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katie mcgrath/supercorp fans, we need to have a tiny chat.

i’m assuming (hoping, mostly) that the majority of fans that are doing this are young, but yall really need to cool it a bit with trying to speculate and dig into katie’s personal life. she is obviously a very private person, if her lack of social media, and her stating as such in interviews is anything to go by. and apart from that, it’s just… incredibly rude? and weird. and a boundary that needs not to be pushed. (this goes for all actors/musicians/etc. fyi, holy shit! it’s not a new concept.)

like, it’s great that more people are becoming fans of hers! but ho boy, some of the stuff yall are saying and doing just isn’t cool. just, relax a little. leave her personal life alone. it’s not that hard.

also, this isn’t actually a problem like digging into her personal life is, but can yall just cool it with the kashy mcgra thing? it’s how her name is pronounced. just, relax.

why do people still think the “i look cute and innocent.. but i have a twisted dirty mind xD o_0″ thing is like. edgy or surprising at all. 

like no offense but when you see some grown adult playing up how sweet and cute and innocent pastel baby uwu they are, you can pretty much instantly tell that theyre probably kind of a pervert in really unpleasant ways. and its not “shocking” or even slightly surprising its just kind of….. gross and insufferable


shipper trash gandalf: part one

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april 1, 2017 - allegro

my first original post! pale green sheet music is pretty cool, i guess? you don’t come across that very often. here is one of the pieces that i played the piano accompaniment for one of my violin teacher’s younger students at our recital today. i also performed two solo violin pieces, and i’m glad that everything went fairly well!

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I just lost my planet. I can tell you, I am emotionally compromised.

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Imagine Steve convincing the other Avengers to go to a regular gym to work out as an appeal to the public for health awareness (or some such reason, you can pick). Natasha, knowing this will be hilarious, encourages everyone to as well.
Imagine your first day at a gym, trying to finally muster up the courage to get in better shape and all the effort with it and watching two Norse gods, two super soldiers, master assassins and Tony along to watch arriving in all their glory and exercising.
Imagine Loki spotting for Thor but keeps getting distracted because he sees you trying to maintain your composure but failing miserably as you ogle him in his tight fitting gym clothes.


martins dzierkals talks about his development since his first year in north america, his junior accomplishments and his goal to make the jump to pro ranks this up coming season x

Fledgling dove! Saw the mama sitting in the middle of the road with it, so stopped to check on them. Baby was fine (no visible wounds, wings flapped easily, clear eyes, nice and plump, gripped with both feet) so I moved it out of the road and under a bush. Heard it calling for mom as I left, she’ll be back soon.

Annual reminder that any birds you find like this, I.e. feathered and on the ground with a parent nearby, is a fledgling. The process is dangerous, but they’re learning how to be birds. Doves look especially helpless during fledging, but they need to be left alone. If a bird isn’t in immediate danger (near a predator, in a road or other dangerous area, injured, badly underweight, or in any sort of contact with a cat) the best thing you can do is not touch it. I took the opportunity for a cute photo, but only while in the process of moving this bird about 10 feet to get it out of the road.

A naked, helpless baby bird should be put back in the nest, or kept indoors very temporarily until a new nest (any sort of basket, including plastic strawberry ones, lined with grass or shredded paper) can be made and put in a tree near where it was found. Easter baskets are good as they have handles.The parents should find it easily enough. 

An emaciated, unresponsive, injured, or cloudy-eyed bird, or any bird that a cat may have scratched, bitten, licked, or mouthed at all should be taken to a wildlife rehabilitator for treatment. Signs of injury include bleeding (beyond minor cuts), legs or wings that don’t work, and large, visible bruises along the featherless underside. Not having feathers under the wings is absolutely normal on fledgelings, as is looking scruffy and being unable to fly. 

And, again, if a cat has scratched a bird, even just slightly, or touched the bird with its mouth at all, or if you think it may have mouthed the bird, the bird needs to be taken to a wildlife rehabilitator for antibiotic treatment or it has a high chance of dying of sepsis. Cats have gram-negative bacteria on their saliva that is meant to kill prey animals like birds, and baby birds in particular have extremely thin skin. The bacteria can be dangerous even through intact skin. 


