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…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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So a friend and I were talking about how they’re wearing matching clothes (which is so damn cute wtf) and I got to thinking about Even taking Isak shopping….and came up with this

Evak Shopping Adventures would include:

  • Randomly stopping each other for kisses (eskimo ones too…before remembering they’re in public and its not cool to be all over each other constantly. And forgetting again.)
  • Even picking things for Isak, except bc Isak likes to act like a lil bit of a brat, he puts up a fuss, even though he’s going to try anything Even suggests.
  • “Don’t you already own something like that?” “Yeah, so?” “I can just wear yours”
  • Taking mirror selfies in every store. #doitforthegram
  • Singing along with the awful top 40′s tracks (and Even does the damn eyebrow thing every time)
  • Isak complaining about spending too long looking at clothes and not enough time eating (food and each other’s faces. They really like to make out.)
  • Finally stopping at a cafe, only to find its that bougie hipster shit that Isak can’t get behind. Like, the fuck is an extra dry latte? How is a beverage (A LIQUID, bc Im science af with my 6 in Bio) dry? (He gets tea, because Even is really loving it there. And the muffins are hella good)
  • Buying the softest sweater because it looks nice and does NOT make Isak even cuter. Its definitely not because it makes Even rub his face in the hood while he’s wearing it. Nope.
  • Even wandering over to the nail polish bc aesthetic purposes. Isak paints one hand and nopes the fuck out because he didn’t wait long enough for it to dry and now theres black all over his fingers on his jacket (NO ONE TOLD ME IT WOULD TAKE SO LONG)
  • Running into the girls, and trying not to talk to them for too long. They have boyfriend shit to do.
  • Alley kisses
  • Mom texts that aren’t too bad today.
  • Leaning against each other on the bus ride home. They have so many bags at their feet, the other passengers are giving them dirty looks. But they’re too tired and wrapped up in each other.

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Out of all the ships in bts yoonmin just give off this vibe? Like, when theyre around eachother theres a lil bit of ...a soft hesitance and yet intimate? Like something is going on but they don't want it to be out there if that makes sense. Their interactions make me so argh even when they are minimal because its just filled with so much.. ya know. Idk how to put it into words! Yoonmin is just inexplainable but they really are something else (even if they werent in bts I could see them together)

right ! the way they are together is unreal. honestly I dont even know what’s going on anymore all I know is that something is going on n im constantly 👀


Sooo… sry @the-humerus-skeleton @siviosanei I just couldn’t wait till Friday;;;
Uhm well, yea take these few drawings, I’ll try to draw more till Friday~

And if I’m not mistaken, your birthday is on Pocky Day right?? Well that’s what Google says. So, even if its a bit early have fun and some Pocky’s with Vani yes?

and sry if Vani’s a bit tall in the first pics?
…or you just too smol hehe.

Lil’ something positive for all my followers, knowing that we will be going through tough times, but we have to stay strong and positive! I’m not gonna lie, i had my first panic attack last night because of the situation but Im choosing to
not let it bring me down. Ill keep trying to post mettablook to lighten our days, even if its just for a bit. ^^


[prompt: au phil is a gay sex phone operator and curious teen dan becomes one of his regulars (2009)]

i may or may not have named this after shiloh’s song…………….. what a classic!!!

oohoohohoho i saw this on dandongs and i was like “ooh let me like write this real quick” and i wrote it in a day so sry if its shit

also, thank you for 800 followers????? omg what like im literally a shoe like i dont even know why you guys follow me and read my fics damn thank you!!!!

(i apologize if your name is lindsey or darren btw and my definition of twink is not the actual definition so if you dont know what a twink is pls go over to urbandictionary.com or something)

[Contains: phone sex (ooooh this is new), tons of dirty talk, name calling, vibrator usage (what), 2009!phan, literally just dirty talk tbh, a lil bit of fluff at the end maybe]


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a few people who have never seen me walk before saw me walking today and didn’t even react (look at you!, [lame but comforting joke], [acceptance of my own lame but comforting joke], etc.), so i have a lil bit of renewed hope in the world. 

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how's the peepo doin?

Still inactive. I figured it would be too risky to have her potentially reform while I’m asleep and rampage through the off-limits part of house (nearly all of it), so in my efforts to keep her close I’ve contained her gem in a carrier next to me.

