even if she wants them to stay

so. i fundamentally disagree with almost everything that came out of tomi lahren’s mouth last night. i thought trevor was excellent, and he was remarkably good at keeping his temper and staying on topic. tomi’s comments made my blood boil, and i loved the points trevor was making. 

but even as i watched tomi deny the problems that blm is trying to deal with and claim she isn’t a feminist and 1000 other things that made me want to scream, i had to take a moment and be glad she was there. because y’all. that’s what politics is supposed to look like. two people who fundamentally disagree on probably any issue you put in front of them sat down together and had a sane, civil conversation lacking in ad hominem attacks or attempts to belittle opposing views. they asked genuine questions and talked reasonably without interrupting. that’s what political discourse is supposed to look like. 

and everything they’ve done since has confirmed it. check their twitter feeds - they thank each other and even correct supporters insulting the other baselessly. wherever you lie on the political spectrum, this should be the model for your arguments. it was a great piece of tv

eemurp  asked:

List 5 facts about your most favourite sim of yours and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore ♥♥♥

This time I will go with Sevella since we are about to get back into All That Remains on Saturday! ♥

1) She never knew her father and her mother died when she was an infant.

2) She is a terrible cook.

3) She wishes she didn’t have her special ability. It makes her feel like even more of an outsider than she already does.

4) Her tough personality really just masks the fact that she is afraid to be hurt by people. That was all she grew up knowing was being hurt and afraid, and it makes it hard for her to trust people.

5) She agreed to Brennan coming with them as they fled the city not because he refused to stay behind. She could have easily given him the slip. She let him come because she didn’t want to be without him. ♥

lol remember when i had a post queued for the right time but then my settings were still set to pst and weren’t gonna post until now good times anyways hi i’m kel i’m in est for a few more weeks!! i’ll get some pages abt annabelle up in a bit but for now under the cut there’s some basic shit lmk if u wanna plot somehow n i’ll hit u up ok 

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I know everyone talks about Hans and everyone thinks he’s the worst animated villain ever, but guys

have you forgotten the Other Mother from Coraline?

She took sad kids from their homes and made them think they were living in paradise and made them so happy they would want to stay with her

but then as soon as they decided to stay, she forced them to SEW BUTTONS INTO THEIR EYES and then ATE THEIR SOULS!

And when Coraline refused? She turned into this monstrous monstrosity 

and then forced her to participate in three sick and twisted games and when Coraline nearly won, she turned into this even worse form

and then proceeded to chase Coraline in a sequence so terrifying it even scared adults

So when everyone goes on about Hans and Mother Grothel, remember this lady and how she was so terrifying she scared an audience of adults


You threw her away. You threw away the girl that would do anything and everything for you. You threw away the girl that gave her all and trusted you with it. You threw away the girl that put her whole self into being there for you. You threw away the girl that shut every other person out in her life because she told herself she couldn’t trust them. You threw away the girl that sees the entire world in you. You threw away the girl that went through hell just to be with you. You threw away the girl that was willing to wait as long as it took until she could call you hers. You threw away that girl that still wanted you even when you treated her as if she was nothing. You threw away the girl that spent months hoping you two could be together eventually. You threw away the girl that stays up at night, wondering if you’re okay. You threw away the girl that continued to do so much for you even though she got nothing in return. You threw away the girl that didn’t listen to the bad things that others said about you. You threw away the girl that would do anything in the world for you. You threw her away. And guess what? You lost her.
—  casskoloski.tumblr.com

When Jadzia was killed off, I was angry at Terry for leaving. When she got the role in the sitcom “Becker” so quickly it looked to an outsider much like she said. Or that a better offer came along and she’d abandoned DS9. But I was wrong, like a lot of people back then.

A few years ago she said for the first time I can recall that she’d wanted to stay in a reduced role. And that the powers that be said “No, all or nothing.” I couldn’t believe it. I was so mad at all of them; Behr, Moore, Berman.

But it wasn’t all of them. Not Moore. Not Behr. It was just Berman and/or the studio. But the others didn’t even know what was going on! No one but Terry and Berman knew.

Berman of course denies it, but then what do you expect? There are dozens of stories about him being difficult and anal. None about Terry being difficult or greedy. Terry willingly gave up acting for over a decade to raise her son, and is only just now trying to get back into things.

