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Request: Hey! Awesome new Negan blog! Could you write me a fic about a rebellious wife that drives Negan crazy? Maybe she sneaks out a lot, doesn’t like to wear dresses and bends the rules? She likes to push his buttons and one day ends up in danger and he has to save her ass? Would love to see what you come up with! Thank you!!!!! - @asshatry

Pairings: Negan x Reader

Warnings: language. moderate smut (yes I went there).

tagging some people who might enjoy this smut ;D - @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash @ashzombie13 @negans-network @strangersangel9 @negan–is–god @itsneganslucille @negansblessedbbyg @marythenurse @sherrybaby14

You clutched your book tightly in your hand, turning to the next page. A hand reached towards you and snatched it out of your hand, throwing it half way across the room. Glaring up at Sherry, you sprang up from your seat ready to punch her square in the jaw. You had already slapped her once before, and you weren’t afraid to do it again.

“What the fuck, Sherry?” You growled at her. She stared at you in disbelief and gestured to your outfit. You were wearing a beige v-neck tshirt, black skinny jeans, and black boots.

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i hate executive dysfunction and somehow I always manage to let people convince me that it’s a different problem entirely like anxiety or simply depression or laziness because executive dysfunction “doesn’t make sense” to them and is “self-contradictory” or whatever 

the FACT of the matter is that I KNOW a task is really important, I WANT to start the task, I’m anxious about NOT starting the task, but I can’t start the fuckin task! 

“why not? what happens when you start the task? do you feel anxious when you start the task? do you feel scared that you’ll do a bad job on the task?”

No!!!! When I start the task (IF I manage to force myself to start the task), it’s fine! I do the task for like five minutes and then I STOP DOING THE TASK and then it’s just as impossible as it was in the beginning to make myself re-start! It feels mentally and emotionally and physically impossible!!!! it’s not anxiety and it’s not depression, although it sure as fuck *makes* me anxious and depressed lol.

this happens with things I LIKE to do that cause me no anxiety! when I told my therapist that, she was just stumped and seemed like she may not even believe me. It’s so frustrating!!!! 

I’ll Be Good - Part 20

Masterlist -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 19  -  Part 21

Summary: Series - You’re an old colleague of Natasha’s who finds herself face to face with the Winter Soldier on the wrong end of an Avengers’ op. Chapter – Bucky deals with your absence and a rescue attempt is made.

Warnings: swearing, violence

Word Count: 3250 - woops back up to the 3,000s. le sigh

Author’s Note: Okay a few time jumps in this one, so sections in italics are a jump back to Bucko’s perspective while you’re away doing your murdery thing. Don’t hate meeeee. I love cliffhangers! Have fun. :D

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Rough hands had shoved you back to your holding cell some time ago. You had stopped counting the time early on. There really was no point since you had no intention of getting out; escape would only undo what you’d come here for. Now you lay huddled on the bed, knees curled to your chest, lying on your side, softly tracing the fresh markings burning on the inside of your arm, the latest additions to your record.

Your eyes fluttered closed trying to commit to memory what little detail you could about the targets. Thirty-eight, male, short, dark hair. I will be cold. Thirty-nine, aged, small, begged. I will be merciless…

It didn’t work anymore. Nothing worked. Not your rituals, not your training, there was nothing that could quiet the echoes of the faces… sometimes screaming, sometimes silent and stoic, sometimes pleading, begging…

You weren’t the same hardened assassin you once were. Something had changed, you had changed. It became impossible to forget your team, Bucky. The relief of being more than just a weapon pressed on your mind and the warmth of every memory of Bucky was a waking nightmare, trapping you here, in this space where you felt like more than a silent and deadly shadow but needed to be cold and merciless to survive.

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The Heart Wants What It Wants -Chapter 1

I’ve finally decided to start a long story about Jared and the reader. However, as you will see, the story will be personalized, so the reader and all the characters will have actual names, which I find more appropriate for this type of fiction. I haven’t been inspired much lately, so I stopped writing short Imagines, but this one idea crossed my mind a couple of times, so I thought it would be great to start writing about it.

