even if she wants them to stay

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Domestic bees head canons? If want more specific, moving in, who asks who? Who is nervous and who comforts? What is their first day together like? In general tho domestic bees are awesome

They move in together after graduation. Actually both of them thought about it, both hestitant to adress the topic. After all it makes sense, doesn’t it? Sharing an appartment, the rent, the chores. But Yang isn’t sure if Blake would really want to move in with her and Blake isn’t sure if Yang would even want to live anywhere for a while, if she wouldn’t rather travel the world, staying somewhere else every night. 

But Yang wants to have a home. With Blake. So one night, cuddling in their dorm room, she asks Blake if she thought about where to live and where to go after graduation, because you can’t always be on a mission. She says well, it would be pratical if they just had to look for one appartment, not two. And Blake says yes. 

They have a small appartment and they’re both eager to make this not only a place to live in but a home. The plants that remind Blake of Menagerie, Ruby’s red bedspread from back home which she gave to Yang as a house warming present, big bookshelves and a bright yellow sofa, a tea set they got from Blake’s mum and the scratched old desk on which Summer used to work on her weapon. 

Blake’s most nervous about this not working out. She doesn’t want to lose this home she’s trying to build with Yang, she doesn’t want to lose Yang. When moving in she stresses herself out so damn much to make every tiny detail perfect, to get it all done right away, and when it’s way past midnight and Yang asks her to finally come to bed and unpack tomorrow she almost cries, because how is this supposed to feel like home when everything’s such a mess? 

But Yang tells her that her home is wherever Blake is. They go to bed, their first night in their own shared bed, they cuddle, they kiss and they talk about everything they want to do in their new home. Having their friends over of course, but also cuddling on the sofa while not doing anything, having breakfast together in the morning and coming home together after a night out with friends. Walking around naked without having to be afraid of someone seeing them, well, that’s what Yang says, and Blake just laughs. 

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Where do you see Bellamy and Octavia going from here? Do you still have hope for them?

meta chats with the smol potate

;; hiho my beeb!!! yis i do think there is hope for them. both bellamy & octavia have a lot of learning & growing to do. i think they have to be separated for now because they’re sculpting who they want to be & what beliefs about themselves && others they have. if they were to stay together, i think they’d both revert to their old unhealthy behaviors. it’s just far too ingrained in them to rely on each other. & that will never really go away. octavia cannot exist without her brother. regardless of how she actively acts towards him, she does NOT want him to die. a world without her brother in it does not make sense to her. & we see time && time again that she worries for his safety, even if he doesn’t see her do so.

an important thing to take notice of is that for all intensive purposes, bellamy is octavia’s father. && that learned behavior & power dynamic is shifting the more she grows up & becomes an adult herself. the age of like 15-18 is when adolescence spikes, changing the brain chemistry of the child in general. hormones are flying & to add on top of that the fact that octavia is experiencing life, people, cruelty, etc. for the first time when she’s 16, her reactions to things are going to be even MORE dramatic. 

she never learned that people could be more than one color. it’s a very black & white, childlike way of thinking. because she was never given the opportunity to grow & understand humans as complex dynamic beings. she’s very much this person is all good or this person is all bad kindof like in little kid fairytales. it’s a simplified version of how humanity works to teach kids the stepping stones. but as you get older & have interpersonal communication, an average person develops the understanding that all people are many different colors with many different facets. she’s JUST NOW learning this, though.

&& this translates to her relationship with bellamy. she always saw him as goodness, as this heroic icon that can do anything. because for the majority of her childhood, he was. he could do No Wrong. so when this image of her bellamy is tarnished, the moment that they land on earth, she can’t compute it. 

she doesn’t understand that there are Many Selves. the self around your family, the self around strangers, the self around your friends, & the self when you’re alone. because she’s only really ever had alone & family. & when she’s alone, she’s just waiting for bellamy to come back so she can be the self that she sees as her norm.

now though, they’re finally learning how to be SIBLINGS, with equal standing. where one isn’t in power over the other. people that rely on each other but don’t put their self worth in the opinion of the other. 

but this takes time & mistakes. & it’s going to take octavia to realize that one person is not all good nor is a person all bad. 

&& to solidify those new behaviors, they have to find that within themselves first in their own way. & then come back together. octavia is learning slowly that she cannot put all her blame & hatred on her brother. & that she’s responsible for HERSELF. && bellamy is going through this lesson as well.

bellamy does not give octavia enough credit due to his own anxiety. & octavia reverts back to being needy when he’s around. this is why she ices him out SO VIOLENTLY. because she only understands the world in extremes. either she NEEDS him to live, or she doesn’t want to need him AT ALL.

she needs to learn to find her self-worth within herself. it was difficult on the ark, seeing as when bellamy was gone, she’d get lost in her own mind && go stir crazy. but when he was there, she was happy & excited & full of life because it meant she was able to share her existence with someone. she learned to equate that happiness with him as a person.

at some point, i really do think bellamy is going to give her the credit she needs & see her as the smart, strong, able-minded ADULT that she’s forging herself into. his image of her will change with time. she’s not the small baby that he held in his arms anymore. && he’s not the person that’s going to ‘save her’.

tldr; they’re both traumatized nerds that needs some therapy & hugs. but they gon be aight.

