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Hey Seddm, just a quick little question (for a sorta upcoming comic). In 'Mewberty,' did we know exactly how and why Star turned back to her normal self after her Mewberty escapade?

Nope, probably just time. Star’s description of Mewberty in the Guide to Dimensions make it sounds like everything that happened is completely normal, and common on Mewni,

but Star is not exactly the most reliable or informed person in the world. Do all Mewman girls actually go through this process, as her phrasing seems to imply? Even those who can’t use magic? This could explain the book seen in Quest Buy, something generic, made for all girls, not just the wand bearer.

Glossaryck mentioned the possibility of Star not being back to normal, but knowing him, was that actually true? Or just something he told Marco because he loves being enigmatic and mysterious, and he actually meant something like “puberty can change people”? After all as we have seen in Star On Wheels he’d do everything to get his student to improve at magic, but still needs them alive, so I think he would have tried to do something if there ever actually was the chance of Star flying away through Earth, forever a hormone driven butterfly monster.
My personal take is that the episode wanted the viewers to be as confused as Marco was, for an event that, to a Mewman, would have been an average Tuesday.
(good luck with the comic!)

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Hey, do you think the comic industry is collapsing under its own weight or are People like Diversity and Comics and Capn Cummings just amplifying the negative way out of proportion? I even wonder if representation matters, diversity turned into a joke and the lunch line, if ANYTHING even matters. What do you think of this whole mess? Are SJWs with zero interest in comics destroying the industry or are we worrying about nothing?

“Are SJWs with zero interest in comics destroying the industry?”

Short answer: No.


The industry is falling apart because of longstanding problems with the way comics are distributed, marketed, and their own inability to change with the times. If you really want to read about the things that are damaging the industry (and by industry, let’s face it - we mostly mean the Big Two), look up an essay called “Shut the Fuck Up, Marvel,” where Colin Spacetwinks breaks down exactly the real issues here, and it has nothing to do with the “SJWs” or any bullcrap like that.

I never felt
A room so still
See the future coming
Hope it isn’t real
I learned to fake a smile
As the time runs out

Chris Pine was a stand up comic and he talked about the time Prince Harry was in his audience and Chris wanted to cancel the show because he was nervous but then Prince Harry came up on stage during his bit and kissed Chris on both cheeks and told him he was doing a good job. The weirdest thing is, I probably think about Chris Pine maybe once every two months and Prince Harry… like almost never (I don’t even know what he looks like).

Phoney and Smiley being assholes but also kinda dropping some truths which somehow makes it even worse.

Please read ‘Bone’ by Jeff Smith it’s my favourite comic of all time. (The Black and White version is better though. I just couldn’t find this panel online in BW and my book is too thicc to scan)

Multiple people bothered by Vex’s focus on nobility in the comic forget one thing; This is about their beginning, before she had the character development that set her on the path of not wanting or needing nobility to be happy. 

Its possibly only a few months in of both of them only just leaving Syngorn and being on their own. She hasn’t had the time to become who she is now. 

Even at the start of the show, she was always more focused on how people perceived her and the need for money to be stable and safe. She was the one more focused on nobility and respect from others then Vax was. 

It seems ooc to us now, to see her this way, but we don’t know how she was in the beginning besides the start of Critical Role, where it lines up almost perfectly with who Vex used to be. 

I don’t like her focus on it in the comic any more then others, but from a writers standpoint it does make sense that she wouldn’t be the person she is now if she was just starting out. 

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(what do you think everyone would think about us dating? Midoriya says.) Or something like that he and todoroki probably have been dating for a while.

“What do you think everyone would think about us dating?”

 Todoroki remembers it so clearly. Midoriya poking nervously at his katsudon and his peppered cheeks turning a light shade of pink. If they were alone, Todoroki would’ve kissed those cheeks. How the sun was setting beside them, the last students in the dining hall on a ordinary Wednesday evening, and made green eyes more brilliant than any emerald on earth. It was almost too perfect, like one of those comics he used to see his sister reading lazily as he was taken away to train against his will. Comics filled with doe eyed girls and strong boys flitting around each other as if they were leaves being whisked into the sky by the winds of fate. Only to be brought together by a sudden confession of requited feelings of love. This wasn’t the clearest confession, but it was a confession all the same. 

He felt his heart stop, and feels it again as he recalls the memory, and chose his words carefully, “I do not think their opinion matters.” 

Midoriya sat up straight and set his chopsticks down, his hands framing his bowl of unfinished katsudon. Pink slowly turning into red and creeping to his ears and neck, “You think so?” 

