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Lord of Shadows parabatai love curse

Okay let me say something. I was going to add this to my thread but it needs its own post. Can I just say it is stupid as fuck, the Clave’s laws. OK the rules about the parabatai falling in love with each other doesn’t even make sense.

What’s the difference between loving someone secretly from both sides of the bond or saying that you love them and acting on it from both sides of the bond? (So both Emma and Julian loving each other in return)

I think it’s just a turnaround; I don’t think it makes sense.
I think it’s just the Clave trying to convince people that they will be turned into a monster if they act on this ‘forbidden love’ which they believe is wrong. What if they’re afraid of it, and say that it’s forbidden because it’s the strongest? And they fear those who are the strongest shadowhunters.

Because really, what’s the difference between admitting you both love each other, and both secretly loving each other without saying it.
They would be the same thing?

Art by @hiroaca_cake  

Bakugou: “Who even said you can smile like that to anyone?!" 

Deku: "You’re being ridiculous now! All I needed was a proper apology, stop acting so stubbornly!" 

Bakugou: "Hah? What did you just say?” 

Bystanders: “Looks like its gonna turn into fist fight real soon. Someone stop them…”

Bystander: "Ummmm, hey there; its not good to fight.”

Bakugou: "Hahhhh?”


Deku: “Busted, aren’t we Kacchan..?" 

Bakugou: "Shit”

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BTS Reaction To Your Dog Being Protective While You’re Pregnant

Anon asked: Can you do a bts reaction that their dog doesn’t let the boys touch her pregnant belly? I was watching this on internet and wondered how it would be kkk

awwwww this is a cute idea, thanks for the request! -Spice


Seokjin would definitely act melodramatic about it, giving the dog offended looks and constantly ranting about how he can’t even appreciate his unborn child properly. Despite the fact that he couldn’t hardly be near you when your dog was around, he did find its protectiveness endearing.

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Rap Monster:

He’d have total admiration and respect for your dog. The fact that it could understand the fact that you were pregnant and needed to be kept safe would amaze him. Namjoon would get a little annoyed though with the dog growling at him all the time, but he would just ignore it and make sure to give you affection when your dog wasn’t around.

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Yoongi loved you and your dog both, but the over-protectiveness of your dog would get on his nerves. Any time your dog would begin to growl or bark at him, he’d just shoot your dog a look and stop what he was doing. If he were desperate to give you attention, Yoongi would usher you into the bedroom and close the door so that the dog couldn’t get in and interrupt.

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Honestly, he would find your dogs behavior really endearing and cute, always calling it your little defender. Hoseok likely wouldn’t pay the dog any attention as he kissed and rubbed your belly unless he felt that the dog was about to snap at him.

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He’d actually be a little sad that your dog was acting a little aggressively toward him, thinking at first that he did something to upset it. Eventually, Taehyung put two and two together and realized that your dog was just being protective of you and your unborn child. He’d likely slip your dog extra treats from then on, rewarding it for being so good towards you.

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Jealous Jimin is activated when your dog tries to block him from giving you affection. He’ll rant at the dog saying, “Hey! She’s MY wife, get your paws off of her for five minutes at least.” Naturally, scolding the dog didn’t do anything, so Jimin would just sit and sulk until the dog fell asleep so that he could interact with you in peace.

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Jungkook would see your dogs behavior as a challenge, testing its limits and trying to see if he can get away with secretly giving you affection when your dog wasn’t looking. He’d also jokingly lecture your dog, saying, “I’m glad that you’re protective of (Y/N), but you’re growling at the wrong guy!” Needless to say, Jungkook would be happy to see your dog being protective, it would give him peace of mind whenever he left you home alone.

