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Why do I need your permission to repost characters that aren't even yours? Did you ask Rebecca Sugar for permission to draw her character?

my personal income and wellbeing as an independent artist are directly tied to my popularity on the internet! maintaining an audience is extremely important for me, especially as someone who’s trying to make a career out of this whole art thing. 

please consider: ms. sugar is not losing income, a fanbase, or viewers for her show because i decided to draw her already extremely well-known characters and offer them up to the internet for free viewing. however, as a young artist, when you remove my credit and take my own art out of my hands, i am losing my audience. everybody knows who rebecca sugar is, but a far smaller portion of people know who fisher vk is, and removing my name from my art has a far greater and more negative impact on me, than the impact a professional show-runner on cartoon network faces because someone drew her characters.

maybe don’t send artists rude and entitled asks! thanks


Got my business cards/business postcards for Anthrocon 2015 in! 

To fit with the theme this year, I drew my keythong character looking at a tiny Viking boat. Why the water cube? Probably because my favorite part of old Kirby games were those weird areas of water floating around. :B

I’ll be hanging out in the artist alley with prints and other goodies, so if you want all the things (or even if you just want to chat) feel free to stop by!

Things to consider before comingout

Decide who you are going to tell and how. The conversation you have with your parents might not be the same one you have with your buddy, or even your sister.

Pick a location. Choose a neutral spot where you will feel comfortable. Somewhere public might be better than your best friend’s room, or your mom’s study.

Gage how the person feels. You may know how the people in your life feel about LGBT issues, but you may not. If you don’t, you might want to try to get a better sense.

Have a “feeler” conversation. Here are some sentence starters that can help you do so:

  • Lesbian Marriage
  • LGBT Coming Out
  • Lesbian Weddings
  • LGBT Parents
  • Gender Identity
  • “I was watching ________ movie, and the main character came out to his mom.”
  • “So what do you think about gay marriage?”
  • “Some kids at school started a Gay / Straight Alliance. I was thinking about joining.”

Decide whether or not you still want to come out after the “feeler” conversation.

Once You Have Decided to Have a Coming Out Conversation

Okay! You’ve decided. Coming out is the right thing for you and the best way to do it is to have a conversation. Here are three good ways to open up a dialogue.

  1. Just say it. “Mom, dad, I’m gay.”
  2. Ease in. “Jim, I’ve been having feelings for other girls recently.”
  3. Ask a question. “Aunt Flo, what would you say if I told you I was bisexual?”

Did it? Then congratulate yourself. You just did something really hard and took a risk!

Coming Out Conversation Tips

A coming out conversation can go a lot of different ways, but there are a few things to keep in mind that will help you have the better shot at a positive response.

  1. Don’t come out during an argument, when you (or the other person) is tired, upset or distracted!
  2. Don’t beat yourself up if the conversation doesn’t go as anticipated.
  3. Cut the person you are talking to some slack.This might be a big surprise for them, and it might take a little while for your news to sink in.
  4. Don’t come out before you’re ready.

Another thing that is really important to do is to try to identify at least one person who you think will be supportive about you coming out and enlist that person for support if you think coming out to certain people will be tough. Knowing someone has your back can give you confidence and make the process a lot less scary.

Good luck!

Oh snap it’s TPoH BOMB: Mission Patreon Relaunch!

I’m restarting the patreon! I dropped it before due to stupid VATMOSS chaos, but now things look more stable and I really need an income, so to celebrate and show you what a life with me working on the comic full time could look like I will be updating TPoH every single day this week right through to next Sunday! YES YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY (well okay Wednesday might be tricky because I’m out all day with visiting the hospital for my noodle arms and all but if it’s not possible I’ll post two on Thursday so no worries eh?)

If you want to support me on Patreon please follow this link and see what goodies can be yours!

There are WIPs, unseen sketches and even character cameos up for grabs! You can offer as little as one dollar a month, but it will mean a huge advance in my work and lifestyle if I can manage to live off drawing my own stories, and naturally, if I work for me that means more work for you! Also less likelihood of repeat injuries from over working but you already know that deal so hey ho.

So yeah, here are the usual links for today’s TPoH page, and you’ll be getting the next one tomorrow! Enjoy! Rejoice! Go forth!

Here on the TPoH website or here on smackjeeves!

