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omg did you see the full version of the Barney's interview? Where he said he has an Oaklandish ONESIE?!?! Because I died I can't wait for the pictures of that to surface

Sincerely one of the stranger things I’ve seen. I didn’t even realize the newer link was different…because all they added was a single sentence to one question. And his opinion on a few pieces of clothing.

Hard to believe it will be cooling down soon, but what items are you most looking forward to wearing this fall?
I’ll be honest with you, I don’t really know much about fashion and trends, but I have this really fly zipper denim hoodie thing made by Sohung Designs. I also have this onesie by Oaklandish I can’t wait to wear, and Comme des Garcons sent me a couple of really cool pieces after I wore so much of their stuff during Tony season. I’m excited to show those off.

Luhan Relationship Scenario

• Many coffee dates 
• You pretty much live off coffee
• A lot of cuddling and playing with his hair
• he loves it when you spread your small fingers into his fluffy hair messaging him gently
• He’d love calling you his princess and he is your Chinese prince
• You have many lazy morning where both of you don’t want to wake up
• He talks about his manliness a lot, but we both know he’s pretty much the girl in the relationship
• You even get into cute fights about his manliness
• He dresses up in a deer onesie when your feeling down
• He’ll make an absolute fool out of himself just to get you to laugh
• more cuddling, your pretty much attached to each other
• SOOO many inside jokes
• He’ll try anything you tell him (new foods, new games, new sports)
• He loves it when you come and watch him play soccer, he steps up his game knowing your in the audience
• He’ll ask you many times to play soccer with him. 
• If you say yes, He’ll get overly excited
• and if you say no he’ll ask again in 10 minutes
• Every game ends with him taking you to your favorite coffee shop
• He know what you want before you do
• “(Y/n)!~. I’m getting you some ice tea, be back in a bit”
• “Wait why are you getting me ice tea?”
• “Cuz it’s Sunday and you want ice tea” He’d say and leave
• and in the time he’s gone, you’d start craving ice tea. You’d be left dumbfounded unable to figure out how he knew
• But He just knows you and what you want.

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I AM DEAD THIS KILLED ME….. so cute……… thank you so much dear anon domestic mornings are my weakness ahhhhhhhhh

Ko singing in the shower is 11/10 a++ the best thing (and now it’s canon, thanks to the latest despair arc episode haha) Hinat has no problem with being the early bird if it means cooking to the sound of that voice!

NANAMI IN KITTY PJS!!! ahhhh!!! what a little cutie she is, she probably has a bunch of onesies/footy pjs too, one looks like her kitten hoodie and even has the same hood. What a precious angel she is, also 11/10 a++

Hinat giving them lil cheek kisses is also!!! so cute??? ahh he’d probably also leave them corny sticky notes around the house too, reminding them of stuff and that he loves them! very much!! at first he’s a little embarrassed to be so affectionate bc sometimes his datefriends tease him about it, but he knows they love it so he’s. very ok with being mushy.

honestly thank you for this whole thing anon  b l e s s  y o u