even if it was from one person

My manager forbade me from talking to people who had less than 400,000 Instagram followers, even though I myself had only 34 followers in total and was not in any way famous or significant enough to have a manager. I don’t even know where he came from or why he wanted to manage me, but in the dream, I feared him a lot and listened to him at all cost, so I had to cut off EVERY single person in my life, until one of my friends made it her goal to get to 400k to talk to me, and she finally did. 

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What's the 52 film challenge??

A few years ago the Women in Film organization challenged people to watch more films by women. There are 52 weeks in a year so the argument was that it wouldn’t be too hard to watch one film directed by a woman per week. 

It’s basically just a personal challenge people can take on if they feel like it because even if you don’t make the 52 films in the year just by attempting it you will likely be watching more movies directed by women then you would in a typical year. And it’s just a nice way to watch films outside your wheelhouse. 

Last year I ended up doing it twice over (got to 52 films by women from January to June so decided to watch another 52) but you can go at your own pace. 

You can sign up here just to officially declare you are part of it, but no one keeps track of you but you. And you can set your own pace or your own challenges. I’ve seen people modify it to watch 52 films directed by women with women cinematographers, 52 films directed by women of colour, 52 films by French women etc. 

If you’re not sure where to start here are the films I watched last year with my personal top 10:



There’s also this list of resources:


And you can check the #52filmsbywomen tag on twitter for what people are watching. 

And of course, if you’re at a loss for what to watch you can always ask me for recommendations. I love recommending films to people!

nct 127 + jeno reaction to s / o having thick thighs

Even tho he concentrates on personality he thinks your thighs are very attractive.He won’t show it but he sure gonna give small complements.
“You look very pretty in these jeans”

Originally posted by taeilmun

He would worship them! He always complements or have his hands on your thighs!
*you whispering to him*
“Taeyong move your hand your parents are in front of us..”

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

Would always stare at you loving them. I see him the one buying you stuff just to show of your amazing thighs.
“Johnny please another present?!”

Originally posted by woojaeibsul

Oh don’t even make me start on him. From innocent compliments to fingers digging in your thighs.
“Y/n this dress looks really good on you, but I’m sure it looks better on the floor 😏”

Originally posted by markleesdoft

Finds them really pretty. He always smiles whenever he sees you wearing his favorite jeans/skirt/dress on you. And he will be admiring them never stop staring at you.
“Aww look what you are wearing”

Originally posted by doyoungce

Well…he’s yuta,so never expect your thighs free of bruises or hickeys!
“Look at your thighs they look unmarked,let’s make them hotter than they look right now"

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Would admire them, always staring at you while you try new clothes and tells you that you look good in all of these clothes. 

“This one looks good on you,this one too and this!” 

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes


This little shit would have his hands on your thigh always teasing you.

“Look at these hot thighs,and they only belong to me" 

"Shut up haechan you are only 16" 

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Another one who will never stop staring and smiling at you.Always giving you compliments with his cute eyesmile. 

"You look beautiful today,in fact you have always been beautiful”

Originally posted by taeyonggi

Hope you like it!

(gifs are not mine,credits to the owners)

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Oh man, now I just have an image of Noctis' and Prompto's heats syncing up, and Gladio and Ignis being forced to split them up because they keep going all primal- bickering, hissing and clawing at each other

Hmmm (I need to go back and edit all of this to get it in the same tense. I can’t remember if it’s past or present from one fill to the next.)

It was absolutely not Prompto’s fault. He hadn’t been trying to push up on Ignis or anything like that: sure he was am really seriously hot and everything but Prompto knew when a person was taken. Even if Ignis didn’t seem to know it yet. Which was crazy because he seemed to know everything else but Noctis trying to crawl into his skin seemed to have him completely flabbergasted.

Gladio wasn’t being helpful, watching Ignis futile attempts to get Noct to stop scenting him with an expression that alternated between amused and…even more amused. Prompto didn’t get Gladio either; an alpha like him, who practically oozed strength and power and dominance, should have been all over an omega in heat. Yet he’d looked ready to bolt when Noctis had gotten into his space and relieved when the omega had turned his attention to Ignis.

