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Caryl is so happening =) especially after what Lennie said about 716. Its going to be epic =)

It REALLY needs to happen! And even though the cast members are hinting at it or stating that they like it–that doesn’t ALWAYS confirm it. Like, I’m alright with Daryl being asexual // aromantic, I’m alright with him being gay! It’s just that?? Carol and Daryl are so OBVIOUS. Like, it’s supposed to be THERE but it ISN’T.

Carol reacts to Daryl definitely than she would react to a friend, Daryl talks about Carol in a way that he wouldn’t about just friends. They clearly act like they’re more than just friends and it FEELS like the writers are just teasing us about them!

So I REALLY hope they’re gonna be canon!! I am just WAITING for that kiss!! Hopefully in the 100th episode! <3

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A wreath of flowers in the shape of a heart is left for Ratchet. It's made of poppies (restful sleep), adders tongue (health), and queen anne's lace (sanctuary). There's also a cube of energon next to it with a note, "Don't forget to refuel ♥"

“Alright, wise guys! I get the message!” Ratchet yelled at whoever had been responsible for the setup, though keeping up his tough act was difficult.

Who, indeed. Judged by the floral arrangement, a certain fleshie garden-owner came to mind, at least. Funny how she had happened to mention about taking floral arrangement classes only a couple of weeks prior. Just wait – he’ll make her ‘fess up, yet.

Despite its mischievous suggestiveness, the act did bring a sense of warmth within that Ratchet hadn’t felt in a while.

It felt… good.

He won’t readily admit it, but there may have even been a smile.

Being Snape’s daughter and dating Draco Malfoy would include:
  • Keeping it a secret from your father first
  • But Draco is always so touchy
  • Holding hands
  • Stealing kisses
  • Lots of hugs
  • And Draco would always give compliments
  • Snape would quickly see through your ‘just friends’ act
  • “Mister Malfoy, you stay back after class”
  • “Fuck he knows”
  • Snape would secretly be happy that its Draco
  • Cause he can’t stand Blaise for some reason
  • Draco would always kiss you
  • And Snape wouldn’t approve it at first
  • All the hugs Draco would give you
  • While Snape shook his head
  • He learned to accept it
  • Because it made you smile and giggle
  • And hearing you giggle was the best sound in the world for both men
  • Imagine the family meetings
  • Draco keeps calling Snape ‘Professor’
  • Even outside of school
  • During Christmas dinner
  • “can you hand me the potatoes, professor?”
  • Snape would sigh and hand them over
  • “you don’t have to call me professor outside of school”
  • “sorry professor”
  • Meeting the Malfoy family
  • But you already knew them
  • And they knew you
  • Because Snape and Lucius would’ve organised ‘play dates’ for you and Draco when you were toddlers
  • Narcissa being so happy with the news that you were her daughter-in-law
  • She had always hoped it was you
  • Even Lucius
  • He’d be super cool about everything the two of you do
  • Having the coolest family-in-law ever
  • Snape would notice it immediately by the way you act
  • “10 points from Slytherin”
  • Everybody would gasp and be shocked
  • ‘Did Snape just withdrew points from his own house?”
  • And then the two of you would make up again
  • “10 points to Slytherin”
  • “for what?”
  • “Love”
  • “Severus that’s not a valid reason”
  • “It is now Minerva”
  • Snape trying to hid his smile when he sees you and Draco walk past him, hand in hand
  • Draco treating you like a princess all the time
  • Little gifts
  • Small dates
  • Cute surprises
  • And by the end of the day you wouldn’t want it any other way.
why bobs burgers is possibly the purest show in the universe

- a good, loving family that does not despise each other, that sticks together, that bands together in the face of adversity 

- in cliche tv shows families only tell each other they love each other in the face of danger/at the climax. not here. they regularly tell each other that they care even if it’s not an outright “i love you” it’s just acts of compassion and love and its not made a huge deal. It’s a regular occurrence for them.

- however when they do show their love in climactic moving parts its so great its so so great

- honestly? no matter how much they act dont like it they’d drop everything for another family member. all of the belchers are ride or die. not just linda. all of them. 

