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15 000 000. How much is this? I can’t even imagine this amount of people in one place. But we are. And this place starts with TOP OF DA MORNIN’

If we all could hold hands we could hug the Earth!

Thank you so much for what you are doing. You are not just playing games. With your thoughts, ideas, enthusiasm you inspire me, you make my day brighter. My life now is a mess and I can’t find my place anywhere. But every time I feel bad and in need for a helping hand, I know that you are there for me. Even if you don’t know who I am. And your positivity, honesty, thoughts you share with us can really cheer me up. Thank you. Thank you so much for being here.

I was too shy to express my feelings for a long time. But now I just need to let the words out. I know it’s the right time. And I know that one day they will reach you. And so will my love, respect and support for you. And a couple of pictures :’) 

Your way is in front of you. And before the next step you can just turn around to see how much people support you, how much people can have your back if you need. 

And I hope you’ll see me there. As a voice from the crowd. As a friend.

The Community loves you, @therealjacksepticeye.💚

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Could you do a scenario thing where mc was having a bad day and accidentally snapped at the rfa, v, and saeran and then feels really bad so she hides?

Well…we got way more into this than we originally thought we would. We apologize ahead of time for Jumin’s and Seven’s….enjoy. 


  • You had a horrible day at work
  • When you came home, you thought dinner would be ready since Zen was supposed to cook
  • But when you got there, there was no dinner
  • He comes out from the bedroom and gives you a quick hug before starting to talk about his day
  • Normally, you both talk about your day, but today was strange
  • He kept going on and on about his skills and looks and how others don’t treat him like they should
  • It was grating on your nerves and you just burst
  • “You’re not the only one in the house, you know. Did you even ask about my day? No! Of course not. You were too busy blabbering about yourself.”
  • You regret it as soon as you see his face
  • It gets worse when he goes into the kitchen and returns with a bouquet of flowers and a bag of your favorite take out food
  • Embarrassed and angry with yourself, you run into the bathroom
  • You forget to lock the door so he comes right in
  • You’re crying and apologizing at the same time
  • He just pulls you into a hug and you two make up


  • You had a long day at work
  • When you came home, you saw the house was a mess even though Yoosung had promised he would clean it
  • And to make it worse, he was asleep on the couch with the tv running in the background
  • Your bag drops waking him up
  • You don’t even know what you say
  • You’re just yelling at him for being lazy and irresponsible and he just deflates with every word
  • Looking at his face made you feel horrible, so you retreat to dining room
  • You see a bunch of exam papers and textbooks strewn across the table
  • You had totally forgotten that he had midterms soon and probably didn’t even sleep last night
  • He calls after you, so you quickly run into another room and curl up in the corner
  • You think you messed up badly since he doesn’t come after you
  • Then finally, he brings you a plate of food and sets it in front of you
  • “You shouldn’t skip your meals,” he says with a soft smile
  • You just start apologizing like crazy and he’s so patient and listens
  • You both go eat together on the floor and forget about the incident


  • Jaehee had been putting more and more responsibilities on you for the cafe
  • She had been asking you to cover more hours lately and wouldn’t answer calls
  • She asked you again to cover her shift and you snapped
  • “Just because we’re in this together doesn’t mean you can slack off on your job.”
  • Jaehee gets really stiff and excuses herself from the room
  • You feel badly about it, but you go on with your work
  • After all the short exchanges all day, you only feel worse
  • Then Jaehee hands you some papers at the end of the day
  • “I’ve been meeting with my landlord to discuss getting a two bedroom apartment. I wanted you to move in, since it might be easier to be closer to the cafe and all.”
  • Now you feel a hundred times worse
  • You rush out of the cafe and walk to the park to cool off
  • Jaehee knew your habits well and found you at the normal bench
  • She give this long apology and she’s just smiling at you
  • You think she’s going to retract the offer, but she hands the papers to you again
  • You both make up, and you move in a month later


  • For the past few weeks, Jumin had been a little more distant than usual
  • He was on his phone a lot, answering emails, having late meetings
  • Normally, you were understanding and let it go
  • But today, you had a really bad day and you were exhausted and coming home late
  • So, when Jumin told you that he a dinner at a fancy restaurant planned for you within the hour, you just snap
  • “You can’t expect me to be ready for these sort of things. It takes time to find a dress and get ready. Remember, I wasn’t the one born with a silver spoon in my mouth.”
  • The smile he was wearing gradually fell off of his face
  • “Oh…” is all he manages to say
  • You leave, already feeling bad
  • When you get to your room, you find a dress perfectly fitted to you already laid out, along with matching shoes, and even a stylist ready to help for hair and make up if you so needed
  • To make it worse, the stylist just grins, “You must be excited! Mr. Han has been planning this surprise for you all month.”
  • You. Feel. Horrible
  • You rush back to Jumin and he just starts apologizing to you for being inconsiderate of your time and schedule, and how he canceled the reservations, and starts saying how he’ll try harder to make you feel happy
  • You just start crying because you feel like the worst person on the planet 
  • You apologize and try to convince him it wasn’t his fault at all
  • He just holds you and says he understands how it feels when stress gets the better of you
  • His sweetness makes you feel worse, but it was okay in the end since you had a nice night in