Oh and that last paragraph from Berman? How you can’t do a reduced role because you want to do movies? Yeah. Colm Meaney had that arrangement from day one. They arranged his shooting schedule to give him weeks off at a time. So he could keep doing film roles. So that’s just a fucking blatant lie from Berman.

I really hope no one lets this stuff alter their love for Trek. You see here that the other creative people on DS9 didn’t know about what was happening and were outraged to find out after. That they would have stopped it.

Ira Behr, whom I’ve always respected, became visibly ill according to Terry herself. I’ve no doubt he’d have quit in protest if he’d known at the time what was happening. So let that be the thing you remember most: that whatever horse shit Berman might have done, there were good people who did stand up to him (on other occasions) and would have here if they’d known.

In TNG, Gates McFadden was fired for season 2 by Maurice Hurley for complaining about sexism. Patrick Stewart threatened to quit if she wasn’t brought back and Hurley let go. There are many examples of the good people standing up for what was right on the various Trek shows. Remember that. Remember all the good. It doesn’t erase the bad, but it shows that good people who care can make a difference and do more often than not.

imagine tiny little tony stark having a nightmare and climbing into bed with maria and her comforting him until he falls asleep again. but the next time howard is there and yells at him. maria, naturally, yells back and goes and gets in tony’s bed with him instead, but the next time tony has a nightmare he doesn’t go to their room because he doesn’t want them to fight again.

instead, he very shyly wakes jarvis and asks if he can stay there, and before jarvis can even answer, anna sits up and says of course he can and lifts him up into the bed herself to sing him back to sleep. jarvis falls in love with her all over again when she smiles at him over tony’s head.

1 .Let her wear her red lipstick. It makes her feel beautiful and sexy at the same time. Respect it as well, don’t you dare smudge it. But when you get behind closed doors, don’t stop her from painting a masterpiece on your skin with her lips.
2. Don’t let her go to sleep without hearing your voice.
3. Flowers are never ever a bad idea, even when you don’t have a reason for giving them.
4. Wash her hair in the shower. You have no idea how relaxing it is.
5. Reassure her you love her. She’ll always worry about you leaving, you’ll learn why.
6. She’ll talk about her past when she’s ready, don’t push it.
7. Telling her she’s beautiful never hurts.
8. Give in sometimes even when you shouldn’t. She’s fought her whole life, it’s the last thing she wants to do.
9. Get drunk and stay in. She’ll spend most of her time confessing how much she loves you, and the rest of the night showing you.
10. She likes when you rub her back, but don’t touch her feet.
11. When she shaves her legs insist on feeling them.
12. She likes to talk about books, and loves when you write poetry about the color of her hair.
13. She hates to repeat herself, so listen closely.
14. Tell her stories about when you first fell for her, she loves to hear them.
15. Let her know when you’re having a bad day, not only will she appreciate the warning, she’ll do all she can to make it better.
16. When you count your blessings, count her twice. You really are so lucky to have her in your life.
—  How to Keep her.
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content: Castiel just wants to spend a nice dinner with his friends, but they decide to flirt with their handsome waiter instead.

word count: 1251

Castiel can’t help but roll his eyes.

All he wanted was a nice dinner with his old friends from college. Just some time to catch up and bicker and enjoy their time together. They meet up at least once a month and Castiel cherishes these dates although some of his friends aren’t especially nice and he wonders for years now why he even stayed in contact with them in the first place.

Meg at least nearly stabbed him with a fork the first time they met. And instead of avoiding her like the plague she became one of his closest companions after no time at all.

Maybe Castiel is just some kind of masochist.

That would at least explain why he even bothers to make himself suffer every single time. Like right now, for example.

The evening started like any other – with a lot of hugging and talking at the same time –, but as soon as the waiter appeared at their table and smiled at them, everything else was forgotten and the women spent the last two hours competing for the man’s attention. They began to flirt shamelessly with him while kicking each other shins (and Castiel’s by accident as well on multiple occasions) with all the force they could muster.

The worst thing, Castiel can’t even blame them.

