even if it was about the onesies

ppl are always saying “LGBTQ+ people have to grapple with their sexuality/identity” - well, they shouldn’t HAVE to???¿ there would be little to no grappling if they could just be born and be who they are naturally without giving a second thought and/or figure it out as they go along with no pressure. as a straight/cis person i literally never even thought about my sexual orientation or gender identity. i just was. i knew i liked boys in kindergarten. i didn’t make a choice. LGBTQ+ ppl could just BE as well, and like who they like and be who they are if all these societal ideals and pressures weren’t thrust upon everyone from birth. like a newborn baby being put in a “ladies man” onesie. stuff like that gets under my skin so bad. it pisses me off that straight/cis ppl have that “luxury” just bc it’s considered the “default” and everyone else has to “struggle.” like ????? this is how it is when it comes to ANYTHING really!!!!! it’s so bad i know what i’m saying is nothing new.. but, yeah :(

I’m not at that point yet where I’m okay with taking selfies, but I really wanted to participate in the Phandom Tumblr Prom, so here’s a (failed and inaccurate) drawing of myself!

…And, yes. I’m going to this prom alone, but I’m okay with that. It’s just going to be me, my onesie, and my plush minion all alone in the corner, eating all the food.

Come say hi, if you want to! I’m all for listening to other people talk/rant about anything, even if I’m horrible at giving advice.

I'm not okay.

*lays face down on ground* Phil Lester is 28. That means he should be getting married and settled down and thinking about kids because he seems like the person who would want kids. Phil Lester is 28 years old and does not swear. Phil Lester is 28 years old and is still making youtube videos, watching anime, dressing in onesies, living with his best friend, eating cereal at 12 pm, and watches Buffy the vampire. Phil Lester is almost 30 years old. Phil Lester screams and falls off beds when Dan catches him eating his cereal. Phil Lester will be 30 in 2017 and does not even have a wife/husband or children and has not mentioned anything related to a girlfriend or boyfriend (other than phan). My smoll giant that I raised from birth is all grown up.

Somebody got paid to draw these clothes.

THE SHOES AREN’T EVEN FACING THE CORRECT DIRECTION. The onesie is just a monstrosity. I’m not even going to talk about the abomination that is the gold kau’s hooves. 

They should just kill the site at this point, really. They’ve ruined everything.

Cookie Dough Blizzard by Oh She Glows (V, GF) >

Ok, so it’s not red and white, it contains only a modest 3-4 tablespoons of maple syrup, and it isn’t named after a moose, beaver, or city on Vancouver Island… but doesn’t this plant-based spin on a DQ classic look like a darned great way to cool off after a full evening of stomping around to the Barenaked Ladies in your Roots onesie, and setting things on fire??

In case you are still having doubts about whether you can make this tonight and still consider yourself a patriot, consider the following: 

  1. Angela Liddon of Oh She Glows is Canadian. (Yahoo!! High fives all around. We’re huge fans.)
  2. Dairy Queen is from Minnesota, which is practically in Canada.
  3. It’s called a blizzard. We’re amazing at those.

There you have it. Time to throw some bananas in the freezer and get blizzarding. Happy Canada Day!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard Recipe by Oh She Glows


I was tagged by aerstiel

Name: Kaytlyn, Kaytie

Average hours of sleep each night: 10ish

Last thing I googled: heinous

Nickname: i eh

Birthday: July 16

Gender: Female

Height: 5'7″

Favorite color: Blue or gray

One place that makes me happy: kentucky

How many blankets I sleep under: 2

Favorite movie: Grease

What I’m wearing now: a tardis onesie

Last book I read: im currently reading “the bean trees” for lit

Most used phrases: “werp” idk umm “bite me/ fight me”

Last thing I said to a family member: “is that a threat or a promise”

What is family?: either who you feel most at home with or the people you are related to by blood

Favorite drink: peace tea

Favorite food: honeydew

Last movie I watched in theatre: Pitch Perfect 2 

Wedding colors: idk if i even want to get married and i dont care really about colors