- sometimes, things don’t work out how you want it to. Bob doesn’t get a good review, Gene doesn’t win the contest, Tina doesn’t get on the team, but it’s all okay. Bad things happen but there are good people around you and you’ll get through this it’s ok

- no matter what, they try their best. They’ll keep trying until the end even if the outcome isn’t what the want. And they accept their fate, but that’s not the same thing as giving up. 

- I think im crying? this family is so good and pure and they deserve everything? i cant

- im going to quit life and become a bobs burgers account

- anyway im not in a great place in life rn and this show has saved me a lot i think and i just want to give them the world

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PLS do boys talking about isak when he's not around

YES yes ok after wanting to do this since december, and getting a lot of support and messages from you guys, i’m finally getting around to this,

  • the Boys. ok. they hang out a lot without isak, especially towards the middle of season 3. and you guys. you better believe that they had a lot of conversations about their dear pal isak.
  • at first, they weren’t really conversations. it was off-hand comments that turned into different conversations - like, after the first clip with even, mahdi grabs jonas’ shoulder and laughs can you fucking believe that, man? that ugly fucker is hooking up with her RIGHT NOW! and jonas laughs and goes yeah, yeah, he’s got more game than you think, and poor magnus can’t really handle his weed so he’s just like. in silent awe. 
  • and then its did you notice isak acting weird during lunch? and then are you going to that fucking kosegruppa thing, i can’t believe isak got us into this mess - fuck no dude i’m using the mom excuse you can’t use that - i feel a little bad, but, you know what, the dude deserves it, i don’t pity him but its his own fault for leaving the weed at eva’s house! like, how dumb can you be?
  • and you know, its all fun and games and if they’re honest, they dont think about isak too much. its conversations they barely remember having the next day, things about isak that are a little weird, yeah, but honestly everyone is weird, and it doesn’t draw their attention.
  • isak starts acting weirder and weirder, and he’s growing more distant. suddenly he’s lying and bailing on pre-games and not really texting them anymore. and the Boys exchange a lot of looks and rolled eyes but they dont do anything about it. till mahdi’s had enough and when they’re hanging out w/o isak (again) he says ok, what the fuck is going on with isak. why is he ditching us? does he have, like, new friends or whatever?
    • jonas is on isak’s side - he’s the one to defend him and say no, what the fuck, where would isak find new friends? it’s not the first he’s acting weird, things are rough with his family, they must be bothering him again.
    • and magnus says, ok, well, has he talked to you about that? like, how it’s going? do you know for sure? because he knows more about family problems than you would think, and his normal response is to spend more time with his friends to get away from it all.
    • and jonas deflates a little bit and goes he talks to me just as much as he talks to you guys these days. i don’t know. there’s probably a good reason, though.
    • mahdi wants to scoff and be pissed, because honestly, what kind of friend just bails on other friend’s birthday parties with a lame excuse? no friend does. assholes are the people who do that. 
    • but jonas is so earnest that he thinks that maybe he can cut isak some slack and says i hope he’s ok. 
    • magnus says yeah, yeah, me too. 
    • mahdi asks jonas, should we talk to him or something? see if we can help? because jonas is the Isak Expert and has known him for much longer than mahdi and magnus have.
    • and jonas just shakes his head and says you just have to give him time, i guess. he’ll tell us what’s going on eventually.
    • magnus chimes in with a hope its soon. im sort of sick of dealing with him. and the boys all sort of nod and then the conversation turns into beer or girls because these boys can only handle being serious and emotional and honest with each other for so long.

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hey, its ok if u don’t know what u want to do with ur life just yet!!! kate mckinnon didnt know what she wanted to do for a long time!!! she jumped around various things including playing musical instruments and thinking she wanted to restore frescos, even going as far as to study painting in italy and then going “hm, never mind”. it took her years to end up at comedy!!! an agent told her he didn’t like her act and she cried in a starbucks bathroom!!! but look at her now!!! you cant see a comedy now without her popping up!!!

tldr; its ok if u dont know what you want to do with your life just yet. it’s okay to fail!!! you’ll get where you need to be eventually

I just  miss Ziam Masterpost

I’ve been missing ziam to much lately :(

Just look at the fond in their eyes 

Zayn just really loves Liam ok 










They are such dorks I am in love







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Can I get some blitzstone head cannons plz?

Okay anon!!!