95z being magnets feat. me in the bg

Remember when you were younger

You kept trying to tell yourself you weren’t gay like

And then one day you finally admit it to yourself like

You didn’t turn gay. You had it in you all along. 

shizuo used spin attack, it was super effective!

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I HC that despite enjoying bragging about things, Revali has worked super hard to get there, and none of the other champions really know until they see him practicing something over and over and over, trying to get it perfect, almost to an obsessive point.

i’m so glad to see this bc i feel the exact same way!!! i know so many people that can’t stand revali, but once i explain these hc’s/theories, their opinions shift even if its just slightly ~u~ some points i make are:

- there’s no real memorial for revali other than his landing. daruk has a giant stone monument, mipha has her statue, and, although it isnt canon, i’ve heard some speculation that the eighth heroine symbolizes urbosa. revali on the other hand, just has a platform that i’m sure everyone uses and steps on. u ever heard of a sacred memorial being stepped on? nah.

- the reason he has no memorial is probably because he never really made a name for himself among the rito, and he knew this. that’s why he worked so hard and that’s why he was so insulted that link, some random kid, surpasses him simply because he’s the chosen hero. link probably showed negative feelings towards his destiny– maybe– but it is canon that link feels a heavy burden. to a young 17 year old being the one who has to defeat the world’s biggest threat doesn’t sound very appealing tbh. so maybe link has shown disgust to the idea before, who knows, this is all headcanon

- back to revali and the rito, revali doesn’t seem to have a real family or a family-like connection to the rito. the gorons have always had a strong-knit colony. when threatened, they group together and fight for their privacy and protection. the gerudo are all very stubborn in their traditions and value the women’s code– looking out for one another and taking care of one another. the zora have always been close as well. they’re all like one big family. revali and the rito though? the one rito who truly praises revali and sees his strength and skill was teba. (and kaneli, but he doesn’t say it with as much respect as teba) maybe it was because they all saw him as a cocky son of a bitch?

- but he WAS cocky and i believe he was practicing the whole “fake it till u make it” schtick. nobody praised him. nobody saw his potential, skill, talents, hard work. he only had himself to tell him he was worthy of being a champion, he was skillful, and he was necessary to defeat calamity ganon. among the champions, mipha was too engrossed with link to notice, link was too bothered by his responsibilities, zelda as well, urbosa was too busy with her own people and protecting zelda’s mental health, and daruk might not have even noticed, or he considered his cockiness as a way to bicker with link for fun.

- drifting from my own hc’s, however, if and when they do finally notice revali’s painstaking hard work, it all makes sense to them. they finally understand why he’s so self indulgent and why he not-so-subtly envies link. they all commend him on his dedication, save for link, who shows his pride in revali by accepting him on these challenges and letting revali show him up. it not only makes him happy, it also strengthens his bond with the team and enhances his performance altogether, now that he’s mentally and emotionally well

my heart is beating so fast i love revali he deserves more love than he gets

-mod makar

Reverse Endangered (Outline)

This got kinda long, and it’s dark in some spots (character death, violence, etc.), but for anyone wondering what happens in the reverse-Endangered storyline, I made up a full (and very rough draft of a) plot in one day. :y The below picks up from chapter ”negative zero-point-five,” because I am the best at naming things.

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I just noticed something about this image of Undertaker.

His tie has an eldredge knot.

It’s a minor yet interesting detail.

I know next to nothing about ties, but I couldn’t find any significance behind this knot. Most sources even claim its origins are unknown. It’s usually just seen as a slightly fancier way to wear a tie.

Of course, the name Eldredge means ‘battle counselor.’

Can anyone else see the sex scene happening if Abby’s the one to give him the Chancellor’s Pin after it’s decided Marcus is going to be the next Chancellor? Hear me out on this semi-fic thing that doesn’t have actual smut because I’m the worst, folks.

It’s late in Arkadia, and everyone’s just gotten back from Polis. Everyone’s exhausted mentally and physically, and almost the entire population of the camp runs back to their rooms, jumps in bed, and is out within a minute of putting their head on the pillow.

Everyone except newly-appointed Chancellor Marcus Kane.

