even if she is a wwe superstar

the women of wwe as high school stereotypes

charlotte: that one girl who is so extra at everything. she gets straight A’s but still asks for extra credit. she’s on every sports team she can be on. she’s captain of the debate team and leads a chess club. no one knows how she can make time for everything but she does

becky: the quiet one who is secretly judging everyone and putting it on her blog. everyone thinks she’s weird and shy but she has like 10k followers 

naomi: captain of the cheer team, everyone is jealous of her and everyone wants to be her. literally the most popular girl in school 

alexa: thinks she’s the most popular girl in school, but secretly no one can really stand her. she only gets invited to parties because she has no regrets ruining someone’s life 

lana: foreign exchange student that basically everyone is in love with

sasha: she throws the most amazing parties of the entire school, she’s spoiled rotten and everyone wants her life 

natalya: no one actually knows what’s up with her. she has cool hair and always starts fights

carmella: the girl who flaunts her boyfriend to everyone and thinks they’re all jealous but they’re all actually grateful that she has him so he leaves them alone

bayley: goodie two shoes who has never gotten in trouble in her life. she’s probably had perfect attendance since she was born 

nia: everyone is afraid of her but she’s actually the sweetest person in the world

alicia: she’s probably been held back but no one knows anything about her. she’s at every social event possible and gets lit as hell 

dana: does she even go to this school 

nikki: the teachers pet who always gets good grades without studying bc the teachers love her. she isn’t really a teacher’s pet, she’s literally friends with all the teachers so they give her slack

Flame: A Seth Rollins Series

Part 1

(Here is the new version of Flame! I hope you guys enjoy this version!)

A/N: Maya Grey seemed to have had it all; a three time Divas Champion, First Lady to one of the biggest factions in the WWE, and the man of her dreams Seth Rollins. But one night after Monday Night RAW, Maya’s world slowly begins to crumble.

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“Yo where in the fuck is Rollins at man?!? I wanna get out of here already!!” Roman Reigns paced impatiently by their rental car as he, Dean Ambrose, and 22-year-old Divas Champion Maya Grey stood outside the arena, waiting for their Shield member and friend Seth Rollins.  

It was two weeks before the Payback pay-per-view where the boys would continue their feud with Evolution in a no disqualification match and Maya would defend her title against AJ Lee. They had just finished a grueling tag team match against Evolution on RAW and were all very eager to get to their hotel for some much-needed sleep.

“I swear he takes longer to get ready than a freaking chick man!!” Dean groans. “Even Lil’ Bit over here is quicker than him!!”

Maya smiled, rolling her eyes over Dean’s nickname for her. “You know we could just leave him behind.” she playfully suggests. “He can always catch a ride with Cesaro or someone else.”

“That would be a great idea…if we had the car keys!!” Dean sassed back at her. “Why don’t you go and hurry your man along so we can get on the road?”

“Are you kidding me? If she goes, we’ll never get out of here!” Roman jokes. Maya’s face turns red and she quickly throws her empty water bottle at Roman’s head, which he smacked it away with his hand.

“You guys suck.” Maya says, annoyed by her brothers and their constant teasing. “And how many times do I have to tell y'all-”

“‘There’s nothing going on between me and Seth!’” both Roman and Dean say at once, mimicking her Southern accent. “We know, we know!!”

“And yet we see you two stealing kisses when you think no one notices.” Roman teases.

“Or how they can’t keep their hands off each other.” Dean coos, making kissing noises at her.

“Oh and let’s not forget how they’re always cuddled up in the back seat or in the back of the bus ALL THE DAMN TIME!!” Roman laughed, fist bumping Dean in the process.

“Fuck you both.” Maya flashes them both her middle finger before making her way back inside the arena to search for Seth.

Even though she hated when Roman and Dean would tease about her and Seth, she couldn’t help but smile. Their “relationship” was a confusing one to say the least. In fact, on her 22nd birthday back in August, Seth confessed that he was in love with her and that he wanted to be with her. The only ones who knew about it were Dean and Roman, and that’s because they all traveled together.

Growing up in San Antonio, Maya Grey always knew that she wanted to be a WWE Superstar, ever since she the first time she saw Lita compete. She took one look at her and thought, “I wanna be like her.” At only 9, she began studying every wrestler on the WWE roster, learned their moves and even created a few of her own, and fully dedicated herself to one day making her dream a reality. Her mother on the other hand, refused to have Maya be involved in something that she believed was ridiculous and degrading towards women. When Maya refused to give up on her dream, at just 16, her mother disowned her and kicked her out. She bounced back and forth between her aunt Isobel and her grandparents until her graduation After that, Maya traveled to Austin and began to wrestle under the name Magenta Riff for a local indie company called Anarchy Championship Wrestling (ACW).

Two years later, word began to spread about her and her skills in the ring, even going so far as to calling her “Lita 2.0”. Curious, Vince McMahon sent both Stephanie and Triple H down to Texas to see this so called “Little Lita” for themselves. To make a long story short, they were extremely impressed with what they saw and urged Maya to come and sign with the WWE, but Maya was afraid they wouldn’t want her after they found out how old she really was.

Once she told them the truth however, Stephanie and Triple H decided to become somewhat of ‘surrogate parents’ to Maya, even going as far as to move her down to Orlando and get her set up in her own apartment. Her first day as an official WWE signed talent, Triple H let her know that she would be making her debut on the main roster in less than a month and that she would become the fourth member of a faction that was about to make their main roster debut, The Shield.

Two members of The Shield, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, embraced the idea of having a female in the group and naturally welcomed, at the time, the 18 year old into the fold with open arms. Seth Rollins on the other hand…not so much. In fact, in the beginning he was a total ass to her. He thought that Triple H made a huge mistake signing someone so incredibly young and he wasn’t afraid to say it to her either.  

Having enough of Seth’s constant insults, Maya chose to be trained by Daniel Bryan and a main roster diva, AJ Lee. However, once she won her debut main roster match against Natalya, a seasoned Diva, she showed everyone, including Seth, just what she was capable of and why she was known as “Lita 2.0″. Seth eventually apologized for being such an ass to her and as time passed, they slowly started forming a friendship.

As a team, The Hounds of Justice quickly began to dominate both the men’s and the Divas Division. Roman and Seth won the Tag Team Titles from Team Hell No, Dean became one of the longest reigning United States Champions with 351 days, and Maya became the youngest Diva’s champion at 18 after defeating AJ Lee and was now fast approaching beating her record as longest reigning Diva’s Champion!  

Outside of the ring, Maya had become close with all her Shield members and vice versa. But her friendship with Seth was something different. She never admitted it aloud, but she begun to develop feelings for Seth. There was just something about him, whether it was his cockiness in the ring or how he was always so goofy and sweet around her, she couldn’t help falling for him. But she refused to act on her feelings. She knew that work relationships were kind of frowned upon, even though there were a lot of them happening (AJ/Punk, Cena/Nikki, Brie/Daniel, etc.). So, she just pushed her feelings down and hoped that eventually they would go away.

However, working and traveling together, constantly being around each other 24/7 only made her feelings for him grow stronger. What she didn’t realize, was that Seth was beginning to form feelings for her as well.

Normally, Maya wasn’t the type of girl he would be interested in. I mean sure, she was very beautiful & fun to be around, and one hell of a wrestler, but besides the 5-year age difference, they didn’t have that much in common. Sure, they both shared a love for sci-fi, horror movies, and video games, but that was pretty much it. Seth had a love for Heavy Metal music while Maya was more of a classic rock vinyl kind of girl. Seth liked his girls with tattoos and piercings, and Maya had none. The biggest difference between them, Maya was still a virgin at 22, and Seth…well…to be frank, Seth was known around the locker room for having a reputation of…. well being a man-whore.  