WIP of German, Russian, Chinese, Dutch, Polish, Esperanto, Swedish, Latin, Hungarian, Norwegian, French, Spanish and Japanese translations!



You’ve probably all seen the Don Bluth style artistry of Five Nights at Freddy’s, well make sure you see ALL of the art from this extremely gifted and talented artist, Kosperry. She has an entire gallery up on DeviantArt, and even has a commission page.

We here at The S.S. Bite of 87 would love to see more of our favorite characters recreated in this classic animation style we all loved as children.

Keep up the great work, Kosperry!

Deviantart Gallery can be found here: http://kosperry.deviantart.com/


It’s crazy to think how far Damian has come in terms of character development. The Damian we see now in Robin - Son of Batman would never so effortlessly kill an animal, even a bat like he had done before.Damian started out as this tiny killing machine of death but now he’s feeling so remorseful over his action as an “al Ghul” that he’s starting this year of atonement. There’s no way for him to outrun his past, so he’s facing it head on. Which is so opposite of Bruce, if I do say so myself.

quick CC reaction fic to all the bullshit :)

In which Chris flies to New York and they talk in between matinee and evening shows. Eeee I’ve never written CC before don’t be too harsh.

“Darren, you can’t put empty milk cartons back in the fridge,” complains Chris.

“Huh?” asks Darren from the bathroom, a toothbrush between his molars.

“Stop putting empty things back in the fridge!” shouts Chris.

He peeks his head out of the bathroom and grins at his boyfriend. Chris melts slightly – Darren’s hair, still wet from the shower, is curling over his forehead appealingly –  but he holds up the milk carton.

“This,” he says seriously. “There’s only an inch left but since it was still in the fridge, I thought we had milk, and now I can’t make milkshakes.”

“You can still bring all the boys to the yard, though,” replies Darren.

“Oh God…” mumbles Chris.

Darren comes up behind him, holding him close; his toothbrush is still in his hand, curled lightly on Chris’s chest; he places a sloppy, minty kiss behind Chris’s ear.

“I’m so happy you’re coming, it’s going to be amazing,” he says, squeezing.

Chris turns his head over his shoulder to accept a gentle kiss. “I know it is.”

“Aww, the ice is finally melting.”

“If you keep leaving empty cartons in the fridge I’ll freeze right back up.”

“You can’t stop me, Chris. I’m like global warming. You’ll try to resist me, but soon, you’ll have polar bears drowning all over you.” Then he pauses, frowning. “That was uncharacteristically cruel of me.”

“Fuck polar bears,” Chris says severely. “They kill innocent seals.”

Darren kisses him one more time and lets go. Then he rinses his mouth free of toothpaste and plops the toothbrush in the dish drain. Chris takes a deep breath. Darren quietly removes the toothbrush and takes it back to the bathroom.

“Speaking of polar bears,” says Darren, fussing with his hair. “Why is their skin black?”

“To absorb heat,” replies Chris, sniffing some almond milk to check it’s good.

“Oh, that’s so cool!” yells Darren. “I don’t care if they kill seals. Polar bears are fantastic.”

Chris snorts. “Why am I dating you again?”

“I have a big–”


“I was going to say heart!”


Darren looks out from the bathroom, laughing incredulously. “You think about sex, like, 103% of the time.”

Chris smirks, using his teeth to pop some chocolate syrup open. “So do you.”

“What can I say. I’m dating the hottest man alive.”

“Mm,” considers Chris. “I thought you said the hottest man alive was Joe Manganiello.”

“No, it’s you.”

“So you wouldn’t cheat on me if Joe suddenly appeared, slightly sweaty, wrapped in a towel?”

“No. And you wouldn’t cheat on me if Montgomery Clift came back to life?”

“No, of course not, Honey.”

Darren breaks into a laugh. “Glad we cleared that up.”

He goes back to working with his hair – a bit of a moot point given it will be covered with a wig soon, and Chris keeps making dinner. Chris has just sprinkled some pepper on the shrimp he’s sauteeing when he bites his lip.

“Darre…how did last night go?”

He normally doesn’t ask. It’s easier to leave things unsaid and work out their frustration by talking about nonsense; sleeping together; waking up and ordering a sinful amount of blueberry pancakes and coffee.

