even if it was by paulies doing

Client is every kind of -ist. Boss isn't having it, gets one client fired, his replacement replaced.

This happened a few weeks ago, and I’m still in awe of my boss, who made it happen. I work as a private security officer for a small but well respected company. The higher-ups are masters at getting contracted for big-name clients and they treat us employees very well.

We had been subcontracted by a larger security firm to run event security for a certain tech company’s event during a certain famous film festival. Some serious money was being thrown around to make this event happen, I was told $75k per day just to rent out the venue, $6 Million worth of equipment, the list goes on. It was a big deal. Our client’s representative, who we’ll call Paulie, was a New York native with a thick Brooklyn accent and wouldn’t have been out of place on the set of The Sopranos. He’d been flown in from his base of operations just to oversee this event. It soon became clear that he was going to cause problems. First off, the agreement between my firm and our client was to provide asset protection, meaning we were to make sure that none of the expensive, yet highly portable electronic equipment went missing. Yet as soon as we got there, Paulie decided to ignore all that and had us working the doors as glorified bouncers. All our previous instructions were to be ignored and Paulie was God. This pissed us off a bit, as we had picked our people with unobtrusive asset protection in mind, but whatever, we’re professionals and we’ll roll with it. Second, Paulie was an a**hole. Everything we did was wrong somehow, even when we did exactly what he wanted us to, we were doing it wrong. He’d berate the poor officer right in front of everyone. He’d change our instructions on a whim and get mad at us for not complying with the new instructions before everyone had a chance to be informed. Third, and arguably worst, Paulie was an -ist of every type. Racist, ageist, sexist, he was the worst. We brought in female officers and he’d inevitably stick them in the most out-of-the-way posts he could to make sure they didn’t have to interact with the tech people. Same went for every officer Paulie thought was over 35. Since we were working 12 hour shifts, we tried to rotate everybody through every post, but he’d take over the rotation and stick the “old” and female officers out of sight. It got to the point where we were seriously considering quitting the contract and we NEVER do that.

Enter my boss. Let’s call him Rick. Rick is ex military and his thing is he Gets Shit Done. Rick, like several of us, is a licensed Private Investigator as well as a Security Officer. Rick is borderline OCD when it comes to keeping records. Rick has hidden cameras. Rick wore a wire and recorded a lot of Paulie’s shit. That shit then hit the fan when Rick passed off supervision of the site to me for the day and went to a meeting with the higher-ups from my company and a conference call with the higher-ups from Paulie’s company, let’s call them D*cks and A**holes Inc, or D&A. The next afternoon, the A in D&A showed up and took Paulie into one of the rooms the tech people had been using for demos earlier that day and spent over an hour yelling at him. One of our people, a female officer with 15 years of experience, who had worked security at the freaking PENTAGON, and who had been shoved in a corner nevertheless heard the whole thing go down, as she was posted outside the door. According to her, Paulie said several stupid things, but the one that stuck out was, “These guys are weak! They’re bringing in freaking GIRLS…!” before being told to shut the hell up. Paulie was fired right there and escorted off the property. The next day, those of us who hadn’t been there to see it were told the whole story and we reveled in the fact that we wouldn’t have to deal with Paulie anymore. Morale, which had been at historically low levels, shot through the roof.

This would be a good place to stop the story, but as the infomercials say, “Wait! There’s more!”

A took over. Remember him? The A**hole in D*cks & A**holes, Inc? He was worse, in different ways. He was just as bad as Paulie, but he was much, much more subtle about it. And, I can’t stress this enough, he was an A**HOLE.

He tried to get me fired for talking to the client, the tech company’s people. The event was winding down by this point, and I had asked the guy in charge of the tech people a question about continuing security needs. Turns out, the tech company was taking their stuff out of the demo rooms and therefore wouldn’t need those rooms secured anymore, so we didn’t need an officer for that post anymore. A was livid that I had spoken to the client without his say-so and that I had “cost us THOUSANDS!” by so doing, which was total bullshit. A went to Rick and yelled at him about it, too. Rick, however, had my back and just shrugged the whole thing off.