  • Your work had been really busy, and on top of it, an RFA party was coming up
  • Thankfully, there was only one thing left for the party, and that was to mail a time-sensitive document to a potential guest
  • Since you were working late, Saeyoung agreed to run it to the post office
  • That day had been a bad day at work and you go to Saeyoung’s place, you find the document still on his table
  • You hear the door open and he casually walks in
  • You ask him where he went, and he says he went on a drive to destress
  • You wave the document in the air and he slams his hand on his forehead
  • He apologizes, saying he totally forgot and you just blow up
  • “Why do you always end up messing things up?”
  • There’s just a long silence and then he just nods, “Oh…I see.”
  • He excuses himself and locks himself in his workroom
  • You already feel bad, but you run out to the post office before it closes
  • When you get back, Saeran is in the living room, glaring at you
  • Apparently he heard what you said to Saeyoung earlier
  • Saeran explains that he had a short relapse the night before so he was throwing some things and Saeyoung was trying to get him to calm down
  • Of course, that led to him driving Saeran to the therapist early in the morning and spending the rest of the day cleaning and replacing/fixing all the broken things
  • Saeran just finishes chewing you out, “Don’t assume about situations you don’t fully know. It’s unnecessary…and annoying.”
  • You just crying because you know Saeran wouldn’t have opened up like that unless Saeyoung really took what you said to heart
  • Upon hearing the commotion, Saeyoung emerges
  • He asked what happened and Saeran just shrugs and leaves the room
  • You run forward to hug him and start apologizing and saying how horrible you were to him
  • He accepts your apology and doesn’t let go until you stop crying


  • You had a horrible day at work and it didn’t help that your family had pulled you into some drama
  • So, when Saeran dropped by unexpectedly, your nerves were already on edge
  • You’re trying to cook yourself a meal and he’s just venting about Saeyoung
  • You just get really tense and mutter, “I have enough family problems without having to listen to yours.”
  • Only he heard it
  • He gets really quiet and looks down at his shoes
  • Guilt slams into you and you just run right into your room and lock the door
  • You release some of your stress, crying here and there
  • About an hour later, you figured he would’ve left so you open your door
  • You find him sitting on the floor
  • He stands and wipes a tear from your eye “Are you done?”
  • You sniffle and ask if he’s angry at you because you were sorry
  • He gives a shrug
  • “I say a lot of stupid stuff to you sometimes. It was just my turn to be on the receiving end.”
  • You just tackle him in a hug


  • You came home after a long day at work
  • V was waiting and asked how your day was casually
  • You start venting to him, but in the middle, you realize his responses are so bland
  • He just nods from time to time and gives some ambiguous grunts
  • For some reason, it snaps your nerve
  • “I know you’re not listening to me, V. Don’t pretend to listen just because you’re trying to be nice. Be sincere for once.”
  • He’s very calm when he faces you, but you can see hurt in his eyes
  • He just gives you a sad smile, “I’m sorry your boss blamed you wrongly, and that your coworker distracted you so you had to work through lunch. And I’m sorry if I seemed like I wasn’t paying attention. I’ll try to be more enthusiastic next time.”
  • Cue the guilt flooding in
  • You drop whatever you’re doing and curl up into bed
  • He waits a little while before coming over to you, bringing you pudding
  • He pushes your hair away from your damp face
  • “Don’t feel too bad. I know you had a bad day.”
  • You know it’s not an excuse and apologize
  • But he just makes you eat the pudding, because who can be in a bad mood while eating pudding? 

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(A/N): super cute request! 

Request: Can you write a SteveXreader where the reader is a shape shifter and turns into a kitten and Steve finds her and just fluff and he finds out that the reader can shapeshift by her falling asleep on Steve in kitten form and turning human on accident:))

Warnings:  none?

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   (Y/N) was new to the team, not really, they’d been around for half a year but since there hadn’t Been any missions they were still considered the new kid. In fact, so new that no one knew what they brought to the table. One day fury just showed up to drop (Y/N) off before leaving once again and since then they hadn’t heard from him. No one had even questioned why (Y/N) was a part of the team, they just were. As far as anyone knew all (Y/N) could do was throw a punch or two but no one was complaining, it was nice to have another set of hands around the tower. 

   Nat liked to take (Y/N) shopping, Sam loved to tell war stories to them, They loved to hang around Tony’s lab while he worked, they had always been so kind to Bruce and Bucky, but if anyone valued them the most it would have to be Steve. 

   From day one he took (Y/N) under his wing, essentially made them his protidgy. They’d been training together for 6 months and it would have been crazy not to immediately like them. They had a great personality, so sweet and so funny, plus they were hardworking, focused, and the perfect soldier.

    Steve had bonded with them right away and from there they’d been two peas in a pod. Always at each others side, always talking to each other, sometimes they would even unconsciously touch each other, just a casual shoulder brush there, maybe a little hand touching here. Any way they could be connected you bet they’d try it and Steve’s recent way of connecting had been weekly movie nights. 

   He needed to get caught up with the times (and spend time with (Y/N)) so (Y/N) was more than happy to share his movie collection with him every week. The two would curl up together, hunker down and watch these so called timeless movies (jurassic park, pulp fiction, saw, nightmare on elm street) but when Steve walked into (Y/N)’s apartment that evening there was no sign of them in sight. The tv wasn’t on, nor were any of the appliances. The only sign of life was a small kitten, perched atop (Y/N)’s couch as it stared at him curiously. Since when did (Y/N) have a cat? He was here only yesterday and there had been no sign of any furry creature and Steve highly doubted that (Y/N) would leave a small kitten home all alone after only having it for a day, if even that.