Todoroki nodded and dared to ask, “I think the the only question that matters is; what do you think about us dating?” 

He was so glad that no one else was around to see Midoriya’s reaction; bathed in orange sunlight and a shade of red that almost matched his own scar. Eyes wide in complete disbelief and mouth slightly agape. He was, and still is, sure that no one ever saw Midoriya like this. Only him and he cherished the memory. 

Midoriya bit his lip after an audible hitch in his breath, Todoroki remembers having to subdue his own breathing patterns, “I think it’s something I want.” he admitted, but then added hastily and looked out the window at the trees below them, “That is, if you want it as well?”  

Silence washed over them until Todoroki reached across the table for two and took Midoriya’s hand. He didn’t need to say anything, it was obvious by the way their eyes met, smiles crept across their faces, and laughter filled the empty dining hall that Midoriya knew what Todoroki’s answer was. 

Todoroki remembers it so clearly as they sit at the same table watching the same sunset with their fingers intertwined after finishing dinner in the same empty dining hall. 

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Remember DA? Remember when you thought Davekat would be maybe blackrom, Idk where I'm goign with this dude, but I've been here for a bit, and I've loved your content all this time, and I still love it now

back when davekat was just a crackship it was almost EXCLUSIVELY blackrom tbhhhh it took a while for us to get to a point in-comic where there had been enough like material to evaluate for people to start realizing hey ! they could be pale! or RED! and even then that was a v rare commodity,,,,,,, and now here we are………………., i cant believe karkat hivebent and dave homestuck are married……………..,

anyway tho that means uve been here since like 2011/2012 and thats pretty fuckin wild and also thanks for stickin around for the ride lmao

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Koumi Week begins on September 23rd and ends on September 29th, just before the release of 5th part, “Symbiosis”, aka “Kyōsei”.

You can contribute with fanart (sketches, doodles, illustrations, comics, artists recommendations..), fanfiction (short and long stories, fic recommendations), graphics (aesthetics, visual concepts, wallpapers, icons..), music mixes inspired by the ship and prompts, and even with a post writing the reasons why you love them or the signs/hints you see in the series.

It doesn’t matter if you are a die-hard Koumi shipper or you like them but the ship is not your otp (or your first choice for each character), everybody is welcome and we want to encourage everyone to take part, and most importantly, to enjoy the week while we wait for 5th part!

If you are going to create you own materials, here are the prompts:

Sept. 23rd ~ First Date / Kitchen
Sept. 24th ~ Future / Parenting
Sept. 25th ~ Switched Personalities
Sept. 26th ~ School / University
Sept. 27th ~ Hogwarts / Laberynth
Sept. 28th ~ Pokémon / Bleach
Sept. 29th ~ Travels / Camping

You don’t need to participate everyday if you’re not familiar or comfortable with the prompts, and these can be adapted to your creative needs, so don’t be afraid 👊🏻 Needless to say, you can take inspiration from every digimon season or film.

R-rate your adult content posts and put the content under the cut! Same goes if the post extension is long, put it under cut to ease the lecture / display.

Finally, remember to use the same tags as this post (and feel free to add more) in order to spread the Koumi love 💜💚


And, of course, have fun!

Thanks to:
@akeemi-art (original idea)
@koumimi2016 (Poster design)
@momantaichi and @koumikoumikoumi (organization)

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I thought i'd ask a Ducktales question since a new episode is coming out in 2 days! How would you picture Donald and Fenton meeting together for the first time?

Fenton’s an inventor intern this time around, right? I think his personality may be a bit different from what we know. I think Donald would like him even if he’d be a bit wary around him because well, Fenton is very excitable and tends to attract accidents and misfortune. Donald doesn’t need any more of those, so he’d be wary. 

I think the person who would’ve gotten along better with him is Della, because she too is a scienc-y person, as the 80th anniversary comic shows. They’d nerd over things together.

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i just watched jacksepticeye play hiveswap is it anything like homestuck? do you think i should read homestuck?

hiveswap is the prequel to homestuck as it has some characters from the comic roxy: the babysitter, pa: grandpa harley). id definitely read homestuck, because although the game is amazing on its own, there are a lot of references to hs in it that make it even more interesting. personally, i love the whole homestuck lore, and its one of the best fandoms ive ever been in!!

