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Marichat ‘Cliche’ Balcony Make Out Scene

Take One: Romeo and Juliette

Here it is, special dedication for that anon who specifically hates cliche marichat balcony scenes. I wrote one at least. 

Tagging @baneismydragon who apparently has a throne of Marichat cliches like wow I’m jealous. And it is also for everybody who was super sweet with me yesterday, thank you guys, I love you all <3

Side note: Juliette is the French version of Juliet so no, it isn’t a typo.

Marinette paced from one end of her balcony to the other, while glaring at the papers in her hands. It was well past midnight and she could be seeping just like Tikki was doing at the moment, in her comfortable bed. But no, she was out, repeating the lines for the stupid play. Why did she let Alya convince her she should be in it. Ah, screw that, why did she let Alya convince her she should try for Juliette’s part out of all things. Why was the school doing a Romeo and Juliette anyway? Did they run out of French plays? And even if they had to do it, couldn’t they do the modern version? Which didn’t require excentric old words no one used anymore?

Marinette groaned exasperatedly, before trying another line. Trying to sound sad she recited.

“The only man I love is the son of the only man I hate! I saw him too early without knowing who he was, and I found out who he was too late! Love is a monster for making me fall in love with my worst enemy.”

Marinette let her shoulders drop. That sounded lame even to her ears. Honestly, how was she supposed to make that sound sincere? She was a bad actress, she knew it. The only way she could pull off that line was if Adrien’s father was Hawkmoth or something. Which was ridiculous, of course. Honestly, she should just give up on this, Alya would get over it.

“But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliette is the sun.”

Marinette turned around, startled to see Chat Noir on the chimney. With all the feline grace he possessed, he jumped on the lower one. Marinette was wonderstruck when she noticed his look. He seemed to be really into it.

“Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon, who is already sick and pale with grief, that thou, her maid, art far more fair than she. Be not her maid since she is envious. Her vestal livery is but sick and green, and none but fools do wear it. Cast it off!” Marinette watched flabbergasted as Chat tip toped on the side, careful to not kick her plants while gesticulating wildly, emotion raw in his voice. Extending his hand towards her, he continued. “It is my lady. Oh, it is my love.”

Marinette almost yelled in panic as Chat Noir let himself fall over the edge, but stopped just in time when she heard his voice continuing with the lines. Her eyes trailed across the railing of the balcony as she followed the sound of his voice. And just then Chat appeared again over the railing.

“As daylight doth a lamp. Her eye in heaven would through the airy region stream so bright that birds would sing and think it were not night.” Marinette stood frozen in amazement as Chat stepped towards her. She was captivated and she wouldn’t even bother lying. It was impressive. Not only the fact that her dear partner knew the whole damn monolog of Romeo, but also the way he recited it. It truly made her feel like she was watching one of the most skilled actors putting on a show just for her.

“See how she leans her cheek upon her hand. Oh, that I were a glove upon that hand.” Marinette looked up in surprise as Chat leaned towards her, his next words being whispered. “ That I might touch that cheek.”  one gloved finger caressed her cheek gently.

“Oh, my.” Marinette wasn’t even sure if it was her gasping that out loud. Chat got awfully close, but she didn’t mind it, not quite. Marinette realized, she didn’t quite appreciate how nice Chat’s eyes were, even with the cat-like look, they were complementing beautifully his blond hair. She leaned in without really realizing. Not until she captured his lips.

Chat melted against her. It was so much better than that kiss on Valentine’s Day. It was no rush to break a curse or run to detransform. And she could appreciate so much better the softness of his lips and the faint taste of mint. Chat wrapped one arm around her waist bringing her closer. Marinette sighed against his lips. She felt warm and it was such a simply pleasant sensation, their lips against each other.

Marinette let out a grunt of annoyance once they broke apart. It took them a couple of seconds to stare at each other before they jumped away. It finally seemed to drown on them what they had done.

“I um…er….”

“I got a little… um.”

