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New Years baby 2017! BB-TECHIE!

Leader Snoke decides to make a clone of General Hux to test the first order’s cloning technology… they ended up with a cherishable little slip of paper with some itchy blue space allergy eyes, who loves blue milk and his new space daddies. co-commanding and co-parenting Hux and Kylo begrudgingly get romantically closer as they raise Techie as their own.

here’s hoping for hux. 2017 dont be as cruel as 2016. LET HUX LIIIIVE.

@sakebimiruku was my 400th follower and as usual, I asked them if I could draw them a picture to celebrate! They asked for more D.VA and Lucio art!

I hope you like chibis and onesies hahaha :D

Tomorrow is my birthday so I could do only 1 picture but in the next days I will upload more bunnyribbit art because I even got an ask about them!

Thanks for all the likes and follows, lots of love! <3

Art © Blueem

Overwatch © Blizzard

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Mr. Badge, have you Seen the pic RDJ posted for St. Pattys Day on Twitter (and I am also assuming on FB?) It's perfection.

I hadn’t, but it came up on Tumblr eventually. 

I’m not even sure that’s a onesie, I think it’s a fully body stocking, which makes me begin to speculate about his sex life and then stop really quickly. 

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Which characters do you think would most likely wear a matching onesie with their s/o? I have no idea where this came from except that I'm currently wearing my own onesie. 😂

We have a secret for you, anon… Us admins had extensive onesie headcanons long before you sent this in. This was just fun to write, though! 
~Admins Emma, Alyx and Ellie

Asahi: You got him a Totoro onesie for his birthday; it was about 50% a joke, but it backfired, because he’s addicted to the thing. Suga makes fun of him and Noya judges the hell out of him but he doesn’t even care because he’s toasty as hell and he looks adorable, so there! The fact that it was a gift from you? Even better; plus it gives him extra excuses for extra cuddles, so it’s fantastic. It doesn’t really fit all that well, considering how tall and broad he is, but he doesn’t really care, so long as he’s comfortable.

Bokuto: Super pumped always. Super into cheesy matching stuff either way, but in his opinion, nothing beats a super cozy onesie. It’s cliche as hell, but he definitely has an owl one (he’s committed to his aesthetic). Problem is no matter what he does, it’s about two sizes too small in the shoulders and too short on the arms and legs, so he always has to roll his up and leave it a bit open on the collar. #Baraproblems

Kuroo: Nya, bitches! He wears his cat onesie with fucking pride and he’ll fight you if you say anything about it. Kuroo is social, studious, and dedicated as hell, so he’s out and about 90% of his life. When he has a day with just you, he refuses to human and just burritos in his cozy-ass onesie with coffee and Disney movies. If you manage to special-order one to fit his titan ass, he will be forever grateful.

Oikawa: Let’s be honest, he’s at least partly into it just for the cutesy couple selfie. To be fair, though, the two of you do look absolutely adorable. Besides, the things are cozy. What better to curl up in and watch alien movies with you? (Oikawa does have about a foot of ankle sticking out at the bottom, but that’s what his extensive sock collection is for.)

Ushijima: Honestly, he is down for just about anything you’re into, and if it’s matching onesies, then he won’t fight you. He might not 100% get it, but he must admit the thing is comfortable. Sadly, it is so small on him, he basically has to pull the ankle cuffs right under his knees, which sort of defeats the purpose, but all the better to admire those calves, really. Even if he totally overwhelms the little cow onesie you got him (“Ah, because the first character in my name means “cow.” I get it.”) he looks totally precious and is 100% down for snuggles no matter the wardrobe choices, so everything is great by his standards.

Tendou: Pokemon onesies, anyone? It really doesn’t matter which pokemon, Tendou will love it. However, he’ll look entirely too adorable in a pikachu one–his hair matches the cheek spots. Okay so maybe it’s like 50% adorable and 50% ridiculous, but you love him for it. Even when he keeps saying ‘pika pika!’ even after you told him that it was funny the first fifty times, Satori. It’s still worth it though, because eventually he will actually stop, and you get to enjoy the coziest, toastiest cuddles ever.

