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2017 Phan

I like how the phandom has decided that 2017 is the year Dan and Phil will come out, move and get a dog (also possibly get married but like honestly isn’t that supposed to happen in 2022?). And whenever Dan and Phil say they’ll do anything (upload a video, do a joint lveshow etc) we get really excited and we’re like ‘YES, this is IT, guys. They are coming out as a couple. They are anouncing that they got a puppy, they got engaged and that they will soon move. I know it. I just KNOW it. I CAN FEEL IT!’. And then it ends up being just another pleasant, domestic, funny video and we just stand there like ‘wut’ for a bit and then we find a new thing to scream about (eg THEY WERE NOT WEARING ANY PANTS)

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If you have time / still want to, I'd love to see some fluffy Tim & Damian being brotherly in public. Maybe at a party or some kind of WE event where the media is watching them all closely so they have to play nice? Or the media hassling one of them and the other coming to the rescue?

Turned out kinda less-fluffy than I’d maybe meant it to be—it’s set in a time period wherein they’re still kind of not-good with each other. But hopefully you’ll enjoy. :)


Bruce’s urgent hiss made Tim snap his head up from the technically-illegal champagne he’d been halfheartedly eyeing all evening in the vague hope that it might make the party slightly more tolerable. His eyes widened; his adopted father’s tie was missing and his shirt collar was askew, and he was about as non-death-related frantic as Tim had ever seen him outside the cowl, so he stuck the champagne flute somewhere behind him onto what he hoped was a table and hurried over to Bruce.

“What is it? Is it a vill—what…” Tim stopped short with a slight gasp now that he was up close. “Is that…lipstick?”

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Hello my beautiful Dayana ~ about the gifset of our lovely Danielle ~ the BIGGEST question is WHY YOUNGJAE WANTED TO LOUGH ?? ? xD he knew that it would trigger JB to react xD Youngjae is innocent? kidding love you ~ oh and the disappointment on JB's face ugh I live for excited JB when it involves Youngjae ~

Hi beautiful anony ^^/

First off: when it’s time to talk t Jaebum casually.. and it’s Youngjae’s turn after Jackson

Then idk if you noticed but Jinyoungie reaches over to Jaebum to get Yugyeom’s attention.. like idk? i’m sure Jinyoungie knows this will affect Jaebum because it’s YOUNGJAE!


Youngjae to Jaebum: Hey! Jaebummiee~

the after:

Then when they said they can’t laugh, Youngjae was still leaning on the table to sign the poster and stayed there to try to make JB laugh!1

YJ while looking at JB the whole time: “No laugh” “No funny” “no laugh” he then made a funny face when Bammie did and directed it to JB who wants to laugh so much!

And then little Youngjae plays a video, thinking everyone would laugh, and he wanted to laugh because Sunshines should at least laugh every minute and he wanted everyone to laugh already!

but they don’t, and then JAEBUM literally acts like the girl from the Hunger Games! even though Yugi and Jackson are next to Youngjae!!! like really Bum?

“I volunteer as tribute! ‘Let me spank him’!” *smiles* *gets caught by Jackson, and then Youngjae..

and he grabs Youngjae’s sleeve and they hold hands for a bit :)

and then here comes Jinyoungie! the savior of Jaebutt losing his cool! and changing the subject xD i am so still sure Jinyoung knows everything..

But to make this short, yesh, i loved Danielle’s post [mjbm] and eventhough Youngjae doesn’t know what would be the outcome, i’m sure Jinyoung knew Jaebum was in trouble of getting caught more than he did already haha and so saved him as usual

I love you anony <3333

Don’t be sad like Bummie when you can’t spank your man <3

also you did notice how Youngjae would laugh and smile the whole time and nobody else caught him or didn’t care xD! even though you can know it’s his laugh and Yugyeom looked straight at Youngjae smiling but ignored it haha

bye bye anony, stay safe <333

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Soulmate tattoo au klaroline

OH BOY! WHAT DID I WRITE? I don’t know lol hope you like this shitshow xD On FF.

Your Words Burn Me

Caroline had always believed the idea of a soulmate incredibly romantic, but in the end unrealistic. Yes, she had the words etched on her skin, but they were crude and hateful, and she truly didn’t believe she could ever love someone so monstrous.