“And you were…”

“And you just…’

They both rubbed their necks awkwardly, while glancing at each other. Marinette decided she won’t let the awkwardness ruin this night which just took a wonderful turn.

“Do you… do you want to stay for milk and cookies?” she glanced at Chat, waiting for his response.

He smiled shyly, a little blush appearing on his cheeks. “I’d love to.”

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Well, I guess you could just watch the English Version. Fun fact: Cristina Vee voices Marinette and Sailor Mars.

Here’s the problem: the English version is the one I watch when I want to laugh like crazy because it’s overall terrible. Lines are weird and make little sense (like Adrien saying Ladybug has his mother’s EYES?? Mama Agreste has green eyes and Ladybug has blue?), Adrien’s father not giving him anything but a pen for his birthday isn’t even canon in the French version (because, well, it’s honestly ridiculous), the French version also does not give Hawkmoth any lines saying he wants to take over the world (which I prefer because I want him to not have the stereotypical villain motivation), also, I think a lot of the voices in the English are laughable (which isn’t to say the voice actors aren’t talented, cuz they are, but they make some odd choices with their voice approaches in this show and Gabriel/Hawkmoth’s voice is the only one that’s honestly really enjoyable to me).

Also…’I am a cat’ is a line in the opening. Like, come on. Did we really need that basic of an intro for ya, dude? That and Chat’s lines that all sound submissive to Ladybug are suddenly changed around to sound like he wants to take control or something and that is complete bullshit.

I love the English version in it’s own funny over-the-top way but when I want to get serious about the characters and plot, I want the French version with the original French lines. The characters are deeper and more human in the French version while the English honestly seems to make fun of and simplify things that really should be made more human. And when my favorite character is Gabriel/Hawkmoth, I need that human element cuz all they want to do is make him out to be the stereotypical villian and stereotypical distant father without giving reason that would be closer to real life abusive situations when children really need to be given a way to see those bad behaviors if their own parents are displaying them.

So, yeah, I want the French version and I want it with the actual French dialogue translations and I’ll fight for it.

Also, fun fact: When Christina Vee voices Sailor Mars, it’s with the original Japanese dialogue for the original Japanese Sailor Moon script translated directly. You won’t see any characters with blue eyes being told they have the eyes of someone with green eyes there, my dude. 

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I am going to Paris next year I was wondering if you had any ideas on how to make my French skills better? Stupid question but I'm just curious

Hey Anon !!

That’s definitely not a stupid question !

French is a really difficult language to learn so if I can help a little bit, it’s my pleasure !

The best advice I can give you is to listen, read and speak in french as much as you can.

It doesn’t have to be hard stuff ! There are quite simple books like Le Petit Prince ou Joseph Kessel’s books which are very modern and easy to understand. Reading 19th or 18th literature would be harder and probably would help you communicating because language shifted a bit since then and it’s very classic or romantic so it’s very long and complicated sentences (yes i’m talking about you Proust). But if you already have a solid base and feel confortable with your french, you can try !! Romantic literature is my favorite genre ! (So much good love stories ♥)

You can also have a look at french comics like Tintin or Astérix, or Gaston Lagaffe or Lucky Luke ! There are enough words to practice and it could help for some expressions ! (Plus Astérix and Tintin are culturaly really important to us haha)

Reading as much as you can in french will help you with grammar and you will certainly write better !

Then, you can watch movies in french ! Even if we really love to make indie movies, don’t feel obliged to only watch that ! Sometimes, it’s quite slow and boring.

Some movies are part of our pop culture, like Les Bronzés or La cité de la peur or Astérix et Obélix Mission Cléopâtre (Him again !) but it can be difficult for a beginner since it’s french humor with french slang !

Maybe movies with Louis de Funès ? He is very funny !

My best advice would be for you to watch french version of movies you’ve already seen, so you would already know what it is about and it would be easier to understand. Most of international release are translated in french ! (literally all of them except maybe indie movies haha)

So go for Marvel, Harry Potter, Lord of the Ring ! Even if the french voices sounds terrible, it helps !