I hope you like it and enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

I’m still open for requests, so if you have any, feel free to send them to me and I’ll try my best to write them.

Much love, Rhina

“Heeey, where is my beautiful little girl?” my mom asked with joy in her voice as she was sneaking into my dressing room. 

I was putting on my veil and doing some finishing touches before I could call my dad to take me down the aisle. You got that, it was my wedding day. The happiest day in a life of a woman. Or so they say it should be.

“Hi mom. Just touching up a bit, I’ll be ready in a minute” I looked her over my shoulder as I was adjusting the veil to my hair. 

“Here, let me help you. Don’t rush it, or you’ll ruin that gorgeous bun” my mom took the veil and pinned it in place letting it fall slowly down my back, and slightly touch my shoulders.

I was looking myself in the mirror while she took care of my hairstyle and veil and I couldn’t help but feel a huge pit in my stomach, which made me take a deep breath and cross my fingers with each other. 

“So, how are you feeling” my mom asked me as she patted my shoulders slightly, standing behind me and looking me in the mirror. It’s like she knew something was wrong. 

“Fine” I said, nodded and smiled slightly as I looked down at my wedding dress. It was a gorgeous lace wedding gown, with long sleeves. It had a v-neck and it was really long, since I was 5′8′’.  

“Fine? Nicole, it’s your wedding day, and you feel fine?” now my mom was worried. She pulled my arm so I would face her and I took another sigh.

“Yeah… well, you know… I feel good, it’s all normal I’m sure” I tried to convince her I was OK, but I could never lie to my mom. Lord knows I tried many times, for silly things of course, but she could always tell when I lied to her.

“No, it’s not normal to feel fine on your wedding day. You should be ecstatic, overwhelmed, excited, jumping off the ground… you know crazy happy” she took me by the hand and rubbed her thumb over the back of my hand “and you don’t feel nothing like that do you?”

I was silent for a while then I took a deep breath and finally spoke

No. I don’t. And it’s killing me inside, because I feel like I’ve been lying to everyone, especially myself. But on the other hand I didn’t really. I really loved Lucas I just…

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Hi, I love the conversation that is happening with the anons about Gillian & Scully. Scully is my all time favorite female character, there is no other female character in TV that I could empathize more. I don't agree with G's views on the character but I can see what she means. (I disagreed with many of G & D's opinions about their characters during the OS). In your opinion why does Gillian keeps coming back if Scully is not a challenging role for her as much as others? Out of loyalty?

I think loyalty plays a part, yes. I think Gillian may have been swayed by responsibility to fans, Chris, David and the integrity of the show….giving it a proper ending.

But let’s be real…I’m sure money also played a part. Gillian may be far more stimulated playing Media or Blanche but the financial security of The X-Files allows her to comfortably engage those more diverse opportunities. I mean, I hope to holy hell she negotiated her socks off for some sort of long-term profit-sharing from TXF franchise because she fucking deserves it.

Also, I don’t believe Gillian dislikes Scully in spite of her seeming disdain for her straight-laced veneer. I think she is reasonably content playing her, even if she isn’t necessarily passionate about it. What frustrates me personally  lately is the seeming complacency by both Gillian and David. Despite what they say now, they used to speak up for their characters back in the ‘90s and Dana Scully and Fox Mulder were better for it. It makes me a  little crazy that they just defer to Chris et al now…it almost feels lazy or detached and I want them to fight for better treatment of their legacy characters (which they are, no matter how amazing they were in other roles).

a moment of silence for all the aro/ace actors who have been assigned to characters that have intense all-consuming crushes, and have no idea how to go about playing their parts

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One thing I hate about some parents is how they make you be appreciative of every little thing they do, even though it's things you are supposed to provide your child. Asking for your parents to say thanks to you for doing something isn't a huge deal, but it's nice to be thanked. But for a parent to say what now I have to praise you for everything? Cheer u on even though what u do isn't special? I told my mom I don't need your praise my sister doesn't need your praise but u need to stop (1/2)

calling her stupid or an idiot. If I can’t show support than at leats don’t tear her down even if you’re frustrated. She’s been angry with me ever since making petty comments telling me to grow up that I’m acting childish bc I’m not taking her bs. I’m not engaging with her anymore and it’s pissing her off saying I ignore her, I can’t even say thanks to my sister without her thinking it’s a slight towards her. Parents are a trip man. Some people shouldn’t have children.

