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Jumin: Sympathy Symptoms

Hey~ Whenever you have time, could you do a mini fic about your favorite mysme character experiencing sympathy symptoms and that’s how they figured out MC is pregnant? Thank you :) ((Your blog is lovely, by the way ❤))

Admin Pancake @potatooopancakes​ Hey hey 😁 So glad to hear you’re enjoying the blog, even with Phae and I being new and all, hehe. This one was kind of a toughie for me, just cause I knew absolute zilch about pregnancy… I had to research its symptoms 😅 I also had trouble choosing which character to write, cause Saeyoung and Yoosung are my favorites but Saeyoung is /everyone’s/ favorite and I want to write you something outside of the norm! After much deliberation, I finally decided on…

JUMIN had never wanted to vomit so much in his life.

He stared at his coffee, made exactly the way he had requested every day for as long as he could remember, and gagged. Why? He liked his coffee. The cafe below his penthouse made excellent drinks, and this one had been custom made for him— five shots of espresso with a coconut whipping on top, no cream, no sugar. He drank this precise mix daily for years and enjoyed it thoroughly each time. It never had to change, because it was always made perfectly.

Today, though, just the sight of it made his stomach churn in repulsion. He pushed the cup away from him over the glass top of his desk as he pressed the most used button on his intercom.

“Assistant Kang,” he said into the mic. “Come in here a moment.”

There was no response at the other end, but after a few seconds Jaehee pushed through the door with a folder stuffed under her arm and some papers in her hands. There were bags under her eyes, and her voice was hoarse when she spoke.

“What is it, Mr. Han?”

“Dispose of my coffee in the break room sink. Be sure to wash it down correctly. Please clean the sink after you’ve finished.”

Jaehee’s lips tightened slightly. “Yes, sir.”

“I also want to see the documents from yesterday morning’s meeting on my desk by noon.”

“Of course, Mr. Han.” She managed to get a hold on the untouched coffee and hastily turned towards the door before he had the opportunity to add anything else to the list.

Jumin’s nausea was still hovering around him by the time he had left the C&R building for home. On his way out, he had passed Assistant Kang’s desk; sitting on top was the coffee from this morning, half empty. Another wave hit him.

MC had greeted him at the door of the penthouse that night with a warm smile and a kiss on the cheek.

“It’s good to see you, darling.” He pulled her into a quick hug. “I haven’t felt myself today. I feel better just seeing you.”

She pressed the back of her hand against his forehead, then his cheeks, examining his face with concern. “You feel fine, sweetie. I don’t think you’re sick… maybe you should get into bed early tonight.” Her hands traveled from his face to the front of his suit jacket, tugging it gently off of his shoulders. She was so beautiful. Her gaze was trained on his suit, but he brought his fingers to her chin and turned her face upwards towards him.

“I love you.”

Her expression softened. She didn’t say a word, but she pulled him into a kiss that said plenty.

“Get some sleep, Jumin.”

The funny thing was, as tired he was, Jumin couldn’t sleep for the life of him. He tossed underneath the sheets until he heard MC tiptoe through the door, and he stilled his body and waited so as not to worry her. He felt her lips press against his hair, linger and then disappear. He lay there until he could hear her breathing steady and slow, then he got to his feet quietly and left the bedroom.

The living area of the penthouse was bathed in the milky lights of the city skyline. A faint glow from the aquarium in the corner swam playfully across the room, disrupted by Jumin as he crossed the space to deposit himself on the couch. A subtle noise from the other end of the couch drew his attention towards a white figure perched on the armrest.

“Elizabeth the 3rd,” he crowed. The ghostly animal floated along the back frame of the couch towards him and sprung lightly on to his lap. He passed a hand over her back a few times before placing her aside to rise and make his way toward his phone.

“Hello? Yes, I’d like to make an appointment with Dr. Pyagai tomorrow.” As he spoke, he wandered along the edges of the room until he reached the couch and sat down again.

It wasn’t long after he had hung up the phone that his eyes began to feel heavy. A thought arose weakly of moving to the bed to sleep, but was pushed away swiftly into the blurry corners of his mind. His head began to loll forwards, backwards, until his body had slumped against the back of the sofa, filled with unconsciousness and no longer plagued by insomnia.


Jumin awoke with a blanket laid across his body, a cat curled up on his lap, and the ache of a lifetime inside his neck. A small groan escaped his throat as he sat upright, upsetting the sleep that had taken Elizabeth. She stretched exaggeratedly and leapt to the ground. Jumin yawned in response. He got to his feet lazily, roaming the area until he found his way to the kitchen. As he walked a dull pain in the pit of his stomach pushed its way to his attention, making him wince and contract over his abdomen.

