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TGC-Spoiler-Free Hartwin Fic Rec

These fics were all written long before Kingsman: The Golden Circle came out.

blame it on the night by @coffeeinallcaps​ - 3.5k, Mature, Fix-It, Angst, Hurt/Comfort

And then finally, to top it all off, he’d had the gall to go and die in Kentucky of all places.

Standing Invitation by @Mazarin221b - 5.5k, Explicit

There are arguments against fraternization between supervisors and subordinates for a reason. Harry knows this. Eggsy wants him to forget.

This is probably the worst situation he could be in, to be honest. Because Eggsy’s big blue eyes (Christ, so beautifully cerulean, like the sea on a summer’s day and Harry wants to drown in them) are starting to be Harry’s biggest weakness, and all he has to do is turn them on and ask Harry for just about anything. Please, Harry, lunch on Sunday? was the first, and now here they are, two months in, and Harry’s starting to wonder if he should, or even could, reestablish some boundaries.

Considerably Less Cannibalism by LizaPod - 6k, Explicit, PWP

It is a real, physical struggle to not stare like a dogger while Harry shrugs off his jacket and undoes his collar, sets his signet ring aside. He has detailed, minutely detailed, fantasies about unbuttoning that fucking collar. At least he’s not wearing the holster right now, or Eggsy’d be sprung already. “It’s time you learned the fine art of the straight razor shave.”

Eggsy gives him his best you havin’ a fucking giggle, mate eyebrows. “Like Sweeney Todd?”

Harry’s sigh is just bordering on melodramatic, but he’s also got that odd— Roxy calls it enigmatic—smile he gets when Eggsy trots out some unexpected bit of culture. “Yes, Eggsy, like Sweeney Todd.”

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putting on the ritz by @lazulisong​ - 9k, Mature, Established Relationship

“They think you paid me to be here,” hisses Eggsy.

Harry stares at him. “I made your favorite dinner and I have to let your wretched beast sleep on the bed for a month,” he says flatly.

“No, they think you paid me to be here,” says Eggsy.

“My dear boy,” says Harry, “do you think all these third wives married my classmates out of the purity of their affections?”

You Found Me by missbecky (@missbeckywrites​) - 9.5k, Teen, Hurt/Comfort, Fix-It

The thought of everything that waits in their future, all the things they’re going to get to do together, makes Eggsy happier than he’s ever been. Because he’d thought he had lost Harry, but instead he found him, and nothing’s ever going to be the same again.

The World Will Follow After by missbecky - 10.8k, Explicit, 5+1 Things

Life with Harry Hart is full of little surprises. Or, five things Eggsy accidentally learns about Harry, and one thing Harry comes right out and tells him.

under my skin (tried so not to give in) by @venvephe​ - 12.6k, Explicit, Mission Fic, Fake-Out Make-Out

This is a monumentally bad idea, Eggsy realizes, in the fraction of a second between reaching out and tugging at Harry’s tie and seeing his eyes briefly widen before their lips meet.

Or: snogging is a great distraction technique for hiding in plain sight from your enemies. It is decidedly not great for hiding your growing, uh, interest in your secret service colleague.

Married to the Job by @trilliath​ - 18k, Explicit, Misunderstanding

“Hm?” Merlin asks, distracted when he looks up and squints at Eggsy’s face, then catches up and resumes working. “Oh. No. Zania Bonatti, Italian artist and activist. Also Harry’s wife.”

“You wot?” Eggsy blurts, eyes snapping back to him, then over to Roxy like he might’ve mis-heard.

But he hasn’t because Roxy’s face wrinkles minutely in sympathy that has Eggsy’s ears burning and he snaps his eyes away again in humiliation.

“Yes, Harry’s married. Did he never mention that to you?” Merlin pauses long enough to frown briefly, then he shrugs. “Well, on to more important matters…”
Or: The one in which Harry is married to his friend (for entirely non-romantic reasons) and nobody explains to Eggsy that very important detail.

The Spy who Loved Me (Or so they say) by @toriceratops​ - 54k, Explicit, Fake Relationship, Mission Fic, Slow Burn

In the wake of V-day the world’s economy hangs in a delicate balance, liable to crumble without warning. One man has the knowledge and the power necessary to send it tumbling down, so that only he remains on top.

The Kingsman have been tasked with stopping him before he can carry out his plan. In order to do so, Harry and Eggsy must act as lovers at an elite couple’s getaway to earn this man’s trust. Will they be able to carry out their mission as planned? Or will old wounds and buried emotions cause a havoc greater than anything they could have expected?

anonymous asked:

Heyy! I really liked your first HC, can I request a scenario when the RFA and Saeran meet MC working as a bartender on a club or at a bar before she joined the RFA? And like, they’re a little tipsy from the drinking and open up to her, but they don’t recognize her at first when she appears in the chatroom? I don’t know if I made myself clear, but something like this? Tnx

Hi! Thank you so much! I think I got it hahah. Such an honor to take my first request A_A So… that got very looooong, I hope you have patience to read till the end lolololol 

RFA + Saeran meeting bartender MC


  • His college buddies finally managed to make him forget LOLOL and go out that week
  •  They went to one of those sports bars, they really wanted to make him get drunk just to see how he would look like
  • You watched as they tried to make him choose some really heavy drinks, he looked like a light weight, and the scene make you feel… uncomfortable
  •  You made your way close to them in the balcony . “What can I get you, boys?
  • “Something really strong to make this boy here get turnt!”, one of them said shaking Yoosung’s shoulders
  • Yoosung looked really embarassed, he glanced quickly at you and looked to the floor again, you felt really bad because he obviously didn’t want to drink.
  • “You got it! Why don’t you guys go sit over there right next to our new cool TV and I’ll see what I can do for him?” they nodded as they went to the sits a little far from the balcony.
  • You looked at him and gave your sweetest smile: “What can I do for you, cutie?”
  • He blushed a little, looked at the menu and pointed some random drink quietly
  • “This is pretty strong, are you sure?”, “Yes, I am…” “Well, I’m sorry if I’m being nosy, but you don’t look like you really want it, can I get you something lighter or maybe a virgin version of this one?“
  • Yoosung looked at you, you were very pretty and looked really nice, but he didn’t like how you were felling pitty for him, he was a man, he could take this drink! So he refused.
  • “Okay… coming right up…” you answered reluctantly and went to prepare the drink. It was an expensive one, why did you care if he really didn’t want to drink? You handed over his drink and proceeded to service another customers
  •  A few minutes later, you looked at him, the boy looked very dizzy, you could tell he was going to pass out any minute.
  • “Hey… can I get you anything? Some water?”
  • “Could you tell me why I’m so pathetic?” Oh boy… you dealt with drunks all the time, just put them on a cab! Why were you so interested on what he had to say? He didn’t look pathetic to you, he just looked lonely and vulnerable…
  • “Excuse me?”
  • “I’m such a lame boy, am I not? I’m always worried about what other people think of me! I just came here because I didn’t want being called a loser, I took this because I wanted to impress you… I’m just… ugh…” well, he definitelly was making an impression
  • What could you say to this poor drunk guy? “Hey, listen to me: there’s nothing wrong about wanting to fit in with your friends and… impressing girls, but you have to speak up your mind so people can like you for who you really are, you can’t be a people pleaser all the time, or else you’re gonna lose your mind.”
  • “But it’s so f… so damn hard.” He whined, you tried to hold back a chuckle when he refused to swear. “How can I do that?”
  • “Well, there’s no set answer, but… just so you know, I really like how you’re not afraid to look vulnerable in front of me right now. It takes guts to show your insecurities, you know what I mean?” he nodded, you’re not sure if he is actually listening as he’s laying down his head on the balcony, oh shit! He’s gonna throw up!
  • You called his friends back and went with them outside until they got a cab, you couldn’t help but worry about this cute blonde guy.
  • “Bye, pretty ladyyyyy! I would kiss you if I hadn’t thrown up , so I hope you enjoy your tip”
  • It wasn’t a big tip, and yeah, a kiss wasn’t the best he could give you right now, but you appreciated his words.
  • The next day, he reminded talking to a nice girl, actually, he reminded making a fool of himself to a nice girl, so although he really would like to see her again, he felt really embarassed and never took courage to go to the sports bar again. Little did he know you would meet up again in the chat room a few weeks later.


  • It was a model’s agency event. Although he was really trying to stablish his carrer as a serious actor and take some distance from modeling jobs, his manager insisted that he had to attend
  • So there he was, listening over and over how handsome he looked. Not that he didn’t like being complemented on his looks, but… haven’t anybody in this lounge ever watched him on stage?
  • He went to the bar, he needed some drink to make this event bareble. He ordered whisky, since beer was not being served. It was a really fancy party.
  • You couldn’t take your eyes off of him, he looked strangely familiar, but… why?
  • He noticed you staring at him, and of course he thought you looked really pretty. “Hey… what’s up, lady?”
  • “Oh… sorry, I didn’t mean to stare, I…”
  • “You couldn’t help to think how good looking I am? Well, it happens…” he grinned.
  • “Yeah, so good looking and so modest too…” he gagged a little on his whisky “Oh my god! I’m so sorry! I was… just kidding. Shit, my boss told me I need to learn how to keep my mouth shut, I’m really sorry, sir…” he laughed at your despair and said it was fine, actually, your spontaneity was very refreshing in such a shallow environment
  • “But tell me… a gorgeous lady like you working as a bartender? You could easilly be one of those models right there, maybe even an actress!”
  • “I think you have to be tallented to be an actress, no? It’s not only about looks…”
  • “Yes, sure, but looks can help a little. I know it helps me, at least.” and now you were staring him again. “I KNEW IT! YOU ARE AN ACTOR|! I’VE SEEN YOU BEFORE!” he was surprised at first, but you looked so fascinated that he couldn’t help but smile “What are you even doing here? This is a model’s event”
  •  “Yeah… well, as I said, looks help a lot. I’m not that famous as an actor…” “Yet” you interrupted him and he blushed a little “Oh… yeah, yet, so… sometimes I just take these modelling gigs, but if I could, I would only work as an actor, even with all the struggling and the sacrifices on my personal life… did you know I don’t go out on a date for five years?.” Why was he suddenly talking about this? Maybe the whisky was stronger then he thought.
  • “Oh… don’t worry, I know one day you’re gonna find someone  who will help you with your struggle.”  “Maybe I just found her?” he thought, admiring her
  • He would stay the whole night talking to her, but his manager dragged him to meet new acquaintances. When he returned to the bar, you weren’t there anymore, maybe you got replaced because you couldn’t keep ypur mouth shut, he thought and chuckled a little. But he were really frustrated he didn’t even get your name.
  • So when you visit him during his route, you recognized each other immediately, and he knew this was fate and you two were meant to be.