She came off like this sweet and innocent girl that he would corrupt if he got too close to her. But Seth couldn’t control the way he felt, and neither could she. There was just something about her that kept drawing her to him. Whether it was her personality, her smile, her infectious laugh, how she didn’t care what people thought of her, or the fact that wasn’t afraid to call him on ALL his bullshit, he could let down the guard he built up and could just be himself around her. Maya was the same way; she had her guard up. That all changed when Seth confessed his love for her.    

Maya checked catering, all the break rooms where the guys would go play video games, and even peeked inside one of the men’s locker room, but Seth was nowhere to be found. She tried calling him, but his phone kept going straight to voicemail, which was a little weird to her. She was about to give up when she saw two of her closest friends Brie and Nicki Bella walking towards her with Brie’s husband and Maya’s former coach Daniel Bryan.

“Hey, have you guys seen Rollins? The boys wanna get to the hotel and he has the car keys.” she asked.

“Yea, I think I saw him heading towards the locker rooms in the back.” Brie replied, pointing towards the back.

“Thanks Brie. I’ll see y’all back at the hotel.”

“Hey Maya, great job tonight!” Daniel yells to her as she walks away.

“Thanks Daniel!!” she yells back as she heads to the locker room. Once she reaches the one marked men’s, she pushed the door open and heads inside.

*******Maya’s POV********

“Yo Rollins, come on!! What the hell is taking you so-” I start to say but was quickly silenced by what sounded like someone groaning, but not like someone was in pain.  

I stepped further inside, curious as to who or what was making that noise. My eyes grew wide in horror and I felt my heart sink into my stomach when I saw exactly who it was. Seth, the man I loved, the man who swore that he loved me and wanted to be with me, was with another woman. Not just any woman, but Zahra, his crazy ex!! His pants were down at his ankles and Zahra was on her knees in front of him, her head bobbing back and forth on his junk.

Once he saw me, he quickly pushed Zahra away from him and pulls up his pants while Zahra just stayed there on her knees, a smug smile stretched across her face. She never liked the fact I was chosen to be a part of The Shield over her and believed that I was the reason Seth had dumped her crazy ass. This bitch knew exactly what she was doing and was enjoying watching me suffer. 

Before either one of them could say anything, I bolted out the room. I could hear him calling my name but that didn’t stop me. I ran past a few of the divas and could hear them call my name, but I didn’t stop. I could feel the tears beginning to form, but I pushed them away. No. I tell myself. You’re not gonna cry. Not here. Not until I was out the arena and away from everyone. 

“Maya!” Seth called, his voice getting closer and closer to me. “Maya, stop… wait a second!!”

Hearing his voice only made me run faster. I was almost to the exit when Seth finally caught up, jumping in front of me, and grabbing me by the hand but I quickly slap it away. 

“DON’T TOUCH ME!!” I shouted loud enough that people began to look towards our direction. Seth backs down, but doesn’t walk away. 

“Maya please, I can explain-” he tried to say but I quickly cut him off.

“I don’t wanna hear whatever bullshit excuse you’ve cooked up Seth.” I choke. “In fact, I don’t want to hear anything from you.” I go to walk away from him, but he pushes his body right up against me, pinning me to the wall and blocking me from getting away.

“Get out of my way Seth.” I ordered, but he refused to move. 

“Baby please.” he begged. “I swear I never meant for this to happen. Zahra showed up out of nowhere and I told her to leave-”

“Please just stop!” I cry, looking away from him. “I don’t want to hear any of this! Just let me go!”

“No! I’m not letting you leave until you hear me out!”

I could feel my eyes filling with tears as Seth stood in front of me. I couldn’t bear to look at him. I kept seeing Zahra down on her knees, all I could hear was Seth moaning in pleasure. I felt sick to my stomach.

“Maya, Seth! There you guys are!!” I heard a deep voice call out. I look over Seth’s arm and saw both Roman and Dean walking towards us. This isn’t happening right now, I thought to myself. Keep it together girl. Don’t let them see you cry.

“Yo, lovebirds!! Let’s go, I wanna get out of here sometime tonight!” Dean’s voiced echoed as he and Roman got closer to us. Wisely, Seth quickly backed away from me, folding his arms over his chest. Once they reached us, Roman took one look at me and could tell that something wasn’t right. I stuck my hands in my pockets and looked down, watching as the tears fell from my eyes and hit the concrete.  

Both Roman and Dean stare over at Seth, then at one another, then finally over at me, confused looks stretched across their faces. Roman was the one to break the awkward silence. “What’s going on here?”  

“It’s nothing. Can you guys just give us a minute?” Seth sighed, his voice slightly irritated. 

“Maya, what’s wrong? Are you crying?” Dean looked at me, puzzled.

“No. It’s nothing.” I lie, pushing myself off the wall. “I just want to get out of here. You guys go ahead, I’m just gonna catch a ride with Nikki and Brie tonight.”

“Why? What’s wrong?” Roman asked, his voice laced with a mixture of concern and confusion.

I looked at my worried Samoan before I shifted my eyes over to the direction of Seth. “Ask him.” I replied coldly and began to move away from them.

“Baby, please.” I hear Seth plead as I walked away. “Don’t do this. Please let me fix this. Maya… I love you.“  

I don’t know what came over me, but hearing him say those words, I snapped. I turned around and my hand swung, connecting with his face, hard. He stumbled back, holding his face in complete shock. 

I stare him down, my anger quickly rising. Everybody told me once I joined The Shield not to get too close to him. That he was known for being a cheater. I mean hell, I stood up for him when he cheated on his fiancé with that tattooed blow-up doll looking bimbo!! But I didn’t listen. I didn’t fall in love in Seth Rollins, the Architect of The Shield with a horrible track record with women. I fell in love with Seth, the lovable goofball that taught me how to play video games and would watch horror movies with me. I fell in love with the guy who could always make me smile even when I didn’t want to. I fell in love with the guy who told me that he loved me since the first moment we met. And it was that guy who had stolen my heart that would be the one to shatter it in to a million pieces.

“You…” I growled, raising my finger at him, “don’t speak to me unless it involves work. Don’t call me, don’t text me…don’t even look at me. I believed you when you said that you loved me. I defended you when EVERYONE told me not to fall for your bullshit, when they talked about you cheating on Leighla with that…that bitch. I stood up for you because they didn’t see the person that you were with me!”

Seth says nothing but runs his fingers through his hair, avoiding eye contact with me.

“Now I can see that they were right all along.” I continue, tears falling down my face. But I didn’t care. Let them fall, let him see how much he’s hurt me. “You turned out to be everything I feared.”



Grabbing my suitcase and my title from Roman, I turn on my heel and walk away from the three of them. I could hear what sounded like Dean’s voice yelling at most likely Seth, but I didn’t turn around. I kept walking. The tears continued to fall from my eyes but I didn’t care who saw at this point.

I felt betrayed by the one person I trusted more than anything. He said that he was in love with me. That he wanted to be with me and only me. That no matter how hard he tried to deny it, no matter how much he fought it, I was the one for him. That I was all he ever wanted, all he’d ever need.

I don’t see why people are complaining about Sasha being in the title picture again when she was screwed over three times just so she could make Charlotte look good.

Also she’s the only other superstar, besides Alexa, who is over enough for the fans to care about. She’s more than deserving. Her last proper reign was her fucking Nxt womens championship.

The same people who are complaining about Sasha are the ones who love Alexa even though she’s been given 3 titles already and yes, she has not been deserving of three titles just yet.

Also - Alexa v Nia?? Who wants that?? Alexa v Emma?

Dean Ambrose - Just For One Night.

Dean Ambrose - Prompt #81: “I need you to fake date me”

Request for - @mischiefvirtueintrigue

Warnings - Idk, swearing? Some fluff

Word Count - 1091

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe


Life as a WWE Superstar wasn’t easy - in any aspect. But it was extremely difficult when it came to seeing your loved ones and there was no denying it was tough. But it just so happened that this week you were touring your home state and even better you were in your hometown! 

