, Damen feels weak and almost sick from the endless wash of it over his nerves, like a high note just off-key, held and held and never allowed to sag back into tune. Physically, they came through it well. Pallas has a jagged scratch on his arm and Damen’s own ankle aches from one of the more sudden rolls, but that’s the worst of it. The din of sea battle is stripped back to the normal wooden groans of a ship and the faint slosh of waves, and the tense quiet in place of huzzahs indicates that His Majesty’s vessel the Charity has come off second best in this engagement.

“What will happen to us?” asks Pallas. Of them all, he’s newest to the life; he’s never been taken prisoner before.

“That depends who it is, doesn’t it?” says Nikandros shortly.

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He’ll be wrong, for you.

A BTS/Kim Taehyung Fanfiction
Summary :
What happens when you take on Kim Taehyung…
Type: Mafia!AU (BTS)

Chapter 1 Chapter 2

Chapter 3

‘Mr Kim? I -I wasn’t expecting you this evening.’

It was the stutter, that short trip on his words, that first clued you into just how much power the man stood at your side held. From there, your mind took too many turns in thinking what came from that…

Ahh…well, no, im afraid this visit is a little unexpected, Lee Hyuk. …However, …its nonetheless necessary.’

Taehyung’s smooth caramel voice curls its way into your ears, its spine-tingling hint of an undisclosed threat working its way through your body, and you struggle desperately to hold onto the unbiased facade currently cloaking your features as you fix your eyes on Lee Hyuk’s reaction.

‘Necessary? …For what?’

The Honorifics were slipping. You’d never seen Lee Hyuk this nervous in all the time you’d known him…

Who was Kim Taehyung to him?

To make things right with your friend Kyuho, dear Lee Hyuk.’ Taehyung explains, jaw becoming taut as he raises his chin to the air authoritatively, eyes narrowing as he watches the man from across the room, before suddenly taking a step forward, pushing you threateningly closer towards the other man, who at the singular movement appeared to become even more tense.

‘I-I dont know what you-’

‘Dont lie to me, Lee Hyuk. …You know i hate being lied to.’ Taehyung growls, continuing forward until he stood before the group of men, all of whom stood at his approach and appeared to show the slightest bit of apprehension toward the new person in response to Lee Hyuk’s reaction to him. You remained a few steps away, appearing to allow Taehyung to take the lead, whilst actually secretly wanting to watch how he was going to handle the situation.

‘If…if y/n’s presence is anything to go by, i’d assume you’re referring to the wager i made with Kyuho. …However, i won that fair and square, so if he thinks-’

‘If he won it fair and square, you wouldn’t have mentioned it, …would you?’ 

Dumbfounded by the depth of his voice, you become transfixed by the tilt of Taehyung’s head; chin angled at the floor as he peers up at the man opposite him from below his brows, lip curling in such a subtly aggressive way, that at first you dont catch it. Its only Lee Hyuk’s obnoxiously loud, nervous swallow that clues you in to the silent threat.

‘I dont believe what happens between myself and Kyuho is of your concern Mr Kim. So-’

‘Leave. Now.’

His voice is commanding, authoritative, and you’re almost certain the word rolls from his tongue on a growl. The widening of your eyes is unavoidable with the way the men that had been surrounding Lee Hyuk suddenly all move as one toward the door, only a few bowing formally toward the man that had called the meeting in the first place, before eagerly clambering for escape.

The following 5 minutes stick in your mind like gum to the underside of a table.

‘Come on, now, Taehyung-’

‘I think you’ve forgotten who you’re speaking too, Lee Hyuk. Now, get on your damn knees and remember your manners.’ 

The command astounds you, keeping your feet glued in place as Taehyung takes a threatening step toward the other man who grins sheepishly and raises his hands innocently, …but that wasn’t were things stopped.

‘Mr Kim, I-’


He drops to the floor like a sack of shit; instantly, grossly, his expression dropping from humored innocence to mild panic, and his gaze momentarily leaving Taehyung to glance at you, in your mind the look being a calculation as to why you were with this man, but by the time you’d caught onto the sneer he’d flashed you, a split had already appeared at the corner of his lip, and the sound of skin hitting skin had rang around the room, along with the distinct huff of breath pushed aggressively from Taehyung’s chest.

I’m the one addressing you. You know the rules. I’ll give you 10 minutes to source the money and return it, or there will be…consequences.’