  • It was a saturday and she decided to go to a quiet and small bar one of her colleagues talked about, they even served alcoholic drinks made of coffee, so that caught her attention
  • She ordered one of them, and you noticed when she pulled some papers out of her briefcase and started to work, very focused. You were impressed that she was working on a saturday,but felt bad since this was supposed a place to relax.
  • She picked her phone. “Yes, Mr. Han, I’m already on it… I’ll send to you tomorrow morning tops… what do you mean ‘a new cat project’? Right now? Ok, I’ll do a research and report to you asap. Goodbye.” Gosh… her voice was beautiful… even when she sounded so tired…
  • “Stop staring at the clients and focus! Why are you distracted?” your boss nagged at you  “S-Sorry,sir, I’ll…” “I let you at the balcony because the male clients come to you, but if you don’t focus, I’ll move you to reception. Actually, you’ll work on the balcony today and reception tomorrow, double shift, understood?” Great, now you working sunday night too… “Yes, of course”, what can you do? You really need the job…
  • The lady already finished her drink, so you went to take her glass, she ordered another one, and she observed you, your eyes locked when you were finishing her drink. “Tough day, huh?” you asked, “Tell me about it…” she replied and you both chuckle, sharing this subtle and bothering bond.
  • “Sorry you had to see this, I’m… I’m still new at this job and… well, who cares? I’m just here because I’m cute,apparently… oh, sorry, I… pretend I didn’t say that, I’ll…” you stop talking, pull yourself together!Why are you talking like this to a customer? To her?
  • “Hey, don’t… don’t feel bad about what your boss said about you attracting male customers. You’re very competent to your job, it’s not about your looks… I know that because this is really good” she pointed at the drink you made, you blushed and smiled, she seemed so cold at first sight, who knew that in addition to being beautiful, she was really nice and sympahetic?
  • “And don’t let your boss get to you, ok? He’s giving you this much job because he probably trust you’re gonna do a good work. Well… at lest that’s what I tell myself about my boss, that’s the only way I can endure him…”
  • “Oh right… you’re working right now, right?” and then she procceded to tell you this was one of the weird cat projects, which you couldn’t believe it was actually a thing, you two were laughing and telling stories about the bizarre things you had to do in your jobs because of your bosses. She was having fun with this smart, witty and sweet bartender, but… she had to go back to work.
  • Without thinking much, you took two shot glasses, poured some vodka and handed one to her. “To our bosses” you made an ironic toast and chugged, she did the same and laughed.
  • You talked a lot and you were living when she flirted a little to you, but when she started to tripping in her words, you realized she was too drunk  and called her a cab, wondering if she would remember you.
  • She had a vague memory of a really nice and beautiful lady, but wasn’t sure if it was real or a trick of her drunk mind, but decides to never go back to that place because the drinks were really heavy and she got too distracted from her job.
  • So when you two meet, she thinks you’re familiar somehow, but it took a long time for her to realize you were that bartender (and you were real!), which made her even happier about opening a cafe with you, because not only she got rid of her stressful job, she saved you from yours too.


  • It was an engagement party for his father. Maybe the second or third in less than two years? He didn’t know…
  • Always the same thing, the same compliments, the same futile people, the same women…
  • Trying to avoid these people, he sat on a corner of the bar, he noticed that the bartender were taking too long, then he saw you, looking through a little gap on the kitchen door, were you spying on something? Someone? Oh… what difference does it make? You should be working!
  •  He coughed to get your attention, and you promptly went to him, a little flustered
  • “Sorry, sir. What can I get you?” “Wine. And maybe a more focused bartender.” You were scared, oh shit! He looked like someone powerful enough to get you fired with a simple nod… “Yes, of course, I deeply apologize… It won’t happen again and…”
  • “MC! You’re missing! He’s gonna tell her the truth! He’s gonna tell her the truth!” one of your colleagues said, putting his head out of the kitchen, then he realized you were actually working. “Oh… nevermind, sorry.”
  • You poured his wine, but you looked aprehensive, which oddly surprised him, what was going on?
  • “What’s happening?” he asked casually. You thought you shoudn’t really talk about it. “Oh… nothing. Don’t worry, sir. Can I get you anything else?
  • “The truth. What’s happening?” you trembled a little, his tone was monotone and cold, but you were scared as if he was yelling. “Oh… it’s just… this soap opera… we were watching on the kitchen.”
  • “Which soap opera?” he asked looking at his glass of wine, you said the name and he finally looked at you, his eyes widened a little “He’s going to tell her he’s not really rich today?”
  • You were surprised and confused… “Y-Yes…she found the documents that prove his bankrupticy… and now she’s confronting him because she loves him, but he was lying this whole time!” you were surprised at yourself about how much you got carried by the plot, and apparently so was he.
  •  “Yes… it must be a shock, right? Thinking your partner is finnancially stable and then… find out he’s not.”
  • “Well, yeah… but I don’t think it’s about the money, it’s just… she loves him and really trusts him, if he lied about such a trivial thing, what else could he be hiding?”
  • “Trivial” he couldn’t hold back a little scoff “You think money is trivial?”
  • “No, of course not… I need money to live, but… it’s not the most important thing when it comes to relationships… specially the romantic ones, otherwise it’s just…”
  • “Business” he was following your thread of thoughts and chuckled “My dad’s fianceé could learn something with you.” What was he saying? He didn’t even drink this much wine…
  •  You didn’t know how to respond, but something in his eyes said he was really… sad, such beautiful dark eyes… He noticed you staring at him, you blushed furiously and looked away, which he thought it was very… amusing. “So… I’ve been very busy and missed a great amount of episodes, can you catch me up on the soap opera?”
  • “S-Sure.” You obliged, still afraid of being fired, but you really enjoyed talking about it for some reason. Whenever someone would approach you waiting for a drink, he would just glare and that person would walk away, scared of Chief Han’s son. And you went on to tell him everything. He was mesmerized, you talked so passionately and your eyes were so bright… he could listen you talk about whatever through all the night.
  • But he had to work the next day, so he called his driver and let you a generous tip, even though this wasn’t a regular bar and you both knew you did a poor job that night.
  • He though of you from time to time, but he never saw you again working on any of these events. Probably you got fired because you kept watching TV during work hours.
  • So when you go to this house during his route, he couldn’t be happier, this was just… perfect! He would hear you talk about everything, and there was no bartending job on the way this time.


  • He had this mission on a bar, apparently some business men were meeting there once in a week to seal some shady deals.
  • You noticed this redhead guy coming there every wednesday, he never ordered any drink or talked to anyone, he just ordered Dr. Pepper and stared at his phone.
  • You handed some random drink in front of him, he looked at you. “You’re gonna look very suspicious if you don’t order something with alcohol.” You whispered as you took a quick glance at the business men’s table, he looked too and noticed he was being observed. “Oh… thank you…” he genuinely thanked, how did he not notice he was being watched? And how did she notice?
  • “You’re welcome, officer” oh… she thought he was a cop! Probably she saw a lot of cops around here and noticed some pattern in their behavior, wow… she was smart! And really cute too.
  • “Oh no… I’m not… what you thinking, I’m…” whoa, what was he going to say? “I’m just…”
  • “Don’t worry, I don’t need to know” Right you were! “But I’m glad someone’s putting a stop to this. These guys are really rude! I’ve seem a bunch of thugs here, but these are the worst! I can’t believe the police didn’t shut down this place yet! Oh… I should stop talking, I know what happens to snitches” and you walked away from him, he knew you were doing the right thing, but… he didn’t really want to stop talking to you?
  • “Hey, can I ask you something?” he said while you washed some glasses, you looked at him a little concerned “Don’t worry, it’s not about them, it’s just…” he took a sip of the drink you gave him. “You… why does a girl like you work at a place like this?
  • “A girl like me?” “Yes, you look… so nice and… good, what are you doing here among these… guys?”
  •  “Oh well, I… didn’t know I don’t have the right look for this place”, he looked flustered, “Relax, I’m joking!” and you laughed, God, your laugh was really something…
  •  “I mean… there isn’t a look for a good person, right? A good person can look like me, you, that guy over there… oh, nevermind, he looks really evil”, he laughed, and you enjoyed making this cute guy laugh.
  •  “I don’t think I’m even close to looking like a good person, let alone actually being a good person…” he looked down, “Why do you say that?” you asked.
  • “Well, I… did awful things in my past…” “Well, haven’t we all? We all did something we’re not proud of. Doing bad things don’t turn you  in to a bad person right away, and… if you really regret it, then you’re really not bad, you’re just human.”
  • “Even when you hurt another human?” what was he doing? What was in this drink?
  • “ Well, I don’t know what happened to you, but… it looks like you really got hurt too, so… maybe you’re not that bad? Maybe you’re just… lost?”
  • He received a notification on his phone, indicating that he got all he needed, which made him relieved or soon enough he would be the one talking too much. What was with this girl and why he wanted to keep listening to her? Although she sounded a little naive, she was pretty smart, he would really like to know her thoughts about a lot of things in life.
  • He didn’t say anything else, just paid her and let a good tip. You felt confused, and a little sad, but you knew you crossed a line there.
  • He wanted to see you again, he didn’t even need to talk to you, just… see how you were doing. And he got a little concerned about your safety working on a filthy place like that, but the place shut down a couple of days later as you predicted and he never saw you again.
  • Until you ended up on the Messenger and he immediately recognized you, his heart skipped a beat and he knew he had to protect you, because yes, you were smart, but yet very reckless.
  •  And you tried your best not to cross that line with him again, but… we know you failed.