When the man introduced himself with the words, “Good evening, I’m Dean and I’m your waiter tonight”, Castiel was a little bit lost too. He met his fair shade of attractive men in the past, but Dean is seriously the cherry on top. He’s easily the most handsome man Castiel ever encountered and above all that he seems nice and witty and utterly patient. And when he quoted Vonnegut as he served their dessert, Castiel was sure he met his dream guy.

Unfortunately Dean had been so busy with all the female attention that he didn’t really interact with Castiel at all.

Quite a shame, but maybe even for the best. Because guys like Dean are mostly straight or taken or both.

And Castiel doesn’t need more disappointment in his life.

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Imagine this: Senior year of college. Percy wants to stay in for the night but Annabeth promised her friends she’d meet them at the new bar that’s drawing all the college kids. She promises Percy a reward if he goes with her. He’s up and putting his jacket on before she even finished her sentence. They have a good time, and Percy whispers in Annabeth’s ear that once again she was right. But as it gets later, it gets more crowded. At some point, a buzzed frat boy starts hitting on Annabeth relentlessly and Percy is starting to clench his fists. Suddenly, the guy puts his hand on Annabeth’s ass and squeezes while saying something like “c'mon baby”. Percy sees it, and immediately reaches for Annabeth’s purse then stretches his arms out urging his peers to provide a perimeter. Long story short, Annabeth ices her hand as they walk home and Percy can’t stop replaying the guy’s face when Annabeth broke his finger and the sound of her fist hitting his nose. And Percy makes sure that Annabeth is the one who gets the reward when they get home.

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: what was the context of the twins staying with stan over the summer? did stan stay in contact with his family pretending to be ford? why didnt they notice his fingers? did he just stay up in the mountains like some lonely recluse? did mom and dad pines even know who he was? why would they just let their children go stay with a stranger for the summer? why would stan agree? if he had never met dipper and mabel before why would he want them crowding around him while he did all that dangerous supernatural junk? were the first two weeks awkward? how long did it take for the name 'grunkle' to arise? who came up with it? why didnt anyone attempt to make contact with 'stanford' for 30 years? are the stans parents alive? whats going on?

I love this moment. 

This moment right here.

When Lexa offers Clarke “For My People” Griffin the choice. Doesn’t ask. Doesn’t say this is what I want. Just presents the facts. But that little shrug, the open eyes and the soft face, her Clarke voice, those say yes I want this Clarke.

Even though she knows Clarke’s heart. She knows Clarke. 

She knows herself.

She knows duty.

Neither one of them would stay, would sit down from the fight, even if that’s what they want. 

But this little blip of a moment. 

This little blip of a moment is everything.

They say the city of Rome
burned for six days and seven nights
while its emperor played the fiddle.

In my head, I call him ‘the Arsonist’.
He sets fire to the parts of me that are all wilderness,
all California dry bush. I don’t know how to tell him
I’ve stopped writing my poems down — all my words
about love just burn holes through the pages.

He hums in my ear and the heat of his breath
reduces me to kindling, to something
that sparks and ignites; I am sawdust,
I am a city full of libraries.
Thousands of books and scrolls
to keep me burning through the night.

I wasn’t always so flammable
but I suppose it’s something about his hands.
One part of me wants them at my hips,
around my throat. The other smells smoke.
She is cracking windows open,
she’s looking for a fire escape,
she wants to run.
But the rest of me wants to stay.

Even if he douses my body in kerosene.
Even if he leaves the firemen sifting through
my ashes for evidence.
Rome is burning to the ground tonight
and I’m trapped behind its walls.

—  Anita Ofokansi, Boy Who Coaxes Flames Out of My Skin

Okay, so, I was looking at the character pages for Overwatch cuz someone was talking about them and there are just some things that were on my mind that I wanted to mention.

Let’s start with Symmetra.

I borrowed @bikiniarmorbattledamage​‘s Female Armor Bingo card here (and in other spots for this post). Now, technically she’s not wearing armor in the first place, but honestly that’s part of the problem for me. They’re going into battle and she doesn’t even get pants??? Also, I know this is a nitpick but I’m get so tired of seeing thigh-highs that stay up completely by themselves. You need sock glue or garters for that shit, I’m so tired of seeing that. She’s also wearing high heels.

But like, why doesn’t she get real armor at all? Or pants???