As a child she feared the day would ever come, that she’d fall and would be unable to fight it - not anymore though. Soulmate or not, truth or myth, it didn’t really matter; Caroline could still love and she did, with all her heart and being - even if they all ended in tears and heartache, she’d never quit fighting the invisible pull she felt deep in her soul.

Inevitability, fate, - whatever you call it - brought her here, to this point in time and God, what wouldn’t she give to turn back time.

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Jumin Cheating Fan Fic part 4

Disclaimer: This chapter involves self harm so if that makes you uncomfortable please don’t read! also, sorry that it is short! - Admin Abby

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Your eyes stung as the last of your tears flowed out.

 Your mind felt hazy and your vision was blurry. You deserved all of this all this pain. Right? You locked yourself in the bathroom, connecting your phone to the speaker and playing the song Drown by Bring Me the Horizon.

 What doesn’t kill you, makes you wish you were dead

. You had found your old blade that you tucked away in your bathroom drawer. You remember telling Jumin about your struggles with self harm and depression and anxiety. He said he loved you and he would always be there for you. A dry chuckle came out of your mouth as you pressed the cold blade against your skin and dragged it against your skin, leaving a cut on your wrist.

The loneliness is haunting me

You watched as the blood slowly dripped down your wrist and onto the cold floor. Your vision was blurred with more tears as you slashed your wrists countless times, the pain had become dull and the music in the background had been drowned out by your sobs. The loneliness was overbearing and you had felt yourself become lost. Without Jumin you were lost.

 And the weight of the worlds getting harder to hold up

 When had you become so weak? When did Jumin become your lifeline? You were independent weren’t you? You slowly began to rock yourself back and forth as you held a towel to your arm, staining it red. Why did it seem so hard to breath? Where did the will to live go? You kept lying to yourself and saying that you were strong, but the truth was you weren’t strong. You were under the impression that you could be alright on your own but Jumin was your light in the dark. Now all that surrounds you is darkness.

 It comes in waves, I close my eyes. Hold my breath and let it bury me.

 You closed your eyes, wanting for it all to be over already. Had you been enough for him, you could’ve been happy. Were you ever truly happy? The waves of depression had always come over you, but your light had help you get though it. You had no guidance now, all alone you couldn’t fight this war against yourself and the only think you could do was let it bury you.

 I’m not okay, and It’s not alright 

 Was it your fault? It had to be.. Jumin wouldn’t cheat on you for no reason. You weren’t okay.. you were dying on the inside and Monster that was hidden deep down was trying to destroy you. Whether it be with self hated or self harm it wanted you gone. You wanted you gone. Maybe this was for the best. No one had truly loves you anyways. Your existence was a bother. You felt so ashamed of yourself. You always knew how worthless and replaceable you were yet you hadn’t believed it but now it seems that the harsh truth had punched you in the stomach.

 Who will fix me now? 

 You were broken, shattered, every piece of you he had managed to break. Your head started to pound now, your blood had started to leak past the towel. Perhaps you had cut too deep? Not that you cared, you wanted it all to end. Would anyone even care to come look for you? No wonder nobody else wanted you. Your broken pieces were scattered all over the floor and it cut anyone who got close. Had you damaged Jumin? Had he gotten tired of your broken soul?

 Save me from myself, don’t let me drown

 There was no other person that hated you as much as you hated yourself. You were the only person that hurt yourself at this moment and you had no intention of stopping now. You were drowning in the waves of depression and you couldn’t swim back to the surface. The song was interrupted by your phone ringing. The familiar of ringtone of your best friend Saeran. He was probably the only one now that could save you from drowning. Perhaps he had always been that light for you. You wanted to reach for the phone but you had all the power drained from you. That dim light was fading now. Your eyes were almost being forced shut and you slowly felt your consciousness giving out. You had began fighting the pain too soon. 

 That’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt.

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When do you think Daryl started having feelings for Carol and when do you think he was full blown in love with her? Also, when do you think he realized it but hasn't said anything? Reliving the feels. :)

I’m so sorry this has taken so long!

When do I think he started having feelings for her? When was it full-blown love?

Since we saw them being so comfortable around each other as early as the takeover of the prison, I think he might have started falling for her during their winter on the road.