I will literally never understand parents who complain about basic parental tasks like?? You chose to be a parent Judith?? You took this on?? Why did you have children if you didn’t want to pay for their basic needs and treat them nicely?? 


He always made a fool of himself whenever Lily was around,” said Sirius, shrugging. “He couldn’t stop himself showing off whenever he got near her.”

By Chance (Pt.8)

Genre: Angst / Fluff / Romance.

A/N: Chanyeol’s POV. Not so sure about this but oh well..I’m not re-writing this whole thing.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13 coming soon


How was I supposed to tell her?

How was I supposed to tell her that what we have, this special bond, this relationship, this love that quickly evolved in a pace that’s beyond my understanding, might be on the verge of ending.

How do you tell anybody that?

I watched her as she trembled and sobbed into my chest, I never thought I’d see her like this. In fact, I never thought - since the day I met her and my eyes fell into hers - that I’d be the one to break her like this, make her cry the way she did, or make her feel as frustrated.

Truth be told, I felt like a jerk.

I hugged her tighter hoping how apologetic I felt would get to her, and her delicate hands formed small fists on my shirt as she held tight, as if I was about to disappear.

“Can you please just tell me what’s wrong? Is it something I did?” she was moving her head, and she looked at me with red swollen eyes and a pair of pink, almost red lips and a red nose.

My heart ached.

I hated seeing her like this, I specially hated the fact that I caused this.

“Baby…” I sighed before I opened my mouth to try to explain everything to her, after all she deserves it, but my phone decided to buzz inside my pocket annoyingly and interrupt everything that I had to say to her.

I saw her glance at my phone for a second before she pursed her lips together and nodded a very small almost unnoticeable nod.

It was my manager calling, it had to be. He was probably freaking out wondering where I was at this hour.

I picked up and I instantly heard his nagging scolding voice. I don’t even remember what he said, all I remember doing was humming and instantly hanging up.

“Love…” I said and her eyes were instantly locked with mine. Her eyes held a sense of disappointment in them.

She knew. She knew our time is up, that I had to go and leaver her again.

At times like this, I truly hated being an idol.

“Honey I have to go now, but I promise I’ll see you soon and I’ll explain everything okay? Oppa just needs to figure a few things out hm?” my hand was caressing her cheek and she automatically leaned into my touch and her eyes blinked slowly.

Her usual warm skin was replaced with a cold, tears stained one, and I bit my lower lip in regret for it and I saw her nod slowly again before she gave me a small knowing, understanding smile.

I leaned in to softly kiss her lips with both my palms caressing her face, and she instantly kissed me back, her sweet lips fitting so perfectly against mine and moving in sync with mine.

I moved to kiss her nose and her eyes and she exhaled a laugh.

I wrapped my arm around her waist to lead her to her bedroom, she looked really tired and about to doze off in any minute.

With a final kiss to her lips and gulp of water from the glass I handed her, she laid down and started to close her eyes.

I was ready to leave, but I felt her hand clench my shirt again at my arm, and I turned to look at her. She pulled me towards her to the point of our lips being inches away from each other. She pulled at me again and I knew she wanted me to kiss her again.

So I did.

I felt her breathing tickle my face before she broke the kiss to speak, and with a soft voice and her eyes still closed, she whispered “I still love you, no matter what happened or happens later on, I’ll always love you”

I felt my heart drop and explode with warmth and love for this girl.

There she was, angry, tired and disappointed with me, but she still managed to let go and find her love for me through all that mess.

I smiled at her and kissed her again before I watched her drift off to sleep and I got up to cover her fully and leave.

