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thoughts about the latest clip? you've been quiet about it!!

my thoughts?

i’m …….. i was expecting a lot more tbh. a lot lot more.

i thought sana would open up a lil bit? to isak? or that even and sana would … talk a lil bit?

like? you can’t just show a fight happening pre-hiatus, one in which the muslim boys of colour involved have, for 2 weeks, been painted as homophobic thugs, without some explanation or clarity to the situation?

and its just, now sana’s gone behind isak’s back and gotten this new info … like we already have SO MANY plots going on, and now we got this?

and literally don’t even get me started on no mention of ramadhan, where even could have so clearly had just said “oh it’s ramadhan soon, isn’t it?” just, SOMETHING like that, man?? the islam rep this season has just been pushed back SO MUCH? like, there’s a balance between showing islam and islamophobia, and all we’re getting now is islamophobia?

and now people will invalidate sana’s anger bc woc’s anger is always invalidated as “bad rep”, and like …. julie could have done this so much better by having isak and sana doing this together??? but sana goes behind isak’s back and does this?

and yeah i just ……….. i’m frustrated, man.


…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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i feel like,,, no offense but like,,,, some of y’all do not know how to have fun with things


a few people asked me about my prom dress soooo here it is

i don’t normally post stuff like this but it made me feel nice because i didn’t think id ever be able to wear something like this and be able to smile, even if just a lil bit



-ok so Ponyboy would certainly try and get her to love books so he would read to her
-and help her with her hw
-and teach her everything for the next year
-but mostly it’s princess books he gets from the library 
-she also always manages to convince him to let her do his makeup??
-always tells her it’s amazing and she should always do his makeup
-he would be all like ‘wow! that’s… something! You lil artist!!’
-and she would alway smile all big and like!!!! so would Pony!! 
-and its just A++++

-Johnny would be the one to play dolls with her
-and he would always be the purple doll
-idk why I just feel like that would be something he would do?
-and he would do lil voices for her
-and he would get like REALLY into it
-and he would sometimes forget how into it he gets (wow ‘and he’ three times in a row, yikes)
-it gets to the point where whenever she sees Johnny she asks he would play with her
-and like she would drag him into the room
-and Johnny always tries to make it all silly for her
-so pure?????

Soda & Steve
-since Soda and Steve are always together
-they would play with her,,,,,,,, together
-i feel like they would play dress up!!!
-and its so pure!!
-she would always choose their outfits
-and i feel like Soda and Steve would try and out-sass each other
-like they wanna see who can make the best show!1!!1!1!!
-and their goal would always be to make her laugh
-then they would dress her up
-and Steve would be all like ‘You look too pretty we have to make sure you don’t get a boyfriend!’
-and she would scrunch her nose and say ew
-AND STEVE AND SODA ARE LIKE!1!!!! ‘das right no boyfriends till your 32!!’
-and you can hear Two-Bit in the back agreeing with them

-Darry would 10000% love giving her piggy back rides
-and he would like lift her up and spin her around!!
-he would also like arm wrestle her
-then let her win
-and he would try and braid her hair
-but it wouldn’t really look like a braid
-kinda just a knot
-but he does it so often he gets really good at it??
-did I mention putting her on his shoulder and always bringing her a candy bar or something adorable like that
-he would also let her paint his nails
-more like  feel so bad that she is getting so sad when he says no so he says ok fine
-and he never gets to choose his color
-and hes like???
-what kinda salon is this????
-and she just kinda shrugs and giggles

-so yeah yeah Dally ‘hates kids’
-but this one is an exception!1!!!!1
-he’s also secretly her favorite
-Dally likes to bring her little toys
-like tiny little plastic dolls
-but like nobody knows he gets them for her
-nobody also knows that he attempts to do her hair after she asks him but then gives up after it gets too hard
-keeps accidentally cursing in front of her
-so every time he does he slips her 25₵ and tells her not to repeat him
-lets just say her piggy-bank is LOADED
-also she  began to say ‘man’ A LOT
-gives her piggy back rides as well
-always tells her what to do in situations
-like what to do if she’s at the wrong place at the wrong time
-and its like?? Dally??? a lil too early for that???
-but he actually really cares about her like a sister
-just don’t tell anyone!!!!!!!!!!!
-that is #classified information!!!