  • Everyone kinda just assumes they’re dating
  • I mean, they’re made for each other and they pretty much call themselves Magnus’ mom and dad
  • If you don’t believe me look at Magnus’ wikipedia page under History, last sentence in paragraph 3
  • But ye pretty much they act like boyfriends
  • I mean, it’s canon that they act like boyfriends I mean Blitz is constantly talking about how he loves Hearth
  • So everyone kinda just assumes they’re dating when rlly they just crushing rlly hard on each other
  • So ye nobody rlly comments on it???? I mean like even Magnus has been referring to Blitz and Hearth as his “dads” when they aren’t there and a lot of ppl think they’re married
  • But they aren’t
  • Soooooooo… I’m a sucker for truth or dare, so imagine this. The gang is playing truth or dare and its okay. I mean so far the funnest thing that happened was Magnus kissed Alex as a dare and then they couldn’t stop and then Blitz pulled Alex aside and made her promise not to hurt his son
  • She did and said that how could anyone hurt a precious cinnamon roll like Magnus and Blitz couldn’t help but agree 
  • Sooooo anyway the game kinda became a little boring after that bc they pretty much knew everything about each other (except Blitz and Hearth didn’t know that the other was falling in love with them)
  • Anyways, Alex, who y’all know is a little devil when it comes to truth or dare, turns to Blitz
  • “Blitz. Truth or dare?”
  • “Truth.”
  • “Gods all you ppl with ur truths. Fine. When are you gonna propose to Hearth already?”
  • Technically it was a question that was running through everyones minds they where just to scared to ask bc gods that isn’t something you just ask
  • Both of their eyes widen and they look at each other and then look at the others then look at each other and look at the others and then–
  • “Wait are you guys already married?” Alex asks (she’s Blitzstone trash and she’s dying rn)
  • “Ummm…. we where never together.”
  • *dramatic music*
  • *even more dramaticer music*
  • *even even more dramaticer music*
  • Everyone kinda just looks horrified
  • “But you guys where my OTP” Alex whispers
  • “You where what I hoped my love life would be like,” Magnus says softly
  • “Of course you aren’t I frickin told them but these two idiots wouldn’t listen,” Sam says
  • Blitz and Hearth flash each other a look
  • They have a silent conversation with their eyes
  • I love you,” Hearth’s seem to say
  • I love you too,” Blitz’s say
  • I want to be more than friends”
  • “Me too.”
  • Three
  • Two 
  • One
  • They kiss
  • Awww they look so adorkable and Hearth’s blushing and Blitz’s blushing and Alex lets out a yelp bc as she said before they’re her OTP
  • Gods why did it take us so long to do that?” Hearth signs.
  • I don’t know, buddy. But we should do it again sometime.”
  • (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*: ・゚

What is wrong with people acting like Lukas is just because an asshole because he’s bored and has nothing better to do. I don’t condone his actions. But what’s important to see that every move that Lukas makes is driven by fear. Yes fear. Its a very powerful thing even crippling. He can’t imagine anyone ever knowing that truth and its pushing him to do horrible things. And FYI Lukas was not manipulating Philip just so he could use him as a side piece. He’s obviously struggling with everything and is still desperately trying to find a way for them to be together that hes comfortable with…..if Lukas didn’t have real and genuine feelings for Philip he wouldn’t be going through all that trouble besides just look at how he looks at him. Enough said 

anyways when isak and even get back together isak probably gives up smoking because he knows even can smell it on him/his clothes, and he knows that it tempts even and makes him want to do it again, so he just decides one day that he’ll stop. it wasn’t even a huge part of his life anyways, it was just a social activity really?? and even’s really adamant, like “no shut up, stop it you don’t have to, i’m fine, its whatever, do whatever you want” but isak insists and brings up a million studies that talk about how bad smoking is for you and tells even that its screwing up his lungs, and would probably give him cancer anyways so its really for the best. but despite the fact that isak wants to convince even its a selfish act thats to only help his own health, even Knows that isak is only doing is because he’s worried and wants to help in any way he can, and isak’s not super great at expressing himself verbally or saying any of this to even, so he does stupid things like this, and to everyone else doesn’t seem like a huge deal, but to even it just shows so much love and affection and concern that he doesn’t really know what to do but feel his heart swell in his chest and accept it.