Darren takes a long time to answer. “Um. It was fine. You know. I’m used to it.”

Chris regrets asking. His chest feels hollow now and he knows Darren is in the bathroom, stiff with sadness.

He turns down the heat on the shrimp and walks down the hall. Then he pulls Darren out of the bathroom and into his arms; he’s unresponsive, eyes fixed on nothing.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have brought it up. It just seemed worse than usual, considering you asked me to come here.”

Darren shrugs. “I guess it was worse than usual. It’s just…it’s not her…I just feel like a huge hypocrite all the time.”

Chris wasn’t expecting that. He pulls away slightly to look in Darren’s eyes, one hand gentle on the back of his head, holding him in place. Darren’s eyes are heavier and darker than usual, and his teeth are tugging on his bottom lip, sad and unsure. Chris doesn’t get to see Darren enough, so when he sees him like this it’s is doubly intense.

“C’mere,” he says softly, pulling him towards the living room and onto the couch.

Darren curls into him automatically, latching his arms around his waist. He presses his face into Chris’s shoulder, and the fabric of his shirt feels nice on his lips.

“I’m supposed to be this great ally, you know?” he goes on without prompting, like Chris knew he would. “I’m always telling people to be themselves, to ignore anyone who doesn’t love them for who they are…and…and I can’t even follow my own advice. I feel like I’m hiding everything and it’s so, so unfair to you and…”

“It’s not–”

Darren looks up and takes Chris’s hands. “Yes it is. It is unfair. You’re out. You did what you had to to come out, and live without all that…all that fear. And I didn’t.”

“It’s not that simple,” says Chris quietly. “There are million reasons you can’t–”

“But those million reasons….none of them are as important as how I feel about you.”

Chris’s eyes light up and he tightens his hands in Darren’s.

“All that matters is that I know that,” Chris replies. “And if I know, it doesn’t matter how long it takes for the rest of the world to know.”

“I’m just…so afraid that when I do come out, everyone will hate me because of how many years I pretended–”

“Darre, it was never your choice. It was out of your control–”

“I still could have done something,” he says tensely. “I could still do something. Tonight. I could just – do it.”

They’ve talked about this many times and though waiting is excruciating, they’ve always agreed it’s for the best.

“It’s just for a few more months,” Chris says soothingly.

“I know, and I know we’ve talked about this, but even then…what if the damage is done? What if no one ever forgives me for saying I’m straight and doing those bizarre misogynistic interviews and–”

“Listen to me,” says Chris. “You’ve already lost those people. Those people already don’t like you. And those people are not the majority, Darre. The majority of your fans will stick by you because believe me, they see what we want them to see.”

Darren smiles glumly. “How do you stay so calm about this? Jesus, Chris, sometimes I just want to…leave.” The word hangs in the air. Then Darren says, “There should be day care centers for fame. Like, here, take my fame for a few days, I want to go to the Saint-Laurent d'Eze and get re-acquainted with my boyfriend’s dick.”

Chris opens his mouth in a smile. “Ohh, the Saint-Lauren d’Eze…I love being in France with you.”

“It’s magical,” agrees Darren. “Well, until I get too drunk and open Twitter.”

Chris laughs. “No. That’s the best part.” Then he smirks. “You know, we don’t have to go all the way to the Mediterranean Coast for you to get re-acquainted with my dick.”

Darren raises an eyebrow and kisses Chris, laughing against his mouth. Then Chris traces the sides of his face and looks at him earnestly.

“You’re not a hypocrite. You’re the bravest man I know, and these things are complicated, and if someone can’t understand that, they don’t deserve you anyway.”

Darren’s eyebrows fold and he presses against Chris again. “God, I love you.”

“I love you too,” says Chris. “Even though you made me burn the shrimp.”

They both look towards the kitchen where bluish-gray smoke is billowing.

“Well, that’s one way to come out,” jokes Darren. “When the firefighters carry our unconscious bodies out one after the other…”

Chris laughs. “Or, knowing how infatuated you are with the Kardashians, we could leak a sex tape.”

“I’m not infatuated–”

“No. You just know all their birthdays and favorite colors and–”

Darren grins and blushes. Then his eyebrows leap up and he checks his watch.

“Shit, we have to go–”

“You go ahead of me,” says Chris. “I’ll be there.”