That’s how come you were currently just two hours away from a big family dinner, in which you and your boyfriend were invited to. Now, that would be okay…if you actually had a boyfriend. You’re all probably thinking what? Why would she lie to her family about having a boyfriend- well, here’s that story

*5 Months ago - 2 weeks after your main roster debut*

“Y/N why haven’t you got a boyfriend yet? You’re getting too old to be single” you mother questioned you over dinner - just like she had been asking you in private all day. You sighed and rolled your eyes as you took another forkful of your food choosing to ignore her.

“Like c’mon! You’re surrounded by hot, muscly, sweaty and highly attractive men ALL day! If i was you i’d have bagged me one of them already” your mother cackled, clearly not going to give up on the topic.

“First off all, I am not getting too old to be single. Secondly, I’m not single - i have a boyfriend and yes, he is a wrestler” you sassed to your mother assuring you’d answered any questioned she could come up with. Your mother squealed in excitement clapping her hands together.

“Next time you’re in town we’re having him over for dinner. I’m so excited for my baby - she’s all grown up” she cooed pouring herself some more (too much) wine.

*Present day*

That’s how you ended up here; in a hot, sweaty gym, weighing up the options: Come clean or find a fake boyfriend. Now knowing your mother coming clean about a nearly five month lie just wasn’t an option; for a billion different reasons you’d rather not delve into. 

You’d just moved off of the treadmill towards the weights, where you saw your (hot) best friend Dean Ambrose - you and him had been friends since you first joined NXT and you had been even closer since your main roster debut; you roomed together, travelled together, you even sometimes wrestled together. Most people in the WWE thought that you two were a couple (the perfect couple at that) and those that didn’t thought you should be. Even with all of these rumours and thoughts nothing had ever really happened between you and Dean; maybe a couple of stares a bit too lust-filled, words exchanged almost too sexual - but still nothing and you were almost thankful for that. (When you pushed away those thoughts of how amazingly strong and drop-dead gorgeous he was) 

“Hey love” he smiled noticing he had company, setting the weights back in the correct rack, “What’s up - bet it feels good to be home” he chuckled picking up an even heavier set of weights. You laughed in agreement.

“Yeah, it’s okay -” you trailed off as an idea sprung to your head - he could be your boyfriend for tonight! “Hey Dean” you said suddenly with a questioning tone. Beginning to lift some weights as in your head it somehow made the conversation just that little bit less awkward and slightly more casual. As if asking your best friend to date you is casual you thought to yourself.

“Yes?” he answered through gritted teeth as he flexed his (perfect) muscles to pick up a particularly heavy weight.

“I need to ask you a massive favour” you stated, glancing over at him to meet his gaze that was solely fixed upon you. Him having placed the weight down in it’s holder. He raised an eyebrow at you before speaking.

“No, I am not going dress shopping with you. That was fucking awful, it was like a thousand degrees and you are so indecisive” he grunted. Your lips cracked into a small smile and a giggle erupted from them as the memory comes flooding back to you clear as day. That’s a lesson to be learned by the way, do not go dress shopping in the height of summer in Florida. Ever.

“I am not in decisive, I just wanted a nice dress” you pouted at him. “and it’s definitely not that…I’d take Nattie, her dress sense is ten times better than yours” you smirked at him. “Anyway back to this favour, i basically…I need you to fake date me.” The words tumbled out of your lips before you could stop them - or at least think of a more eloquent way to say them. You looked over at him biting your lip to see he had his head cocked to the side and a somewhat confused yet amused expression etched on his face

“You need me to what” he repeated with a tad less confusion and a hint more amusement to his voice. You sighed and mentally face palmed yourself as you prepared to explain your situation.

“Yep, you heard right” you exclaimed popping the P. “I need you to come to dinner with my family and be my boyfriend in like an hour” you stood awkwardly tapping your foot waiting for him to call you insane or something, but instead your ears were filled with a familiar raspy chuckle. As soon as you knew he wasn’t appalled at your suggestion a giggle bubbled from your lips joining him in a spontaneous fit of laughter. Once you had both calmed down he looked over at you.

“I’m so intrigued to hear the whole story but you can tell me on the way to your parents’ house. Considering we’ve got less than an hour to get ready and get there - a boyfriend needs to make a good first impression eh?” he smirked nudging your shoulder and gathering his gym things before taking your hand and dragging you out of the gym.

* 2 years Later*

Exactly two years on from that day; July 17th, where you had roped in your best friend to be your fake boyfriend all to please your extremely difficult mother. You were now standing at the alter with that once fake boyfriend to take his name and make him your husband for the rest of your lives - maybe your pushy mother wasn’t so bad. After all, it did take her for you two to realise all your friends were right. You are the perfect couple.

A/N - Hey Guys, this is my second imagine for this blog! I know Nikkii and I have been slacking a bit in our first requests, only posting on weekends but we can promise we will pick up the pace soon. Life’s been crazy and we’re still both getting to grips with owning a blog :) But anyway hope you all enjoy! ~ Moxxii

All The Pretty Girls

|Chapter 4|

‘WWERollins: I’ve been thinking for a while now. I’m obviously the king of the WWE. And every king needs a queen.’

Kendra kept reading Colby’s tweet over and over again. Each time getting more and more upset about it. “Ugh I think I am going to be sick!!” Sasha said, pulling Kendra out of her haze of hatred. She raised an eyebrow,  before setting her phone down on the table. “Girl, you feel sick? Just imagine what Kendra’s feeling. If I were you I’d just beat his ass." 

Snorting, Kendra shook her head and looked at Noami. "He really can’t get a clue. Swear he is crossing a line by bringing this into work. Like you are slowly finally moving on. Of course he’d try to ruin that…. speaking of which, where’s Enzo?” Kendra sighed and leaned back into her chair.  She honestly had no idea. She hasn’t really seen him since she kissed him in the ring and was carried to the back by him.  He had stayed with her while she got looked over by the medical staff. But after that, he ghosted her. Completely disappearing. Had she  done something wrong? Kendra just shrugged her shoulders as an answer, keeping quite on the subject. The other two divas shared a look before Sasha got up from her seat and walked around the table, taking occupancy in the chair by Kendra. 

“You guys haven’t talked? Haven’t seen each other around?”

She shook her head a little, before crossing her arms across her chest. “He’s probably been super busy.  Him and Cass are big stars now, alot of media and stuff” Naomi added, not wanting to see her friend upset. “It doesn’t matter, just a fling…barely even that.” She said, trying to convince herself. Ken picked up her Strawberries and Cream Frappicino and took a long sip from the straw. She needed to focus on her job and not men anyways. 

“Speak of the devil…” Naomi mumbled. 

Kendra looked up to see Enzo walk in the Starbucks with Big Cass, Carmella and some blonde girl she had never seen before. “She’s in NXT.” Sasha said answering the first question that came to Kendra’s mind. Enzo seemed to be deep in conversation with the girl, who was wearing the same sneakers as Enzo. Who ever she was, her and Enzo seemed close. Kendra wasn’t too thrilled about it, especially when she watched the blonde bat her eyelashes at Zo. The grouped walked up to the register to order. Not even noticing the three divas. This was a good time to leave, Kendra didn’t want to deal right now. She stood up with drink in hand, Sasha and Naomi following suit.  

She could literally feel a headache coming on.

- - - -

“That’s great Kendra! Keep it up!" 

Tossing her long hair over her shoulders, Kendra knelt down on one knee, trying to catch her breath. She had been running around the ring running drills with William Regal and Alexa Bliss all afternoon. But she kept getting distracted by a head of blonde hair in the small crowd loitering around the ring. She slowly stood up and rolled her shoulders,  looking over at Alexis. 