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so i,, actually have a therapist. and, we talk about furries a lot. she says if it makes me happy to be part of it and draw and make costumes, theres nothing wrong. she even did her own research about them. i honestly never understand ppl who are like "if youre a furry you need help" therapists etc are there to make you feel better. they wont make you stop doing something that makes you feel better if its harmless like?????

people who act like furries are degenerate or whatever for drawing animals are pretty much just boring ass people with no sense of humor. like I haven’t met a single person like that who didn’t run a normie ass blog

not even those people who actually don’t really like furry stuff but are willing to joke about it are this fucking boring

Jikook didn’t talk to each other
Some jikook shippers : omg they are distant lately
Jikook didn’t have much intract to each others
Some jikook shipprs: omg I think they got into a fight
excuse me people doesn’t need to Stick their ass together every 24 hours to be real , people dont talk to each others doesn’t mean they got into a fight why do some of your guys acting like u live with them and know about what happend between them even they got into a fight its normal things stop been drama queen and over reacting about them and just enjoy their moment

Safe Place - Luke Hemmings/(Y/N) Series - Part Two

Part One

TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of anxiety and panic attacks.

(Y/N)’s POV

I walk out of Luke’s room just in time to hide the tears that start to fill my eyes. It was just a stupid joke, and I shouldn’t have reacted like that. Luke probably thinks I’m mad at him or something, and he’s going to apologize for it which will just make me feel even worse. I didn’t realize it was going to be this hard to act normal.

I make it to my bedroom just as my chest starts to close up. Anxiety attacks have become pretty common for me in the past few weeks. I haven’t quite figured out how to stop one from happening yet, so I usually just sit on the floor and let it run its course.

I maintain my composure just long enough to lock my door just in case Luke tries to come in. I don’t need him to see me like this.

I ungracefully collapse to the floor and pull my knees to my chest.

I try to take deep breaths, but I can’t get any air.

My throat feels like it’s suddenly become too small for any air to pass through it, and I feel like I’m going to choke on my own saliva.

Tears flow steadily down my face as I struggle to get air into my lungs.

I hear a light knock at my door, but I know that I can’t face him right now.

“(Y/N)?” His muffled voice comes through the door.

I try to answer him, but no sound comes out.

He knocks again.

“I’m sorry about what I said,” he says. “I didn’t mean to offend you or imply anything. You know that, right?”

“I know,” I want to say. But I can’t get the words to come out.

“Can I come in?”

No, Luke. You can’t see me like this.

The door starts to open and I realize that I must not have turned the lock all the way. I can see his feet shuffle into my room, and a few seconds later he’s kneeling on the floor beside me.

“(Y/N)?” He asks, his voice worried. “What’s wrong? What’s happening?”

I look up at him through my tears and I can see the fear in his eyes. I hate that he has to see me like this.

“Anxi-anxiety attack,” I murmur through heavy breaths. “I-I’m fine.”

He suddenly sits down beside me and puts his hand lightly on my back. He begins to rub small, soothing circles.

“It’s okay, you’re okay,” he assures me. “Just breathe and focus on the sound of my voice.”

I try to listen to him. I try to focus on anything other than the lack of air in my lungs.

“I need you to just listen to me and try to clear your mind, okay?”

I attempt a nod, and he continues.

“Just breathe, just breathe. You’re safe, I promise. I’m right here and I’m not leaving.”

But you did leave, Luke. And you’re going to leave again soon.

“Try to get a deep breath,” he instructs.

I try, but it gets caught in my throat and I start coughing violently. I reach my hand up to my neck and gasp for air.

“Hey, hey,” Luke says, quickly moving so that he’s directly in front of me. He slowly takes my hands in his and squeezes them. “It’s okay, calm down. You’re okay.”

I nod, finally starting to feel the air returning to my chest.

I bring my knees to my chest and lay my head on them before removing my hands from Luke’s and wrapping my arms around my knees.

Luke returns to his spot beside me and starts rubbing my back again.

He continues to whisper soothing words as I focus on my breathing.

When I finally start to feel normal again, I look up at Luke. His blue eyes are full of worry as he stares down at me.

“I’m sorry,” I whisper. “I’m okay now. I didn’t mean for you to see that.”

He shakes his head. “What brought it on? Was it what I said?”

I almost nod, but if I do that then I’ll have to explain why an innocent joke pushed me into an all out panic attack. So instead, I shrug and say, “I don’t really know.”

“When did you start having these?” He asks.

I look down at the floor, trying to think of when the first one happened.

“I’m sorry,” he says a few seconds later. “I don’t mean to pry. I just had no idea…”

I shake my head. “You’re not prying. The first one happened just a few weeks ago. It scared me, but when it happened again I started realizing that it wasn’t just a one time thing.”

