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13 reasons why is bad: a summary

- romanticises mental illness 
- incredibly triggering
- no compelling story
- boring main character
- 9000 bike riding scenes honestly what the hell
- main girl wrecks main guys life for no apparent reason
- feels like a john green book, and not in a good way
- just, Yikes

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(first off I'd like to thank y'all for making this wonderful blog, I love reading everything on here. It also says we may submit new prompts? If not, feel free to delete this) Could I request Steve accidentally finding, and liking pole dancing? It's a full body workout, and it also helps with balence and coordination. Bonus if these skills somehow come out in the middle of a mission + teams reactions.

It was a quick lift, twist, and spin (ok, more like a kick but the HYDRA agent’s face was in the way of his boot) and Steve didn’t think anything of it.  

Until he saw Tony smirking wickedly and blast an exit in the far wall with a repulsor beam.  They were on the quinjet headed back to Avengers Tower when it started.  

“Interesting new moves, Cap.”


“-No, I mean it! Where’d you learn that? I’ve only seen that sort of thing in certain types of establishments.”

Bruce was looking on confused and a little anxious.  The Hulk exhausted him and he clearly wasn’t sure if he had the energy for Tony’s troublemaking.  

Clint swallowed a bite of his protein bar and smirked.  “Oh yeah.  That was a pretty great kick to the head.  Very acrobatic.”


“-I’m just saying!”

Before Steve had a chance to defend himself, Maria Hill’s voice carried from the far corner where she was bandaging Sam’s wrist.  “He takes pole dancing classes with me.”

It was true.  He’d stumbled upon the class by accident and after a little coaxing he’d joined and he loved it.  Not just because he got to spend time with teammates he didn’t always see (Darcy helped him catch up on what he missed while he was in the ice better than anyone, Nancy in accounting had the best recommendations for restaurants, and it was one of the only times he saw Pepper really relax), but because he felt centered and strong and sure-footed in a way he didn’t after his usual exercise regimen, even his gymnastics.    

Tony sputtered on his smoothie.  (The inclusion of a smoothie bar on the quinjet had been mocked exactly once) “Rogers I underestimated you! He doesn’t blush the whole time?  Romanoff, you’re not jealous you’re not in on this?”

Natasha didn’t look up from filing down the nails she’d broken. “I’m the instructor.  He doesn’t blush.”

“Huh.  And here I thought the forties would have made you a little conservative.”   

“Tony, I was a first-generation kid living in with other immigrants and spent my life getting beaten up for defending people from bullies that didn’t respect them or their rights.  I Captained the first interracial special ops team.  What part of that seems conservative?”

“I meant, you know, sexually.”  

Natasha snorted and gave an emphatic “Nope!”, also without looking up from her nails.

“Oh my god.  Did you just. Did you just announce that you and Cap are banging?”

Steve groaned.  “Tony-“

“Pole dancing, dating the scariest human this side of Barnes. What’s next? You gonna tell me you’re dating him, too?!”

Steve rubbed the back of his neck.  “…Well….”

“Oh my god.”  Tony closed his faceplate.  “I need to rethink everything I thought I knew.  I’ll see you all at the Tower.”  

Once Tony took off it was quiet for some time, everyone recovering from the fight (or digesting information, Steve wasn’t sure which.)

After several minutes, from one corner came a quiet ‘Told you’ and Sam begrudgingly passed Clint a twenty dollar bill.  

Steve wasn’t sure he wanted to know which part exactly they’d bet on.  

they all kicked the sh*t out of danny rand i am so glad i might cry.. i was waiting for this the whole time. 

Things that irk me to no end:

When tv/film characters are carrying coffee cups, pretending they have coffee, but are slinging and tilting the cups around as they talk with their hands. It’s the most obvious thing in the world that there’s nothing in the cup, because coffee is fucking hot and fucking heavy and it spills very easily, even in to-go cups. People are careful when they carry coffee. 