What the signs do instead of homework
  • Aries: does redneck things TBH
  • Taurus: eats snacks
  • Gemini: goes onesie shopping
  • Cancer: watches YouTube
  • Leo: scrolls through social media
  • Virgo: plays with their knife collection
  • Libra: takes stupid selfies on Snapchat or Instagram
  • Scorpio: sucks souls out of human beings
  • Sagittarius: #furrycon2016
  • Capricorn: flies away
  • Aquarius: groans about how they don't want to do their homework
  • Pisces: talks to friends and/or does something weird

There’s so much to love about the new Ackles family photo, and every time I look at it, I find even more to love.

  • the twins in their tiny onesies, casully sipping on their bottles with no idea of how universally loved they already are
  • big sister JJ with her precious smile, her eyes exactly like her mom’s while she pokes at her dad
  • Danneel is glowing, literally glowing, like a goddess. A badass goddes who just rocked what must have been a stressful pregnancy and is no doubt already kicking triple motherhood in the ass
  • and Jensen, this wonderful man who works insane hours and is away from his family so much of the time, is beaming with pride. His eyes crinkling at the corners and his tongue poking between his teeth are telltale signs of when Jensen is at his happiest

The Ackles family is so important to me, and seeing them like that makes my heart happy. Thank you so much for sharing this moment with us.

Baby Bump - Ethan Imagine

When you found out you were pregnant, you were excited beyond words. Ethan was even more excited than you! You guys had been married for a little under a year and had already talked about having kids soon, so when you got pregnant… it was all you needed to complete the both of you; it was what the both of you dreamed for. As time progressed, so did the things you each got for your baby. From onesies and the crib to the closet full of diapers and bibs, you had a bunch of stuff already. You hadn’t even had your baby shower yet, either! Today, you had just turned five months pregnant and each month, Ethan would draw another line of how much you grew on the wall of the baby’s room. Within the past month, you grew 7 more inches! (don’t judge me, I don’t know how fast babies grow???) As Ethan kissed you bump, your stomach growled, causing a giggle from your lips. “You hungry?” Ethan asked with a grin. You nodded excitedly and knew just what you wanted. Pizza, but not any pizza. Pineapple pizza with pickles and ranch! You told Ethan what you wanted and he just shook his head. “That is a disgrace to pineapple pizza.” He muttered under his breath. Ethan grabbed a couple of things from the counter in the kitchen, like keys and such, and you both headed off to the local pizza place.

You were regulars, so as you walked in, you were graced with a lot of “Welcome!”’s and “Nice to see you again!”’s. You and Ethan took your places at the booth and were served immediately with your drinks and some bread sticks. You ordered the pizza you were craving and Ethan ordered his. Chattering all around the two of you, Ethan moved over from his side of the booth to yours to hear you better and keep up conversation. You talked about everything under the sun before your pizza finally arrived. You face lit up as the server laid it on the table. You quickly got a slice, dipped in it ranch, and took a big bite of it. The flavors tastes heavenly on your tongue! You hummed and did a little dance in your seat because of how well it tasted. Ethan, again, shook his head at you, but still whispered how much he loved you in your ear which caused you to smile even wider. You knew that Ethan was going to make a great dad when your baby came in a short three months. 

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Can I have some high capacity fluff headcannons for the sunshine child? Low key really sad about February break ending and just need some cheering up rn. Thanks so much, I love both you and your blog, every time I see a new post it makes my day, ily! :)

- Hinata has a special thing in his heart for onesies. Natsu’s always worn them around when she was a kid, and he remembers picking her up and feeling how soft they were, and thinking about how warm they must be. Of course, he would feel like everyone in Miyagi would be suspicious of something if he went out and purchased a Hello Kitty onesie like his sister’s, so he got a Pikachu one from some American novelty store instead. He still has it to this day, and even if it is a bit worn around the edges, he refuses to wear anything else to bed.

- He really likes to be the little spoon, even if his s/o happens to be smaller than him.

- If him and his s/o sleep together on a daily basis, he’ll find it extremely hard to fall asleep without them. He’ll grow accustomed to the solace he finds in their arms, and if that warmth isn’t there, he can’t bring himself to shut his eyes. He’s completely on edge all night, and if he happens to fall asleep, he’ll immediately wake up from a night terror of some sort. His s/o says that it’s definitely not healthy that they’re so reliant on them, but Hinata doesn’t really care. For some reason, he finds the borderline insomnia endearing.