And when I looked at her story, it said her real name is Satya Vaswani. I’m kind of side-eyeing the name choice slightly because, when I worked with kids for a while, we had a huge variety of customers and a lot of our Indian customers had what I thought were longer, cool, beautiful names. Names that a lot of Americans would think were hard to say. But other characters got longer and more complicated-sounding names, so why do I have a bad feeling that they picked Symmetra’s name to be easier for Americans to say? Idk. It bugs me. 

Next up is Mercy.

Whooooo also isn’t allowed to have pants.* :/ And no, those are clearly semi-opaque tights of some kind, not pants. They’re not even leggings. They basically have an almost fishnet look to them. So again, no pants. Boobplate, of course. And the entire skirt thing and her boots are going to chafe and poke her horribly and it’s just not comfortable-looking at all. 

But what really bothers me about her design is how fucking Aryan she is. Do angel-type characters always have to be pale white, blonde, and blue-eyed? Combine that with the fact that her name is Angela Ziegler, which is a German last name, and the whole thing just becomes incredibly off-putting to me. Sure, technically her character is Swiss, but to give her a German last name on top of her looking so Aryan is just gross, frankly.

Next up is Zarya.

Her torso armor is still kind of skintight for her torso and I am not counting that jersey-like fabric she’s wearing underneath it as padding in any way, shape, or form, but holy shit she gets PANTS! And doesn’t even have to wear heels!!

She still has a pretty prominently boobplated breast size, but still probably one of their better designs.

One thing that makes me uncomfortable is that the one tank-like woman we get is Russian??? Why??? I can’t exactly put my finger on it, but when I learned she was Russian, I wasn’t even slightly surprised. It feels like it’s playing into some weird tropes that I’m not as familiar with but it just doesn’t feel right on some level.

Next up is D.va.

(Apologies for weird image, couldn’t find anything great for it.)

Her shoes have a big enough heel that they’d be uncomfortable to walk in, so I’m counting it. Those things on her breasts are almost on top of her nipples so I’m counting it. Also, it’s technically not a boobplate, but they gave her boobsocks, so I’m counting it.

Everything about this character just makes me like. :/ Really?

Honestly, her name “D.va” wouldn’t bother me as much if it weren’t for the way she was written. She’s a 19-year-old Korean woman who’s job was as a pro-gamer before the plot. Like. Really? Just. Sigh. Do I even need to explain why this is icky-feeling? Ugh. And no, playing video games should not automatically make her good at using mechs, which is kind of what it read as in her profile to me. -_-

Next up is Widowmaker.

Bingo, bingo, bingo! I really don’t like her outfit at all. There’s no way her top would ever stay in place unless it was basically stapled into her skin and it isn’t. So. No. Also, it looks really uncomfortably tight, especially in the crotch region, which is just gonna make it more likely that she’ll get vaginal infections. These are things people need to think about, I’m serious.

Okay, for one thing, yes, I realize she’s supposed to be some sort of femme fatale character. Except. Her backstory doesn’t match how she looks at all. She’s supposed to be this perfect assassin who was brainwashed to be a killing machine, blah blah blah. As tired as I find that story to be in general, it would be alright enough if this wasn’t her appearance. What kind elite goddamn assassin dresses like that?!

Also, her backstory says, “her physiology was altered, drastically slowing her heart, which turned her skin cold and blue and numbed her ability to experience human emotion.” That is not how that works. At all. Her skin is more purple imo than blue, but I’d be willing to ignore that if it weren’t for the “somehow it also made her emotionless!” No. No no no no no. That’s now how that works. At all. Ever. That’s just shitty writing. Even if they were trying to be dramatically metaphorical, it read like they meant it literally and it’s just really awful. Just no.

Also her being French because French is ~sexy~ just fucking delete this character, ffs.

Next up is Mei.

This outfit is actually A+, I really like it.

Ignoring the bullshit of cryotechnology because sure why not whatever, her backstory is also good. I think her pants might not actually be warm enough cuz they look like tights and if she’s fighting in any not cold area, I feel like she’d be sweating like crazy, but whatever.

The only thing I’m kinda :/ about is that I often see her held up as a fat or curvy female character, but I feel like she’s honestly designed as just wearing really thick clothing? But in general, no big complaints for her.

Next is Tracer.