lardo and chowder sharing a bathroom/being besties:
  • they have sleepovers all. the. dang. time. 
    • it started accidentally. lardo stormed into chowder’s room at midnight frustrated that one of her pieces wasn’t going how she wanted it to and just flopped right down onto chowder’s bed (and kind of onto chowder)
    • dude just takes it in strides and brushes his fingers through her hair and asks what’s wrong
    • they end up talking for like 3 hours then lardo says she can’t be bothered to go back to her room and they just fuckin fall asleep there
    • it’s the beginning of a beautiful tradition any time either of them are stressed or upset
    • it happens even when farmer or shitty are staying over (they just join in the cuddle sesh, it’s wonderful)
  • lardo once forgot to lock the bathroom door on chowder’s side while she was having a shower and chris was still half asleep and walked in to pee and screamed which scared the fuck out of lards and made her fall out of the shower
    • after chowder finished apologising while covering his eyes lardo vowed she would get him back for this
    • she still hasn’t but chowder is extremely worried about what she’s going to do and has taken to triple checking both doors are locked before even getting undressed
  • i’ve mentioned before that chowder really likes plaiting hair and often does lardo’s for her but she always likes to return the favour and chowder does have a crazy long fringe so lardo likes to do a plait from the crown of his head forward to his fringe
    • it looks awful (think malfunctioning unicorn horn) but he loves it and usually keeps it in for the rest of the day
    • the team aren’t sure whether to chirp him or not bc he looks so happy but does he seriously think it looks good?
    • he knows it’s Bad but he loves lardo and it’s funny and it makes her laugh so he tries to keep it for as long as possible
    • (also it makes his fringe go all curly when he undoes it and farmer says it looks really hot so Worth It)
  • lardo has a perchant for drawing really realistic dicks in the bathroom mirror when it’s steamy and she likes to leave them as a surprise for chowder when he has a later start than her
    • at first chowder tries to ignore them but they are very um prominent
    • so he starts adding to them
    • the first time he snaps her a picture of a giant dick wearing a goalie mask she’s in a lecture and bursts out laughing before she can stop herself
  • when chowder’s having a bad depression day and farmer can’t come round lardo warms up one of those beany toy animals in the microwave and puts it on chowder’s feet while he lies in bed and just sits next to him until he’s ready to talk or eat
    • sometimes he needs contact so she’ll lie behind and press her fingers into his back, running them up and down with just enough pressure that he eventually starts to feel more comfortable and present again
  • chowder once found a huge string of shark fairy lights at a charity shop and tried to hang them up all Arty around his shelves and stuff but ended up getting tangled in them 
    • lardo walks in when he calls for help, takes one look at him and immediately leaves, only to return with her phone in hand 
    • she then proceeds to take about 100 photos of him sitting on the floor with glowing sharks wrapped around his arms and legs, telling him to look at her and pose like he means it
    • eventually she helps untangle him but not until she’s put at least 20 of the photos on the group chat, changed her lock screen, and emailed a picture to mama chow
  • chowder gets lardo a giant stuffed duckling for a graduation present
    • she cries

so. i fundamentally disagree with almost everything that came out of tomi lahren’s mouth last night. i thought trevor was excellent, and he was remarkably good at keeping his temper and staying on topic. tomi’s comments made my blood boil, and i loved the points trevor was making. 

but even as i watched tomi deny the problems that blm is trying to deal with and claim she isn’t a feminist and 1000 other things that made me want to scream, i had to take a moment and be glad she was there. because y’all. that’s what politics is supposed to look like. two people who fundamentally disagree on probably any issue you put in front of them sat down together and had a sane, civil conversation lacking in ad hominem attacks or attempts to belittle opposing views. they asked genuine questions and talked reasonably without interrupting. that’s what political discourse is supposed to look like. 

and everything they’ve done since has confirmed it. check their twitter feeds - they thank each other and even correct supporters insulting the other baselessly. wherever you lie on the political spectrum, this should be the model for your arguments. it was a great piece of tv

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How would DA:I companions react to an orphan teenage (16-18) Inquisitor? Also, how would they react to the Inquisitor saying that they have been the closest thing they ever had to a family? (Advisors also please)

Cassandra: She finds out after they stabilize the Breach. Her heart sinks even more than it already does when she thinks about how hard she was with them when she first met them. The Seeker sheepishly apologizes and reassures them later that they can stay with her and the Inquisition as long as they want. When they say she’s the closest thing to family, she freezes for a moment. Her eyes soften and she smiles genuinely at them, and she nods. “You’re the closest I have to family, too. Inside or outside of Nevarra… you are part of my family.

Blackwall: His heart drops with heavy pity, and it makes him more protective of the kid. He’s not sure how to go about it, but he does mention that if they ever want to talk, he’s willing to listen. At some point after the truth about his identity comes out, they talk it out, and they end the conversation by stating he is among those they count as the closest they’ve had to family. He stares, wide-eyed and shocked, unsure if he heard them correctly. When he realizes he did, he beams and hugs the kid if they allow it. “You’re my family, too, if you’ll have me.” he agrees.

Iron Bull: If the Herald doesn’t seem upset by it or like they don’t wanna talk about it, he never even brings it up. People under the Qun don’t really have parents– just Tamassrans who show them the way, and he figures Cassandra and the others do a good enough job of that. When they mention that he’s practically family, provided he’s Tal-Vashoth, it makes him beam, and his eye gleam with pride. He almost squeezes them to death in a big hug. “You’re my family, too, Imekari. You’re an honorary Charger, you hear me? And a permanent one if you want, someday.”

Sera: She can relate to them immediately, and she just sort of nods in quiet understanding. They eventually have cookies and talk on the room by her room about their own family situations, and bond ever more. She sticks by them often to keep an eye out for them. When they tell her she’s the closest they’ve got to family– specifically, she’s like their big sister– her eyes almost start welling up with tears. She pulls them into a tight hug, gives them a playful noogie on the head, and laughs brightly. “You’re my little sibling, you are.” she announces. “Alright. We’ve got our own family now, and anyone who says otherwise can shut it!”

Varric: He can sort of relate, because his dad died when he was young and his mom was an alcoholic who did little to raise them. He reassures them that if they don’t have anywhere to go after this that they could stay with him if they want to, in Kirkwall– he’d find them a job. When they call him family, he grins and pats their back. “You’re family to me, too. You’re always welcome in House Tethras. You can even take my brother’s room!”

Cole: He feels their pain, and his comments differ, depending on how long they’ve been orphaned and their relationship with their parents. But it always ends with Cole mentioning this: “A little warmth is growing and growing in your heart. You feel at home with us, a family.” They mention that Cole is as close to family as they have, and Cole lets out an excited laugh and doesn’t know how to express his joy, so he bounces a bit up and down. “Oh! Thank you! I love you, too! I can be family! You are family! We are family!”