Dream pet: either a mountain lion or a panther bc in my dreams it wouldnt kill me and would just be like a giant house cat

Dream job: Librarian

i tag umm smileluveli calm-down-im-joking freakonwheat and whoever else wants to do this

Week 3: Reading Response

“The Story of X” is a great example of the social construction of gender. By the story following a child from birth threw the school years it became clear to me how as a society we constantly are constructing and defining gender. As soon as baby X was born family and friends wanted to know the gender of X and could not wrap their minds around the thought that the baby was not identified as either male or female. This made me think about what happens around the time a baby is brought into the world. Before a baby is even born there is baby shower. During this time if the baby’s sex is announced the parents are surrounded with gifts intended for girls or boys such as pink onesies with princesses or blue onesies with footballs and baseballs. This type of label only continues when a baby is born. The gender a baby is assigned at birth determines what baby blanket they get in the hospital, what toys the receive on their first birthday, or whether they look like a strapping young boy or a cute little girl.

         Gender stereotyping doesn’t stop either after the toddler years but only increases during the school years as the story demonstrated. Not all kids have the luxury of growing up the way X did. During school kids can not use the restroom or even line up for attendance without identifying as a boy or girl. Likewise, they are limiting in what they want to achieve by trying to fit into what society deems as acceptable for girls and boys. X was able to play sports, be smart, bake, and have “boy” and “girl” toys without ever identifying as boy or girl. It was interesting to me the uproar X caused with the other children’s’ parents in the story for not identifying as a boy or girl as I believe the same thing would happen today. In general I think society is becoming more accepting of non cisgender identifications with the help of celebrities such as Laverne Cox and Caitlyn Jenner but I don’t think the same is true for transgender children and teenagers. I have read news stories in the past months where transgender adolescents were ridiculed by parents of the school for using the restroom. The transgender child was accused that they may rape their child if they had male genitalia and were using the “women’s” restroom. This just reconfirms to me that the social construction of gender is not going anywhere anytime soon and that a child living a life completely like X’s is very unlikely. With this is mind it is not to say we are not making any improvements as we are trying to provide the same opportunities for males and females, but as whole there is still room for improvement.

Ummmmmm…… my gut reaction to finding out about Venus Angelic is… WTF isn’t that kind of insulting (and borderline racist…)?

YouTube kept suggesting I watch “How To Look Like A Korean Girl” just because I’ve been watching a lot of BIGBANG videos, and I could tell from the thumbnail that the girl was CLEARLY not Asian. (Let’s not even START on the title/premise of the video.)

So, I finally clicked on her profile and the default video is about weird Japanese candy and she is wearing a penguin onesie and speaking like how stereotypical “~*~*~kawaii~*~*~” Japanese girls speak in their cutesy voices. (And how a lot of East Asian girls strive to look/dress/act, annoyingly and unfortunately enough.)

Am I the only one who finds this kind of insulting? I mean, it’s fine to be interested in another culture, for sure, but WHAT. THE. FUCK.

Isn’t it already problematic enough that in a lot of Asian culture, girls are always expected to look NOT Asian? From anime, to millions of hair lightening dyes, whitening of skin, coloured contact lenses, and the constant music videos and fashion shows and magazines featuring Caucasian women IN ASIA, don’t we think that Asian girls already feel like they’re not “good enough”?

I am not saying that Venus Angelic is the root of any of these problems. I understand she was (is) just a teenager who became very interested in Japanese culture and makeup and gained a lot of popularity due to her doll-like features. But isn’t that another problem with society? The perpetuation that doll-like = ladylike = desirable?

Sorry, this is just a long rant. I don’t know where I’m actually going with this. OKAY, I’M ANNOYED, BUT I’M DONE.

shiisiln asked:

May from Pokemon for the character ask

This is probably the first time I’ve gotten a girl, even though every character is still from Pokemon. Well, it’s still good.