Overall her outfit is pretty fun. That butt cleavage, tho. :/ Why the hell is her butt so vacuum-sealed into those pants? That’s an incredibly uncomfortable wedgie. Ick.

She’s alright for the most part, but is anyone else mildly annoyed that the sort of mascot character for the game is a white British woman? Meh. Not much else to talk about that hasn’t already been said.

Finally, we have Pharah.

She’s also got one of the better outfits, actually. She’s the only woman who has real head protection (which isn’t a high priority for me tbh but it’s great to see). Her armor around her waist especially is super tight, so I’m counting it.

I felt like her backstory was really, really bland. She’s wearing really awesome armor! Kick it up a notch!! I also kind of wish her armor was even more bulky but it’s pretty good.

One thing I feel weird about is that curlique-type thing under her eye. I don’t know enough about Egyptian culture to speak to it much, but it feels a little bit like, “hey this is Egyptian, right? Now you can tell she’s Egyptian!” Idk.

So overall, some of the outfits are really good. The body diversity could have really been a lot better.

Symmetra deserved PANTS FER FUCKS SAKE, Mercy is way, way too Aryan, Widowmaker has a backstory that contradicts her entire outfit, and D.va as a character just makes me facepalm because she feels so extremely fanservicey. 

But more people especially need to talk about grossly Aryan Mercy is, it’s really pissing me off the most.

Otherwise, Symmetra, Mei, Zarya, and Pharah are best character imo.

*EDIT: Someone pointed out that it’s a little weird for me to count Tracer’s leg-coverings as pants but not Mercy’s leg-coverings as pants. Texture-wise, I still think Mercy’s are semi-opaque tights and Tracer’s are thick leggings, but this one can definitely be up to interpretation, I think.

A little girl might keep on telling you that the moon follows her wherever place she goes. She might try to count how many stars are there in a night gloomy sky. She might even want to stare at the blaring sun without protecting her precious eyes. She might happily run on the street laughing and without slippers on her feet. She might eat her food giggling not minding staining her dress. She might seat on the swing, swaying and facing the strong blowing wind. She will tell you that she can do things even if you already told her that she can’t. Sometimes a child’s determination stays with them forever—and I hope yours haven’t gone away, too.
—  I hope it’s still there.

anonymous asked:

How would DA:I companions react to an orphan teenage (16-18) Inquisitor? Also, how would they react to the Inquisitor saying that they have been the closest thing they ever had to a family? (Advisors also please)

Cassandra: She finds out after they stabilize the Breach. Her heart sinks even more than it already does when she thinks about how hard she was with them when she first met them. The Seeker sheepishly apologizes and reassures them later that they can stay with her and the Inquisition as long as they want. When they say she’s the closest thing to family, she freezes for a moment. Her eyes soften and she smiles genuinely at them, and she nods. “You’re the closest I have to family, too. Inside or outside of Nevarra… you are part of my family.

Blackwall: His heart drops with heavy pity, and it makes him more protective of the kid. He’s not sure how to go about it, but he does mention that if they ever want to talk, he’s willing to listen. At some point after the truth about his identity comes out, they talk it out, and they end the conversation by stating he is among those they count as the closest they’ve had to family. He stares, wide-eyed and shocked, unsure if he heard them correctly. When he realizes he did, he beams and hugs the kid if they allow it. “You’re my family, too, if you’ll have me.” he agrees.

Iron Bull: If the Herald doesn’t seem upset by it or like they don’t wanna talk about it, he never even brings it up. People under the Qun don’t really have parents– just Tamassrans who show them the way, and he figures Cassandra and the others do a good enough job of that. When they mention that he’s practically family, provided he’s Tal-Vashoth, it makes him beam, and his eye gleam with pride. He almost squeezes them to death in a big hug. “You’re my family, too, Imekari. You’re an honorary Charger, you hear me? And a permanent one if you want, someday.”

Sera: She can relate to them immediately, and she just sort of nods in quiet understanding. They eventually have cookies and talk on the room by her room about their own family situations, and bond ever more. She sticks by them often to keep an eye out for them. When they tell her she’s the closest they’ve got to family– specifically, she’s like their big sister– her eyes almost start welling up with tears. She pulls them into a tight hug, gives them a playful noogie on the head, and laughs brightly. “You’re my little sibling, you are.” she announces. “Alright. We’ve got our own family now, and anyone who says otherwise can shut it!”