It drives me bonkers when actors are completely unconscious of this. Put something in the fucking cup, even just water, so the cup will have some weight to it and it will appear more realistic.

okay let’s make this clear: elizabeth swann didn’t do shit for will in potc3. first, she was there to save jack and then she was there to avenge her father’s death. will wasn’t her motivation, she didn’t become pirate king to save him, she didn’t trade jack with will thinking of some past offence done to will. she was there to fight a war against the man WHO KILLED HER OWN FATHER. she was there to fight for freedom and for piracy. those are things that literally happened. saying that all elizabeth ever wanted was to be with will is just plain ridiculous seeing how they spent the entirety of potc3 with other priorities and hiding shit from each other. and that trend didn’t even start in awe, mind you.

hell if you want to bring dmc into this, let’s have it. the entirety of that movie is ABOUT their desires and being a good man vs a pirate. that movie represents a huge step for elizabeth in terms of character development and she spent the majority of the time away from will.

so what are we left with? cotbp? sure, elizabeth started it out looking for will, trying to save will, but as her character development progressed, she found out she was a pirate, then a pirate lord and finally a pirate king and all those titles happened FAR AWAY from will.

Traits That Mark Sam as a (Covert) Narcissist

–Sam is ever hungry for affirmation and he demands Dean provide for his ever growing appetite. He does not seem to have a problem using emotional blackmail to accomplish this.

–Sam is hyper-vigilant toward any real or implied criticism. To the point of even the policing thoughts of those he suspects may be thinking unfavorably about him.

–Sam demands trust, but does not connect his right to it with his ability to be trustworthy. He sees it as something he’s owed because he needs it; completely disconnected from his own actions.

–Sam shows little to no awareness of or concern for how his behavior has or will impact others. If it’s ever pointed out to him, he takes this as an act of aggression and either plays the victim or demands silence/absolution.

–Sam changes the focus of any given issue to be about his own worries, fears, or needs. Only focusing on others in relation to how they are serving or failing to serve one of those things.

–Sam struggles and is generally unable to empathize with anyone without being able to directly project his situation or feelings onto them. He takes this projection as truth, disregarding anything the person may actually need or feel.

–Sam rarely takes responsibility for his own actions, but shifts blame either partially or entirely onto others. He does not seem to have a problem using emotional blackmail in order to accomplish this.

–Even when he bemoans them, Sam speaks about the consequences of his behavior as something that’s happened TO him, erasing his own role in causing what has happened.

–Sam can dish out criticism and reprimand with ease (often, freely and harshly), but he cannot take any (even a watered down version) in return. He falls apart or becomes enraged even if said criticism is constructive and is delivered in a manner that is soft, understated, or even simply implied.

–It rarely occurs to Sam to offer comfort of any kind. He’s much more focused in on ensuring the person is feeling how Sam thinks they ought to feel and responding as Sam would like them to. This he will expend great energy on, but only very rarely will he offer comforting or loving words or actions.

–Sam continually connects Dean dying to losing the support HE needs, not to Dean’s worth as a person, or even to Dean’s value to him, just for being who Dean is.

–In the aftermath of a bad choice or decision, Sam shows little to no care for or desire to comfort those hurt by his actions. Their pain is rarely addressed or even acknowledged. He instead becomes consumed with correcting their, now poor, image of him through any means possible, including emotional blackmail if necessary.

–Sam consistently lies to those around him (Jess, Dean, Amelia, Bobby, ect), particularly about anything he’s doing they may disagree with, anything that may lead to disapproval. (And to connect this with an earlier point, Sam does not see his lies as an obstacle for them trusting him).

–Sam often demands or feels entitled to treatment, he is not willing to reciprocate. For example, the complete and immediate absolution of anything he does to hurt or betray another.

–Sam hurts or harms others, but then plays the victim when the person he’s harmed responds poorly to his behavior/treatment, painting them as the aggressor for their poor reaction.

–In fact, Sam has a huge victim complex overall, framing his feelings and problems as the most pitiable, even when it is inappropriate to do so.

–Sam has a smug sense of superiority that wars directly with his own rampant insecurities.