This is going long, so I’ll sum up. Rick was eventually forced to employ the same tactics he had used against Paulie and another conference call was made. Turns out, D&A had been bought out by another company, and since A was a founder, he didn’t get fired, but he did get sent home and yet another guy from the bigger company was flown out to oversee the last few days. That guy was pretty cool and we had no further problems.

The icing on the cake is that the tech company had seen all the bullshit my people had been put through and had been impressed with us. We’ve been asked to provide security services for their next event.


UNIVERSEBOUND - [available on redbubble + centi]

Paulis, Stess, Jarid(ot) and Coo! also Centikraken

hello i love the earthbound kids with my entire whole heart and heres me inevitably rubbing my horrible hands all over them

this is also roughly my headcanon heights for the eb kids. i love tall paula..

this disregards any ships from both source materials - DO NOT REPOST

Hamburg - when (almost) everybody is wrong

My best friend’s brother had a brand-new baby girl on Tuesday. She’s quite pink but everybody is very proud of her. The brother is a teacher in Hamburg and his partner and baby are in a hospital in the city. 

It’s G20.

Yesterday I talked to my friend and she told me how terrified her brother was. Hamburg expected 100.000 protesters. Which is a lot, causes traffic jams and is a general nuisance. 

It also expected about 8000 violent instigators, hooligans, extremists and so on. 

In the run-up to G20 business in the richer parts of town had been marked as belonging to, well, rich people. All of this is nothing new. We have that every year in Berlin. Cars are set on fire, windows need to be barricaded, there will be water throwers. 

Try navigating that with a newborn. 

The hospital released both mother and baby a day early to get them out of the city because they expected a very real possibility that the hospital might be attacked and I sat in my kitchen on the other side of Germany wondering what the fuck that says not only about my the world but also a movement I have always felt very connected to.

But ultimately… I mean, heck, I have lived in Leipzig and spent a good deal of time in Connewitz, I come from the deep and very neo-Nazi east… I am not surprised.

And then there is the other side of the story. Hundred thousands of people who care about this world and this planet and what’s happening to it and our future. A tidal wave of worry but also of hope.

Setting up their tents in parks, areas that have been given to them by the city of Hamburg - their right to do so, to come together and protest, bolstered and protected by the German constitution AND a legally binding decision by a judge just the day before. 

And then there is the chief of Hamburg police, a man even my conservative friends in the city call an absolute hardliner… Twisting the legal decision to his liking, as a member of the executive branch looking for loopholes in a legally binding decision to interpret it to his liking. 

A man that many have accused of provoking the violence by rigorously responding to the slightest provocations from the black block in the March to Hell demonstration, basically doing what the violent protesters wanted: Instigating violence and drawing every other peaceful protester down the drain with them.

They didn’t even need to bring in their own instigators. Holy shit, this is Germany. We have a long-standing tradition of violent left-wing protests. We have the 1st of May and this is HAMBURG. St. Pauli is a rallying cry for everyone looking for an excuse to set a car on fire.  

All they needed to do was to declare the black block as the black block and let everything unravel from there. We even have a word for a mass of hooded demonstrators ready for violence. There is a reason your are not allowed to cover your face at demonstration because that is the ONE determining characteristics from dividing the peaceful protesters from the Hooligans. And everybody accusing me of dragging a football term into this. Look at them and tell me the difference. I dare you!

Do any of them care for the protests? To any of them care for G20 or what these people decide up there?

A friend of mine is a member of the police emergency personnel, a branch from the standard police that is trained for those exact situations (and football games, because Germany). He is also a few political meters left of me. What we call a “linke Zecke” here in Germany. He cares. 

He cares that idiots attack them and then run into the masses, using peaceful demonstrators as human shields. He also cares that an asshole in a plush chair plays Russian roulette with his men’s health by waging his own cute little war. 

The new baby’s father cares because more than half of his students are not of German heritage, spanning the globe in their mother tongues and skin colors. 