As I walked to my car, I could still hear his words, his nagging tone and I could still see the anger that clouded his eyes.

I could still remember that day. The day when…

“Are you crazy Chanyeol? Do you even realize the outcome of this? By acting like this, you’re literally putting everyone at risk. Your fellow members, the company, me, EVERYONE CHANYEOL!”

I don’t think I’ve ever seen him this angry with me, with any of us for that matter. I didn’t know he’d react like this when he found out about my relationship with Y/N. Then again our manager was always dramatic with these things.

How did he find out anyway?

Was it because I was constantly using and smiling at my phone? Was it the sudden change of my mood to the best?

Did he really notice all of that?

I remember looking at the ground and fidgeting nervously in my place. And I remember looking at his face and his mouth as it moved to say the words that I was hoping he wouldn’t. The words that I was afraid he might say.

“You have to end it. Now Chanyeol, today, just end it” he was moving his head and his hand was going through his hair.

I remember wincing at that moment, and my heart dropping.

Was he serious? Did he really want me..no expect me to end it?


How when I love her this much?

I looked at him with shock in my eyes, and a tremble in my lips.

“Hyung…you can’t be..” and just at that moment, I remember her calling me, her name illuminating my phone.

He looked at my phone as I held it in my hand and I saw him pinch the bridge of his nose before he closed his eyes and sighed.

“Answer it. Answer the damn phone. But this isn’t over we’ll talk more” and with that, he turned and walked away.

I swiped my finger across the screen and I was greeted by her sweet excited voice.

She was telling me about getting that job that she always wanted. I felt happy for her, but I knew my tone was cold, and I hoped she wouldn’t be able to catch it.

The call ended and I remembered sighing and looking at her name in my phone, thinking, what am I going to do now?

The next few days, I only focused on finding a small slot of time that I could make for her. We needed to see each other and I needed to talk to her.

So I picked up my phone and texted her.

“Pika-baby, can you meet me tonight? I can come pick you up”

“Hey oppa, sure I’m free tonight. What time? :)”

She didn’t sound like she was mad at me anymore, which gave me a huge sense of relief. I felt myself letting go of a breath that I was unknowingly holding.

“I’ll come by midnight~”.

“I’ll see you then”.

I drove to her house, and I sat in my car, I found myself nervous, anxious, dying of anticipation to see her.

Just then she walked out, gracefully walking down the small stairs in front of her building, dressed in a fuzzy sweater that was just a bit big on her, and a pair of black pants and her hair was down.

She looked adorable! I thought I would die just by looking at her.

I must’ve been too mesmerized by her that I forgot to get out and open the door for her, and I only watched as she slid in and sat next to me on the passenger’s seat.

She tucked her hair behind her ear and looked down, a shy gesture she always did around me and I felt my hand automatically come to my chest and hold my heart, in an attempt to calm it down.

We’ve been together for some time now, shared a lot and did a lot, and she still has small moments like these where she’s still shy.

Cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

I reached my hand out to her and she automatically moved towards me and we kissed.

“Hi baby” I mumbled through the kiss and she giggled.

“Hey” she said back her voice sounding as sweet as honey.

“Before we talk let’s get out of here” I said before I drove off to the park that we usually go to.

We sat together in my car with the darkness of the night surrounding us and the silence filling the air. I heard her inhale a breath preparing herself to speak and she opened her mouth and quickly closed it.


“Y/N…” we said in unison and we both laughed a little awkwardly.

“You first” I told her.

She shook her head and pointed towards me “You first Chanyeol”

I bit my lower lip and swallowed as I shook my head “No trust me, you first” I was still collecting and trying to process how I’d tell her everything.

“Okay, well…” her voice was low, sweet and careful and held an apologetic tone to it.

“I just wanted to say that I’m sorry, I was just frustrated, about a lot of things, and I felt like you were pushing me away and keeping things from me, which made me even more frustrated with you” she was playing with her fingers and avoiding my eyes.

“I wasn’t really mad at you but I guess my frustration turned into what I thought was anger and I let it out on you, so I’m sorry oppa” she continued and she lifted her head to look at me.