Business!AU Headcanons for The Squad

I have no clue what this is, but I love this so enjoy. (I also know Alex usually isn’t apart of these, but hush it makes sense)


  • The company is owned by Charles Xavier
  • His business partner is Warren Worthington ii
  • Who is also an investor
  • And their is attorney Erik Lensherr
  • He doesn’t stop by that often
  • While Charles practically lives there
  • He likes to see his company thrive
  • Almost like a father


  • Alex is the Office Manager
  • And honestly, he hates his job
  • Alex always has to stop the younger employees from doing dumb things
  • But his job is also to punish them??? its contradicting
  • There have been so many times when Alex saved them from getting fired
  • He cares but just acts like he doesn’t
  • Alex is done with everything, and no one even cares when he falls asleep in his office
  • Give this man the promotion he was promised
  • And a hug, he needs it


  • Scott is work in the I.T Department
  • Actually he’s the whole I.T Department and by Department I mean closet filled with wires  
  • Everyone is pretty sure he only go the job because of Alex
  • ….It is
  • He’s good at his job even if he’s done with everyone
  • “Peter stop eating and using the tablets you’ll ruin them.”
  • “Warren that’s not what a mouse if for!”
  • “Ororo look, I know the new system sucks, I’ve been trying to fix it from a fucking closet!”
  • Scott does like helping Jean set up her presentations
  • He usually says behind to make sure there are “No technical difficulties.”


  • Jean is totally going to be the next CEO
  • No one ever sees her leave the building
  • Sometimes her and Charles will have late night conversations since they are both still there working
  • Honestly Jean works so hard, and everyone loves her
  • When there’s a new employee everyone tell them to talk to Jean
  • Jean has an office, which Warren let her have
  • He didn’t use it anyways, but “Jean don’t tell anyone…”
  • “Okay Warren, but thanks.”  
  •  Jean actually likes to spend most time of her time the main officer area
  • She likes it better than being alone 


  • Jubilee is the bubbly Human Resources Manager
  • She’s also like the part time therapist and she always knows the gossip
  • Jubilee always tries to have those group retreats
  • And team building exercises
  • “We need to work together! Guys c'mon, please.”
  • No one usually goes, except for Kurt and sometimes Warren
  • Jubilee also knows everything that’s going on
  • It’s kind of scary, she just knows everyone’s problems and random personal facts
  • No one knows how she does it, but its useless to keep a secret from her
  • Jubilee always find out


  • Kurt is one of the interns
  • He is so overworked it isn’t even funny
  • He’s been there for so long yet no promotion and he doesn’t even have an office
  • Just a shitty cubicle beside Peter 
  • Everyone makes Kurt do everything
  • Getting coffees, helping fill out paperwork
  • He delivers the mail, even though there is a mail boy Kurt just does it better
  • Everyone jokes they never see Kurt sit down
  • He just does everything  


  • Ororo works in finance
  • She rarely leaves her office
  • It’s far away from everyone and quiet
  • Peter started a rumor she isn’t even real
  • Most people thinks she’s mean, but she’s really nice when you talk to her
  • Jean and her often bond over spreadsheets
  • Even Warren likes her, he tends to hide in her office a lot
  • Ororo is very composed and professional but everyone remembers the time she got super drunk at the Christmas party


  • Peter is also an intern
  • But he does nothing
  • Everyone wonders why he isn’t fired, but there is a scandal that he’s Erik son  
  • Peter often just pulls pranks, but can be helpful when needed
  • Which is rare
  • He likes to fuck with Scott the most
  • “Okay who tied all my wires together?”
  • But if Kurt asks Peter to drive him somewhere Peter will 100% do it
  • Which is good (or bad) because Peter drives super fast
  • And Peter uses any excuse he can get to leave the office


  • Warren has a job, but no one really knows what it is
  • He really only works there because of his dad
  • But Warren can actually do his job really well but he’d rather not
  • He’d just rather be the office hottie
  • Which he knows
  • Warren does keep a flask in his desk
  • Some people wonder why Alex hasn’t reported him to H.R
  • Rumor has it they were a thing…who knows………….  
  • Warren will definitely stand up for the little guy 
  • Someone once got pissed at Kurt for bringing the wrong coffee and Warren totally didn't get them fired
  • Or slash their tires

Sorry I forgot to post these yesterday, I was busy, but enjoy!!