Btw, you can also watch animated movies in french (Disney, Pixar or even FRENCH animated movies HEHE), it’s quite nice !

Tv shows and animated series are great too ?? I mean it is internationaly admited that french people made the greatest Simpsons’ voices !

Maybe TV Shows is not a good idea, it’s really terrible and it will break your mind they kept the same voice for nine and ten in doctor who I MEAN

There are also great french youtubers like Cyprien, Norman fait des vidéos, jimmyfaitlcon, Math se fait des films (funny analysis about movies) who makes podcasts about daily life, and some gamers, mostly Squeezie (he is a bit crazy but we love him)

I don’t know much about beauty channels, but there is enjoyphoenix ??

Some groups of youtubers make great humorous (or not) videos, like the Palmashow, Studio Bagel, Golden Moustache ! It’s short sketches that are really fun and help a lot to learn !

My last advice will be to speak french. Yeah, seems pretty logical, uh ?

I mean, if you can have a penpal you can correspond with, it would be great !

I hope it helped a little ! Have fun in Paris !

I’m sure some of my friends in the french side can give more advices ! ;)

So fun, almost historically acurate, so well played, King Arthur !! such a great impact on french youth !!

(btw it’s amazing)

Seokjin Scenario: The Rhythm Of The Rain - Part 3.

Request: Can I request a Bodyguard AU. Where Seokjin is Y/N bodyguard and at first Y/N was too scared to talk to him but realize one day he is actually a goofball and kind hearted person. Y/N warms up to him and eventually falls for but promise not to tell him because it would risk his job. But something happens and risks his life protecting y/n. You end up confessing to him. Please surprise me in the ending? It can be tragic or a happy one. Thankies~

Genre: Romance / Drama - Bodyguard AU

Part 1 / Part 2

Some could say you were functioning on automatic. One breath, two steps, move forward, repeat; it didn’t matter the exhaustion. Funerals were something you never wished to attend, so after going there you were in automatic once again, moving down the hallway filled with the smell of antiseptic that was so inherent to clinics. You had just visited your father, the doctors said he could leave by tomorrow morning after being in observation for a concussion, but he was alright, all of it thanks to the security service who acted quickly.

You bit your lower lip, there was such a confusing mess of feelings going in you, feeling glad for your father who was as good as he could be due to the circumstances, that you personally had nothing more than a few scratches, while Seokjin was… you stopped for a shaky deep breath, steeling yourself, noticing how some people looked oddly at you, standing in the middle of the hallway with your hands fisted, your brows furrowed while taking shaky breaths and dressed in black only.

The new bodyguard assigned to you was coming behind, he looked even younger than you but he apparently compensated it with a quick mind and lot of strength, didn’t talk too much but had such big expressive eyes, like a little deer in front of the lights,  and you couldn’t help but notice Jin would never leave that much distance between you. There you went again, thinking about him, but it was unavoidable. You turned another corner, rushed your pace just enough to not feel dizzy because you had only had water and coffee the last days; Jin would surely have a lot to say about that fact. You shook your head while smiling sadly, pushing open the door in front of you softly.

Jungkook was the name of the new bodyguard, he introduced himself on the first day you saw him and he already knew he wasn’t allowed to get inside that room with you, this was your private time so he stayed outside. You took a seat near the bed and held the pale hand on your reach, it was warm and a little rough in some places but you liked it, it made the touch feel more real.

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Ride you like my Harley - Trixya - Chapter 3 - AnnieSantaWifey

A/N - AU world inspired by the TV show Sons of Anarchy. I will be using some characters from the actual show in this and future chapters. Everything is told from Katya’s POV.

T/W - bad language, horrible pick up lines, probably grammar mistakes, mentions of drugs.

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Karamel all around the world

So I have this soft spot for trying to watch the dubbed versions of shows I like (or at least scenes of them) even if I don’t understand the language. 

What I learned is that I haven’t heard a single foreign Mon-El voice I didn’t hate. 

I present to you: 

Boy from Daxam, girl from Krypton in German. 