    “Hey there kitty,” Steve reached out, petting the small kittens ears. “What are you doing here?” The cat purred happily, nuzzling it’s tiny hand up against Steve’s palm. “Well aren’t you a cutie?” The cat mewled at Steve’s words, bucking up against his hand even more. Steve smiled as he crouched down, Patting his thighs as though the cat would really listen to him- 

   The cat jumps from the back of the couch, slowly sauntering over to Steve where it then proceeded to rub it’s tiny little face all over his legs.

    Steve chuckles as he picks the kitten up, being careful not to aggravate the little creature. The kitten Mewls and paws at Steve’s face, resting their tiny, wonderful paws on his nose. Steve laughed and he could have sworn he saw the kitten smile.

   "Well, why don’t we wait for (Y/N) together, yeah?“ The kitten purrs as it rubs it’s face against Steve’s chin, stopping to nibble on his flesh now and then. With a fond smile Steve settled onto (Y/N)’s couch, the kitten still within his clutches. 

   He would have turned on the tv or at least some music but the kitten had taken up all of his attention. It playfully pounced on his chest, played with his hair, and even licked his nose with their sandpapery tongue. 

   The hours began to tick by where Steve and the kitten were just playing together but around 12:45 Steve had passed out like a light, the kitten following not too far behind.  

   When Steve woke their was a pleasant weight settled on top of him and a strange kind if warmth surrounded him, but it was nice too. Steve groaned softly as he absentmindedly adjusted his arms over whatever he was holding, which for the record, was not a kitten.

    It takes a few moments to register what’s going on before Steve jumps of the couch, nearly screaming in fright. The fall wakes up whoever, or whatever he had been holding. 

   "Oh my- oh my god!” A familiar voice squeaked, as it usually did when it was embarrassed or nervous. “I’m so sorry Steve!”

    “(Y/N)?” Steve eyes them curiously, his brows furrowed as he tries to figure out exactly what had happened. He’d gone to sleep with a kitten and yet when he awoke there was a full human being atop him and not to mention a naked one too. “What- why were you-” (Y/N) blushes profusely as they curl in in them self, trying to cover anything they possibly could, chest, abdomen, arms, legs, anything. 

   "I shouldn’t have slept on you, I knew this was gonna happen, I’m so sorry Steve-“ 

   ”(Y/N), slow down, slow down,“ He crouched to their level, placing his hands on their shoulders as he purposely avoided looking anywhere but their eyes. "What’s happened last night?” (Y/N) bites their lip as they curl around themself more, nearly making it impossible for Steve to keep his grip on them and that’s when he notices them shiver, and rather violently too. “Are you cold?” (Y/N) nods as they tuck their legs beneath them, trying to shield themselves in any way. Steve wasted no time in grabbing a blanket for them and wrapping it around their smaller form. “Better?” (Y/N) nods meekly, pulling the blanket around their body tighter. “So, do you want to tell me why I woke up to you naked on me this morning?” His tone was supposed to be light and playful but it surely don’t come off that way, leaving (Y/N) to recoil and grimace. 

   "I uh- um- I can kinda do this thing where I manipulate my DNA so I can change forms…“ Steve’s brows furrow and as his lips part to ask a question (Y/N) is already responding. "I can shapeshift and I apparently really like being a cat,” (Y/N) blushes, their face nearly very red within the morning sun. Steve allows their words to sink in, to really get below his skin and fester. So it had been (Y/N) last night, not some sweet little kitten. Suddenly it clicks for him, why Fury wanted (Y/N) on the team because they were valuable, having them on their team would greatly benefit shield.

    “(Y/N),” Steve whispered, his tone just as light as his touch on their shoulders. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

    “I was scared,” (Y/N) rubbed their nose against their arm, another way to avoid Steve’s gaze. 

   "Scared of what?“

    "Of what you’d think of me…" 

   ”(Y/N), that’s crazy,“ Steve chuckles. "I let a German scientist experiment on me so I could protect a nation, a German scientist I didn’t know for long either,” Steve smiled at them gently. “Just because you can change your molecules or whatever isn’t going to change my opinion of you," 

   "really?” (Y/N) asks quietly, finally meeting Steve’s gaze. Steve nods, giving them a reassuring smile. 

   "Really.“ (Y/N) smiled widely before pouncing upon Steve, hugging him tightly.

    "Oh thank god Steve,” They cried in disbelief. “I-I thought you’d hate me or- oh thank god,” They rest their forehead against Steve’s, leaving the two so close he could feel their breath on his lips. 

   "No doll,“ Steve breathed softly, watching the way (Y/N)’s body responded to him, the touch of his hands on their bare back, his breath on their lips, his lips so tantalizingly close that they could almost taste him- "I could never hate you,” (Y/N) sighs shakily, nuzzling their nose against Steve’s, almost like a cat if Steve thought about it. 

   The two remain like that for some time, with (Y/N) upon Steve’s lap, his arms wrapped around them loosely. It was rather comforting, to have such a pleasant warmth settled atop Steve. Or at least it was pleasant until Steve remembered one tiny fact.

    “(Y/N), you’re still naked,”

Kylo Ren isn’t even close to Anakin when it comes to badassery. Like, I’m sorry Benny boy. But when I see Anakin in Revenge of the Sith after he’s turned to the dark side, the way he carries himself, the way he fights so mercilessly, he’s just flat out terrifying. Kylo never came close to that in any way, shape, or form.

Keep dreaming though, kid. Maybe one day you’ll be hmm, half as good.

