even if it short

Sometimes even I, a very short person, forget I am short and attempt to do things a tall person does like flawlessly grab something off the top shelf without getting on the counter or stepping on a stool.

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One time I was walking to the grocery store w my best friend (at like 4 in the afternoon, not even at night) and I was literally wearing a tshirt, shorts, and knee high socks (how I normally dress). While we're waiting for the crosswalk this dude drives by, whistles n shouts YEAH BABIES at us, n my bf just goes 'Jesus we can't even go to the goddamn grocery store without someone leering at you.' This happens to me a lot. Usually people try to blame how I dress.

Dear world, please repeat after me:


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I'm the one who asked for the dermatillomania reactions, and I realized that I somehow forgot to include Kuroko in the original ask! (Seriously, I constantly laugh at how anyone could forget him and here I go and forget the poor guy) So if it's not a bother, can you add Kuroko? Thanks lol

Sure thing dear! Here’s the original ask for anyone who’s wondering.

To keep you from picking, Kuroko implemented the fine art of distraction he had painstakingly perfected in his own style. Whether it be entwining your fingers with his own, swinging your hands so they were constantly moving, or asking you to write a few things down for him, he was constantly keeping your hands busy and your mind off your skin.

Even now, as he messily painted your short fingernails with your favorite color of nail polish, Kuroko wasn’t letting your hands go.

“Don’t ruin the paint,” he’d remind you softly when he was done.

And even though the polish was horribly painted on, even though there were globs of it in random spots, even though he clearly got some on the skin of your fingers and in your cuticles, it was the most beautiful thing he’d done for you to keep you distracted.

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i also have a fraud story for u: a did a VET subject in high school so we were marked by a different system and it contributed nothing to our ATAR. anyways im a master lazy dude so i did about 20% but faked my teachers signature on the tasks and the task list so it says i did 100%. i even wrote in my own grades so long story short, i passed a subject that i didnt really do with a 97% grade and my teacher never bothered to double check anything.

holy fuck

I am suddenly remembering an episode of Wizards of Waverly Place I saw where Selena Gomez’s mother character made a huge quinceañera party for Selena but she wasn’t really into it, but when she realized it was her mother who wanted to party she used magic to switch bodies with her and give her mom the big day she always wanted.

I don’t remember how that episode ended but I remember that was a very sweet thing and I’m glad that the daughter and mother found a way to make themselves both happy even for a short while

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How would you suggest transitioning a platonic relationship into a romantic one in a story? And subtle enough so that the characters themselves are oblivious

The transition is something you, as the writer, will have to craft. The only suggestions I could give to you are the ones present in my vlogs about writing romance. It’s important to keep in mind that a lot of relationships begin as platonic, even if it’s for just a short time, so the transition is common and thus easy enough to research. 

That said, I don’t see how it’s possible for two people to be oblivious to the fact that they’re in a romantic relationship. So I think you’re outta luck on that part. 

If you like deep stories or platformers
Get cats are liquid
It’s free on the Google play store and will melt your heart. Trust me.
It’s a minimalistic 2D platformer that’s really well made. In fact I’ve only found one glitch and it doesn’t do much either way. The story is told through text on screen, and the new abilities are given (or taken) one by one every 10 rooms.

It’s actually very interesting and fairly challenging , even if you’re ridiculously coordinated.
It’s short, bittersweet, and has cats so what’s not to love?

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I just realized something. In the first book, we learn that Enoch is 117-118 years old; 5'4" in height; and no older than 13 in appearance. Most fans I know have the headcanon that he's just hella short, even when fully grown. But if you think about it, 5'6" was average in ~1900, so if Enoch had grown up in his own time---assuming he continued to grow in height past the age of thirteen---he might have actually been on the taller side. XD (Still probs not as tall as Jacob though, LUL)

Ah yes I mean sure, guys don’t typically go through growth spurts until their late teens so I can’t say it’s not possible :)

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Put away small amounts (both drugs and money) and make your escape. First off you are hot AF you will find another guy to pay for your shit in no time even if its just a short rebound you can lean on any number of loser guys to make your escape. Be ruthless. Dont be afraid to hurt men to get what you want, they have no problem hurting and oppressing and raping and cheating on and killing women to fill their slightest whim for the past 2+ million years of civilization. .

Very true. Well said

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Ok, but like Megan's Yurio anxiety scenario with Viktor holding the bucket/trashcan for him right before Yurio has to go out on the ice


Okay. So. This is short but I mean. Given the time this would have to happen in, it kinda has to be. So. Enjoy this little ficlet -Megan

It’s the fact that Yurio never had high tolerance for anxiety that completely screws him over at every match. Local or not.

It’s also the fact his stomach is incredibly sensitive that also screws him over.

That’s why he was in the state he had been not long before he had to go on the ice.

Because of his age placement, he was the tenth or eleventh skater up. Honesty, his head is going a million miles an hour in a dizzying anxiety. He couldn’t remember all that much.

Viktor was sitting next to his young athlete, carefully rubbing the others shoulder

“You need to calm down Yurio, you’ll just make yourself sick like last time.” Viktor said, chuckling slightly in hopes to distract and cheer up the younger Russian.

Yurio only gives a small grunt in reply.

His stomach is twisting uncomfortably with nerves. But he can’t do a thing about it because it would look all too suspicious if he just left.

He rested his elbows on his knees, leaning his head forward and covering his mouth with his hand. It may have looked like he was just carefully observing the other competitors. But really, he was just trying to keep his insides from coming outside.

Viktor was worried. As the minutes passed by, Yurio seemed to look more ashen and slightly sweaty the longer he sat there.

“I’ll be back Yurio…” Viktor said as the fourth skater finished.

Yurio nodded, hand pressing firmer to his mouth. His anxiety level was rising much like his small breakfast was starting to.

He hated this. But his anxiety level always did this. It always spiked at competitions. And no amount of medications—both over the counter and prescription—could help it.

Viktor was back in a few minutes, a bucket in his hand.

As soon as he lays eyes on it, his stomach contents force their way up his throat.

Yurio grabs it quickly and stands in front of Yurio to discreetly block him from the view to the others as he heaved up what little was in his system.

Viktor used one hand to steady the bucket, the other resting on Yurio’s shoulder.

Yurio coughed up the thick substance that used to be his breakfast and his dinner.

Calmly, Viktor rubbed the younger skater’s shoulder.

Yurio finished, panting for breath, in a few moments.

The ninth skater was finishing his routine.

“You need to learn to relax…” Viktor said softly, setting the bucket down.

Yurio sighed and nodded, grabbing his water bottle and drinking a few small sips.

Then, Yurio had to force himself up. He didnt look at anyone as he got on the ice.

The music started, and Yurio skated through his nerves.

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Dusk’s eyes are a bit larger than the average Au ra and alert, making them look even bigger. Short, faintly blue eyelashes that’s barely visible because of the natural, dark “eyeliner” around almost his whole eye. 

The dark line has got a sharp point downwards along his nose as well as a wider one to the side of his eye. 

He’s got a grey sclera, mulberry purple iris and magenta limbal rings.

Above his left eye he’s got magenta facepaint in the shape of a soft bow that thins off to one end.

(Thank you @nekunura ! Ask about the muses appearance! )