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I adore OC artist, it's like finding characters i missed in the game. I have an excess of freetime and want to every kind of art of those OCs. But i worry i annoy the artist. Even more so if they think their art is subpar. Only way i can interact with their oc is with mine. My question, is doing a lot of art & sending it annoying? I sent a short comic of my oc meeting one of theirs and they fell into a rut. I'm worried i upset them. (sorry for length)

I can’t speak for all artists, but I personally find it very flattering when someone draws fanart of my OC’s, & even moreso if they draw their OC’s interacting with mine. It makes me feel like I did a good job of creating someone or something likeable enough that people willingly spend their time & talents creating fanart of it. :)

I don’t think it’s annoying, & I wouldn’t blame yourself if the artist gets into a rut. It’s not your fault at all. Artists get into ruts & artblocks all the time for no reason. I’ve had weeks where I couldn’t bring myself to draw anything, even though nothing majorly sad or traumatizing had happened to cause it; my brain just simply decided that it didn’t want to. :/ Alternatively, something could have happened in their personal life that made them not feel like drawing & had nothing to do with you sending them fanart; it was just bad timing. So again, please don’t take it personally or blame yourself.

If you ever feel like you might come off as annoying or whatever about drawing fanart of someone’s OC, just send them an ask to make sure it’s ok for you to do so. Most artists I know openly encourage people to draw their OC’s, but I know there are some out there who don’t feel comfortable with it for one reason or another, so it’s always best to ask first.

I hope this helps, & I’m sorry it got so lengthy. ^^;

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Okay, okay lemme see here.... for a Bad Boy AU.... using Furihata, Yamaguchi, Okamura, Sakurai, and Yaku. Basically, the guys secretly being gang leaders, like, they hide it from their teammates, schoolmates, girlfriend... their everyday personalities are actually mild facades they use so no one would guess what they do after school lets out. One day, GF finds out because she is almost assaulted by a rival gang and the guys come to her rescue. Mild comical fluff? (if that is even possible) XD

I tried writing this in a style I’ve seen @sfw-haikyuu-nsfw employ where there is a flowing narrative that incorporates all the characters in “one” scene. I’m actually pretty pleased with how this turned out except that I completely forgot your request for “mild comical fluff” because I had a brief summary of the ask…whoops! Thanks for being ok with it changing, I hope you like it!

The shock of having her feet knocked from under her and being pinned to the cold concrete stole her voice momentarily. But then she’s screaming bloody murder. Clawing and biting at her attacker she tries to get away but he’s too strong. Just when she feels the tear of her shirt, her assailant is yanked off of her. Her eyes widen when she sees who her rescuer is.


“You piece of shit, I thought I told you to stay out of my turf!” Her eyes widen; she’s never heard Yamaguchi use such language ever. And his gaze is so hard and fierce she begins to wonder if he has a dual personality. He stands rigid in a stare down with her attacker. “You best get out of here if you know what’s good for you,” Yamaguchi almost growls and she shivers. As he turns to look at her, he sees her flinch, the motion bringing dullness to the fire burning in his eyes.

“_______,” Yaku begins, reaching out hand, “Please I can explain-“

“Morisuke look out!” she shouts and he turns just in time to dodge the sucker punch aimed at his head.

“You bastard!” he yells, moving swiftly to throw a punch of his own.

She remains frozen, eyes wide as Yaku bobs and weaves, throwing punches and kicks while obsorbing the same. She knew he had a temper from time to time but this…this is something completely different.

And he knows what he’s doing. She gasps as more gang members enter the darkening alleyway, faces full of ill intent.

Furihata knows he has to get the upper hand and fast. He’s proven good at watching other’s backs, but fighting on his own has always been more difficult. However, with ________ here, he knows he has no choice but to win. She’s depending on him to protect her, even if she does currently appear to be just as afraid of him as the asshole who attacked her.

Maybe more because suddenly he’s like a stranger to her. His distraction leaves him open, the result being a swift kick to the gut which takes him to the ground. In no time, he’s surrounded, his girlfriend screaming in the background as he takes blow after blow.

Okamura covers his head, irritated that he let his guard down so much that these ass wipes were able to take advantage of it and bring him down. Blood is obscuring his vision and it’s getting more difficult to breathe, no doubt thanks to the steel toed kicks to the ribs he’s taken.

He’s finally able to reach the gun hidden in his waist band, one shot then another echoing against the brick of the buildings. The deafening explosions startle more than maim his attackers, his shots wild due to an inability to see and a desire to make sure he’s not firing anywhere near where ________ is standing.

For the first time ever, he’s thankful to hear her screams. It means she’s alive.