I looked back at her and shook my head, why is she apologizing when I’m the one at fault?

“You shouldn’t be apologizing to me babe! I was wrong and I think I deserved it all”

She smiled sweetly at me before she said “I just wanted to let you know that. Anyways what did you wanna talk about?”

My nervousness was suddenly back with her question and I found myself clenching my jaw and the steering wheal a little too strong.

She must’ve seen me tense this much because her hand was instantly on mine covering me with warmth and she looked at me with concern in her eyes.

“What’s wrong baby? What are you not telling me?” her voice was still low and only for my ears to hear.

“I don’t know how to tell you this Y/N..” I held her hand tighter and swallowed nervously.

“The..the company knows. They know about us…” she was silent for a few seconds and then she nodded her head and with a slightly trembling tone she said “And?”

I sighed and closed my eyes as I leaned my head backwards, and then I turned to look at her “They want us to end it…they say my career is in danger, not just me but everyone else too…and…” I watched her face change. Her expression going blank, like she was panicking.

Her mouth opened slightly and her chest was heaving slowly and her eyes were wide open.

“Are you…are we…is this…” her voice was cracking in fear. I could tell, because she was looking away now, away from me.

“Am I..am I gonna lose you?” her eyes were back on me and I could see the way they were shaking. I could see the fear in them.

So I instantly moved, turning my body to face her and extending my hand to touch her trembling face. “Hey hey…calm down. Nobody is losing anybody, we’ll work this out”

“How? How oppa? I’m not gonna let you ruin your career!” she was speaking too fast and her breathing was even faster. I reached further to her and stroked her head “Calm down baby girl. I love you alright? We’re gonna figure this out”

My words seemed to make sense to her and they seemed to get to her, because she was slowly nodding her head as if she was collecting her thoughts.

“What are we gonna do now?”

“You’ll do nothing. I’ll handle this with the company myself. They can’t break us apart. They can’t do that to me, not when I have finally found you. I don’t wanna break up with you. I love you and I want you, I only wanna be with you” her entire expression was replaced with an appreciative smile and her eyes were glistering with something.

Something that I didn’t know the nature of until she reached forward and kissed me, and I swear I felt so much love and passion being poured through her kiss. She then looked at me and spoke as she stroked the side of my face “And I only wanna be with you too”

I sighed again, feeling my heart thumping so hard I thought it’d jump out of my chest.

This girl…

“I just wanna be with you babe I swear” I told her quietly and she said “Is that why you’ve been stressing out so much?”

I nodded and she held my hands in hers tighter “Oppa, I don’t want you to get stressed out by yourself or feel like you can’t share things with me…”

“I know baby I just…” her delicate finger was on my lips and she smiled lovingly before she said “We’re in this together”

I found myself smiling, feeling my heart beating harder and faster, feeling like I’m falling even more in love with this girl if that was even possible.

“I tell you what? Let’s do something fun!” I told her excitedly feeling my mood go up to the sky.

“What could we possibly do at this hour Chanyeol?” she was pointing at the clock in my car that showed it was already 1:00 AM and something in the morning. I got out of the car and ran to open her door, I extended my hand to her and she looked at me confused.

“Come with me” I said before I took her warm hand into mine and ran with her through the park, where we always hang out and drink our banana milks.

“I always wanted to do this with you” I told her as I was fishing my headphones out of my pocket.

“Do what?” she asked looking around as we stood together in the middle of the huge grass area.

“This” I walked towards her, untangling my headphones and placing the cord into the phone. I placed one ear bud into her ear and one in mine, and I played a song.

A song that I came to compose, late at night, when I couldn’t sleep from thinking about her too much.

A song that held all of my feelings for her.

“Shall we dance?” I told her as I extended my palm out to her.

She tugged her hair behind her ear and looked down again, and I just wanted to die. “I don’t know how to dance” she told me cutely.

“That was never a problem my lady” I told her as I wrapped my arm  around her, around her waist and pulled her closer to me a little roughly, she looked at me and blinked a few times, clearly flustered by what I just did.

