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“I’m Zimbabwean American. For me, I grew up knowing the special power of the African. And their powerful expression of self, and how that is not backward. It’s just different from what mainstream shows us. So to see it on this sort of scale, to me, it’s just so ready and so overdue to me. Because that, to me, is what the African is - we’re very underestimated and we’re also underrepresented.”

[Danai Gurira on “How Black Panther is Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen”]

So I drew a single kid Stanley and then-

@rosyabomination suggested The Bird and the Worm for Scarecrow and i’M GONNA MARRY THIS IDEA HOLY MOTHER I’M IN LOVE. Now let me explain to you my interpretation of this song and the character:

So one of my favorite videogame sagas is the Arkham ones, and in the first one, Arkham Asylum, Scarecrow his brutally attacked by Killer Croc on the sewers but he survives with his face disfigured and has multiple injuries. The song is one of my favorites of all time and when i thought of the lyrics my mind immediately imagined Jonathan getting out of those sewers all bloody and on pain, crawling away from Croc. 

Thank you so much for this song suggestion! 

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So…kaisoo is dead because in one interview JI said he thinks the couple dance doesn’t match him really (but it matches Ksoo more) and that he wouldn’t marry anyone in exo as a girl. First off, good for him, he’s learning how to answer. If the context of the dance couple quote is true, sounds like he’s being humble and saying it’s too sexy for him but it matches Ksoo better. Still complimenting Ksoo (if that’s how he meant it). And he has his own room, well people need space and honestly JI was obsessive about Ksoo at first it’s good to make their love stronger and not clingy. Also the marrying a member, that’s a trap question and I am glad he didn’t step in it. If he chose Ksoo, that would put a target on their backs and frankly I think they aren’t in the mood to be separated again. So it’s a diplomatic answer and good for him. Finally, he brought up Ksoo twice. For his legendary video and roommate habit. I think that speaks volumes on its own. So basically he said something about Ksoo THREE times in his interview and you want to believe Kaisoo is dead based on context? We’re going to ignore him sticking to Ksoo like glue in all these Kokobop interviews, ignore him wrapping that big strong arm around Ksoo on the Knowing Brothers and backstage at Music Core. That’s fake but that one misconstrued sentence isn’t?


TVn Criminal Minds Ep 01

When profiling defines it a serial murder, 
there are characteristics of crime, and victims...
and the characteristic of a situation.

Usually when I join a fandom it’s because of the gay couple and they tend to be my favorite characters. Usually I like the thought of them more than what is actually shown on screen.

However, when I started watching Wynonna Earp. I fell in love with each character. To the point I’m emotionally invested in all of them, which hasn’t happened since like, Hey Arnold.

CALLOUT POST FOR MY FRIENDS namely @fractalabomination and @elany - I remind them that sleep is important and they claim that I’m bullying them (¬、¬)

Day 4: In Danger/ Leaving Home

graduation day :’ 0


DHJSKFHSKDA You all are honestly THE BEST and I don’t even have WORDS for how much it means!!! Like this is the best thing to wake up to?? I’m so happy and I would hug every single one of you if I could like I cherish you all so much aaaaaa. Thank you so so so much like?? My words are failing me??? And I want to do something for you all but I don’t know what???? ;A; I hope you all have a day / night that’s as beautiful and kind as yourselves!!! <333