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the whole story with queen Medb and the brown bull is ICONIC..... I hope to one day reach that level of pettiness. Sacrificing almost an entire army just to bring home a cow and then just letting it go bc you didn't even want it you just wanted your husband to know his place........ Ailill is SHOOK. A true icon

It’s iconic and 100% worth reading the whole way through


ok re:dentist i called back, & it went to voicemail again, so i figure you’re right, maybe they’re just having a super busy day or something. so, i found another one with really good reviews (keywords: ‘didn’t make me feel ashamed for not seeing a dentist in a long time’, ‘made me feel very comfortable’) 

& the lady who answered was incredibly kind even with my voice being all wavery & when i went to start spelling my last name (very not common, eleven letters long) you know i usually pronounce it & then immediately start spelling it out by default, she stopped me after the first two & said ‘i know how to spell that name! are you from guilford?… i went to school with your brother jeff…& actually your nephew was in a couple months ago at a different location…

small fucking world. 

i’m going in tomorrow. 

in other news, oh FUCK i’m going tomorrow

Okay but like

Imagine Boss secretly being the hugest cuddle bug ever

But he never wants to admit it aloud


Like one day, Boss came home from work. It was a particularly stressful day, and he just wanted some time to relax. He quietly goes upstairs, passing the couch where Red was sitting.

“uh, boss?” Red murmured. “y-you okay?”

Boss said nothing and quietly went up stairs, his shoulders hunched forward and his expression blank, which was a sure fire way for Red to tell something was up.

Boss went into his room, shutting the door behind him without much force. Stars, he didn’t even have the will to slam it shut like he normally does… he strips of his armor and puts on some more comfortable clothes to wear: a black tank top and a pair of black sweatpants. Yes, believe it or not, Boss actually did dress sloppily on occasion. He left his armor laying carelessly on his bed before he left the room. He really just didn’t give a shit today.

He stepped silently down the stairs, his eyes focused on the ground as he didn’t want to really look at anything at the moment. He was headed for the kitchen to start dinner. He knew Red wasn’t going to–

“boss.” Red called, his voice firm yet gentle.

Boss turned and looked at Red, his expression turning from its blank, sad look to a look of excited shock.

“SANS…” he murmured happily as he took in the sight in front of him.

Red was laying on the floor right in front of the couch, with a bunch of pillows behind him and Boss’s favorite blanket neatly folded in his lap. It was made of synthetic fur, a rare find in the Underground. He loved the fuzzy texture of it against his bones…

It also happened to be the only blanket he’s ever found that can actually completely cover him without leaving his feet out in the open, and that was a plus in his book.

Red chuckled and patted the ground next to him. “well don’t just stand there and gawk, boss. c'mere and snuggle for a bit,”

Boss looked almost shy as he walked over and knelt down next to his brother, his hands fighting in his lap as he looked at the smaller skeleton awkwardly.

“c'mere, ya big doofus,” Red said teasingly, gently taking hold of Boss’s hand and tugging him closer.

“BUT I HAVE TO MAKE DINNER..” Boss objected, his hand beginning to slip away from Red’s as he began to get back up.

Red pulled him back down, his grip firmer. “dinner can wait. you need some time to relax…”

Boss grumbled something inaudible before finally giving in and settling back down. He let Red take the blanket and lay it over the two of them, his expression awkward yet content. Red shifted closer to Boss until he was flush against him before laying an arm over his ribcage.

“y'know, you can do a little of the work here, too…” Red grumbled.

“SORRY…” Boss said quietly before turning on his side so he could face Red. He wrapped his arms around the smaller skeleton and pulled him close, breathing in the faint scent of mustard and cigarette smoke as his nasal cavity was buried in the fur of Red’s hoodie.

Ahhh, what a nice smell…

Red’s fingers traced small circles in Boss’s back, rousing a small and trill purr from him. He pulled Red a little closer, his arms around him tight yet gentle.

“I LOVE YOU,” Boss murmured, his voice just above a whisper.

“i love you too, sugar,” Red responded, his voice warm and happy sounding.

Boss smiled to himself and nuzzles into Red’s hoodie fur. Red almost never called him anything other than Boss… and it was a nice change of pace for once.

His eyesockets began to drift close, the wake nurturing scent of his brother slowly lulling him to sleep. Red soon followed, the loving and protective feeling of the taller skeleton’s arms around him, pulling him into a peaceful sleep as well.~

“I wish, you know? She’s not even my girlfriend, but I was naive enough to believe, that we could be together one day. But then she literally disappeared and at first I was worried, but now I’m almost 100% sure she just got bored of me, just like everyone else. Seriously, what’s wrong with me? It’s so easy for everyone else to find somebody to love, why can’t I?”

“You’re perfectly fine, Fawn. I know we’ve known each other for not too long, but I already can say you deserve better, than this girl and it’s her loss if she doesn’t want to be with you! If I were her, I’d never do such thing, you’re a beautiful, smart girl, Fawn. Don’t let anyone ever feel like you’re not good enough, because the truth is, you’re just too good.”

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Hi! Idk if this has been done yet, but how would the suitors react the first time they see the Princess wearing glasses? (BTW I hope you're having a great weekend!)

Thanks! My weekend was pretty good :) So confession - I think glasses are smexy, and even tho I don’t need them, sometimes I wear them with clear lenses, lol.


Sid - Saunters into her office one day and sees her look up over the top of her glasses as they sit on the bridge of her nose. *whistles* “Wow. Did it just get really hot in here?”