Abby knows where she’ll find him - it isn’t difficult to predict where he’ll be, not after everything they’ve been through - and she doesn’t bother knocking before opening and closing the council room door behind her.

“It’s late,” she says. It’s both an observation and a bit of an accusation: Marcus, why aren’t you sleeping?

She knows the answer to that question, so she doesn’t bother asking. It’s the same reason she isn’t sleeping, the same reason Clarke and Bellamy and Raven are still awake.

Six months. That’s all they have.

“It is,” Marcus agrees, turning from the map of the areas surrounding Arkadia to give her his full attention. “You should be getting some rest, Abby.”

“I’ll sleep when you do,” she says, moving closer until she’s in his arms with her head resting on his shoulder. She hears him sigh a tiny sigh as she runs her fingers through his messy hair, hair he won’t have time to trim with all the chaos that’s about to erupt.

Clarke may have been the one to free them from the City of Light, but Abby knows how heavily this burden rests on Marcus’ shoulders. She can see it in his eyes when he looks at her, in the tension in his shoulders when he pores over maps and data.

“I have something for you,” she says as she leans back just enough to look in his eyes, rummaging around in the pocket of her jacket. For a small, frightening moment she thinks it’s lost - resting somewhere between Polis and Arkadia, submerged between countless layers of dust and leaves - but then she checks the other pocket, and thank God.

She pulls out the slightly tarnished Chancellor’s Pin, taken off Pike’s jacket before they left Polis.

“We’re still in this together, you know,” she whispers as she places the pin in his hands, remembering that sunny day in the market that feels like eons ago.

“No matter who wears the pin,” he says with a small smile. That by itself is a triumph - she’s managed to make him smile again. But he sets the pin down on the table instead of securing it to his jacket, and she worries her efforts may have been for naught.

When he looks at her again, there’s a level of despair in his eyes she’s never seen on the ground: not since their time among the stars. Her heart sinks.

“Abby, I-” he starts, then stops. “I have to figure this out. They’re looking to me for answers, and I can’t let them down. Our people need hope. They’ve been through so much.”

“You will,” she reassures him. “You’re going to be the best Chancellor our people have had.”

Another smile, this one slightly sheepish.

“Well, I don’t know if I can live up to you,” he says. “You were a wonderful Chancellor, Abby.”

She doesn’t think so, but that’s not what he needs to hear right now. What he needs right now is comfort and confidence, and neither of these things can be achieved on the less-than-three hours of sleep he obtained the night before.

“Something tells me you’ll be a tough act to follow,” she says with a smile, he laughs a self-deprecating Marcus Kane laugh, and she doesn’t know quite how it happens but suddenly she’s kissing him with all the force and passion she can muster at this ungodly hour of the night.

She traces her tongue along his lower lip, asking a question he answers by allowing her entrance with a soft moan. He tastes sweet, like the berries Lincoln taught her to find in the forest.

When she was under ALIE’s control, she hadn’t been able to think about how he tasted. But this is the opposite of that, this is all sensation and emotion, this is about exploring each other instead of getting information.

His hands find their way underneath her shirt as they stumble toward the couch, an endearing mix of clumsy and graceful. Her shirt and boots get lost somewhere along the way, as do his, and everywhere he touches her feels like she’s catching fire.

He pauses for a moment as she fumbles with the zipper on his pants, pupils wide with lust and love and a thousand emotions she doesn’t have names for.

“Are you sure?” he asks as his cheeks glow slightly red, and it’s all she can do not to laugh. Only Marcus Kane.

She answers his question with another deep, slow kiss, sliding out of her pants as the back of her legs bump against the soft surface of the couch.

“We have six months, Marcus,” she says, laying down and beckoning him to join her. “I don’t just want to survive. I want to live.”

Obscure JTTW (p.4)

This book won’t be obscure for long if its TV adaptation goes well. Big Bad Ape /  大泼猴 (2014) is an internet novel based on characters/plots from Journey to the West. The television adaptation of the same name is scheduled for release in 2018 (Legends of Monkey King in Eng).