-always watches Disney movies with her
-she’s the reason he likes Mickey Mouse so much!!
-always sneaks her some candy
-is VERY over-protective and will SQUARE UP if you even SUGGEST she isn’t the best thing on this Earth
-they have a secret handshake
-always makes forts with her
-when he is home at night (cuz u know he’s a PARTY ANIMAL) he will tell her silly made-up stories before bed
-and if she has a nightmare he will be the first one up to comfort her
-also if you ask her he has super powers that scare away closet monsters
-basically does what all of the gang does for her (meaning dress up,  piggy back rides, etc) and more
-when he does come home drunk he will make sure she is asleep
-if she does see him with the occasional ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE and asks what he’s drinking
-he makes sure to tell her no matter what to never drink it
-because he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her in the future


The signs as crushes(guy version)and how to approach them
  • Aries Crush: Be confident and stand for yourself. Don't care about what others think of you,it will surprises Aries because he is pretty insecure but he hide it behind this though exterior.So he will admire you. Be headstrong but chill at the same time. Be friendly with them. Just respect them.
  • Taurus Crush: Laugh at his jokes. Even if it's lame. Just talk to him casually,talk about your interests.pretty sure he will listen. U can be touchy-feely with him after having him open up a lil bit
  • ,
  • Gemini Crush: Laugh. Just have a good laugh with friends,he will show interest in you because he will think that you're an easy going person who knows how to have fun. Be social, dress up. Have something intelligent or fun to say. But be yourself. Dont force.
  • Cancer Crush: Be kind, show that you're attentionate to people needs, show them you're a determined person.
  • Leo Crush: talk with many people. Have a good heart , be generous.Take care of yourself and your appareance,laugh,be sassy but intellectual,
  • Virgo Crush: start conversations with him. Whatever topic. Be Neat and be fun to be with.
  • Libra Crush: be attentionate to him. Libra guys loveeee when a girl just pay a tiny bit of attention to him. Be nice,not too serious and dress up. Engage light-hearted conversations
  • Scorpio Crush: be intriguing. Have a loud mind and a loud voice but be quiet. listen to them.compliment them!
  • Sagittarius Crush: show them that you have a nice heart and a nice person in general who knows how to have fun. Don't be afraid of standing for yourself.
  • Capricorn crush: be classy. Don't talk when you have nothing to say. Give your all to everything you are doing.
  • Aquarius Crush; try to make jokes, or debate with him on a subject. Yeah these two things will definitely work.
  • Pisces crush: look at them like if they're your daydream and make The first move ! They will appreciate for sure . Dont be too bold but come to him first in a nice way.
  • -Celine♐️

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So a friend and I were talking about how they’re wearing matching clothes (which is so damn cute wtf) and I got to thinking about Even taking Isak shopping….and came up with this. Part 2 here

Evak Shopping Adventures would include:

  • Randomly stopping each other for kisses (eskimo ones too…before remembering they’re in public and its not cool to be all over each other constantly. And forgetting again.)
  • Even picking things for Isak, except bc Isak likes to act like a lil bit of a brat, he puts up a fuss, even though he’s going to try anything Even suggests.
  • “Don’t you already own something like that?” “Yeah, so?” “I can just wear yours”
  • Taking mirror selfies in every store. #doitforthegram
  • Singing along with the awful top 40′s tracks (and Even does the damn eyebrow thing every time)
  • Isak complaining about spending too long looking at clothes and not enough time eating (food and each other’s faces. They really like to make out.)
  • Finally stopping at a cafe, only to find its that bougie hipster shit that Isak can’t get behind. Like, the fuck is an extra dry latte? How is a beverage (A LIQUID, bc Im science af with my 6 in Bio) dry? (He gets tea, because Even is really loving it there. And the muffins are hella good)
  • Buying the softest sweater because it looks nice and does NOT make Isak even cuter. Its definitely not because it makes Even rub his face in the hood while he’s wearing it. Nope.
  • Even wandering over to the nail polish bc aesthetic purposes. Isak paints one hand and nopes the fuck out because he didn’t wait long enough for it to dry and now theres black all over his fingers on his jacket (NO ONE TOLD ME IT WOULD TAKE SO LONG)
  • Running into the girls, and trying not to talk to them for too long. They have boyfriend shit to do.
  • Alley kisses
  • Mom texts that aren’t too bad today.
  • Leaning against each other on the bus ride home. They have so many bags at their feet, the other passengers are giving them dirty looks. But they’re too tired and wrapped up in each other.