Darren pauses, halfway between sitting and standing, overwhelmed.

“You’re the love of my li–”

“Get out of here! You don’t have an understudy!”

Darren grins and runs towards the door.

“Hey!” yells Chris, and he turns. “You’re the love of my life too.”

…i just dont understand how someone cannot see how at the very least, it would be offensive to call out sasusaku as being imbalanced and equating sasukes mentality to a childs, all the while saying ss shippers ignore this very outlandish idea

they’re saying we condone a relationship where a character is mentally incapable of loving his family fully because he lacks emotional understanding…but thats okay because Sakura is able to just sit back and take it because she’s a caregiver?

how can anyone defend that comfortably but then get offended when WE get offended by the accusation that this is what we like but choose to ignore?

im just saying if you’re going to twist things in the story like this to suit this nonsense, and then accuse every shipper out there that we ignore something that doesnt even exist, and THEN go on to say that you’re glad you don’t have to worry about your preferred pairing in this regard, dont be surprised if there is a lot of people WHO ARE RIGHTFULLY ANNOYED

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I don't really see Ali as bisexual. Besides Emily, what other female character has Ali be attracted too? I feel like with Emily Ali was just playing games with her because she knew how Emily felt about her. Ali just wanted to keep her on her side.

Originally posted by naomigokce

I hate to break it to you but that’s bisexuality. I don’t ship Emison, I don’t even like Alison, but I do think Alison’s feelings for Emily were real. She very, very clearly had problems accepting the fact that she was into Emily. She and Emily literally make out in a bed. Tbh it sort of implied they had sex. 

You don’t have to have the same amount of love interests of either gender to be bisexual. Guess what? I’ve never been involved with a woman but I am 100% bisexual. Alison can be attracted to women whether it be romantically or sexually. There’s no “you have to be this tall” kind of entry to bisexuality. That’s one of the biggest misconceptions out there. Bisexuals in heterosexual relationships are not any less bisexual. Bisexuals in homosexual relationships are not any more bisexual.

Originally posted by callietorres-ga

Supernatural Reality

Requested by impalalalalardis-1067: The reader is a huge fan of Supernatural and gets transported into that world. Hope you enjoy! XOXO

Word Count: 1109

A/N: There will most definitely be a part 2 of this eventually, lol.

You had always been a fan of Supernatural. A huge fan. When it premiered, it quickly became your favorite show, and you had grown to love those characters as if they were your own family- laughing when they laughed and grieving when they hurt, mourning those that were lost.

But it was just a television show. You never confused that fantasy with reality.

Until you met Dean Winchester.

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I fucking hate the Inside Out theory so many are obsessed with about how because the parents had one ‘gender’ emotions, that Riley must be genderfluid or genderless because she has both and shit. No, just fucking no, not everything has to be some politically correct shit approved by Tumblr only, it has both genders so people don’t bitch there were only girls and no main male characters or vice versa. 

Also, I hate the emotions sparkle hair, it looks like cheap glitter pipe cleaners. 

But even so, it is my opinion and I’m just kinda tired of some of the far reaching with crap like this and the people that flip a bitch when someone doesn’t agree with them about this stuff. 

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I like how this arc is really making Tsukiyama a more fleshed-out (if more tragic) character. Yes, his defining trait is his obsession with Kaneki, but he has other interests, friends (even human ones!), and people who love him for the beautiful weirdo that he is. I hope he doesn't meet with a bad end...

Yes! I like how we are finally getting to find out more about his backstory and his relationships with others (servants, family and friends). I think many of us have been interested about the Tsukiyama family for a while now too. 

I hope that Shuu will be alright too. ;;;

          ani’s multi-milestone cupcake love bias list!! 

there are a lot of milestones happening right now and they’re all overlapping and it’s so exciting. i’ve passed some follower milestones on astoria, daphne, narcissa, and even caden – 500+, 250+, 100+, and 50+. i’ve hit my five-thousandth post on astoria. in a week, my astoria blog will be a year old. and, in a couple weeks’ time, i’ll have been writing astoria for three years. honestly, it’s been such a wild ride, and such an incredible one. i’ve made some amazing friends here, and i’ve developed such incredible dynamics with people in and out of character.