“What is happening to me?” he muttered to himself, stopping at the kitchen counter to pick up a handwritten note. The penmanship was, Jumin could admit, a little on the messy side, but it belonged to MC and was therefore adorable.

Jumin, it read, I got a call from Dr. Pyagai this morning. You missed your appointment! It’s alright, we’ve pushed it back to 2 o'clock so that you could get some rest. Don’t worry about trying to head to work today… I called Jaehee, she’s got everything under control. Take it easy! I’ll be back soon. I love you~ MC

He smiled warmly at his wife’s note and glanced at the clock. Twelve forty-six— how had he slept this late? He rubbed his eyes as he turned toward the bedroom to get ready.


“It seems, Mr. Han,” the man began, “that you’re experiencing such various and uncorrelated symptoms that I could not conclude on a single sickness.”

Dr. Pyagai was a very unremarkable man. He had brown hair, black eyes masked by reading glasses and wore the standard white medical coat over a white shirt. A little thicker around the waist, a bit shorter than the average man. He had a terribly dry sense of humor. With a clipboard tucked under his arm, he fiddled with a pen as he spoke evenly and softly in a manner so monotone that Jumin had a hard time distinguishing a word from the one before it. In fact, this was the most striking characteristic about the man.

“And what does that mean for my health?” Jumin asked.

The doctor drew in a long breath before hiding behind his clipboard to speak again. “Considering the cramping, food aversions, nausea and irregularities in sleep pattern you mentioned today,” he paused to lick his lips, “and the bloating you mentioned over the phone that you’d experienced two weeks ago, I would say that you were pregnant had you missed a menstrual cycle.” He peered through his glasses at Jumin’s face intently. “Have you missed a menstrual cycle, Mr. Han?”

He shook his head in impatience, but Dr. Pyagai gave one short chuckle and continued. “Good. In that case, I’ll conclude that your wife is 3 months pregnant. You’ve been having symptoms for at least 1 month. What you’ve been experiencing is known as Couvade Syndrome, better known as sympathy symptoms. Many patients find that spending time with some male friends can help alleviate the effects of Couvade.” He slid the clipboard back under his arm and turned, pulling the reading specs off of his nose and folding them over his shirt.

Jumin scoffed. “That’s ridiculous. My wife would have told me if she was pregnant.”

Pyagai looked at him with raised eyebrows, then turned again. “Do you have any better ideas, Mr. Han?”

“You’re the doctor, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am. And your symptoms are indicative of Couvade Syndrome. That’s my diagnosis.”

He blinked. His wife, pregnant? With a baby?

Jumin probably shouldn’t have shouted at Driver Kim as forcefully as he did, but something inside him was boiling and this worthless car was moving so incredibly slowly that he nearly called for another. He had to get home. Now.

He burst through the front door, panting slightly. His hair was falling out of place, and things were moving much to quickly. But when MC looked at him from the couch with confusion and worry in her eyes, everything stood still.

He was crossing the room in only a handful of long strides until he had fallen at her feet. Her hands cupped each side of his face, and she looked into it with wide eyes.

“Jumin, what is it? What happened?”

“Is it true? Is there…” He trailed off.

“Sweetie, is everything alright? Please tell me you’re okay.” She ducked her head to study his face, his eyes, his expression. He met her gaze.

“A baby,” he whispered.

MC stopped. Silence fell over the entire room like snow. Seconds passed. A minute. Two. It was quiet.

And then, a breath.


He felt his throat catch. His hands found her stomach, where he could already feel a small bump beginning to grow. MC was running her fingers through his hair and along his face and back again. Something wet dropped onto his hand.

Jumin had never wanted to cry so much in his life.


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Pairing: Snape x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N:  Gif not mine. This is loooong overdue. Requested by a lovely anon. Prompt: “Heyy I’m mute and I would love a snape X student reader where the readers also mute and her and snape are kinda like friends cause he’s always nice to her and one day he helps her with something and she says thanks to him in his head like legilimency ?? Xxx” I’ll be honest and admit that I don’t know exactly how legilimency works and sorry if Sev is ooc. I hope I did this justice. Sorry if any of my understandings are incorrect. Enjoy!

Severus had dealt with many challenging things in his life. When hearing of one of his students who may, at times need extra assistance, he took it upon himself to offer her the same level of education just like any of his other students.

However, this was not the difficult part. You see, Severus and (y/n) had developed a special bond over the years. (Y/n) was extraordinary when it came to the fine skills of potion making. 

Straight away this had put her in favour with the known stoic professor. The difficult part, was what he had decided to do without the knowledge of anyone else. 

He had to fine tune it before he would reveal it to anyone. It took years to hone in on it, but he was finally ready to reveal it. What better way than to tell (y/n) that he had decided something very special just for her than the plan he was preparing to set in motion. 