- He’s a sucker for the cute, cliche couple things. He’s definitely made an investment in matching “he’s mine” “she’s mine” sweatshirts, or matching cell phone charms, or just anything that matches, really. He claims that he gets ‘warm and fuzzy’ when he shares something with his s/o, because it proves that they belong to him.

- He’s a stealthy kisser, this one. If he manages to catch his s/o in the halls during a passing time of some sort, he’ll waste no time running up to them and giving them a wet kiss on the cheek, or lips, or anywhere he can reach, then run away. It’s a bit embarrassing, but he won’t stop doing it anytime soon.

- He likes to kiss, a lot. Preferably he likes soft, consecutive pecks on the lips and neck, making out without teeth or tongue, just gentle, soothing kisses that make your heart flutter and your knees go weak. Although sometimes, he just doesn’t care, and his kisses are an open mouthed catastrophe and god, he isn’t even aiming for your mouth at this point, but he’s far too into it and he’s holding onto your waist so lovingly and you just don’t want it to stop.

- If it isn’t exciting, it isn’t a date. He doesn’t understand people who take their girlfriends to indie coffee shops and museums, because there’s no point in even going out if ‘you’re going to a total snoozefest!’ Hinata’s the type of guy who’s always seeking out new opportunities. Sometimes he’ll take his s/o to somewhere familiar, like an amusement park, or paintball. Other times he’s taking his s/o to go skydiving, or go see some deadly animal at the zoo. His s/o is in for quite the ride if they’re used to just staying home, you’re a forced extrovert if you’re with Hinata Shouyou.

- Hinata knows everyone in the prefecture and beyond, so his s/o is often greeted by random strangers on the street who, for some miraculous reason, could probably recite their social security number off the top of their heads. He can’t help but brag about his s/o to anyone he comes across, and even if he doesn’t mean to, hem will. The person he’s talking to could sneeze and he would be like, “Hey! You know who else sneezes?” then go on talking about them from there. After his s/o was approached by Koganegawa on the street, (and began to fear for their life after the guy nearly jumped on them) they asked him to stop. Do you think he stopped, though? Not a chance.

Dog child headcanons!!

Add your own dog boy loving headcanons

• Sue lets dog child get away with pretty much anything he wants bc she’s always had a soft spot for dogs and therefore him

• dog child never takes off his onesie for
a n y t h i n g.

• Sue has to bait him into the bath when it’s bath day. He’s been getting better at anticipating and evading it though.

• He’ll eat actual dog treats???

• Dean doesn’t even mess with this kid, he just makes Sue deal with him (bc dean is an asshole)


• Weirdly enough his favourite movie is the Aristocats?

• He likes to tell Jonas and Sidney about what kind of dogs everyone in the foster home would be

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So in the Klance KnK AU, does Keith have a modelling side job like Mirai and does Lance take advantage of this by purchasing every photo he can?

asdkjahg i forgot all about that but now i can’t stop thinking about it?? keith’s complaining the whole time and lance is just. in heaven

  • pidge (mitsuki) and allura (ai) convince keith to do it and he needs a job so he’s just like. “fffffffiiiine”
  • keith, posing: i hate. everything
  • coran’s ayaka in this au which means he’s the one taking the pics in the first place lmao
  • coran gives keith a bunch of weird outfits like a red lion onesie and something that looks like an arusian and keith’s like “what the fuck are these even for”
    • coran: i can’t give out the client’s name, but his initials are “LM”
    • keith, allura, and pidge, not surprised at all: lance. mcclain.
    • that’s when lance and hunk walk in
  • lance loses his shit immediately
    • lance: this is the best day of my life
    • hunk: i’m sorry keith
  • hunk has to take lance’s wallet away to stop him from giving all his money to coran
    • lance, to coran: how much does it cost to get keith to tie his hair up?
    • coran’s about to answer but hunk’s already carrying lance out of the building
“It Will Be Cute”

 Pairing: Choi Youngjae/Jackson Wang

Word Count: 559


Originally posted by noitstoocute

     Jackson was a great boyfriend, honestly he is everything Youngjae could have asked for, and even more, but sometimes Youngjae thinks he does this kind of thing on purpose. This weekend the boys were hosting Jackson’s parents while they visited, which is not even the problem in this situation. The problem is the day that they were to arrive, Jackson disappeared for awhile only to return with a shopping bag, which contents included matching onesies. 