There’s an Us? in Italian (I think I like Italian the best so far)

Stay down Daxamite. I think this is Portoguese maybe? 

Sadly it appears the channel that had spanish got taken down. I’d love to see French as I speak some French, but I’ve only come across season 1 clips so far. I think I’ve heard some Russian maybe in the background of some music video, but I couldn’t find any specific scene. 

So, any non-english speaking Karamel fans here who watch dubbed versions? How do you like them? If anybody has any other languages, I’d love to hear them. 

ETA: Found some spanish again. It’s not as good as Italian, but better than German and Portoguese I would say. Their Rhea is pretty awful though, I think. 

Did you know…

…why meat is first of the four elements and it’s an important element?

You probably think you know, but… if the only version what you know is the English one, then you are simply wrong. Even if you are up to date with OFF Wikis:

One look:


But French:

First part is taken as should be: Because without meat, people would have nothing to eat. But after that there is information about… no, not about dying of starvation. For that are completely another words: affamer or mourir de faim, maybe manquer de nourriture, crever de faim… Definitely not dévoreraient, which… yes, comes from the same sources as devour and which any dictionary translates as starvation!

After this mistake english translator maaaaybe could understand les uns les autres as one after another… Or maybe force to mean it? I don’t know, I am really weak from the French, believe me. But dictionaries have no doubt even without context, saying that Elsen when not having meat, would simply devour each other. In this way we have had an preview of what they are capable long before first Library hints about Zone 3. But just in French.
French songs

So this has probably definitely been done before, but I thought I might be able to bring something new to the table, so without further ado, here are some French songs and artists you can listen to!

Mika (Elle me dit is pretty much my jam)

Celine Dion y’all know her from Titanic. This Canadian has a ton of songs in French

Jean-Jaques Goldman remains mega popular in France. He’s been making music since, like, the 80s. If you go to France for an extended period of time at some point you will hear his songs

Stromae! What can I even say, if you don’t know him yet you should, my fave Belgian (I don’t know anyone from Belgium)

Johnny Hallyday an icon in France for bringing rock n roll to them or something. Actually wants to be Belgian. I’m not sure if he’s gotten his citizenship yet.

Coeur de pirate only from making this list did I find out she was a) one singular person and b) canadian. Kind of a Christina Perry-esque figure for francophones, from what I can tell.

Indochine Everyone in France knows their songs. Bob O’Malley?

Daniel Balavoine the only song I know of his is “tous les cris les SOS” which is not at all similar to the smash hit anthem by the Jonas Brothers “SOS”

Grégoire I only know his song “Toi + moi” but it’s a banger

Indila apparently also has a song called “SOS” which still bears no resemblance to the Jonas Brothers’ version :,( Anyway her song “dernière danse” got super popular, even making the German top 100 in 2014

Carla Bruni is married to former French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

Zaz the name sounds vaguely familiar but I don’t really know any of her songs. anyway she seems cool

Les Enfoirés–I couldn’t find a mix or a channel for them so you’re just going to have to get yourself over to Youtube and search it yourself. These guys are a bunch of French musicians and singers who raise money for the poor or something. I don’t remember. It’s a good cause

Les Choristes soundtrack I believe the movie is on Netflix if you want to see it

Ella Elle L’a–a French song that everybody knows and apparently everybody also sings. I’m not sure who wrote it or who sang it first but yeah

N’oubliez pas les paroles–French game show where contestants win if they sing songs correctly. I know we have something like that here in the US but I don’t watch game shows very often so I don’t know what it’s called or how similar it is to this truly award worthy game show. It’s hosted by Nagui (sp?) who hosts at least half of all French game shows, I reckon.

Now that I did this I’ve reminded myself of all the kickass French songs out there so I’m gonna go listen to some now. Please add any song or artist I’ve missed!!

Okay, I found Rayman: The Animated Series in French and German. Things I’ve noted from skimming through these videos:

- If the voice acting in English annoys you, the French version is definitely the best in the department and the version I’d recommend other fans for rewatch purposes. Unfortunately, I could only find the first episode in French.