Dorian: He hesitates for a moment before he speaks. “I’m sorry to hear that.” he says quietly. “We are here for you. I know we’re not exactly the same as a good family or good parents, but not everyone has that luxury. I would know…” The Herald isn’t sure how to comfort him after Dorian deals with his father, but they talk to him and make sure he’s alright, and he knows they’re trying. When they say he’s brave, it makes his heart soar. When they call him their family, he gasps and stares at them for a moment. Finally, he grins. “I detest confessions, but… you’re family to me, too. More so than anyone in the south… thank you.”

Solas: He says very little about it, but he knows it hasn’t made their life any easier. He believes they are, nonetheless, capable on their own, and doesn’t worry about it as much as the others. If the Herald is an elf, he does ask more questions about what happened to their parents, but he stops if it upsets them. When they call him family, he’s silent, unsure how to respond, at least before forcing a smile and thanking them. He very much wishes he could say the same, but he doesn’t want to hurt anyone who he would consider family.

Vivienne: She’s indifferent about it– she got along her life without her parents, and so can the Herald. She’s not cruel about it, though, if they seem upset by it, and offers her sympathies. However, she does take it upon herself to make sure they have everything they need to succeed. When they tell her she’s family, it comes after Bastien dies. She’s silent, for a moment, before finally nodding and smiling. “Thank you, Darling; you’re practically family to me as well. You will always be welcome in my home.”

Josephine: She frets over them even more than before, trying to ensure their emotional needs are also cared for. The ambassador becomes a bit overbearing, but it’s all out of concern. She receives offers from numerous noble families offering to adopt the Herald as their own, but she turns them all away without a second thought. They need someone who really loves and cares for them, not just nobles vying for power. When the Herald tells her she’s like family, she gasps and hugs the Herald in return, heart soaring. “I feel the same way. You’re a Montilyet, in my eyes and heart.” she agrees proudly. “You will always be welcome in our home as a member of our family.”

Cullen: He feels pity for them, but doesn’t know how to go about it. As a result, he doesn’t bring it up unless they do, and he does his best to listen sympathetically. It annoys him to no end that there’s nobles who would adopt the Herald just for appearances– they deserve more, real love. When they tell him that he’s like family, his eyes soften and he thanks them, with a reassurance that they are welcome in his family. He tells his sister in a letter, and if his family comes to visit, they demand to see their “newest member of the family” and gush over the Herald.

Leliana: She relates to them, and knows how they’re feeling. She handles it the best, and will calmly listen to them if they need to talk about it. At one point after a long chat, she offers them an Andraste’s Grace flower and wishes them well without clarifying what it was. She grows closer to them than she anticipated, and finds herself briefly at a loss when they call her family. She finally settles for giving them a rare, genuine smile, and nodding. “I’m not sure I’m who you would want as an aunt,” she says wryly, “but I’ll try.”


When Jadzia was killed off, I was angry at Terry for leaving. When she got the role in the sitcom “Becker” so quickly it looked to an outsider much like she said. Or that a better offer came along and she’d abandoned DS9. But I was wrong, like a lot of people back then.

A few years ago she said for the first time I can recall that she’d wanted to stay in a reduced role. And that the powers that be said “No, all or nothing.” I couldn’t believe it. I was so mad at all of them; Behr, Moore, Berman.

But it wasn’t all of them. Not Moore. Not Behr. It was just Berman and/or the studio. But the others didn’t even know what was going on! No one but Terry and Berman knew.

Berman of course denies it, but then what do you expect? There are dozens of stories about him being difficult and anal. None about Terry being difficult or greedy. Terry willingly gave up acting for over a decade to raise her son, and is only just now trying to get back into things.

Oh and that last paragraph from Berman? How you can’t do a reduced role because you want to do movies? Yeah. Colm Meaney had that arrangement from day one. They arranged his shooting schedule to give him weeks off at a time. So he could keep doing film roles. So that’s just a fucking blatant lie from Berman.

I really hope no one lets this stuff alter their love for Trek. You see here that the other creative people on DS9 didn’t know about what was happening and were outraged to find out after. That they would have stopped it.

Ira Behr, whom I’ve always respected, became visibly ill according to Terry herself. I’ve no doubt he’d have quit in protest if he’d known at the time what was happening. So let that be the thing you remember most: that whatever horse shit Berman might have done, there were good people who did stand up to him (on other occasions) and would have here if they’d known.

In TNG, Gates McFadden was fired for season 2 by Maurice Hurley for complaining about sexism. Patrick Stewart threatened to quit if she wasn’t brought back and Hurley let go. There are many examples of the good people standing up for what was right on the various Trek shows. Remember that. Remember all the good. It doesn’t erase the bad, but it shows that good people who care can make a difference and do more often than not.

Things I want to tell everyone when I restart the game

I want to tell Zen that he is worth it and let no one tell him otherwise.

I want to tell Yoosung that immersing himself in games is unhealthy and won’t solve all his issues. His issues will continue to stay where they are unless HE does something to solve them.

I want to tell Jaehee that EVERYTHING will work out and her hard work isn’t for nothing. I would also tell her to do what she really wants to do because whatever she does, she’ll do it well.

I want to tell Jumin that he has to let go a bit more and try to understand everyone because even though they may not affect him, he has to understand that everyone feels differently. Even though he’s tried hard to suppress his feelings because of his family, releasing his feelings will make his life so much better.

I want to tell Seven that his past doesn’t mark who he is. He isn’t trapped, he needs to find someone that will help him out of his darkness. He needs to let it all out and RFA is there for him.