    “We can wear them tonight,” the older boy says excitedly.

     "Tonight?“ Youngjae asks thinking about the embarrassment he will feel, about wearing it in front of Jackson’s parents, who he has not yet seen since they became, "Jackjae” as Jackson liked to refer to it.

     "Yeah, it will be cute,“ he replies giving the younger the look he knows that Youngjae is completely weak for.

      "Alright,” Youngjae says hesitantly.

      “Great!” Jackson says running off, probably to put the onesies into the spot he designated their pajama spot.

      At five o'clock in the evening Jackson left to go pick up his parents from the airport, leaving Youngjae behind to finish cooking the simple dinner that they had planned. The door opened, causing Coco to bark, exactly as the blonde haired boy completed setting the table, to reveal Jackson carrying in all of the luggage with his parents following behind with concerned facial expressions. 

     "You’re going to hurt yourself!“ Youngjae laughs running over to help his boyfriend.

     "Who was supposed to carry it all? Not them of course!” Jackson says dramatically only allowing Youngjae to take the lightest carrying bag. They drop the luggage off in their spare bedroom, then return to their living room so that Youngjae could greet his guests. He receives a tight hug from the shorter boy’s mother, and heart-filled slap to the back from his father.

      The dinner that followed was lighthearted, and was full of catching up, old stories from Jackson’s childhood, and inside jokes, but all too soon the the time Youngjae had been dreading since the brunette boy showed up with those shopping bags, came after finishing the dishes. “Youngjae and I will go change into our pajamas, and then we can watch that movie I was telling you guys about.”

      Youngjae reluctantly follows the other boy into their shared bedroom, and changes very lethargically into the couple’s wear that Jackson just had to decide they needed to have, on tonight of all nights. “Come on Jae. We need to get this movie started before it’s too late,” Jackson says grinning at how adorable his boyfriend looked.

     Once the duo entered the living room Jackson’s mother immediately started gushing over how precious the two boys were, causing Youngjae’s already evident blush to become ten times worse. As Jackson went off to complete the task of putting in the movie, Youngjae decided to make his escape and sit in the love-seat farthest away from the television. He wasn’t free for long, because after Jackson completed his mission he came and cuddled right into the younger boy.

      Youngjae just passive aggressively mumbles his complaints underneath his breath causing Jackson to laugh and say in a low voice, “You are just too cute when you’re embarrassed.” It causes him to get a slap to chest, but if the fond smile was anything to tell by he didn’t care all too much.

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it's baby jeon's first halloween but one of the guys' costume scares him a bit too much (or maybe he just thinks they're ugly [savage]) -baby jeon anon

“he keeps on glaring at all of us! and we’re not even that horrible looking!”

“maybe it’s your costume. really? a fucking vampire?”

“shut the hell up! what about you, naruto? bet sakura would’ve left your ass long before she even knew you,”

“you little shit face, come here!”

“oh shit, guys, guys, guys! he’s about to cry!”

“everyone stop!”

at the only female voice, all six guys and one kid, well all seven kids turn their heads to the door where you stand in a basic, very generic costume but it’s one that makes jungkook run towards you immediately. it’s a bunny onesie, simply because jungkook has a liking for this animal and he has a whole set of bunny collectables so, why not? he excitedly clings onto your leg, his cheek pressed to the fluffiness of your clothing and you narrow your eyes at the six of them standing awkwardly in the living room.

“i swear, if you guys argue like that in front of him again, i’m going to make somewhere hurt really, really bad. do you hear me?”

you watch as seokjin contemplates on saying something, mostly because he’s the oldest amongst all of you but it’s moments like these where seokjin dares not try to play the hyung/oppa card.

“do i make myself clear?”

all of them nod and hang their heads low after that, only to peek up when you crouch before jungkook and frame his cheeks with your paw covered hands that makes him squeal. “jungkookie, are they scaring you with their costumes?”

the six year old shakes his head, to which you frown, “then, why are you-”

“they’re all just ugly.”