Before they left the farm, she had told him that he was worth just as much as the other men in their group, the “respectable” ones, the former cops who would, before the Turn, have been the ones to remove him from the farm if he had shown up there with Merle.

From the look on his face, that must have been a first for him - someone thinking that he deserves care and attention and a kind word and food brought to him even though he had failed at what he had promised to do. This act of kindness toward someone on whom everyone else in that group was still looking down at the time showed him her heart, showed him what a kind and caring person she is, even when she herself is weighed down by fear and grief and terror.

And before that, he had already witnessed, since he had joined the group at the quarry, what a kind and good and caring mother she was, how protective she was of Sophia, how she readily put herself in harm’s way for her child - also something he admires in her, for he himself also needed (and sometimes had) a protector against his abuser, someone who stood between him and a beating or a whipping.

So he knows that Carol is kind, caring, protective, loving, not only with her daughter but with him, the outcast of the group who had been told, a day before, that he needn’t bother going out for Sophia anymore for they totally had it covered, now that they had a place to stay in. That was an attempt to push him away from the group because R!ck didn’t want to owe him anything for that would have upset the “natural order” of things - Daryl, who needs to protect and help others to feel validated, needed, and tolerated at best.

Yet here’s this woman who cares enough to come upstairs to bring him food, and tell him he did what he could, did more than Sophia’s dad did for her in his whole life, and she isn’t angry at him for failing, but concerned because he’s hurt, something that she shows him again two days later when he attempts to go out again. And she saw value in him right from the start that nobody else did, not even Daryl himself.

He must have watched her caring for her pregnant friend during that winter while R!ck was withdrawing from Lori more and more and Carl was siding with his father. He probably saw her making sure that Lori ate, that she was warm and dry, that she didn’t feel lonely and lost among this group, with her husband ever more distant even though what had happened was never Lori’s fault.

She was friends with B€th, with Hershel, with Gl€nn, with Maggie, with everyone. She had lost her daughter and found out about Sophia being dead in a horrible way, but she had not lost her will to go on, she remained strong for all of them, and found the strength inside of her to support and help everyone else around her - while mourning the death of her only child.

What’s not to love?

I think by the time they joked around as she was giving him food with Patrick there next to him he was full-on in love with her, but wasn’t really sure what it was he was feeling.

Their reunion at Terminus is what opened his eyes, I think, but with her working on something in her mind that had happened while they had been apart, he felt it wasn’t the right time, it would be inappropriate to say something because she had obviously lost the two girls since the fall of the prison and was mourning. Again.

And it hasn’t been the right time ever since then, for there has always been someone to mourn, or they were separated from each other by circumstance, or she needed to be alone to process what had happened, and he never intruded on this alone time for her, respecting her wish to stay away from him.

And even now he hasn’t said it because he knows that there is a war to fight that he might not return from, and telling her about his feelings for her before that would make him leaving the Hug Shack harder than it already was without that for both of them, might make her feel “forced” to say “I love you” back to him to avoid an awkward situation, make her feel “forced” to join the war to make sure he stays alive - none of which are outcomes he wants for her, or for himself. He would never want her to feel under pressure to act in a certain way because of something he’s said, something he feels that she might not.

And I think that in a way he is also protecting their friendship which he might think would suffer and become awkward if he told her that he’s in love and she doesn’t feel the same for him, and protecting her from having to deny him if he were to confess his love, for she would know this would hurt him, and even in that situation she still wouldn’t want to hurt him, so he hasn’t said it - yet.

With everything that’s been going on, with time as precious now as never before for their lives could end any day, any minute, I hope he will find the courage to “confess” his love to her soon, just so she will know that someone cares about her so deeply, and then she can be flustered and relieved and blushy and giggly all at once, and he can be surprised at her reaction, and then completely baffled when she tells him that she has been in love with him ever since the Prison. :-)

Thank you for another bout of feels, and Caryl on! ❤️


I’m always down to talk if any of y’all need a listening ear or some advice or reassurance or whatever. I may not be able to respond to your messages right away but I always see them and I will always answer as soon as I can. I genuinely, 100%, really, truly love all of you and I want you to know that, ok? Take care of yourselves and know that I’m here for y’all if you need anything.

