even if it's just acting t t

The whole “we’re going to be saying Merry Christmas again” thing is so hilarious because the right has created this fantasy that they haven’t been allowed to say it. It’s also equally hilarious when they act like leftists can’t even hear the words “Merry Christmas” without exploding. 

Like, last I checked you’ve had free rein to say whatever you wanted and it’s pretty fucking apparent how much Christmas is a part of U.S. society. Y’all act like Christmas shit isn’t going up for sale in July and that it’s not a national fucking holiday. And as someone who has never really celebrated Christmas, let me just say that I don’t give a shit when you say Merry Christmas. We’re not going to melt.

It’s just funny that the idea “hey there are other people who may not celebrate Christmas and there are actually a lot of holidays around the ‘Christmas break’ time” has turned into some “war on Christmas” bullshit.

Sex with woozi…

• Another one I got alot of requests for.

• Can’t blame them really.

• anyways.

• I feel like he would get turned on when a girl was being kinda extra??

• I don’t know, I just think he would find it sexy.

• Is secretly a freaky dom.

• If you made the first move he would be all shy and act confused but once he snaps oh boy.

• his moves are really sharp and rough even if its just changing your position.

• Uses alot of dirty pet names.

• calls you his slut.

• Filthy dirty talk.

• Hickeys.

• Spanking kink.

• Stays away from toys tho. Maybe a pair of hancuffs here and there but why if he can use a belt or something?

• really likes the living room as a location for his sexy times.

• Will literally come behind you whenever you are doing something, finger you and walk away licking his fingers, acting like nothing happened.

• Really loves giving you oral.

• Just something about looking up and seeing you being a mess gets him even harder.

• Doesn’t know how to slow the fuck down once he is inside of you.

• Knows what he is doing tho.

• Stays hard for longer than average so you both have time to orgasm.

• Pull out game is strong.

• Not the best at aftercare but does the basics.

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You know what I was thinking of..

That Carol dosen’t even KNOW this happened..

(gif by @dixonscarol)

That he threatened to kill someone if an act of nature causes he death.

He comes to her door looking like someone worked him over good and she dosen’t ask what happened because Daryl ‘coming home’ hurt is not an unusual occurrence. She’s just overwhelmed to see him she just hugs him.  Lets him into her house and (possibly) patches him up before cooking dinner.

And it’s not that she dosen’t care what happened its just not how it works with them it seems.  It’s like he’s a soldier coming back on some kind of leave and his girl takes him in for shelter for a brief while. A physical and emotional respite from the hell he’s been living in for ahwile now. She accepts the injuries, knowing he probably dosen’t want to talk about it. And not knowing he took the latest one for her.

The thing is though, he has been through some terrible shit recently but his only concern is for her. And he listens to her tell him why she left. Sees her cry and just CAN’T add to that. All he wants to do is make her feel better. Let her have the peace he’s somewhat denying himself and even just let himself have a small moment where everything seems ok, even if it isn’t.

He lies to her so she can have that moment, and even though the trickle down effect is he gets a quite moment himself, it’s not why he does it.

The moment is for her. So she can believe, even for a moment, that things are alright. Because, to use a direct quote ‘she means more to him than anything’ .

And the saying goodbye, the need to hold on just a little bit longer to the moment..

(gif by @oohhshiny)

It just seals it for me cause it feels like exactly that kind of goodbye. The kind that a husband and wife have before he goes off, potentially to never come back because one bullet, or knife or bat, could end it in one moment.  So you hang onto the moment of peace and love a little longer than you have to.

Now they may not be canon in the sense that people want or expect (and maybe never will be, I don’t know) but this to me is. It’s a canon moment of two people who love each other, giving eachother comfort, shelter and hope (even if it’s false) just a for a moment and that to me something incredibly special.