"What do you keep staring at?” The petite diva asked, her left eyebrow in an arch. Kendra shook her head gently, getting into a stance.  Her arms raised, and her hands ready to grip. Alexa stepped forward and locked up with the second generation diva. She wasn’t going to drop her question that easily though. “Is it Billy?” She questioned out loud studying Kendra’s face for any give away. “No…it couldn’t be..” She continued,  having a conversation with herself. Alexa knocked Kendra down on the mat, slowly standing over her. “No..it must be Liv. The blonde…see I saw this picture earlier of her and Enzo. They looked pretty cozy. Which is weird because word around town was that you guys were getting cozy too….” Kendra huff and brought her leg up, kicking Alexa in the gut to get her away from her. Alexa stumbled backward glaring at her. 

Ken really had had enough.  As Alexa tried to come back after her, Kendra kicked her in her knee cap. Causing it to buckle, and for Alexa to drop down to the mat on one knee. Rolling over, the female Guererro got up onto her feet. “Did I hit a nerve?” Alexa laughed softly, slowly standing up herself. “

"My bad…”

Clenching her jaw, Kendra charged at her. Bending forward low enough to hit a spear on Alexis. The both of them coliding down into the mat. Alexa harder than Kendra.

“Well that sure was new…” Regal called out, “I like it! That’s enough for today though.  It’s always a treat when you come down here to help Kendra.”

Pushing herself off Alexa, Kendra quickly slid out of the ring and walked over to her duffle bag. “Are you Okay?” Kendra heard a voice ask. She looked over her shoulder to see that Liv chick walking over to Alexa. God, even her voice annoys me. Kendra thought, she gave the girls an unnoticed glare before picking up her bag and slinging the strap on her shoulder. She knew that she had no right to be jealous. Enzo wasn’t hers. They just flirted alot, he just showed interest in her. At least she thought he did. And it felt nice to be able to have any thoughts about another man. To put herself out there. But now it sucked. It sucked major. The week had gone by without a word from Zo. And now it seemed like someone else caught his eye. Some blonde, basic girl. She really couldn’t blame Enzo, Liv did kind of had the girl next door look that boys seemed to crave. Her lips pressed firmly together as she thought about how she, herself, looked. Letting out a sigh, she decided it was time to split. 

She walked away from the side of the ring. Her heart in shambles.  Her mind in utter agony. 

- - - -

“Now are you sure this is what you want? I can change it if you decide it was a rash decision..”

Kendra raised an eyebrow as she stared at the lady in the reflection of the mirror in the salon. “You already did what I asked…” She stated, “So can you just unwrap the towel so we can see.” The woman nodded her head and unclipped the towel, pulling it away from Kendra. Kendra’s eyes fell upon the long black waves of wet hair that framed her face and dripped down her shoulders. It was a far cry from the previous blonde hair she had before. She stared at herself for a moment. 'My original self’, she thought. This would definately put Rollins in his place. At least for now. And this was what she needed. Being blonde was so last year. 

“Perfect….” Kendra breathed.

“Just perfect.”

- - -

The electricity backstage was extreme, as the live show in Green bay, Wisconsin stood in full swing. All through out the week Seth had been tweeting ridiculous quotes about kings and queens. And it was starting to get on Kendra nerves. His latest tweet, “There’s a knew kingdom in town. & trust me, the queen is very deadly." Sent social media into a frenzy. However, Kendra didn’t feel the way most of the WWE universe felt about it. She would never, in her lifetime, forgive anyone for being forced into such a storyline. It disgusted her. Infact just thinking about it brought a scowl to her face.

"No wonder I haven’t been able to find you..you changed your hair." 

Kendra looked away from the object that had a hold on her attention while she scowled, and glanced to her left. Some what surprised to see her company. 


"It looks so bad…”

Kendra raised an eyebrow, her lips firmly thin. “I mean bad as in good!!!!” He continued shaking his head. “You look good…i like you with dark hair.” Kendra remained quiet. Not exactly sure on what to say. The last time she saw him he was with some girl. And although she didn’t know the context of what was going at the time, she just didn’t want to focus on that. “Thanks…” She said softly, looking away from Enzo. Kendra watched as people passed them by, all trying to make sure the show went smoothly. They stood in silence, quite an uncomfortable one, for about a minute, before Enzo had enough of it. “I know we bavent seen alot of each other recently. I’ve just been super busy. As you know, the life of a WWE superstar is never boring. Know what I’m saying? Anyways, I was wondering if you wanna go out later with me and some of the others. They are doing a friendsgiving kind of thing..and i thought of you. It would be nice, you could meet some of the new people in NXT. Alot of cool divas and superstars down there.”

“You mean like Liv?” The words just came out of her mouth before she could even stop herself. Kendra looked back at Enzo who was looking at her confused. He opened his mouth, he was unsure of what to say. But he knew he needed to say something, he wasn’t a total fool. 

“Um Miss Guererro, you’re needed at guerilla position.. ”

Saved by the stage hand. Kendra thought, she pressed her lips together. “See you later..” She stated before walking off. Enzo nodded his head robotically.

- - -

“See you can stand there, with that smug look on your face…but we all know the truth. There is no WWE without the architect, Seth Rollins!” The dark haired superstar said, ranting to his former WWE Authority member, Randy Orton. “You’re old news…thats why we had to let you go Randy! Like an old dog, you had to be put down.” Seth shook his head, not phased by the various glares he was getting from the St. Louis native. “And yet, here you are. You just keep coming back….pretty much like herpes..” The crowd ooed as Seth continue his rant. “I am going after that vacant title…im stepping into this ring tonight for the main event and easily, I am walking out as the WWE champion…and there is not a damn thing you can do about it…”

Randy Orton was a Multi- championship winner, across many fields of the WWE. He fought Deadmen, and beasts. Nobodies and those that claimed to be the top players.  And to him, Seth Rollins was just another nobody trying to have his spot at the top. He had no need for words as he dropped the mic and used his fists as a response.  Kendra’s eyes widened as she watched backstage as the two WWE superstars throw blows, going back and forth. This was the cue that Triple H told her about, he wanted her to make her appearance and go to Seth’s side. Though she would much rather see him get the crap beaten out of him. Pressing her lips tightly together, Kendra shook her head. She sucked in a deep breath before putting on her game face and bursting through the curtains and onto the ramp.

The crowd cheered seeing the young Guererro show up.  "What is this John? Kendra Jade coming out to the ring.. I think the crowd is just as confused as we are but all the same glad she is out here!“ Cole said into his microphone. 

"I’m digging the new look Cole, black hair is always my favorite on Kendra.”

Kendra ran her fingers through her long dark hair, she shook her head before she sprinted down the ramp, careful not to fall over in her black heeled ankle boots. Seth pushed Orton away from him with all he had trying to get a breather. He tossed some hair back and out of his eyes, that’s when he noticed his ex sliding into the ring behind Orton. God he was going to enjoy this storyline. 

Sliding across the mat, Kendra quickly got up. She glared at the back of Randy head. Reaching slowly into her pocket. She slid her slender fingers into the rings of the brace knuckles that used to be her father’s. As if feeling her presence, the Viper turned around, coming face to fist with the hard metal. The crowd ooed as he went down. Flipping her hair back, Kendra stood over Orton’s body a satisfied smirk on her face. “Don’t touch my man!” She yelled at his laid out form. Slowly, Seth made his way around Kendra and behind her, slipping his arms around her waist and resting his chin on her shoulder as they both stared down at Randy.

“They’re in cahoots!! Seth Rollins and Kendra Jade! Could she be the queen he has been tweeting about?”

“Of course she is Cole! Who else could be his queen? Move over Edge and Lita,  stand back Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. There is a new power couple, a new legacy has been started! And I couldn’t be more excited!” JBL bellowed.  