  • He was looking for the perfect target to proceed with the plan to destroy the RFA, it was a long hunt that night, but nobody met his expectations.
  • So he ended up at this pub, really frustrated, he sat at the balcony and you promptly went to him.
  • You poured his order and let a glass of water aside, explaining it was a very strong drink, so he better be careful and drink that water right after.
  • “Why do you even care?” He thought.
  • You went to attend another customer, and he saw the guy was drunk and trying to touch you, he even cat called you. You were very uncomfortable, but didn’t react.
  • When the guy tried to touch your boobs, Unknown lost it! He got up and went to the guy, he had a very threatening look, which shocked you, because he looked so calm and quiet.
  • He grabbed on the guy’s shirt and was about to punch him, but you stopped him.
  • “Please, it was nothing… I’m fine.”
  •  “No, you’re not! He was trying to touch you, why would you let him treat you like that?”
  • “I don’t want any trouble, please, let him go!” He looked at you, the pleading in your eyes hipnotized him for a little time, time enough for the guy to react and punch him instead, he felt confused and now even angrier.
  • “Okay, that’s it! I’m calling the police on both of you!” the guy ran away, scared. He was about to run too, but you grabbed his arm. “You’re bleeding”
  • “It’s nothing. I’m fine.” He wiped the blood of his mouth, but it kept on bleeding.
  • “No, you’re not! Here… sit here, I’m gonna get the first-aid kit, but you have to promise me you’ll go to a hospital later, ok? I’d go with you, but I can’t leave the work”
  • “Why would you go with me? You don’t even know me!”
  • “You don’t know me either, but yet you stepped up for me, right? It’s the least I could do. But… since I can’t, let me at least clean this for you” You took a gauze and wiped the wound on his upper lip. He was shivering with your touch and with the little distance between you two.
  •  “Why didn’t you let me hit him?”
  • “You two are customers, I can’t let two people getting hurt because of me.”
  • “Why do you even care about drunk assholes?”
  • “Well, it doesn’t really matter if he’s a drunk asshole. Nobody should get hurt if we can solve this in a different way, right? Would you let me fight for you over a silly thing like that?”
  • “You would probably lose, anyways. Ouch!” You pressed his mouth a little too hard. “Oops, sorry… my bad.” You said with a smirk, and he noticed you did on purpose, what an interesting girl…
  •  “Ok, you’re good to go, at least till you get to a hospital. Thank you for your help! Oh… and your drink is on me, sorry for the trouble.”
  • “Don’t be ridiculous!” he paid much more than the real price of the drink and what would be considered  a reasonable tip. What a weirdo…
  •  He never went to a hospital. Instead, he followed you to your house and managed to hack into your phone.
  •  You were the perfect bait!  Cute, caring, naive and took responsabilities easily,it will be great to have you in Paradise by his side when that time comes!

“I really can’t see the reason why you have to be jealous!” Jisoo shouted to you while following you to the room 

 "He keeps on being friendly with you! and i don’t like it! the way he hug you or even the way he looks at you!“ You said while packing your things from the cabinet. 

 You accompanied Jisoo to her work and you watched her do her job. But you don’t like how her co MC Jinyoung act around Jisoo he’s too clingy

. “It is part of our job y/n! What do you want to me to do? quit my job as an MC in Inkigayo because you’re jealous?! Think y/n! Why can’t you just trust me? do you think that our relationship will work this way?! for god’s sake y/n we’ve been fighting this ever since! Every sunday we keep on fighting!”

 "I won’t be mad if he’s not too fucking friendly with you!“ You shouted back. You sat on her bed while she’s standing near the door. you ran your fingers through your hair and looked down. 

 "i love you, isn’t that enough?” she came near you and sat on the floor. 

“I’m so y/n” “You’re tired of me already?” You started to cry because you’re also tired of everything. Every sunday this is the reason you fight. Ever since she started working in Inkigayo you never stopped fighting since Jinyoung and Jisoo always on touch. 

 "I am, y/n. i’m so tired. but i’m not going to give up on you. we just need time for ourselves.“ She said to you while she’s wiping your tears. “Let’s-”

“I told you not to say that every time you’re emotional right? please no i don’t want to” You said and you grabbed your bag besides you and rushed outside the room. You heard her called you but you didn’t stopped. 

You’re walking with your head down while crying. It’s raining and you keep on bumping to other people. You’re heart aches so much when you remember that Jisoo wants to break up with you because of your childish act. You can’t stop thinking that Jisoo might have a feelings for Jinyoung already because she always get so excited when it’s Sunday and during weekdays you can see them texting each other. You keep on walking and you don’t know where you are going. You don’t even know where are you now right now. You get your earphones from your bag and put it in your ears and you played “Last Dance” by Bigbang. You keep on walking and you didn’t realize that you’re in a pedestrian lane already and it’s on a green light. You looked on your right side and you can see nothing but light until you hear a loud crash your whole vision became black.

“Y/N!” ㅡ

Jisoo saw how you got into an accident, how you roll over the car. She came running to you trying to wake you up.

“Wake up babe please, wake up” she keep on tapping your bloody cheeks, even thought you’re full of blood she keeps on hugging you saying how sorry she was.

“Call an ambulance! Please help me don’t let her die!” She keep on shouting that someone should call an ambulance.

“Please babe please wake up don’t leave me like this. please don’t just throw our 3 years relationship like this babe please wake up” she can’t stop crying while hugging a bloody body of yours until an ambulance came.

The nurses came and put your body in a stretcher and into the ambulance, Jisoo came too holding your hands while your vital signs are dropping. “Please babe hold on please, i’m sorry i love you so much don’t leave me”

You’re in the operation room while Jisoo is waiting outside. the rest of the girls came and helped jisoo changed her bloody clothes into clean one. They’re still waiting for you when a nurse suddenly came out of the operation room running to get some blood packs for you. yes, you’re in a critical condition where you lost a lot of blood, broken glass in some parts of your body and a broken ribs and worse you got you head bleeding.

It’s been 1 week since your accident and you’re still unconscious. Jisoo is totally wrecked ever since. She’s not herself during rehearsals, she’s not eating well nor sleeping. She’s just seating in the chair besides your bed holding your hand waiting for you to comeback.

“Y/n, i’m sorry baby for doing this to you, for making you jealous for hurting you i’m sorry. i love you so much y/n please don’t leave me. i don’t know what to do please. i need you my strenght my everything. the one who’s giving me the motivation to work to practice babe please” she keeps on whispering how much she loves you and how sorry she was.

until the day came…..

“Unnie you need to eat”

“I don’t have any appetite to eat Jennie stop”

“ugh…hhhhhmmmm” you’re trying to move your body but all the parts of your body is aching even your head is.

“OH MY GOD LISA CALL A NURSE” Jennie said while shaking, she saw you move and made a noise. “Babe babe babe” A voice keeps on repeating those words. you can’t figure out whose voice is it. While gaining your black vision you saw a Jennie, Lisa, Rosé and a girl you don’t know who around your bed.

“Thank you so much you’re back” The unknown girl told you while touching your face. “Who are you?” You asked. The four girls is shocked with what you said. “Me you know me?” Lisa asked. “Of course our maknae” you said with a smile.

“How bout me?” Jennie asked. “Yes of course our meanie leader” “Me?” Rosé asked with a soft face. “Yes of course my rosie” you said. “This is a bad joke y/n” the unknown girl said. “Huh?” you’re so clueless because she’s talking to you like you know her but you don’t.

She stood up and left the room while sleep is taking all over you…. Jisoo found herself crying outside the hospital her knees are weak, she’s blaming herself for all of this. Jennie and Rosie stayed inside the room while the doctor is explaining what happened to y/n. Jisoo sat in a rock and cried. She loves you so much and she keeps on thinking one of the deep conversation you and jisoo shared.


Jisoo just finished her vocal lesson, she came home exhausted. While you’re comfortably lying on the couch while watching The Vow with Dalgom. She came to you kissed your lips.

“Hi jagi” she said while she keeps on giving you kisses on the lips. She put dalgom down. and she cuddled up with you. You wrapped your arms around her waist and your chin on her shoulder. “Babe, what if i lost memories what will you do?” Jisoo asked you while looking at the tv. “Hmmm. i will make you fall inlove with me again” You said while kissing her neck. “You won’t give up?” Jisoo asked while turning her head towards you. “Yup” and she kissed your lips. ~

It’s been months since the day of your accident and jisoo is still consistent about making you fall inlove with her again. Jisoo is losing hope, because you’re getting close with Twice’s Nayeon. Nayeon is not aware about your relationship with Jisoo they really kept it a secret from others except the family and the other members. But Jisoo doesn’t know what you feel towards her.

“Nayeon, how do you know when you love someone?” You asked Nayeon while waiting for the coffee you both ordered. “When you can’t stop thinking about her… why? you think you’re inlove? who’s the unlucky girl?” Nayeon asked you with a face that’s teasing you.

“Jisoo. Damn it like i really can’t stop thinking bout her. it’s like i’ve known her ever since and it’s like we have a deep connection with each other. When i was hospitalized she was there every single day she keeps on reminding me about how cool our friendship was. but why does she’s the only one i can’t remember? …….is it because I’m inlove with her before the accident?” you suddenly became dizzy after talking and jisoo’s face appeared on your mind.

Thousands of memories flashed through your mind. The kisses the cuddles the fight the first i love you the first everything you did with jisoo you remembered everything. You remembered how much you loved her. And then suddenly everything became black.


You woke up in a hospital bed and someone is sleeping besides you while holding your hand. And it’s her. The love of your life. Jisoo. She woke up when she felt you moved and she looked at you with her puffy red eyes. You carefully reached for her face and you tucked her hair in her ears.

“I love you my everything” you whispered. and you felt a warm liquid running throught your cheeks.
How to start your day [Thomas Jefferson x Reader]

[A/N] here’s some tjeffs fluff for y'all! I really feel like writing some headcanons so if you want - requests are OPEN! Imagine requests are open as well so… 😉 send me some ❤

Summary: just pure, cuddly, fluffy fluff, a lazy Saturday morning. Anon, I hope there was enough kissing and cuddling (although the reader isn’t sad). Hope you’ll like it!