Prompto tried to get Gladio to do something at about the point where Noctis was trying to slide hands under Ignis shirt while licking his advisor’s neck. Gladio was the best person to get involved, he was an alpha that Noctis wasn’t interested in, thus he might as well not exist to the prince, and it wasn’t like Ignis was going to try to fight him. Gladio, being the occasional scumbag he was, had just cocked an eyebrow and shaken his head.

“Hell no. The Six themselves couldn’t get be involved in *that*.” He jabbed a finger at the pair; Ignis looked mortified, a hand on Noct’s shoulder as he tried to lean out of scenting range. “And what do you mean I might as well not exist?”

“Highness!” Ignis’ face was bright red and, for the first time, Prompto had no problem believing Ignis was only two years older than him. “Please. You need to- you’re agitating the daemons.”

He absolutely was. The noises in the darkness had reached a fever pitch and the smell of burnt flesh, of daemons dying against the runes with shrieks and tearing each other apart with stomach churning crunching and snapping noises, were so loud they were making Prompto’s teeth ache. Noctis being out of the tent, and pouring out his scent like he was, seemed to be driving them even more crazy.

Not that Noctis seemed capable of caring. Prompto could understand that; if he was used to heats in isolation than having people around had to be overwhelming. Having alphas around, especially, had to be frying his brain and sending his body into overdrive as it tried to cope with something completely new. Alpha pheromones, reacting to Noctis, making Noctis react to them, in a kind of feedback loop.

Prompto was feeling it too, a warmth in his belly, a itching under his skin, sweat starting to drip from him brow. But he was capable, lived near alphas and betas, had an alpha adoptive mother who’d checked in on him when. He was young. He knew how to deal. Noct’s heat, and the alpha response and the daemons out there, screaming their desire…none of that was going to get to him.

Except it must have because he couldn’t imagine what else made him try to drag Noctis off of Ignis. He’d clearly snapped from the pressure. He wasn’t made for this kind of stress. (Or sudden onset heat, because stress combined with another omega cycling in close proximity but that was something he’d figure out later) Is what he thought, somewhere in the rational part of his brain that was snapping and snarling at his best friend.

Noctis rounded on him when he grabbed him arm to pull him away from Ignis, bared his teeth in warning. Prompto, mind fraying because that noise, he just wanted the noise to go back to how it had been before, and because his heart was beating too fast and his hands were sweating and-

He growled back, leaned in close and hissed. “Stop. Get away from Ignis. You’re making it worse.”

Noct’s brow furrowed and Prompto could see him struggling, trying to right his thoughts and pull himself together. He swallowed then turned back to Ignis, who was watching them like someone would two wild dogs about to fight.

“Iggy.” It was a whimper, pleading and needy. Ignis’ mouth dropped open and Prompto saw his pupils stretching.

Alphas were useless.

The daemons somehow got even louder and the earth shook under the force of dozens of beasts beating against it. Prompto’s ears were ringing. He slid around, put himself between Noct and Ignis, and put a hand flat on his friend’s chest to try and push him back.

Noctis shoved him, hard. Prompto shoved back. Someone snapped their teeth. It might have been Prompto but he wasn’t willing to admit to that. He would, perhaps, admit to being the one to knock Noct to the ground and turning a stare down into a fight, full of snarling and nails digging into flesh and teeth, but only because Noctis shoved him again.

It was an obvious challenge and Prompto couldn’t not respond to it. Instincts demanded he do it, stake out his own territory however he could.

They were pulled apart pretty fast in the grand scheme of things. One minute Prompto was on top of Noctis, howling because the prince was a dirty fucking cheating biter and those were his fingers! And the next he was in the air, a thick arm wrapped around his waist, being carried away.

“What the fuck is wrong with you two?” Gladio demanded, loud even in comparison to the daemons, as he carried him away. Prompto hissed and flailed (outside help wasn’t fair! Noctis was such a cheater) but Gladio gave no sign that he’d even noticed.

His only consolation, when he was finally dumped on his ass on the far side of the camp, was that Ignis had all but dragged Noctis away and forced him back into the tent. Prompto was pretty sure that meant he had won and now everything outside of the tent was his.