NCT Dream: Reaction: 24/7 Skinship

Request:  Anonymous said: nct dream reaction to their s/o being very lovey in public? like skinship and check kisses 24/7? thank you ❤️

A/N: @anon i feel u also dis reaction is going to be full of grammar faults but its like 2am pls dont mind me


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hoNESTLY he’d absolutely lov it but he would’t immediately show it, bc he’s trying to act all tough lol in the end he’d just end up giving u as much skinship and kisses and it’s great man



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hmmmM this boi loves it too BUT he doesn’t rlly show it like mark does, but sometimes there r moments where he just can’ help but be touchy too and its acc adorable



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he doesnt even care man he’d love it from the start and he’d show it too, rlly doesn’t care about anyone judging him.he just wants to show u he loves u u know :”)))



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100% gonna tease u about it all the time but he’ll gladly cuddle u back even more than u do, and give u even more kisses bc honestly he just can’t get enough of you??



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LOL this guys so confident but at the same time he can also be like rlly shy so ??? it would honestly depend on his mood on how clingy he gets, but the fact that ur always clingy is smth he loves s o much



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wouldn’t sop bragging about it to his friends, he’s hella proud of it fam.srsly everytime u kiss him or hug him he’s thinking ‘thats rite, this is my s/o and they’re way better than u HAH’



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SOOOOO SHY YYY but lowkey loves it a lot, he just wouldn’t directly tel u, he’d show u his love by giving u smol gift anD sometimes some skinship 

Nursey didn’t think he’d ever been this nervous before in his life.

Dex would probably correct him, reminding him how nervous he was before their final game at Samwell, and how nervous he was before graduation, afraid he’d fall on the stage, and how nervous he was last week, when he held Chowder and Caitliin’s daughter for the first time.  

But Dex didn’t even know he was nervous.  Or at least he didn’t seem to.  He was acting like this was just any other date at their favourite restaurant – with romantic candlelight, tables far enough away from each other to provide a semblance of privacy, and soft music playing in the background.  Maybe they’d have their wedding reception here, Nursey thought to himself.  Or maybe their party after they returned from their honeymoon.

He just had to propose first.

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But Klance is cute, non?

ya, its cute.  their interactions in canon are getting less argumentative. but even that. I just haven’t liked drawing a ton of shippy stuff with this fandom anymore because of how fans act

I’m good with platonic stuff since I’m good with age AUs. its like my way of avoiding age discourse.    can’t be age discourse if literally everyone is a baby 

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Why is it that even tho Dany clearly has feelings for Jon she seems reluctant to let her walls down and let him get close to her?

All right let me just *cracks knuckles* Okay. This is going to be a long one, so get comfy. 

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Okay, look I’m really excited neo yokio, and so please stop shitting on it when you haven’t even seen it yet. It might have a bad art style, but dont act like yall didnt eat up yuri on ice (which had terrible animation). Also again its not Jaden’s anime, stop call it his he’s just voice acting and if neo yokio does end up bad don’t go to him about it.

does anyone have any tips on how to get a caregiver to do more caregiving things? i don’t ever know how to convey to my caregiver when I’m age regressing and how to get him to respond the way i want. when he responds to stuff i say when I’m age regressing it’s so normal, maybe even neutral. idk i just wanna be babied and have him act more like a caregiver but…. i don’t know how to say it!!!! I’m like very…. i don’t wanna say “nonverbal,” its more like shy than anything. I’m pretty shy and kinda quiet when i age regress. when i talk during age regression i baby talk practically. and he just… barely responds. it’s like feeling rejected

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i have a question about uh pete and his knowledge of being nice? since he isn't familiar with people just being nice, how would he be in response to passing kindness? like a cashier is like: "That's okay! :)" or someone just helping him hold something or giving him free samples lol i think its so cute

even though pete is a loudmouth and an asshole, when he’s out in heavily populated public places he’s more prone to keeping to himself, keeping his mouth shut, and watching unless prompted. he scares people, he always has, and he honestly doesn’t give a shit because why should he? but passing acts of kindness would stump him and he wouldn’t know how to react or take the favor appropriately

so if someone had their pleasant customer service act going on and were genuinely trying to offer him assurances, he’d sorta just? look at then with such a furrowed brow? it’s like the buffering symbol just keeps on wildly spinning and nothing is registering, he can’t even process it as genuine or not. he would probably end up making the other person feel overwhelmingly awkward when he gives some awkward half-assed uncomfortable smile? he’d shove his hands into his jacket and talk no more shit

but the free samples is the best opportunity for some positive reinforcement. pete’s a relentless glutton and he had no idea about free samples until everyone in the world regrets when he does. these people are offering him the smallest amounts of food like a peace offering as he swarms each booth, snatching a cup and going to the next. it really doesn’t matter what it is and he’s going to try it more than once, you going to stop him?