“Do you know what brought them on?”

Yes. I shake my head almost immediately. “No clue.”

He looks away for a second. “Have you thought about seeing a doctor about it? They might could put you on something that would help the anxiety.”

I look at him for a second to make sure that he’s series, and when I see that he is, I shake my head. “I’m fine,” I insist.

I try to get to my feet, but am a little unsteady at first. I feel slightly light headed as I stand up, and Luke quickly gets up and wraps his arm around my waist. 

“Why don’t we just go to the couch and lie down, huh?” He suggests. “I think we could both use a nap.”

I nod and wrap my arm around him as we walk to the living room. I have been sleeping on the couch for the past few weeks, so it has become pretty comfortable to me. There’s a good chance that I’ll be asleep within the next few minutes.

He settles into one side of the couch, and I settle into the other. We both stretch out and his forever-long legs situate underneath mine. He then pulls the blanket off the back of the couch and spreads it out over us.

“Hey, Luke?” I ask as I make myself comfortable.

He looks up. “Yeah?”

“How did you know what to say to calm me down?” I ask.

He shifts uncomfortably and looks around the room. “Michael has them from time to time when we’re on tour. He has pretty bad anxiety. Ashton and I usually have to try and calm him down because Calum sort of freaks out in intense situations.”

“I didn’t know,” I say, my voice soft.

I know all of the boys, of course. I’d even consider myself to be pretty good friends with them, but we never share personal stuff with one another. I had no idea Mikey has anxiety. He’s really good at hiding it.

Luke shrugs. “I just feel bad that there isn’t more I can do for him… or you.”

I’m about to respond when there’s a sudden knock at the door.

“Pizza!” Luke shouts as he jumps up from the couch, nearly knocking me to the floor in the process.

“Oops,” he smiles as I catch myself and glare at him.

I reposition myself as he answers the door and grabs the pizza. He comes back a few minutes later and sets it down on the couch between us.

“So,” I say, opening the box and grabbing a slice. “How was London?”

I just shared Sana’s sheer fear when she found out her parents were home. I could feel the panic rising up in me. I was looking around the room for things she needed to sort out. 

Its not that our parents are evil or something. Its just they have principles and values that they trust us to keep to. And we love them enough that we want to make them proud, and keep to their expectations.

I’ve literally been in that exact situation before. Where I just ushered everybody out the room. I didn’t even enjoy it whilst they were there. The people that were there were acting as if they were doing me some big favor, introducing me to the world of drinking and fun. 

It’s not like that though. We actually value our parents opinion. In fact I even use my parents as an excuse when its actually me who doesn’t want to do something stupid with the girls. 

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sort of unpopular opinion: the live batb sucked majorly

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

you don’t even understand how much i laughed at the horrible autotuning of emma’s voice like that was just so embarrassing the entire movie was embarrassing

gugu was vastly under-used. it’s been said before but i’ll say it again she should have been belle. she can sing, she can act and she was the most beautiful woman in the entire movie

on a happier note i absolutely loved when beast showed her the library because he hated her choice in books because same romeo and juliet isn’t a freaking romance its a tragedy 

Send me unpopular opinions!!!


Harlyn: “Last night was a disaster.. I’m sure you found out.

Carmin: “Raven won’t talk about it..”

Harlyn told me what happened last night and I couldn’t help but feel mildly responsible. I feel like its my fault, her best friend hurt her because of me, because I took Raven away from them. As immature as Aaliyah is being about the situation I understand her. I lost my sister from between my finger tips, and if Raven really was like a sister to her I’d be hurt too.

Harlyn: “Just promise me you’ll act like I didn’t tell you.”

Carmin: “Yeah.. act like nothings wrong.. you got it.”

Harlyn: “I’m sorry Carmin..”

Carmin: “Please just go.. It isn’t even noon yet and I want this day to end.”


{The fact I even need to address this baffles me. The fact that it keeps happening so much that I need to address it baffles me. It shouldn’t even need to be said that you under no circumstances send anon hate to someone. Do you hear that?


Yes, we are going to have problems with each other. We aren’t all perfect. Not everyone will get along. But just because there is a problem going on between two people that doesn’t give anyone the right to send anon hate.