even though I decided a few months back that I would no longer watch ouat, write fics for cs or engage with the fandom, I will break my own rules one last time. I need to say goodbye to Emma through my writing and to give her the happy ending I have always pictured for her, because she deserves to get it even if it only caters to my headcanons and nobody else cares about what I have to say

I need to properly put this story behind me the way A&E didn’t let me in canon

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Hey, your writing is amaxing, could I request scenarios for Ayato and Urie relaxing/unwinding with their s/o after a battle (you choose if nsfw or not) ?

two of my fav guys lets do this lol

Ayato Kirishima

“Yeah, that feels good right there.”

Ayato Kirishima could have moaned. In fact, he very well might have. He also might have gotten a huge boner, he was honestly too embarrassed to look down and check. His partner had the hands gifted to them by a god and they gave the most sensational massages. A massage he was always in dire need of after a battle. 

He heard them stifle their laugh. “You moaned,” they pointed out, digging their thumbs deeper between his shoulder blades. So he did moan. Nevertheless, the massage was so good he didn’t bother feeling mortified.

“Shut up–oh god that feels so good,” Ayato whimpered. He leaned back into their chest as they moved their hands, getting to their feet suddenly and Ayato fell backwards onto the couch.

“You’re so embarrassing,” his partner taunted, covering their mouth with a hand while they doubled over laughing, “are you turned on right now?”

“You didn’t go risk your life against some jackass Doves for hours, did you?” Ayato snapped. “And no,” he added, sitting up and letting out a violent string of curse words, words so violent his partner thought he had invented seven new words in the process. “Cum guzzling investigators” was definitely a new one. 

“Well, no.” They said thoughtfully, sitting back on the couch.

“And you don’t have serious knots from kicking ass, do you?” Ayato asked again, turning to look at them. His cheeks were flushed, a rosy red and he looked rather innocent, more innocent than he actually was. This was all except for his rather cross expression, which, if possible, would have burnt a hole in his partner.

“Ayato, darling,” they snickered, “I don’t think you get knots from kicking ass. I think you get knots from getting the ass kicked out of you.” 

Ayato huffed, pushing his fringe out of his eyes and opening his mouth to speak before closing it and balling his hands into fists. “If I didn’t love the fuck out of you, I would be so ready to fight,” he grumbled. 

His partner ruffled his hair, brushing their lips against his before moving to his neck. Ayato shut his eyes, his head practically lolling as they kissed him on his neck, running their hands over his chest. He whimpered again as if begging for more, scooting himself closer. “More, more,” he whispered, pushing them closer against his neck. 

It’s very uncharacteristic of him to be like this. He only got needy and vocal like this after a particularly rough battle. He liked to unwind, he liked to feel at home and he only ever felt at home with his partner because they were his home. They didn’t necessarily like giving him massages, he had so many knots and he was always so tense. But if they didn’t take care of him, nobody else would. Even if someone would, they didn’t want anyone to. He was theirs and they were his and that was how it always would be. Always. They always would take care of him. 

They pulled away and Ayato deadpanned.

“Why’d you stop?” Ayato murmured, his neck still tilted to the side as if begging to be kissed.

“I’ll massage you more, turn around,” they said, offering a small smile which Ayato took. He didn’t exactly smile back but it was as close as he got, his lips curving up slightly and his dark eyes catching the light and glinting with a silent “I love you”. 

He turned, his partner going back to work on his shoulders and this time, even when Ayato moaned, they didn’t laugh, they just smiled and leaned in to kiss his neck. From where he sat, Ayato couldn’t help but smile. A real smile. 

Kuki Urie

“Did I tell you to stop?”

His eyes met his partner’s from where he lay with his head in their lap. His dark eyes were almost like steel, cold and aloof and bored although his partner could tell he was trying to look like he was bored more than he was actually bored. He just wanted his hair played with.

He was like this. He was difficult but they could handle him. He tried his best to hide his relief but he was inwardly, subconsciously so fucking relieved he had made it out of the mission safe. Now he just wanted to spend time with his partner, he wanted to be close to his partner in a way that physical intimacy did not make people. Then again, he thought, it did. 