Varric: He can sort of relate, because his dad died when he was young and his mom was an alcoholic who did little to raise them. He reassures them that if they don’t have anywhere to go after this that they could stay with him if they want to, in Kirkwall– he’d find them a job. When they call him family, he grins and pats their back. “You’re family to me, too. You’re always welcome in House Tethras. You can even take my brother’s room!”

Cole: He feels their pain, and his comments differ, depending on how long they’ve been orphaned and their relationship with their parents. But it always ends with Cole mentioning this: “A little warmth is growing and growing in your heart. You feel at home with us, a family.” They mention that Cole is as close to family as they have, and Cole lets out an excited laugh and doesn’t know how to express his joy, so he bounces a bit up and down. “Oh! Thank you! I love you, too! I can be family! You are family! We are family!”

Dorian: He hesitates for a moment before he speaks. “I’m sorry to hear that.” he says quietly. “We are here for you. I know we’re not exactly the same as a good family or good parents, but not everyone has that luxury. I would know…” The Herald isn’t sure how to comfort him after Dorian deals with his father, but they talk to him and make sure he’s alright, and he knows they’re trying. When they say he’s brave, it makes his heart soar. When they call him their family, he gasps and stares at them for a moment. Finally, he grins. “I detest confessions, but… you’re family to me, too. More so than anyone in the south… thank you.”

Solas: He says very little about it, but he knows it hasn’t made their life any easier. He believes they are, nonetheless, capable on their own, and doesn’t worry about it as much as the others. If the Herald is an elf, he does ask more questions about what happened to their parents, but he stops if it upsets them. When they call him family, he’s silent, unsure how to respond, at least before forcing a smile and thanking them. He very much wishes he could say the same, but he doesn’t want to hurt anyone who he would consider family.

Vivienne: She’s indifferent about it– she got along her life without her parents, and so can the Herald. She’s not cruel about it, though, if they seem upset by it, and offers her sympathies. However, she does take it upon herself to make sure they have everything they need to succeed. When they tell her she’s family, it comes after Bastien dies. She’s silent, for a moment, before finally nodding and smiling. “Thank you, Darling; you’re practically family to me as well. You will always be welcome in my home.”

Josephine: She frets over them even more than before, trying to ensure their emotional needs are also cared for. The ambassador becomes a bit overbearing, but it’s all out of concern. She receives offers from numerous noble families offering to adopt the Herald as their own, but she turns them all away without a second thought. They need someone who really loves and cares for them, not just nobles vying for power. When the Herald tells her she’s like family, she gasps and hugs the Herald in return, heart soaring. “I feel the same way. You’re a Montilyet, in my eyes and heart.” she agrees proudly. “You will always be welcome in our home as a member of our family.”

Cullen: He feels pity for them, but doesn’t know how to go about it. As a result, he doesn’t bring it up unless they do, and he does his best to listen sympathetically. It annoys him to no end that there’s nobles who would adopt the Herald just for appearances– they deserve more, real love. When they tell him that he’s like family, his eyes soften and he thanks them, with a reassurance that they are welcome in his family. He tells his sister in a letter, and if his family comes to visit, they demand to see their “newest member of the family” and gush over the Herald.

Leliana: She relates to them, and knows how they’re feeling. She handles it the best, and will calmly listen to them if they need to talk about it. At one point after a long chat, she offers them an Andraste’s Grace flower and wishes them well without clarifying what it was. She grows closer to them than she anticipated, and finds herself briefly at a loss when they call her family. She finally settles for giving them a rare, genuine smile, and nodding. “I’m not sure I’m who you would want as an aunt,” she says wryly, “but I’ll try.”

If there’s a headcanon I’m not fond of, it’s the one about Winry always waiting for Ed (and Al) to return, even after the end of the manga. For me, it looks more like she’s used to not having them around and, while yes, she’s happy when they come back, she likes being on her own, independent and free to go to Rush Valley, Central, Resembol or other locations according to her own schedule.
I doubt she stays in Resembol a lot, having most of her clients in Rush Valley and being used to the agitation of the town. She’d miss her colleagues, the discussions about automails and the inspiration and motivation everyone gains from each other! (And I want her to keep in touch with the Briggs mechanics. I wanted a picture of them together at the end of the manga.)