~ Mac

One thing i really like about all the Mario rpgs is they kinda paint Mario as a character who really doesn’t care what your up to as long as its not directly hurting anyone / getting in his way of saving people.

Like there have been more times than i can count where he has come across really shady or morally poor characters, but he just kinda shrugs and goes along with their request or even buys items off them.  

I think its good characterisation; Mario isn’t some really morally uppity person that feels the need to out every criminal act he sees (heck, he’s probably broken some laws in those games too, breaking and entering and property damage comes to mind), he’s just a guy who wants to protect people, plain and simple. 

antis are overly angry idiots who were losers in high school and are now trying to be popular on tumblr by befriending all the social outcasts. Like why do y'all think you’re all that, you’re ugly and wouldn’t even have the balls to approach me in real life. Also you all probably have such high blood pressure because you get offended over everything and act like toddlers having temper tantrums. Its like the greasy kids in my high school who smelled bad except now that you’re behind a computer you think you can talk shit to me. In real life y'all wouldn’t even come near me. Social order is very important as I said before I wish it would translate onto the internet because some people just need to be told to stfu and stay in their lane.

@blushingshiro i saw your comments and i hope i can explain it as best as i can, rn I’m really sleepy and i don’t have any screenshots so this might seemed halfassed

People tend to call Klance abusive just because Lance picks on Keith. Most argue that because of this, the ship is inherently abusive, even though thats not the case. Most people, friends, family, rivals, act like this towards each other. Just because someone picks on someone else doesn’t mean its abuse. I pick on my brother and he does so to me too but that doesn’t mean we are abusing each other. Its just two teenagers bickering, like normal teenagers do. The ship isn’t abusive. The colorism part comes from the fact that people who call Klance abusive, tend to blame it all on Lance, the brown boy. This is colorist because yeah Lance does pick on Keith, but Keith does pick on Lance too. The fact that people are just focusing on the actions of the brown boy and completely ignoring those of the “white” (he’s whitepassing not white) boy and blaming it all on the brown boy is colorism. They are villainizing the brown boy while making the “white” boy the victim, even though thats not the case. That, in itself, is colorism/racist. They want to make the brown boy be the abuser/villain and make the ~pretty, innocent, helpless, “white” boy~ the victim, even though Keith does pick on Lance as much as Lance does on Keith, (maybe even more) and even then the picking and bickering isn’t abusive. People are just reaching.

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I've never worked retail- only food service- but man can I relate to your issues with costumers. I worked for about two years down in Orange County California, ugh don't even get me started on those customers. But I think it's also a great lesson, to be able to see how dumb people act and how entitled they think they are so that you are able to watch yourself when you are out shopping. Love your blog and stories. Hope you get some nice customers come your way more often.

I’m glad y’all can relate. 

We get some good customers every once in awhile, its just that our interactions are usually shorter and don’t go nearly as far. But just for you, Nonny, here’s a short list of fun customers I’ve had!

  • Three little old ladies came through my line with a bouquet of flowers and a roll of tulle. They’re all giggling. “Ethel here is getting married!” Ethel, who is probably in her 80′s, blushes a deep red. The woman talking to me leans in a whispers: “For the very first time!”
  • A man comes to my register with a fake orchid: “There’s a woman I work with that we jokingly call my ‘fake wife,’ so I’m getting her a fake flower for fake Valentine’s Day.”
  • One night I spent about thirty minutes helping a bunch of teenager girls find materials to put together Steven Universe cosplays. For the record… my hair is pink and my girlfriend is working on a Rose Quartz cosplay for me. So this was really cute. They gave me hugs at the end. 
  • Woman is buying all of the Star Wars merch she can find. I ask her if she’s buying for herself or for a grandson. “Oh, they’re for me of course! I was taking pictures at the opening night for the new one. All these young fellas- they kept asking me all these trivia questions and I said: Boy, I was there for the first ones. If I don’t know the answers its because I damn forgot!”
  • I asked a dude if he found what he was looking for. He held up a velvet box and told me that for Valentine’s Day he was going to fill it with french fries and give it to his husband. 
  • A small child in the toys section put a lot of effort into building a pyramid out of sharks. 