- LacMac’s German voice actor sounds like he isn’t even trying. Way to suck the life out of the happy hare boy.

- Rayman’s German voice sounds kinda lifeless, too. Hmmm…

- Razorbeard’s German voice, on the other hand, is the only one that actually sounds the way you might picture someone that looks like him sounding.

- Betina’s (five) different voices are all good enough for her, but they all sound really different. It’s up to personal taste. I personally really like her German voice.

- Cookie’s German voice made me question how old he’s supposed to be. His English and French voices are kinda ambiguous enough that you could imagine he’s anywhere from his mid thirties to his sixties (not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing). I kind of just assumed he was in his thirties this whole time. The German version just comes in and is like “fuck you, he’s an old man.”

- Grub sounds pretty much the same in every version, but his German voice doesn’t really show much emotion. Like, He sounds angry enough when he’s supposed to, but he never rises his voice. He sadly seems to have the same issue Rayman does with sounding lifeless. Neither case is as bad as LacMac’s, though.

- Rigatoni doesn’t really sound the same in every version, but he still kinda just sounds the way you’d expect a typical greedy villain like him to sound in each one. Nothing exciting here.


Tamatoa's « Shiny » French version translated

♫ Hi everybody ! I don’t know if anybody made this little thing before, but as a French garl, I’m listening « Shiny » in two langages, English version for the great Jemaine Clement, and French version because let me tell ya it’s a great song even in French. The two versions are a bit different in the meaning, so, I thought a little translation of the French version would be cool for some of ya !

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Hey Lorraine! I have a questions about the wigs. I know which wigs there are in the store up to episode 7, did they release some more? If yes, which ones? And I've just seen a pic of a new wig (the one you found exploring), but the last wig I know from exploration is Xianghua. Which wigs came after Xianghua?

That one came after Xianghua. It is found at the mountain side on Jade map with episode 14.

As for the other versions, you only have wigs up to episode 7 - ones from exploration and ones from the shop.

That does not mean they did not include these new items up to episode 14 in the chests though. 
They probably did that. So, even if you are not on the French version, you could get the new wig with the epic chest. Chances may be slim but it could happen. ^-^

(unless we talk wigs from the store - then those are not in the chests)

As for wigs in the store after episode 7…They are the same as now on the French version. We got no new wigs after episode 7 from the shop.

The ones to come in the future exploration areas on other versions are:

I think I did not miss one…

Hamilton High School Debate Club AU

Washington: High school teacher that volunteers to run the debate club (he doesn’t get paid enough for this) 

Hamilton: Talks too much. Starts fights with everyone (even when it’s not part of club activities). Teacher’s pet.  Runs the school newspaper and probably has a blog where he complains about his classmates. Desperately wants to be club president. 

Burr: Actually really good at debating, but constantly changes his opinion to try to impress Washington and gain popularity. A much less successful teacher’s pet. 

Jefferson: Went to France for like a month during the summer and hasn’t shut up about it since. Starts a lot of shit. Very vocal about his shitty opinions. Thinks he’s better than you. Him and Hamilton have ruined debate club on more than one occasion.  

Madison: Jefferson’s best friend. Surprisingly not a cheerleader. Definitely has a blog. He collabed with Hamilton once during junior year and still hasn’t recovered.

Angelica: The only girl in debate club. Will often go on feminist rants. She’s probably their best member. Last week she made Madison cry using only her words.

Eliza: Isn’t actually in debate club. She’s just here to support her sister and make friends. Everyone loves her. 

Peggy: Is also here to support her sister (thank you very much)

Lafayette: Exchange student from France. Loves his friends. Misses his family, but is excited to be in America. Jefferson may have a crush on him, but no one can tell if it’s because he’s French or if it’s because Lafayette and Jefferson look eerily similar (Angelica thinks Jefferson just wants to date a French version of himself). 