This relationship was not one-way, (y/n) had also taken it upon herself to do something for her admired Professor. 

This is how she ended up wringing her hands nervously before approaching the emerald-clad witch. 

With a polite tug at her robes, Professor McGonagall looked down to (y/n) and greeted her, “Hello, Miss (l/n), I hope you are doing well. Is there something I can do for you?” Holding her arm outstretched (y/n) offered her something. 

A small parchment folded neatly. Scrawled on the piece of paper were the words: “How do you learn legilimency?” Heart beating fast, (y/n) knew that this could get her in serious trouble. 

After all, legilimency was a skill associated with the dark arts for its invasive nature. The stern professor read the words and immediately looked into (y/n)’s fearful eyes. 

This was it, you couldn’t take it back now. Professor McGonagall let out a deep sigh, “Legilimency is not something we teach here at Hogwarts,” (y/n)’s heart sank, “You can only find such books detailing the skill in the forbidden section of the library. It’s highly unlikely that you will find a teacher willing to sign the necessary permission slip. I can assure you I will not do such a thing." 

As the professor turned slightly, preparing to walk away (y/n) only just made out her next words, "I am not saying that your desired book will be found two bookcases down on the third shelf.” (Y/n) snapped her head up as Professor McGonagall continued, “Nor am I saying that on Thursday nights I will be assigning Filch night duty by the kitchens, far from the library.” With that she left.

That was it, that was perfect! (Y/n) could now spend her Thursday nights learning Legilimency. 

Every Thursday night she had found herself slumped over a thick book at one of the library desks. 

The first night she made the mistake of not wearing proper clothing; it was freezing! Luckily one of her muggle-born Hufflepuff friends, those friendly puffs, gave her this muggle contraption called a thermos. Whatever weird way it worked, you were grateful. 

Since the start of this experience you were always remembering to do things slightly different; wearing warmer clothes, having a thermos, packing snacks, a blanket and more. 

You were now completely comfortable in the forbidden section. Maybe a little too comfortable… you had accidentally fallen asleep maybe once… or a few times now. 

Luckily you still hadn’t been caught yet. There were a few close calls, oddly enough it was the exact reason why you were there; Professor Snape. 

He had come into the library on the third night, it seems he was returning a book. 

That was odd why is he returning it in the middle of the night when no one can check it back in? Unless he never checked out the book in the first place?

Things didn’t add up; to add more confusion to the matter when he had left you walked to where he’d left the book and realised it was in the muggle section. 

Try as you did you couldn’t work out exactly which book he’d returned. 

(Y/n) sipped at the beverage that warmed her soul. “You have nothing to worry about. You are my top student and should have no problem with this assessment.” The masculine voice was laced with a reserved familiar softness that calmed her. 

At any hint of evaluation, (y/n) couldn’t help but be nervous, that’s why she was currently sitting in front of the intimidating Professor Snape. 

However, he wasn’t as cruel as he seemed, especially for those who were willing to work hard. “Now the calming draught should ease your worries, I suggest you head back to the dormitory and write out the steps multiple times to commit it to memory." 

On this occasion Snape showed one of his rare smiles, as he stood from behind his desk before he walked (y/n) out. "Now, if you have any other worries, don’t hesitate to find me." 

He showed her the door, turned to look at her before she left, analysing her thoughts; they were still not full of certainty. "I have complete faith in you.” He told her, his voice filled with truth. 

With a watchful eye, Professor Snape shadowed his students while they attempted to make a rather advanced potion. 

His eyes scanned over to (y/n), who he realised looked quite concerned. He searched for the answer, “Sir, the instructions are saying to add the frog legs before the willow sap has had time to heat up. But, that will cause the potion to not mix properly. You’ll end up with a potion that will, at its full capacity, only just work, with limited effects. Is the textbook wrong?" 

Not wanting to take away from the experience of trial and error from the rest of the class and deciphering through which students belong at a N.E.W.Ts level, Severus Snape simply nodded, confirming her thoughts. 

At the end of the lesson, the potions were assessed and graded. 

It was no surprise to the Potions Master when (y/n) had made another perfect potion. "You could all learn a lot from Miss (l/n), who has once again made another excellent potion." 

Wand in hand and a flick of his wrist, the other dismal potions vanished.

Excitement filled the Great Hall; Final Examinations were over. 

No one cared too much about their results at this time, they were free! The future had not crossed their minds in this very moment, they were celebrating together in the present. 

It was a tradition as of late to let the graduating students set off Dr Filibuster’s Fabulous Wet-Start, No-Heat Fireworks, as most graduating students were of age or nearing. 

Purple, pink, orange, red and blue streaked the hall’s open space. The charmed ceiling even joined in with its own firework display. 