Not only was he relieved but he was craving validation like he usually was after a mission. He had a validation complex, if that was a thing. He wanted to be told he did well, he wanted to feel justified, he simply wanted validation. He always got it from his partner, they were so proud of him.

“Is someone a little pouty?” His partner giggled as he stuck his lower lip out, huffing quietly. “Stop acting like a baby, babe,” they added, running their fingers through his hair again. 

Urie opened his mouth to object to the pet name when his partner pulled his inky black hair roughly and sent Urie into a fit of curses. He swatted their hands back, frowning.

“Oh, sorry, did I hurt you?” 

Urie almost smiled. He looked at them as he sat up, brushing their noses first before closing the space between their lips. His partner smiled against his lips, holding him closer by his shirt.

He pulled away after a moment, patting their waist. His partner nodded, understanding Urie’s unspoken request and moved to their side. Urie wrapped both his arms around them, nuzzling his face into their back. 

They didn’t speak for awhile, Urie just laid with his face close to them, taking in every little thing: the curves of their body, their mint shampoo, their quiet breathing, the steady beat of their heart, he took in everything.

“You know, I love you so much, right?” Urie mumbled, holding them tight, so tight he was briefly afraid they would break. Instead, they turned to him.

“I love you,” they replied softly, “and,” their voice broke. It’s not like they meant to cry, they really didn’t need to but they worried every time he left on a mission. He wasn’t just an investigator, he was something special to the CCG, he would always be pushed to his limits in a fight and he would allow it. That’s how he was. And they loved him for it. 

“And?” Urie prodded, tilting their chin up to look at him.

“I’m just glad you’re okay,” they whispered. Urie looked like he wanted to laugh, biting his lip. 

“You’re a sap,” Urie teased, pulling them up and wrapping their legs around his waist. 

“You’re the sap,” they shot back. Urie let out the laugh he had been holding in, leaning in to kiss them.

He climbed over them as they laid back on the bed, Urie pulling his tie loose. “About that,” he mused, drinking in the sight of them pinned beneath him, “I’m going to make you pay for pulling my hair like that. Hair like this is hard to manage.”

They laughed, pulling him closer by his tie and bringing their lips to his. 

“Don’t hold back.”


“Respect…hah,” the man named Frank chuckled, “I gave that mutt more respect than they deserved.  They had no right to question me like that.”

Despite his best efforts, Ben could feel himself becoming more and more angry.  The whole reason he’d even set foot in this place to begin with was because of (Y/N).  As soon as Ben had found out what Frank had done, he’d stormed right over to confront him.  Problem was nobody else acted like they even cared.  Even Frank seemed pretty pleased with himself at the moment.  He still thought what he’d done was perfectly okay and it made Ben sick.

“I’m not asking,” Ben said cooly, “Either you knock it off or I promise you…”

“What,” Frank demanded, his eyes narrowing, “Gonna have me reported?  Gonna run back crying to daddy?  Not that I’d be surprised really.  That’s all you Mason boys ever do…hide behind your daddy.”  The man let out another chuckle as he exchanged looks with the men seated around him.  "Now that I think about it,“ he went on with a sneer, "What’s your interest in all this, Razorback?”

Ben had heard enough.  Following the camp rules, even keeping up a good public image, didn’t mean anything at that point if this…man…was able to do this to (Y/N) and get away with it.  Before anyone else could react, Ben lunged forward and tackled Frank from his barstool.  The momentum carried both of them into the floor with a loud thud.  Already, other patrons started gathering round as Ben felt one of Frank’s elbows connect with his jaw…

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Art advice post: Gaining fans

OK! :D I promised a few of you I was going to write this advice post and I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to sit on my butt and get around to it. (I have the flakiest motivation ever). But here it is, it’s a biggie. I get asked this question a lottttt. Here’s something of an answer.

Question: How do I get a fanbase to care about my work/project/art. How do I even GET a fanbase?

