even if it was by paulies doing


UNIVERSEBOUND - [available on redbubble + centi]

Paulis, Stess, Jarid(ot) and Coo! also Centikraken

hello i love the earthbound kids with my entire whole heart and heres me inevitably rubbing my horrible hands all over them

this is also roughly my headcanon heights for the eb kids. i love tall paula..

this disregards any ships from both source materials - DO NOT REPOST

If you’re not voting for who had the best game and deciding to vote on who is the least offensive player, what are you even doing? I’ve seen people try to slander Jason and compare him to Paulie or say he’s worst when Jason literally rants about everyone whether they are a woman or a man. And at the end Jason will own up and apologize for anything he said when he looks back.

Jason is not going to squander the money but use it to enhance his life and the fact that people want to try to take that away from him cause they want to paint him out to be this vile person when he just overly rants (that yes, can be offensive) but still he has played the best game and earned that money.

I dislike Shelby but if Jason was gone, I would absolutely step aside and not get in the way of her winning even though I find her to be just as shitty as people find Jason.

And please let’s not act like Morgan is a saint. Morgan has been bashing Danielle without giving her a chance in any shape or form and said plenty of horrid things about her. If we’re going to vote based on character, they are all shitty people so vote for the one who had the best game which we all know is clearly Jason.

Indian Scout Sixty now available in dual-tone colour

American Motorcycle Company Indian Motorcycle’s most affordable offering the Scout Sixty has got a new paint shade in Europe, which will go on sale in April 2017. The new two-tone paint job called Star Silver/Thunder Black will be available alongside the existing colour line up – red, black and white.The new colour gives a gold piping on the fuel tank of the Scout Sixty.

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Grant Bester, general manager of Indian Motorcycle in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) said, “We’re super happy with how Scout Sixty has been received in Europe, so adding this new two-tone scheme will only make this model even more appealing. Last year we invested heavily in a new paint facility in Spearfish, South Dakota and the result of that means Indian can produce incredible colours and finishes, not only on Scout Sixty, but across the entire line-up.”

Scout Sixty in Star Silver/Thunder Black will be on sale in dealerships from April priced at the following: UK £9,699 | France €12,290 | Germany €12,290 | Spain €12,290 | Portugal €12,290 | Sweden SEK 134,900 | Norway NOK 177,423

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The motorcycle is powered by a 999cc liquid-cooled V-twin engine that develops 78bhp and 89Nm of torque paired to a five-speed transmission. The motorcycle weighs just 246kg. The Scout Sixty is based on the same cycle parts and design of the bigger Scout model. The Scout Sixty has an identical chassis, suspension and brakes.

The Scout Sixty measures 2,311mm in length, 880mm in width and 1,207mm in height with 1,562 mm wheelbase. The motorcycle comes with 135mm ground clearance, 31-degree lean angle and 12.5-litre fuel tank capacity. It features a black seat, matching black frame and wheels, and is compatible with more than 200 accessories already available such as saddlebags, wire wheels and quick-release windscreens.

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The fact that Nicole is a woman who refused to work with other women and went along with the guys wanting to get women out is the true reason why dislike Nicole. And it wasn’t even because of strategy, it was out of jealousy and pettiness which is really sad. She always took a man’s side over a woman’s (Paulie and Z/James and Natalie) and asked Corey to continue with the all males allience. She’s obviously a very insecure person that thinks she needs to constantly be in competition with other girls. Yes she made it to final 4 but she literally accidentally ended up there. There have been floaters who’ve made it this far, but it doesn’t mean they’re “doing something right” It just means that they got lucky with the circumstances that occured. If Nicole’s gameplay of wanting all of the women out and working against the women is a gameplay you’re proud of thats really sad.


Vote for Michelle for Co-HOH. She is the only houseguest that can win it that I am 100% sure that will use it correctly. She is going to nominate Nicole/Paulie/Corey and make sure they will go. DO NOT split votes! Vote splitting is how Nicole won the care package and we cannot let that happen again. Even if you don’t like Michelle, vote for her if you want Nicole/Corey/Paulie out because she will do THAT. 