I feel like season six of natsuchou is bringing natsume closer to his manga personality than before. It isn’t an issue, they didn’t change much of his character to begin with, but I’ve noticed it. He’s just a little bit more openly exasperated and annoyed in certain situations (i.e. with shibata or nyanko) and slightly more careful abt jumping straight into trouble (although he always ends up doing just that). I think it’s a show of his development, but maybe part of it is also to make the manga and the anime match even more. Nbd either way I just wonder where it’s going.

all i need now is for sana to like that pic and/or comment on it in her own lil sarcastic way that’s just full of fond and love and happiness for even and isak and yeah, i just hope that when sana sees that photo of even and isak, that it makes her smile, even if its just a little bit, but that it makes her smile seeing her 2 friends finding happiness in one another, and it make her feel warm inside, that you can find happiness. one day, you can find it, and it will come to you. there’s hope.

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rfa+saeran+v reactions to mc telling them that she's into bdsm? (& mc is submissive)

aw hell yea

hey hey im super sorry i havent been active for a while but my friend lent me their 3ds bc im poor and ive been playing ocarina of time for like 2 days

i grew up playing zelda and im so weak that i finally get to play more games

anyway heres ur p0rn



-hes daddy af honestly what do you expect

-he’s so willing to tie you up and shit


-he just smiles and hold out his hand

-and ur confused there like what

-but u take his hand and he leads you to his playroom (u know the one)

-and it looks like fkn

-shell overlord’s sex dungeon

-and he literally just has his way with you right there

-a dangerous man


- “e-eh? EHHHH?!”

-lmao hes so confused bc you look so innocent?

-but if its what you want from him then hes so willing to do it


-my babE

-she kinda like blushes and whispers okay

-and you offer to show her and she goes nah i already know what to do

-and pulls out some expert shibari skills like damn whered she get those

-ties you up so nicely its almost a shame she has to ruin you now



-i wanna die

-he can tie knots like a b0$$ he was a good lil boy scout

-even better than jaehee

-hell tie you up and get hard from it

-fucking nerd


-he just fucking goes “okay” and smiles with his sunshine smile and im crying

-he loves u so much he’ll do anything for you

-probably the type of guy that is happy to try anything for fun

-and he might even end up liking it,,,,,


-instant boner

-he was also a boy scout

-his knots are a tiny bit sloppy but neither of u mind

- i want him to knot me

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“evieisannoying: i dont know how to explain how bad things are rn in…”

Oh no :( what’s happening there? I’m really out of news lately

weeell its really hard to explain EVERYTHING thats happening but okay (also i feel really awkward explaining this in english ??? i hope it makes sense)

venezuelans started protesting a few days ago (the reasons are way too long to explain here tbh sooo)
as usual, the government decided to “control" these protests, which means that the police and the venezuelan army (Guardias Nacionales aka GNB) were assigned to block the streets, shoot the protesters with “perdigones” (idk how they are called in english, they are not real bullets but close ??? and they are still really dangerous at a close range) and throw gas bombs

so yeah, the usual venezuelan repression. but this time people are so DONE with it. like done. like nope thats it you are not gonna intimidate us this time. so they keep protesting and what started as peaceful is turning into riots. i mean, theres something called “Tribunal Supremo de Justicia” (i think it would be translated as supreme court of justice) and IT WAS LITERALLY DESTROYED.