Smiling faces and laughter filled the Great Hall as the final feast of the day was served. (Y/n) sat enjoying her time with her friends as they talked charismatically - (y/n) enthusiastically signing to her friends, fumbling occasionally due to excitement. 

She didn’t realise the professor walked passed her, not wanting to interrupt the conversation he had dropped her a note. "Professor Dumbledore and myself would like to discuss your N.E.W.Ts results. Following the feast, make your way to the Headmaster’s office. - S. Snape" 

Professor Snape waited for you at the concealed door. Upon your arrival you noticed the slight quiver of his lips raise in a slight curl, "With me Miss (l/n),” he swooped over to the light bricks and spoke, “Sherbet Lemon." 

The wall rattled and moved back to reveal a staircase that spiralled upwards. Snape stood on it, quickly you followed suit standing two steps below him. 

You came to a gryffin door where Snape raised his has hand and knocked twice.

The Headmaster’s office was filled with so many exotic and interesting things; most notably there was a large bird with glorious red, orange and yellow feathers. 

"Ah Miss (l/n), I’m so glad that you can join us.” You we’re still confused as to why you were there and not quite sure if this was about to be a bad encounter or not. But judging by the smile on the Headmaster’s face, you felt almost at ease.

However, anxiety still bubbled within you. 

Albus sensed this and spoke, “Fear not, we are merely here to discuss your rather pleasing results." 

You looked between the two men but your eyes settled on your Potions Professor as Dumbledore’s words floated over, "Severus, would you do the honours." 

A curt nod to the Headmaster, Severus spoke, ”(Y/n), you have received excellent results, beyond the average capabilities of your classmates. This is something to be very proud of.“ Your mind was racing trying to fathom what was taking place before you. 

Dumbledore agreed, "Both Professor Snape and myself would like to offer our highest of praises.” You were awestruck. It wasn’t until Snape had passed something to Dumbledore that you had realised he’d even moved. 

Still smiling just as brightly as he had when you entered his office he handed over a lovely bouquet of assorted coloured flowers. 

A twinkle in his eye, Dumbledore looked towards his colleague. You had a feeling that he knew something you didn’t. 

Your eyes followed his gaze to the stern professor. Hands clasped behind his back and a posture of intimidation. “Well done, (y/n),” Snape spoke so softly it seemed out of place for the stoic man. “You graduated with outstanding results, and in other areas of your study have done well.” the last word was drawn out, you knew yourself that Potions was by far your best subject. 

He paused before drawling, “Save for the couple of Acceptable and one Outstanding." 

"Very well indeed,” chimed Dumbledore who seemed to be almost bouncing on the spot from pure joy. 

You cocked an eyebrow in confusion, you felt there was something more. 

There was a knock at the door. “Enter,” Dumbledore’s gravelly voice commanded the unseen figure. 

A jovial witch appeared with a light-hearted smile. “Professor Dumbledore, may I ask your assistance?” To which Dumbledore nodded with a polite manner of excuse. 

Professor Snape cleared his throat.

Taking a deep breath the man before you seemed oddly and uncharacteristically unreserved. “Miss (l/n), please excuse my poor attempts, there is something I wish to tell you… er, show you. However, keep in mind that this is for mere congratulatory purposes." 

You were utterly confused but watched tentatively as Professor Snape raised his hands and slowly began moving them in precise movements. You understood perfectly; he spelt out your name, congratulated you and presented that he wanted to ask you something. 

He spoke again, "Now, you must forgive my forgoing the art of ‘sign language’, my ability has not yet reached the desired level." 

Without so much as a smile, he continued in a professional-job-interview-like manner, "I would like to put forth my recommendation that you consider taking up a position here at Hogwarts as a Potions Teacher’s Assistant.” For a moment you just stared. 

Surely this wasn’t true. 

Time passed and a smile appeared finally on your once void face. You nodded enthusiastically, agreeing to the offer. Snape merely nodded curtly. 

The hysteria bubbled inside you, without thinking you had used your newly developing skill to say “Thank you, Professor Snape. For everything.”

Obsidian eyes locked to your (e/c) ones, a look of shock that quizzically searched for truth that he had imagined what had taken place. “You learnt Legilimency?" 

You nodded simply. Explaining through the same means, "I thought it was best to learn to communicate easier." 

Years had passed and you were standing in front of a group of first years. Overlooking their Potions. 

You looked to the man who stood menacingly at the front of the classroom, brooding over the students’ efforts. "Check Mr Thomas’, with a few minor changes he should be on the right track to achieve decent results on his upcoming O.W.L.’s." 

"Right you are, Professor (l/n). Mr Thomas please see to it that you remember to let your potion simmer longer before adding the eye of newt." 

The class had reached its succession and in a billowing fashion Snape bid you good evening and made his way to his office. 