I want to tell V that 

Okay okay you know how Veronica does the whole *finger guns* “by the way you were my first” thing with JD after Dead girl walking? Well imagine JD maybe a couple days later, when they’re getting used to each other and starting to really show affection and caring about each other, and they just spent the day together and JD has to leave. They’re in Veronica’s room and they’ve been joking around, cuddling, JD reciting poetry and comparing Veronica to it, them being disgustingly cute, and JD has to leave because it’s late and Big Bud had already got on his ass about not going home the night before and doesn’t want anything bad to happen to him. So sadly he’s gotta cut the night short even though all he wants to do is stay with her and hold her while she falls asleep in his arms like the night before. But he can’t, and he promises he’ll be back the next day. So Veronica walks him out and they’re at the front porch and he kisses her goodnight; it’s a gentle kiss and their foreheads are still pressed together when he asks her: “Veronica remember our first night together?” And she responds with a small laugh like “Of course you doofus” even though she’s still focusing on how close they are. And he smirks before he starts backing away and shoots his own finger guns at her and quips, “Well you were my first too.” And with that he runs aways with a small bounce in his step to get on his bike and make it home before big bud kills him leaving Veronica with a big, goofy grin on her face as she starts to realize she’s in love with this dork disguised as a bad boy.

It’s Okay to be a Disney Princess

I think Auli’i Cravalho seems like a great person based on what we’ve seen of her since she was announced as Moana’s voice actress. So, I’m not trying to antagonize her with this post. But I just want to say, “Why can’t Moana be both?” Disney Princesses have shown plenty of heroism in the different films that feature them. A heroine can be a Disney Princess and a Disney Princess can be a heroine.

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Snow White escaped the Queen after the huntsman spared her and the princess’ kindness helped her enlist the help of woodland creatures who helped her find the cottage of the dwarves. When she got there, she convinced them to let her stay by earning her keep. And, even though she was cooking and cleaning for them, she still had those men wrapped around her finger. When she first met them and said “How do you do?” and they didn’t respond, she enunciated, “I said, how do you do?” Yeah, Snow White could be a little sassy. And she was assertive with the dwarves and only let them eat dinner after they all cleaned up and even got Grumpy to do it. So, yes, she fell for the witch’s trick (but she was only 14 and very sheltered in the castle as a scullery maid) and then fell asleep for the last part of the film, so the dwarves and animals had to confront the queen and she could only be woken up the kiss of the prince she liked. But people always seem to forget some of the cool stuff that she did.

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Cinderella spent most of her childhood abused by her stepmother and stepsisters. She retained her kindness and never stooped to the mean and petty levels of her family. But that does not mean she just gleefully put up with their crap. She had a little bit sass and had a few sarcastic quips about her stepfamily and their cat Lucifer under her belt. Take this quote, for instance,

“Oh, that clock! Old killjoy. I hear you. Come on, get up, you say, Time to start another day. Even he orders me around. Well, there’s one thing. They can’t order me to stop dreaming.”

Also, the primary lesson Cinderella teaches us is to never give up on our dreams. That as long we believe in them, they can come true. That is a beautiful moral that not just little girls, but everyone can take something away from. 

And I’ve explained in another post how there is more to Cinderella than just marrying the prince.

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Aurora may have spent most of her film asleep, but she was a little sassy, like with her fairy guardians (she was raised by three women, that’s pretty cool, right?) And she at least had some knowledge about stranger danger when first meeting the prince. It didn’t take long for him to charm her, but she did turn away and dismiss him at first. Also, she left Phillip when she needed to and set the terms for their next meeting. I think she deserves a little credit. 

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And let’s not forget Princess Eilonwy. She maneuvered through the Horned King’s castle and allowed Taran to team up with her so that they could escape. Also, when Taran made a sexist comment about girls, “what does a girl know about swords, anyway”, oh, boy Eilonwy set him straight.

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I also talked about Ariel in that other post which I actually do recommend. But I’ll add a few points here, too. She went all kinds of adventures, including exploring sunken ships and escaping sharks. Many of these exploits of hers are shown in her prequel movie and in the 90′s TV show (and this was long before she met Eric, proving that he as her love interest, does not exclude her from being a capable heroine). Also, she is the one who saved Eric from drowning. And though she made a not entirely wise decision to run away from home and be on land, you at least have to give Ariel props for going after what she wanted, which is something the film makers made a full intent on making apparent (there was an interview from when the movie came out where this was mentioned, but I’m not quite sure where, but I’m sure the peeps that read this could find it if you’re interested :D). 

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Belle enjoys reading, even though that’s not what women usually did in her time period. She rejects the sexist, egotistical Gaston when he tries to flirt with her, insults her father (then later tries to incarcerate him if she doesn’t marry him) and tries to make her his “little wife”. She dreams of bigger and better things. She sacrifices herself for the sake of her father and later goes out to save him when he becomes ill. Belle does not take the Beast’s crap and even tries to leave when he explodes on her. When she gets attacked by wolves, she does defend herself and when the Beast saves her, she helps him back to the castle after he falls unconscious. She treats his wounds and sets him straight about his anger issues. Her patience and open-minded personality helps Beast slowly regain his humanity. And her love for him helps break the curse over him, his servants and the castle.

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Jasmine also took charge. She refused to be forced into an arranged marriage and preferred to marry who she wanted and when she wanted. She did not like being stuck in the castle, and though, like Ariel, she wasn’t that wise in running away, she still took it upon herself to get somewhere. She did not put up with the men in the story deciding her future and called Aladdin out on his lies. Also, she has a pet tiger! That’s pretty freaking cool. Sure, she had to dress up for Jafar and kissed him as a distraction. But she used her beauty against the piggish (actually he’s rather horse-like) Jafar. And Jasmine has also displayed her resolve in the extended Aladdin media, too.

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Pocahontas was just as adventurous as the last Disney princesses. She wanted more than to marry the stoic Kocoum. And, though wary, she managed to befriend John Smith and help open his mind to the beauty of the world and accepting people who aren’t the same as you. Colors of the Wind is a perfect summary of what Pocahontas teaches. Her wise, humanitarian ways stopped a conflict between her people and the Europeans. And although she cared very much about John, Pocahontas chose to stay and look after her family, friends and other peers. 