Giles - He’s taking her out to pick out frames, so she’s looking at them one by one and she picks up a pair and puts them on. “Giles, what do you think?”

“Heavens, Princess, I think my fever just spiked.”

Byron - He arrives in Wysteria for a meeting, and he sees the Princess enter the parlor.

“What did you want to meet about King Byron?”

“Sexy glasses… I mean, social classes.”

Louis - She shows up in the ballroom with her new glasses and she’s kinda shy and feeling self conscious about them, and Louis just thinks she’s super adorable in them, he can’t help but grin.


Leo -*She arrives for their lesson and she’s not wearing them, and he knows she needs them* “Come on, put on your glasses.” *She pulls them out of her pocket and puts them on* *he’s sitting there trying to hold his sh*t together with blood trickling from his nose*


Nico - *squeeeee* “They’re so cute on you!” *takes them and puts them on his face* “I want glasses too!”


Rayvis - He strolls into the Palace, confident and ready for this meeting with the Princess. He hasn’t seen her in a while, but he’s all business - he turns a corner and sees her talking to Leo from a distance. He’s … what? Tf did he call a meeting for? What is the date today? He doesn’t even know his name anymore …


Alyn - *teasing * “I bet you look silly with them on.” *she puts them on and looks at him* *he chokes on his on spit and falls off the bench* “Oh god, so hot….”


Robert - *she arrives for a portrait painting in his studio and he’s all chatty getting ready, but he hasn’t looked at her yet when- * “Oh, you look so mature and regal with your glasses Princess. How fitting.”


Albert - *he is secretly thrilled he has something in common with her that they can talk about* “Hey, so if you want to know good ways to clean your glasses, I mean, I can show you sometime … ”

Letter from an Italian fan to Robbie Williams:

“Why you treat us like this? You horrible man… You think because you star you can treat people like this way but you cannot treat people like this way because you do not know the meaning of friendship and love and trust. We try to help you and all you can do it… well, I hope you are happy… You will have no one… Jonny is not a friend, soon he will grow and leave you and you will have no one…”

…there would be a crowd of them outside his house in West London every day. .. They were just as keen to share at close quarters their resentment and disdain for his lack of appreciation of their devotion as the devotion itself. One evening, by way of retribution and as protest at how they felt he mistreated them, about three dozen ambushed him (outside a restaurant). (He was) greeted by the fans simultaneously letting off their camera flashes in his face. He learned something then that he has seen many times over. “The more mad at them I got, the more they fed off it,” he says. “It was like any sort of reaction they could get - if it was a positive one, it was really positive, if they got a negative one, it was really positive.”

- Feel: Robbie Williams (by Chris Heath)

So I headcanon Alex cutting her hair short is kind of similar to how Gail cut hers in Rookie Blue? So one day when Maggie sees a picture of Alex with long hair, she asks Alex why she cut it and why she doesn’t let it grow out now. Just out of curiosity. Alex says something like, “Short answer? It’s just easier. DEO missions and long hair don’t exactly mix that well.” And Maggie asks for the long answer and Alex hesitates. Not because she doesn’t want to tell Maggie, cause she so does. She wants Maggie to know all parts of her, even the bad or slightly upsetting. She hesitates because it’s still just hard for her to talk about, but she slowly continues. She tells Maggie about how she was low. She was in a low place. She was so low that she thought she’d never get back up again. How with time, slowly, all she knew was partying and drinking. Until she met J'onn. Until he reminded her of how Kara needs her. How he reminded her of who she is and suppose to be. How she can do more in this life than just get drunk and go clubbing. So she finished school, she joined the DEO, and she cut her hair. She cut away all the bad. She knew this was her fresh start and so she needed to cut away the bad. Since then, she’s just kept it short. And Maggie, being the ever so perfect girlfriend she always is, just gives Alex a small smile. A small reassuring smile and a squeeze to her hand that fits so perfectly into Maggie’s. Then a soft, “Thank you for telling me.”

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bless u for keeping with canon (aro) ace jughead my crops are flourishing my skin has cleared

 JUST  DOIN’  MY  CIVIC  DUTY !       &  i  mean  …  as  someone  who  is  aro/ace  themselves  i  remember  when  i  heard  about  the  show  i  was  incredibly  dejected  that  they  weren’t  going  to  keep  him  ace  as  he  is  in  the  comics.   it  would  have  been  such  a  huge  representation  for  the  aro/ace  community.    now ,  i’m  not  going  to  bash  the  show  nor  throw  dirt  on  anyone  who  ships  b.ugh.ead  or  any  other  ship  with  jug  for  that  matter ,  people  can  ship  what  they  want  i  can’t  stop  anyone ,  but  the  jughead  i  first  came  to  know  was  the  one  repulsed  by  any  idea  of  romance  for  himself  &  i  just  don’t  think  i  could  see  or  would  even  like  to  have  him  be  any  other  way  than  just  that ,  personally.   it’s  important  to  his  character ,  imo ,  &  it’s  always  important  for  the  aspec  community  to  have  some  representation  out  there.   we  have  so  little ,  i  wouldn’t  dare  change  jug  like  that  &  take  him  from  aspec  community.   aro/ace  jughead  or  bust !