As the last of the punk asses who dared to mess with him and his own flee the scene, Sakurai lays still on the ground, too exhausted to move, his injuries making themselves known with a vengeance as his adrenaline wears off. With tremendous effort, he lifts his head, able to see _______ still standing frozen near the dead end.

His call of her name is weak but it seems to rouse her from her stupor, her body flying forward to his position on the ground.

As she kneels next to him, he reaches up a bloodied hand to her face, touching her gently. “I’m sorry,” he whispers before fainting.

Unsure what to do, she calls Aomine. Though she’s practically in hysterics he manages to calm her down enough to get the information he needs to come get them. On the way to their private hospital, she tries to pump him for information but Aomine insists she wait to talk to Sakurai. 

After all, it’s his story to tell.

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Floraverse is like a furry "adventure" webcomic with fake deep characters and a fake deep plot. Most of the development doesn't even happen in SFW comic anymore, it on the prob site now. The comic has cute and fluffy characters that are all complete assholes to one another and that's all the development they get. I could go on honestly, it just sucks


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Once you get this it would be cool if you posted ten facts about yourself and then passed this along to your ten favorite followers!!

I just answered one like this but I can totally think of 10 more facts! :D 

  1. I love the colour blue (it’s pretty convenient that it matches lots of stuff)
  2. I had my tonsils removed when I was younger and the doctor said he was going to put a butterfly on my hand to make me sleep and I’m still convinced it was an actual butterfly even though I know it wasn’t :P
  3. I love writing and have been doing it for a very long time… I wrote my first story when I was in year 5 (age 10) and my dad “published” it for me. I still have the “book” (aka paper stapled together in a book like fashion with a fancy shiny paper cover)
  4. I am a marine electrical fitter for my job
  5. I got to the cinema with my best friend most weeks
  6. I’ve been to Comic Con three times with my best friend
  7. I like love songs and angsty songs the most
  8. I want to be a cheery person (but I have a resting sad face–cue people saying “cheer up!” to me a lot)
  9. I have a Blue Peter Badge :D 
  10. I like making stuff - I’ve made my own First Blade, Angel Blade and Ruby’s Knife and am currently making a pom-pom mat and also a stationary holder :)

Yaya, thanks for the ask, Thrisha!! :D ♥♥


whatever interpretation we’re going by,  richie swears a whole fucking lot.   stephen king often even writes richie’s mouth almost as a separate entity from richie himself,  illustrating it as some living thing that runs away before richie can hope to control it.

‘   The trouble with Richie was that he couldn’t keep still for more than a minute at a time and he couldn’t keep his mouth shut at all.   ‘

‘   Richie’s mouth was like a half-tamed horse that has a way of bolting for absolutely no reason.   ‘

this is a huge manifestation of my personal idea that richie has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder,  otherwise known as ADHD,  and a facet his parents fail to understand.   his grades are good,  but in conduct his behaviour slips,  most often due to that trashmouth   !

his mother doesn’t condone his vulgarity,  but his dad is shown to swear extremely nonchalantly and even teach richie the meaning of gendered slurs.   his dad says   ‘ bullshit ‘   at the table as richie’s having breakfast,  and is shown to have told him   ‘ a wh*re was a woman who got paid for having sex ‘   without thinking twice.

despite his father’s very obvious demeaning of richie,  calling him a stupid idiot on the daily,  richie very clearly loves and respects his parents and their opinions :

‘  He could read both of his parents like books — well-worn and well-loved books  ‘

‘   so said Reverend Craig and so said Richie’s folks and so said Richie.  ’

it’s my personal view that richie downright idolises his father to an extent,  and thus copies his language in a desperate attempt to assimilate himself to his father and gain his approval.   richie’s dad is also pretty satirical at times,  and richie picks up on that humour and amplifies it.

as a result,  richie directly associates foul language with maturity,  a somewhat hypermasculine view that is obvious in how he acts   —   richie swears to seem more mature than his peers,  swears even more around teenagers slightly older than him to try and compensate for the fact that he’s younger.   even his general vulgarity can be traced back to his father:

‘  Richie Tozier was sneaking a look at the half-undressed girls in a copy of Gem he had found at the bottom of his father’s socks-and-underwear drawer   ’

richie is more openly crude in the movie than the book,  but it still sources back to richie’s dad being,  in his eyes,  a role model to aspire to as well as a father figure he needs to impress.   breaking out of those habits as an adult is not easy,  but feasible   —   in moments of stress or other intense emotions he may slip into cursing again,  but his supposed trashmouth has an outlet in the Voices he has collected,  and is now manageable.