Slowly opening your eyes and blinking away the sleep, you shifted in your bed and hugged the covers closer to your body. For some reason you were always cold in the morning, but it was pretty helpful to have your husband’s muscular arms wrapped around you.

You moved closer to Thomas’ sleeping form and cuddled up to him as he hugged you tighter from behind. For a few moments you just ran your fingers up and down his right arm in hopes of waking him up, and gave up eventually when you got no response. After a couple of careful movements you turned around in his embrace so you were now facing him.

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Worth 10

When he threw the door open you were sitting on the couch reading a book, still mad at him.

“Do you have something you want to tell me?” Eric asked you.

“What do you mean?” you replied.

“Last chance, Y/N, do you have something to confess to me? Tell. Me. NOW,” he stated angrily.

You knew exactly what he wanted to hear, you knew he knew.

“Er, ahmm, Tyler kissed me,” you said, feeling embarrassed.

“Why did you lie to me?” Eric asked you.

“I never lied to you, I just didn’t want to upset you. It didn’t mean anything and he knows that, he knows I love you,” you said, with tears brimming in your eyes.

“So you thought it was better to hide it from me? He came to me for forgiveness because he felt guilty, but you didn’t, you decided it was better not to tell me. To hide it from me. You’re such a hypocrite,” you fell in love with the harsh cruel Eric and that was the man you love, but he was going too far.

“But I didn’t do anything, he was the one who kissed me, I didn’t even kiss him back, I pushed him away and now you’re accusing me? That’s not fair, Eric,” you were crying compulsively, he was hurting you on levels he could never understand.

“You should have told me, Y/N, you should have told me,” he said storming out the door and leaving you in a thousand pieces.

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valentine’s day surprise

A/N: this oneshot is the reason why i probably failed my exam but yOLO. Anyways, here’s a bunch of Rucas FLUFF and Zay being the best bff ever. I hope you guys enjoy as always! :) xo
Words: 920 words


“Luke, you promised,” Zay points out, shooting him a knowing look. 

“I know. I didn’t realize you wanted to do this on Valentine’s Day!” Lucas protests, leaning his elbows on his knees as he clasps his hands together.

“There’s no way you could be busy considering Riley’s in California and we’re in New York.”

“Don’t remind me,” He grunts, shaking his head. “You know what sucks is that we couldn’t even spend Christmas together?”

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Sleepover Sunday

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Adam & Ronan

~ It’s not that faithful to the books. I just wanted to write some something with these two great characters. ~

‘So, what did you forget?’ Ronan’s voice asked; simple ‘Hello’ wasn’t an option.

‘Conditioner, sunglasses and my Latin dictionary.’ said Adam, holding the phone by his shoulder, while he was taking empty boxes downstairs to the garbage bin.

‘That may or may not be my doing.’

‘Ronan! I’m going to need this dictionary!’

‘No, what you going to need is a way to translate shit. I’m your way.’ Ronan simply said. Adam tossed the boxes into the container and grabbed the phone in his one hand, using the other to cover his eyes from the light of the setting sun. The campus looked amazing and peaceful; Adam insisted on coming here couple days earlier than everybody else would, so he could get to know the place. His dorm room was in a low, three condition building, one of many on both sides of wide sidewalk filled with trees and benches. Adam decided it was warm enough for him to take a walk around.

‘I can’t call you in the middle of the night while I’m doing my homework, because I forgot what consuetudine means.’

‘Well, I’m not stopping you. Also, my seventeen century friend, we have internet now. You can just check it on Google.’

‘So, your thievery was completely unnecessary?’

‘I didn’t say that you are going to use Google. It’s just for emergencies, when I’m not picking the phone. But you shouldn’t count on that. I am picking the phone.’ Adam could not supress the smile hearing determination in Ronan’s voice.

The one problem with him arriving here earlier was that he cut three days out of his time with Ronan. Three days of what was an idyllic summer at the Barns, filled with calm, restful nights and long, pleasant days. Four words he never fought he would be using to describe his life. Well, it was also satisfying (another new word). Especially after he get his acceptance letter from Cardanial University and they both, Ronan and he, started to feel that their time together has sort of an end date. Adam moved to Ronan, because there was no point in keeping his old place, and quitted all his jobs but one. Ronan kept telling him to abandoned it all, but Adam didn’t want to; he didn’t want to lose the appreciation of hard-worked money. So, three times a week he drove to the old Church, where he was tasked with renovating benches, confessionals and other wooden elements that needed polishing and impregnation. Then in the evening Ronan would show and they both would go and meet Gansey and Blue at the bar or, if the couple was on the road, sometimes to 300 Fox Way. The psychics there were not at all confused or surprised by their relationship, what Ronan found upsetting. Not that he wanted or expected homophobia or anything like that, but the whole thing was for him too close to fate and destiny and souls being bond to be with each other bullshit. Either way, they popped at 300 Fox Way now and then, where Adam would get some more lessons on card reading and Ronan would get into disputes with Orla and Jimi. It really was an idyllic summer.

‘So, what are you up to now?’ Ronan asked.

‘Not much. I’m walking through campus.’

‘Something interesting?’

‘Nothing. All of it. I don’t know. It feels like home, you know? Lawns, big trees, statues… It feels good.’

Maybe it wasn’t the best thing, telling Ronan that he feels great here, without him, but that was the truth. Well, not the part where they are separated, but Adam felt… welcomed. This new-old place felt like he belonged there, with sandy buildings, open spaces, bronze figures and big library in the centre. Of course, it all hasn’t even started yet, but it was looking good as far as he could tell.

‘I’m glad. But I hope it doesn’t mean that we could be having fucking awesome outdoors sex right now and I could drop you there on Sunday.’

Adam laughed, shaking his head. He knew Ronan good enough to know that he’s masking some other feelings with this pretentious statement. Not that it wasn’t true; Adam wouldn’t be mad if some fucking awesome outdoors sex with Ronan was happening right now.

‘You know that I have a job interview tomorrow morning, I need to be here.’

‘You’re already hired! They even have your measurements for some stupid uniform.’

‘It’s not uniform, it’s just an apron.’

‘They don’t need to standardize you for you to operate a coffee machine’ Ronan snorted.

‘No, but that’s how you make a brand. And it’s also because of some sanitary requirements. Don’t be an ass.’

‘I can’t, that’s my factory setting. Anyway, have you seen the place already?’

‘No, the café is on the other side, couple buildings behind the library. I don’t feel like going there today.’

‘And what do you feel like?’


‘No, lie to me.’

‘Shut up, asshole’ another little outburst of Adam’s laughing. ‘I feel like you should be next to me.’

Although Adam did feel welcome here, it was strange to not be with Ronan now. Since their first night at the Barns, before the whole Glendower escapade ended, they weren’t without one another for more than twelve hours and they always knew that they are going to see each other the same day or night. Their relationship was addicting. But it wasn’t like with Blue or in all those movies. They weren’t holding hands in public, practising PDA or talking about it with other people or even with themselves. They weren’t for show-off. Yet at the same time it was so intense, so consuming, so overwhelming. When they were alone they were all hands and mouths and butterfly touches followed by hard grips and being out of breath and lying awake in the middle of the night, skin to skin. Nothing Adam ever felt, even Cabeswather, nothing could compare to being with Ronan.

Now, he was going to spend so much time without him. Right, the Barns were only like four hours’ drive, three if you let Ronan go his normal speed, it wasn’t another country or continent or even opposite side of the States, but still. He came here to do his own things, the ones he always worked so hard for. It wasn’t Ronan’s world, even if Adam pitched the idea to him a couple of times.

‘You know, you can always quit. I’ll be right back in a split second and we’ll pack you ever faster.’


‘I know. I’m just kidding. Well, maybe a little not. But I miss you, too. Already.’

‘We’ll call each other every evening. Of course, if you’ll learn how to answer the phone.’

‘I know how to answer the phone, jackass. I just don’t care about it. But I care about you. Who knows, maybe I’ll even text you sometimes.’

‘No way!’

‘Yeah. What about some steamy fantasies in the middle of a class? That should be fun.’

‘Yes, especially when I’ll be going to the blackboard with a boner. Maybe I’ll just power off my phone for the classes.’

‘Don’t you even dare.’

Adam felt a shiver come down his spine. Even though they never used the word ‘love’, they both had their own ways of saying it. Ronan’s was words mixed with anger, possessiveness, dependence and neediness. Adam’s was touches, filled with the same emotions. They both knew how it works; neither of them needed long, sappy declaration. Well, maybe until now, who knows.

Eric’s 36th birthday

Okay so this is something I cooked up, sitting here in tears and sobbing hysterically. I thought it would be nice to get a little glimpse of what Eric’s life could have turned out to be. So this is playing in the future where you and Eric are married with children. Enjoy … or don’t. I’m such a mess right now that I can’t even worry whether this is good or not, I’ll continue crying anyway. It might be a bit too long though, sorry I got carried away once more.

!ALSO! This is an addition to an imagine I wrote already. It’s about meeting Eric at Rampart Range. SO this is 18 years later kind of thing, it would help to read the other imagine first but you don’t have to. If you want to just type in ‘meeting eric at rampart range’! You should find it pretty quickly :)

Today was Sunday and also Eric’s birthday. You were already busy in the kitchen since 7 a.m. Your littlest one Valerie had decided a few days ago that she didn’t want to eat ‘all the cute animals’ anymore, having an early phase of vegetarianism. However she did not understand that her beloved salami was also made out of meat no matter how often you and Eric tried to explain to her. Anyway, here you stood, cooking two different meals, one with meat and one for Valerie and baked a cake.

Valerie had been Eric’s choice. At first he wanted to name your children Mickey and Mallory. He and Dylan swooned over that damn movie Natural born killers and you didn’t have a problem with that but naming your children Mickey and Mallory? You had have some heated debates about those names and that night Eric had slept on the couch.

When your now 7 year old boy Jonathan was born Eric allowed you to name him after your father who died one month before because of cancer and could not get to know his grandson. Valerie came two years after Jonathan and the pregnancy was a wild ride. You had so many complications and she even came two months earlier by abdominal delivery. The doctor told Eric that she would likely not survive while you had still not woken up from your anesthesia. Eric was allowed to see her that night to say goodbye and named her Valerie because it meant power and strong-willed. And since then Valerie had shown exactly these traits. She survived that night and the two month stay in the hospital afterwards.