ok this is getting too long so ill summarize some fucked up things that have happened:

  • a 19 year old student was killed by a GNB.
  • a high number of injured students, politicians (that are agains the gov, of course), reporters
  • a lot of students arrested (protesting is a right and in no way ilegal, just so you know)
  • reporters were physically hurt and their cameras broken (theres a video of a GNB hiting a photographer, pictures of a camera that they broke, etc etc)
  • GNB throwing EXPIRED tear bombs at protesters (its more toxic) (ilegal)
  • they started throwing gas bombs from helicopters (also ilegal FOR OBVIOUS REASONS)
  • like i said, some politicians were injured. well, one deputy was being treated on a clinic and THEY THREW GAS BOMBS THERE. a newborn baby that was also on the clinic was getting asfixiated because of it. (oh, yeah, ILEGAL)
  • all means of transportation were ordered to stop working so people wouldnt go to Caracas to protest
  • people throwing themselves into a HIGHLY CONTAMINATED RIVER (el guaire) so the police and GNB wouldnt catch them. its really hard to explain if you are not venezuelan. like, this river is legit REALLY FUCKING CONTAMINATED, they could have died but the alternative was even worse. reminder: the venezuelan army should PROTECT VENEZUELANS, not hurt them, but obviously thats not the case.
  • snipers shooting at protesters
  • throwing gas bombs at residencial zones. an old lady that wasnt even protesting died on her appartment bc of it.

this was so long omg im sorry (and im pretty sure thats not enough tbh, theres so much going on right now)

thanks for caring tho, i know its easy to just look the other way. even some venezuelans are doing that, so yeah thank you

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Out of all the ships in bts yoonmin just give off this vibe? Like, when theyre around eachother theres a lil bit of ...a soft hesitance and yet intimate? Like something is going on but they don't want it to be out there if that makes sense. Their interactions make me so argh even when they are minimal because its just filled with so much.. ya know. Idk how to put it into words! Yoonmin is just inexplainable but they really are something else (even if they werent in bts I could see them together)

right ! the way they are together is unreal. honestly I dont even know what’s going on anymore all I know is that something is going on n im constantly 👀

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But you all are rejoicing that Damon didn't seem excited to see Elena. Why? That wasn't the whole clip and you know he's going to say some sweet romantic stuff. Lmao bamonators are a trip.

Then dont be Peter Pessimist if we rejoice the hugs scene whether it turns out to be Kath or Elmo. well, romantic stuff after 2 whole years absence sure lil bit awkward right? even in the pic of nikki/ian/nina. did you see the scene where damon roll his eyes when Caroline said “ like Elmo?” in epi 14? well, usually, 3 second scene if its fail, means fail. 

My opinion,both brothers knew that’s not Elmo but kath and they surprise she’s comeback for real or she really here and got herself tricked by Salvators. that’s why Stefan looks sooo..”okay, now you’re just walk into our trap” face.

If that girl obviously Elmo, well, again  I just….”is that epic?” and you said they will have a romance speech or maybe kissing (I doubt Ian and Nina will do it, maybe their body double will) all to cover up the “epic hugs” still fail. But I try to stick with that’s Katherine who fall for their trick, If I’m wrong, no hurt feelings.If its really Elena, then they need to fix her wig. 

Wanna beat Bamon hugs in just several second? that Bamon hugs is what we called EPIC. hun. Short scene but meaningful and everyone still remember it as the best scene TVD ever had.

The Angle

The Pause in between to realize the reality or imagination

The calling

The Open arms by the Dominent

The Smile before it hits them its reality

THE KOALA HUGS/ wrapped around each other

The scenery

The bg Song

Last  Smiles and satisfaction.



Boy, this episode was filled with cute and warm scenes, but at the same time, annoying parts as well (not gonna post those parts since im pissed off i cant even take a screenshot of those).

Notable scenes for me:

1. the pinky swear

Like, what are you, seven? But I find them cute. I also like the three promises. I feel like they are indeed very important, especially when they have to fight the bad guy soon.