Feeling Seth all over her, Kendra wanted to throw up. But she kept up appearances, leaning into him and pointing down at Randy,giggling softly. Hearing her giggle,  Seth grinned cheekily. He tightened his hold on her,  and let out a content sigh. “That a girl…” He whispered in her ear before pulling away and taking her hand. He raised their arms up in the air. And turned her to face the audience.  "Welcome to the era of the King and Queen! Welcome to our kingdom! Bow down!“ Seth yelled, welcoming the boos emitting from the audience. 

- - -


I can’t help but think that I did something to upset you, I hope not. Meet me for drinks tonight? I’ll be at the hotels bar with some superstars. See you then.

Kendra must’ve read that text over a dozen times in her locker room. Probably 20 times at the hotel and even more than that as she stood in the elevator going down to the first floor. She had been more than rude to him earlier that evening. And she was feeling slightly ashamed about that. Sliding her phone into the pocket of her Victoria Secret 'Pink’ sweats she stood close to the elevator door. 'I’ll just sit down for no more than five minutes..then make up an excuse to dip out.' Kendra thought as the elevator dinged and the doors open. Letting out a sigh, she stepped through and headed out to the main lobby.

Passing the people checking in and checking out, Kendra turned to her left and stepped passed thethreshold of the dimlylit bar. Soft music played, as different characters enjoyed their drinks. Scanning the location, she spotted his crazy hair first. There he sat at the bar counter, he looked like he was ordering a drink or two. Behind him, some WWE superstars sat at a table. Laughing and chugging drinks. Kendra tugged at her plain white cropped tee, before sucking up her courage and heading over to Enzo.

In his peripheral, Enzo watched as Kendra climbed onto the stool next to him. He turned to look at her, taking in her outfit before shaking his head with a smile. "You made it.” He said softly. Kendra could barely hear him. “I’m glad.”

“Do you want a drink?”

Kendra shook her head quickly, before looking at him finally.  "I can’t stay long…“ She said ignoring the disappointment that crossed his face. "Sorry..”

Enzo nodded, as the bartender set down his beer, he grabbed it with haste.  "I um….i know we have been flirting and what not for a while now…and I thought…“ He began, shaking his head in confusion with his thoughts. "Liv…she'smy ex. I mean She was…my ex.”

Kendra stared at him intently. Not understanding where this was going. But she knew where ever it went, she would hate it. “After our on-screen kiss, she reached out and we talked a bit.  Decided to give us another shot.”

And there it was.

Taking a deep breath Kendra slid off the barstool. Was this rejection? It felt like rejection. She placed her hand on her chest, it felt weird inside there. And she hated it. Enzo quickly stood up as well. “Baby girl wait…” He commanded, taking her arm. “I don’t this to-”

“You dont want to what?” Kendra asked pulling her arm away. She tugged at her hair in annoyance. “I feel like…such an idiot."she mumbled, stepping away from him. She began to walk away before she turned around. "Thanks for letting me know…it makes things so much easier.” With that, Kendra strutted out of the bar, ignoring Enzo trying to call her back.

“What the fuck..” She breathed out,  finally getting to the elevator. She pressed the button waiting for it to come down. “This is exactly why you should’ve Just focussed on this job Ken……no distractions.”

She was happy that Enzo had someone he cared for. Or rather, she wanted to be happy for him. But her mind and her heart wouldn’t let her. 

As she laid in the comfy hotel bed, she could only think one thing.

God, she hated Liv Morgan.


*Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read my fanfiction. You da best!!



WWE: “Bayley vs Sasha tonight with the winner going on to face Alexa at SummerSlam for the championship!!!!11!1!1″


Originally posted by canwehaveapooldad

I love Bayley and Sasha, but I’m so fucking sick of them ALWAYS getting the title shots. Nia, Emma, Alicia, Mickie, Summer, and Dana deserve so much better. 

Nia is a badass one week then is basically just Alexa’s bodyguard the next.
Emma, Mickie, and Dana are treated like jobbers.
Alicia rarely ever gets to wrestle and when she does she’s just a jobber.
And evidently WWE don’t even remember Summer is an employee. She’s been cleared to return since May and they haven’t done shit with her. They don’t even act like she’s part of the company anymore.

People complain about how the SmackDown women are always in multi person matches, but at least all of them get to actually wrestle and treated so much better.

Alexa Bliss and Natalya confession

I love how Alexa opening up about her battle with anorexia has not only encouraged and helped fans going through eating disorders, but also encouraged Natalya to reveal for the first time that she battled an eating disorder for three years after her uncle Owen Hart died. I’ve always loved and respected both women but them both opening up about their struggles just makes me love them even more.

Confession guidelines HERE | Send confessions HERE

Family time

Requested by: @luceromma4403
Pairings: Reader x Roman Reigns x Jojo
Warnings: Fluffy
Summary: Reader and husband Roman Reigns get a day off, so they decided to take Jojo to Disney World.

You and your husband were both WWE superstars who barley got anytime off.There was a lot of traveling and a lot of being away from home, which was hard for both of you because you had a daughter at home.Now Jojo wasn’t your biological daughter, but she was still your daughter regardless, she even called you mommy.

You and Roman finally had a day off and decided to make the most of it.You lived in Florida, so what better way to spend the day then at Disney World. It was going to be perfect, just you, Roman, and Joelle.

“Do you want to tell her or should I?”
“You go ahead.”

You made your way into Joelle’s room and sat beside her on the bed.She was still sleeping.You caressed her hair making her move a little bit.

“Jojo, baby it’s time to wake up.”

Her eyes began to flutter open and you could hear Roman walking up the hall, into the door way.She yawned and rubbed her eyes, finally waking up completely.

“Good morning mommy.”
“Good morning princess.”

She look over and saw her Roman in the corner of the room and started to get suspicious.

“What’s wrong?”

You chuckled and brought her into your lap.

“Nothing…me and daddy just have some exciting news.”
“What is it, ooo is it a puppy?”
“No it’s better than a puppy”

She started to get antsy, which made you and Roman chuckle.She was so cute.

“What is it daddy?”

Roman just smiled at her and made and ‘I don’t know face’, which annoyed her, so she looked back to your for answers.

“Okay, okay, okay, okay…WERE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!!“

Her faced lit up with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen.She jumped up and gave you a huge bear hug.


you barley managed to get out an your welcome before she flew out of your arms and into Roman’s.

“THANK YOU DADDY.THANK YOU.THANK YOU.THANK YOU”, she said while kissing his face all over.
“Anything for my princess.”

He put her down and she ran to her bed, jumping on it, yelling “I’m going to Disney world” over and over.

“Okay, now time to get ready”
“Okay daddy.”

You and Roman left the room while Jojo got in the shower.You two had already got ready, so you packed while she was in the shower.

“Hey babe, did you pack any ponchos?”
“No, we don’t need any.”

You turned and to look at your husband, glaring at him.

“What if it rains?”
“It won’t rain.”
“And if it does?”
“Okay fine I’ll get some.”

You smiled and kissed him on the cheek as you walked past him.

“Jojo, baby you ready?”
“Ya, here I come I just need to put my ears on.”

She came running down the steps dressed in her full Minnie Mouse costume.Her long curls were down and she had her Minnie Mouse headband in with a Red polka-dot bow.

“You look absolutely beautiful, Jojo.”

She smiled and flip her hair, as if telling you I know.She was just so sassy and confident, you loved that about her.

“Alright Jojo, go get in the car.”
“Okay, daddy.”

She grabbed your hand and started running out the front door.You opened the backdoor for her and made sure her self belt was tight enough, then got in the car your self waiting for Roman.Joelle rolled down her window and stuck her head out.

“Come on daddy, were ready to go.”

Roman walked out side with his hands up above his head.

“Okay, okay I’m coming just let me lock up the house before we leave.”
“Hey mommy, can we listen to my princess CD?”
“Ya, of course.”

You put in her CD, which had every single song from all Disney princess movies on it.
Roman got into the car and his head fell back against the seat with a sigh when he heard the music.