Answer: The first thing I’m going to say is that unless you’re lucky enough to create something that strikes as viral and gains quick popularity from minimal work (like mini comedy comic strips) you are in for a VERY VERY LONG SLOG. I’m not talking a month. I’m not talking a year. I’m saying you’re going to be VERY SLOWLY getting people to care about your stuff over years and YEARS of hard work that very few people will even end up seeing, let alone caring about. If the thought of that pisses you off or makes you want to look for a magical shortcut- just give up now or don’t even bother starting. The most important part of trying to get a following for anything creative is understanding that NOBODY OWES YOU ANYTHING NOMATTER HOW HARD YOU WORK. The attention of strangers is something that is gained after people see you’re in for the long haul and serious about your own work. People don’t like flakes. They dont like it when people hate on their own stuff constantly or fish for compliments disguised as self loathing. It gets tiring fast. You have to 100% WANT to succeed. When i wake up in the morning I don’t think ‘wahhh what if everything fails, what if nobody cares’. I get the hell up, sit at my desk, and work towards MAKING people care about my work, by making my work the best it can be. If you’re going to be negative at least channel your frustrations into working on your project instead.

Consistency of work and sharing is vital to keep peoples interest. If you vanish offline for months at a time people will simply move onto the next thing that grabs their attention or updates regularly. You have to engage your audience and potential audience. That is nobodies responsibility but your own. So don’t moan about nobody seeing your stuff if you can’t put the personal effort in to get it out there. I see so many people do this. Nobody will come to you looking for you. Nobody is going to find a marble in a ballpit unless they have some damn knowledge that the marble is even IN there to begin with. This is about EFFORT. TIRING HORRIBLE DISGUSTING EFFORT. Lazy people can sometimes gain a following but personally I wouldn’t be happy with myself creatively if I knew I wasn’t giving it my all.

You need COMMITMENT to your project and skills. The one person that should love your thing the MOST is YOU. If you don’t go to bed at night daydreaming about your characters and stories, thinking about how to improve your skills or even hoping for people to care then nobody else will either. Why should they? People will emotionally invest in something that has real emotions. Don’t just do something for the sake of it. You really have to believe in what you’re trying to create. If you can convince yourself that you have something good then you’re a step closer to making someone else care.

Now i mentioned that this takes years and it does, but one of the best things you can do for yourself (and others) is to get involved with other things around you. Draw for other people, show your love for other peoples work, openly show your love for the things that inspire you to make your own stuff. You’ll make friends, you’ll LEARN things, your skills will improve and you will become less cautious about sharing when it comes to your own projects. The things closest to us are the scariest to share right? So you need to get used to that early on. The more you do it the less disappointed you’ll get when you expect a certain response and don’t get it *lol*.

As an artist who gained popularity through fanart before my own original projects I’d say draw fanart- but don’t get hung up on it. I don’t believe that every single artist out there is destined to make something of their own. Some of us like watching sports while some play them. It’s the same with art really. Not everyone has that enthusiasm to follow through on an idea. Fanart is safe, it’s comfortable and it’s a group activity. Everyone already knows what their dealing with so you’re adding to an already solid concept. Draw fanart sometimes, it’s cool. HOWEVER if you want to get further on with your art as a career you REALLY REALLY need to develop and share your own ideas too. I say this because you do not own another persons property nomatter how much you may love it. If you’re building your own reputation off another creators back you’re walking on shaky ground. Employers will often like to see a bit of fanart to show you can commercially deal with existing IP in a professional way, but what they really want to see is how your brain ticks and what new ideas you can bring to THEM, not something legally unusable.

So fanart. It’s a gateway into originality and getting people to care about your skills or even you as a person. If two people like the same thing then there’s a chance they might also like something entirely new together. So keep that in mind. Make friends who share your interests!

On the subject of friends. Something I cannot stress enough. DO NOT spam, harrass, ass kiss, stalk or be a tryhard to befriend an artist you look up to. They have absolutely NO obligation to share your work with their readership. Getting in with a famous artist does not= overnight instant fame for your stuff. Get that out of your head right away. It makes me so fucking sad when people use creative folk as stepping stones simply to forward their own popularity. People can spot a fake friend a mile away. I have to deal with more than a few :\ and it makes you very very jaded. Be a friend, not a opportunist. I’ve had a few great artists share my work over the years and i try to do the same for my own friends too, but I never approached them with only THAT in mind. Don’t be an art creeper be genuine.


