even if it is out of character


favourite tv shows: Stranger Things

“…it is a dimension that is a dark reflection or echo of our world. It is a place of decay and death. A plane out of phase. A place of monsters. It is right next to you, and you don’t even see it…”

i have multiple problems with dirty laundry, but one thing that really stuck out like a sore thumb is how the author clearly did not talk to ANY autistic people, at all

it doesnt matter if sophia is younger than most characters, you need to talk to someone who actually has autism to write the character accurately

its pretty clear that the author googled “symptoms of autism” and then picked what they wanted to put in, because even though i can talk to strangers when its 10000000% necessary, if i (an autistic person) were in a situation where i HAD to talk to people, family or not, i would most likely talk to my closest family members instead of a cousin ive known for 8 years, let alone a cousin ive just met.

i guess what im trying to say is dirty laundry doesnt show autism: it shows a cute version of a nd for nt people that they can turn into something an adorable child does, which you know, is a huge fucking problem autistic people have to deal with, you know, being treated like children, you know that really abelist thing that people with autisim have to deal with, i wanna make this clear

dirty laundry is a terrible representation of what autisim really is

I am actually quite similar to Waverly in many ways, I discovered that as I went through the season. When I first got the role, I went through all of this work to train and get myself into the character, but Melanie, she just laughed at me: “Dominique, you doing all of this work is so Waverly. You don’t need to, you are literallythe character already!” So we had a lot of similarities in our bubbliness and being slightly geeky and fumbly mumbly at times, but I’d say one thing that I’d need to take a leaf out of her book in is her bravery, and if I could have been half the young woman she was – gosh, it would have been a lot easier! I think that’s my favourite part of Waverly: how, even though there may be something ahead of her that scares her to death, she still goes for it and explores it, which is something that I would really love the younger generation to take on board, because you’ve just got to face these things.
there are too many people (u know, antis) who don't seem to be great at respecting others so let's break it down shall we

things that are okay:

- shipping clexa
- not shipping clexa
- shipping bellarke
- not shipping bellarke
- shipping BOTH
- discussing Lexa as a character [even if you have negative things to say]
- disliking Lexa
- discussing Bellamy as a character [same goes here for him]
- disliking Bellamy
- calling out racism/homophobia/cultural appropriation on the show without trying to take the whole thing down and off the air (instead, try to get them to change)
- calling out the same things in the fandom without feeling the need to crucify someone. just tell them they’re being disrespectful. if you say it in a way that’s not meant to ‘drag’ them they’re 1000 times more likely to listen to you

things that aren’t okay:

- sending hate to bellarke shippers for shipping bellarke {when they’ve done nothing wrong}
- sending hate to clexa shippers for shipping clexa {same goes here}
- calling people fake or ass kissers or whatever else for liking both pairings. believe it or not they’re not mutually exclusive
- unnecessary Bellamy hate in the Bellamy tag
- racism towards Bob Morley (the guy is a total sweet heart come on)
- unnecessary Lexa hate in the Lexa tag
- erasure of Clarke’s sexuality. with Lexa, she was bisexual. if she ends up with a man, even if it’s Bellamy, she will still be bisexual
- unnecessary hate for either ship in that tag
- racism/talking over poc in this fandom who are speaking about the show in relation to their own culture or life experience
- lesbophobia/talking over lesbians or wlw in this fandom who are speaking about the show in relation to their own sexuality or life experience
- calling someone racist just because they don’t like Bellamy or bellarke
- calling someone lesbophobic just because they don’t like Lexa or clexa
- DRAG BLOGS HOLY SHIT (who thinks this is a good idea like stop hate mongering please)

feel free to add but honestly I would just love to see a bit more love around this fandom. we all watch the same show, and we’ve stayed here because we love the characters, or the story, or the pairings, or it made us feel something that we want to keep feeling. am I the only one??? please restore my faith that the 100 fandom has decent people in it

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How would Genji, Mei, Hanzo, McCree, Reaper, and Lucio react to seeing their SO wearing their hair down for the first time?