I can genuinely say I hate Paulie more than I ever hated Frank. At least Frank had the decency to apologize to Day, Paulie can’t even do that and apologize to Natalie and take responsibility for himself. It’s disgusting. Paulie has made some of the worst comments/threats I’ve ever heard on this show and I’m not sure how he’s getting away with it. I’m not saying Frank is off the hook for what he did, because it’s also disgusting, all I’m saying is at least he could apologize, Paulie isn’t man enough to think he did anything wrong, and he keeps doing it. You can’t say you’re gonna get your sisters to beat someone or say you’re gonna bury them and get away with it I’m sorry that’s just fucked up.

Don’t @ me I’m just genuinely so disgusted by how Paulie treats the woman in the house and it makes me physically angry.

I HATE the way this show is edited. Why does this show edit all the men to seem smart and that they know how to play so well but they edit the women to be stupid ??? Natalie was so close to that competition and instead of just showing those clips they just HAVE to show her bad shots and then a dr to make her look even more ditzy ??? Instead of showing any clips of disgusting Paulie being an ass towards women they show Paul saying “FRIENDSHIP” a million times ¿¿??? Why do they have a random 5 minute clip of the mayo couple talking about animals ??? W H Y

Originally posted by nicolefrazzled

Y'all dont remember when Nicole when upstairs and started laughing with the guys about Zakiyah being in emotional distress? Railroading every other female player in the house? Condoning Paulie’s behaviour towards Tiff, Nat, and Z? Making comments towards Natalie’s physical appearance? I do. Nicole truly hasn’t gotten even an ounce of the backlash she deserved in the house or outside of it, I refuse to feel sorry for her.

the reason i don’t blog as much about bb18 is because every single person that has actually made the house exciting and/or was willing to actually play the game has been evicted. and the two people who are willing to change the course of the game (michelle / natalie) are going to be the next people to be in jury. and i am NOT here to watch james be a pussy doing everything the house wants bc he’s scared, nicole be a rat obsessed with corey, zakiyah to continue sucking paulies ass/being a bigger flop everyday, corey to boast about comps he hasn’t even come close to winning, bridgette making cookies, paulie being a literal piece of shit and winning every comp with absolutely no one targeting him, paul saying “friendship” / being up paulies ass, and victor to just be as oblivious as shit to everything.

I just don’t get why a grown ass man doesn’t understand that if someone says you made them uncomfortable you don’t fucking say you didn’t or that you couldn’t. You say sorry and stop doing it. You can even ask what specifically you did that made them feel that way so you don’t do it again. Like ????? What don’t you understand about that???? You can’t just invalidate a person’s feelings like that.

Literally grow the fuck up and have an adult conversation without being defensive you moldy ass soggy ass piece of white bread dipped in milk.

tiffany can’t
- wear hats, show emotion or wear sunglasses because people think she’s playing vanessa’s game
- go into rooms without being isolated or forced out of them
- campaign without people leaving or ignoring her
- be in a room with a guy because apparently she has a crush on corey and paulie now even tho she’s gay 
- stay in this game because they’re “scared she’s gonna be like vanessa”
- catch a damn break

frank can: 
- blow up his own game 100 times over while still having people wanting to work with him?
- spoil a blindside and expose an alliance but people will sit and talk to him for 3 hours
- sexually harass girls but still have girls wanting to keep him safe and do his dirty work?
- have people execute his backdoor plan even tho it only benefits him because they’re “afraid of him”



I have been keeping your secret for too long and for no good reason whatsoever.

I was going to continue pretending that I didn’t know you were @paulieslogic all along, but now that you’re trying to play both sides of the tag, I have no choice but to post this information.

I have hitherto given you the benefit of the doubt, even when my instincts told me not to do so. Your behavior has been erratic, you have repeatedly used ethnic slurs, and you have wished bodily harm on other houseguests. When confronted, you apologize and chalk it up to saying “dumb shit,” but then you go and make the same mistakes. Out of respect for you, I will not post evidence of these claims on this post, but I want you to know that I have taken screenshots of all of our most recent private interactions. Make of this information what you will.

I can’t make you stop trying to doxx Paulie or his fans, but I can at least get you to own up to what you’re doing. There is power in anonymity, and I cannot allow you to continue misusing it. I say all of this with as much kindness as possible, because I know that you’re probably a good person at heart with good intentions.

Warm regards,

Marcus (theparttimemisanthrope)