one of the ladies sees him coming and doesn’t waste her time and offers him two which he snatches immediately

“you have a nice day, sir!”

and pete dunks back a hard shot of kids yogurt. “thanks”

The fact Trump’s excuse for not acting on behalf of PR is

“They’re in the middle of a big ocean” is basically him saying he doesn’t know where PR is oh well? 
Disgusting, thank god for celebrities and former presidents doing something since you know, other countries can’t even help or they’ll be “waging war” upon entering PR.
American has sincerely fucked PR and I am disgusted and so sorry.

I just watched It and…damn I read the books and it scared me to hell and back (after a long period of being desensitized to Stephen King books) but that movie? 

Holy fuuuuuuck that was scary and the acting was just top notch and even with knowing who dies and who doesn’t I was on the edge of my seat scared a kid would die in Part One. I can’t believe I’m saying it, but, I think I’d even say I like it more than the book and it wasn’t without its issues (no piece of entertainment is of course) but it was just…so so good and fuck that stupid clown and I have 7 new kids now lmao 

And speaking of my kids?? Now I’m like…really emotional because these kids really got to my heart and I just love these kiddos so much and now I’m actually invested in them growing up to have good and happy lives but I know the fates of some god take me back to the good old days of yesterday where I only remembered being invested in one character 

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I’m going threw some physical and mentally abuse with my boyfriend for the past 8 months. Idk if its cause of me that he’s doing this, every time I threaten to break up with him. He will physically beat me and when he’s done he just leaves and I won’t see him for about 4 to 5 days, and when he comes back he acts if nothing has happened and it’s all good for a couple days and then it start over again. I told my parents what he’s been doing to me but they don’t even care. They just close me out.

GET OUT OF THAT RELATIONSHIP. Seriously! Someone that loves you will NEVER and I repeat NEVER abuse you like that. Someone that loves you RESPECTS you! You don’t deserve living like that. It must be extremely painful just thinking about leaving him because you probably love him so much but you have to LOVE YOURSELF MORE! You can even press charges to the police if he does something again. Your safety, your life, your emotional/mental health have to come first. Don’t waste your life on him cause you deserve so much better! Please stay safe!! I’m sending you lots of love 💜 Message me anytime you want!

Humanz Tour

Fuck, man. I just don’t know how to properly articulate how incredible Gorillaz was live.