Fuck…how did he make that one word sound so utterly Terrifying.

I won that money! Its mine-’


Your facade was crumbling with the tension that was ramping itself up in the room, the nervous cracking of your knuckles at your sides bringing your attention to your nerves and instantly forcing you to stop and to reform your stoic expression, heart racing over the fact that Taehyung hadn’t looked at you once for the past 5 minutes.

Watching Lee Hyuk restrain his anger in front of Taehyung as he pulled himself to his feet to call over one of his men, whom didn’t dare to look at the taller man in his terror, had your insides squirming in joint fear and amazement at the show of power; the rigid set of Taehyung’s shoulders and his daring expression which screamed ‘try me’, causing your belly to burn in what seemed strangely like want

‘Time’s ticking, Jung.’ Taehyung mutters as he watches the interaction between the other two men, not moving from his spot until Lee Hyuk had asked permission to retrieve the money from the safe, at which point he turns to you with only two words to bestow.

‘Stay here.’

Barely giving you time to scoff at the ridiculousness of the command, he’s promptly striding away with Lee Hyuk scurrying to lead the way, leaving you staring after the pair, alone with only the company of the beady eyes of Lee Hyuk’s bodyguards remaining on you.

‘He can’t just make me-’

Before you can finish your sentence, the loud, incessant ringing of your phone is bellowing into the room and you’re hurrying to pull it from your pocket, gritting your teeth when you see that it was Kyuho, presumably calling to see why you hadn’t returned with a finished job that evening, and as a consequence causing you to pause momentarily to think up a suitable lie to tell him, before answering the phone.

‘Y/N, where are you?’ 

Damn, he sounded concerned. …or as concerned as Kyuho could get.

Sorry, took a detour on the way back. Apparently they aren’t allowed to carry 25 million on them as a usual float amount.’ you comment sarcastically, eyeing the few men around the room, and instinctively assessing the weaknesses that were revealed by their stances as was one of the habits you’d grown through the job.

‘No need for the sarcasm, y/n. But hurry it up, i want you back within the next half an hour…we need to talk about something.’

His tone was ominous, and left no room for you to guess what he meant by ‘something’, which of course made you aggravated.

‘Ohh-kay…do you wanna give me a hint or-’

‘30 minutes.’



You’re cut off by a gunshot and a scuffle coming from the direction that Taehyung had exited, your instinctive responses to such a sound kicking in immediately and you make to sprint towards it, only to be stopped by two of Lee Hyuk’s men pushing you back to stop your pursuit.

Now it was time to have some fun.

Whereas Taehyung used words, you used actions; immediately thrusting the heel of your hand into the throat of the closest guard, before almost instantaneously kicking your foot out at the man beside him who made to lunge for you, the action giving you a few seconds to finish the first guy off with a blow to his temple, before you could lay into the advancements of the second. You hadn’t forgotten about the three other men in the room, but you only needed 5 seconds to deal with the two blocking your way, before you were able to spin around to face the others, stumbling initially when one takes you by surprise, but you only smirk back at him as you pounce…

Its just as you’d left the last guy to drop to the floor, and you remember why you’d had to defend yourself in the first place, that his voice comes from the doorway.

‘I see you’ve been busy.’

The humor in his tone makes you unable to refuse the smirk that stretches your face in response to the sight of him stood proudly in the doorway watching you. Having his steady gaze on you after the tension of the evening made you expect hostility, but staring back at him, his eyes only seemed to have warmth in them as they watched you.

‘I believe you need this.’ he says after a few moments, breaking the silence that you’d both been trapped in as you’d watched one another, to lift a thick black briefcase from his side, indicating that he’d managed to retrieve the money.

‘What was the gunshot?’ you ask as you mentally shake yourself out of your stasis and walk across the room to him, slowing your footsteps when you get closer to him, and holding your hand out for the case.

‘Thank you.’ 

Your timid murmur as he gently hands you the money, and the way your arm crawls with goosebumps pulls the tension back over the two of you, the atmosphere this time almost feeling comfortable despite its heavy weight on your focused senses.

‘You’re welcome. …and we should probably go now, the paramedics will be here in a few minutes to attend to Lee Hyuk.’

Catching the slight quirk of humor at the edge of his lip in response to whatever state he’d left Lee Hyuk in makes you want to know what had happened. However, the second you go to ask, the wailing of sirens outside cuts you into silence, and so instead of pursuing the topic, you take Taehyung’s outstretched hand without even thinking about it, and run through the open door before either of you could be found.