i cannot even begin to explain how grateful i am for this amazing experience. i’ve met so many wonderful people, and i’ve grown so much as a writer. and my characters have come a long way from where they’ve started – i took a look, recently, at some of my very first interactions as astoria, and it’s kind of incredible to see the ways in which she’s changed, and the ways in which she’s stayed the same. expanding to other characters has been amazing, too – getting to write ocs i developed on the spot, exploring dynamics with characters i’d never dreamed of interacting with regularly, developing dynamics i was hoping i’d get the chance to write.

the moral of the story is: THANK YOU. thank you for being so kind and welcoming. thank you for interacting with me, and for giving me the chance to get to know you. it’s been a blessing and a privilege, and i cannot thank any of you enough for that. below the cut is a follow forever // bias list // whatever the cool kids call them, and it’s been a very long time coming. there’ll be a giveaway soon, so keep an eye out for that as well.

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I really fcking hate that they let dude-bros punch al-Jilani. She’s super annoying, but not punch worthy, I dont even think a character like renegade shep actually would punch her. I think about this every day of my life. Why did they think it was ok to let a white male protag (even though she’s customizable, this is the vision they had for the game) punch a woc in the face (twice, and you can headbutt her and knock her out???) for literally no reason. Why did they do this. Why is this allowed

i’m gonna make a quick post here about tumblr rp!!

i KNOW that people have talked before about how it’s for fun, how it gives everybody a chance to express themselves & change the course of their favorite stories, but i just wanted to make it 100% clear that these are my reasons for doing it!! i’m not here to collect followers or write novels, i just want to have fun & mess with the characters i connect with & make friends along the way!

so YEAH, i hop around a lot. i have a really difficult time sticking to one blog. i also have a really difficult time deciding which characters are worth making!

but i am NOT going to feel guilty for moving on. i am NOT going to feel guilty for making blogs that are meant for the side & eventually allowing those blogs meant to be my Focus to gather dust.

i’m quick to develop crushes & attachments! & this is all for fun, anyway. i’m sorry if i bother anyone by moving around as much as i do, but i love you all, & i’ll always follow you if you want me to! 

that’s all! thanks for reading! xx

Blind Spot

Author: ArtisticRainey

Rating: T for swearing

Characters: John Tracy; Virgil Tracy

Genre: Humour/Family

Summary: John and Virgil do some unexpected bonding. Inspired by a prompt from nibenhu - that John either blinds someone else or goes blind. I started out writing angst and ended up writing humour. Go figure.

Please find attached a fic that contains a lot of fandom in-jokes. And even a cameo (look your yourself, penpenonvirgilsbed!).


Everything else had gone to plan. It was supposed to go to plan, wasn’t it? Everything Brains designs is over-engineered. Safety in excellence, remember?

We weren’t even pushing the limits this time around. It was just routine. Or at least, so I thought. Brains and Alan had docked with Five to refresh my supplies and refit one of the modules in the memory core. All routine. It was all going to plan.

Brains was tinkering at an open panel and the more he pulled at the guts of Five, the more I started to sweat. He wasn’t doing anything wrong, of course. It just made me nervous to think that something could go wrong. It brought back bad memories of the incident with EOS, when I had been 99.9% certain I would have to destroy my ‘Bird.

My home.

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Imagine your favourite character lying blissfully in bed, being stuffed full of their favourite treats by someone they love, watching their belly round out bigger and bigger. They feel so full and round and stuffed they can’t even move, but the food is so good and their loved one cheering them on makes them determined to keep eating.

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i know u probably hate daemon related asks, but if its not too much trouble what do think the x-file characters would have?

Cats. I’ve given this a lot of thought, and I’ve determined that both Mulder and Scully have cats. Mulder’s asshole tabby has had to endure a lot of “curiosity killed the cat” jokes, as well as taking a certain amount of glee in knocking things off Skinner’s desk. Only Scully’s dark shorthair has seen how often she runs into doors, slips on a loose paper and fall, and generally makes a fool of herself.

Scully’s shorthair looks unamused and bored a lot of the time, right up until anyone threatens Mulder. Then he tends to remind people that its ancestors once hunted ours, and claw out the eyes of whoever gets near.

Skinner has a dog, an easygoing hound that his superiors took as the sign of a loyal and obedient AD. But she’s got a protective streak a mile wide, and the Smoking Man has learned to keep his distance from her raised hackles.