“Didn’t I tell you not to apply that much effort today?”

Eric gave you a quick good morning kiss on the forehead and regarded the mess in the kitchen.

“Why are you already awake, you shouldn’t be awake!”

You asked him nervously, trying to shield the cake from his view. You had decorated it with everything Eric liked. Computers, movies, your children, his former dog Sparky, his car, his friends and you even put a ‘R’ on it for Rammstein but you could not spell it full because of the children that would be present that day.

You heard the sound of the coffee brewer and the rattling of cups, meaning that Eric was taking his morning coffe and you decided to fnish the cake later since he would sit down now and read the newspaper like every morning. You watched as he began to clean the kitchen.

“You are always making such a big deal out of birthdays.”

He mumbled while he trashed countless packagings of flour and chocolate icing. You sighed and took his coffee, placed it on the table and forced him to sit down. Eric growled in protest but you wouldn’t endure him and his constent mania for cleaning right now.

“Are the children already awake?”

“Jonathan yes. Valerie is still sleeping like a log.”

He answered and began to read the newspaper but that did not stop him from watching you warily as you cleaned up.

“Don’t be so grumpy, it’s your birthday!”

You said and bowed down to kiss him briefly on the cheek.

“You mean one more year on the scale and three more lines on my face.”

You laughed and took the newspaper out of his hands, placing it on the table while you sat down on his lap.

“Oh I think you are still very much handsome Mister!”

Eric smiled and perked his eyebrows up.

“Mh Mrs. Harris. I can only reciprocate that. You look so hot covered in chocolate icing and dough.”

You giggled and leaned in to kiss him. Eric took one of your legs and hooked it over his closed ones so that you were straddling him properly. Moments like this were so rarely considering you both had two little children and Eric his full-time job at the marines. It was already a miracle when you were able to spend two seconds alone. You sighed as Eric opened your mouth with his tongue and softly dug his fingers in your hips, pulling you closer to his crotch.

“Mom! Jonathan won’t let me use the bathroom!”

You sudddenly heard a little scream and tiny footsteps down the stairs. You groaned in frustration and Eric sighed disappointed as you stood up. A tiny and angry Valerie stumbled into the kitchen.

“I need to pee and Jonathan won’t open the bathroom!”

She said and stamped her foot.

“Okay come on. We’ll talk to your brother.”

Eric said and easily threw the 5 year old toddler over his shoulder. You watched with a smile as your husband carried your daughter lovingly away, wondering how in earth you had deserved this life before the microwave rang and reminded you of the chocolate icing for the cake.

Eventually Eric managed to smooth down differences between your children so that Valerie could pee and even dressed them before they came down the stairs, squeaking happily.

“When’s Dylan coming over?”

You asked while setting the table.

“I don’t know, he, Robyn and Ivy are stuck in a traffic jam. By the way they asked me to be the godfather of their son.”

Eric and Dylan were swooning over their kids long before they hadn’t even been born. They always talked about marrying them off to each other and stuff like that. You were already Ivy’s godmother, Robyn was Valerie’s and Dylan was Jonathan’s godfather. Now Eric would be the godfather to the second boy of your clique.

“They know it’s a boy? I thought they wanted to wait until birth with the gender reveal.”

You said slightly confused but still happy for Eric and Dylan that it was a boy. Now their whole marriage concept would work out perfectly, at least in their unrealistic fantasy.

“Yes, Dylan told me yesterday. They couldn’t wait anymore.”

A little while later everyone arrived at short intervals. First came Kathy and Wayne and your parents. Kevin and Lydia came with their children Kathleen and David. Not shortly after the bell rang again and you opened the door to Dylan and a severe pregnant Robyn accompanied by their daughter Ivy. Your children were already screeching happilly when they saw their cousins and Ivy. The last one to arrive was Brooks.

It was pure chaos. Birthday parties always were. Jonathan had pushed Ivy so that the little girl started crying hysterically and Dylan tried his best to calm his daughter while Eric gave Jonathan a warning. Then Valerie threw a temper tantrum because everyone else was eating meat and she couldn’t understand that everyone could decide for themselves what to eat.

And so it was obvious that you were glad when you could escape that little Armageddon in there, by leaving the house for a second and went onto the terrace. It was cold but pleasant, typical weather for April. You walked until the end of the terrace, having a beautiful view over Littleton. To be honest, you would have never thought that Eric and you would stay here when you married but this town here meant so much to the both of you. You met here at Rampart Range, had have the most hilarious days in school together and practically developed your relationship here.

You turned around quickly when you heard the sudden noise from inside, watching as Eric slid the glass terrace door open before he closed it again and shut out the noise coming from inside. He walked over to you with a smile on his lips and a blanket in his hands. You smiled as he gently wrapped it around your shoulders. 15 years of marriage and he still treated you like the first day you both met when he gave you his shirt to sit on.

“What are the children doing?”

You asked and Eric pulled you back slightly so that you were leaning against his chest, wrapping his arms around you.

“They keep my brother, Brooks and Dylan busy.”

He grinned and you both laughed. You sighed happily and relaxed into Eric’s strong grip. There was nothing that let you feel more at ease than having him near you. You both stood there for a few minutes, just silently starring into the clear night sky. You felt like you both were 18 again.

“Do you remember that day at Rampart Range? When you left me the note in my jacket and told me to meet you there? We watched the stars back then like we do now.”

You said and could not opress a smile at the memory.


Eric said, remembering what you had said about the stars that night.

“I could never forget that day. I don’t know how my life would have turned out to be if you wouldn’t have shown up but I know I’d rather die tomorrow than never have gotten the chance to know you. You saved me from a lot of things.”

“Oh yeah like that plan Dylan and you had to shoot up our school?”

You asked and Eric nodded.

“Yes, thank god we didn’t go through with that.”

He said chuckling. You grasped his hand and brought it to your mouth, pressing a kiss to the back.

“Happy 36th birthday Eric.”

You said and looked over your shoulder back at him in the dim moonlight before you leaned in to kiss him.

“And let’s hope there are a lot more to come!”

Eric smiled at you.

“Thank you babe. As long as you are by my side through all this years I’m okay with 50 more birthdays.”

You laughed and were pleasently surprised when no child suddenly screamed or ran outside to disturb you both like usually. It was one of this rare moments that you wished would last forever. You knew it wouldn’t but you would enjoy it to the fullest.

Thinking Out Loud- Part 11

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Pairing: Carlisle x OC / Bella x Edward

Words: 3821

Hey guys, so it’s past midnight over here and I had a long week. This is probably full of grammatical horrors which will make your eyes bleed and I’m very sorry about that. Plus, I haven’t proofread it so I hope I didn’t write too many stupid things.

I really hope you’ll like it! Don’t hesitate to let me know what you think! Feedback is always appreciated and very encouraging!


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In a week’s time - Day 1

My first (and late x_x) submission for @dianakko-week!

Diana Cavendish was leading her classmate Akko by her hand, along the old, almost overgrown path. It was in the middle of the night, and Diana tried to follow the small path with her wand lighting up the way. Though since the sky was starry tonight, she would have probably been fine without it. Afterall, she had walked on this trail countless of times.

“Diana!! You’re going so fast! My arm is gonna hurt..” The Japanese girl pleaded.

“Do not worry, we are almost there now.” Diana reassured her.

“But where?” Akko inquired, slightly riled up.

“You will see!” Diana exclaimed playfully.

“But..! Hmmph!” Akko gave up trying to coax Diana to reveal their destination.

The two girls were currently on summer break from their second year at Luna Nova Academy. Diana had invited Akko for a proper stay at her house, unlike last time, where the Japanese girl had more or less made herself a surprise guest at the manor. Now however, Diana had a surprise in store for Akko.

It all had started with an offhand comment by Akko. Diana had overheard Akko during a class, talking about stars with her teammates.

“I haven’t actually stargazed once in my life.” Akko had lamented. “Back home the night sky is always too bright, leaving few stars that can actually be seen.”

“Weren’t you literally in space last year?” Sucy had commented snarkily. “Couldn’t you have watched them then until your head would burst?”

“Arggh! Sucy!” Akko had made a frustrated pout. “Of course I’ve seen stars before! But you know what I mean. Like lying down on a field and watching the stars for hours with someone! I would love to do that someday!”

The brunette’s eyes had sparkled while speaking dreamily of her little fantasy.

Diana had instantly hatched a plan in her head when she heard of this. The British countrygirl had gone stargazing with her mother an innumerable times as a kid. During the summers the two would go on a short hike from Cavendish manor to a small hill on their grounds. Diana could still remember all the stories her mother had told, with only the vast expanse of stars above them as onlookers.
This was definitely something she and Akko must do, Diana had thought to herself.

After the two girls had exited a grove along the trail, they finally reached the field with the hill from Diana’s childhood memories. The hill was actually a lot smaller than she remembered, it was just a grassy knoll. But she knew she wasn’t mistaken.

Diana began to unpack the neat, compact backpack she had brought. A plaid for them to lie on. Two cups and a thermos with hot chocolate, that she insisted to her maids that she would prepare herself. She had also brought two knitted wool sweaters to wear when it would get too cold in the summer night.

“So what is it that you wanted to show me?” Akko wondered, a bit exhausted after the hike.

Diana was already sitting down on the plaid and tried to signal to Akko to sit by her side, by patting the spot next to herself on the folded out plaid.

“Come here.” The young blonde instructed.

After Akko sat herself down, the young noblewoman simply had pointed up towards the sky. She turned out the light from her wand, letting only the starry night sky be the surrounding light.

“Ooohhh.” Akko simply exclaimed, awed by the tapestry in the sky above her.

The milky way stretched across their zenith, surrounded by an unfathomable amount of stars and numerous constellations.

“Wow, it is so pretty!” Akko cried out still amazed. “There are way more stars than I ever thought!”

Diana smiled serenely to herself while looking at Akko. Akko didn’t notice, she was too busy excitedly pointing out the constellations she recognized. She had seen those three almost lined up stars before, or that constellation that looked like a ‘W’ or an ‘M’, depending on the angle. And, of course, the one that probably meant the most to her: the Big Dipper. Grand Chariot.