But people that invade the perceived “rich” quarters to vandalize whole streets, setting cars on fire and respond to pleas of “People live here!” which “Shut the FUCK up!” 

They don’t care. they just want an excuse to brutalize others and there is no difference if you call that left-wing or right-wing terrorism. It’s terrorism. 

And people like the police chief, who so blatantly disregards a law he swore to uphold? Does he care for anything but his own personal power and pride? Does he even CARE for the people who now have no car anymore, no business or who can’t go to a hospital because everything is blocked and emergency services are busy taking care of the victims on both sides of the violence he provoked days in advance?

What does HE care for?

There are situations that you cannot win, caught between a rock and a hard place and the pride and disregard of men who don’t see you as worth caring for. Police power, terrorists. Doesn’t matter. 

I just saw the pictures a friend sent from by-streets in Hamburg. Not the main streets. Not the protest route but remote, peaceful by-streets, far from the protest, littered with burning cars. Family cars, not expensive ones. Just family cars. Trash cans kicked onto streets and set on fire.

People standing by in absolute disbelief.

Yet still, people stand up and go there. They protest the unfairness of a world order that disadvantages people too poor to even come to Hamburg and protest in their own name. 

Yet still, the people of Hamburg sweep their streets and replace their windows and go on with stubborn northern determination. 

And yet, a man walks through the crowds with a shield saying “Leave me alone, I’m just going to the supermarket.”

And yet, the first thing I hear from everybody around me, no matter which camp they belong to is “this is not democracy” and “what do you need?”

And yet, humanity prevails. Even if it sometimes is by just surviving. 

George: How long have you been sleeping with John?

Paul: What?! I don’t even get- why would- I- I’ve never had sex with anyone anywhere! It’s none of your- you have the nerve, the audacity- and how- how do I know, frankly, that you’re not sleeping with him? Maybe you are. Maybe you’re trying to throw me off.


Right Kind of Wrong

okay, but I reread my flyers!Geno verse last night—which I’ve somehow forgotten to re-upload on tumblr—and it is pretty A++ if I may say so myself.

Who’s gonna write me the fic where Geno is a Flyer and only ever chirps Sid in Russian? Like, every time the Pens play against the Flyers, Geno will whisper at him during faceoffs, taunt him when Geno scores a goal or coo at him when Sid does—and it’s driving him crazy, right? And even if he is amazing at hockey (which Sid will admit only over his dead, cold body), Malkin is a bit of a douche and a bully. Sidney tries to ignore him mostly, but the thing is, the Russian? Yeah, Malkin does it only with him. Sid has lost count of how many times Malkin has chirped at Nealer as he skates past, calling him lazy or ‘the real deal’, a mocking smirk firmly in place.

So Malkin obviously knows how to speak English, only he doesn’t with Sid. Not ever.

It’s driving Sidney up the wall.

Not even Giroux manages to get under Sid’s skin as easily as Malkin does.

Sidney, because he is a practical guy, decides it’s the Russian. It’s the not knowing what he’s saying, is all. He already speaks French, so Giroux’s chirps never bother him, but the Russian…the Russian is throwing him off.

He decides to learn Russian.

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One Piece Gays - Gay Guys Edition

You aint fooling anybody Smokey

He also happens to be the biggest Conis/Laki shipper

The both of them…I just…no comment

Iceburg/Paulie is canon confirmed 100%

I had never thought I’d see the day someone’s gayness could put even Nami to shame

very much for Croc

ditto for Mingo

Is Pedro/Sicillian a thing? The question is: For how long already?

Add more if you like

Paul Request

I hope you had a great thanksgiving!! Can I have a Paul imagine where he hasn’t join the pack and him and the reader are like best friend. Then the reader would date a vampire and that triggers the wolf inside of Paul, around Christmas the vampire left her and Paul is not talking to her because the whole wolf pack thing. Then she came running to Paul’s house and he imprints on her, lastly the vampire came back after the reader and Paul got together. Sorry that’s like a lot :/

You honked the horn playful as you pulled into Paul’s driveway; almost right away he came running out tugging on a flannel shirt over his t-shirt. “Good afternoon,” you cheerfully grinned. “You just wake up?”