Another big thing, you need to have an online presence. People need to remember your name, your brand, your style and where to find you. Get a website. Get a blog. Get ALL THE THINGS on social media. Talk into the void about your work and eventually people will slowly (very slowly) read what you have to say. If they can find you that is. Singular websites are incredibly difficult to stumble across, even with Google. You have to get your ass into communities, events, public events and NETWORK LIKE CRAZY. You are the only person who can do this for you! Unless you pay for an agent, lol. But you are the person who best knows your work and what you want to do.

YOU ARE NOT going to get a following for your work with 1 twitter account that uploads maybe 1 character sketch every 8 months. Nobody will give a shit. I wouldn’t. Make a CONSTANT effort and people will make an effort for you.

Something i’ve had a few times at conventions which drives me potty (in a nice way) is when artists come up to me at the table looking for advice and they pull out a single bit of art they drew on paper like its the crown jewels. They just have a character design, nothing else. Yet they want to make a comic or be hired or whatever. Why are you not already drawing comics of your own? If you cant write why haven’t you teamed up with a writer yet? What is your excuse? When I was 12 I was sending 60page full color comics across the ocean to companies to try get their attention. I was a kid. You are an adult. Get on it! Nobody will care unless you put in the hard work VERY REQUIRED of this type of work and they can see you have high output.

What else… hmmm. I think a lot of you get discouraged when you have indeed tried for years yet the uptake has been torturously slow. You get self hatey on your projects. What would I do rather than hate my work I’m supposed to care about deeply? Stop, realise that I’m obviously doing something wrong, then try to remake it entirely into something people might care about more. You can really drag a project by not being honest with yourself or being willing to bash your own stubborness and try something new. Some of the most famous stuff out there was rehashed like 8 times before it became what it is now. When i had to entirely press the self destruct button on my old story it was actually the breath of sanity and fresh air that allowed me to create Engelbaum from scratch. And years later I am SO GLAD that I did. So sometimes, if something isn’t working, try something new. Salvage the bits you genuinely care about. We improve all the time, so just keep working on it.

It might be easy to look at other artists or writers and see the GIANT HUMILIATING SIZE of their fanbase and think 'wow I’m an unremarkable piece of shit’. But chances are they’ve been at it for years and they will (everyone does) started off with 0 fans. We all start at the bottom. Some of us have it easier and some of us struggle. Sometimes luck and random happenings, chance meetings and so on play a big part. But the only time “luck” happens is when you’ve worked hard to put yourself into a position to receive good news in the first place. It’s a chain reaction, not luck. Not magic. Nothing or nobody owes you anything. Repeat repeat repeat.

Long story short, if you’re serious about your work, see it like a child. You have to be committed to take care of it, introduce it to the world and instil good values into it. Don’t halfass it. Don’t be a bad artmomma and expect the world to throw you gratitude for a halfbaked potatochild :|

I hope that helps a few of you. Harsh truths, lol.

bijackkelly  asked:

So I saw your post on writing garbage and as nice as it sounds to write something just for fun I always write for other people. I care so much what people think of my writing that it paralyzes me from writing anything. For example I have an OTP in this fandom that no one else does and I'd love to write them but I see no point if I'm the only one reading it. How do I get past this?

Oooh I gotcha. 

I think that doing anything for other people is a double-edged sword.
On one side of the scale: Recognition and praise (and just being able to make other people happy) is addictive in a way that is engraved on the insides of our skulls as social animals that want to be valued by the group.
Tipping the other side of the scale: Sometimes you will be alone, and if your sole motivation is other people, you won’t be able to move. 

Before we begin, a quick word on cultivating a supportive creative group: Support other people. If you read something else that somebody wrote, and you liked it? Write them a note. Draw them a picture. Let them know that you like what they’re doing. In my experience, giving genuine, enthusiastic praise tends to turn into big gentle loops of people who take turns making and encouraging each other and sharing their tips and tricks and even giving cutting but helpful criticism. It makes a positive, self-contained system where everyone is working hard, not to compete with each other but to grow together. Even if you don’t make some rad friends, it is worth it to take the time to say something nice, because you know firsthand how much it can mean to somebody. 