I headcanon that the Rockbells (because yes, living there, there’s no chance for anyone to call Ed anything other than “Mr. Rockbell”) end up in Rush Valley and that Ed’s the stay at home dad — who keeps studying alchemy and eventually goes on a short trip from time to time. He probably happens to give a hand at Winry’s shop too, or work with Paninya to repair things in town. Heck yeah, I could see them working on the rooftops together and bickering with each other. But yeah, mostly, he’s a dad with too much books.

Maybe they move to a big city a few years later. Winry opens a bigger business — maybe an automail clinic with people working with/for her? — while Ed becomes an university lecturer in theorical alchemy. Or ethics in alchemy. People happen to lack that.

Imagine the Suicide Squad taking a liking to you, Rick Flag's second in command

Y/N trailed up to Colonel Flag, she wanted to know what was really going on as well.

“Colonel! Colonel f- Rick!” She shouts, grabbing her superior’s shoulder.

Rick turns to her. He wasn’t even angry that she called him by his first name.

“What is it Lieutenant Y/L/N?”

Y/N grabs the files from Deadshot that the squad found in Amanda Waller’s crashed helicopter.

“You’ve been keeping everything from them!” She gestures to the squad, “From me! When were you going to tell me that Waller kept my family’s letters from me?!”

Rick only swallows hard, “She wanted you to stay focused.”

Deadshot shakes his head, giving Rick a disappointed look. “You screwed up, bad. Even your own sqeaky clean soldier is turning against you. You can kill me if you want, I’m getting a drink.”

Harley shrugs, following the marksmen into the nearby bar as well. Captain Boomerang and Killer Croc do the same, as well as Diablo. The only ones left in the pouring rain were Y/N Katana and Rick.

Rick wipes his damp hair, “Y/N I wanted to tell you. I-I just didn’t-”

“Cut the bullshit! I’m done, save June yourself! I always knew you couldn’t keep her in check,” Y/N mutters, stalking off into the bar.

Rick’s eyes soften, “Y/N, I can’t do this without your help!”

Y/N doesn’t stop at his desperate words entering the bar. She can feel the eyes of the entire squad on her. The dead silence and glares from them don’t faze her as she sits down on a bar stool in front of Harley Quinn. She keeps her eyes on the wooden table, trying not to assert any of the squad.

“Wanna a drink sweetie?” Harley asks, patting Y/N’s hand, giving her a grin.

Y'N stares at Harley’s goofy grin and nods. “Sure, burben.”

Harley nods, turning over to the array of bottles, grabbing the burben. She places a shot glass in front of Y/N, pouring the liquid into it.

“Thanks Harley,” Y/N says, chugging the shot down in one gulp.

Harley grins eyes never leaving Y/N. Y/N places the glass down, raising an eyebrow at Harley. She turns to see Deadshot sliding a bit closer to her. Y/N notices Katana grabbing her sword.

“Ease up Katana. It’s fine.”

Katana nods, backing away. Deadshot grins raising his glass up to Y/N.

“To Y/N. The only sqeaky clean soldier who has the lady balls to call out her superior’s shit,” Deadshot declares.

Harley and him both clink glasses. Deadshot raises an eyebrow to Y/N holding his glass out to her. Y/N smiles now clicking her glass out to her. She does the same with Harley. Even Boomerang, Diablo and Croc raised their glasses.

Harley giggles, “There’s that smile. Even for a good guy you’re kinda cute.”

Y/N giggles as well, “That means a lot. This means a lot”, Y/N raises her glass, “To you baddies.”

what I love most about the Mike and Eleven OTP is that their story is only their story. its not a cliché ‘new girl, geek boy’ or something like that. No, they have something real. He did a random act of kindness to her, then helped her, then learned more to her, then ended up being her friend, started thinking she was pretty, wanted to kiss her. It wasn’t his fault he fell in love with her. it’s not like it’s a boy meets girl and stays with girl type of thing. They showed that they would do anything for each other, that they would protect each other. They can talk without ever ending, even after they kiss. This OTP is just special in ways that I can’t describe. It might even be tied with Riarkle tbh. I love them so much.