even if she wants them to stay

“I promise you won’t get stuck with any pins as long as you stay still. I’ve been doing this for a long time and I haven’t stuck anyone in years,” she assured her model, looking up at them with a pin secured between her teeth. “This color really does look gorgeous on you– just try not to wiggle so we can make it even better, hmm?”

There Is No Arizona


“Jack, please tell me you’re okay, or at least eating at the shelter.” Violet said after a few moments, sniffing loudly as she felt hot tears slip out of her eyes. She was terriied for her brother, but she swallowed to try to quell her worry. “Jack, you know I wouldn’t have thought anything about giving you some money, why didn’t you come to me?”

“I’m fine, kid.  Please don’t cry.”  Jack’s voice sounded awfully small, even to his own ears, but he didn’t want her to worry about him.  He’d spent the last three months trying to keep her from worrying, but for once she didn’t have to–he at least had enough to eat and a place to stay. 

“I know,” he admitted, “I just–”  He shook his head, pulling his knees even closer and wrapping his free arm around them.  “…I didn’t want it to end up like this.”


Katara giving her words of wisdom to Korra and Tenzin before they depart on their journeys.

  • what she says:im fine
  • what she means:what was the context of the twins staying with stan over the summer? did stan stay in contact with his family pretending to be ford? why didnt they notice his fingers? did he just stay up in the mountains like some lonely recluse? did mom and dad pines even know who he was? why would they just let their children go stay with a stranger for the summer? why would stan agree? if he had never met dipper and mabel before why would he want them crowding around him while he did all that dangerous supernatural junk? were the first two weeks awkward? how long did it take for the name 'grunkle' to arise? who came up with it? why didnt anyone attempt to make contact with 'stanford' for 30 years? are the stans parents alive? whats going on?

I think Season 3 should be Maura and I going off into the sunset and just leave the kids with the dads. Maybe we’ll do Thelma and Louise and drive over a cliff.
              –  RUTH WILSON


I know that script was addressed as “not canon”, but considering that Adam said that it is a work in progress, I think we can conclude that the general concept will stay the same in the future.

So I want to talk a little bit about it for a second because I think by his words we can understand even more how Killian became a pirate. How devastating the moment that Liam died really was for him. The thing that kept him steady was gone. He literally had NO ONE. The same as Emma was when she was a little girl. 

Liam became his father (and mother) and at that moment he had lost both of them all over again. He was truly lost.

So as much as he said that he “could only imagine how difficult that must have been” I think he knew exactly how it felt because it doesn’t matter that he was already a grownup, at the moment that Liam died he became an orphan just like Emma was for most of her life.  

Intern, Harry Styles Imagine

She gathers another huge stack of paperwork into her arms, readying them for the sorting that will take hours, that she might even have to take them home.

Y/N is an intern for a publishing company that basically has to do everything people tells her to or she might as well just scoot on out of there. She’s basically assisting the ‘assistant’. Every invitation is supposed to have two papers of…I don’t know, Y/N hasn’t even really read them. It’s for some party the boss is having, or the person who acts like the ‘boss’. What is his name, she thinks…

“Y/N, keep up! We have work to do.” Melissa pushes her along. More like I have to do, Y/N thinks. Whatever Melissa has on her plate the more Y/N has to do.

“Okay, these are stay in the front, these stay in the back, fold three times, lick. Done!” Melissa frowns. If Melissa didn’t want this job why did she take it?

“I know, I’ve done it before.“  Y/N replies with a matter of fact tone. Melissa glares, points her fake, red painted index fingernail at Y/N and snarls.

“Listen to me, missy. You are supposed to show respect to me! I could have you fired; or I could just do it myself, you slimy whore-”

“Melissa.” She lifts her eyes up from her lap and follows the stern voice and if Y/N did not have self control her jaw would’ve hit the navy blue carpet.

“Oh, Mr. Styles! How are you this morning?” Melissa fake grins at Mr. Styles.

“Don’t change the subject.” Mr. Styles says nicely even if his words sound demanding. “What was it was that word you were about to call this young lady?”

Y/N's heart flutters at him calling her young lady. I mean, there’s been a lot people to call her young lady, but it just feel right coming from his mouth

“Well, Harry, I-I-um-” She stutters, her lips practically quivering.

“It’s Mr. Styles to you, I am your boss, not your ragdoll.” Mr. Styles corrects her. “How many times have I called you a slimy whore? Hm? How many?”

He sounds threatening now. His demeanor completely changed. His expression hardens.