((Sorry bby, gotta cut one of them out! Five character limit for headcanons!))
- Stares at them, awestruck and gently runs his fingers through their hair
- Tries to get them to let their hair down more often, and he especially loves washing their hair; he’s very gentle and massages their scalp if they do let him
- She’s excited about them letting their hair down; coos out compliments and tells them how beautiful their hair is
- She likes trying to get them to put their hair up in hairdos, even braiding it herself or putting it into buns; even does her own hair so they could match
- He likes how they look with their hair down, complimenting them and even putting his own hair down for them
- Makes sure they’re taking proper care of their hair, sharing a few of his favorite products with them, albeit a bit bashfully
- Constantly touching their hair, whether they’re cuddling or his hand just happens to be near their head
- “Shoot, darlin, shoulda let your hair down sooner!” Compliments them constantly
- Star eyes, complimenting them and asking to play with their hair. He puts his hair down too, and learns how to braid just so he could try it out on his s/o
- Massages their scalp and pets them, running his hands through their hair all the time to try to get them to relax or sleep

Obligatory Voltron post

Things to like about Voltron: Legendary Defender

  • Shiro. Just… all of Shiro.
  • Allura flinging things.
  • Pidge being snarky
  • Everyone just being ‘oh, ok’ at Pidges reveal and not making it a big deal at *all*
  • Did I mention Shiro
  • Keith and Lance. Ok, I get everyone ships them but as characters, I like how fucked up of a red oni, blue oni team they are. Like, they’re literally red and blue, fire and ice, but their personalities don’t match the trope at all.
  • Hunk is a delight and a voice of reason and I will defend him and his common sense to my dying breath
  • Even the stupid butler is kindof a badass
  • Is he a butler? Wtf is he supposed to be? Is he, like, the prince consort or something?
  • The show actually gets so much better as the season progresses? Like episode 9 is super emotional, and 10 is just amazing.

Things not to like about Voltron

  • Give me my god damned Keith-centric episode! I want to know all the things!
  • I’ve seen the 'form Voltron’ clip, thanks. I know you’re proud of it, just.. that’s about enough of that clip.
  • Also: that’s your season ending?
Perfect Timing

Here’s my post for Sam’s Fifty July Kinks! Oh, the fun I had with this…

PROMPT: Cooking Kink (watching them cook/use their hands while baking)
CHARACTERS: Sam Winchester, female reader
WARNINGS: Smut (obviously), AU, explicit sexual content

TAGS: @hiddenwritingsintheworld, @oriona75, @kittenofdoomage, @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog, @mrs-squirrel-chester, @mrswhozeewhatsis, @nerdflash

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You rolled your shoulders as you pressed your hands into the dough, flattening it over the flour-sprinkled countertop before rolling it into a ball again. You worked the dough like you’d been doing for the past ten minutes, putting all your effort into making sure this dough turned out perfectly.

You weren’t sure what you were going to make yet. Pie crust, maybe. Cookies. Biscuits, even. Pizza dough kept coming to your mind, and you’d almost resigned yourself to having pizza for dinner tonight.

You perked up, hands stilling in the dough as you heard the jingle of keys from the front step, a moment before the door was opened.

“Honey, I’m home!”

You let out a laugh as you heard the front door shut.

“Yes, you are. Come here, you sexy thing!”

Rich laughter filled the previously quiet house, and you continued working the dough. You reached over and grabbed another handful of flour, sprinkling it over the section of counter that you’d claimed as your work station. You kept kneading, glancing over your shoulder to see Sam standing there, jacket discarded, tie loose around his neck, hand stilled on unbuttoning the sleeve of his button-up shirt.

“Hi, honey. How was work?”

He didn’t answer, and you glanced over your shoulder again. He had his bottom lip between his teeth, one eyebrow raised, eyes trained on your hands.


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Suicide Squad

So I’m seeing a lot of hate about the Suicide Squad and I just have to say can y'all please stop!! The movie hasn’t even come out yet. Stop saying some of the actors is going to suck or their career is ending after this movie. You know how invested they were in playing these characters and how hard they trained and stayed up late nights filming. Like honestly I’m so proud of them because from the interviews and watching trailers to the movie you can just tell how hard they committed to there role. They are so passionate and genuinely excited for us fans to see the movie so please stop trying to ruin their shine. Stop talking shit about them and the movie. Y'all wouldn’t like if someone said oh you did this bad right? You will feel pissed or sad because your going to think Damn man I worked so hard on this and this person ruined the moment for me so don’t do it to other people. Remember actors are humans just like us who have feelings. SO AGAIN DON’T SHIT ON THE CAST MEMBERS!!! (I just needed to get that of my chest)

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5 ways cosmo can help you win your man

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2alRl7k

by stilinskisparkles

prompt from jen: where derek never had to work to get a date, he always had someone pursue him or ask him out. but when derek sees stiles, he waits and thinks stiles will stroll up and ask him out. everyone of his past relationships started that way, until stiles doesn’t. and derek is left with the horrifying possibility that he will have to make the first move and dare he think of it, flirt? and attempt small talk. and it turns out, he’s really bad at it. maybe he even tries cosmo tips and calls his sisters, both of whom are like 100% trolling him

Words: 5792, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2alRl7k
Beyond Expectations

Star Trek: Beyond is like a love letter to Spones, and I am on cloud nine! So freaking happy they’ve made McCoy a main character again, instead of the bit scenes of the last two movies. And giving more emphasis to the Spock/McCoy dynamic, I was squeeing the whole time! Thank you Simon Pegg! Already seen it twice, thinking of going a 3rd time. Can’t wait to see the fan vids and fics that come out (might even do my own vid)!