“I have never seen all of it before.” Akko told while pointing up in the sky. “Just the seven stars at the end. That’s Ursa Major, right?”

“Yes, that would be right” Diana answered. “The same constellation that Chariot is named after. It really is fitting that she got Arcas as a familiar.”

“Huh.. I have never thought of that before!” Akko sounded a bit bewildered. “That must really have been fate.”

“Perhaps.” Diana chuckled. “Just how it was fate that we met.”

Diana followed up with a gentle kiss on Akko’s cheek. Not even the stars could reveal the blush that had flared up on the brunette’s cheeks, but Diana could tell from the girl’s muffled silence anyway.

The girls had eventually lied down on the plaid instead, tired from sitting. Diana had spent a long time telling the stories from her mom about the stars and Akko had been eagerly listening next to her. Though after a while the responses from Akko had gotten slower and fewer in between. The young witch had eventually put her head on Diana’s shoulder, along with some unconvincing reassurances that she was “totally not falling asleep”.

“Dianaaa..” Akko slurred slowly, making it apparent that she was barely awake.

“Yes?” Diana answered, slightly amused by the sleepy girl next to her.

“You.. aree.. the prettiest.. star.. to meee.. ”

Diana’s cheeks got rosy from the comment by the lovely sleepyhead next to her.
Akko was already sound asleep before she even got a chance to answer. The young blonde witch simply petted the brunette. She knew that she had to wake up the Japanese girl eventually, but right now, the warmth from Akko was all she wanted.

The Botanist;

I heard someone shouting out the driveway. I live in a small compound designed to look Italian or Greek. European. Let’s keep it safe at that. Colored white and blue but the verandas resembled more the Italian homes you see in movies. The walls ran drip stains on the sides. The lack of care from the old landlord was apparent. I have lived here for a year now and became friends with almost every neighbor but the one at the far end, left side of the 8-apartment compound. 4 houses on either side facing directly each other. All noise from any of them audible even from the depths of the lonely bedroom I occupy.

Instinctively, I went out. The kids from the house at the right side end have glued their eyes already in their dirty feet, their hands fidgeted on their tail end. I was watching a movie that Sunday afternoon. It was boring and I wanted something to distract me and that moment felt perfect even if the glum look on the kids’ faces made me frown too. Two plant pots scattered its contents on the floor. Some exotic looking plant laid flat looking more lifeless than it usually does. The other plant stood still yet as lifeless as the other. The man shouted shifting his stare from the kids to the plants. His right index finger stiffened. I couldn’t see his left hand from the angle but I imagined it tighten bit by bit on the adjacent hip.

He was screaming about how precious the plants were.

He was screaming. He was red. The kids were gray.

One of the kids, Angelo, shifted his eyes to me almost teary eyed almost pleading for salvation. By this time more and more people were coming out of their houses as he raised his voice saying “don’t you look at him asking for help.” I got the taste of the stiff index finger he had been brandishing about. “Look at me and apologize,” he said repeatedly. With all the meager force Angelo could muster, he said sorry. Rafael (or Raf-Raf as I call usually call him) looked at his brother either in dismay or in envy for having such strength to speak. Rafael remained speechless the entire time. Two small basketballs stopped rolling from the other end, the ones they played with to break the two pots.

They were being (poorly) babysat by an unfamiliar teenager. She was the last person to go out. She wiped her still wet hands on the back of her faded red shirt. It resembled the words high school but I couldn’t figure out which one it was. Probably from a city far from here.

Her face was stretched into a shock, she too was stunned at the very same area the kids stood. The screaming went on for another minute and I still haven’t said anything being the first person to witness the scolding. I occupied the second door on the left which is the same side as the man’s. I stood my half a square meter of a veranda almost leaning on the wall avoiding to look comfortable. Beside me walked a tall woman from the house beside me. The daughter of the old landlord. She shook her head slightly, “hello, what’s going on?”

“They broke my pots!” the man said struggling not to stutter. He said the same things in a calmer sort of anger as what he said to the kids before. I asked myself: why do older people talk to each other differently than to kids? The two kids finally moved two steps back with the help of their babysitter. Even the old landlord’s daughter was puzzled when she saw her face.

The situation hushed down but the intensity of the man’s exclaims still lingered in the air. Half of the remaining doors closed, the occupant of the unit in front of me smiled uncomfortably before doing so. I stayed there making myself more comfortable against the wall. The movie inside my living room kept playing through. I wished it would already end when I come back.

Rafael and Angelo were the only kids in this compound. The other apartments housed two more babies from two newlyweds. The kids have no one else to play with at home but each other. The daughter motioned the babysitter that she can already walk the kids in. Usually when they do we can still hear them play except for today. Within the same minute, everyone else has gone in but me. The two adults weren’t even aware I was still standing there. I hoped for any information why the plants were so special.

A few minutes more, the daughter walked my way again, slowed down, smiled, and shook her head. She mustn’t have understood the sentiments of the man why the plants were so special. The babysitter ran out once more to tell the man she will clean the mess herself. The man, already crouching to pick up the lifeless plant, waved his hand, “it’s okay, just go in.”

From the angry man the he was not 15 minutes ago he became the most careful person I have seen. His movements even seemed calculated. Like fixing a bed in the morning. Like a devoted encoffiner. He was suddenly distracted by my presence but continued in what seemed a crucial activity for something he hoped wouldn’t happen. He suddenly spoke as if in monologue.

“I have seen you there since earlier. You haven’t moved much and it’s weird.” He paused but he didn’t want me to answer. “Why you’re there, I’m pretty sure because you’re wondering why I was so angry earlier. I’m not angry anymore, don’t worry. I won’t blare at you. The kids were just having fun and I can’t be angry about that. I might buy the kids some candies later today or a cake. What do you think?” but even in an actual question, it still seemed he didn’t want me to answer. “You know,”

“I’m a botanist. I have been studying science almost my entire life. Even when I was young I especially dreamed of becoming a plant scientist. It’s not just because I think they’re pretty. Or they’re harmless and fragile. I mainly relied on herbal medications growing up. And yes, you guessed it right, at least one of my parents must be a botanist as well.

“I’m pretty sure you haven’t heard of my mother’s name but she’s a pretty big deal in the field of botany. She homeschooled me mainly because she usually went on trips. My father died when I was young so no one else would be there if I didn’t go with my mother on her trips. Funny thing, even in science, a lot of shagging happens. A huge part of my life was spent in hotel rooms and I was used to hearing my mother sneak out although not very carefully.”

Slowly and carefully, he continued fixing the mess. There is now some degree of grace in his movements. I still took his pause as a dramatic punctuation and not a chance for me to speak. I won’t even have any input in the topic he chose to share.

“That’s where I met Sarah. I know, yeah, a very typical name for a daughter of a scientist. There were a lot of tropical plants at that time. And one of them was this plant. It can live a long time if given sufficient care. I wanted to keep it in to be safe but it really needs to be out for air and sun. Sarah and I were the only kids in that seminar so we kinda had no choice but to be with each other. Besides, our parents were good friends and teammates.” He chuckled, I finally sat. “I’m not sure if our parents slept with each other that night, though.

“This is a cycad that my mother’s team crossbred. This one, I tried this on my own after my mother died. I saw Sarah once more during the burial but she couldn’t remember me that well until she extended her condolences. Her father sat in front of her on a wheelchair. She still looked beautiful as then when we were kids. She was the one who threw the same plant into my mother’s grave.” He looked at me and smiled trying to know if I’m still interested in the story. For the first time, I said something: go on.

“All right. This won’t last long anymore, I’m about done fixing this anyway. So yeah, I asked her out and we went out thrice. We weren’t the best pair together but she was the woman of my dreams. Until this happened. I kept this plant alive because it kept the image and the memory of her. More of her than of my mother. She’s been married for 10 years now. My mother died 11 years ago. I don’t even see the point of keeping this plant anymore and I needed a reason to let it go.”

He paused. I didn’t answer. He carried the remnants of what was a lifeless-looking cycad. I sat there and stared at the clouds. I heard shouting in the living room and I realized the movie was still on.

Rundown 5-13-17

Little housekeeping! I think I’m going to start doing these on Saturdays now. I have a nice chunk of time every Friday night to pre-write weekend posts and it would make my Friday mornings a little less “shit, shit, shit” to divert the weekly review to be posted on Saturday instead. That’s it!

On the Docket for the Weekend

Buying those damn shoes. Right Meow! I’m looking for something really casual and slip on. The pair I have right now are super dirty and falling apart. Smelly. My running shoes should probably still be good for a few more months. I should wait closer to my half marathon calendar to replace those anyway.

Weekend Workouts. I have my leg and back today and Sunday will either be a nature walk or maybe even a second upper body if for some reason the weather’s crap.

The Successes

New Workouts! I think the big story for me this week was writing out and doing my new weight workouts. I feel like this is taking a huge step toward my ultimate fitness routine. I’ve already done two of the new workouts and I’m really optimistic and looking forward to how things are panning out. Today is my new leg and back and I’m hoping it isn’t too brutal. I really think I can do it, but boy! If my legs were jelly after the old workout, wait until they get a load of this!

The Not as Successful

Migraines. I had two this week and that’s quite a significant amount of time to lose. Even my “short” ones are around 10-12 hours. The one on Thursday was very bad in particular because I couldn’t keep any food or medicine down, so–so much for any gains that day. 

Little Rambles

This isn’t a complaint at all, but my fiance and I had a real “what’s happening in the next few years” talk and it’s looking like a high chance that we’ll relocate to the GM Tech Center in Austin, TX. Also, with my health insurance likely going away (thanks to you know what) it’s looking like the best time for us to get married is actually this September so he can apply with me on his insurance the same time he redoes his. Oh, my God. I have to start Googling all the things. None of this is bad stuff. I just tend to get borked when I take in a lot of information and visualize the actual frickin’ future.

This song is so rad.

noirsilent  asked:

Did I already say that I find your blog awesome? How about some fluffy sunday afternoon imagines with the ut,uf,us and sf bros ? Really need some cuteness in my life right now, thanksies ♡

Cute!  But I have a 6 character max so I’m afraid I’ll have to drop Sf.  Feel free to ask for them in a separate ask.