“None, sir.” Melissa replies with her head down. Her hands fold behind her back. Mr. Styles looks between Y/N and Melissa a few times and a smiles lights up his face.

“How about you two switch places for the day? Miss…” He turns to her with expectancy.

“Oh, Y/N Y/L/N." She replies shyly.

"Miss Y/L/N has your job and you have her job for the rest of the day. Get to it.” Mr. Styles waltz out of the room.

Y/N and Melissa exchange a look of pure shock.

“Mr. Styles!” Y/N call out after him, stumbling slightly as she exits the room. She regains balance and smooth out her skirt. “Sir, what am I supposed to do?”

He stops with his hands behind his back, a small smile on his face. His hair is smoothed back from his face, rather long for a boss.

“What do you usually do?” He asks, staring very intently at Y/N; which makes her uncomfortable and she fidgets in her place. She was never good with eye contact.

“Well, sir, I don’t actually work here, I’m an intern. I’m helping out the assistant." She rambles.

"Hmm. Just follow me around all day. I ask for something, you get it. Simple as that.” He says with a shrug of his shoulders.

“Uh, okay…" She awkwardly stands. She adjust her blouse and feels for her phone. Shoot, She left in her blazer in the copy room. Where they had left Melissa… "I left my phone in the copy room-”

“You can go, just hurry back.” He says politely. Grabbing his own phone from his blazer pocket, which chimes.

Y/N walks as fast as she can back to the copy room. Her ballerina flats was a good choice for running or jogging, especially for work. Melissa stands by the stack of papers with her hands on her hips, mumbling something to herself.

“Finally, I was hoping this wasn’t going to take all day!” Melissa exclaims, throwing her hands up in an obnoxious manner.

“Actually, I was just coming back to get my phone…” Y/N says awkwardly.

Melissa scoffs and rolls her eyes.

“He wasn’t actually serious, was he?” She says with humor.

Y/N bites her lip to refrain a smile of mischief. Y/N doesn’t say anything, instead she grabs her blazer and purse, then prances out of the copy room. Leaving Melissa for the invitations. 

Once she catches up to Mr. Styles, he already put his phone away and waiting patiently in the hall with his hands folded behind his back.

“Sorry, for the wait.” Y/N says as they walk side by side, Mr. Styles furrowing his eyebrows as he presses the button to send down an elevator.

“You need to learn how to not apologize to everyone, Miss Y/L/N.” He dismisses.

Y/N frowns but doesn’t say anything. She steps into the elevator followed by Mr. Styles. He’s seems so content that it drives Y/N insane…

They both step at the same time. Her ballerina flats skipping against the tiled floor. Y/N has never been to this floor before, their chatter in a few cubicles, followed by several phones ringing continuously. Mr. Styles opens a door to a room with ceiling to the floors with windows. Overlooking London, bright lights shining through them shaking glares appear on Y/N glasses. It’s 2:30 but cloudy and rainy making the sky look dark and gloomy. 

Mr. Styles takes a seat in one of the chairs at a long table, where other people are seated. He looks at Y/N expectantly, moving his eyes to the seat beside him. She murmurs an ‘Oh’ and sits down beside him. The men and few woman (who she assumes is either assistants or business women) stare her down.

This will be a long day.

The meeting or whatever it was lasted for about two hours, Y/N barely even listening, not bothering to even take part into this arrangement. It’s now 4:00 or something. A few of the men and women shake Mr. Styles hand on the way out and try to converse into small talk.


After few more hours Y/N walks back to the copy room to find no sign of Melissa. The stacks upon stacks of invitations that are not put together. Y/N finds a not-so-friendly note on the copier from no other than, Melissa. Y/N balls up the paper, infuriated that Melissa left her for all of this work. This will mostly take hours and hours to do. But, like she has places to on a Friday night, Y/N has plenty of time.

Several hours later Y/N has put the last invitation in a pile, her eyes not even drooping of tiredness from the cups tea and coffee she has consumed in between folding papers. She glances at the clock on the wall, the clock just clicking over to 12:30. She gathers her bag and coat. Y/N can’t find her favorite tube of chap stick that is cookie dough flavored. She tries to recall the last time she used it…

She’s skeptic on whether or not to look in the conference room. She bites her lip once the elevator opens to the floor that Mr. Styles led her to this afternoon. She opens the door to the conference room, she starts to move papers and folders from earlier that scattered the table. Finally, after getting onto her knees, she finds the mischievous tube of chap stick on the floor and sticks it into her coat pocket.

As she is making her way down the hall back to the elevator, a light from a room catches her eye. And just supposedly that room at to be Mr. Styles’ office.