Its already been about a day. I’m not even sure if the cat actually did significant enough harm for her to take this long, so I’m hoping she’ll be out soon.

I’m gonna answer some questions while I wait. feel free to ask me more things.

why do i even get porn bots following me!? i don’t even post naughty stuff!? ..i kinda don’t post anything but hush!!…i’ve been very tired from work, 10-12 hour shifts constantly gets to you.

BUT on a positive note i’ve got the up to date software for sketchbook pro and its quite snazzy, it even has animation potential..how about that eh? some possible animated stuff in the future (once i figure out how to do it)  but no i feel this software is the thing i needed to pop my art drive back into gear. =‘D 

so…here’s hoping i can start posting and keeping regular posts…if i get time, and have the energy. 


so obvs evak was lovely and sweet and wonderful and i did like the (albeit small) insights into loving someone with mental illness. i think it was probably the most well-paced of the seasons and all the actors were great and the evak chemistry was a+ and handled so so so well and i really loved all the interaction between isak and his friends and all the early flirting between him and even and trying to figure out his sexuality just a+++ and honestly evak is just the softest thing and the interactions between them were really sweet and romantic and the drAWINGS and THE DIFFERENT PLACES IN THE UNIVERSE ughnjuus0orjrio and the discussions on religion with sana was just absolutely fantastic sana is my absolute bae 

i just felt like it was a) really rushed? like the relationship happened sooo quickly i felt like they shouldve stretched it out a bit?? like isaks like I LOVE HIM and its like ISAK ITS BEEN LIKE A DAY and b) isak is such a lil shit sorry guys i really adore even but i couldnt get myself to care about isak i feel like ive just uttered blasphemy bUT THE DUDE CAN ACT LET ME TELL U and c) i really wanted to see his family like why did he just cut them off like that yikes :( and d) MORE ESKILD

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Oh my god I just saw the episode and it was so amazing and intense! One of the best in my opinion. And the acting was so great, especially Iain, Elizabeth and Chloe. They broke my heart it was so sad and beautiful and I'm just having so many emotions right now. I love that its Jemma and Daisy who have to save everyone and how strong and determined they are after all they've been through in this episode. I cannot wait and I so hope the writers don't mess this up. Also your blog is awesome:)

aw cheers, thank you!

and I agree, about everything - esp hoping that the writers don’t mess it up, lol. but I thought it was a really, really solid episode overall! plus - Girl Power!!


“Here I was, convinced there was nothing you didn’t know how to do…” Jack teases gently. “Turns out you can’t even dress yourself for a dinner party.”

Edward gives a gentle roll of the eyes. “Might come as a bit of a shocker to ya, Jack, but this high-class stuff ain’t exactly my strong suit.”

“Well if it’s any consolation, you do clean up nicely.” Jack pauses awkwardly. “Though that’s not to say you looked bad before-”

This just in: Big Doting Lug  of a bodyguard makes blatant heart eyes at his cute lil’ boss. More at 11.


tim broke his arm during the mission or something so of course kon’s gotta carry him home that way instead of their usual wrist clasp thing. (tim realises he might be a lil bit gay for his best friend. kon’s just worried - tim isn’t talking to him.)

plus look who’s back in plaids!! let’s hope he’ll get the glasses as well soon e v e

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Is it just me or does the world need more yosuke hanamura omo???

It sure as hell does! That’s why I’ve already started on writing some omo and even a bit of omutsu for the precious lil headphone dork. Right now, neither of the ones I started are even close to be ready to be beta-read, and I should probably finish up the other 5 or so fics that I haven’t gotten to the stages where they could be beta read either, so depending on how I prioritize, they may take a while to come out. But the yosuke omo IS coming!…eventually…..

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omg i just followed you but could you please draw more roy/ed interaction pleaseeeee

Roy is a little arsehole and finds Ed’s diary, reads it and manages to find out - even tho it’s coded - that Edward has ad a massive crush on him. and, yeah, well. someone’s proud of himself

also, aged up Ed beause i wanted to draw him with a lil bit of stubble and a huge braid \o/

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you love ludo but do you... love it dead. i'll see myself out


seriously tho it annoys me a lil bit sometimes thats the only song anyone knows by them since imo its not even the best song off of You’re Awful, I Love You

but all snobby fan elitism aside a ruetho amv set to love me dead was actually how i found the band, so it has a special place in my heart (sadly i can no longer find the amv :[ )