Sans:  You haven’t changed out of your pajamas or even brushed your teeth and it was well past noon.  You came down for some breakfast and found Sans sleeping on the couch.  You didn’t want to make too much noise so you just grabbed the box of cereal and planned to go back upstairs with it.  But then you noticed how comfortable Sans looked on the couch.  Well, you didn’t make it back upstairs.

Papyrus:  You were laying on the couch still trying to catch your breath.  You didn’t necessarily regret joining your boyfriend on his morning work out but you were seriously questioning if you would ever be able to move your legs again.  But it was reassuring and calming to hear Papyrus in the kitchen making lunch.  The smile on his face when he brought the food out make all of your sore muscles worth it.


Red: It was your first Sunday at his house since you moved in officially. You were about to get up when a heavy weight stopped you. Red was snuggling against you, still sleeping. You smiled and decided to gently lay back down. You two wouldn’t get up until Boss called both of you to dinner.

Boss: Worst idea ever, you were thinking. You had joined Boss for his morning workout and he was merciless on the training. You spent hours doing different cardio and strength training, including running around Snowdin for 50 laps. You weren’t moving for the rest of the day. Boss noticed your exhaustion and decided to watch Mettaton reruns and old movies from the dump with you for the day. You two cuddled for the night, and slept on the couch with the TV still on.


Blueberry: This berry had been making you run around all Saturday, store to store. He decided that the house needed to be refurnished (Rightfully so, lots of the furniture, towels, curtains, basically everything was getting really old and worn.) The errand run ended up lasting from 8 AM, when he woke you up and brought you along, to 9 PM. You had quick meals in between and random snacks, but that was it. Now tons of bags laid in the living room and you could barely walk. You tried getting up. That was a bad idea. You fell to the floor and Blueberry instantly ran towards the thump. “Datemate, you have to lay down,” he exclaimed, but I can carry you to bed if you want!” you smiled at him and started to say something, but suddenly he was running to the bedroom with you hanging onto him, backpack-style. He set you on the bed and got up, too. He pulled a blanket over you and said, “I’ll get breakfast made, but you stay here.” The morning was a nice, calm one, with Blueberry even canceling his morning of excersize with the Royal Guard just to lay down with you and watch Disney movies.

Stretch: After a particularly stressful week at your job/school, you flopped down on your bed, right next to Stretch, and calmed yourself. You let yourself fully relax for a long nap. When you woke up, you were under the nicest blanket for the weather on the bed. You slowly stretched out of the ball you got yourself in, only to hit a bone. You instantly drew back yourself and sat up. Stretch was there, dozing off but not letting himself fully fall asleep, like a cat. You repositioned yourself to go back to sleep and threw the blanket over your skeleton, who woke up a little and decided to come cuddle with you. He hugged you like a teddy bear. He, surprisingly to some, was rather nice to snuggle up to. His embrace made you drowsy. You slowly fell asleep in his arms.

Internet Buds

Lifestyle AU: Internet
AoKaga Centric.
Words: 794
For kyhagamis! 

Young Kagami, age nine, bolted to the family computer room as soon as he finished eating dinner. It was Saturday evening, 8:00pm. If his calculations were correct, it was 1:00pm the following Sunday in Japan where his friend lived.

“Woah, where are you going in such a hurry?” His dad asked.

“My friend from Japan should be online right now, I’m gonna log on and chat with him.”

“Oh no, you’re going to do the dishes first,” his dad ordered.

Kagami whined. “But daaaad!”

“You know the rules, Taiga.”

His dad’s voice was firm.

“What if he’s already logged off by the time I’m done?”

Taiga,” Kagami senior warned.

Kagami pouted as he trudged to the kitchen.

“You can get on the computer when you’ve finished cleaning up,” his dad called.

Kagami began to wash quickly, only to slow down when his dad followed with, “Don’t rush. I can tell when you haven’t done a good job.”

Finally after what seemed like forever––it was only 5 minutes––Kagami finished wiping down the counters and went to the computer room. He logged into his favorite chat site and looked to see if his buddy was online. Seconds later the message CoolBasketball5 in now online flashed across the screen.

Aomine Daiki , age 9, logged on to his favorite chat site as soon as he finished eating lunch. He smiled as he saw that his favorite chat buddy, Basketball4Ever10, was already online.

He began typing.

CoolBasketball5: Hey, what’s up?

*Basketball4Ever10 is typing*

Basketball4Ever10: Not much, just got finished with dinner. You?”

CoolBasketball5: Just finished with lunch. How did your game go the other day? Did you win?”

*Basketball4Ever10 is typing*

Basketball4Ever10: Well duh, lol. What about you, don’t you have a game coming up?”

CoolBasketball5: Yeah, this Thursday. We’re gonna win, I know it.”

*Basketball4Ever10 is typing*

Basketball4Ever10: You will. Brb, ok?

CoolBasketball5: k

Aomine waited, drumming his fingers against the desk.

Kagami returned to the computer room, a frown on his face. He began typing again.

Basketball4Ever10: Hey, I gotta go. My dad found out I failed my math test so I’m grounded. I can’t get on for a whole week. So I guess I’ll talk to you later…”

*CoolBasketball5 is typing*

CoolBasketball5: Oh man, that really sucks :/

Basketball4Ever10: Let me know how your game goes, ok?”

*CoolBasketball5 is typing*

CoolBasketball5: I will. See you.

Basketball4Ever10: ttyl :/

And then Kagami signed off and trudged to his room.

After Kagami wa no longer grounded, the two talked some more. He learned that his online friend’s team had won their game. He wasn’t surprised. They continued to talk for months, then years, both of them reaching middle school. Their conversations became less and less frequent. Both of them were busy with school, and Kagami learned that Aomine was a part of one of the most prestigious basketball teams in Japan.

And then their online interactions just…stopped. Kagami’s friend, whose real name he never learned, stopped talking to him all together, and Kagami wasn’t able to get online anymore either since he was getting ready to move back to Japan where he was originally from.

He figured he’d never hear from CoolBasketball5 ever again.

*Several Years Later*

“You idiot, the moon doesn’t orbit around us,” Aomine insulted.

“Who are you calling an idiot, dumbass? Of course it does!” Kagami argued back.

Aomine looked around at his friends. “He’s wrong, right?”

The rest of the GOM shook their heads.

“He’s right, Aominecchi.”

“See?” Kagami gloated, a smug look on his face.

“Wipe that look off your face you’re still a dumbass.”

“Takes one to know one.”

“That’s enough, you two,” Akashi scolded looking between the two of them.

“CoolBasketball5 would have never called me an idiot…” Kagami mumbled under his breath.

Aomine raised an eyebrow. “What?”

Kagami shrugged. “I didn’t say anything.”

“Yes you did, I heard you.”

“Well if you heard me then what did I say, hmm?” Kagami challenged.

“You said something about CoolBasketball5.”

“He was an online friend of mine a long time ago, and a lot cooler than you.”

Kagami smirked, but the reaction Aomine gave him wasn’t what he expected. Aomine looked utterly shocked, as if he knew something Kagami didn’t.

“Why are you looking at me that way?” He asked, slightly uncomfortable.

“You’re not Basketball4Ever10, are you?”

Kagami was colored shocked as well. “How do you know that?”

“I’m CoolBasketball5!”

There was a brief moment of silence while Kagami processed the information. After a couple of long seconds he stood up abruptly.


Midorima leaned over to Kuroko, whispering. “Do you have any idea what they’re talking about?”

“Not a clue,” Kuroko replied. “But I am for sure going to use CoolBasketball5 and Basketball4Ever10 against them for the rest of their lives.”

Never Fading Feelings

‘’I love your imagines !! There amazing Can I have a Draco imagine where Y/N is a pureblood slytherin and likes Draco but during the summer she gets boyfriend because she doesn’t think Draco like her because he’s always rude to her (but he does like her) and her bf breaks up with her and she’s crying and Draco like comforts her and he tells her he likes her and it’s all cute :)’’ - Anonymous.

Pairing: Draco Malfoy + Reader / Y/N.
Word Count: 1,395.
Requested: Yes.
Warning(s): Fluff.
Note: Nice request. Happy reading! :)

+     +     +     +     +     +

This strange, bizarre feeling inside of your stomach has been annoying the crap out of you since the moment you step out of the Hogwarts Express. It was the first day of your fifth year at Hogwarts and to be really honest, you weren’t looking forward to it. Of course, you’ve got a boyfriend from over the summer and the big plus about it, was that he went to Hogwarts too. As a pureblood Slytherin, Alex was the one for you.

He was kind-hearted, very social, could get along with your family and of course, just as cunning as you. You both worked hard for your dreams and shared them almost every day with each other.

But today, Alex wasn’t at school for some reason. Said it had something to do with his family and you wished him good luck. That was all, and now you were here, at the station of the Hogwarts Express, students from all the seven years swarming around you like bees as your feet were glued to the ground.

‘What’s it, Y/L/N, forgot your bloody brain in London? Keep walking, woman,’ some very familiar voice said behind you as you felt a hand on your lower back. As you turned around to face the Slytherin Prince, you swatted away his hand and gave him a push.

‘Don’t talk to my like I’m a fucking object,’ you said, surprising yourself and him as you’ve never really cursed in public. Well, not like this.

Draco his surprised expression soon turned into a cocky smirk as he tilted his head a bit and bit on his lower lip. ‘My, my, princess has a dirty mouth today.’

That’s all he said and soon he pushed past you, the crowd just swallowing him up as you didn’t catch a blonde-haired boy anymore like Draco. A heavy sigh left your mouth as you felt your heart burst into a million pieces. You’ve always had a secret crush on him, even though he was the biggest jackass in your presence. And for no reason too.


After a week, you still didn’t catch a sign of your beloved boyfriend. Like he just disappeared from the earth. But that’s impossible, right? No one can just disappear like that.

It was Sunday evening and the Great Hall was filled with all of the students, every single one of them expecting some mail from their friends and families any moment now. The first couple of owls flew around already and in some time the room was filled with many owls, them having some mail in their mouths as they dropped the envelopes or packages on the laps of the right person.

It was at that very moment Draco sauntered inside the Great Hall and took a seat right next to you.