She don’t know what got into her, but she walks across the hall and knocks on his office door. He picks his head from his computer, a pair of reading glasses complimenting his face. She can’t help but think the way they make his jawline look.

“Oh, Miss Y/L/N, what are you doing here?” He asks, pushing his chair back from the desk and standing up and stuff his hands in his dress pants pockets.

“I was just leaving actually. I don’t know why I came in here, I saw the light on…” Y/N replies and pushes her glasses up her nose.

“No, please. Stay if you wish. I was actually wanting a companion at the moment. Work is a bit of bother.” His eyes gleam. Y/N can’t help but to just think of him…

His eyes dark with lust, his strong hands, gosh…

“Would like something to drink? I have water…And disgusting protein shakes.” He laughs.

“No, thank you, Mr. Styles. I don't need anymore caffeine. I have the energy to run 10 miles in heels.” Y/N can’t help but laugh.

“You can call me Harry, you know? Well, at least, after working hours.” Mr. Styles or Harry says, handing her a bottle of water, even though she denied a drink.

“Thank you.” She grabs the bottle, her fingers tips grazing his skin.

Their eyes lock for a fraction of a second. He bites his lip and glances down at hers. Harry lays his glasses down on his desk behind him. he gathers the courage to lean down and grab her from her coat. Harry gently sits it on one of the leather chairs.

Y/N is confused for a moment. Until his index finger twirls her hair around it, he once again stares at her face; particularly her lips. Oh, how Harry wished to feel them…

He grabs Y/N’s face in his face and kisses her square on the mouth. Y/N is shocked for moment. Stunned to the fact that the boss is kissing her and continues to back up to the desk. Harry grabs her waist and lifts her onto the mahogany surface. His lips run down her neck, kissing back to her ear and tugging the skin into a bruise. He pulls back to regain his breath.

“Sorry, I-I couldn’t help myself…” Harry whispers, his breathe that smells of coffee wafts over her face in long pants.

Instead of replying, Y/N grabs him and pushes their lips together.

Hell, I’ve been working my butt off, I deserve this.

He’s quick to kiss Y/N back. His large hands wrapping into her hair and tugging it gently to which she moans to. Harry pulls her lip back with his teeth and watches it go back into place when he lets it go.

“I need you.” Harry whispers into her ear.

Y/N can feel her whole body cover in goose flesh.

Oh, Harry, I need you.

“So, do something about it.” Y/N dares to say.

Harry smiles and reaches for his belt, which Y/N discovers a bulge.

Did I do that?

He pulls the belt free and starts on the button and zipper. She pulls her coat from her body and chucks it onto the other leather chair.

“No, I want to do that.” Harry says. Her dreams come true when he starts to pull on her loose, black dress pants that she thought looked so good with the white blouse she’s wearing right now.

They drop to the floor and he starts on her blouse next. Harry runs his fingers over the now exposed skin on her shoulders. He leans down to pepper kisses from the top of her breasts to her collarbones.

Y/N runs her fingers over the hem of his dress shirt and starts to undo the buttons. Both of them are in their underwear now, both of their chests heaving from heated kisses. He unclips her bra and runs his hands along the expanse of her waist, playing with the elastic of her undergarments. They’re pushed to the floor, then goes his briefs.

Am I really doing this? Oh, yes please, let it happen.

“Turn around.” He whispers. She does as he says and turns around, her eyes meeting the same view as in the conference room.

Harry’s hand directs her back to bend, so she lays chest flat against his clean desk. She feels his penis poke her butt, she has to bite her lips harshly to keep from a whimper protruding. Her and Harry can both agree that foreplay is not in the near future, they need it now.

He spreads her legs wider and parts her bum cheeks. She’s so wet. Y/N moans when she feel him close to her, the tip running just over her.

“Oh, my-” She can’t even make a coherent sentence when he pushes himself into her.

He wiggles his hips to get a good feel and pulls out, then back in.

He runs his hands over her back, down to her hips. Gripping her hips harshly, shoving himself far into her, she lets out a wild moan. Her whole body quaking with pleasure. Harry’s breathe is rigid, his chest heaving as he moves his hips for her. Looking for that particular spot…

“Oh, Harry, please keep going!” Y/N whimpers, her lips quivering.

Her hands grip the edge of the desk, her finger tips tingling and turning white from the death grip.

“Uh, you feel amazing, babe.” Harry leans down to whisper over her ear.

She responds with loud moan and pushes her hips back to him. He pulls out from her, Y/N literally whining from the departure.

“Lay on the floor.” Harry demands yet again.