“Were listing to this the whole way aren’t we?”

Jojo smiled and said “yep.” Roman looked at you shaking his head.You just smiled at him and gave him a quick peck on the lips, then turned to jojo and yelled…



Joelle’s face lit up the moment she saw the Magic Kingdom from a couple of miles away.She was so excited that she could barley sit still.When you all held hands and walked to the get your bags checked and got to the park.There were two ways to get there a, ferry boat or shuttle.Jojo wanted to take the boat.You asked someone to take pictures of you all on the boat, you all looked like a perfect family.

Once you got to the park the first thing you saw was all the gift shops and a there were some of the Disney characters taking pictures with everyone.The first thing you all did was meet all the Disney characters that were in that area of the park and then you visited all the gift shops.You and Jojo got necklaces made with all of your names on it and put it on.You all made your way onto Main street and Mickey and Minnie were there.

“Look it’s Mickey and Minnie, we have to go get our pictures made.”

She grabbed your hands and dragged us both over to them. Jojo got her picture made with them, then we made our way to the front of the castle.You got someone to take pictures of you all.You took a bunch of them in front of the castle. You took one of Roman holding Jojo and you both kissing her cheeks, one of just Jojo ,and one one of just You and Roman.Then you all made your way into the castle, where you had lunch with Cinderella.After you left the castle, behind it was the carousel, gift shops, and so more princess themed hangouts.

You bought Joelle some toys, met the princess that were there and then started going towards the next section off the park.

“Okay I don’t know about you guys but I’m ready to ride some rides.”
“Me to, how bout it Jojo you ready to ride some rides?”

You and Roman had got the FastPass+ passes to skip the lines, so you got threw the rides pretty quickly. It was getting dark and you Guys had made it threw the whole park. Meet every character, rode every ride, not to mention Jojo practically had a new toy box full of toys to bring home.You made you way back to main street and just in time too.They were clearing the road for the light parade.You got Jojo one of the balloons that glowed with a Mickey mouse silhouette inside, and luckily they had a plastic outer casing so they would last for a while.You all found a spot to watch the parade and got cozy, well as cozy as you could with a bunch of strangers crowding around you.

The parade was beautiful.Every single float was covered in led lights.Jojo was so happy.Her face was as lit up as the floats, she kept turning around and tapping on you and Roman to look, and kept thanking you for bringing her here.It truly was magical.

After the parade it was time for the fire works.Everyone was finding a place to sit down to watch them.You were so glad you had packed a blanket for you a to sit on.You all got lucky, there was a spot in front of the Walt Disney fountain , and you all ran to it before anyone else got it.You laid out the blanket and Roman sat down leaning against the fountain.You sat beside him, head on his shoulders and Jojo in both of your laps.The fire works started and your eyes lit up just as much as Jojo’s. The air was filled with OOS and AHS, it was amazing.

“There so beautiful.”
“So are you.”

You turned to look at your husband, blushing hardcore. After being together for 5 years, he still makes you feel like the only girl in the world.

“I love you so much.”
“Not as much as I love you.”

He gave you a kiss and turned his attention back to the fire works. Your family really was perfect, and you couldn’t wait to add a new addition to it…

A Punch to the Heart (Roman Reigns x Reader)


Word Count: 2,001 (oops?)

Warnings: Language (but like shit and crap so basically not a warning)

I opened the front door, full of excitement and full of energy. I decided to join the WWE Company because I spent 6 years in gymnastics and 3 years in the wrestling company back home. But I wanted to get out of that town and luckily WWE accepted me.

Stephanie McMahon greeted me warmly together with her husband Hunter. “Welcome to the WWE Melanie.” She smiled as she shook my hand. “Thank you.” She gave me a tour around the building and showed me where my locker room was and most importantly the catering area. “This is the men’s locker room. You won’t be coming in here.” She opened the door and didn’t realize that there were the Superstars present. My eyes landed in a tall, dark man; his long wet hair was put up in a bun, he was wearing a pair of grey sweat pants; revealing his V line that God knows where it ended and he had no shirt on, his rippling abs glistening from what it seemed like water. Enjoying myself so far. He sent a sweet smile. I felt my cheeks burning and I smiled back. I felt someone slightly shoving my shoulder as he got past me. “Sorry sweetheart.” He looked at me again. “Hello. I’m Dean Ambrose.” He winked at me and looked over his shoulder as the men in the locker room scoffed. “Back off Ambrose.” Stephanie said sourly. “Don’t mind him. So let’s move Melanie.”

“Oh Melanie. Nice name, I had a cat name Melanie. She died a few years ago. Now I got a plant…called him Mitch.. But hey…the job for a kitty is still open.” Dean bit his lower lip and winked back at me. I laughed at Dean’s compliment. “Thank you?” A two toned man walked towards us. “I’m Seth Rollins, I am the Architect of The Shield.” Dean scoffed at his friend’s introduction. I looked at the tall man behind him who was laughing too. “Nice move Dean. But you need to up your game.” As the two of them were busy trying to out do each other, a tall, pale man approached us. His red hair was gelled up and his red beard. “I’m Sheamus, the Celtic Warrior.” Stephanie’s phone began ringing. “I need to get this Mel. I’ll come back in a minute.” She left. Behind Sheamus was another two men staring at me. “I’m King Barrett but you can call me Wade Barrett.” The other man pushed Wade back and introduced himself. “I’m Alberto del Rio. Eres hermosa como una rosa en la naturaleza.” I cocked my eyebrow as I did not understand a thing he said. “Rusev is not here yet.”

Originally posted by midnitefistfite

“Can’t you see you’re confusing the girl?” The tall man split through the men. He looked at me as I pursed my lips. “I’m Roman Reigns.” Holy shit. “Welcome to the men’s locker room.”

“Thanks.” Steph returned from her phone call. “Well, in like 10 minutes be at the arena because I need to talk to you all.”

“Bye Mel.” The men said in unison.

We walked to the women’s locker room. “Girls this is our new Diva, Melanie.” A tall pale woman approached me together with a blonde woman. “I’m Paige.” She introduced herself. “This is Natalya.” She pointed at the blonde woman. “Nice to meet you Melanie.”

Originally posted by jimdrugfree

“Nice to meet you too.” I smiled and we began talking. “I’ll leave you girls alone.” As she walked out of the door, she popped her head from the door frame. “Girls meet me at the arena.” She left. “I’m Becky Lynch.” The red head shook my hand and grinned. I got out my phone and looked at it. “I have to go and settle in my locker room. It was nice meeting you girls.” Natalya’s eyes widened. “What room are you?”

She asked all curious. “Umm…B13.”

“That’s next to mine! I have a new neighbor!” She began jumping up and down. “Calm down Natty.” Becky giggled.

Natalya and I walked down to my locker room. As we were about to enter my locker room, a tall blonde man wrapped his arms around Natalya. “Oh Mel, this is my husband Tyson Kidd.” He shook my hand with one arm still wrapped around Natalya’s waist. “Hey Mel!” I heard someone calling my name from behind me. I turned around and saw Dean waving at me. “Hey Dean.” Seth was with him. “Where are you going?” he asked.

“Well you see me next to my locker room.” I turned around and I was taken aback when I saw Roman smiling. He was wearing a shirt this time. But he was still sexy as Hell. I pursed my lips as I looked down to hide my burning red cheeks. I swallowed (which I think everybody heard) and looked at Natalya who was too busy with her husband mouth. “Hey umm…Nat. sorry to interrupt but umm…we need to go.”

“Right Melanie.” Someone gripped tightly on my hand and pulled me away from Roman. It was Paige. “Now you boys better behave yourselves and you’d better not mess with my girl.” My cheeks turned even brighter.