–Sam is easily manipulated by foes through the threatening of or bolstering of his ego, particularly his “powerfulness” and “ability” to do great things (Ruby and demon blood, reopening the cage, BMoL, ect).

Overall, Sam is more concerned with how he is perceived, than how he actually acts and behaves. This includes how Sam perceives himself and how he is perceived by those around him. He becomes incredibly distressed at even the slightest hint that he’s not being perceived well. He is hyper-vigilant about what others are thinking about him, even if they are treating him with overt affection and support. He is willing to do truly risky, immoral, and harmful things (to himself and others) in order to feel secure in his desired perception of self, which he sustains through how he’s seen by others.

Much of his behavior is dictated by this struggle to control how he is seen, causing him at times to deny reality and what he knows, because the need to control that is so great. It is why he struggles with respecting emotional boundaries, demonstrated empathy, and supporting others. He wants others to see him as strong, capable, reliable, and great. But he’s  so focused on the image of those things, he is unable to consider or account for the reality of them. He wants the label so much, the need is almost all consuming, yet he considers it not as something earned through his actions and attitudes, but something that is given to him. That is where all his energy and focus and effort goes (leaving little left over, even for people he loves).

He is filled with anxiety and fretfulness in his quest to maintain the image, and he often finds himself enraged or falling apart if/when he thinks he’s not getting the affirmation or people don’t have an overtly positive image of him (Sam, Interrupted explores this beautifully, but it’s also woven throughout the entire series). His response in such situations is usually to demand more affirmation or a suppression of any negative thoughts or criticism (often this demand is presented on the merit of his need, obtained through deception and manipulation, or aggression and threatening).

Sadly, like most narcissists, this leaves Sam forever unfulfilled. Because it doesn’t matter how much affirmation he is given. Or how well he manages to silence any critique. Somewhere inside he knows he does not truly match that image. And so the insecurity remains and the hunger/ dissatisfaction with it. To assuage that insecurity, he believes he needs MORE affirmation from others, more assurance that he matches the image.

This is the cycle of a narcissist.

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What if Fushimi gets a polaroid photographer from scepter4 and he is not sure if he wants to take pictures w it, but when he gets home he finds yata sleeping on the couch and he cuddles w him and decides he is gonna take a photo of them cuddling, and as he juggles w how to take it yata wakes up and first thing he looks is saru who just at that moment takes the photo. Saru keeps the photo in his pocket and treasures it

Aw, Fushimi being romantic for once. Maybe Munakata’s put everyone on spring cleaning detail and even Fushimi can’t get out of it, he gets stuck cleaning out some of the old closets that haven’t been sorted through since Habari’s days. While he’s digging around and complaining about the dust and how pointless all of this is he ends up finding this old polaroid camera that got tossed in there some time ages ago. There’s still some film left in it too, just enough for a handful of pictures, but even so Fushimi initially plans on just tossing it because what do they even need a camera for. Munakata stops him though, noting that sometimes even old finds like this can have a hidden treasure inside and he suggests that Fushimi keep the camera and try to use up the rest of the film.

So Fushimi takes the camera home with him, muttering to himself because what does he need a stupid old camera like this for anyway, he barely ever even takes pictures with his phone as it is. He steps inside the apartment that he and Yata share and immediately he can smell the dinner that Yata left out for him. He mutters an ‘I’m home’ and starts looking around for Yata, he finds Yata asleep on the couch. Fushimi almost wakes him but then changes his mind, Yata looks all peaceful and maybe a bit tired out and Fushimi figures he may as well at least eat before he bugs Yata. Plus maybe Yata’s been working extra long hours at all his part time jobs lately and even though he won’t admit it Fushimi wants to make sure Yata gets some proper rest. He looks down at the food Yata left for him on the table and just on a whim Fushimi takes a picture. The camera is one of those old ones that spat out a picture right away so within a couple minutes Fushimi’s got this little photo of the dinner Yata made.