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Mulan knew that her father was too weak from a previous war injury to be drafted, so she took his place and became a soldier in the Chinese army. Yes, she had to pretend to be a man, but that’s just how it was in her time. Mulan trained and became a skilled fighter. With some help from her friends, she saved her country from invading Huns. ‘Nuff said.

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Kida kicked some serious butt in her film (including punching Mole when he said some… things… in her ear) and she took responsibility for the sake of her people, like Pocahontas did.

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Tiana worked very hard for what she dreamed of. She did not put up with Naveen’s selfish, narcissistic ways and taught him of what it meant to strive for something truly important in life (while he showed her that there is more to life than work, work, work). Though she could get down on herself, Tiana tried her hardest to obtain her dreams and in the end, refused to let people stop her (like those realtor guys). She become the owner of her own restaurant, just like she always wanted, and helped her late father’s dream become realized as well. 

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Rapunzel was trapped in a tower for her entire childhood. The reason why she didn’t try to escape is because Gothel pretended to be her mother and insisted that staying in there was for her own good. And being as sheltered as she was, Rapunzel believed her. But when she got her chance, Rapunzel made the decision to leave. She knocked Flynn out and tied him up and didn’t let him go until he agreed to help her see the floating lights like she always wanted to. On their journey, she faced pub thugs and a very intense horse and helped them reveal their better sides. She also did this with Flynn, bringing out Eugene Fitzherbert. Rapunzel used her extremely long hair as a valuable asset on her adventure with Eugene. She stood up to Gothel and was willing to sacrifice her freedom so that he would not have to die. And a tear, her care for him and sorrow over his death combined, brought Eugene back. And it appears that Rapunzel will go on many more adventures in Tangled: Before Ever After in 2017!

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Merida loves archery, sword-wielding and horseback riding. She also is very good at those things. She’s very active and goes out to explore, even climbing a tall rock structure at the beginning of the film. Merida is a very capable Disney princess. She also, like Jasmine, does not like her future being chosen for, especially when it comes to marriage. She does make unwise decisions, like trying to give her mother a spell that will make her see things Merida’s way. And it takes her a while to take responsibility for her actions. But she learns to understand her mother better (and so does her mother with her), the two bond, and she does her best to break the curse she set and make everything right again. She learns to be diplomatic and maturely express her thoughts to the men at her castle. She defends her mother and bests her father in a sword match. All the while, Merida still retains her adventurous spirit. 

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Sofia is a wonderful role model for young girls and older audiences, as well. She helps those in need, even those who have done her wrong (though she doesn’t always forgive people that easily, like when Amber took her amulet and brought a curse on their home- though that was an accident, and Amber, too, is a testament to a character learning to be more responsible and open-minded). She changes the status quo and becomes the first female member of her school’s flying derby team. Sofia makes mistakes, but she learns from them. She goes on many adventures where she and her friends learn important lessons. She’s saved her family and friends numerous times, as well. Also, the film princesses appear every now and again to help bring the moral of the episode home. 

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Anna is just as adventurous as many of the others I’ve mentioned. And she certainly has good reason, spending her entire childhood behind castle walls, similar to Rapunzel in the tower. She is very brave, going after her sister in harsh winter weather, despite their estranged status. She enlists the help of Kristoff and Sven, treks up the mountain and also confronts the giant snow creature, Marshmallow. And she gave her life to save Elsa. Sure, she took things too far, too fast with Hans, but she was desperate for affection after all those years alone and like some of the other princesses, grew up sheltered from the world. Anna’s parents were dead and she believed that the only other family she had abandoned her. She learned her lesson with Hans, though. And, well, he got what he deserved. 

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Elsa isn’t a princess, she becomes a queen early on in her film, but Pocahontas and Mulan aren’t technical princesses, either (but they are in the official lineup). So, yeah, I’m going to include her, too. I can’t just have Anna and not Elsa. Elsa dealt with many problems after growing up thinking that her powers were a curse. But after she had some time to herself, she realized that her abilities were actually capable of wonderful feats. She bested Weselton’s goons and almost killed them before Hans intervened. And with Anna’s help, she overcame her fears and brought happiness to her kingdom. And she has been a great ruler ever since. 

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Elena is a princess learning to rule her kingdom as queen. She defended her family from a wicked sorceress and was stuck in Sofia’s amulet for a few decades. Once she was freed, she defeated the villain and now is becoming a capable monarch while also going on several daring adventures with her family and friends.

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So, there is nothing wrong with considering Moana as a Disney princess (I also think it makes sense because she is a chief’s daughter like Pocahontas). She will display brave, empowering traits just like the other royalty before her. A princess can be a heroine just as much as a heroine can be princess. Those two things do not have to or need to be mutually exclusive. Disney has been proving that for decades and with the arrival of Moana this fall, I think we can see that it will continue on for many more years to come.

Ok but imagine that Kara flies a lap around National City in the evenings just to settle herself, make sure that her friends, family and city are safe. And she always makes sure to pass by L-Corp and she hovers there taking in the office that has partially darkened as night came. And she just takes a second to see Lena at her desk, safe, with her hands wrapped around a cup of coffee or a glass of wine depending on how her day went before she whispers “Goodnight Lena, don’t stay up too late” and flying home.

mini coda? 12.08

She can’t go back to her job. She can’t look into those eyes again without seeing flashing red, even if they’re set in the face of the man she loves. (Still loves, of course.) She can’t let them find her either. They want to take her baby. Castiel had made it very clear what she is. But this child is hers and she wants it and it deserves a chance at a life, whatever it is. 

So she runs.

Kelly jumps around the country, staying in motels without bibles tucked into the bedside tables and hiding in dark places that angels can’t see. She never stays long, she doesn’t look at anyone even though she can feel them looking at her, eyeing her swelling stomach and wondering why the room has suddenly gotten 10 degrees colder. And she is cold all the time. She hunches into herself to keep her heart warm, to keep her child safe from prying eyes. No one offers her comfort or solace. Their eyes glance over her, unsettled.

Then one night, she steps into a diner and huddles into a corner booth. She shivers and her teeth chatter. The very bones of her ache. 