Laying on you four poster in your private quarters a smile graced your lips. 

No matter the circumstance, with or without aid your achievements could never be masked. 

A lifetime ahead only proves to be an opportunity to keep going.

Foodie Friday: Sauerkraut!

Recipe courtesy of Bon Appetit’s “It’s Alive!” series.

- 6 lbs. Green cabbage (peeled, cored, and sliced or shredded into thin strips)
- 60 grams kosher salt (1 lb cabbage to 10 grams salt ratio)
- 2 tsp mustard seed
- 2 tsp caraway seed
- 4 garlic cloves (crushed, chopped)

1) In a large bowl, mix a quarter of the salt with the cabbage by hand until nice and evenly distributed, then crush or pound by hand. Allow to rest for 30 minutes.

2) Crush or pound by hand again to further break down the cabbage (which should have begun shrinking and releasing its liquid due to the salt).

3) Begin folding spices into the cabbage. Mix until evenly distributed and allow to rest for another 30 minutes.

4) Transfer the cabbage mixture (with its liquid) into a large jar. Tamp down the cabbage until it is fully submerged in its brine. Leave plenty of head space, and close the jar (be sure to open the jar briefly daily to release the gas produced from the fermentation).

5) Allow to ferment for 1-2 weeks, checking regularly to ensure no mold is growing. If needed, add a little more brine (remember to leave head space). At the end of the two weeks, the sauerkraut is fermented enough to be fit for consumption!

Chef’s Note: If desired, the cabbage can continue to be fermented even longer. This will result in stronger flavor and softer cabbage, perfect for potato dishes! Also, experiment with different spices, or even with adding different vegetables such as radishes, carrots, or even chilis!

Magical Ingredient!

Here in the States, Thanksgiving Day is just a month away. This means that family gatherings for large meals are growing ever more near, and in my family, that means my mother will be cooking up either her family favorite string beans or the family’s recipe for German-style mashed potatoes. With the latter, sauerkraut is an inevitable accompaniment, and while the storebought stuff is passable, she still swears by the sauerkraut my great-grandfather would make on his own.

This year, I’m reviving that tradition, and so I start my Thanksgiving cooking a good month ahead to give the cabbage plenty of time to ferment. The process is much like any other pickling fermentation project, and I’ve gone over that in previous articles. Today, this witch’s scrutiny is focused on the humble little mustard seed.

We are all familiar with mustard in the form of varying prepared forms - many of which are composed of ground mustard mixed with vinegars, herbs, and other agents in order to provide an appealing condiment. However, mustard is one of those “weeds” which grows readily nearly anywhere and whose flowers, leaves, and seeds are all of great use!

Firstly, the flowers - while not edible (to my knowledge), the flowers are quite beautiful, particularly in spring and summer months. Vibrant yellows make them excellent for solar gardens, dragon gardens, and the like. To get an idea of just how beautiful large swaths of mustard can be, one need only think of the wildflower seasons on the Central Coast of California (our recent “superbloom” being an excellent example).

The 2017 superbloom in Carrizo Plains, CA - the large swathes of yellow are a mixture of wild mustard varieties as well as other bright yellow wildflower natives.

The leaves themselves are edible, and are often consumed as salad greens or as edible decoration.

By far, however, most are familiar with the seeds. We eat them on hot dogs, in sauces, and in dressings. But when I was digging through most of my sources, there was a surprising lack of information. Most seem to agree that mustard seed is excellent for protection and luck, and it is frequently used in bags and charms for those purposes. But outside of that, the information felt about as scattered as the seeds themselves tend to be.

However, that isn’t to say that mustard is limited only to protection and luck. For our Christian witches out there, we can link mustard seeds to faith - mustard is referenced multiple times in the Bible, but one of the most memorable notes is Christ’s teachings regarding how a mustard seed can move mountains. This note on faith is touched on in churches worldwide and helps associate mustard with that concept.

This association with faith need not be limited to Christianity, however. Faith isn’t limited to religion, but can also be applied to the self. If you’re feeling that you’re struggling in having faith in yourself, your abilities, et cetera, consider working with mustard seed to lift your spirits and give you a bit more confidence.

If you struggle with confidence in matters of love, mustard can help provide a similar boost, giving you strength during dates and helping provide wisdom in balancing a relationship. Some even use mustard to attract lovers, much as the bright yellow flowers of the mustard plant is excellent at attracting pollinators like moths, butterflies, and bees. This same link toward fertility also makes mustard excellent for spells meant to liven up one’s sex life.

In matters of protection, the seed can be used ground or whole, and can be incorporated into bags, jars, charms, et cetera. This is one of those classic spices which features prominently in myths of protection by counting - those stories of how malevolent spirits are compelled to count individual seeds before moving on with their nefarious deeds. As such, sprinkling the seeds around the home or keeping a jar of them by the door can prevent the spirits from causing harm (think of it… you’d lose track of what you were doing if you had to spend all that time counting, too)!