Plot: The soul of an average man travels back in time and possesses Wukong’s body for some reason. Armed with nothing but his knowledge of the JTTW novel, the protagonist tries to survive by reliving all of the original Sun Wukong’s exploits, starting from becoming King of Flower Fruit Mountain. Key events are kept (Ex. Water Curtain Cave, Puti, becoming the Great Sage Equaling Heaven, Sanzang’s journey west, etc.) but there’s also a lot of original drama/events.


  • It’s very creative
  • It comes with a pairing I would never have expected to get canonized in a million years


  • The writing’s mediocre (prose is simple, but unlike The Tales of Wukong, it doesn’t have a special style to it), description/dialogue-wise
  • No backstory for the guy who “replaced” Wukong; we know nothing about who he was or what time period he comes from, and I feel that in this case, the soul-swap thing was unnecessary

I’ll admit I didn’t finish this book because it’s a whopping 859 chapters long. 859. I don’t think it needed to be this long!

Anyway, Wukong himself is in the book- his soul was forcibly removed from his body when the protagonist’s went in, so Wukong had to become the Six Eared Macaque and he comes back as an antagonist. The other pilgrims don’t really stand out, though Sanzang’s braver/wiser than his book counterpart, and Erlang Shen has a major role but his sister’s the one with the bigger role because…

@earl-of-221b Sanseng Mu (Erlang Shen’s little sister) falls in love with not!Wukong in this book, and it actually ends with them getting together (of course, after his other potential love interest is killed off). I don’t think the female leads were written very well, but it’s not painfully bad. But everyone accepts not!Wukong as Sun Wukong, so Sanseng Mu still actually falls for Wukong (my mood when I found out: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????). I never knew this pairing could be a thing until now, so the author deserves kudos for thinking it’s a good idea. This completely messed up the Lotus Lantern myth though (if Sansengmu’s with Wukong, how is she going to give birth to a half-mortal son? Poor Chen Xiang just got wiped from existence.)

After The Tales of Wukong, Big Bad Ape is probably the most known Wukong “novel” but not as popular/acclaimed. It’s interesting and the writer clearly put in effort, but I don’t think this qualifies as a good book, though it has its fun moments. 

All the pretty girls

|Chapter 1|

“There’s something about her. Ya know? Like yeah, I’m pretty sure she could kick my ass….and I’d probably let her too. But she is just so damn beautiful….Baby doll is definitely the woman of my dreams… i mean….can I say that out loud or is that breaking kayfab too much?”

Eric, better known as Enzo Amore asked Renee Young during their interview for her little show. He shrugged his shoulders at a grinning Big Cass, before looking back at Renee. “Eh. Screw it. Its already been put out there.”

Kendra quickly hit pause on the video her best friend in the business, Sasha Banks, was showing her while they sat on the bench at the gym. “Hey!” Sasha complained. “It was just getting good.” Rolling her eyes, Kendra shoved the rest of her things into her duffle bag. “And what exactly was the good part?” She questioned snatching her water bottle off the floor. Sasha looked at her friend like she was crazy, before sliding her phone into her bag. “Um obviously the part where he confesses his undying love for you…duh..” This caused Kendra to snort. What kind of undying love was there to confess. For the passed three months Kendra had been running around the WWE trash talking her way through superstars and divas alike. Enzo and Big Cass had been in the way of her larger than life mouth a few times all ready. It was always fun to see the kind of faces Enzo made when she’d insult him. It kept her youthful. It really did. Outside of the WWE, it may have been a different story. They were put on flights together, tour buses. Meet and greats. Everything together. Kendra was lucky if a day went by where she didn’t see the tag team duo.

Standing up, she stretched her legs a bit. Not diving into all this Enzo Amore nonsense. Sasha eyed her suspiciously, standing as well. “You are being awfully quiet…its usually hard to make you shut up.” Glaring at Sasha, Kendra shook her head. “What is there to say? Oh gee, thanks Mr. Amore, I think you are swell too!” Kendra clasped her hands together and posed, causing laughter to erupt from her friend. “Okay…maybe not that. But, admit that you think he is cute. Admit that you enjoy his company. Don’t lie to yourself.” It was moments like this that Kendra wanted to give Sasha a clothesline(in a friendly way of course). Moments when she was absolutely right, but Kendra was just too stubborn to admit. She was a Guerrero after all. “I mean…..i guess his face is not a disaster.” Kendra spoke. She picked up her bag and slung the strap over her shoulder, heading out of the gym.