A man approaches her table. He’s young, but strong and healthy looking, and he’s gotten closer to her than anyone else has in weeks. She’s immediately suspicious.


The man smiles with dark eyes. There is not one thing malicious about him. He has the face of a boy.

“Hi,” he says. “My name is Jesse Turner. I think I can help you.”

When we were at the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in South Africa/Botswana, we learned about a lioness named Jody who is completely blind. She spends her time avoiding other lions and has never joined a pride because she can’t hunt, but somehow managed to live on her own for years. She even managed to rear 4 cubs, which is quite a feat for any lion, let alone an isolated blind lioness. The rangers couldn’t figure out how she managed so stay so well fed in the absence of assistance from a pride, so they tracked her around the park and found out that she had spent her life traveling from one warthog den to the next, dragging them out and eating them as she went. Now, lions never eat warthogs, so Jody has no competition for food. She just walks around and eats as many warthogs as she wants, occasionally getting mated by a wandering male. The best part is that her offspring have been seen in prides around the park, and can be easily identified because they are the only lions that dig out warthogs from their burrows and eat them. So basically this one enterprising blind lioness has initiated a cultural transmission of warthog eating in this park. Jody is a badass.



To having to babysit a little kid

To you having a nightmare while while sleeping next to them

To you having a panic attack

To you telling them that you’re afraid to date them because you’re a westerner

To you having a fear of clowns

To the girl they confessed to earlier that night, telling to them while she’s drunk that she was afraid to accept their confession because she was previously in a abusive relationship, even though she wants to. Then she runs away

To their bandmate getting their little sister pregnant

When they found out you have anemia (pt.1) -  (pt.2)

To their girlfriend singing in front of them for the first time and turns out she has a nice voice

To right after he asked you to be his gf, ur band and their being invited to an camp and both of you are staying in the same tent

To their idol girlfriend and him doing an duet (like LR) and at the end, she holding a flower that an starlight give to her and crying cause she was scared of the fans don’t like their relatioship

When they come to their gf’s dormitory, and find that her little sister (3 or 4 years) will stay for the weekend

To you telling him you were breaking up because the starlight were sending you hate

To them seeing you pick at your arm(like a scab or something) because you are stressed

To them finding you taking a bunch of selcas on their phone

How would be as fathers

Where the girl they are dating/like is from Europe

To their girlfriend being in a mv like Jay Park mommae or some other sexy mv

To their gf being only like 4’11

When you sleep together for the first time and you have anxiety about having sex

When he comes back to your beach cottage after a long tour with the band and finds you standing on the beach, looking out to the sea, in a long white dress blowing in the wind with a little baby bump beneath it

When they see you with a tall handsome man (who is actually your brother) and you are really affectionate with him

To you, their gf, saying that is pregnant

Where they see a self harm scar on your wrist

Of his gf being arab

To their gf liking being “chained up”

To their gf cooking them Pão de Queijo (Cheese Bread)

Where their fiancee is going through depression and thinks about doing the unthinkable but doesn’t want to tell them

Being caught by their crush in their vampire form and having to explain it

To their girlfriend going on a one month trip in an other country

To their girlfriend crying when they got home and refusing to tell them what was wrong because she didn’t want them to worry

When they want to comfort their significant other because they were hanging around and their ex appeared and she saw accidently

To watching a super hot sex scene in a movie with their girlfriend

How would be in bed

To them finding out their gf/ significant other was getting harassed and/or bullied because of their relationship

What kind of kissers and cuddlers they are

Where the members find out their ex-girlfriend broke up with them because of their career

To their girlfriend being too afraid to tell them the difficulties she faced when he was away touring

How they would be like when they are angry

Of you being too shy to look up at them after you pecked them on the lips

To you crying because your family didn’t approve of your relationship with them


It Was Still Worth a Shot

I know there were a lot of great Garnet moments in last night’s episode, but I want to take a minute to appreciate this one. Remember, Garnet thought it was too dangerous to let Lapis out of her mirror. She didn’t want to take the risk of having Steven stay with them when the Homeworld Gems arrived. She wanted to leave Peridot in her bubble forever.

When you can see the future, it’s easy to want to avoid bad outcomes. Don’t take the risk. Just keep things the way they are. Maybe things aren’t great, but they could be worse. They could be so much worse. Better not to even try.

And that’s where Garnet was at the beginning of Season One. It used to be Rose making those decisions–Garnet could look at bad outcomes without being responsible for them (and Rose let everything stagnate all on her own, anyway). But once Garnet had to take over as leader, she didn’t ever want to risk Homeworld coming and separating Ruby and Sapphire.

Which, to be fair, was basically the first thing Homeworld did once they got here. It’s a reasonable fear, and it’s hard to blame Garnet for wanting to exist. But a lot of gems suffered for it.

But now Garnet is willing to give a Homeworld gem a chance, just like that. She knows the risk, but she knows that it’s worth taking risks, sometimes. Ruby and Sapphire didn’t play it safe 5,750 years ago, after all.

We’ve seen Garnet slowly make progress on this, but it’s been in the background more often than not. Even in this episode, it wasn’t the focus.

When it is, maybe she can take a chance and reconcile with Amethyst. Sugilite has been benched for too long.

The writers knew Nina was leaving TVD early season 6, if they really wanted to build Stelena to be endgame they could’ve done it when Elena got Alaric to compel her memories away and Damon was trapped in the prison world (while simultaneously building Bamon. 😒). So that interview where they said that Stelena could’ve been endgame but wasn’t because Nina left sounds like bullshit to me and I don’t believe it for a minute. Don’t blame the actress for your bad writing and planning.

Just one thing:

Amidst the chaos, I want everyone keep in mind just ONE thing, if nothing else:


“Hanarezuni sobani ite” – Stay By My Side and Never Leave.

It’s Victor’s Free Skate composition. It’s the performance that went viral when Yuuri attempted it. It’s what brought the two of them together. It’s what Yuuri inadvertently asks of Victor after their first argument, and what Victor recognizes. It’s what their relationship is based on, what this whole show is based on. It’s their love song.