Growing the plants around the home provides many of the same benefits, and the bright yellow flowers are an absolute joy, but it’s important to keep in mind that the plant’s association with fertility is there for a reason. Left to its own devices, mustard spreads very easily. In plenty of gardens here on the Central Coast, mustard is seen as a weed unless it’s growing wild with all the other wildflowers. That said, mustard is very easy to grow either for culinary purposes or for aesthetic reasons!

In cooking, mustard is used for a variety of purposes. As a kitchen witch, all of the different uses for mustard can be incorporated into a dish (and often are). In the case of pickling, mustard’s protective qualities can be invoked to ward off mold, and ground mustard can be used to bring joy to any dish! And let’s not even get into how roasted meats can be livened up by mustard condiments!

So the next time you open up your spice cabinet and see those little golden pearls, envision the kinds of blessings that it can bring to your life and your magic! They really are little nuggets of power!

May all your meals be blessed! )O(

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I wanted to mention something from the season 5 opening. before holland, you see one of the doctors and then his mask kind of evolves onto lydia's face. do you think that's some kind of foreshadowing or just I'm I just thinking too much about this lol. I know jeff loves to hide secret messages here and there about what will happen in the future

Hey, and sorry for the late reply, life is conspiring against my tumblr time at the moment. 

I’ve finally had the chance to really look at the new opening credits and so this will be my little breakdown of that - including your awesome observation. Since I’ve had no time on tumblr lately I realize many have probably done this already and that I’m late to the party, but what the heck :) 

TW S5 Opening credits breakdown


The first thing I noticed is that the overall coloring of the opening credits have changed from a yellowish tint last season to a blue one. This is most noticeable for the sections that are identical from last season like Stiles and Scott.

Season 4

Season 5

Color theory is a b**** but overall we seem to have landed on the conclusion that blue = damnation. It’s also the color of water which is not good at all. We still have the dry feel from last season, especially with Scott as he pounds the ground and dirt fly in all directions. 

Interestingly this bluish coloring instantly reminded me of the coloring used in Teen Wolf to signify flashbacks. Which might just be a hint to time, time travel and time issues being important this season. We also have the clock from the trailer going both forwards and backwards, and the mysterious ticking sound (anyone else thinking of Harry Potter puppet pals?) 

Here’s a few examples of flashback coloring from previous seasons. 

4x06 - flashback to how Kate learnt about the deadpool

4x01 - flashback to how they found out Derek was taken

Hit the link for more

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Favoutite Su Songs?

oh, I answered an ask about this last week talking about my top 5 instrumental tracks. You can read it here, I rambled quite a bit so I won’t bore everyone with my same spiel. Instead, I’ll list by top 5 lyrical songs (in no particular order - I actually just list them in the order the episodes they’re from are, haha)

  • We are the Crystal Gems (Full Version) - What can I say, the theme song is a classic and hear it so much since its at the beginning of every episode I just have to love it. I’m also super intrigued by the full version, what the ‘censored’ parts are (can they tell us yet?) and just the added stuff is really great. I remember being in awe the first time I heard it at the gallery opening. I’d still really love to hear a fully completed version
  • Strong in the Real Way (Coach Steven) - I’ve always loved all the music in SU but I think this song was the first one I really fell in love with. When the episode came out I was so enamored, I listened to it on loop almost nonstop for days. It’s a wonderful song and its sung beautifully and I absolutely love the sort of playful lyrics, like “Why do you have to look up to her (aside from in a literal sense)?”, I love that because it seems like a such a Pearl thing to add and its both funny and true (you really can’t help but look up to Sugilite, she’s huge). I also love the use of overzealous in a song and stopping short of rhyming it with jealous, knowing the listener will autocomplete that. Also I just really love Pearl’s voice so
  • Be Wherever You Are (Island Adventure) - I love this song, I think it might be my favorite of Steven’s songs. It’s such a nice song and its really pleasant to just sit back and listen to. It’s so sweet and so positive. Plus I just love love love the sentiment, especially the ending variation of the title line as “Why don’t you let yourself just be whoever you are”. I think that’s really nice
  • On the Run (On the Run) - Ah, I really liked this song when they released it as a sneak peek on MAGFest, it follows what you expect from SU - something that seems cheery and lighthearted but is actually quite sad if you’re paying attention. We don’t often get to hear Amethyst sing so it was really awesome for her to get a song, I’m hoping she’ll have more in the future
  • Stronger Than You (Jail Break) - Is it even legal to not list this in a top whatever list of SU songs? ‘cause I think it’s pretty much required. It’s a really excellent song that’s incredibly hard to stop listening to, haha. It has a lot of meaning and feels very heartfelt, its really fantastic listening to Garnet sing As a side note, I also highly recommend the demo version. It’s mostly the same but some of the inflections and how its sung are different and it makes it a unique listening experience than the finished version, imo. I enjoy setting the two to loop one after the other