Ok, my advice: 

Firstly, I want to talk about practice. People dance and sing and declaim and doodle without an audience so that they can do it for an audience later. When you’re practicing alone, you can do drills that look boring but help you nail that roundhouse kick, or goof off with something silly because you need to blow off steam, or be self-indulgent and practice something that’s your favorite to make yourself smile and remind yourself why you’re working so hard. Honing your skills without an audience is a completely valid way to spend your time. 

Secondly, for just a moment, let’s talk about audience opinion. In customer service, they tell you that the customer is always right. This is horseshit, as anyone who has worked customer service or retail or food service can tell you. They don’t know what they’re talking about at least half the time. What they are right about is what they want– and sometimes that’s impossible to deliver, and nearly always a group of more than three cannot agree on what they want. Also, a lot of popular stuff objectively sucks. Oh, it’s popular for a reason for sure, I have nothing against popular things and the purposes they serve– it’s just that the Venn diagram of ‘Good’ and ‘Popular’ is anything but a circle. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to know your audience, and pay attention to them– but they aren’t you, the writer, who’s driving the car of your story. 

Try writing for just one person. The person can be real, a friend or a sibling or just that one reader that you don’t really know but who always writes you a note about how much they loved your story. The person can be imaginary, a kind of ideal reader that you think of as you try to write something that they’d like. The person can be you. 

I think the answer is already there in your question: “I’d love to write them”. 

I don’t think it’s pointless to write just for yourself. (Honestly, I’m not sure there’s an actual point to anything, so we might as well just do what makes us happy if we can). I think that your happiness and enjoyment is worth pursuing. It would be nice if other people liked it too (if the internet has taught me anything, it’s that someone, somewhere, shares your point of view or weird habit or obscure favorite book or militant hatred of peas). You can still write things for other people. But write the thing that you’ll have fun doing, even if nobody else cares about it. Is it a waste of time to do something that will harm literally nobody that you will enjoy? Hell no. The point is that you want to. 

Doing something for yourself is not a waste. You are important. You deserve to feel happy. Act like it.  


Not sure if I’m putting this coherently, but I think we all also need a little bit of hope, or at least a galvanising call to action. Apathy and negativity is draining. So…I don’t see a point perpetuating the idea that ‘no one cares about Aleppo’, when people do care- people care enough that organisations are doing work to help, which we can donate to, to support. I’m specifically talking about people not in Syria, particularly Westerners with regards to this. I do think the int’l community has failed shamefully in Syria but it’s not a situation where literally no one cares. I understand doing the ‘no one cares thing’ if there has really been almost no media coverage or any NGOs working to help, but it’s not true in this case. Many news organisations are reporting the situation; I follow the BBC and they’re liveblogging the ongoing evacuation.

Making posts just about how ‘no one cares’, idk, doesn’t it become harmful beyond a certain point, if it reinforces the apathy? By giving impression there is nothing we can do because even if we care nobody else does? I don’t think that’s helpful. Wallowing in this kind of guilt and cynicism is a waste (and a luxury we have that the refugees don’t) when small as it might be, we can do our part by donating, contacting our government representatives or spreading awareness about what’s going on. The situation there is awful, but if what we do helps at least one more person, that is going to mean the whole world to that person. In our position, we have to think ‘yes, we can help’.

"You've kept me waiting for a long time, Little Takakura."

“Hey, please don’t think I’m weird for this, but I think the reason I’m not really able to date aaany of the hot chicks I meet at work is that I’m waiting for someone. I just… I can’t remember who it was. But there’s something I still need to tell to that person.”

Following you guys on instagram rn. At this point I’m just not impressed with anyone, I find myself cracking up over pictures that I don’t think were intended to make me laugh but people are just taking themselves way too seriously and I find it hilarious. It’s sad. They tried. Oh well. Anyway I’m to the point where I don’t really wanna follow anyone but I’d rather give back to you guys, the people who actually care about us and do so much for us, than give my follow to people who bore me and are not even on my radar anymore. I don’t really care if nobody else is “following fans” on instagram I think that should be a thing so here’s me making it a thing. Thank you all for supporting us and watching our videos and coming to our shows and buying our music and being so kind and loving and supporting us and always being there day in and day out and also NOT trying way too hard to get people to “take you seriously” and setting a horrible example in the process. I am just so not impressed by that, I see right through all these people ugh. I love you guys hahaha okay see y'all on instagram!