‘I suppose i should thank you for saving my ass tonight.’ you murmur as the two of you continue to shuffle down the pitch black street after you’d driven away at what seemed like the speed of light from Lee Hyuk’s place. He’d struggled to contain his smile the whole ride back to the center of the city, humming and singing quietly to himself after explaining to you that he’d ‘disabled’ Lee Hyuk; this being the only word he used to explain the sound of the gunshot.

‘You showed me that you were quite capable of saving your own ass actually. Its been a while since i’ve seen something as hot as the sight of you standing in the middle of all the unconscious men, …hair in slight dissarray…pupils blown wide with adrenaline-’

‘Hot?’ you cut him off, mentally clocking that you were less than two blocks from your base and directing him to take one of the side alley’s so that you wouldn’t run in to the young guards that were placed around the circumference of the first block. The word had surprised you, the way he’d used it so purposefully seeming odd coming from his lips, yet he’d seemed so utterly sure that that was how he would describe you, and that in itself had caused your cheeks to flush slightly.

‘Would you prefer ‘beautiful’, ‘stunning’, ‘dazzling’-?’

All you could do was stare at him, taking in the way his long trench coat swung softly around his tall, lean frame, his head tilted toward the floor as he walked, concealing a smile as he waited for your response, fluffy brown bangs falling in his face until he realizes you’d slowed to a stop, and he pauses a few steps from you to turn and see staring confusedly up at him.

‘What?’ he asks, seeming utterly at ease in the darkness of the alley, the power contained within him seeping from his every action.

‘How?…Why?-’ you stutter, trying to find the right question to ask him first, but rather than managing to let a single coherent thought pass your lips, he responds with a soft smile, his warm brown eyes fixed on you, and the only answer that your heart wanted to hear in that moment.

‘I like you, y/n.’


anonymous asked:


the main reason mogar speaks in third person is because max never says his moves like “i do…” he keeps himself really disconnected from mogar so it’s always “mogar does…” and it especially stuck when someone got fed up with him not using his fucking character voice he just yelled “MOGAR BEATS [the fantasy version of x-ray] IN THE FACE” as gravelly as he could manage and it just stuck as a joke for awhile then became fully serious

max has to miss a few sessions for whatever reason like to study for a test or something or even neil and nikki roping him into a short trip and when he comes back nerris tells him what mogar’s been up to

max: so? he been asleep or hibernating or something? off hunting?

nerris: actually… he’s sorta been a temporary NPC.

max: i kinda figured that. have i been getting any experience points?

nerris: oh. tons! in fact you’re like a level or two ahead of everyone now.

max: aw sweet! what’s even been happening? how did i get that far?

nerris: you kicked everyone’s asses.

max: i what

nerris: yeah uh. mogar works under the corrupted king that took over a major kingdom now.

max: why ???

nerris: he has mogar’s mom in a hole




nerris: well the guy’s a “mad king” of course he’s not gonna use money that’s for people with hobbies

nerris: travelling along the crumbling hallway you find an ancient scroll on a pedestal between two doors.

harrison: who’s closest?

nerris: i don’t know whoever was walking in front

max: mogar always leads. he reads it.

nerris: i don’t think mogar’s even done anything like this before so let’s just do a basic intelligence roll

max: *rolls a nat1* mogar can’t fucking read

      Dawn hit closed eyes, making the man shift in his placement in over-sized bed. Immediately he felt the raw feeling inside his throat, the tightness of sinuses inflamed from the sudden lingering cold. Congested, exhausted and feeling parched, he gives a soft gruff in annoyance, knowing too well he’ll need to recover and fast. After all, there was an important trip to make in the next week, something he’d not miss no matter what sort of illness befell him. Fingers curled against skin - but not his own, for the man he so adored seemed to still be curled against his side despite the stuffy nose and watery eyes. Clearing his sore throat, he winces, knowing he’d be taking the day away from work once again. 

                            — @ringwinning

Disney Day

Hello, Love bugs!

Dan X Reader

Warnings- fluff

Can Dan and y/n go to Disney World and have a fun time at the parks, then possibly have a romantic dinner at one of the resorts at the end?? 😅 I also added daddy Dan because it’s too adorable to not.

Y/d/n = your daughters name.