I don’t care what the reason is. I don’t care if you don’t like their portrayal. I don’t care if you think their too negative. I don’t care if they knocked the food out of your hand. You do not hide behind a mask and tell people awful things such as to hurt themselves or delete their blogs.

There are living, breathing people behind these screens. No matter what sort of bravado you think a person puts on and think your anon message didn’t effect them - it does. I’m not saying you have to be close and friendly to everyone you meet but if you have a problem with someone you unfollow, block and blackist. You don’t send them rude comments on a daily basis telling them why you think they are so bad.

This got long winded. But for goodness sake people. I have had friends come to me showing evidence of the anon hate they’ve gotten over the silliest of reasons. I’ve seen posted anon hate over stupid reasons. 

It’s time to grow up. Because at the end of the day we are all a bunch of people rping characters and trying to have fun.}

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what kind of idiot omfg dont intrusive thoughts make you upset at having them and not actually represent how you feel. this dumbass happily posts about their "intrusive thoughts" and states that they would be 100% fine with acting them out. its not their ~intrusive thoughts~ its just them being a creepy pathetic loser

They didn’t even call it intrusive thoughts, they called it impulsive thoughts (which is thoughts you wanna act on but know you can’t, like dropping your phone or running away) which is pretty damn clear they have no fucking clue what they’re talking about

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Look at that. They blame this all on you, even if they can't say so themselves, Whisper. 'Stop acting' they say. 'You should be happy,' they say, 'there's nothing wrong.' 'You do this thing,' they point as they build and expand knowledge and play concertos. A thing they'd never mention had you been smiling like the rest of them. They'll never understand what its like to just be background noise. They don't understand because they don't have to want what they already have.

I̙͎̯̰͙̊̈́ͧ̚ ̵̝̩̲̙̏̌̒ͥ̂ͩͩ͢ͅ ̥̮̹̭͛ͮ̔̂ͅC̶̐̏ͥ͜҉̜̗̫͓̘͙̣̰A̢̱̮̺̹̞͇͈ͭͬ̿ͦ̉N̻͉̻̠͉̍̽̈̓̊̿ͧ̃͠͝'̞̩̳̹̦̮͇͕͖̌ͩ͂́Ţ̎ͧ̏ͤ̓̀ͯ͌͘͏̞̯ ̅ͧ̔ͩ҉͏̝͓̥̙̙ͅS͎̟̜̗͚͓̮̗̀ͬ̄̚Ţ̺͕̥͎̮͉͍̙̙͛ͫͫ̽̚Ą̬̗̳̲̎ͮ̆̾ͦ̌͑͑͟N̵͂͑̋̈́҉͓̟̟͉D̶̳͓͒͐́ ̶͔̖̽͘͞T̗̟̓̈́ͪ̒̈́̓ͥ͂͟͠ͅO̶͍̝̹̳̳͕͔͎̝͌͒ͮͫ̑ͩ́ ̡̱̲ͣ͛̒ͪͯ̅͗́Ḧ̢̞͙͚̹̤̼͍́̏͒̓̿ͮ̏̓E̙̦ͤ̓̏ͯͦ̓ͬ͊A͎̯ͨ̾̿ͯR̶̜͈ͪ́̐̒ͩ̑̕ ̧͖̜͚͈̲͈̇̇̔͂T̴̓͋ͫ̌ͩ͑̍̂̚͏̷̥͔H̓̆̉ͤ͑̀̌͜҉͕̼͉͖̠̭̪Ī̲̫̑S̶̘͖̗̝̹͎͌͟ ̷͙̪̻̖̖̽̔̄ͤͫ̈̇A̗͕̝̮̙ͫ̀N̸͍͚̞̮ͭ̒̽̎ͭ̏̌̆ͅY͚̫̦̭̳ͬ͒̃͝ͅM̶̾̑͋ͮͮ̓͊̿҉̟͎̯̪̘O̵͈͈̺̺͚̠͓͋̄͋̍͊͗ͅR̶̘̰̯̹̦͖͔̟̋̎̑ͭ̌E͎̟̣͈ͥ̔̈ͦ̓͒̊̓̿

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How did this #jiminhateswhitepeople thing even start?

well i don’t exactly when but when i first started seeing it it was back before the US wings tour and like whenever jimin was interviewed by a white person he made these funny facial expressions like he was uncomfortable and so people just went with it that he hated white ppl because they’re weird but also because whenever jimin is outside of korea he acts like he can’t wait to get home. i think its funny

I've had this in my head the last few days...