Y/N is stunned and a bit dizzy but does so anyways. The rug by his desk is fuzzy and comfortable, which reminds Y/N of her fluffy blanket at home.

He hovers over her body, his hands idly gliding. She needs him now, there is no time to waste. She brings his face down for a long kiss. Along the while, Harry pushes back far into her. She arches her back, her whole shaking from anticipation.

Breathless moans now leave both their bodies. Harry’s mouth sucks harshly on her nipples, leaving dark purple bruises around them.

“I’m so close…” Harry grunts, thrusting hard and hitting her G-spot.

“Oh, yes. Right there!” She screams.

Sweat drips from Harry’s forehead, his expression furrowed into deep concentration. Her hands grip onto his back, her legs wrapping firmly around his waist. She bites down onto his shoulder, sucking and nibbling.

Her whole body goes completely numb, besides the euphoric pleasure pumping her veins. Her orgasm runs through her body. Her body trembling into his, her head falls back onto the rug, she no longer controls her body. Harry pushing harder and rubbing her clitoris to add to her orgasm. She finds little strength to scratch her nails in his shoulder blades, drawing a picture of long red lines down his back.

She gets one last wave of orgasmic pleasure, her body collapsing into Harry’s chest. She hears him grunt and comes hard, she feels his sperm fill her up.  His moans are directly in Y/N’s ear, he’s moving his hips sloppily.  She cries out from the sensitivity. His face is in the crook of her neck, his breath heavy and heart beating rapidly on her chest.

Harry smiles lazily and plants a peck to the corner of her mouth. He lays beside her, reminiscing the last few moments of the euphoria. He stands to his feet, his head a bit drowsy, he steady’s himself on the desk and grabs his pants and underwear from the floor.

“You know, you have a really nice ass.” Y/N says from behind him.

She still lays on the floor, her elbows propping her up. Her lip is between her teeth, staring at his bum for a few more seconds before looking back up at his face. He grins down at her. Grabbing her panties as well, he gets on his knees in front of her. Pushing her feet into the underwear and follows it up her fit legs.

“Thank you, my darling. Yours is mighty fine as well.” He places a kiss to her knee cap.

He couldn’t help but take notice of the old wet patch from earlier on her panties. He bites his lip, looking back up to her face, where she smirks.

“Come on, babe, I’ll take you home.”

His little brother...

Just something I wanted to share

Okay so my sister Nikki has a few Asian guy friends but most of them are her age and older ( she’s 25 and I’m 17.) My sister’s guy friend( who I swear likes her) was coming over to pick her up cause they were going to hang out. So I thought I’d have the house to myself (Psych, not even close) She “forgot” to tell me that his little brother would be staying with me so I didn’t know until they got to the door and I looked at her like who is that (because his brother was FINE LIKE GOD WORKED ON HIM, AND HE WAS ONLY 19 so I was like mmmm okay.)

Anyways his name was Shawn and I was like hi and he was really nice and polite so I was like okay he’s a cool guy. Right after they left Shawn was saying that he was hungry so i was like will pizza work and he said yeah so i called an order in. After I got off the phone we just had small talk like a chill conversation,  then he said  something I swear I would have never heard from a Korean guy let alone any Asian guy (because I used to think they weren’t attracted to woc.) He told me I was really pretty to him and that he’d love to get to know me better. I was shocked but right as I was about to respond the pizza guy came and so did my sister and his brother. So he had to leave but he gave me his number and I have a date with him later on today :)

KPMBW: omg Yay!! <3

daretodalt asked:

Obviously I don't have the issues women have, but I hate it when men over sexualize even the slightest thing "Oh a little bit of cleavage is showing, SHE IS A SLUT SHE MUST WANT ME" Honestly I walk down the street and when I see any guy cat calling, staring and anything rude and inappropriate I walk right up and start calling those assholes out, even if they are with their kids and wife's/girlfriends because THEY ARE WITH THEM. Stay strong Ladies, cause men are growing weak.