He wasn’t a total tyrant so he’d let Noct keep the tent. He said as much to Gladio who just stared at him. Then pinched the bridge of his nose, breathing out slowly, before crouching down in front of him. He leaned in, smelling of sweat and agitation but also something warm and wonderful that part of Prompto insisted was for him only, and scented him.

“Prompto, are you in heat too?”

Prompto scoffed. Alphas were useless and dumb. Everything was about heats to them. “No. Do I have to be in heat to not want Noct’s funk all over…my…fuck.”

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you got any portfolio tips for someone applying to art school? (kcai is high on the list for me so i thought you'd be the best person to ask)

INTERESTINGLY, that very fact might be the exact reason I’m not the best person to ask…. KCAI is a fine school, but lemme’ just be perfectly honest for a second and tell you that it’s not difficult to get accepted there.  Even if they don’t accept you, they will likely tell you exactly what they’d like to see from your portfolio.  For instance one of my buddies in animation had transferred in and applied with a photography portfolio… she didn’t really have a drawing portfolio to show them, but she wanted to learn and work in CG, so she just kinda had to make a case for herself and that was that. 

A school like, idk, CalArts, is considerably more difficult to get into, and so I’m not exactly sure what kind of portfolio they want to see.  What I would say though, is to include the art that best defines and summarizes YOU, or YOU’RE GOALS.  Art that’s an indicator of your PASSION, and what you want to ACCOMPLISH.  It’s not a bad idea to include a variety of studies/life drawings and stuff like that… those will help show that  you’re well-rounded.  But make sure to include what you feel is indicative of “your work”. 

I had a portfolio review with someone (from KCAI) before I applied, and I was just putting all sorts of things in there to showcase my different ABILITIES…  I put in some really well-rendered fanart… and then like, a simple, limited-pallet doodle I had done in MSpaint of some of my characters…. and she couldn’t have cared less about the well-rendered fanart.  Instead, she asked me to talk about the characters in the MSpaint doodle.  She said they were more interested in giving students a space to grow and develop their ideas, and I thought that was really cool. 

I have heard similar stories from people applying to CalArts (Jorge Gutierrez got rejected a couple times too, ‘cause he was putting together a what he THOUGHT they wanted to see.  They’d seen some of his more personal stuff–the super mexican-y stuff–and said they were more interested in that.), SO I mean… again, I can’t speak for all art schools, but from what I can tell anyway, there seems to be a bit of a pattern.  Put together a portfolio that speaks to you and what you wanna’ do!

Good luck dude!

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do you have any tips for managing OCs better?-- I have this one main OC and I love him to death, he's going on 3 years old now, and I kinda wish I had more of a variety to choose from when I think of my OCs, not just this one guy in particular. But when I make new OCs, even though they're really good ideas imo, I end up losing interest in them and putting them away, but I'm not sure why. do you know what i could go? sorre if this is confusing or hard to answer ;v;

Ah I’m so sorry for the late reply!! I’ve gotten so many messages that I replied to privately, this one must have slipped my sight!!

About managing ocs better, what personally motivates me is to make them interact with other ones!! Not with other ones as in your own ocs, but with other ones ocs!! I personally always never lose interest in my ocs when I make them interact with my bfs ocs!! Since the development and how they interact isn’t predictable and it’s so much more fun!! I wish you the best of luck that this way will work since keeping ocs and seeing them grow is such a nice thing.

other ways to keep ocs are to fill out cute silly character memes that can be found on deviantArt, create an aesthetic blog for them, create a blog for them in general, etc etc!!

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i dont even know HOW i missed the fact that chloe has a crush on nino ??? like how did i miss that

Because after five years, she’s gotten very, very good at hiding it.

Even I had to put the puzzle pieces together. If she wasn’t a bad person, why did she hate spending so much time with Nino? Why did they have this weird tension? Why did she go to every single one of his shows and why did she look so alive when she danced to his music? Why hide her illness from him? Why dramatically climb over Adrien’s lap to put a body between herself and someone she’s known for five years?

She loves him. So much that she won’t even let herself touch him.

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hi :) for a while ive been thinking i have borderline personality disorder, but i'm not exactly certain. can you list some major signs that a person has bpd? have a good day/night friend!