As we arrived in the huge arena, we saw that everything was settled for the show that was going to take place that night. I sat down between Paige and Becky. Paige looked across the room. A tall blonde woman was holding the WWE Diva’s Championship belt around her waist while on her left she had an old man with white hair that was thrown back. He had a wide smile that reached both ears. “That’s Charlotte.” said Becky. She climbed up the stairs proudly as the Divas and the Superstars cocked their eyebrows and shook their heads. As she walked past our row, she stopped in her tracks and looked back. Shit. “You must be Melanie aka Bane.” She chuckled.

The arena went quiet and all eyes landed on me. “Listen up Melanie.” She spitted. “You won’t last long in this business and you will never win this.” She raised the belt in the air. I got up and faced her. “At least I didn’t bring my grandpa to support me.” The people in the arena giggled from under their breaths. “This is my father! Ric Flair!” I gave her a confused look. “Doesn’t ring a bell.” The man’s face turned red. Stephanie and Hunter got in the ring. “Okay everyone settle down.” I sat back down; I saw Dean nodding at me. “So tonight we have a special match; it’s a mixed tag team match. We groups of Superstars are going to choose a Diva to fight with them. The team are The Shield and The Wyatt Family since there had always been a feud between you two. And also That’s all. Run along.”

Originally posted by jimdrugfree

“That was the whole news?” Paige whispered. She sighed and got up. “So Mel, what are you going to dress for the match?” She asked. “You’ll see.”

Paige, Natalya and Becky followed me to my locker room. I opened my bag and got out a badass gear. “Oh my God! I love it!” She moved in front of a huge mirror and began posing with the outfit in front of her.


I got dressed up and went to meet Nat who was next door but someone called my name. “You must be Melanie.” Two twin sisters said. “Hi I’m, Brie. This is my sister Nikki.” They greeted. “You’re waiting for Natalya? I saw her in the catering area.”

“Thank you.” I smiled and left. As I entered the catering area someone pulled me away from the door. “Goddamn!” I saw The Shield smiling. “Hey Mel.” said Seth grinning. “What was that for?”

“Oh yeah. Sorry about that but we want you to be the Diva to join our team.” My eyes widened. I immediately looked down and but my lower lip. This was Karma doing its job right. I didn’t give it much time to think about it. “Yeah…sure. But next time don’t pull me like you’re going to hustle me.” They chuckled and I went back in the catering area. Nat began waving from the other side of the room. “I saved a chair for you.”

“Thank you Nat.” As I was about to sit, a crew member said “The Shield, Wyatt’s and the two Divas chosen please come with us.” I sighed and got up. “Good luck Mel.” Nat hugged me and I left with the crew member. “Okay so Melanie you go out with The Shield. Charlotte you go out with the Wyatt’s.” Charlotte? I had to fight that bitch? Her father, Ric Flair threw a death stare at me. “Got something in your eyes Flair?” Sheamus came up from behind me, which made me jump. “Did I scare you?” He asked.

“Yes.” He smiled. “I’m here to tell you good luck against Charlotte. You can beat her.”

“Thanks Sheamus.” The Shield arrived made their pep talk and we walked down the ring. The crowd’s screams almost made me deaf. I saw posters all over the arena like Sheamus in a mayonnaise jar, ‘Yes’ signs, even a ‘Kiss me Roman’ poster. I pursed my lips to hold in the laughter as I saw the poster. We got in the ring and the lights went out. The crowd had their phones in their hand. The lights went back on. Two men were wearing a black and white sheep mask respectively. The other two members had their face uncovered. They circled the ring but where was Charlotte? She walked down the ring with her father by her side and the Championship Belt on her shoulder. The referee came and we took our places. Dean went out first against Luke Harper.

Charlotte’s stare was about to grip on my throat and shove me down the ring. Luke was thrown out of the ring and he hit the barricade, Erick went after Dean who were both thrown out of the ring. Bray looked scared so he got out the big guns…Braun Strowman. As Roman went for a punch, Braun grabbed Roman’s neck and choke slammed him. Seth got on the top rope and jumped on Braun. I looked down at Roman who reached for the bottom rope. He looked up at me “Are you ready?” As I reached my hand out, someone pulled me off the apron. The referee managed to put everything in order. I got in the ring and Charlotte threw her leg at my face but I caught it and twisted it. She let out a scream. I let go of her leg and slapped her. With a Suplex I put her in submission. She began tapping on the mat.  Her father pulled her out and placed the Heavyweight Championship over her shoulder again. The Shield’s theme song came on. “Good job.” Roman suddenly hugged me tightly making me weak to the knees. He gently released and giggled.

We went backstage. I heard scream. Paige and Natalya came screaming at me and hugged me. “You did it! Holy crap!” They released me from under their grip. “Well Melanie we shall leave you and your girlfriends here to fangirl. Good job Melanie!” Dean hugged me and they left. I watched them leave. A shirtless man walked past them. “Shield.” He said.

“Randy.” They kept walking away until they got out of sight. He walked towards me. “Hi, I’m Randy Orton.” He was covered in baby oil and he was hot. His blue eyes made me blush. I looked down at my shoes and smiled. “I’m Melanie.”

“I know who you are. I saw you fighting. You’re really good.” His tattooed arms crossed each other and he smirked. Nat and Paige cleared their throats. Randy was snapped back to reality. “I have to go Mel. Here’s my number.”

He wrote it on a piece of napkin and gave it to me. “Call me.” He winked and left. As he got out of my sight, Roman who was in the background, saw everything. Shit. “Mel, I think we should go.” Nat put her hand over my shoulder and we left. I felt bad for Roman. All night my mind was constantly running through the expression on his face. The corners of his lips fell and his eyes frowned. I closed my eyes but his Roman’s face kept flashing in front of me. His beautiful face, his cute smile and his muscles and cologne…don’t get me started. After what seemed like an hour, I managed to sleep.

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Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan welcome a baby girl into the world

Congratulations to Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan, who welcomed their baby girl into the world at 11.58pm on Tuesday May 9th. Birdie Joe Danielson weighed 8lbs 10oz and measures 21 inches long. 

Birdie’s original due date was April 30th and was just over a week late before she arrived. 

“There is no better feeling in the world than meeting your daughter. I can’t even express the overwhelming joy and love that Bryan and I are feeling,” Brie said “Now we know what parents mean about the love you feel when you first meet your child. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers on the safety of Birdie coming into this world.”

I trusted you // Dean Ambrose

AN: My first imagine, I don’t know if it’s good or not. I’m sorry if I made a lot of mistakes, english isn’t my first language. 


For the last seven months, Rachel was in a relationship with Dean Ambrose, during the first months everything was perfect, she couldn’t have dreamed better, she was happy with him and he was happy with her. But for almost two months, Dean had become distant with Rachel, he wasn’t the same with her, he was not really here for her, he came home late all the time and he didn’t talk to her as much as before. Rachel didn’t understand why he had this behavior, she didn’t know if she had done something bad to him and he was angry at her.

Rachel worked for the WWE, she was a makeup artist and a hairdresser, as usual she arrived after she bought her favorite coffee, she joined the other makeup artists who also worked for the WWE and they talked a bit together, everything was going well even if Rachel had not seen yet her boyfriend, so she decided to look for him assuming he was somewhere in the corridors talking with another Superstar or with a staff member. After ten minutes of searching, she finally found her boyfriend, at least she saw Dean kissing Renee Young.

Rachel was more than surpised by what she had just seen, she never would have thought that her boyfriend cheated on her, she thought he had enough respect for her but she was wrong. Seeing Dean kissing Renee broke her heart into a million pieces, seeing this unfold in front of her eyes hurt her. Rachel didn’t want to see more or even have a discution with Dean, she decided to leave but before she could disappear from the corridor, Dean saw that his girlfriend was leaving, he understood immediately that she had seen him and Renee kissing, he decided to catch her before she leaves for talking with her about what she saw.

- Wait! Please Rachel, wait! Said Dean, grabbing her wrist so she so she wouldn’t leave.