“How can you tell,” he said blankly with a chuckle.

“Because I know you well enough. Oh, and there still some drool on your cheek,” you laughed as he quickly flailed his arm at his cheek and rubbed the saliva away.

“Tell me again why you wanted me to come out with you today.”

“I want you to meet Adrian,” you reminded him. You saw him snarl to himself. “Oh, stop that,” you swatted him. “He’s a nice guy.”

“A nice guy would take you out on a nice day, not a dark, rainy one like today. And he’d pick you up for that matter too.”

“He’d have to go out of his way to pick me up so we’re meeting there. You haven’t even met him why are you acting like you hate him?”

“Because as far as I’m concerned no guy is ever gunna’ be good enough for my best friend,” he said turned away from you so you couldn’t see his disappointed face. You ignored the tone in his voice and kept looking straight, maybe if he wasn’t your best friend you’d date the guy.

You pulled into the parking lot and turned off your car. “Paul,” you turned to him, “do me a favor. Pretend to like Adrian. Give him a shot, ok? We’ve been dating for two months now and he’s been good to me. Promise me you’ll give him a shot?”

“I promise.” With that you two jumped out of the car and booked it out of the rain and into the restaurant.

“There he is,” you smiled and waved. “Adrian, hey,” you walked over and hugged him. Paul watched as Adrian shot a glare towards him as you hugged him. “Adrian, this is my best friend Paul. Paul, this is Adrian.” As soon as he saw him something went off in Paul. He didn’t like the guy, his blood started to boil, he could feel himself starting to sweat.

“I’ve heard a lot about you Paul,” Adrian said offering his hand.

Paul fought the urge to recoil from the coldness of Adrian’s hand. “Same here.”

“I got us a table for three, they said it should be ready any minute now,” Adrian smiled towards you.

You poked Adrian’s side, “Are you actually going to eat this time or just sit and watch me again,” you joked.

“I actually had a late breakfast so I’m not that hungry.”

“You and your eating habits…so weird,” you told him. “Paul can eat 24/7 and still be hungry,” you laughed and turned towards Paul. “Paul, are you ok? You look sick.”

“I…ugh,” he stammered, “I think I need a minute,” he rushed past you and ran into the bathroom.

“Is your friend ok?”

“I don’t know,” you admitted. “He was fine in the car. I’m going to go check on him,” you left Adrian and poked your head into the men’s bathroom. Since you didn’t see any guys in there you went inside and found the shut stall door. “Paul,” you softly said, “let me in.”

“No,” he growled, “I don’t want you to see me like this.”

“Like what? Sick? Paul, I took care of you when you had the flu, I’m sure I can handle it.”

Reluctantly, he came out of the stall, a puddle starting to show on his undershirt. “You look awful, Pauly. I’m taking you home.”

“I’m fine,” he tried to dismiss you.

“Don’t argue with me, we’re going home. Let’s go. Go out to the car,” you handed him the keys, “I’ll be there in a second.”

You two left the men’s room and you walked towards Adrian. “Is your friend alright?”

“No, I’m afraid not. I have to take him home, I think he’s caught the flu or something. I’m sorry,” you apologized.

“No, no, don’t worry about it,” he reassuringly smiled. “Go take care of your friend. We can go out later this week, yeah?”

“That sounds perfect.”

All ride home Paul was twisting and yelling out in pain. “I’m taking you to the res. Doctor, Paul, there’s something wrong.” As soon as you pulled into the small parking lot you were out and to his side. “Come on,” you lifted him out of the car and half dragged him into the office.

“What happened,” the Doctor asked. After you explained everything to him he nodded at you. “Go home, Y/N, we’ll call his family and take care of Paul here. Nothing to worry about.”

And that was the last time you saw Paul. After that day he refused to take your calls, refused to call you back, and every time you went to his house he wasn’t there. You had lost your best friend and had no idea why.