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MOD JYUSHI IM GOING TO GIVE YOU A LOT OF COMPLIMENTS TO MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER INCASE YOU'RE SAD/UPSET RN you're super pretty i love your glasses your art style is so cute and i love it you look gr8 with a choker on always wear them please youre super nice youre super funny your s/o loves you sm and i know it i actually look up to you when it comes to personality and art draw jyushi so cute, hell you draw everyone so awesomely im running out of characters but know that ily <3

Today I am 31.

It’s my birthday! What a year.. 30 was difficult. I had to adjust my life quite a bit in the last year. My ex and I cut our last intimate ties and while we remained friends it put an incredible stress on my life while I was attempting to move forward. It almost crippled me emotionally at one point, but here I am. Stronger than I was and (hopefully) on my way to being happy with someone else.

Part of being able to make it through that last year was because of many of you. Supporting my work, being good friends, loving Sylv as a character. Your support, however big or small, has helped me make it out of a serious depression.

Thanks to everyone who commissions me. I know I’m not the best artist out there in the community but when someone wants my work it means the world to me, even if I am a slow worker.

Sylv’s birthday is today too! I may be out most of the day/night but I’m going to try and do something for her birthday soon!

MoonPhanter - Twitch
We're regretting this decision

It’s happening.

@severedmoosehead​ is here, curled up in the sofa together with the dog. We’re mentally preparing ourselves for this evening when we’ll try to get a joint stream up where we sell our souls attempt a Genocide run of Undertale. Hopefully we’ll have enough internet to get this thing working.

Come watch us tonight on the link above as we dust all the characters we love, cry our hearts out and swear in swedish. It’s gonna be horrible great. We already regret this decision.

Stream will start at 7pm (19:00) CEST. You can see what time it is atm over here: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/sweden

(Stream is probably going to be NSFW due to possible colourful language and conversation topics. We’ll try to not be too sinful though)

I’ll let you know if there are any changes.

I just saw the funniest post ever. It was from a Destiel shipper claiming that Sam is beloved by the Destiel fandom and you can tell because he’s included in so many Destiel fics on AO3. On the other hand, Cas is rarely included in Wincest fics so clearly Destiel shippers are morally superior. Yes. For real. They had fucking charts. That’s how empty their lives are.

First of all, the reason they have to include Sam in fics is pretty obvious. If you’re writing a 10k+ fic about Dean and Cas and you never mention Sam, your story is incredibly out of character. There is no Dean without Sam, no Sam without Dean. Those are canon facts that are impossible to get around. It certainly doesn’t mean the authors of these fics like him; his character is just something that needs to be discussed or not even the most hardcore Destiel shipper is going to buy it. So of course, they reduce him to a god damned cheerleader at best. At worst? They kill him. I’ve seen so many fic descriptions where Sam is dead. That’s their favorite thing to do. But they loooooove him so much, right? So please explain the fics I saw that had Dean murdering Sam either for Cas or with Cas.

You know what? It’s fan fiction. You can write those characters any way you please. But quit acting like you deserve a fucking cookie for including Sam. In fact, just go ahead and leave him out all together. Nobody minds. I mean, it makes your story seriously OOC but frankly your whole ship is OOC so a little bit more won’t hurt anything.


The Young Elites by Marie Lu

What’s It About?

When a fever struck the world, children that survived it were left with marks that labeled them as different. And then the powers began to manifest. Children could make flames appear on their skin, harness the power of the wind, even see in the dark. 

They became known as the Young Elites. 

Adelina Amouteru has known fear and hatred all her life. Raised by a violent, abusive father who favored her sister, there has never been kindness unattached. When her powers finally manifested, she catches the attention of the Daggers, a group whose goal it is to seek out Young Elites.

Why Did I Like It?

Holy shit this book is DARK.

This is basically a villain story and it’s so good?????? I really loved Adelina as a character and I’m so excited to see where this goes. I am also super here for the storyline: give me all the teenagers with special powers stories.