“That’s a start!” Sasha yelled after her, jogging to catch up.


Kendra groaned as her back hit the mat wrong for the fifth time. She laid there for a moment and closed her eyes. Counting to ten slowly. “Sorry…” She heard a faint mumble. A voice that belonged to a certain vibrant red head. In a gentle fashion, Kendra sat up and looked at the girl she was training with, Eva Marie. Who in turn, looked at her in frustration. “At least you are getting better.” Kendra replied. Though the two of them weren’t friends, Brian Kendrick had asked her to stop by since she was in town, and train with some people. She didn’t expect to be in a ring with Eva, she didn’t even want to be. But she could admit that she saw the NXT diva putting in work, and even improving. “Its okay…lets just call it a day.” Eva nodded her head slightly, before climbing out of the ring and gathering her things. Letting out a sigh, Kendra leaned against the ring ropes, trying to catch her breath and clear her head.

“Well look at you paying it forward.”

Just hearing his voice made Kendra close her eyes as tight as possible. Trying to disappear and or make him disappear. She was in no mood to deal with Colby Lopez or as people called him Seth Rollins. Kendra could hear him climbing into the ring with her. “What do you want long neck?” The old nickname caused Colby to grin, it was quite the throwback. Shaking his head as he got into the ring, he leaned on the opposite side of the ropes from her. Opening her eyes, Kendra stared at the man before her. She had avoided many awkward conversations and run ins with the former WWE champion since she had been with the company. But she knew that her dodging wouldn’t last. That at some point she would have to interact with him. “You…little lady, have been avoiding me. At all costs it seems. Care to explain that?”

“There may be people in this business I have to explain myself to…but you are not one if those people Colby. ”

“You hurt my feelings Kenny… What we had wasn’t a waste of time. Don’t you know that?”

He pushed himself off of the ropes and walked towards her, Kendra studied him. He had a stern look on his face. “Your father would be proud you know…to see one of his little girls making a name for herself.” She felt so disgusted, honestly. Kendra raised the bottom of shirt and wiped the sweat off her face. It was so very easy to channel her rage at the man in front of her. “Don’t start with me Lopez. I have no problem taking you down.” A smirk crossed Colby’s lips. “That’s what I’m hoping for Guerrero.” Kendra felt like if she rolled her eyes anymore they may get so tired that they jump out of her skull to escape. Instead of entertaining him anymore, Kendra turned around and climbed out of the ring, jumping down to the floor. ‘Just keep moving Ken…ignore this idiot.’

“ You know…i saw the most interesting thing on the internet today… Oh how I love Renee and her little WWE segments.. Anyways, it looks like you got yourself your own little admirer. How sweet…”

Kendra stopped walking, she sighed and grabbed her bag. Keeping her back to him. He was trying to bait her, trying to get her to engage him even more. She didn’t want to fall for it. No….she wasn’t going to fall for it. Not this time around. But that didn’t stop Colby from continuing his verbal attack. “I just find it funny how all these nobodies are always trying to get at you…all of them.” Kendra pressed her lips tightly together, she could just smack him.

“Yeah…and the biggest nobody is standing behind me in the ring.”

She gave her bag a small squeeze as she made her way out the door. Not bothering to give two flying fucks about what she was leaving behind.

“And there she goes! The frog splash by Kendra Jade!!”

After making contact with Alicia Fox, Kendra quickly hooked her leg, holding on tight. Her head bobbing every time the ref’s hand smacked the mat. After the third time, she quickly got up, her ears throbbing as the crowd cheered for her and her music hit. She flipped her blonde hair over her shoulder and took in a deep breath. Kendra had been knocking down competitors left and right. And though it was a good way to start off her career, it hadn’t been the competitors that she wanted. Not by a long shot. She raised her arms in victory, giving a small celebration to the crowd. Her celebration along with her music was cut short and interrupted by a familiar tune. Kendra dropped her arms to her sides, immediately glaring up the ramp towards the entrance. The crowd started to boo as the Women’s Champion, Charlotte and her father Ric Flair started to walk down to the ring, mic in hand.