Months had passed and the snow was falling. It was December 19th and Adrian was leaving tomorrow to spend the holiday’s with his family. You grabbed your coat and drove to the cafe you were meeting him at. “Hi,” you brightly smiled at your boyfriend.

“Hey,” he said lacking luster. “I got you a coffee,” he handed the cup to you.

“Thanks. What the matter? You seem…off.”

“Y/N, sit down, we need to talk.”


“I have to breakup with you.” Before you could ask why he continued, “I’m moving back towards my family. I didn’t expect to stay around here this long, but I did, and now I need to go. And I can’t continue our relationship once I go. Hell, I shouldn’t have started dating you in the first place.”

“So dating me was a mistake now?”

“Yeah, I guess it was.”

“Then have a nice life in wherever the hell you’re going,” you slammed your drink on the table and left.

You drove back to your house and slammed the door. After all these months of him acting like everything was perfect he changes his mind. He regrets your relationship now?! You grabbed your phone and dialed the number you knew by heart. “You’ve reached Paul. Leave a message and I’ll get back to you,” the voicemail you’d heard so often these past few months flooded your ears.

“Paul, it’s me…again. I…I know you don’t want to talk to me, I’ve gotten that message but…but I really need my best friend to talk to right now,” you felt tears weld in your eyes. But you were felt more sad about not reaching Paul than about having just broken up with your boyfriend. “Please, when you hear this, give me a call.”

Hours had passed and you still weren’t feeling tired. This whole time you sat stirring in anger; anger that Adrian had broken up with you, anger that he said you were a mistake, but mostly anger that Paul had heard the pain in your voice on all your calls and he still had chosen to ignore you.

It stirred and stirred until finally you felt it rupture. You shot up, grabbed your keys, and started speeding towards Paul’s house on the reservation.

His car was in the driveway and the lights were on. You stomped up the porch and let yourself in his home, slamming the door shut. Before you could enter the living room Paul stepped into view. “Y/N?” His face shifted from a confused stare to a blank look, like he wasn’t thinking anything.

“You’ve got some real nerve, you know that?” You pushed him out of your way and started pacing around the room. “Four months, you’ve been ignoring me. Four months, Paul! I must have left you a dozen messages, I must have come over a handful of times trying to catch you, but all those aren’t as bad as what happened tonight.” You picked up the phone on the couch and saw that he had listened to the voicemail you’d left him last night.

“I called you tonight needing to talk to my best friend and you ignored me! You listened to the message, or maybe you just straight deleted it, but I needed you and you were too self centered to-,” all he was doing was blankly staring at you. “Why are you just looking at me? Didn’t think I’d have the balls to come over here and tell you how much of a di-,” you were cut off by Paul’s lips crashing on yours.

“What,” you asked in a daze after he let go.

“I’ve loved you for years now I just never said anything and when I met Adrian…well something happened to me and…”

“So you stopped talking to me because I was dating Adrian?”

“No…Y/N, there’s a lot that I think you deserve to know.” And that’s when he told you everything.

*1 month later*

You and Paul were driving from town back towards the res. The pack was having another bonfire tonight and Paul had taken you out on a date and now you two were heading back. “Hey, can we stop by my house real quick? I forgot my coat and I’m not a personal heater like you guys are?” Paul grinned and laughed at your meekness.

“Who’s car is that,” Paul said turning on your street.

“That’s…Adrian’s.” You heard Paul starting huffing angrily right away. “Calm down, Pauly. I’m sure it just looks like his car, it’s probably not even his.” He reluctantly pulled over and you two made your way to the front door. Just a few steps away, Adrian stepped out from the shadows. “Adrian?”

“Y/N, hey.”

“What are you doing here?”

“I came to see how you were doing. What’s that smell,” he said with a disgusted face.

“That’d be me,” Paul said bitterly.

“You’re a werewolf, aren’t you? I’d heard rumors about you guys. Can I have a second with Y/N?”

“No,” you both said at the same time. “What do you want, Adrian?”