- I have nothing to say to you Dean, let me go now! Asked Rachel trying to hold back her tears.

- I’m so sorry… Replied the Superstar.

- Since when ?

- Two months. I’m sorry, I regret so much… Said Dean looking down, ashamed.

Rachel didn’t know what to do, it was like a second bretrayal in only a few minutes, she never thought that her relationship with Dean would end like this, she felt like she had just lose everything, Dean was everything for her, she was really hurt by the fact that Dean had cheated on her with Renee and for two months, she was speechless, Rachel knew that everything would change for her now even if she didn’t want to break up with Dean, she knew it was what she had to do.

- We’re done. Rachel freed herself from the grip of her ex-boyfriend on her wrist and she left without looking back, Dean begged her to come back and give him a second chance.

I will forever be thankful for AJ Lee and her run within the WWE. It seems that WWE is slacking when it comes to mentioning her as a monumental figure within the history of the women’s division. All though she was not there for the actual push of the women’s division, she sure as hell contributed to it. She knew that the division needed drastic changes, and that’s why she made it her goal to break the traditional mold of what a woman should be like in the wrestling business. In her case, it was mainly about timing. She entered the WWE during one of the main periods that women were severely unacknowledged within the company. Matches were too short, story lines were dull and fans were not nearly as engaged in the division itself. What I admire the most about her is the fact that she saw this as a problem and was one of the first to initiate change. Yes, her story lines in the beginning of her WWE career weren’t the best due to the fact that she was often linked to main eventers and considered the “crazy, love struck girl”, however, she proved that this was not her character’s sole aspect and was able to break away from this classification. Sure, she kept some of her “crazy” characteristics, but these essentially helped her stand out and provide a uniqueness to her character which was what a lot of divas at the time were lacking. Not to mention, she saw the HUGE potential in a lot of the top competitors within the women’s division today when they were just starting out in NXT (i.e., Bayley, Charlotte, Sasha, etc.). You can even search for interviews conducted with these top female competitors where they tell you that AJ was a source of inspiration or one of the best superstars to have been in the division, She truly cared and tried her best to continue the movement of women being taken more seriously in the business. If (and I’m pretty sure they are) the WWE is choosing not to acknowledge her contributions due to the fact of her marriage to CM Punk, then that is EXTREMELY disrespectful and not to mention, petty. She was and is a remarkable woman who deserves the acknowledgement for what she accomplished during her years in the WWE. Without her, I guarantee the women’s division within the WWE would not be where it is today. 

Roman Reigns' Mother's Day blog (WWE Community)

By Roman Reigns

My fans know me for being a WWE Superstar, a title that conveys images of muscle and strength. But it is my mother who showed me what real strength is. She is my own personal hero.

Growing up, my mother was a one-woman support system, raising two happy children. Even though she was a single parent, I never felt a void. She was and is my mother, best friend, biggest supporter and role model. One thing that I learned from my mother is that you have to love and respect yourself in order to love and respect others. In today’s world, mothers often feel that they have to live up to impossible expectations – be a homemaker and a CEO; a perfect parent and a boardroom leader. It’s important for mothers everywhere to know that they don’t have to be everything, because they mean everything to their families!

I hope my own mother understands everything she has done for me over the years. Learning from her has made me a better person and a better parent. She showed me compassion, discipline and respect. She’s the strongest person I know with a heart of gold – like so many mothers out there. So today, I hope each of them takes a minute to love and appreciate themselves for all that they’ve accomplished and done for their families.

Mom – I love you! Happy Mother’s Day!

An Architect's Dream and a Kingslayer's Queen

Carrie wasn’t your typical WWE superstar. She was smaller than most women, and maybe weighed 110 pounds soaking wet (even though she was a bit thicker, in all the right places) with her small 5'0 frame. She had dark hair and eyes, with light, radiant skin. She was what some might call a dream, but she had dreams of her own…her main dream? Wrestling? Done. Her secondary dream? Well…that was a certain man… @whiteasukalover

Ambrose Army, Dean Ambrose, and Renee Young confession by anonymous

“Dean obviously loves Renee a lot. You don’t have to ship them or like Renee, but constantly starting drama and spreading rumors and bullying her is just pathetic. All you fangirls have no damn to right to say she isn’t good enough for him and all this other nonsense when you don’t even know her. She has never done anything wrong to any of you and she doesn’t rub it in that she’s dating Dean. The only time she posts about him is when he wins a big match and the only picture she posted with him was of their feet on national best friend day. Grow up, get a life, and learn some respect.”


I do not, and most likely will never, understand why people get so upset and bent out of shape about Renee Young. 

We’re talking about a woman, who is a broadcaster/on air personality for WWE who just so happens to be dating a superstar. This woman somehow seems to provoke some of the strongest, negative and intense reactions I have ever seen towards a single person on a Social Media platform and I just fail to understand why. 

It’s perfectly fine to not be a fan of her, okay? That is absolutely fine, not everyone has to like her - but does that give you the right to bitch about it on Social Media like little keyboard thugs? 

Many of you that claim to hate her sure as hell spend SO much time researching her and tracking her every move. A majority of the times, you do it more than her actual fans! That. Is. Insane. 

If you don’t like someone so badly, why are you in their tag? Why would you take time out of your fucking life to create a goddamn Twitter or Instagram or Tumblr page for the sole purpose of voicing your hate? Because you have no fucking life. That is the obvious answer.

Stop wasting your time and breath going on pointless rants about this woman for the absolute bullshit reason of fucking nothing. A majority of the people that hate Renee hate her because of who she is dating, even though it’s none of anyone’s fucking business. And I know you’re like: oh but she confirmed it and cried privacy but talked about him again and to that I say fuck you.

Where the fuck is everyone when Punk is all “Watching TV with my wife!” “I love my wife!” “Happy Anniversary, been married to an angel…” And then he spins around and is like “Stay out of my personal life!” 

No one says a fucking word even though Punk is clearly WAY more hypocritical. People just find any reason to pick on Renee and it’s fucking stupid.

Understand that Renee Young is not dating Dean Ambrose, Renee Paquette is dating Jonathan Good and that’s their business not yours and even if she mentions him once in an interview after being DIRECTLY asked about him, it’s still NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!

Quit being delusional, whiny asses who want to break him in pieces and share him - accept the fact that she confirmed the relationship and that the two are together. Accept that.

If you hate Renee so much, don’t give her a second thought. Instead post about superstars you like. Live life productively. Go volunteer at a shelter. Go write a book. Go study. Go to school. Go play a sport. Go on with your life, just like she is going on with hers.


I want shippers to take a step back and ask themselves if they were a fan of Renee’s before the rumors started? Ask yourselves if you remembered who the hell Renee was before the rumors started. Ask yourselves if you reblogged anything Renee related before the rumors started. Ask yourselves why you didn’t even know she didn’t have a degree in journalism until WE told you. Ask yourselves why you didn’t post about Renee on VH1 but belogged the hell out of her “Conformation that took place the same day. Name  3 standout interviews that Renee has done that doesn’t included Dean in any of them. Tell us 5 ways that Renee has changed or help break down the door for females in the wwe. Name 2 of her best commentary moments on “Superstars” or “NXT”. Ask yourselves if Renee’s career has been talked about more or as much as her personal live has been. 

Now, I ask you… are you a Renee Young fan? Or just a fan of the ship? Were you able to answer any of the questions I laid out to you? 

We can give you SO many reason why we don’t like Renee and shipper can NEVER, EVER give us an argument that doesn’t included “You’re just jealous.” Shippers always take it back to Dean proving that she is irrelevant without him and shippers can never admit that. 

It’s funny because so many of the people in the Deanee fandom that can’t stand Iggy because they think she’s a racist, homophobic asshole; are the same ones that dismiss out argument on why we don’t like Renee for the same reasons.