Laurens: Loyal to his friends, but extremely reckless. 50% debating and 50% physically fighting people who challenge his opinions or Hamilton’s opinions. Last week he made Charles Lee cry using only his fists (Lee isn’t even in debate club)  

Mulligan: Is actually a cheerleader. Disappeared for like a week because he was spying on another debate club. No one asked him to do this, but everyone appreciates his dedication.   

John Jay: [is still out sick] 

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I swear i told my mother too that la pen is a feminin version of tramp xD i knew i wasn't the only one xD

ah, ya know, i think everybody agree she is like a french Trump, i mean, they even have the same hair style.

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I'm not a fan of rumbas in general but Heather's one was my favorite rumba's on the show, French version include (then again only ONE celeb has really impressed in the 7 seasons in Danse avec les stars) and one of my favorite dances ever

Wow, what a stamp of approval! I liked it a lot but that wasn’t even my favorite dance of Heather’s haha let alone one of my faves ever.

You can become a Hero

Title : You can become a Hero
Warning : The characters are not mine, I’m just having fun with them and the time of a story !
Summary : Even if Chloe had always wanted to be supported by her favorite heroine, it was far from being the case. So the evening when Ladybug is a place to tell her the words she had the dream of so much, the shock was the blonde’s only reaction.

On FF.net
French version here.

Hello everyone ! I’m back for a short OS about Chloe and Ladybug yay ! I hope that you enjoy my little inspiration and I hope there are no spelling errors !

Standing in her room, her eyes on the person in front of her, Chloe was amazed. The phrase which Ladybug had just uttered repeated unceasingly in his mind.

“You can become a hero.”

She, Chloe Bourgeois, had apparently been chosen to become a hero.

Ladybug had come at the Grand Paris at the end of the evening and knock at the door-window. Delighted and surprised that the heroine in the red suit came to see her, the mayor’s daughter immediately opened the door to her room. As soon as she entered, Chloe had immediately embraced Ladybug to show her joy but the Ladybug had immediately put to stop and told her that she had to talk to her about a serious matter.

Arms crossed, Ladybug then began his explanations with praise for these actions this morning. Jumping head first to the danger to save her friend Sabrina from the super villain was really brave on her part, although she took a huge risk in doing that. Chloe, usually boastful, did not exclaim his superiority but had rather awkwardly thank his idol in a embarrassed smile.

And then, the heroine with blacks spots had returned to the heart of the matter. She began to talk to her about the Papillon becoming stronger, “Great Guardian”, important interview, “Miraculous of the bee,” big responsibilities to assume, “Kwami”, support for her and Chat Noir…

Of course, Chloe had understood nothing of her gibberish and was irritated that she did not speak French properly. Ladybug had closed his eyelids for a moment and took an inspiration. She ended up planting her two blue orbs in those of the blonde, probing it for a few seconds that flanked the goosebumps to the mayor’s daughter, and then summarized all these words in a single sentence.

“What I mean, Chloe … Is that you too, you can become a hero.” She had said.

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If she can do french accent, should she use that accent in BaTB? Her accent disturbed me when I watched BaTB. Like "girl, could you more trying to not use brit accent in movie that supposed in French? Even your father didn't have a brit accent. So how come you have it and your father doesn't have it?"

I don’t know why they have only one person who has a bad french accent and ignore it for the rest of the people. Sure it was like that in the animation, but you’d think they’d try to do better in the live action version.

okay I know I have told this story before but my body has switched over to Pain  O’Clock so it’s rambling time and this blog gets to come along for the riiiiide:

When I was in high school choir we did Les Mis, as you do. And our choir teacher, who had many other failings, told us– I do not forgive him this TO THIS DAY– that it was set in the French Revolution. 

“The one with the guillotines?” we asked, with all the awareness of American students who hadn’t had World History yet.  

Indeed, we were told. The one with the guillotines. 

In fact (we were told) the WHOLE THING happened during the time of Robespierre! Red and  Black was about…the storming of the Bastille? ANYWAY IT ALL HAPPENED BEFORE THE KING WAS EXECUTED. 