“I wanted to apologize. I was a real jerk and it was because I was panicking. I was afraid to tell you my secret and afraid to see how you’d react. I’m sorry and I want to make things right.”

“Well thank you, Adrian, but I’ve moved on,” you reached out and grabbed Paul’s hand. “And I’m happy.”

“I understand,” he sadly lowered his head and walked back to his car.

“You’re happy,” Paul grinned like a kids at Christmas as he looked at you.

“Yeah, I am. For now at least,” you quipped at the end and poked his side, running up and into your house.

“Hey,” he chuckled and tried to sound offended. Then he took off after you, determined to make you pay.

PHYSICS PICK UP LINES (sorry in advance)
  • 1: "We don't need a particle accelerator to smash together."
  • 2: "What do my boyfriend and the theory of everything have in common? Neither have been discovered yet..."
  • 3: "Quantum particles aren't the only things that can get entangled."
  • 4: "Hey babe, are you Marie Curie? Because you're absolutely radiant!"
  • 5: "I'm glad the Pauli Exclusion principle only applies to fermions, because I'd love to share the same space as you."
  • 6: "Even without mass, I'd still fall for you."
  • 7: "Are you a black hole? I'm not sure where this leads, but you're pulling me in and I'd like to find out."
  • 8: "0 Kelvin is the coldest anything can get, but physicists still aren't sure what the maximum is... I can't wait to tell them I just found the hottest thing in the universe!"
  • 9: "I know you're not Erwin Schrödinger... He only has a 50% chance when he checks, but I know you've got a 100% chance of killin' this pussy!"

This here is Paulie Naeder.  His father is of German decent, his mother Italian, and due to living in the northern UK for most of his life he ended up with a Yorkshire accent.  He’s in his early twenties, and he still lives happily with his family.  He is always seen wearing some sort of nature-themed article of clothing, his favourite being his yellow and black striped sweater.  Add a pair of fake wings that act as pouches for seeds and the like, add his antennae headpiece, and you get The Pollinator.

The rest is under a read more because I talk too much.

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I wish CBS would let us vote for who we want back.

I want Victor because he was a fucking beast. I want Vanessa and Tiffany back because they were both robbed af. And I want Johnny Mac for the DRs even though he knew what was going on 0% of the time. Becky and Jackie. Or. What if we had a cast of all the “Villains” or the most hated people. what even would they do oh my god. Like. Paulie, Austin, Frankie, Jozea, Amanda, Christine, etc you get the point. It would be literal hell for us viewers, but so so entertaining.

Originally posted by elissaforpresident

anonymous asked:

Ugh sooo theres a thread on reddit on how Betty is a selfish bad friend because she only uses Veronica??, got mad at VA fot investigating FP and her love for Jughead clouds her judgment.

Wait…..BETTY…only uses VERMIN???? Da fuq?

The only good, friend thing we’ve seen Vermin do to date for Betty was giving Paulie temporary shelter. Past that, if Vermin does something nice for Betty, she has an ulterior motive/is trying to feel like a less shitty person/wants to improve her social position…..

Conversely, even with all kinds of shit going on in her own life (which Jughead has always been the one to comfort and help Betty with, cause LBR, they’re one another’s BFFs in addition to being BF/GF), Betty has always been there to comfort Vermin through her melodramatic ladypain (I mean Vermin had a bigger breakdown over Ethel’s dad than Betty did over her family falling apart before her eyes, in the same episode)….

And guess what? Vermin’s entire behavior with regards to FP? Psychotic, back stabbing, duplicitous, ridiculous, and totally not her place to do in the first place. AND then threw Betty under the bus, like the jackass she is. If anything, Betty had a moment of clarity when she distanced herself from VD and should’ve stayed with her first instinct there….

They are just so utterly disgusting….and all because they’re elitists, worshipping a petty, snide bitch because $$$

anonymous asked:

What pairings do you read and top three kinks/tropes?