^^^^^ YAS👏🏻

thoseamericanguys​ continued from [ X ]

❝What I need isn’t protection, what I need is to know that you’re safe,❞ Thea replied curtly, crossing her arms. She took a breath, prepared to stay something else but was cut off by his question. She hadn’t even realized that she had blurted those three words out, hadn’t even planned to, ❝I… I do love you, Roy, that’s why I keep arguing with you over your safety – because I love you and when you love someone, you want to do everything in your power to keep them safe.❞

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It's the "straights are angry" anon again, and honestly, it's disgusting how ppl are using bisexuality to justify their pro Pewey stuff. What's worse tho, is ppl using the "Well she could know him better and fall in love" argument. No. And even if Pearl wasn't gay she couldn't because she doesn't want to. If she wanted to know him better she would've stayed beside him in Historical Friction and look, she didn't. I wonder how will they counter this now

Saying that if she got to know him better or whatever might make her want to date him is bullshit. I am a lesbian and I have met plenty of nice men whom I know very well, but I am not attracted to them nor do I have any inclination of pursuing relationships with them so using that as a justification is ridiculous. It once again relies to the misogynistic and lesphobic idea that a super special man can magically make a lesbian into men because he is a Nice Guy™

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HC Harry Potter Mal x Evie (idk if it even exists in the Descendants universe but whatever)

Alright well I’m not sure if you want Eval’s thoughts on HP or Eval in the HP universe so… Here’s both:

Evie discovers the Harry Potter books one day in the library and doesn’t put them down until she’s finished reading them. Mal has to steer her through the halls as they walk because Evie is so immersed in the books. Evie stays up late reading them but when she finally goes to sleep Mal decides to check out what’s been distracting her girlfriend lately. The next morning Evie wakes up to see Mal reading the book and looking like she hasn’t slept all night. She gently takes the book out of her girlfriend’s hands and sets it behind her, pulling the covers up to her girlfriend’s chin as Mal stares at Evie tiredly.

“It’s so good.” Mal groans, yawning.

“I know, baby.” Evie agrees, chuckling as she presses a kiss to her girlfriend’s forehead and cuddles her until she falls asleep.

Mal is a Slytherin and a parselmouth, her bloodline connecting her to the house’s founder. Her mother, Maleficent, is the darkest and most feared witch in existence. 

During her time at Hogwarts, she meets Ben, a Gryffindor who instantly tries to befriend her. His girlfriend, Audrey, another Gryffindor, convinces him to stay away from Mal after telling him the horror story of what Mal’s mother did to Audrey’s. So Mal remains friendless for many years, only having allies in her house, until one day she meets Carlos, a Hufflepuff two years before her, who’s always up to no good. The two work together, pranking the other houses, forming a companionship of sorts. Some of the other Slytherins look down on her for it, one even daring to tell her that her mother would be disappointed in her.

“My mother is dead.” Mal had spat back defensively. “She can’t even touch me.”

Carlos drags Mal one day to a Quidditch match, Gryffindor VS Hufflepuff. There, Carlos introduces Mal to his crush and best friend, Jay, the Gryffindor Quidditch Team’s captain. The three become a misfit trio, not really getting along with the other kids in their houses, and only hanging out with each other. They eat their meals outdoors so they can eat together and be alone and plan their pranks.

Mal is terrible at Potions, excelling in her other courses, especially Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts. Jay, noticing Mal’s struggling with Potions, brings up the idea of a tutor. He mentions Evie, a Ravenclaw, who’s positively brilliant at Potions.

“She hangs out in the library after dinner.” Jay tells Mal. “She’s ridiculously hot too. Blue hair, you can’t miss her.”

So Mal goes to the library in search of Evie, and finds her. Evie’s gorgeous, part Veela with the type of beauty that’s nearly blinding. She’s intimidating at first, but then Mal gets to know her, a tentative friendship growing between them. Her grades get better and she finds herself no longer needing to go to the library. She continues going anyway.

They hook up at the Yule ball. Mal was meant to be going in a group with Jay and Carlos, but at last minute, Jay grew a pair and asked Carlos to be his date. And Mal had already bought her dress so she decided to go stag. Evie had gone with Chad, a useless Gryffindor, and ditched him for Mal as soon as she got there. Chad had ended up hooking up with Hufflepuff Doug, so he didn’t care too much. Mal and Evie danced all night, Evie leading because Mal can’t dance for shit. Near the end of the party, Evie takes Mal up to the Astronomy Tower to watch the stars, that’s where she kisses her for the first time.

The next year, Mal’s mom re-appears and stirs up trouble in the wizarding world. Mal freaks out. Evie, Jay, and Carlos stay by her side, even as she grows distant.

Over summer break, Maleficent finds Mal and threatens her, forcing her into getting the dark mark and serving for her cause. Mal drops contact with Jay, Evie, and Carlos, ignoring their owls and when school starts back up, avoiding them. Jay, Evie, and Carlos befriend Ben, Audrey, Chad, Lonnie, Doug, and Jane. None of them mention Mal around Evie, for all intents and purposes her name is taboo.

When things start to heat up, Mal strategizes. Whenever an attack is calculated by the death eats, Mal drops a hint to Carlos, who in turn, keeps Jay and Evie out of danger.

