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your homophobic, you don't understand the cast openly mocked an LGBTQ ship, it doesn't matter if it's canon or not, the fact that they disrspected half of their fanbase is horrible, wtf. get educated.

so you assumed i am homophobic on one post in which i defended a cast that’s been harassed by a certain part of the fandom for months now?? talk to me about being disrespectful, especially after the sc fandom has sent DEATH THREATS to chris but i guess that’s ok 

anyways, the only thing they said is that they are just friends, which is the truth so??? i don’t even know what’s all this fuss about, it certainly wasn’t directed towards the lgbtq community

Anywho I just need @charitydingle @aarondinglestears and @robertjacobsugdens to know that they are the people I have the most fun w. The people I love and adore to the moon and back, the people who keep me sane and make me feel loved, and I would literally die for u assholes. u make this fandom and this show fun for me and make it enjoyable when I feel like it never could be again.
I love y'all so much it’s insane 💖

5 things tag

I was tagged by @glimmerkeith thanks!! sorry this took me forever, I’m as forgetful as lazy, not a good combo.

5 things you’ll find in my bag

(I’m leaving out the obvious ones like keys or wallet)

  •  my phone
  • super small ™ sketchbook
  • earphones
  • weekly planner
  • sunglasses (never wears them)

5 things in my bedroom

  • books
  • my piano <3
  • (lots of ) stuffed animals
  • (lots of) beatles merch
  • my cat -on my bed-

5 things I’ve always wanted to do in my life

  • work as a translator
  • live in a cozy farm, growing my own veggies
  • run the NY marathon
  • study fine arts
  • participate in a UNV volunteering programme

5 things that make me happy

  • listen to loud music while driving
  • long, lonely walks through the woods
  • cool summer nights hiking with friends
  • that prospect of having a cuddly evening watching a film ahead of you because it’s raining outside
  • a good book, my cat and a mug of hot chocolate

5 things on my to-do list

  • call to the academy where I want to do my internship :(
  • start with the commission of a portrait I got some time ago
  • practice bass!!! (I’m so lazy wot)
  • look up next course’s modules and prepare the enrollment
  • nothing else (I HOPE)

5 things you may not know about me

  • I’m pretty musical, I started going to the conservatory very young, I stopped to prepare for uni. I learnt piano there, then I started with dolçaina, uke and more recently bass. I’m no prodigy in any of those lol
  • I’m veggie
  • I wish I could do digital art, or study something like graphic design
  • I love classic literature. I don’t think I’ve read a best seller since my bf forced me to read the perks of being a wallflower (which I’m thankful for btw I really liked it)
  • I love modern art! (not contemporary, I’m too simple to get it)

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cardcaptor sakura openings (requested by @tachibana–chan)



He has a 99.99% chance of stealing yo girl

y’all: i’m not gonna watch the trc show if [x] and [y] and [z]

me, with my popcorn already popped: ……………………………

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Is there a bag of mix gummy fazbears? Because I think all the Bear Animatronics are all true gummy bears in the world! :D


💜 NYA! 💜 Happy Voltron Fandom Positivity Day!!!

(-^    v  ^-) if you’ve been following my blog at all~ then you already know that this Pidge is all about that fandom family vibe!!!! (^O   w O)^ MUCH LOVEEE!!!! *throws confetti in the air* so thank you so much to @stargazershiro for organizing this exchange!!! My piece is dedicated to @lyrikin !!!!!!!!! MUCH LOVE TO YOU FANDOM FRIEND!!!! (-^    O ^-) and the best of luck with your writing project! gawd knows i’m not a writer!!! so you’re heads and tails above me just by trying your best!!! YOU GOT THIS!!!! <3 <3 <3

Eurovision 2017: Celebrate Diversity

Most European Countries: Let’s sing in English


Words aren’t enough to describe how spectacular this weekend was. One of the best experiences I had in my 22 years of existence.
A huge thank you to the Shadowhunters cast, who were the most genuine and adorable people, and really made their fans happy. Going back to normal life is hard today and I still don’t realize fully that it happened. So thankful for the opportunity. I’ll always remember this. ❤️❤️❤️


#kdramawomensweek: day 8 // age of youth love-fest | happy international women’s day!

So I pretty much put together some of my favorite scenes from Age of Youth. They’re all scenes that really hit me hard emotionally or just personally resonated with me. When Jin Myung, whose feelings have slowly been bubbling underneath the surface, finally overflows with emotion, full of rage and agony. She finally demands the apology she’s been silently asking for. When she fell to the floor in sobs, I cried with her. I felt that grief. When Yi Na realizes she’s been holding herself back and finally lets herself go. Dammit, that scene just hit me. When Eun Jae blows up and just begs for the housemates to be nice to her I could personally relate to her pain and just how nervous she must have felt to finally let that out and tell these almost strangers how alienated they made her feel and how much it had hurt her. That’s not easy.

As you can see, most of my favorite scenes include the girls all together. The relationship that developed between these girls, different in pretty much every way, from being strangers just living in a house together to sisters that loved and protected each other in any way they could was really the main strength of the show. Even that hilarious scene when the girls beat up Eun Jae’s boyfriend because they think he’s some stranger out to hurt her shows just how willing they are to protect each other. I mean, they burst out of the house the second they heard Eun Jae scream. The girls immediately went to comfort Ye Eun when she finally broke up with a boyfriend she loved so much. And when Eun Jae finally comes home after being out all night, the girls just hug her, saying that everything is okay because she’s here and she’s safe. I’m tearing up just thinking of the scene. That love for each other that made them one of the best friendships of 2016 and just in general.

What I love about the girls individual stories is the journey they went through during the drama and where they ended up. They don’t end the drama suddenly complete and whole, but you know they’ve set themselves on that track. They learn to start forgiving and loving themselves. The ghosts they’ve lived with are never completely gone but they’re not held back and tortured by them anymore.

Anyway, what I really want to say is that I love these girls so so so so so much. There’s really nothing I can say that can convey the amount of love I have for this drama and the Belle Epoque girls. It warms my heart when I think of them and I’m just so happy there’s going to be a season 2.