Pairings: um anything that gets recommended honestly? Even for teams i dont necessarily follow.
But a list of ones I already read
Sidgeno, bennguin, les gally, mitch/auston, brioux, mcstrome, mceichel, mcdraisaitl, mikey mcleod/nate bastian, nate/tyson, bish/ROUS, hall/eberle, hall/nuge, nuge/eberle, nuge/hall/eberle, hagelin/kessel, benntuzzo, nico/nolan, sheary/rust, sheary/murray, olli maatta/justin schultz, daddy/jordie, paulie/nealer, backstrom/ovechkin, bobrovsky/foligno, others I can’t think of off the top of my head??? (I also must admit i do read fic involving certain blacklist trashhawks players, because they have a long history in fandom and some really great works- but i also am very aware how problematic they are in real life and not fictional musings about mpreg and royalty aus?)

the sexy porn kind? Daddy kink, panties kink, hate sex
Fic tropes I most enjoy? Friends/enemies to lovers, fake relationship, assumed/fake identity OH SHIT AND DOMESTIC FLUFF

mcl-pauly  asked:

(about you posting about translations) i think you have the right to do it if you want to ? i dont know your level in french but if you feel like some translations bother you enough to make you feel like you should make a post about it... then you should totally do it ! it's okay even if you're wrong ! you'll always end up learning something c: but i do understand how you feel. although i know i understand english quite well, im actually very self conscious about it (1/2)

i always feel like i shouldn’t post translations (especially for ed) because i think im not fluent enough to do that… no matter how many times i reread myself i always know theres gonna be mistakes… its always very stressing for me ><’ but it’s also a great exercice ! and that way you’re also able to inform people who can’t speak french about the little differences about the eng ver and the fr ver. anyway all this to say that you totally have the right to post translation stuff ! o/ (2/2)

Aww T~T Thank you <3 This helps a lot.I really love when you post stuff into English too! I think you always do great.

But yes, thank you again!! 

I think after reading the Manga (which was my first really big project in like… doing much of anything in another language besides watching shows subbed from like… Japanese or French), I’ve especially become more… observant to some things. Which seems to be both a good and bad thing. On one hand, I feel like I’m understanding more, but on the other certain things I may have skipped over in the past are now standing out to me even more and some are probably going to… bother me quite a bit. 

I just hope I don’t bother anyone or upset anyone and am at least doing well T~T Even if I’m still learning. 

Since it’s all self-taught for the most part, I’m not even sure I know what my level is in it… 

Here’s one of the final scenes of my story Distractions! I’m really happy with how this turned out despite there not being any shading (I didn’t even want to attempt it). One of the things I liked working on the most for this was doing the pictures in the background. I put as much detail as I could in such little space and I’m pretty proud of it.

The Breakdown of the Jury fight between Da’Vonne and Paulie (+Zakiyah).

Below the line you have me, a tortured bb tumblr soul that watched the fight during the live eviction and had such a whiplash, I had to sit down, adjust my glasses, pop open a jar of mandarin oranges, and watch that fight like I was a part of the FBI, solving a homicide case. What did we see during that now in the history books, iconic jury segment?

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“Do we make people feel awkward?”

Paulie brought this up with Z in jest but it brings out a very valid point about the difference between them and Nicorey. They mention how people tend to feel like they’re intruding when they’re around Zaulie, but don’t feel that way with Nicorey.

My take on that is because the energy changes when Zaulie are together because of their mad chemistry. Hell, I feel like I’m intruding half the time watching them. It’s in the way they stare at each other, like there isn’t anyone else in the room sometimes. It’s that spark that flares up when they’re close to each other. It’s the intimacy in how they touch/hold/nuzzle each other. It feels so personal that it’s uncomfortable to be around without feeling like a voyeur. That is TRUE chemistry. Not to mention that the sexual tension is so thick you could cut it with a chainsaw. That’s something that can’t be faked, even for TV.

They truly like each other and the other HGs can sense it - but not with Nicorey. That’s not to say that Nicorey don’t like each other, but obviously the energy is VASTLY different. What do y’all think?