So I keep thinking, like, what if everyone got in on the Opera Ghost thing.

Like, Christine makes a small fortune conducting “seances” where she’s “possessed” but its really just Erik using his ventriloquy.

Raoul, however reluctant to join in at first, starts moving things around when the managers aren’t looking because it’s funny. Every so often, he’ll even help out at Christine’s seances.

Madame Giry starts giving “Haunted Tours”, and if you pay extra, you get to spend a performance in Box 5.

Meg and Erik are in cahoots for pranks: She helps him set up, then acts terrified enough to scare everyone else. This usually happens when she wants to get out of rehearsals early and knows her mother can’t do anything about the panicking ballerinas.

The Daroga refuses to take part for a while, but every so often someone will catch him running or standing out of breath. When they ask him what happened, he’ll give them this terrified look and whisper “I saw him.” Everyone finds this hilarious, especially Erik.

Erik keeps doing his thing, but has started with the typical “ghost” stuff too, like disappearing and reappearing in random places, whispering incoherent things to people, knocking on the walls, or even poking them when they pass one of his hiding places.

Everyone who’s in on it thinks it’s the best, long-running joke ever, and the managers, even though they hate it, can’t help but thank the Opera Ghost for the new publicity it’s giving their theater.

hello :)

-You can make it through life. You are strong and powerful and you can take control! Trust yourself!

-“You, my friend, are anything but a disappointment. You are not even remotely close to being a ‘failure.’ Everyone makes mistakes and takes wrong turns; its all part of the learning process. We all go through it. Don’t be so hard on yourself, you’re doing just fine.” ~Nicole Addison

-Your actions are a reflection of who you are. Act with kindness, be soft and gentle with yourself.

-Grow positive thoughts.

-Life is too short to waste one single millisecond with someone who doesn’t appreciate and value you.

-You look charming today (and every day).

-“Fall in love with yourself more and more with each passing day. Have so much respect for yourself that you automatically reject anyone that doesn’t.” ~Nicole Addison

-You don’t have to apologize for being emotional. It’s healthy to let your feelings show.

-To be completely candid, you are a blessing.

-Be strong and brave.

-“Drown each negative thought with so much positivity that it dare not ever show its ugly face in your life ever again.” ~Nicole Addison

-If you are ever sad or are going through a rough day, remember that you are strong and you can push through!

-“There are all these moments you think you won’t survive. And then you survive.” ~David Levithan

-*hugs* you’re a wonderful person.

-Taking a break is not a sign of laziness. Sometimes you need to rest in order to come back with a clear mind and a clean heart.

-Do things that bring you joy.

-“You have been taught that there is something wrong with you and that you are imperfect, but there isn’t and you’re not.” ~Cheri Huber

-You are perfect exactly as you are, even on the days that you think you aren’t.

-Happiness cannot be forced. Sadness can be conquered.

-Don’t give up on yourself.

-Keep fighting. I’m so proud of you.

-Hold on, okay? The world is so much better with you in it.

-You deserve love, respect and care.

-Keep on living. There is dignity in living, even if you’re only breathing. There is dignity.

-You are strong.

-You will do just fine.

-I’m glad you exist.

-You deserve happiness.

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Did I miss something with Kash/Will? Everyone seems to be regretting shipping him and Kiki or liking him?

jlksjglsjgsdjo its just kind of? how kash acted in his last episode i guess? ie how shitty he was to keyleth even after she started crying (although i could definitely understand his annoyance because keyleth didn’t really apologize for sending him on that mission to vasselheim and just cried instead which is. shitty even as a person with anxiety.) but it was just :/ when he didn’t take a step back after a while

and how he completely backtracked on his “i saved vex because you wanted me to” and claimed “i saved vex because vax would kick my ass” and that was kinda the point where a lot of us were just like :( about it in canon like the ship was already dead and we knew that but kash stomped on the friendly rapport they established during 43/44 and it was just. sad.