I’ve only read the first one (the third one isn’t even released yet) but I REALLY liked it. So, so far, yes.


Started: July 25th

Finished: July 30th

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who is hijirisawa shonousuke ? :00

Only the best family heirloom ever! Or this little guy that’s been in Akatsuka’s works that -san decided to honor:

He’s shown up in the original -kun manga and anime, and in some other Akatsuka series, (usually?) unnamed from what I can tell since the sources I’ve looked at just refer to him as “Man” when he appears in older media. He’s got a noseless variation that appears sometimes too.

Some might wonder “what does he even do?”, but I think that’s really the joke about his use. That he’s this old obscure background character that they just pull out for gags, or stick into the background in a bunch of places. He and Dayon seem to get around a lot in those.

Then they even gave him sixteen younger bros to make an even more outlandish parody of the sextuplets, and all of the guys have certainly been honored in recent stuff too (PASH fanbook, Money Wars’ April Fools screen, Divine Gate game). Going by how they’re referred to as the “Hijirisawa Mercantile” in ep.25, they’re definitely the opposite of NEET and Shonosuke or one of his bros is considered top-tier enough to be at the nice dating party that Totoko went to. But though they might be opposite of Matsunos in success, they’re just not interesting or distinguished enough to stand out as the leads like they’d hoped to be after the Iyami Kart. Maybe with them being all identical and interchangeable, you could say they’d be what the Matsunos would have been if they didn’t differentiate and became decent salarymen…hmm.

But okay,  wouldn’t it be something if a sequel started off with the Hijirisawas as a joke, only for them to get cancelled and denied yet again…maybe we’d even see the 8-head bishonen Shonosuke that Sachi Kokuryu joked about wanting to see? Well, now that I said it, maybe that’d be expected lol.

To her,

So I was wrong. Turns out that letter wasn’t from you, and I feel a bit stupid for thinking it was. I mean, why would you leave me something here anyway? You’re at a point in your life where you’ve moved on, and what lies ahead for you is something I can’t even imagine. 

I wish I could speak to you again, and I wish I could share with you all of the cool things that are going on in my life, because no one would appreciate them like you would. 

You were something special. Like a character from a story. And I accept my role as the bad guy. I broke your heart. That was me. I guess the reason I still think about this so much is because I’ve yet to find another person who is as special as you. I’m glad you found someone else who can be your whole world, and I’m sorry I couldn’t be that. 

I was so close to getting over you, too. SO close. And all it took was one bad day. 

One fucking day. 


someone who should stop thinking about you

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Sorry to ask but I think I might be the only one who is little bummed that Peyton's mom really prefers Peybrina. Her tweets say it all. I guess it is no biggie as they are separate from their characters but I guess I was holding out hope that Reyton might actually stand a chance "eventually". I guess not. It was fun to imagine though. Haha. Btw I like your blog. Thanks!

I’m not sure which tweet you are talking about, anon, but I’ll consider it is the one with the pictures of Pey and Sab on the last tapping. Indeed Lizzie seems to love Sabrina dearly and she is always super supportive of her and her work, which I think is amazing, and yes she might even be rooting for Peyton and Sabrina to be a couple. I understand why, given you’d hoped to see Row and Pey find themselves in a relationship, you may be feeling a little bummed by seeing pictures or tweets hinting at Pey and Sab, but just keep in mind that as much fun as shipping can be there are real boundries we oughta respect, especially when it comes to real life people instead of fictional characters, and these people have the right to pursue whatever relationships they want and make them happy.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not at all calling you out on anything here. I myself feel more than a little excited whenever I see a new picture or video of Peyton and Rowan, it makes me extremely happy, and though I really do love Sabrina, for some reason seeing her with Peyton doesn’t touch my heart all that deep. I don’t particularly ship Pey and Sab and it’s not something I can or will try and force. But if they are or want to be together and if that makes them happy, I’m happy for them.

Thank you for the compliment on my blog, btw! I’m really glad to know you like it! :D

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I'm not even into Voltron but I noticed it has a ship between red and blue characters. It's destined to work out.

I am weeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaak against red/blue fire/water ships. WEEEEEEEEAAAAAAK. When I first started the series, I was like, “Hmmm, dunno if I ship them or not…” Turns out, I do. I am deep in this landfill and I have been since they first appeared on screen together even when I was in denial. The moment I asked myself “do I ship them?” the answer was yes. Of course yes. Fuck yes. 

Whether they are destined or not, Klance is definitely destined in my heart. 

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