In common
1. Hangs out with a lot of nerds

2. Doesn’t really know a lot about stuff (she didn’t know much about Pokemon when she started her journey, right?)

3. Does it also count that some of the people we hang out with also dress in unusual clothes in public? I mean, Harley is a cactus man and Drew is…you know. And last year one of my friends wore coloured contacts to school for many days and sometimes also wore a onesie. A handful of them also dye their hair different colours.

1. She could eat her entire weight in ramen while I probably couldn’t finish even one bowl and probably end up giving the rest to her.

2. She could swim through a river to save her boyfriend whereas I drown in a pool of my feet can’t touch the ground.

3. I’m a lot more introverted and quiet, so I would barely be squealing loudly if I found a Skitty like hers (also I’m allergic to cats and dogs so if cat-like or dog-like Pokemon count, I’d most likely cry and keep my distance).

Olivia Palermo Shows How to Wear Leather Overalls the Uptown Way

Well it’s official, this summer is seeing the rise of the overall yet again. After last year’s onesie took off with stylish stars including Blake Lively and Cara Delevingne; even Taylor Swift got in on the act, putting a Nashville-meets-Manhattan spin on the look. Then last night at the opening of Seaport Studios at the Seaport District in New York, fashionable girl about town Olivia Palermo showed how to make the high school favorite all grown up for summer.

Her overalls came with oversize buckles, which were a cool counterpoint to the bold single-strand necklace. Tough, yet demure, the ensemble also benefited from the flouncy blouse she wore underneath. Palermo played with texture with her mesh stilettos, and kicked biker-ready black leather into high gear.

37 View all images of Olivia Palermo

Photos: Getty Images

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Millennials and Sexting

Dude: “So, what are you wearing?”
Me: “Should I lie or be honest?
Dude: “Whatever you think will get the job done, I guess.”
Me: “A wedding dress.

Sexting can fail, miserably.

Aaaand he never spoke to me again. Also, I was wearing a Batman onesie – super hot right? Sexting: we’ve all been there. There’s just something about lying on your bed at 3AM acting like you’re totally into it when you start dating a guy. Oh millennials! We use technology for everything now – even when it comes to sex. And guys, women are never into it, we’re just lying there on the other side googling “how to sext?” and laughing at you, going “pffft idiot, like I’ll ever do THAT.” (Editor’s note: speak for yourself.)

I did a minor study, between 250 millenials, and 74% of them said they have sexted. Some said they were sexting at the moment and one asked “Do you wanna sext?”

I did a little interview with the men in my life (not my boyfriend, my BFF – that reminds me – if you are male, please call me at 083-DESPERATE-100). Let us call him Terrence, now Terrence says that he likes sexting because it’s hot. Men, they always use such big sentences to describe things. According to Terrence he would ask women questions like “What would you do if I were there?”, “What are you wearing?”, “Are you naked?” and then they start asking for nudes.

Here are a few tips when it comes to sexting: Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes you just like to laugh at men, and sometimes you’re desperation sexting. With this new sexting thing comes Revenge porn. I know, men should not be allowed to name things. According to Terrence, Revenge Porn is when the guy’s heart gets broken and he sends all those nudes you sent him to his buddies or he posts it on the internet. So, when you’re walking around and get all these stares, they aren’t looking at you because you have something on your face – they are looking at you because they saw you (and your boobs) on PornHub’s newest entry.

Here is how to avoid that sitch:

  • NEVER let your face show in your pics –then you can just be like “That’s not me, but I have to say what beautiful boobs, amirite?”
  • Don’t send anything sexual to strangers. Booblover502 is not “the one”.
  • Preferably sext with a nice guy who you’re in a committed relationship with. The one who would rather delete all your pics when you break up because he has respect for you as well as women in general.
  • Rather sext with emojies. There is this cool emoji site – FlirtMoji – where you can copy, paste and send sexy emojies to lovers. There are lots of free emojies, but if you really want to let the “50 Shades of Grey” in you come out, you can subscribe for even more.
  • Say NO. Sexting is like sex. It should always be consensual, don’t do something you don’t want to do.
  • Don’t send pics if you don’t want to, it’s your body. If he doesn’t want to talk to you then he’s not worth your time anyway.
  • Only do or think about participating in this trend if you’re over 18.