Dan and yourself discussed that once your daughter turned four that you would go and enjoy a mini vacation in Florida doing all the typical touristy things. The biggest one being the three of you go to Disney World. You had decided to make it a proper vacation inviting Dan’s parents to come along. You had discussed that you would take Y/D/N to the main Disney in the morning and that after her nap her grandparents would take her to the animal kingdom for the afternoon and to take her for the evening so Dan and yourself could have a nice little Date night.

You had woken up early to get ready for the big day. You had showered and gotten everything you could possibly need ready. You wanted to get as much from the day as possible. This includes coming back to the hotel later to have a nap before going back to see a parade. You were doing a second look over the bag you had packed before seeing Dan turnover from the corner of your eye. Dan really hadn’t moved from the same position he was in when you got out of the bed half an hour ago. You climbed back into the now cold spot in the bed wrapping your arms around Dan to wake him up. It didn’t seem to be working that well however as he decided to let out a little yawn and cuddle in even more.

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pairing : Kim Seokjin x Reader
themes : angst ; suspense ; office / boss!Seokjin AU
chapters available : here
status : on hold temporarily

Kim Seokjin hates spilt coffee; and he especially hates coffee spilt by you

Originally posted by bwiseoks

You run as fast as you can despite the fact that Yoongi is confined to the floor of this building and not allowed to venture off unless it is lunch break or he has a valid reason for doing so.

He had left Seokjin’s office so hastily it scares you to even predict the type of anger he’s experiencing. Seokjin sat in his office, unphased as you wiped your tears and made a run after Yoongi, you realising you were fighting a lost cause with Kim Seokjin.

You reach his cubicle with a slightly worn out breath, co-workers turning towards you in curiosity. You ignore them, looking at Yoongi who’s focused on his laptop, as usual.

“Yoongi,” you start softly. “Can we please talk?”

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I ventured out into the world today to buy groceries and attend a work meeting. That may seem like a small accomplishment but because I have to keep my phallus elevated as much as possible it’s made going outside (and walking in general) difficult. For the most part I’ve been pretty confined to wherever I’m staying and so leaving the house, even for a short trip, is a big step recovery-wise and a welcome change.

Attending the work meeting also reminded me how much I care about and value the people I work with. From the time I pulled up to the time I left I had coworkers right by my side helping me walk, asking if needed anything, asking if had enough food at home, checking in about if I needed more time off, welcoming me back, saying they really missed having me there, etc. They don’t know what surgeries I’ve had, just that I’m young and have had a lot of them, and they never ask either. They didn’t even know I was coming to this meeting. They just care about my wellbeing and if there’s anything that can be done to help the recovery process. One of them even started making a scar cream for my arm after we had a discussion about how it was healing a few months post-op.

No Control | Chapter Twenty-Seven


Micky Bennett: college student, loyal friend, aspiring nurse, One Direction fan, Harry Styles enthusiast. Her best friend, Trevor, wins tickets to a show in New Jersey with meet and greet passes. Micky expects a quick photo op with the boys and a great night at the concert with her best friend. What she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for.

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My fingers drum nervously against the steering wheel as we make the drive to Holmes Chapel. The drumming isn’t even in time to the beat of the music that’s coming through the radio, which is pissing me off, but I can’t help the nervous ticking. I’ve only got my left had on the wheel, my right tugging against my bottom lip, a nervous habit I think I picked up from one of the lads at some point, but now I can’t stop. Micky is sat in the seat beside me looking out the window. She’s got her own lip secured between her teeth, a habit I find way too endearing and downright filthy in the best situations, but right now, I know it’s her nervous energy, too. 

She’s expressed her concerns about my mum disliking her for getting pregnant and Gemma completely shitting on her—which, knowing Gem, is entirely possible (might have to do some begging when we get there). I’ve tried my best to assuage her fears, letting her know that my mum will be a bit concerned that I’m going to be a dad, but ultimately loving because she’s finally going to get a grandchild. My mother, I know, will be in the same vain as Micky’s; to her, all babies should be celebrated and worth getting excited over because they’re a blessing. She may be a bit disappointed about this being the situation that brought her her first grandchild, but she would never do anything but welcome them with open arms and a loving heart. And she’d love Micky in the midst of it just as much. I’m convinced she fell in love with Micky faster than I did.