When the big battle begins, Mal panics. She’s forced to fight for evil, and does so, until her mom goes after Evie…

Maleficent cackles wildly as she steps towards Evie, effectively backing the girl into a wall. Her wand is pointed dangerously close to the girl’s face, making Evie flinch.

“Mom, back off.” Mal demands, the tip of her wand pressed into her mother’s back.

“Mal, you better think wisely about what you’re doing,” Maleficent snarls at her daughter. “You don’t want to do anything you’ll regret, sweetheart.”

“You don’t know what I want.” Snaps Mal, flicking her wand and sending her mother tumbling sideways.

Mal presses her lips quickly to Evie’s before pushing the girl behind her as she faces her mother. Unfortunately for Mal, she forgets the fact that her mother is an Animagus until the second her mother begins to shift.

“Eves, get out of here. Find Jay and Carlos.” Mal says over her shoulder.

Evie squeezes her shoulder and rushes off to find their friends.

Mal turns back to her mother, her features hardening as she comes face to face with a large black dragon. The dragon’s eyes glow green and Mal springs into action the moment the dragon’s mouth opens and green flames begin to pour out. The thoughts of every moment she’s ever spent with Evie spring to mind as she raises her wand.

“Expecto Patronum!” Mal shouts, a jet of light bursting from the end of her wand.

Green flames lick the blue spell,the two colors battling each other. Mal feels the power coursing through her, her body vibrating with it. Her arm trembles.

“Expecto Patronum!” Three voices chorus, surrounding Mal and pointing their wands at the dragon.

When the blue light overpowers the green flames, Maleficent disappears. Mal drops to her knees in exhaustion, breathing heavily. Her friends crouch next to her, Evie plopping herself directly in front of Mal. She grabs Mal’s face in her hands and peppers kisses all over it.

“You did it, it’s over.” Evie repeats over and over.

We did it.” Mal corrects her, sighing in relief as she kisses her girlfriend.

5 Ways Calvin Harris Is Controlling In Taylor Swift’s Life | OK! Magazine

Also, I don’t think this is how Taylor wants to be portrayed… Her “boyfriend” controlling her? Doubtful. Ended on a decent note, but it had to, OK has to stay in Taylor’s good graces to some extent. But even though they attempted to sugar coat everything they had just written at the end, when you read the word controlling in the context of a relationship, that’s never good. Is OK flipping sides?

Let It All Go

After Savannah moved out of the house when Max was gone the next day, she settled into the apartment she’d gotten near her office.  It wasn’t ideal, but she said she wasn’t leaving and she had meant that.  She just couldn’t be there right now.  She couldn’t be healthy for the baby and be fighting that much.  She couldn’t be second choice all the time.  It wasn’t exactly easy being in the town.  She thought about going back to LA for a few days to clear her mind, but she didn’t even want to think about that that would look like, so she stayed put.  Only running into Sacramento every once in a while for her case and to set things up for them.  

By the time her second appointment rolled around, it had been a month since they’d had contact.  He hadn’t gotten into any legal trouble and she hadn’t heard from him.  She figured he had the same need for space that she did.  She had the doctor make two copies of the ultrasound photo and had a messanger take one over to the club house with a blue sticky note stating that it was a boy, before she went back to her office to work on her case.

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If any of the 4 were given the chance to help the other three leave the pizzeria, on the condition that they would have to stay behind, would they make that choice?

Ooc: Melody would stay behind because she thinks she’s too unsafe to begin with. She knows she’s neglected the most in the first place, so it wouldn’t make much of a difference in her mind.

Terry…is more complicated. He wouldn’t stay I believe, because he’s pretty much the last guy to go over the edge like the others and doesn’t wish to. He’d try to find other loopholes or something, but chances are he’d leave while the others stay behind. Guilt would eventually kill him though. Or himself.

Finnick would stay behind. He wants them all to be happy, even without him.

Dunno about Sid though. Ask inverted-mind-inc about that!

Imagine Pearl asking Garnet to dance

She quickly elaborates that she doesn’t mean a fusion dance, just maybe a waltz or whatever else seems appropriate

Imagine Pearl staring down at her own twisting hands as her courage drains away

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Last Chance ~ Isobel + Zachary

The hour was late. It was well past the time that Zachary had tried to be coming home recently for Isobel’s sake. Both of them had to try more. And they had been. He had managed to come home some nights for dinner. Others they went out. Others he stayed in the office. But at least he was trying. He hadn’t yelled at her since he got hungover and missed the court date. But he had no idea if things were truly getting better between them or if they were both just fooling themselves into thinking that. A while ago she had revealed that she didn’t hate him, but she did not care for him like he wanted. He was just a friend, in fact, he wasn’t even that anymore. It made things awkward between them. Should he try to woo her? That had failed miserably, he remembered the shattered dinner. Should he just treat her like his slave? Just admit that it wasn’t going to work between them so he might as well get what he wants? Or should he just give up? Move on to someone else, find comfort in other blondes and soft curves and let her go? Zachary didn’t know. 