To wrap it up: don’t be afraid to say no, never let your face show in your pics, do it with emojies and don’t be afraid to talk with your friends about it. You should never feel ashamed of sharing your feelings or sexting with someone you care about BUT remember to always be careful.

Helpful hint: if you want to partake in sexting but have no clue how to begin – type out a Rihanna or Iggy Azalea song.

If you are a mom reading this and you’re freaking out because you’re afraid your teen is sexting, read this article by Cath Jenkin: Sex…Ting

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Jake: You know what I love about you?

Sarah: What do you love about me?

Jake: You are one of the best people i’ve ever known and you are the most simplest person i know.

Sarah: I’m not simple (crosses arms)

Jake: prove it

Sarah: I’m a transgender alternate personality who’s married to her own host and I act like a cute lil kid even though i’m 17.

Jake: (pauses for a second) I’ll never question your logic ever again.

Sarah: Darn right. (Zips up onesie) 

dreams p1

so last night i had this dream about my childhood crush, and we were in spain looking around at all the architecture and stuff, and i lost my car keys, and she looked so unhappy about life (the trip, not me losing my keys), and then we appeared back to where her real-life job is and she got like a fourth ear piercing and it was bleeding a lot and she looked upset about it and then we were back in spain and we were in a store exclusively for onesies, and this one had animated animals on it, and she showed it to me all happy and it was awesome but also sad.

sad bc when we were in high school, she gave me a chance, but i was shitting brix so i couldn’t function at all, and like. we went to see a movie i think, and i can’t even remember what the fuck movie we saw. all i know is that we took pictures in the photo booth like normal kids and i had the same shitting-brix expression in each picture and i was so nervous it was insane. 

no one has ever made me so nervous ever in my whole life it’s insane.

all i’m sayin’ is that i fucking hate when i have dreams about her bc it makes me feel feelings, and it’s dumb because i genuinely did not know her very well and then after i feel those feelings, i wonder about what she dreams about and then i’m just stuck in this vicious cycle and it sucks.

like do you ever dream about someone you had intense feelings for, and then wonder if they’ve ever dreamed about you, but you’ll never know the answer because asking would be hella out of line and creepy and UGH.

fuck me.

I look at myself today and its good...

So today staring in the mirror completely topless ive finally seen a man, this onesie will not hold me back forever, I WILL get there. Even if every GIC is fucking me about. 

zeppoueita asked:

"No." He wasn't going anywhere near skirts. Even just the thought of his thighs ending up exposed (because he knows that someone is going to flip any skirt he wears) sends his anxiety racing. "Unless I get to wear shorts under it."

Well that ruined the fun.But he needed to not show his disappointment nor complain. He needed to be mature. “I guess that could work.” At least he got him in a skirt. “Oh. How about a bunny onesie?” This wasn’t even for his likes, but just to see how much shit he can get the other into.

say what you want about it.
it’s zebra print and has pink and fuckin red kisses all over it- and yes, it’s a onesie!

these are my favourite pj’s because i will probably have them forever. even when i get married. so if u ain’t takin’ the onesie, you ain’t takin’ me! HOLLA LADIES;

no seriously fall in love with me please

anonymous asked:

are you sad about the fact that they don't make dinosaur onesies in adult sizes

I never thought i’d ever be sad about dinosaur onesies

even though i’m pretty sure they do make them somewhere but i’m now sad about the fact that i can’t get them 


I got so many hand-me-down onesies with blue butterflies! It was amazing. And, it was from the other side of the family who probably didn’t even know about this comic. What can I say? Blue butterflies seem to be a staple with girl’s onesies. Moths? Not so much… Of course, you can get your own Moth baby onesie at the [url=http://www.cafepress.com/mothandmyth/8508492]Moth and Myth: The Bacon…

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