And she made that face again, the face that she made when we met each other, when we bumped into one another.

The face that made me call her Pikachu in the first place.

For God’s sake how can someone be so cute? Is she not gonna let me live?

“Step on my feet” I couldn’t help my amused tone and expression at her flustered state.


I pulled her close enough to have her chest brush against mine, and her feet had no where to go but over mine.

So we danced, slowly, with the music playing only to us.

In that moment, I saw nothing but her, nothing but her beautiful eyes, her cute nose and her sweet lips.

“Did you write this song?” she asked with a voice that was only meant for my eyes to hear, and I nodded.

“I love it” she told me softly as her hand played with the hairs on the nape of my neck.

How come everything she did was so delicate, feminine and sweet?

“I was thinking about you when I did it you know” I whispered before both of our eyes drifted close and our lips touched.

I kissed her and she kissed me back, and when she opened her mouth, the kiss deepened and I slid my tongue into her sweet, warm cavern, and I pushed her body even closer to mine. Holding her flush against my chest.

Her hand that was playing with my hair earlier clenched and she tugged at my strands.

I let out a chuckle and kissed her more, playing with her tongue.

Good lord, she always tasted so sweet.

She broke the kiss and turned around in my arms after she adjusted the headphone in her ear and she leaned her head back against my shoulder.

My hands were at her sides as we swayed to the music. By the way she sighed and tensed a little, I knew it was a sensitive spot for her. So I leaned in and kissed the side of her neck and she breathed in an appreciative way.

She’s gonna be the death of me.

“You destroy me I swear” I whispered into her ear and she giggled.

She took my hands and wrapped my arms further around her body “Yeah?” she said teasingly and I laughed a little.

I squeezed her body tighter and she let out a very small moan. “Baby?” I whispered to her.

“Yes Channie?” she called and the nickname she suddenly gave me almost made my knees fail me.

If there’s anything I’m thankful for, it’s her. And the fact that I met her and got to be with her. If I was given another life I’d probably…no..I know I’d find her and choose her again, cause this girl is truly, effortlessly and slowly becoming the love of my life.

“Even if you snap at me, yell at me or get mad at me, I still love you, no matter what happened or happens later on, I’ll always love you”

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Is everything fine at work now?

i mean it’s not a job i wanna stay in for much longer and mainly it’s my boss that frustrates me (even tho she’s in general pretty nice and respectful to me she’s just kinda passive aggressive some times) besides i’m trying to get a job more in my field of interest so i mean hopefully soon…

thank you for asking tho and sorry if i ever concerned you!(?)

this just dawned on me, but it really annoys me how regina’s latina background is ignored.  yes, we see her using red pepper flakes, but?? other than that, that’s about it.  we know her father is latino.  but we never see her angrily yelling in spanish or teaching henry or see her listening to spanish music or learning how to salsa or!!!  it’s just so frustrating to me.  i doubt people even knew she was latina at first.

I was ringing up this classy dressed woman a while ago, and everything was going pretty smoothly. I bagged up her groceries since our bagger was busy at the moment and slide them down to the end of the counter. Our store typically only has one bagger on at a time so at that moment our one bagger was out getting carts because our baggers are also cart guys, stalkers, and janitors. (Ikr) She only had about 4 bags, all light. the woman paid me and I handed her her receipt. But instead of leaving she just stood there staring at me and the bags giving me this really uptight smile. One that says why-aren’t-you-serving-me-right-now. So, I asked her “ma’me, is there something wrong.” She laughed a fake laugh and said “Well, My bags still aren’t in my cart.”  …Really. I mean what the F*ck you can get it and i’m pinned back here with customers behind me in our other cashiers lane. I’m obviously in no position to help you right now and why should I? you have a max of 4 bags and are uptight as hell. You DO NOT NEED ASSISTANCE PUTTING YOUR BAGS IN YOUR CART. HELL MOST PEOPLE WOULDN’T EVEN TAKE THE CART AT THIS POINT. BUT NO I SAID NONE OF THIS. instead I said “I’m sorry ma’me. I can do that for you if you’d like.” “Yeah, I’d appreciate it if you did your actual job.” OH. F*CK. YOU. LADY. THIS IS NOT PART OF MY JOB. i’M NOT REQUIRED TO PLACE YOUR BAGS IN YOUR CART.THIS IS COMING STRAIGHT OUT OF THE KINDNESS OF MY FREAKING HEART. I’M NOT EVEN F*CKING OBLIGATED TO SERVE YOU It just frustrated me. She stood there giving me this uptight judgmental smile while i had to wait for the other cashier to finish with  her customer so I could get around to bag her four F*CKING bags,