Things were better, but he still wasn’t able to deal with anything that was happening. It was how he found himself drinking at his favorite bar very late into the night. It was how he found himself coming home, fumbling with the keys as he stumbled down the hallway, knocking into a side table and sending the expensive decoration crashing to the floor. It was how he found himself entering his office, grabbing the desk as he fell over, shattering the glass by the side. Just as he was about to let the darkness consume him, he saw a flash of blonde hair come into his blurred vision. “Ava…” Was all he managed before the darkness consumed Zachary.

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Why do you look up to that dirty snake of an adviser? Is he your idol or something? Do you know what he's done?!?!

Ja’far keeps to himself just as much as she does. Perhaps even more, reason why she doesn’t tries to pursue him as much as she did in the past. He still seems unreachable, and Yamuraiha isn’t sure she’ll ever be able to gain the place Sinbad has in Ja’far’s mind. But she does know why, why they’d hold onto their king so tightly, why Ja’far would want to remain by his side until the bitter end. Because it’s the exact same for her.

Sinbad saved them all, one way or another. She never regretted her decision to follow him, even if it meant leaving Father alone, because she knew how miserable she would’ve been if she had stayed by his side. She knows she was selfish, yet at the same time, she can’t deny that joining Sinbad was a good decision.

And with Ja’far it’s the same, surely. She knows he’s done less than questionable things. She knows there’s a reason why he hides his past from everybody; the same reason she hides hers. They’ve done things; bad things that they wish to keep buried. She knows she wouldn’t be able to live knowing the others are aware of what she did, and she supposes for the adviser it’s the same. Because guilt is even more powerful than any magic she’s ever learned, and there’s no way to get rid of it; no way to erase the formula at all.

Yet Yamuraiha found her own way to deal with it, and she assumes Ja’far has found his as well. Serving their king, sacrificing themselves for their country, that is the only thing they can possibly do to deal with that guilt.

She’s always admired Ja’far, no matter what he was, because she used to be like that as well. She has blood in her hands too, and that’s something impossible to wash off. But Ja’far, he’s always been there, he’s always worked his best to protect Sindria, and he’s always been there for her. No matter what she might’ve felt for him when she was a child, she will always consider him a role model. Because Ja’far is strong, he can keep his mistakes buried and put on a brave face, something she still can’t accomplish entirely. And to hear this person talk about him, demean him; make him out to be a bad person… that fills her with rage. Because he’s just human, like everybody else.

“Ja’far made mistakes. We all did. And I don’t intend to pretend we didn’t.” She couldn’t, even if she tried. “Has he killed people? Yes. I know this. But, by this point, we all have as well. There’s been war and tragedy and death in our lives…Ja’far’s is no different.” Her fingers curl into fists at her sides, lips pressed together tightly. “But he’s still someone I admire. Because he keeps on living…because he can look ahead. Because he loves Sindria, and he’s willing to do what it takes to protect it, and that’s just—“She’s having trouble thinking straight. “He’s strong, despite his mistakes; he–he keeps on walking towards the future. And…if he’s a snake…then I’m a typhoon. Because we’ve both destroyed.”

         “So don’t—don’t speak of him like you know him…because you don’t.”

DA:I Romance Week: Day 6 –Iron Bull

Bull had told Laeta when they started that what was between them could stay behind closed doors. He didn’t want to be someone’s dirty secret, but he got the need for privacy and the Boss deserved that much. Someone with her job already had too little, what with all of Thedas waiting to see what she did next.

So he’d been ready for everything to stay pretty much the same when they were outside the bedroom. She was the Boss, she was in charge and he would still follow her anywhere even if she wasn’t showing up in his bed (or vice-versa) every night.

He really must be losing his touch.

“Bull! Bull!” Bull barely had time to brace himself before he had an armful of a gangling, squirming and admittedly nice elf. He ignored Krem and Rocky’s catcalls and Dalish’s giggling and focused on the tiny woman now meeting him eyes to eye.

“Yeah, Boss?”

Laeta grinned, dimples raised and eyes lit up with honest joy, grabbed onto his face and kissed him full on the mouth.