- being terrified of people abandoning you and going to extreme lengths to stop people leaving, even if you dont have proof they will.

- extreme and fast paced moodswings that can cause you to feel highly jealous, ecstatic, angry or suicidal (and more) in a matter of minutes . they often go from one to another.

- black and white thinking that makes you believe something is amazing or awful , no in-betweens. this often happens with people, so youd idealise them one minute and hate them the next.

- bad impulse control that can cause you to drive too fast, or spend money unnecessarily, or take drugs.

- being explosively angry; often causes physical reactions like shouting/screaming or breaking things.

- feeling empty when youre not going through an extreme emotion.

- not really knowing who you are - you cant see your own personality, so you’ll often copy others, whether that be their opinions or style or hobbies. who you are often changes very quickly and can also depend on the person youre with.

- self harming.

- feeling paranoid; for example, you may be scared that all of your friends secretly hate you, or that someone’s lying.

- dissociation; feeling out of touch with reality. you may feel as if you dont belong in your own body, that youre in a ‘dream’, you dont remember something happening, or everything looks distorted. there are lots of different ways people experience dissociation though !!

there are more symptoms of bpd, but theyre not needed for a diagnosis, or are less common. i hope this helped n if you have more questions youre completely welcome to ask me !!!!

Josh Dun Imagine |Request|

His smile makes me smile. Tell me I’m not the only one  ❤

Imagine being shy and always hanging out with Josh and the rest of the crew think you are so cute together, because you have saved each other from all the dark thoughts

Word count: 585


You always struggled to find that one person who would help you pind your happy place. People always say you are strong enough to find it yourself, but there are times where that feels impossible. You were always shy and innocent, nobody had ever heard you swear, and a lot of them assumed you had a pretty happy life. But the truth was, you were constantly waging wars with your dark thoughts. You even saw them in the mirror as you were at the lowest point, almost hating yourself.

Nobody seemed to understand, weather because they didn’t want to, or because they were too busy battling their own demons. It only made it more difficult to open up to people, to ask them for help. You often thought you could handle it all by yourself, but it turned out you did need someone, someone to just be there, to just sit next to you, and make you feel a little better. When you met Josh Dun, you knew you had found that person. He was exactly what you needed, he understood and he wanted to help.

You were always a woman of a few words, and he didn’t mind, he loved you for who you were. For some reason, you always wanted to be around him, at first not knowing why. Soon, you realized it was because he made you feel protected, and the sound of his laugh made all of your dark thoughts dissapear. He helped you deal with your demons and you helped him deal with his. It’s an understatement to say that Josh’s best friend, Tyler Joseph, was grateful for you caming into Josh’s life.

Josh and him always helped each other and were there for each other, but once Tyler got married to Jenna, he wanted his best friend to find someone as amazing as his wife. And that someone was you. Josh did, and still does, everything to make you feel special and protected. If you are having a bad day, he would engulf you in his arms and just hold you, until you were feeling better and wanted to talk about it. He also made sure you were happy, just as much as you made sure he was happy. 

A few weeks since you two moved in together you woke up in the morning and saw Josh just sitting at the edge of the bed, silently staring at his hands. You knew immediately how he was feeling, and you hugged him from behind, placing small kisses on his back, and just holding him tight, just as tight as he holds you when you are upset. He smiled at you and the both of you agreed to have a lazy day indoors, as you too were not feeling like facing the society today. Tyler and Jenna would just smile at how cute you looked together, and you were happy to be going on tour with them. 

Jenna became like a sister to you, and you loved spending time together, going on double dates and messing around together. You were a little anxious when it came to going on tour with the boys, but Jenna told you she would love for you to come, so she wasn’t the only girl and “the voice of reason” as she called it. You laughed and agreed, knowing it was time to take that step. Tyler and Jenna thought of you as family and all that was left was for Joshua to pop the question.

I hope you like it and don’t mind it’s so short. If you want a longer one let me know and I will write it  ❤

Response from a former Tythan shipper

This is about your response to shippings, especially ones with your friends. So if you don’t feel comfortable please skip over this.