“Wow! Give it up for Kendra everyone! A true Guerrero through and through.”

The crowd cheered at the mention of Kendra, causing the champ to give them a dirty look. “Oh..so you will cheer for her! A nobody! But you wont even cheer for your own Women’s Champion!” Shaking her head she followed her father up the steel steps and into the ring. Her eyes landing on Kendra. “Like I said….a true Guerrero through and through.” She sneered. “And like a true Guerrero…you are just as pathetic. All Guerrero’s are pathetic. Its a gene that is obviously passed down.” Kendra could barely hear the diva before her, thanks to the protest of the audience. Her brown eyes looked around at them, before she glanced back at Charlotte. Not really taking the little trap she was trying to lay down. “See lucky for me, the Flair trait is that of a pure athlete..that of pure talent. A body made to be a champion. And maybe one day you’ll get to that point Kendra. But right now you are just a pathetic little girl living in the shadow of her father. See that’s why these people cheer for you. Not because they love you…but because they love your father!” Squinting her eyes Kendra looked over at Ric Flair. Did Charlotte forget who she was standing next to? Did she forget how she was always boasting about being a Flair? “ And lucky for me…my dad is right here beside me, and my father…unlike yours, was a great champion and superstar.”

At the mention of her father Kendra quickly got in Charlotte’s face. No words came out of her mouth as she stared her down. Shaking her head slowly in disgust. The Women’s Champion had dropped her microphone as soon as Kendra stepped up to her. She smirked slightly, before shrugging her shoulders at the shorter diva. “The Guerrero name is so pathetic!” Charlotte yelled, loud enough for the cameras to pick up. “And you are pathetic..just like your father.” At that moment, Kendra saw nothing but red. Her eyes slightly glazing over. She let out a loud scream, her warrior cry, before she looked Charlotte right in her face and super kicked her father. The crowd cheered as Ric Flair fell backwards, out like a light.

“And down goes Ric Flair! Like an old dusty Christmas tree!” Yelled JBL.

Charlotte’s eyes went wide, as she looked down at her father. Before she even had time to react, she was tackled to the mat. Lefts and rights being thrown at her. Kendra wove her fingers into Charlotte’s hair, lifting her head up and slamming it back down on the mat over and over again. It wasn’t long until Kendra heard distinctive shouting amongst the cheering of the crowd. She glanced up to see refs coming out along with a few security men. Kendra quickly licked her lips and placed a kiss on the forehead of the beaten down champ. “Gotta jet ” She told her, pushing herself up, the young Guerrero rolled out of the ring and hopped over the barricade. Getting as far away from security and the refs as she could. The audience continued to cheer, causing Kendra to smirk as she headed up the stairs, moving through the crowd, trying to get to an exit. She glanced over her shoulder, just in time to see Charlotte on her feet, trying to help her father up.

Kendra wasn’t sorry at all. Not by a long shot.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Kendra Jade.”

Getting a loud pop as she stepped into view, Kendra brushed some hair out of her face and looked around, a small smile.

“Kendra, earlier tonight we saw the Women’s Champion come out and insult you, and the legacy of the Guerrero name-”

Placing her hand on JoJo’s shoulder, Kendra stopped her from talking. “Listen sister, we all know what happened. Everyone saw it…and I loved it. And in the end, I don’t regret taking both Charlotte and her father down…and I gotta say, that I did it with F-L-A-I-R!” Shrugging her shoulders, Kendra glanced down at the younger girl. “I have no interest in Charlotte…nor will I ever. She has nothing I want. I don’t want her belt…her life style. I don’t want her man hands. And I sure as hell don’t want her father. I’m a Guerrero. And no, I don’t boast about that, because I’m trying to make my own path in the WWE. I have bigger things in my sight. Much bigger things. So Charlotte can stay at the bottom, where she belongs.” Before JoJo could ask another question, Kendra turned around and walked away. The crowd cheering for her some more.