DDMS ~Junhui~ Pt.1

You shook in the passenger seat of your friends car. If was your first day as a caretaker and your nerves were acting up bad. You were assigned to an B class monster but had heard stories. It’s last caretaker was switched because he no longer wanted to deal with him; he escaped often. Your friend was also a caretaker. He’d given you some encouraging words for your first day, although they didn’t help, and a bit of advice.

The facility was far out from town as a way to keep monsters from being close to humans. They were disgusting creatures with horrible intentions to hurt everyone. Even worse they came in classes. Class A monsters were the only ones aloud to roam outside the DDMS. They were harmless and practically seen as pets. Class B monsters were a bit more dangerous but easy to control; just not enough to be free to the public. Class C monsters were harder to handle and needed more confined areas to keep them at bay. Then there was class S monsters. These were deadly and relentless killers with only murder on their. They were the ones you swore you’d never work with.

Your friend pulled up to a big gated wall and put in a pass code turning to you and grabbing your folder writing down it. “You’ll need it for getting out as well.” He smiled bright.

“Thanks Joshua.” You said looking at the numbers repeating them over and over trying to memorize them. You sighed and opened the folder. You looked over the papers like you had been doing for the last two weeks. You didn’t even read the words because you knew them too well to have to. You finally looked at the name titled at the top of page one. ‘Junhui’ You had been playing that name in your head the first time you saw it.

Joshua pulled in and went to the one level parking garage. It was build so if one of the monsters were to escape they couldn’t access any of the cars or break in to the garage. It was big and cold inside, also very dark. Joshua parked his car and looked at you. “You ready?”

“No. But do I really have a choice?” You muttered.

He sighed before laughing. “Aren’t you in charge of a class B? Why would you be scared?” He continued to laugh at you turning off the car and unbuckling.

“He always escapes his room.” You explained.

Joshua seemed to realize what you meant. “So, You’re in charge of Jun then?”

You gave him a questioning look and opened your mouth slightly then spoke. “How would you know.”

“He’s notorious for it. All caretakers know who he is (Y/n). Don’t worry though, it never works, more of an annoying habit of his I guess.” He answered getting out quickly moving over to your side to help you out as well.

He lead you to the receptionist before parting to take care of his monster. “Sorry (Y/n). Seungcheol will blow up if I’m late again. Gotta feed him!” He took off towards the cafeteria waving to you. 

The receptionist told you a few things about the building, where the cafeteria was, where you weren’t aloud, ect. She gave you Jun’s “cell” number, B165.It was on the second floor of the building. She pointed you to the elevators and waved goodbye. 

You made your way over to them and pressed the button waiting patiently until it got down. You got in and pressed the second floor.

Each floor held different classed monsters. First floor was just the entry, reception, cafeteria, and formal stuff like that. Second floor held class B monsters. Class C monsters were on the third floor. The fourth floor was an off limits zone. No one knew what was up there unless you had a pass and code. Lastly was the basement. That’s where they held class S monsters, to keep them fully contained and away from anyone who wasn’t assigned to a monster in the section. 

The elevator doors opened and you began walking out but stopped when you ran into a guy with a cart with big boxes. He smiled at you. “Excuse me. Wasn’t watching were I was going.”

“It’s okay my fault really!” You moved to the side and properly greeted him. “My name is (Y/n) I’m new here! Hey do you know where cell B165 is?” You asked pointing to the room card the lady at the front desk gave you. 

His head perked up and he grinned. “Yeah its done the hall.” He pointed to his right. “So you’re Jun’s new caretaker? Good luck with that!”

“Thank you~” You cheered smiling at him. 

He got into the elevator but stopped and looked at you leaning on a box. “By the way” He started. You turned and looked at him. The doors started to close and he smirked your way. “My name is Junhui!” The doors closed and he disappeared. 

You stood shocked for a moment before pressing the elevator button then turning to a button on the wall. Under it read ‘Press twice in case of escaped monster, once if it is monster B165’ You sighed reading it. Just proved how often he got out. You pressed the button once and went back to the elevator tapping your foot impenitently when it finally opened back up two men held Junhui in their grips. He had a sheepish smile as he looked at you. 

“You pressed for B165 correct?” One of the men asked.

“Yeah…Sorry it is my first day. I d-didn’t know it was him.” You apologized and followed them back to his cell. If you could even call it that. It was more like a hotel room. Had a couch, bed, bathroom and even a TV. You were in awe, but snapped out quickly when the glass door to the room buzzed as it sealed shut. You looked around and saw Junhui had taken his place in the couch.

From his seat he turned his head to you and smirked. “Welcome to luxury hell~” 

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I believe in you

It may be hard. But it will always get better. You are no mistake, but a unique individual who is one of a kind. You are not annoying, you are just friendly, and that, is very good You are not lazy. Some things are hard to do, even daily tasks such as showering or remembering to take care of yourself. Motivation itself is difficult to keep. You are not stupid. Learning may just be hard for you, or you maybe even have a different learning style then others. You are not useless. You keep others around you happy. There is always at least one person who’s day you’ve made. You are not fat. Being thicker then what people deem as “the normal” is nothing to be ashamed of. People have different bodies. We don’t all work the same. Your mental illness does not define you. Mental illnesses are hard to deal with. I know. But work hard. You matter first. Dont let it stop you from chasing those dreams. You are not ugly, everyone is beautiful in their own way. Even if you’re the only one who thinks you’re ugly. Maybe you just aren’t your type. You are you. And that is something beyond special. Each of us is so unique. One of a kind. You can’t be replaced or forgotten. There are people there for you. No matter what. I care about everyone, and i know how hard life can be. You can do it. I believe in you. I’ll be cheering for you. ❤

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Congrats Séan!