2. the head bump

Why are you doing this to me? Like why????

Jesus why?

3. the smile

Ki-chan is usually expressionless but damn! I love the fact that he smiles every now and then bcoz of Keika. Of course, Keika is just stubborn, energetic, and stupid, but thats what makes him so cute. I think Ki-chan thinks that, too hihi :>

Is it just me or theres something wrong with the flow of the story? Like, idk, maybe, a lil bit too fast paced? Or maybe some things were left out? Maybe this is bcoz of the limited time for each episode and maybe the budget. 

Not going to read the manga of this before I finish watching all the eps. I don’t want spoilers!!! I’m curious about a lot of things, and I’m still enjoying this series. Not gonna drop it, yet. :>

(And here I’m thinking of the otp name of Ki x Keika and I came up with KeiKi. WTF? I just ate. I’m not hungry. I even had coffee. Damn brain!)

Svt as Dads // DK //

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  • Okay 
  • So 
  • Our beautiful seokmin
  • With kids 
  • Oh heavens 
  • Baby seokmins 
  • They’d just be little versions of him
  • His poor significant other 
  • Like its a good thing they love seokmin
  • Because having kids with him 
  • His just like getting more baby versions of him 
  • Which isn’t always a bad thing 
  • They all have amazing voices 
  • Like dude 
  • Also constant laughter 
  • Like they are always happy 
  • Always always happy 
  • Like all the svt families will meet up 
  • And seokmins kids get along with everyone
  • Like 
  • They pull in all the little shy beans 
  • So everyone is included 
  • And having fun
  • And all they guys are totally in love with seokmins kids 
  • Even though they can be a bit wild at times 
  • Thats half the fun part 
  • Like all the cute lil things they say 
  • Uncle Seungkwan has laughed so hard at one point he had to sit down
  • Imagine his kids trying to have rap battles with vernon
  • And vernon is the one who ends up failing 
  • Because he was laughing so hard
  • He cant even get words out
  • Okay but like seokmins a great dad
  • But hes more like another kid then their dad
  • Like he totally loves playing with his kids 
  • Like from the moment they were born all the way until they were teenagers 
  • And the whole “dad stop no thats embarrassing” 
  • Like highkey the most embarrassing parent when it comes to his teenaged kids 
  • Hurts every fiber of his body to punish his kids 
  • Usually he cant
  • Partly because it breaks him 
  • But also because he’s usually right there next to them when his kids are doing something stupid 
  • By far everyones favorite uncle 
  • Ah man it would be to cute

// Scoups // Jeonghan // Joshua // Jun // Hoshi // Wonwoo // Woozi // DK //Mingyu // The8 // Seungkwan // Vernon // Dino // 

Idol Couple with Yoongi

Before I start I just want to say a h u g e thank you for 2,200 followers !!! It means the world to me honestly so thank you all so so much !! But now onto our darling, my spirit animal, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka August D