The whole tavern pretty much lit up with cheers and hoots, the loudest coming from the Charger’s table, the bastards. Krem’s voice just barely heard over the din.

“Shit, Chief, you really know how to put on a show!”

Bull ignored his lieutenant and focused on the feel of his Boss’ tongue in his mouth. She devoured him with questing lips and a thorough tongue and he returned the favor ten-fold, dipping the lithe woman in his arms until she was hanging on for dear life, her hands caught round his neck as he swallowed her moans. He was gonna get hard at this rate and only pulled back when he heard Cabot yelling over the noise.

“Get a room you two! You have sex on my bar, I’m calling your tab!”

They finally came up for air, both with matching shit-eating grins spewed across their faces. Laeta threw back her head and laughed from way deep in her belly. He always did like her laugh. It was thorough and honest, just like her.

“Nice,” he smirked, his hands still on her hips and her legs still wrapped around his waist. She made no move to leave his lap. “What was that for?”

She shrugged. “Just because,” she giggled and reached over to take a gulp of his drink.

He figured out quickly that “just because” inspired dancing together whenever Maryden stuck up the Boss’ favorite song, watching her respond to every playful barb and taunt the Chargers threw at her with cheer and innuendo as they all drank into the night, and her hand rubbing his knee at camp whether in invitation or because she’d noticed the damn thing was hurting worse than usual.

One day, she even jaunted over after the Charger’s morning training and handed him a jar of horn balm in front of everyone.

Just because.

“I know you’re horns are bothering you,” she told him as he stood there almost dumbstruck by what had been shoved into his hands. “Maybe tonight I can help you apply it.”

Laeta gave him a quick squeeze and scampered off as he was left to inspect the contents. One whiff, one finger run through the cream told him this was the good stuff, not the cheap-ass kind they rationed out back on Seheron. Krem had teased him for a week.

“She’s got you pegged, Chief.”

In the field, the Boss was more professional. She didn’t show obvious favoritism during a fight and didn’t get too touchy-feely outside of camp.

Except after a dragon, but those were… special exceptions. 

Just because.

“Did you feel how its roar shook the ground? The heat of its breath! Taarsidath-an halsaam.

Laeta had wrapped herself around him, grinding against him while still covered in blood and smelling of smoke and battle. A wild look was in her eyes and she was grinning like a maniac. “Why not right now?”

“Can do, Boss.”

Laeta didn’t get embarrassed when any of their friends brought up their time together. Even when Cole did his weird spirit-mind… thing, there was only helpless laughter and pleased blushes at whatever weird crap came out his mouth from picking around in their heads.

No awkwardness, just happy content.

No hiding, just pride.

No excuses.

“Kadan?” she asked.

Just because.

“Kadan,” he answered.

Please do a Liam Dunbar drabble where Liam is your boyfriend and Brett is your best friend, and despite them being frenemies, they team up and both do their best to protect you from everything like they always have and when Theo comes, they’re very suspicious of him so they keep you away from him?

“We can’t just tell her that she has to stay away from him.” Liam whispered, not knowing that you had your ear pressed against the door. You knew that they were suspicious of Theo, but the fact that Liam and Brett had decided to work together had made you suspicious. And with a reason it seemed. 
“Then we have to keep him away from her.” Brett didn’t even bother to whisper, probably not even realizing that you could be listening to their conversation. The boys had asked you to give them some time for themselves. They had told you that they wanted to watch a movie, talk about boy stuff. Like they didn’t know that you knew how much they disliked each other.
“How are we gonna do that? It will probably just make her even more interesting!” Your boyfriend raised his voice and you frowned your eyebrows. You didn’t know why they were this suspicious when it came to Theo. Okay, you had to admit that Theo was a little weird and maybe a little bit too nice, but you didn’t know that was a crime and a reason to keep you away from him and him away from you.
“You have to make sure that you’re always with her. That won’t be a problem, I assume?” You could hear a giggle in Brett’s voice and you smiled. If their plan was to keep you away from Theo by having Liam staying with you all the time, you wouldn’t complain. At least, not yet. 
“Of course that won’t be a problem.” Liam answered and you smiled, glad to hear that he at least liked spending time with you as much as the other way round. 
“Good, then I’ll keep Theo busy and distracted, to make sure he won’t even have the time to set foot anywhere near (Y/N).” He sounded satisfied and you walked back, away from the door, not wanting them to find out you had been listening. You had to admit that it was cute, your boyfriend and your best friend, who had never really liked each other, teaming up to keep you safe. There were worse things in life.

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