This song is what started this show, and this song is what is going to finish it. (We know this for a fact from the OST itself.)

Whatever happens between these two is going to happen, plain and simple. But without a doubt, we know how they feel towards each other. At the end of the day, when all is said and done, their deepest desire is the same: to be with each other, forever. They do not want to part. Whatever the future holds, they want to face it together, and they’re going to face it together. This is what they’ve already decided.

So if you’re feeling scared or down because of the uncertainty of this next week, please just keep this one thing in mind. Let it comfort you. Believe that love wins.

Stolen Moment

Written for the XF Missing Scene Challenge. This is a (slightly) NSFW scene for “The Pine Bluff Variant”. The first line of dialogue is from the episode, the rest is all mine.

“They still need something from me … and I’m sensing there’s someone Haley trusts even less – The man giving him his orders. Someone I haven’t met yet. A guy named August Bremer.” The words flow from him easily, Scully thinks, here in the darkness.

“Mulder, why didn’t you just tell me?” She tries to stay calm; there are several feelings bubbling up inside of her, fighting against one another. Calm is not one of them. Or if it is, then it’s hidden somewhere under anger and disappointment.

“I wanted to, Scully, I honestly did. Skinner said I should keep you out of it.”

“Since when do you listen to Skinner?” Exasperation joins in and she has to stop herself from not pressing the ice pack too hard against Mulder’s injured finger. Looking at him, she knows why he listened to Skinner. When it comes to her, he listens to other people, to authority. She’s too angry right now to appreciate it, though.

“I’m sorry, all right? It’s not like you could have prevented this.”

“That’s beside the point, Mulder. This needs to be set, by the way. I can take you to a-”

“No. You can do it.”

“It’s going to hurt, Mulder.”

“Don’t care.” His eyes are dark; if she weren’t here, she knows he would just lie down on the couch and get some sleep. Forget about all of this as good as he can. She can tell that there are still so many things he’s not telling her about this. It’s not about her. For once he has the chance to keep her out of the line of danger and he’s doing it as best as he can.

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Not stayin//Daryl Dixon

Info: reader is Ezekiel sister, therefore she is pretty high up in her ranking. When Daryl has to stay in the Kingdom, Ezekiel has her show him around.

Warnings: swearing, mentions of death, oral sex, smut

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When y/n saw Daryl, she was intrigued. She knew that he was an Alexandrian and had no chance with him but a girl can dream. Jesus came here with Ricks group, they want us to fight Negan with them and the Hilltop. Ezekiel wasn’t with it, but y/n wanted to, that could give her an excuse to talk to him.

“Daryl, you should stay here” Rick says to Daryl.

Her heart skipped a beat. Daryl, staying here? Even for only a few days, she’d be fine. She concealed a smile that spread across her face as her brother and Daryl were nearby.

“I ain’t stayin here” Daryl refuses throwing his hand back, motioning at the Kingdom.

She looked up, she was disappointed. But then again, who can she blame? The guy wants to go home, it isn’t a crime. She looked to Ezekiel, he had no opinion on Daryl staying or not.

She opened her mouth to speak but Ezekiel quickly stopped her.

“He must make this decision for himself” He explained himself.

She nodded and let the scene play out. It ended with Daryl standing alone as the gates closed behind his friends. Morgan turned to Ezekiel.

“I’ve got class with Ben” He excused himself.

“Daryl,” Ezekiel spoke, he turned to the duo “y/n, my sister, will show you around and get you set up with sleeping quarters”

“I ain’t stayin long” Daryl spoke.

“Well you gotta sleep somewhere tonight” y/n spoke as she walked towards Daryl.

“Farewell my dear sister, see you at dinner, I’m expecting you bring Daryl”

“Of course” She said with a smile.

Daryl walked beside her as she led him to the laundry square. Piles and piles of clean folded clothes sat on tables, damp clothes hung on drying lines.

“This is where you’ll find any clothes you’d need, but I know,” She turned to him with a pile of clothes “You aren’t staying long”

He nodded with a smirk and a stifled chuckle. He walked next to her once again as she walked. He couldn’t really focus, but her voice was so pretty and so was her face. He kind of wishes he wasn’t leaving but Alexandria is home. She pointed and spoke, looking back making eye contact to see if he understood, he gave empty nods.

“W-why can’t you go home?” y/n asked looking straight ahead.

“Negan took me after killing two of my group, I escaped and they’re gonna be lookin for me real soon” He said, he said it with emotion, it was obviously a sensitive topic.

“I’m sorry” She whispered.

The air became still and silent as they walked. He held a pile of clothes while she picked him up a towel from a friend. She stopped once they reached his door, it was a room with an empty bed and not much else.

“Ezekiels your brother, huh?” He asked.

“Yeah” She agreed.

“Get him to stand up to Negan, try, if not for yourself, me”

She shifted on her feet “So you think I care about you?” She asked with a smirk.

Daryl shrugged, she handed him his towel, they brushed hands and she felt her face get hot. He gave her a nod and opened the door to go inside, y/n went to go to her room.

“Wait, y/n” Daryl spoke.

She turned to him.

“Wait for me? I won’t be long but you gotta show me to the dining hall, yeah?”

“Yeah, I do” She nodded with a smile.

“You can wait inside if ya want, I’ll change in the bathroom”

“Okay” She nodded and stepped inside.

He went into the bathroom while she took a seat on the bed. There wasn’t much to do while she waited except wait. Counting cracks on the wall, broken window panes outside and floor tiles. Count how many times someone walked past the window or the florescent light flickered.

The bathroom door opened and revealed a wet Daryl, towel low on his hips. She tried to keep her eyes on his face.

“Are you okay?” She asked him.

“Just forgot my clothes” He spoke timidly, he was unsure of whether he should come out or ask her to get them.

“I can get them” She said.

“Are you sure? I can if you don’t want to get up”

“No, it’s fine” She nodded and got up.