  • Time for a lil backstory bc I love a good backstory
  • I’m also just gonna add in young!yoongi bc why not (you can click here if you want the post, it isn’t required though, you can easily read this without it)
  • You and Yoongi auditioned at the same time bc you were best friends long before debut
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the young!yoongi post, you two were childhood best friends
  • You bought him his first hip hop/rap album and were able to watch his love for it ignite almost instantly
  • You were also the one to come up with the nickname of “suga” bc he’d gotten you a gift that you’d mentioned a while ago and you were both lil kids so you were just like you know what you’re sweet you’re gonna be called suga from now on
  • He rolled with it bc he knew it was gonna stick whether he wanted it to or not, which he did bc he felt like he could pull that off
  • Side note, it’s one of the reasons he’s so proud of the stage name and gets kinda :) whenever someone calls him that
  • It reminds him of you, especially when you’re still training and he’s off in the idol world
  • Your group was next to debut, following his by only a month or two
  • You do show up at his debut show just to support him and keep him calm
  • He’s s u p e r nervous about debuting even though he tries to play it cool and just be like I’m Min Suga what do I have to be nervous about
  • But after knowing the kid for over a decade, you know how to tell when he’s !!! and when he’s mellow
  • You can see the slight tremble of his hands as he’s practicing and the small lil waver in his voice
  • You pull him aside and give him a quick pep talk
  • You know about all of the endless hours of hard work they’d all put in, all the hours he spent rapping his lines over and over and over until his mouth was dry and he had to stop for a drink
  • You know he’d run through the choreography a countless amount of times and could dance any part of it just off of memory
  • But you also know there’s still that thought of “what if I fuck it up” going through his mind bc even though he can be lazy and sleepy, he’s really really passionate about what he does and he’s such a hard worker and takes it really seriously
  • So you remind him that he’s got this and that he did well in the rehearsal and that he’s gonna make sure everyone remembers his name and his group’s name
  • You cheer him on from the dressing room as he performs, feeling oh so proud of your best friend, especially when you think back to all of the conversations you two had had throughout your childhood and teens about how maybe you two should audition for a company lol why not let’s just do it
  • When he gets off stage he’s got all of this adrenaline right
  • It’s the adrenaline meets the nerves meets the amount of love he has for you but he ends up kissing you once he gets backstage
  • You two keep your relationship on the down low for quite some time
  • Side note I just wanna throw this out there bc it fucks me up
  • You’re his muse
  • You know all of those songs Yoongi’s written about love and relationships and shit, they’re for you
  • It kinda just adds into his passion when he raps bc not only does he have his love for music and rap but he’s also got his love for you so the outcome is 100/10
  • Most people would wonder if he is in a relationship bc his songs are so deep and well written and he can sometimes seem like he’s rapping to a specific person which he is but they don’t know who
  • He does mention that you two were childhood friends but other than that, there aren’t many pictures of you two together, there isn’t really any romantic shit that the public has seen
  • If Yoongi wants something to be chill and lowkey, it’s gonna be chill and lowkey so no one even really has any evidence to back their claims besides a “his songs make him seem really in love”
  • You do have a tendency to borrow each other’s clothes but even that isn’t really any clear sign bc he’s mentioned you’re best friends
  • You really like stealing his beanies bc they’re really warm and cozy just like him
  • Studio dates
  • Also just hanging out in the studio
  • Like hey kid come chill I’m super busy but I just want you to be here bc you’re kinda cute ight you’re really cute but shh
  • Lowkey tries to make really romantic or cheesy lines seem not cheesy but everyone knows he’s got a romantic side to him
  • He’d probably reveal your relationship through a song
  • It’d take a wh i le for him to do it, I’d say about two or three years at least, if not even more
  • He’d throw in a quick lil line about how he’s in a relationship, about how you’re his and he’s proud of it
  • Of course he’s asked about it by literally everyone but he’s just like lol
  • People even ask about it bc even though he doesn’t say your name, he still hints that it's you a good bit
  • Even after basically everyone knows you two are together, there’s not too much PDA bc yoon seems like he’d want his relationship, regardless of whether it’s with a fellow idol or just the kid next door, to be private
  • There are a few pictures, a few Bangtan bombs with you in the background, a shit ton of songs from both sides
  • But it’s also nice to be able to go out with him and not have to be super hidden about it like of course you two both try to avoid getting too much attention bc you wanna chill but you don’t have to freak out if you’re seen by someone
  • Both of you just keep your private lives private and just drop lil reminders of how much you love each other here and there
  • You post a childhood photo of him randomly just to fuck with him but he does respond by posting the most embarrassing picture of you he has on his phone
  • “You do realize this means war right??”
  • “Bring it on kid”

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So today has been like a super shitty day and everything fell apart at work and there's drama and of course, it's the end of the school year so. stress. And your warm Kenma comic made me smile. It's wonderful. Thank you.

I’m so sorry you had a bad day. Here’s nekoma organizing you tons of fluffy blankets with tea and cookies!! And kenma!! ; 0 ; I hope you feel a little better today ❤ even just a lil bit 💕💕 thank you a bunchies sweetheart