‘Really?’ you asked him, Draco just giving you a wink as his owl dropped a package and some envelopes. This boy had some timing, you admitted.

That’s when you’ve received your two envelopes too, thanking your owl, Desré, before inspecting the papers in front of you. One was from your parents. You recognized your father’s handwriting and the stamp at the back of the envelope which sealed it shut.

The other one was from Alex, strangely enough, as it was sealed shut with his family logo. Your name was written very swirly on it and it even had some floating hearts around it. Very misleading, because what was inside the card was far from cute and loving.

Dear Y/N,

These months were like heaven to me. I’ve spent so much time with you and I’m still thinking about you every day.
But I’m sorry to say this, but my family and I moved, and I won’t finish my school at Hogwarts anymore. I also won’t be able to visit you anymore, as I now live in the States.
I’m so sorry Y/N, and I’m also sorry I couldn’t tell you this in person. This was the only way to contact you and tell you about it.
I love you, you know that, right?
Maybe in another life.

Yours truly,

Your sight started to get blurry as tears were already rolling down you cheeks. What could you say? He sounded so sweet and sincere in the letter, but it was such an asshole for breaking up with you like this. In the letter he didn’t mention to split up though, but it was very clear to you that you would never see Alex again.

‘Y/N?’ you heard someone say your name and you looked up to meet his stormy, grey eyes. Concern and worry was written upon his face and you immediately wiped away your tears, breaking into a fake smile and sniffed.

‘I’m okay, I’m okay,’ you repeated with still the same smile as your eyes were still watery. You folded the letter back into its envelope as you hid it underneath your dinner plate. ‘I’m okay,’ you said again looking away.

For the rest of the dinner you kept a little smile upon your face, so no one would notice you were breaking on the inside. It hurt so much and you almost felt like hyperventilating, just breaking down on the ground and crying until it would kill you. It felt like a knife in your back, as it stabbed you fast but with this caring gesture. So weird.

Draco was constantly giving you glances through dinner, and at the end he was just publicly staring at you. But you didn’t give a bloody shit about it. When dinner was over, almost every student and teacher left the Hall. Everyone, but you and Draco. Well, and of course some other students from other houses at their own table, but you were the only Slytherin students.

‘How’d you know?’ you asked him, staring at the table right in front of you as you crossed your arms so you could leaned on your elbows, ‘how’d you know I faked it?’

‘Don’t want to brag about it, but I’ve learned how to fake and hide my feelings. I can call myself an expert in this kind of stuff,’ Draco confessed, folding his hands into each other as he placed them in front of him. He straightened his back and sighed softly. ‘And so, I immediately knew that letter wasn’t some good news.’

‘Alex broke up with me,’ you mumbled, tears already brimming on the edge of your eyelids. A whimper left your mouth as you wiped away the tears from your cheeks rather angry with the sleeves of your blouse.

Draco stirred right next to you and started to play with his fingers, suddenly a bit nervous.

‘I’ve been throwing mean comments at you for a time now, because I wanted your attention. Y/N, you’re so fierce and your responses gave me some kind of adrenaline kick. It was fun in my eyes at first, but later I started to feel guilty after giving you the broadside. Y/N, I-I… I’m sorry.’

Your eyes widened as you lifter your head, looking at Draco as his cheeks were red and a little smile played upon his cheeks. Did he just apologize? To you out of all the people he could’ve done that?

‘Woah,’ you whispered, almost forgetting the heart-breaking letter from Alex as you scooped closer to him. ‘It’s okay, I think I’ll forgive you.’

Draco smiled, almost showing his teeth as he tilted his head to look at you. But then he realized something.

‘And I’m sorry about Alex and the break-up.’

It didn’t really sound like he meant it, but the meaning behind it was kind as he tried to calm you down a bit.

You shrugged and wiped away another tear. ‘Yeah well, there’s nothing I can do about now, can I?’

Draco pouted as he reached out to you, first carefully but then, as his hand touched your face, you blinked a few times as he wiped away another tear with his thumb. Then his other hand landed on your leg as you bit down on your lower lip.

‘I will help and support you,’ he said, his hand that was resting on your cheek now falling down as he laid his hand on your hand.

And all you could do, was smile, because hey, he was and still has been your first crush ever. Feelings like that never fade.


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I’m home alone again on a Friday night while Sir is off with Bones. They’re going to a birthday bar event for a co-worker of mine (and former co-worker of Sir’s). When we were each invited a couple weeks ago, Sir emailed me and said he wanted to go and if it was too late for me he could take someone else. I hadn’t seen the event description when I got his message, but I instantly didn’t want to go.

He didn’t understand why I was hurt by what he said. Um, well, I don’t even know about the event and you’re already offering to ditch me for someone else? Yes, that could be why my feelings are hurt.

Whatever. I’m actually glad to have a little me time right now.

(cue a text from Sir saying he’s on his way home…like what happened last time I was looking forward to me time!).

I’ve got a night out at The Troubadour tomorrow. If you’re in LA and want to see a show, meet me there. I don’t know the musician performing, but my old roomie is into him. Reeve Carney? 

Sunday morning, Sir has a job and The Geek is coming over. He texted yesterday about getting together and if he hadn’t agreed to come here, I might have bailed on him. I’m not going to drive 20+ miles each way to have ok sex and head home in under 2 hours. I know I should just tell him I’m not into this. I mean, it’s fine when I see him, but I’m really not into the effort.

In completely different news…work is busy…and stressful. There’s this thing happening with the NIH budget, where the <gag> president wants to cut F&A rates to 10%. This would effectively ruin research programs at universities across the country. And the scariest part? The HHS Secretary and OMB Director can agree on the cut without action from congress. I was in a meeting today and they were saying that, if this were to happen, we’d have to make decisions about which research programs to support. I was in a room full of faculty, but I was also thinking that administrative units like mine would surely have to be slashed.

Being that I’m the main income for my family, the possibility of losing my job is terrifying. I may be over-reacting, but the message from the Council on Government Relations and the Association of American Universities is that it *is* time to panic.

And on that happy note…have a great weekend everyone!

andy-clutterbuck  asked:

Do you miss Rick already? I miss Rick already.

That’s like asking if the sky is blue. I always miss Rick. I miss Rick when the show is on but it’s not Sunday night at 9pm. I even miss him when it is airing because there’s still a screen separating him from me. This is a yearning that can never be fulfilled. 

let me tell you about a guy i knew named danny...

i ran into a very old friend of mine this week and after seeing her, i found myself thinking about the past, people i knew, things that happened and so on. one of the people i thought about was danny. knowing danny taught me a lot.

see when i first met danny he was married with three kids. a nice and good looking wife, a nice house, nice car, great job and etc. he came from a big family and while they weren’t superduper rich, they were more than comfortable and well known in the community. however there was always this undercurrent of anger in danny that i never understood. it made him look like a fucking asshole at times. i just didn’t get it because it seemed like he had everything a guy could want. i especially didn’t understand why it seems to always be directed at women and especially his wife. i didn’t get so i chalked it up to him being a sexist prick and moved on. that is until one day i was hanging with the friend i ran into today and got the full story. the crazy full story.

we were just hanging out and danny walked past arguing with his wife. i said to her “that motherfucker is always shitting on her. the fuck is wrong with him?” she replied in astonishment “oh you don’t know?” of course i got real curious because her tone made it sound like whatever she was about to tell me was common knowledge and i was an idiot for not knowing it. “gabby [our nickname for his wife] trick him into marrying her. she faked her pregnancy to get him to marry him.” whaaaa??! up until that moment i didn’t think that was something that actually happened in real life. i thought that was reserved for tv, movies and shit but here it was. real life shit.

“she told him she was pregnant and cried that she didn’t want to have a baby out of wedlock” she continued “so she pressured him into a quick marriage talking about she wanted to get married before she started showing. so they got married and after a few weeks she came and told him she lost the baby. it wasn’t after years that she was so fucked up with guilt and maybe the right sermon got her on the right sunday that she confessed the truth to him. by then though they already had kids, a house, mortgage and a life but he’s hated her ever since. he didn’t file for divorce cause that would embarrass the family but he hates her. the family knows what she did and they’re nice to her but they hate her too. i mean i’m as pro woman as they come but if that were me i’d hate her guts too. this isn’t the life he wanted. at least not like his and maybe not even with her but now he’s stuck.”

damn!!!!! i couldn’t believe it. all this time i thought danny was just a fucking asshole and his wife was the victim and yet it was completely and totally the reverse. i asked how she got away with it. didn’t he ask for pictures or something? she told me that the story goes that she got a sonogram picture from a friend who had kids to help her pull this off and danny being so young and a little too trusting fell for it. this was before dna tests and all that. he took her word for it. unbelievable. i saw danny in a completely different light after that. i felt horrible for him and his family. at the moment, i got the rage. i got the anger. fuck i would be enraged too. 

i often wondered what this was doing to his boys. he had all boys and i’m sure they saw the anger in their father and how it was directed at their mother. i often wonder what affect that had on them. are they filled with rage too? are they abusive? do they hate themselves? do they hate black women? a lie of that magnitude that had such an affect can ripple through generations. it can and often does throw a family into a destructive cycle for generations. cray. 

it also was one of those moments that helped me to see women for what they are: flawed human capable of all manner of both good and evil. it also made me realize that sometimes men hate women not because of maleness, toxic masculinity and all that but because of women. or specifically a woman. it’s not a topic we like to explore because of the hypocrisy found in all human being including women but it is true. sometimes it’s not because of ignorance or the like but because they are truly hurt and scarred by the actions of a trusted woman (mother, wife, girlfriend, friend or otherwise). we don’t care to think about that because there’s a belief system most are attached to which is that men are just these evil creatures that, if they dislike women, hate women for no reason at all. smfh. nah a lot of times it’s an anger created and fueled by a woman and now all women are paying the price. 

danny eventually died of cancer. it was thought that the rage and the anger was what caused it. maybe. or maybe it was the fact that he never really forgave his wife for what she did. or maybe it was the way he dealt with his situation. he drank a lot, did some drugs, cheated… but never sought therapy or the like. who knows but knowing him and his story opened my eyes to some stark realities about life. he deserved better. i hope he’s at peace.