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Yamamoto, Hibari, and Reborn reacting to a pregnant s/o


• Is going to be very happy. He’s always liked and been good with kids, and the thought of starting a family with you is just wonderful. It’s the last big step in your relationship that you’ve yet to take, and it’s good you’ve finally gotten to it.
• But, with his life in the mafia, he’s also very worried. You were already a big weakness for him, a kid will just be one more, and he didn’t know what he’d do if someone targeted you or his soon-to-be child. He will not take any chances, and though he’ll keep it hidden, he definitely has people guarding you when he can’t be around. Though he will probably do everything in his power to make sure he doesn’t have to leave your side for anything while you’re still pregnant.
• He’ll make sure you’re staying healthy, and that you’re not eating or drinking anything you shouldn’t be. He’s gonna be very anal about this, no exceptions, no just-this-once’s. He will go so far as to cook and prepare every one of your meals if he has to. Also gonna make sure you go in for regular check-ups, so if anything does go wrong the doctors can catch it and fix it early.
• Won’t say it out loud but kind of has a kink for fucking you while you’re pregnant, especially when you start showing. So, except for some position changes to make sure you’re comfortable, you’ll probably have a pretty active sex life for most of the pregnancy.

• He’s not going to think much of it honestly. To him this is just natural, obviously it was gonna happen at some point. So if you were hoping for anything more than him just going “Okay” you’ll probably be disappointed.
• He will keep a near constant watch on you, and will definitely always have a guard on you when he’s not around. If you’re going out somewhere (if he decides to let you), and if he’s not going with, he will send Kusakabe with you. Cause though he trusts those nameless Vongola guards he’s got, at the end of the day Kusakabe’s just his most trusted guy and he wouldn’t want you out with anyone else.
• Once you start showing though you aren’t really going anywhere. He just doesn’t want you out on the streets at all, it’s not safe. Even if he’s with you, it’s just not safe. Too many things could go wrong. Don’t test him on this, if you try to sneak out for even a short trip to the grocery store you’re gonna get in trouble. He will lock you in your room if he has to. A woman is at their most vulnerable when they’re pregnant, and he’s not going to let anything happen to you.
• The pregnancy will go by really smoothly. Hibari makes sure of it. You’ll have lots of doctor visits to make sure everything’s going alright. He kind of intimidates the doctor too much, always reminds them that if anything goes wrong he’ll bite them to death. And if there is any serious complication he goes through with it, then finds a better doctor.

• He isn’t going to be too happy about it. He’s been in the mafia for more than long enough to know how dangerous and horrible it sometimes is, and like Yamamoto, is aware that it’ll be just another weakness enemies of the Vongola can exploit. He will seriously consider sitting you down and talking through the possibility of you getting an abortion, but will never actually go through with it.
• He realizes he just can’t ask that of you, if you come to that thought yourself great but he’s not going to bring it up. And as he thinks more and more about it, he decides he’ll be okay with having a kid. After all, he is the greatest hitman in the world, and if anything or anybody should threaten either of you he can and will deal with it. And there’s a tiny part of him that likes that you’re pregnant, cause you having a baby with him ties you to him forever.
• He will keep this a secret from as many people as he can until you actually have the baby. It’s likely nobody except for Tsuna and his guardians know about it. He’ll probably secretly put cameras around the house so he’s able to keep an eye on you even when he’s gone. And because he’s keeping it such a secret, when he does have to leave you he’ll get one of the guardians to watch you and keep you safe.
• You will only see the most trusted doctor he knows. And although you don’t go to see them as often as maybe you should, Reborn makes sure you know to tell him right away if something feels even a little off about your body, and whenever something does feel wrong you either call or see the doctor right away about it.

Shape of You (8)

Long chapter alert. Also be prepared for massive amount of cute chapters to make up for the uh… ones to come =)

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven

Chapter 8

“So why do you hate nicknames?” Cassian asked as we walked behind everyone else. He held my hand and it felt like our first official moment as an actual couple. I couldn’t help but smile was I glanced his way.

He was handsome, even with his long hair. He had it tied up at the nape of his neck. He made my heart skip a beat with his crooked smile.

“Tomas called me baby the night he hurt me,” I had never told anyone the truth, “and I just don’t like remembering. He tore me away from my sisters. He ruined my reputation.”

Cassian sighed, “I should’ve punched him in the face when I had the chance.”

“Feyre’s right. He’s not worth it,” I answered quietly, “one day I’ll tell you what he did. When I finally feel like it doesn’t matter anymore.”