  • Vince motherfucking Staples was an incredible opener. I actually didn’t want his act to end, like it was GREAT. He had this way of carrying himself on stage that was just trippy and intriguing. He just sat on the floor or stood, unmoving, with his hands behind his back. Sometimes he would move, but it was so subtle it looked like he was just floating across the stage. Also every single song went fucking HARD. Even the mellow ones.
  • This was the most energetic show I’ve ever been to. Every song would reach its climax and they would just keep going, higher and fucking higher. It wasn’t really a show so much as an experience. Peven Everett is a fucking powerhouse, even Damon was surprised by him. He just stared at him, amazed, while he sang Bobby Womack’s verses in Stylo. 
  • A few of the guest artists actually went into the crowd. We were touching them and singing along with them. 
  • Damon was totally lost in the music the whole time. Like there was so much emotion on his face and in his movements. I think my favorite part was where he went HAM on a guitar during Every Planet We Reach is Dead, on the floor going at it with his face pressed up against an amp. Or when he may have been crying during Don’t Get Lost in Heaven/Demon Days.
  • If you think Out of Body is a banger, JUST HOLD THE FUCK ON A MINUTE. The album version ain’t shit compared to the song performed live. That basically goes for every single song though.
  • The setlist though??? Can I just say I’m really happy they didn’t play Feel Good Inc or DARE. The setlist was perfect and seamless. It started with M1A1, which was the best decision ever made. They played songs that weren’t necessarily popular but fit right in with the rest of the show and it made me so happy that they chose the right songs instead of the famous ones. It was perfect. 
  • EVERY SONG WENT HARD?? LIKE??? Even 19-200 and Sleeping Powder and Tomorrow Comes Today had the entire arena moving. I was losing my shit the whole time.
  • Damon is a little shit. He was mimicking 2D’s stupid dance moves during Sleeping Powder, talking in 2D’s high voice during 19-2000, and just being a fuck in general. It was great. During Kids With Guns he went into the crowd and they held him up. Some lady was grabbing his ass and he was cracking the fuck up. I loved it all.
  • I heard his new song about Idaho. He played it once and then maybe halfway through stopped everything, told the guitarist to “forget the fucking pick”, and then played it again from the beginning. It reminded me of a few of the more chill tracks on The Fall, like Revolving Doors for example. It was really beautiful.
  • The best part was the fact that there was no celebrity presence. It was all totally real and natural and alive. And spontaneous. It was a completely different atmosphere than any concert I’ve ever gone to.
  • The bottom line is this was unlike any show ever and it was absolutely incredible. Going to a concert is never going to be the same because it’s impossible to top this.

gender is like soup some people taste a different flavour of soup than people think they should some people have different soup every day some people have the same kind of soup their whole lives and its unquestioned some people don’t eat all one flavour of soup all of the time some people don’t even know what soup they’re eating and some people just don’t frickin like soup + lots of different kinds of people eat soup you don’t have to act or dress a certain way to like soup live life enjoy ur soup

- @stillnotcool

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I feel like Forge's initial reaction to Johnny's crush would be thinking its adorable, but then he'd very quickly get frustrated if Johnny didnt act on it. "Boy, I swear if you haven't even spoken to the object of your affections since last you ranted and raved over him, i will not pull you in to speak with me at all." "Oh shut up ya big goth loser, if youre gonna be holin' up in my brain then yer gonna pay rent, and rent is hearin' me rant, capiche???"

forge truly cannot comprehend why this tiny baby would not tell the one he loves about his feelings. it just doesn’t compute in his Ancient Mind

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Wait, was someone actually threatening people over ships? because: 1) I've been concerned PUZZLE will become a target bc they "look alike" plus Atem is technically 5000+ yrs old (even if he doesn't act it/etc); 2) Multishipping is a thing, people, I ship Yugi&Atem with not just each other but multiple others (Polyshipping is a thing, too!) and 3) am I the only one who sees their relationship as kinda being "canon" like...? They could be bi/pan/poly?? (+ I highly doubt Takahashi is homophobic?)

 I apologize for taking this long to reply, generally, I tend to stay away from discourse for this very reason. I don’t like bringing drama to any of my blogs but lately, its become such a trend that avoiding it seems almost impossible at times. To answer your question, yes there has been some “problematic” shippers in the puzzleshipping fandom. It’s not nothing sort of new, I been around YGO fandom far TOO long to know this, but it’s become like I said, such a trend that is grossing me out lately enough to speak out.

I will cut the rest because I realize this got too long!

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I just finished watching the Gang Exploits the Mortgage Crisis again and like, when they went to go talk to dee privately Dennis had his hands on Mac's shoulders and they were still acting like a couple even though they didn't have to act anymore so like...

tfw you just banged the love of your life for the first time and you go scheming together immediately afterwards but you just can’t contain all of your emotions so you touch him every single chance you get, fooling exactly no one

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Has either error or ink ever been to a bitty care organization? Like one of those anti-abuse recovery centers?

Jay: I’ve tried to get Error to go to one a few times, but he keeps refusing. He has such a hard time opening up to people that I can barely even get him to talk about the stuff he went through. And even then its just clinical, detached recitations of what happened. He tries to act like it doesn’t affect him, like he doesn’t care, but I know he does. I know he’s hurting. And I just- [his voice wavers slightly] I don’t know how to help him…