She picked up the piles of clothes and met him at the door. Hands touched once again and a look was exchanged.

“I, uh, thanks” Daryl stumbled over his words.

Y/n skipped the bullshit and kissed him. She hoped he’d kiss back and he did. He dropped his clothes and kissed her back. Their hands caught in one another hair. y/ slid her hand down his slick abdomen and underneath the towel. She grabbed his cock and he groaned into her mouth. They pulled away and y/n fell to her knees in front of him. She undid his towel and his cock sprung up. She smirked and looked up at him, he looked embarrassed but so turned on at the same time.

She wrapped herself around him and he threw his head back. She steadied herself with her hands on her lap, Daryl was holding onto the door frame behind him. She took him in until she gagged around him, as unattractive of a sound and sight, Daryl moaned out in pleasure. 

“Fuck” He cursed from above her, one hand now wrapping into her hair.

He guided her up and down his cock, the top hit the back of her throat every time. Daryl moaning turned her on, her making him feel that good made her clench her thighs together for some kind of relief.

“Stop” He suddenly spoke and pulled her off of him.

She worried she did something wrong and looked at him with concern. He picked her up and moved her to the bed, laying her on her back. At this point she assumes she didn’t do that bad as Daryl was yanking her jeans down her legs. She lifted her hips to help him, he took them off along with her underwear and boots. Daryl positioned his face between her legs and got to it. His tongue exploring her, it had been so long anything would feel better than her hand at this point.

“Shit” She panted, her fingers in his damp hair.

Daryl continued to eat her out. He’d look up every now and then to see how he was doing and if she was satisfied. He eventually had to lay an arm across her hips to keep her from bucking. His scruff hit her thighs the right way, his nose wold bump her clit every now at then making her writhe beneath him. When he added fingers she was done. She pulled her head closer to her so he wouldn’t stop. 

“I-I’m gonna come” She cried out.

“Not yet” Daryl spoke and stood up.

She was left on the bed, just for a moment. It wasn’t long before Daryl pushed himself deep inside her. Both of them now equally desperate for a release, Daryl wanted them to come once and together, after all, he wasn’t staying long. They had to finish up quick either way for dinner.

He was up on his elbows above her as he thrusted. Her body moved with every thrust, she held onto his shoulders for something to hold. She moaned and he grunted occasionally. Both finally excited to have someone to fuck after so long.

“Shit” He groaned as she clenched around him, signalling she was close. He lowered himself to her ear and told her,  “Come with me”.

She could only nod, her mouth agape and panting.

“Now” He spoke and they both came together.

After not having anything in so long, coming together was even better than one at a time. She sighed in relief as she finally got what she’s been needing, and the guy she got it from wasn’t too bad himself.

A knock on the door startled them, y/n rolled off the bed, grabbing her pants and hid on the ground while Daryl answered the door.

“Hello, Daryl. I am so sorry to interrupt you but I was wondering if you know whereabouts of y/n , dinner is soon and she isn’t in her sleeping quarters” Ezekiel asked.

“Nah, but she should be stopping by soon to show me to dinner”

“Okay, very well, I will see you then”

Daryl nodded and closed the door. He turned and sighed with a chuckle. y/n rose up shimming her pants onto her hips.

“What?” She asked.

“He always talk like that?” He spoke while pulling his shirt on.

“Yeah, it’s his thing. Goes with the title of King Ezekiel”

“That makes sense”

After dinner, Ezekiel pulled y/n aside. Daryl didn’t leave the table as he needed her to get around.

“Don’t get attached, he isn’t staying” He spoke.

“What do you mean?”

“I saw your shoes in his room, y/n”

“Oh” Her face turned red “You can’t blame me”

“Goodnight, dear sister” Ezekiel said turning around.

Y/n turned to the table where Daryl sat alone. The rest of the hall had cleared for bed. She sat across from him, she got sad knowing it wouldn’t last long.

“How many walkers have you killed?” Daryl asked.

“A lot”

“How many people?”



“To save myself. Why are you asking me all this?”

“I want you to come back with me, to Alexandria”

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Jily HC 5

Jily in Class

  • it’s early sixth year where James and Lily are friends but aren’t official yet (even though everyone and their mother ships the two of them.)
  • The two of them being partners in potions.
  • Probably because Slughorn lowkey ships them. Even though he thinks Lily could do so much better. 
  • The two of them working on a potion one day and Lily noticing that James often gets off topic when they are talking. 
  • Like she’ll ask him to cut up one of the ingredients and he’ll start talking about how he has to decide who he wants to cut from the quidditch team after tryouts. 
  • “James? Could we maybe get back to making the potion?”
  • James turning a light shade of red and he glances down at the table.
  • “Yeah. Sorry, I have trouble staying focused. My mom says I should talk to someone about it.”
  • Lily smiling. “Yeah, sometimes I talk to this lady back home over the summer.”
  • “I don’t need to talk to them about my feelings, I’m very secure in who I am.”
  • Lily laughing, “Well it’s good that you are.”
  • The two of them working in silence for a while. 
  • The potion is almost done when James looks up again. 
  • “Do you think it will rain on Wednesday? We are supposed to have a game but I hate flying in the rain. Last time we had a game in the rain I swear I didn’t dry off for days.”
  • Lily gently tapping James’s hand as he rambles in an attempt to get his attention. “James, we are almost done.”
  • “Sure.”
  • Lily turning the potion books towards him and saying, “I changed the measurement because I think the one in the book is too weak.”
  • James double checking, smiling, and poking Lily’s nose while saying, “Well aren’t you smart.” 
  • “Did you just tap my nose?”
  • James smirking, “You bet I did.” 
  • “What the fuck man?”
  • “Now, now Lily. Fuck is a bad word.”
  • Then the two of them lose it and start laughing so hard that Lily is worried that she’s going to wet herself and James can’t breathe. 
  • In the end, they ace the potion and James gives Lily a fist bump when Slughorn turns his back on them. 
  • That day Lily leaves potions with a strange feeling towards James Potter.