for the most part i’m just bitter about the lost potential in kash and keyleth’s friendship since i knew the ship was long past sailing in canon and like. i still ship them but it’s just kind of a looping soundclip of WE COULD’VE HAD IT ALLLLLLLLL

this is rambley idk if anyone else has anything else to add but @tarydarry has A Lot Of Angry Kash Feelings

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I was talking to my parents about getting officially diagnosed with adhd and essentially they said they don't believe I have adhd bc my mom's cousin has adhd and I don't act exactly like her and I'm like ??? But eventually she said she'll eventually get around to getting me diagnosed

just be like “fam there are three types of adhd, and even then, they don’t all manifest in the same way, let me get fucking diagnosed”

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I am not mad Antoine is moving out of Atleti because I knew this was happening, even Nando left at some point. I just think its very hurtful how he is acting over it. I mean, did he really need to go there and be like maybe I'm going maybe not, it might happen... making it sounds like Atleti is his backup plan like if United doesn't qualify he has to stay. And the whole win tittles thing is so fucking disrespectful to the fans and his TEAM MATES and coaching staff.

we all know this puta is gonna leave at some point but the way he’s acting is just SO ugly, even if he stays, i’m pretty sure most of us won’t see him the same way we used to. you can leave a club without being disrespectful to it lmao also he’s so obsessed with titles and shit but he always disappears when he has the chance to win something ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Random Idea:

Judai: I wonder if someone will draw or write a fic of this:

• Hajime (Six Gravity), Shiki (SolidS), Kouki (Growth), Shu (Quell) and Sora (SOARA) having a joint concert.
• Shun, who knew about this (being a Hajime fan that he is), asked Tsubasa (SolidS) to accompany him into cheering for his Black King and the others.
• Tsubasa, acting all tsundere, didn’t agree at first saying: “Why would I even cheer for Shiki? He doesn’t need it.” But, being Shun’s BFF, he agreed in the end. “Its not like I’m coming with you to cheer for Shiki, ok? I just wanted to spend time with Shun, that’s all!”
• They also dragged Mamoru (Growth) and Morihito (Soara).
• Morihito being a Sora fan let himself get dragged while Mamoru, naive sweet ball of sunshine Mamoru, agreed to come cause he wants to cheer for his master- I mean Kouki. (P.S. Kouki being Mamoru’s master is legit. A joke between Growth that Mamoru is a dog and Kouki is his master).
• Equipped with glowsticks, merchandises and t-shirts, the 4 idols-in-disguise went to the concert… 30 minutes early. Lol!
• Unexpectedly, in the audience seat, they saw Eichi (Quell).
• Apparently, Eichi was there to help Shu prepare for the concert.
• And so the concert starts!

• Just imagine the surprise on the faces of the idols on stage when they saw (and heard) Shun, Tsubasa, Morihito, Mamoru and Eichi screaming their names, cheering and waving their glowsticks.
• Well, Shun and Tsubasa were the ones mostly doing the loud screaming and wild glowsticks waving.
• Shun: “L.O.V.E. Hajime Love~♪” HAJIME!!!!!! COOOOL!!!!!! Hajime Hajime HAJIMEEEEE!!!!!~♪
• Tsubasa: Oi Shiki!! What are you doing, idiot?!! Seduce me - I mean your fans more you idiooot!!!!!!!
• Mamoru is moderately cheering: “Kou-kun so cool! Ganbatte!! (Upon making eye contact with Kouki, Mamoru waves his glowstick, flashing Kouki a bright smile)
• Meanwhile, Morihito: ” Sora!!! *waves at Sora* Ganbatte!!!“
• And Eichi: "Shu!!! Kakkoi!!! (Cool!!!)”

• Meanwhile, Hajime and Shiki facepalmed, Kouki smiled and waved at Mamoru (whose smile turned brighter), Sora covered his blushing face in embarrassment while Shu smiled at Eichi and waved.

• After the concert, they all meet up backstage and had dinner together.

• What happened during the dinner will be up to your imagination. Let’s just say it involves a lot of affection, tsundere-ness, embarrassment, spoon-feeding, and of course, love. *winks*

Judai: I wonder…

- Judai