This is so gross. Like its inappropriate to reveal this to your idol. And i feel JB can read English too. So that just makes it even awful, that fans have the guts to go walking around like this in front of your faves. Because you couldn’t stop sexualizing your idols. If you think you are gonna act like this when you meet your idol, don’t even meet them. Its a form of harassment thats not meant for any public situations. Just imagine how uncomfortable they are if they can understand it. Keep that to yourself.
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Hurt//Daryl Dixon

Info: reader is Aarons little sister and has an on and off relationship with Daryl. When Daryl stays behind at the Kingdom with Carol, y/n has had enough. Y/n gives into Negans relentless flirting and offers to be his wife if he evens out the trading between the Saviors and Alexandria, but there is a hidden motive. When she acts on her plans, things don’t go as planned.

Warnings: swearing, mentions of sex, minor plot changes for story purposes

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“Daryl, I can’t go on like this” y/n spoke.

“What do ya mean? It’s what we do, sudden change of heart?” He asks casually.

“I don’t like our inconsistency. It’s messy, we look messy. One day I’m talking about us to Rosita then I gotta tell her we aren’t together anymore. Its tiring and it hurts just a little every time we are off”

“So what are we gonna do, y/n?”

“You make up your mind, just tell me if you want to be with me or not. You can sleep on it if you want. We got a nice road trip to the Kingdom today, clear your mind then” She spoke and then left.

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Why are singlets SO opposed to the idea of multiples accepting or - heavens forbid! - loving themselves and each other as they are? Why do they act like that’s a bad and even dangerous thing?! Is self love and acceptance only for singlets? Do they really think we don’t need to learn self_ves love and acceptance in order to heal or live a good life? Do they really think we’d be better off hating ourselves/each other???? It just doesn’t make sense!

We hate ourselves plenty. When we post about the good or funny things, the things we like about ourselves and our system mates - that is part of us trying to heal. That is us trying to learn how to deal with the contents of our head, or soul if you want to see it that way. That is us stepping out of denial and facing things as they are for us, with the words and concepts we have now. That is the only way to enjoy the skills, knowledge, energy and resources that we have within our system, that our system mates have. It is also the only way to solve problems, because being in denial or fostering self-hate will only strengthen persecutors and abuser introjects aka ““““evil alters”“““ (they’re not even (usually) evil but that’s for another post).

Singlets need to leave multiples alone and need to stop policing us every time we don’t perform self hate enough for their comfort…

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Have you heard about Yusra Khogali, the co-founder of BLM Toronto? She seems to have gone full ankh and brought lots of bad press to the movement, There's an article about that in the toronto sun.

Well, I haven’t heard of this women and tbh the “founders” of the BLM movement are in America.

So if BLM is anywhere else it’s not being found its being acted upon. BLM isn’t a club or a party! It’s literally a social movement.

With that being said, I can not stand ankhery and hotepery in any Black Movement lmao. Im not in Canada and I don’t read this newspaper so I can’t accurately gauge if she’s just very pro black or what… you know? You could be the most moderate supporter of BLM and a conservative (& a lot of liberal) news sources WILL demonize you. Hell, you don’t even need any political affiliations to be black and demonized…

Anyways. I’m going to check it out and get back to you!

 I  love sethkate and they are my main couple on this show but I also liked how the show planted the seeds to a Richie x Kisa reunion. This show don’t put dialog in it for nothing and I think this dialog speaks for itself. 

A man don’t keep taps on just any girl lol  Even though Kisa left Richie still cares and wants to know  that she is ok

Poor Richie trying to act like the tough guy. Trying to act like he don’t miss and want Kisa back.  We see right though you Richie and so dose Seth.

Look how jealous Richie got over Manola !!!   

The way Richie got jealous over Seth allowing  Kisa to bite to help her heal.  You’re not fooling anyone here Richie lol 

I think its sweet the way Richie wears his heart on his sleeves when it comes to Kisa

 Kisa still has to work through some things but that her first thought was of Richie speaks volumes. It shows Kisa still has feelings for Richie  

The look of hurt on Kisa’s face when she couldn’t sense Richie and she was fearing the worst