He kinda smiles a bit and then just idly takes another picture, like imagine him wandering around the apartment taking random pictures of things that remind him of Yata – food Yata cooked, Yata’s skateboard by the door, Yata’s towel thrown on the floor, Yata’s hat hanging from one of the bed posts. Finally he ends up back at the couch where Yata’s still asleep and Fushimi gives an almost gentle smile as he carefully takes a picture. He sits there for a while just staring at the picture of Yata’s sleeping face, smiling a bit to himself and feeling calmer without knowing why, sliding the picture into his pocket without even realizing it (later he puts that by his desk at work, in a spot where only he can see it). Fushimi has one more picture left on the camera and he’s looking at Yata wondering what to do with it when he finds himself lying down on the couch next to Yata, feeling Yata’s breath warm on his cheeks, and he starts juggling with the camera as he tries to get a good picture of the two of them together. Yata suddenly stirs next to him and the movement makes Fushimi accidentally take the picture. Yata’s all groggy like hey what’s going on, Fushimi quickly stuffs the photo in his pocket and claims that it was nothing, the captain gave him this stupid camera but it doesn’t have any film in it. Yata just accepts that like huh, bummer it would be cool to take pictures the old fashioned way. Later Fushimi’s sitting in bed staring at the photo with a small smile on his face – a picture of him and Yata, Yata’s eyes just opening with this little sleepy smile on his face like he’s just realized Fushimi’s there and for that moment Fushimi is the only thing in the world, and Fushimi staring back at him completely transfixed by Yata’s expression. They both look almost content too, so happy to be with each other, and Fushimi finds himself putting the picture back into his pocket, making a note to get a frame for it later.

I don’t understand why everyone is so angry/shocked that fob released ‘electronic’ music????? Like?,,?? After abap did u literally not see that coming???? this was going to happen all along you really can’t expect them to release something like irresistible ft demi lovato and then suddenly revert to something like futct or folie



Sigrun + Personality Types (insp.)

Wentworth Miller: Recently, I did a Q&A at a college campus… the only thing they wanted to talk about was Prison Break. And everyone in the room was 17, 18 years old, so they were just coming to it. For them, the show is present tense. And that hammered home for me that, because of technology and social media, this stuff has a second life.’

What are you looking to do next?

Dominic Purcell: We want to work together again. We want to come up with a TV concept [where] we can work together. If we can come up with something brilliant, we’ll make it happen.

Wentworth Miller: I’m looking to do a bit of both. Maybe I’m working on a show as an actor and I’m writing the odd episode. I’ve had the experience of working in Hollywood as a feature film writer. Unfortunately, I did not encounter a lot of respect there, but in TV, the writer is king. That’s the fountainhead, that’s the source.

DP: And I’ve said to Wentworth, “You’re a fucking brilliant writer, so why not be the executive producer, the guy that writes the fucking pilot, and the guy that chooses to act in five episodes rather than 15?” We’re also exploring the possibility of doing a Prison Break reunion, end of chapter or whatever it is.

WM: A hidden chapter, a limited series, something. That model of [24: Live Another Day] and either flash back, like, This is what you didn’t see, or Where are they now? in a reunion set-up.

What excites you about the idea of playing these men again?

DP: Just to discover what’s happened to them, how far they’ve journeyed. I don’t see it being another series; I see it being a standalone movie or a miniseries. But, again, I want to work with Wentworth on something completely separate from all that and make that work.

WM: I’m also excited by the possibility, or the potential of going back and taking a look at Michael Scofield as a man who is now 43, as opposed to when I was starting out at 33, because I will come at it from a different angle. I have a different set of skills and experiences to bring to the table.

Is a reunion movie something you’re exploring in a legitimate way with Fox or is it just an idea for now?

DP: Legitimate.

WM: We were shooting the breeze on set of The Flash and having a good time being back together and reminiscing and out of that came this, “Wouldn’t it be cool…” The wheels are in motion, but things take time.

DP: That’s the other thing about Prison Break: It never stops. That’s the thing about new media. It’s like we have a new generation of Prison Break fans, thanks to Netflix.