15 million is a big ol bunch of peeps and I’m happy I made the decision to become one of them. Just thank you for all the smiles, joy, laughter or even tears that you’ve brought us. I love watching your videos every single day (it’s become a habit by now :p) and watching the different types of things you upload. I’m generally quite a happy person and I don’t get upset about things very often but when I do, I always know I have a friend to come to when no-one else is there for me and that kind of safety blanket is really reassuring.
So just thank you, and cheers to what the future holds. I can’t wait to see what you achieve and vicariously come along for the ride :D

How do you guys imagine the sun?

For example, the sun has always felt like a girly best friend. When I sit outside on a warm summer day she’s there with me, warmin my cheeks and making me feel better, maybe accidentally overdoing the bakin and feeling bad for me so she’ll pull some clouds in or ask for a cool breeze. She wears bright pink and purple dresses in the morning, changes into a white one during the day, and just for fun might wear a gorgeous deep orange or red one in the evening to impress the world with her beauty. You know, the super cute friend who’s elegant and breathtaking but still down to earth (ha.) and raw. I dunno… I think of her as a person🤷🏻‍♀️

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I am so beyond obsessed with your Tumblr, it makes me so incredibly happy! you are amazing!!! thank you for literally making every day worth it since I get to check your blog and see more BTS <3333

..My chest actually squeezed a bit. I don’t know how, but I’m glad if I can contribute even a little bit to making your day a good one. Thank you, Anon 💓  

Anon: Hi! i just wanted to drop by and tell you how much I love your blog, it’s my favorite and I’m low key having a crush 💕💕 Have a nice day/night      

Thank you! I hope you do too! And uh, if you’re on the fence about your crush.. I just want to point out that I’m the type of person who opens the fridge when the microwave beeps and somehow still - after ten years - manages to screw up making a bowl of instant ramyeon. Just.. letting you know.

piskechim said: Kook/min oppa, you made me go to kook/min hell (and I’m super grateful, i ship them so hard) but now you’re making me ship you with kikistiel ?????? i’m even thinking what will be the name of the ship 😂😍 Why oppa, why???? I love you and your blog, by the way ❤️❤️ (also this is my first time asking you and i’m nervous jshdidj)      

If there was a bus to KM hell, let me assure you that I’d be the one to drive it. At least on the weekends. Thank you for liking my blog and please tell Kiki to stop exposing me to all my friends and followers..Those were private conversations that were (mostly) taken out of context, okay.


Aw, thank you! That is a nice, warm way of calling me a nerd. Just kidding, I’m happy that my blog is one of your favorites ♡ ♡ ♡

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Jikook 9

hey angel ily (i hope i dont let u down)