(“did you hear that tiny brat? he just called all of our costumes ugly! i spent so much on this and he called it ugly?! he’s fucking six! he-”

“jung hoseok,”

“…okay it’s ugly.”)

Imagine mama inko letting a stressed now retired skinny toshinori to hide at her house to get away from all the pesky interviewers who are down his throat about all that has happened and how he is now and what not. and just him dealing with the comments he gets from people as he walks the streets in his now form that just makes him feel so vulnerable and so self conscious now that hes no longer the symbol of peace he worked so hard to be for everyone.

she does her best to try to make him feel bettr but food and tea and little chit chats can only go a long way. so she decides on showing him how much of a hero he was and IS to her son to help bring his spirits up and to not feel so bad about himself.

showing him baby pictures of little Izuku running around in his All Might onesies, all his birthday pictures of him and his All Might cakes, her showing him home movies of little Deku through the years, even after being deemed quirkless. and just how he was able to pull the big ol All Might grin and bellow his little all might laughter as he plays and pretends to be the great hero toshinori sadly cant be anymore.  

just him watching the videos and photos of this little guy as he still holds onto the dream to be just like all might. to be great and a hero just like him even when all the odds were against him. 

Toshinori just tearing up near the end of it all and it just really hitting him hard that he still means alot to people even if its covered by negative things around him. Just! Deku being the hero now to Toshinori to bring the smile to HIS face as he used to to him ; w ; 

I'm not okay.

*lays face down on ground* Phil Lester is 28. That means he should be getting married and settled down and thinking about kids because he seems like the person who would want kids. Phil Lester is 28 years old and does not swear. Phil Lester is 28 years old and is still making youtube videos, watching anime, dressing in onesies, living with his best friend, eating cereal at 12 pm, and watches Buffy the vampire. Phil Lester is almost 30 years old. Phil Lester screams and falls off beds when Dan catches him eating his cereal. Phil Lester will be 30 in 2017 and does not even have a wife/husband or children and has not mentioned anything related to a girlfriend or boyfriend (other than phan). My smoll giant that I raised from birth is all grown up.

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I think one of the things anon might have been referring to was when Jenelle put Jace to sleep in a onesie that was too big for him so Babs changed it and Jenelle freaked out saying "you won't even let me pick my own sons clothes!" Or something like that. Of course Babs should have stepped in like she did and changed him loose clothes for infants to sleep in aren't a good idea and he could get cold. It wasn't about Babs being right it was about Jace being properly taken care of.

Agreed. Barbara has always had Jace’s best interest in mind.

McSpirk rockband au.

Spock fucking shredding it on an electric guitar. His eyeshadow is vibrant blue and he’s got black eyeliner with wings out to here. He’s all tight t-shirts and black jeans and knee-high black boots as he calmly plays the most beautiful, heartwrenching, earshattering melodies.

McCoy on drums pounding away with his classic Bone drumsticks like a boss. He looks like something out of the 1970s with his huge gold pendant around his neck and his eggshell white bellbottom onesie. He carries the beat like nobody’s business even as everyone swoons over the lead singer.

Who you know has to be Kirk in a flamboyant green wrap top, hair feathered lightly, winking at every opportunity. Singing about stars and love and beautiful women and all kinds of stuff like that.

Meanwhile, in the back McCoy is rolling his eyes at maximum velocity and Spock is raising an eyebrow, wondering at how illogical it is that their fans think they have a chance with Kirk when they know very well he has two boyfriends.

What I really want out of TodoDeku is for Todoroki and Deku to have a kid together and for this kid to like, live in their All Might onesie. Todoroki and Izuku think it’s cute so they have multiple onesies and don’t think anything of it because Grandpa All Might always has the sweetest smiles on whenever he sees his grandkid mini-costume.

But Endeavor sees the kid in the All Might onesie and in retaliation gives Todoroki an Endeavor onesie. Todoroki stares his father in the eye as he burns it until there’s not even ash. All Might hears about it and gets the kid a Deku onesie and a Shouto onesie. The kid wears the onesies on different days and cycles them now because they love all of them.

Endeavor doesn’t speak to them for nearly two months and no longer tries for Endeavor onesies.