“How long do you think I’ll need to stay here to be sure my mother’s not still lurking by my door when I go home?” Liam asked, half to himself. He took another sip of his drink before running a hand through his hair in frustration. “I don’t even know how she found me. Or why she bothered. It’s not like she was that interested in being a mother when she actually had custody of me.”


1x08 // 2x09

That’s oddly romantic. And totally encouraging.

I have never been more attracted to you than I am right now.

Playing With Fire - Part 10 (Cameron)


a/n: THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE <3 LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH holy crap I can’t believe this is the last part of playing with fire. my heart </3 I plan on making a sequel in the future idk we’ll see. this is for all my cam girls

Pairing: Cameron Dallas x Reader

Summary: It seemed like yesterday that Y/N chose Cameron, yet it has been months and Y/N has never been happier. 

Word Count: 1.8k 

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Talk to her

Request: could you write a peter pan imagine where he insults the reader and they get into a huge fight and @ first he doesn’t realize she’s that upset about it but then she avoids him for bit and he makes it up to her with smut? Love your writing! You’re extremely talented hun!!!!!


“Now, what did I say?” Peter chuckled as you gripped the hem of your skirt tighter, refusing to talk. “Tsk tsk. This is why little girls should listen to grown ups.”

You glared at him, biting your lip in the process to avoid screaming at him. You felt your entire body shake from the, you could still feel the man’s grip on you. Peter had warned you about going too close to Hook’s ship.

But curiosity got the better of you, so you did anyway. By the time Peter found you, you were on the floor a few miles away from camp, bruised and violated. “It’s not funny Peter”

He smirked “Oh, but it is. Now you know that you should listen to me, you got what you deserved” she snapped, “OH. I’M SO SORRY! It was totally my fault that I was RAPED by a crew member!”

He raised a brow “It is. Why are you so mad? It’s your fault anyway” You slapped him hard across the face, tears fell down your eyes, “Go fuck yourself” you mutter before running back to your tent.

“You know, that was low, even for you Pan.” Baelfire called out to him from his tent, the boy had heard everything. “What do you mean?! If she didn’t go out there, she wouldn’t have gotten into this mess!” He hissed.

Baelfire buried his face in his hands and sighed. Was Pan really that dense? “Just… make it up to her!” Peter scoffed “I will not!” “Fine.”

A few days past, You had been avoiding him like the Plague and the lost boys were feeling sympathetic for Pan but knew that you were right. They all heard what had happened, they all think Baelfire is right, Pan needed to apologize.

Pan hated the fact that you have been avoiding him, moving away when he got closer, or hid in your tent all day long. It was driving him insane. “You should really talk to her” Felix sat beside him as he contemplated his next move.

“Great. First Baelfire and now you, who’s next? Rumple?” Felix didn’t even laugh, he just sighed “You should talk to her” he repeated. Peter groaned in frustration “Talk to her? She wont even let me come close to her yet alone speak to her!”

“Well it’s your fault”, Peter rolled his eyes “You and several boys has said that to me for the past few days” Felix shrugged “that’s because we’re right”

“Fine. I’ll TRY talk to her.” Peter shouted before walking towards her tent, which was a good distance from the main camp. Before he could knock, he heard a distinct sound that made him freeze.

It was definitely you. And he was sure that you just moaned his name. Shit.