“It doesn’t,” he pulled me close and kissed my temple, “I’ll make sure you find a way to let it go. To stop letting him hurt you.”

I smiled at him, “you already have Cass.”

Cassian squeezed my hand in return He seemed okay with my answer, with everything that had happened between us. My heart skipped a beat, something I had never actually felt before. I let out a breath, blushing at myself as Cassian stayed beside me. He seemed content with the pace I had set to stay behind the others. To keep to our own little bubble, where everything was finally starting to fall into place.

“So what if a terrible accident befell Tomas while we were out here? I mean like, say he looks over the edge just a bit too far and falls? Solves everyone’s problems, right?”

I snorted, “now don’t pick a fight, Cass. Behave.”

He stopped, my hand still in his so he pulled me to a stop too. His brown eyes were brighter than I had seen before. Those eyes that were becoming my favorite shade of brown, a color I had never really cared for before. But Cassian’s eyes were beautiful, a mix of dark and light browns that swirled together. That held laughter and mystery.

A smile spread across his face, lighting it up even more. “You called me Cass. I feel like this is a moment. We’re having a moment.”

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those70scomics  asked:

J/H = ■ & ♦

■ - Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon 

Jackie likes filling their living room with pictures that she’s changing all the time. She says that they need to have pictures of their friends, family and friends on display. The pictures of them are always changing.

He knows the ones she takes away will end up in her albums and scrapbooks, so he has stopped asking where are they or what happened to the pictures.

The only picture he has told her not to move is their prom picture. 

He doesn’t like how he looks in it and Jackie is kind of embarrassed of her teenage self once they are older, but none of them want it anywhere else.

♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon

Before having kids, even before going to live together, they started doing short road trips to smalls town between cities. They would search a dinner that serves disgusting burgers and eat them.

Jackie marks on a map the places were the food isn’t as bad, and the ones were the food is the best. At some point, they have all Wisconsin marked with places to eat burgers she would never admit to put in her body to anyone else.

Once they had their first kid, they thought about stopping doing these trips but Hyde suggested they shouldn’t, just add a small person to it. They kept doing it, even when their kids were older and about to leave the house, and even before they did.

Camila's Best Date (via Bizarre takeover )
  • Lauren: So your best date was with Michael huh?
  • Camila: Babe, come on you know I can't-
  • Lauren: *imitating Camila* we were super giggly
  • Camila: Babe, stop..
  • Lauren: *still imitating Camila* so we just kissed and it was pretty magical
  • Camila: Laur, will you please just listen?
  • Lauren: How about when we went to-
  • Camila: *kissed Lauren on the lips*
  • Lauren: or our trip to-
  • Camila: *placed her finger on top of Lauren's lips* Ssshhhh... You know you're the best, Lo. Even our short trip to the beach on valentine's day is already more than enough.
  • Lauren: Even when your mom was there?
  • Camila: *chuckled* Yeah, I mean it would have been better if it was just the two of us but yeah, that's more than enough for me. Not even some dinner or movie date can beat that.

I’m baaaaaaaaack!! I walked a lot and ate a lot and took a lot of photos and managed to squeeze in some drawing and painting too! 

Above are:

  • Quick 10 minute Halifax waterfront fude pen scribble before catching a tour bus
  • Quick on-site drawing at Lunenburg - more than 10 minutes this time, I was able to add colour! Wind was blowing stuff everywhere though, and it was so beautiful and sunny that I was squinting really hard while working on this and kept switching between sunglasses on and off…
  • Taking shelter from the rain under the waterfront Wave sculpture before another tour bus lol
  • Some colourful houses along Agricola Street. This one was done from a photo on my phone while waiting at a laundromat.

This was my first visit to the east coast of Canada and it was wonderful. I’m so grateful not only for being to take this trip in general, but to also see Pier 21 on Canada Day to boot. Everyone was so open and friendly, and we were really blessed to have equally friendly and cooperative weather during our short trip (multiple sunny days, and even the days with rain turned into mainly overcast when we really needed to be out and about). My biggest regret is maybe not being able to stuff my face with more fresh lobster rolls.

Thank you Halifax for all the lovely experiences and memories!

The Secret Candy Stash // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: fluff, domestic fluff, parent!phan

Words: 1.8k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: mentions of sickness

Summary: Emily Lester begs her papa to let her into the secret candy stash in the office. Phil just can’t say no to her.

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