“…huh”  we said. 

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Fairy Tale Meme - [½] Countries of Origin - Russia

          “The old tale of Sleeping Beauty might end happily in French or English, but this was Russia, and only a fool would want to live through the Russian version of any fairy tale. They were the only ones so grim, even the princess sometimes died.” [x]

I got to play the full version of FINAL FANTASY XV at gamescom yesterday!!! :D

We were able to play the game from the very beginning, including the complete intro sequence, cutscenes and chapter 0. Starting from the title menu we even had the option to change settings such as difficulty, language, audio, subtitles etc. to our liking before actually heading into the game. I didn’t waste much time on that, though, because we only had 30 minutes of playtime. But I did take a quick look at the language options and was able to choose between German, English, Japanese and French. So that’s awesome.

Even though 30 minutes of playtime was more than most other games were offering the players, it was still far from enough time to check out everything thoroughly. I chose to follow the main quest closely to see how far I would get, which meant that I didn’t get to see very much of the area as I was sprinting only to the related points marked on the map. I didn’t bother with the in-game menu, character settings etc. either.

I won’t spoil anything story-wise (not that there’s much to spoil in the first 30 minutes). The quest at hand was to do some monster-hunting for Cid and Cidney in order to get them to lower the price on the repairs of our car. So that’s what I did. The first few enemies and fights were very nice and easy to understand tutorials. Compared to the Duscae demo the battle system has changed quite a bit. Nothing drastic, but it is different, much more elaborate, complete with team attacks and an updated evading/counter feature. It also feels like the rest of the team fights much more efficiently. So even if you don’t or can’t do anything in battle, Iggy, Gladio and Prompto might very well take care of it for you.

What stood out in my opinion was that the rest of the team is really focused on Noctis. As long as you’re doing fine they’re minding their own business more or less, but as soon as Noct’s HP are dropping dangerously low, at least one of the three will fall back to your position to shield and/or heal you!

The AI works extremely well in that sense and the way in which the developers made this whole feature work is even better, because it doesn’t feel mechanical at all. You don’t feel like your sorry ass is being saved by a computer because the difficulty is set too high. All you get is Noctis being saved by his friends. That’s because the characters communicate with each other during battles, and whenever Noct gets hurt badly, it’s not like everyone rushes to his side immediately.

I managed to get to the first small boss battle of the game, and because I hadn’t had the chance to level up beforehand, the fight was pretty tough. More than once Noctis was on the brink of death. I managed on my own until I ran out of potions. From then on I HAD to rely on my team mates. Admittedly, I was very skeptical at first. Every time my HP dropped to 0 I got out of the enemy’s reach and waited. And every time, one of the three guys eventually noticed Noct wasn’t doing so well.

The thing is, the situation was always different. First time I needed help, Ignis excused himself out of the active battle to fall back to my position where he shielded me at first and after noticing I wasn’t going to heal myself, also healed me. Then I broke down next to Prompto, who was by my side and quickly healed me in passing before I even needed to move out of the monster’s reach. Another time I wasn’t doing well and stepped away from the fighting, Gladio noticed, but instead of helping me himself, he told Prompto and Ignis to take care of it. I don’t remember what exactly they said, but they exchanged a few words on how to best go about it, before Ignis eventually came over and shielded me until Prompto also reached us to heal me.

Those little and absolutely precious interactions in battle make the system quite unique and refreshing. It’s also bound to get very, very emotional, I can tell you that.

Apart from that, there’s also a new feature that allows you to talk to Ignis, Prompto or Glaidolus before certain fights in order to come up with some kind of strategy. If you follow the plan during battle and win, you’ll get bonus EXP. This is kind of like what we’ve already seen in the DUSCAE demo with the first fight against Deadeye.

If I had been fast enough, I could’ve even gotten our car back and taken it for a drive around the area! But after barely winning the boss fight I didn’t make it back to the garage in time…

All in all I can now safely say what we already knew: THIS GAME IS GONNA BE AMAZING. :)