Kendra sat in catering as the rest of the show went on. Tossing grapes in the air one by one and catching them in her mouth. She tossed her final grape in the air, prepared for it to land in her mouth with ease. But the sound of running distracted her, and the grape hit her chin, falling to the ground. Looking around, Kendra noticed Sasha running her way. She passed Kendra and sat down across from her. Her eyes wide. “Something is about to happen!” She squealed. Before calming her self down completely as if she didn’t just freak out. Kendra raised an eyebrow and stared at Sasha in confusion. “What are you talking about?” Sasha kept her lips closed and mouthed something to Ken. But she couldn’t make out what it was. There were shadows lingering over Kendra and her table. One more larger than the other. Which only added more to her confusion. “Ladies, how you doin’?”


He and Big Cas sat down at the table with the girls, Kendra observed them before looking at her best friend. Seeing her eyes light up like a Christmas tree. Placing her hand on the table top, Ken began to drum her finger tips slowly. There was something strange with in the atmosphere of the table. Like everybody was waiting for something big to happen. And the fact that everyone was silent didn’t help at all. “So…are you ladies going out with the others tonight? I heard they’re gonna hit up this BBQ place.”

“Oh yeah. We are totally going. Kendra loves going out with everyone.” Sasha answered, grinning from ear to ear.

Kendra shot her a look before shaking her head slightly. “Actually, I was planning on just grabbing my stuff and heading off to the next town. I had a long night last night writing a post for my blog and answering fan questions….”

Enzo tried to act casual as he leaned back in his seat, and draped his arm across the back of Kendra’s chair. “Oh…your blog huh? That’s cool that you put yourself out there like that and talk to fans.” Of course Enzo knew she had a blog, he knew that she loved to write. He stared at her, before clearing his throat. “I mean…that’s what’s up. But come on pretty lady. Sometimes a night out is all a person needs. And I’m sure you’re a blast to be around once you really let loose.”

Sasha snorted before she leaned forward, she never in her life had the pleasure of seeing Kendra let loose. Though they were best friends, Kendra was very dedicated to her job and being the best. “Oh trust me, she is going. In fact. We can all go together. ” Sasha suggested. Kendra’s eyes widened, did she not just say that she had plans to just head back to the hotel?

“What a coincidence…” A new voice broke out. “I am going to be attending that little outing as well. Maybe you and I can match our outfits together Kenny….just like old times.”

What was it? Run into Colby day? Kendra didn’t even bother acknowledging him. And without even looking at her Best friend, she knew that Sasha was glaring at Colby. Probably giving him the nastiest look she could. “Nobody was talking to you Lopez. So keep it moving.”

Seth placed his hand over his heart, the smirk never leaving his face. “You wound me Sasha. Luckily, no one was talking to you either…so stay out of it ” Seth placed his hand on Kendra’s shoulder, giving it a small squeeze. “I’ll see you after the show…save me a seat yeah?” With out even giving any of his time to Enzo, Seth pretended like he didn’t even see him, or his large friend, and walked away.

After seeing the interaction between Colby and Kendra, or lack there of on Kendra’s part, Enzo looked at Cass. And pointed at Lopez as he walked down the hallway. “This fuckin’ guy.” Cass grunted, nodding his head in agreement. He wasn’t gonna let this cross fit power ranger stop him from what he wanted. “So cupcake, about tonight?” Enzo turned his attention to Kendra, who was deep in thought.

She had enough of her ex-boyfriend in one day to last her the rest of her life. Why couldn’t he have just been traded to SmackDown. And though she was lost in her thoughts, Kendra could barely hear what was just said to her. But she got the gist of it. And it was at that moment that she decided something else. Not only would she push Colby Lopez as far away from her as physically and emotionally possible. But she didn’t want to be so predictable. So cookie cutter. So sure of herself. Because sometimes it was good to be unsure. Sometimes it was okay to break out of your comfort zone. No. Kendra was done being predictable. She was ready for excitement. Adventure. Something thrilling. And the man next to her, who she would never admit she found attractive, or adorable, he could give her those things. It looked like 'Smacktalker Skywalker’ was about to get his own Princess Leia. Breaking free from her thoughts, she glanced over at him.

“Yeah, we will meet you there. Won’t we Sasha?”

Sasha didn’t say anything for a moment. She was speechless. Just staring at her friend like she grew an extra head. But that shock only lasted a moment, before a big smile spread across her face. “Yes….yes we will.”