This is coming from someone who ships (not anymore) Tythan…. sorta. I saw what you said about the fanfictions between your friends, and I never realized how that could make you so uncomfortable. When I read what you responded to some people, I felt like a terrible person for not even thinking ONCE how you would feel about all of it. And I just want to say, I’m so sorry. The first ship I saw get out of hand was Septiplier, and I don’t want that to happen with you and Tyler when you two are so uncomfortable to even speak to each other. Not only did that bring hate to Mark and Jack, but also Amy and Singe. I don’t want that to happen to you and Tyler and your future girlfriend, and Tyler’s future (he hasn’t said his sexuality so I’m just going to assume girlfriend). It’s not fair or right to make someone feel so uncomfortable around their own friend. I realize now that it will always be just friends, and to be honest… I’m not upset

If I’m going to be completely honest… I wrote a Tythan fanfic (I’m like 6 chapters in so there’s no smut) And after what I saw about how you don’t really like it, I may just delete mine off Wattpad. When I first saw the ship I thought it was pretty coolzies how everyone could be like each other for liking the same thing. But now, I don’t know anymore. I don’t want to be the reason you and Tyler aren’t friends because you’re both so uncomfortable. If people shipped me with my friends, and we were having sex I would be upset too.

This it getting too long (Lenny face) and I will just end it here. I guess the moral of this whole thing (coming from someone who used to ship Tythan) I’m sorry. I’m sorry I was a part of the problem.

-Nicole (I’m sorry again)

p.s the reason I’m not asking anonymously is because I’m curious to see if you will actually respond to this.

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Do you know what sucks? ... To be blind in one eye -_- I just can see something on my right eye! It's annoying I hate school so much! Anyway now my question. Did you like school or did you hate school?

I didn’t like or hate school. I just felt out of place and didn’t find it so useful for me, on a personal level.
But, we’re all different, it doesn’t mean school is useless. Everybody has their own way and pace to find their place in life.
More importantly, everybody have their place in life, it takes at least a lifetime to figure most of it -or even less. So take it one step at a time and find usefulness in everything you do, even if it looks useless. Nothing is ever completely useless, everything has its own usefulness when we learn to look at it from the right angle ;)

congrats on 15 million

jack, i couldn’t be anymore proud of you. you’ve come so far, i remember that the second i found and watched your video, i fell in love instantly. i make it part of my daily routine to watch your videos. you’re a huge part of my life and i don’t know what i’d do without you. i’ve met so many wonderful people because of you. and what makes you so important to me and to many other people as well is that your goal is to make people happy whether it’s from the things that you do or the things that you say. you hope that your videos could be a place where they find happiness, that if they watch your videos, you hope it makes them smile or zone out of the world, whether if it’s for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or even 30 seconds. you spread so much positivity in this world, you make people’s world so much brighter. it’s amazing how one person could have such a huge impact on another. you make people smile. you make them laugh. you make them happy. and you deserve all of your subscribers and many more to come, and don’t say that you don’t know if you deserve all these subscribers, because to me and to many other people no one deserves this as much as you do, you deserve the whole world. you deserve so much happiness. you’re our world, so thank you for everything. we’ll always love you and we’re always here for you, like you have been for us.
and from the bottom of my heart, i love you and thank you for making me smile! :)


So I had an idea last night and you know its a good one because I rarely have ideas.

From the title of this post, you can see that I wanna call it “ Fandom Exchange”.

Basically, you have two people of different fandoms. Person A wants to know more about Person B’s fandom and vice versa. The fandoms don’t even have to be related in any way, it’d just be a simple learning experience.

Example: Person A is a huge Fire Emblem fan, but wants to get into (hmm idk) uhm….The Legend of Zelda series. Person B is the opposite, like the Zelda series, wants to know more about Fire Emblem, yada yada.

So both of you spend your time teaching each other about each other’s fandom. This could be used as a way to make new friends without having to find anything in common with each other first.

And once the two of you are done learning about the other’s fandom, you both now have two things in common and can now geek out about.

So what do you guys think? I don’t ever ask for reblogs, but I feel this could be a good thing if it gets spread around. Feel free to expand upon it too! :)

My biggest fear about talking to/ being friends with people I’ve met on the internet and who live far from me is that something bad will happen to them and I wouldn’t even know it & no one would think to tell me about it because they don’t even know I’m in that persons life.