Of course, all the songs in the show are really good, I don’t think there’s one I dislike, just others I like better. I can’t really do honorable mentions too much, because there’s not that many lyrical songs. I will mention that Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart was an early favorite of mine and I still think its really really sweet. It’s also really nostalgic to me, since it was from so early in the series and listening to it reminds me of the original promos for the show that had interview clips and they played a little bit of this song (the bit where Steven was singing along in the car), so it always kinda takes me back when I listen to it.

Made In The A.M. Review

1. Hey Angel

The lyrics are a bit sad but it’s still a song you can sway to ya know? Harry’s voice is phenomenal as usual and this song really showcases his vocal range which I’m all for. Niall’s voice is also fantastic as usual and the backing vocals (which I think are Liam?) are just as good and pull the song together. The sped up singing bit for the bridge is also very cool. 

Favourite Lyric: Oh I wish I could be more like you / Do you wish you could be more like me?

2. Drag Me Down

It’s been out for awhile but I’m lovin’ the EDM sort of trap music feel they’ve put in, it’s sick. And I continually have people telling me they like it when they used to think One Direction sucked which pleases me. I think it was a good choice for their first single because of the lyrics added on to it being the first released song without Zayn. I think of it as an ode to the fans for sticking around, which I like.

Favourite Lyric:  I got a river for a soul / And baby you’re a boat / Baby you’re my only reason

3. Perfect

I like this one. It’s got good vocals, good lyrics and the little drop into the chorus is pretty sick. I do like the quiet bridge bit with Harry’s vocals that was really good. Overall not my favourite on the album but certainly not my least favourite. 

Favourite Lyric:  And if you like cameras flashing every time we go out, oh, yeah / And if you’re looking for someone to write your breakup songs about / Baby, I’m perfect

4. Infinity

This might be my least favourite. There’s nothing that I think is truly awful about it, the vocals and lyrics are very good. The music it’s self is pretty good, fairly basic but that’s not saying it’s bad. It’s just not one of my favourites and I don’t really think it sounds good live or is a good choice for a live song. It’s a ballad but it certainly isn’t this albums 18. 

Favourite Lyric:  Eyes can’t shine / Unless there’s something burning bright behind / Since you went away, there’s nothing left in mine

5. End Of The Day

I love this song. Definitely one of my favourites. I like the sound, the lyrics, and the vocals are awesome. I think what makes it for me is the music and the overall sound, the little bit in the last line of the verses just makes me intensely happy. All of the boys vocals on this track are exceptional. I also love the little bit when Niall/Louis sings “and me” in the pre-chorus the editing there on their voices is a cool effect. Once again, lovin’ the bridge.

Favourite Lyric: The priest thinks it’s the devil, my mum thinks it’s the flu / but girl, it’s only you

6. If I Could Fly

I love the simplicity of just the piano and the voice in this. This is a beautiful ballad and kind of reminds me of Adele honestly or this song from AVPSY called “When You Have To Go All The Way Home” (look it up). The boys vocals are also showcased beautifully on this track and the harmonies are amazing. The little quiet chorus vocals are really exceptional especially. Though it seems sad I think it’s really more of a reassurance song which is much better. Overall it’s a beautiful track lyrically and musically. 

Favourite Lyric:  Now you know me, for your eyes only

7. Long Way Down

I like the beginning few notes, a lot. Niall’s voice in the beginning is also beautiful and I’m glad we got to hear this side of it. I like that bit when you’re anticipating a drop into the chorus and then there is none. Louis’ solo also gives us a new side to is vocals and I like that his vocal track seemed very raw. Overall it’s kinda sad but I think the song is about a relationship that was very difficult but had a lot of emotions involved in it and when it ends you knew it had to but it’s sad because you do love them. It’s pretty sad but good music is sad sometimes and I really like this track. 

Favourite Lyric:  I try to forgive you / But I struggle cause I don’t know how

8. Never Enough

This is the kind of song that comes on the radio and someone screams “THIS IS MY JAM!”. It’s a feel good song and I can practically see me singing this with my friends on a road trip or just in the car by myself and then showing up wherever overly happy. The beginning bit with that noise I can’t even describe kind of reminds me of Hooked On A Feeling. I also love the Du Dum Da’s or whatever. The song as a whole is fantastic and I am just in love with it. 