9. things you said when i was crying; jikook

Golden maknae his ass. How could he be worth of that title when he couldn’t even get his voice to not crack in the high notes? When he couldn’t even get one simple dance move right? Hoseok said it was okay, the choreo was really hard, but deep down he knew he was expecting more from him. Everyone was.
It got worse when he dropped Jimin on the ground during a no more dream’s rehearsal for a concert – the terrible sound of his hyung’s body hitting the ground still resounding on his ears. They had done that a million times over – he had never dropped Jimin once –, but it seemed like his mental state was affecting his physical strength and everything was just so damn shitty.
From this day forward, he kept working on gym nonstop, wanting– no, needing to be stronger. However, each day spent in front of those glass mirrors was only useful to make him even more aware of all his flaws. All the imperfections on his body and face he wasn’t allowed to have.
The pressure was growing bigger within each day until it hit a point he couldn’t take anymore. He missed his mother, missed his family, his house – he missed the days he just felt normal and not like an useless burden to everyone around him.
He knew his members, and even the managers, were going easy on him because he was younger – that’s why he also knew he wasn’t allowed to feel that way he was feeling. He wasn’t, but what could he do when the pain was only growing bigger evey day? He was already trying to hide it as much as he could from the hyungs, not wanting to be a stupid kid sticking around their shoes, but he just couldn’t take it anymore. He couldn’t and it fucking hurt, but it was also refreshing when the tears washed his cheeks, simultaneously warm and blazing.
He was alone. Alone and weak in the dance studio, his inner demons pulling up a battle, but there was something relaxing about it. Everyone was already home, so it was okay. He could cry. At least for one night. He could, right? No one had to know.
But Jungkook belatedly realized – in a pent up breath of shock and shame washing over him –, he wasn’t really alone when Jimin appeared with a towel around his neck, black hair still soaked from shower. There was no way he could hide himself behind the couch, or dig a whole in the ground to bury himself there. There was also no way Jimin wouldn’t realize the reddish skin around his bruised eyes, from too many harsh rubs. He had no way out so he just accepted his fate and silently fought a sob. He could only wish Jimin wouldn’t see him in the poorly lit room.
“Jungkook-ah?!” Maybe not that day. “What are you doing over there?”
Jungkook heard him getting closer, but he couldn’t bring himself to look up, too embarrassed to show his hyung how much of failure he was.
“Jungkookie?” Jimin crouched down in front of him and it was when he realized it, concern spreading over his face in a second, “Oh my god, what happened?! Hey, Jungkookie! Look at me…” Jimin kept searching for his eyes worriedly, but Jungkook just couldn’t. He couldn’t because he was trying so hard to not break, but Jimin’s voice had the contrary effect on him. It kept him on the verge from falling and– he just couldn’t. “Jungkook…” Jimin reached for the younger’s cheeks and it wasn’t like electricity, but it was like fire, Jungkook’s skin instantly burning from the touch. A sob escaped from his lips and it was all it took for Jimin to pull him closer in the tightest hug he had ever received.
It was so warm and comfortable it made Jungkook completely forget why he was holding back in the first place. He smelled like washed clothes, soap, and most important of it all, he smelled like home.
Suddenly, Jimin’s shoulder was completely wet with Jungkook’s tears, but he didn’t seem to mind it, dragging the younger further onto his lap, tight arms around him trying to build the safest shelter he could ever.
Seeing Jungkook cry was definitely the most heartbreaking thing Jimin had ever gone through.
When the boy stopped shaking under his touch, Jimin slided his hand into his hair, drawing soothing circles with his thumb on the back of his neck. He leaned against the wall – Jungkook’s body still glued to his chest –, and waited. He wasn’t going to say anything – Jungkook was, if he needed to.
Jimin just wanted him to know he was there for him, nevertheless.
“I’m no good, hyung…” it came some seconds later, his body shrinking within each word, “I don’t know why y'all keep telling me that I am, ‘cause I’m not.” Jungkook sniffled, and Jimin searched for his hand to intertwine their fingers. “I let you fall, hyung.” The maknae hid his face in the crook of Jimin’s neck, tears overflowing from his eyes once again. “I hurt you, how can y'all even say I’m good enough after this…”
Jimin closed his eyes, throwing his head back; searching for words to say. “You know…” he started, squeezing Jungkook’s fingers on his, “Remember when I entered the group? The first day I arrived? I was so nervous I couldn’t even sleep. I heard all of you had been chosen for a company or two, but only bang pd-nim had wanted me so I was really insecure. I worked the shit out of me to keep up, because I kept thinking I was not worthy. I’m not going to be an hypocrite, I still think like this sometimes. We all do. But in one particular day… Ah, I was terrible, Jungkook. I was feeling insecure and homesick, and all the bad things at once. I couldn’t stop feeling like a real trash, but…” Jimin giggled and Jungkook felt a little tug on his heart, “You appeared in the middle of the night with bedhair and a pillow, whispering 'hyung, can I sleep here?’ Do you remember?”
Jungkook smiled.
“Yes…” his voice sounded muffled against the skin of Jimin’s neck.
“It was the first time we had ever shared a bed, but you kept talking about that game you were addicted to and about that favorite character of yours, and… eventually about how I reminded you of him. His coolness and such.” Jimin laughed again. “Aish, I felt so warm and relaxed that night I couldn’t quite believe it. I don’t know where I’m going with this, really, it just– You felt more than just enough that night, Jungkook-ah. For me.” Jimin slightly blushed, but he didn’t find the time to bother, “I know feeling like you’re no good sucks, but… You are. Really. You are way more than that, and not only for me.” Jungkook pulled away just enough to look Jimin in the eyes, which got the older to instinctively brush his fingers through the messy strands of hair sticking to his forehead, shoving them backwards to hesitantly place a soft kiss on it. He kept his mouth on Jungkook’s skin while murmuring, trying to ignore his heart violently knocking against his ribcage, “Take this things out of your mind, please… I can’t even bring myself to imagine spending a single day without you.” Jimin leaned down, touching their foreheads and drowning into Jungkook’s eyes – their hands still clasped together, only a breath apart between them “How can you be possibly not enough?”

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Hey! So, I saw your post about you wanting people to ask you thigs, or basically to feed your inbox :) And I thought of asking you which supergirl character do you feel is similar to you... Hope it's not to difficult to answer ;) Bye

Heyy! First of all, thank you so much for interacting with me, it literally makes my day!

 So, to answer your question, I believe that the character in supergirl to whom I am the most similar to, is, without a doubt, Alex Danvers.

 I just feel like I have had similar experiences to her throughout my life. For starters, I, too, fill the role of the one kid whose parents expect the most from, and, inadvertently, end up putting the most pressure upon, (sometimes without even realizing they’re doing it), so I can definitely relate a lot to what Alex has gone though, the whole experience of always having to be “the perfect daughter”, and never really feeling quite up to snuff, at least at my parents eyes, in a way. It can be quite overwhelming to have all that pressure lie on your shoulders all the time, especially when you can clearly see that your siblings don’t get nearly as much pressure on them to be “the best”.

 I am also someone who has always had to hide their feelings, (same as Alex), ever since I started realizing what it meant to have them. For me, feelings have always been considered a “weakness”, and so I’ve tried to suppress them over the years, not only my feelings toward girls, but in general.

 On another note, (and just like Alex), I hope to be working in law enforcement in a few years to try to make this world a better and safer place for everyone to live in. Being a detective has always been a dream of mine ever since I was a child, and I seriously hope to make it happen as soon as I possibly can.

 I also like to consider myself a bit of a badass, like Alex surely is, in the sense that I have some knowledge in the martial arts field (I’ve been doing karate, which is pretty much my safe haven right now and an activity I absolutely love to do, for a few years now, and I’m actually quite good at it).  💪 😁

 Finally, we’re both total sucker for pretty ladies and cool weapons!   😂

 This list could go on and on, but for the purposes of simplicity, and because it is already pretty big as it is, I’m going to wrap it all up with a few gifs. Thanks once again for sending me things™, and I hope you have a fantastic day!

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