Resistance to social influence

Social support

Resisting conformity

  • Asch demonstrated that with an ally, conformity drops from 33% to 5.5%
  • Social support is important as it breaks the unanimity of the majority, giving others the confidence that they can go against the majority as they are able to stand up against the majority

Resisting obedience

  • With an ally,people are more confident in disobeying figures of authority
  • Disobedient peers act as role models, allowing us to do the same thing
  • Milgram: when confederates refuse to shock participant, obedience drops from 65% to 10%


  • Allen and Levine showed that response order is also important, as with 5 people, support as a first response is more effective than support as a fourth response: allows initial commitment to an answer which endures
  • Allen and Levine also found that social support doesn’t  even have to be valid to be effective:
    • visual discrimination task, one person wearing thick lenses (invalid support), the other not (valid support)
    • Both conditions reduce conformity
      • But, the valid support does have more impact
  • Real world application: Rosentrasse protest
    • Gestapo: threatened 2000 Jewish men with open fire. Women stuck together, leading to the release of the men and the authority of the Gestapo was defied
    • Stoltzfus: “Normally people were afraid to show dissent, but on the street they knew they were among friends because they were risking death together”

Locus of control

The nature of locus of control

Internality and resistance to social influence

  • Three characteristics of internals make them better able to resist social influence:
    • Seek information: do not juston opinions of others
    • Achievement oriented: become leaders, not followers, more persuasive (Spector)
    • Resist coercion: withhold information during interrogations in war camp situation. With more pressure, the difference between information from internals and externals increases


  • Spector: measured LOC and predispositon to normative and informational social influence:
    • Correlation between external and normative influence
    • No relationship between locus of control and informational social influence
      • Therefore, locus of control is related to normative but not informational social influence
  • Twenge et al: Young americans are becoming increasingly more external, believing  they their fate is determined by luck and other people. Meta-analysis 1960-2002, more external as time passes
  • Avtgis: meta-analysis: found a relationship between locus of control and  different forms of social influence:
    • Those with an external locus of control:
      • More easily persuaded
      • More easily influenced
      • More conforming

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I've been a bit nervous to send in anything so far, but the things you write are wonderful and seeing so much positive representation makes my heart soar, so... greyromantic aceflux Harry? He works out his romantic orientation fairly early (even perhaps without a name for it at the time) but working out his sexuality comes much later, after the war when there's more of a chance to think (and for a good while stress) over such things (Gryffindor)

Mod note: Hello, anon! Thank you for the compliment and for sending in a great headcanon! We hope you feel like submitting more in the future!

Even at age 12 Harry sensed he was different from his peers, and it wasn’t just because he had survived multiple encounters with Lord Voldemort.

People had started to look at one another differently, had started to talk about swarms of butterflies in their stomaches, had started wanting their “crushes” to notice them. And while Harry occasionally felt a tug towards one person or another, occasionally felt a flutter in his stomach or the quickening of his pulse, it wasn’t to the extreme that a lot of his classmates described. Whenever he was asked about who he fancied, he would say “ehhh.” How could he tell them in a way they could understand?

Then one day he remembered art class in year five back at his awful muggle school. There had been a poster on the wall with the greyscale and the colourwheel. He would stare at it most of the period before quickly creating whatever the teacher had walked the class through in painstaking detail. From then on he was able to describe exactly how he felt. Not totally black (aromantic). Not totally white (romantic). Grey. Greyromantic.

Later on he realized his sexuality was different (as if his life wasn’t already complicated enough). Sometimes he didn’t feel sexual attraction, but every so often he did. The height of his confusion came after the Triwizard Tournament, the loss of Cedric, and Voldemort’s return. He didn’t understand anything, especially himself.

Years later when the worst was over, his friend Hermione came through for him like she always did. She had always been the one person he told everything to, including his confusion about attraction. When she was back at Hogwarts completing her 7th year, she made use of its extensive library. She wrote to him about different asexual identities, hoping one would resonate with Harry. Finally one did. Aceflux made more sense to him than anything had in years. At last he understood.

He was greyromantic aceflux.

- Ravenclaw Mod