Favourite Lyric:  I don’t need my love / You can take it, you can take it, take it

9. Olivia

This is also a jam song. Liam you little shit in that interview like “I live for you, I long for you… insert name here”. I get it now Liam you’re very clever. Anyway this song is just feel good dance around in your underwear kind of song. I love the trumpets in the back and I kind of get a Beatles feel from this song actually. I love The Beatles so I think this song is fantastic. Louis’ voice is also really shown off in his solo bit and I love it. The vocals are good, musics good, lyrics are good, and I like the beginning and end bit with the kind of studio voices. Reminds me of the beginning of Lovebug by the Jonas Brothers. 

Favourite Lyric: Please believe me, don’t you see / The things you mean to me?

10. What A Feeling 

I’m definitely hearing the Fleetwood Mac influence and I’m lovin’ it. I was raised on Fleetwood Mac and all those types of bands so I’m digging this song. The lyrics are cute and the vocals on this track are also really good. I think the best part about this song is the music in general. The vocals and lyrics are good but there certainly not the best on the album, the music makes this song for me. 

Favourite Lyric: What a feeling to be a king beside you, somehow

11. Love You Goodbye

It’s a sad love song. I think it’s about the moment of closure in a long relationship. When a long relationship ends there’s always a moment when you really feel like it has ended and I think this is describing that. It’s beautiful musically, vocally, and lyrically. I think the idea of not necessarily wanting the relationship but wanting one last moment together, it’s really beautiful and they captured it wonderfully. 

Favourite Lyric:  My heart’s already breaking, baby, go on, twist the knife

12. I Want To Write You A Song

This one is my personal favourite. It’s sweet and I’m always a fan of more acoustic style songs. Their voices sound really good and gentle on this track and we hear a new side of Louis’ which is always great. I also like the little sound of someone writing in the background of the song I think that’s a interesting effect. It’s a sweet song that just makes me think of like cuddling with someone and I like that. It’s about this idea of not being able to write a song that is perfect enough for that person and I think that’s really adorable. 

Favourite Lyric:  So any time I’m gone / You can listen to my voice and sing along / I want to write you a song

13. History

This is a song to the fans. It’s reassuring us that they are gonna stay strong and stay together and its really awesome that they did that. I think it’s pretty cool they got some fans in the studio for it as well. The chorus is really cool because it has the whole crowd singing along feel and the song overall is really good. The music is kind of chill sing along and sway music. It’s a cool idea and the concept overall and the recording process is really awesome. 

Favourite Lyric: You and me got a whole lot of history, oh / We could be the greatest team that the world has ever seen

14. Temporary Fix

No Control 2.0. It’s literally about a booty call and I love it. This is an awesome bouncing around singing song. Every album had this song I Want to Rock Me to Alive to No Control and now, Temporary Fix. It’s awesome and a little bit grungy but it’s real and shows how much the boys have matured. The vocals are also excellent on this one and the guitar is awesome on this one. Overall I love it, it’s a bit more rocky then the other ones and it really adds to the album.

Favourite Lyric:  If you’re not hooked to anything right now, I can be your vice

15. Walking In The Wind

It’s a bittersweet goodbye. I think it’s about the whole idea of if you love someone let them go and then also the idea that if they love you they’ll come back. I think this could also be related to the break which was maybe not their intention but I’m gonna take it that way because I can. It’s for this idea that yeah their taking a break, their all gonna do their own thing but , this isn’t the last time One Direction is happening. I think the fans can relate to it this way and find comfort in it. Harry’s vocals on this track are as usual phenomenal. They all but Harry is killing it with that bridge. Overall I love it the lyrics and the music are exceptional. 

Favourite Lyric:  Goodbyes are bittersweet / But it’s not the end / I’ll see your face again

16. Wolves

This song is just so 70′s. I showed it to my Mom and she literally said that exact thing and she’s from the 70′s. I love it though it’s another dance around song and its also like sing along on a road trip and I really love those types of songs. It was also written by Niam which I’m diggin’. I really like this and the oo’s sort being like wolf howls in the back of the chorus. The pre-chorus bit is also really cool sounding.

Favourite Lyric:  In the middle of the night when the wolves come out / Headed straight for your heart like a bullet in the dark

17. A.M.

It’s this albums pub song. I’m serious I will fight people about this. The last one was Act My Age it’s like right at when a pub is in full swing packed with people that’s Act My Age. A.M. is like the last call. It’s the moment with all your friends when you gotta go home but you don’t want to because you’re having fun and you’re not ready to say goodbye yet. It’s good and I think a really good song to have the album end on. The lyrics are great and also OT4 wrote it which I think is cool. 

Favourite Lyric:  We’re just swimming round in our glasses / And talking out of our asses / Like we’re all gonna make it

Side note: I realized while doing this One Direction talk about about being boats or girls being boats, coincidence? I think not. Louis still needs a boat guys, he needs a boat.