even if it is not a big deal

  • [keith irl]
  • lance: keith, how are you feeling?
  • keith: feelings? i don't know her
  • [keith online]
  • keith: i guess being half-galra is a big deal, huh? well, i tend to push people away even when they want to get closer. i think it started when my mom left me and i built up walls around my heart, she might be the reason i have trust issues-
instant gratification 03 (m)

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➾ smut, angst, fluff

➾the final part of this series, please read the first three parts if you haven’t!

instant gratification 01 | 02 | 2.5

It’s like time has slowed to an ambling crawl, and all that ever exists has ceased to matter; except in this room with the three of you standing, facing each other like fighters in a ring. All you’re aware of is the way your breath has frozen over in your chest, and the way Jeongguk is clutching something so tightly in his hand, mirroring your own fisted palm.

“Jeongguk, no,” the sound of your voice pierces through the tense atmosphere, and is that really your voice? Why does it sound so unconvincing, so lacking in resolve, so broken? You clear your throat and attempt to try again, because your eyes are locked on Jeongguk’s own milky caramel ones, filled with a murky rage that threatens to break past the surface. “Jeongguk, this is not what it looks like, I swear-“

He only responds with an acerbic laugh that’s short and cutting, and it makes every breath you take feel razor sharp.

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I've just seen two different post-season 7 surveys and they're making me feel really positive about our ship. The first one is from Buzzfeed where 65 000 people ship Jonerys and that's about 73% of the people who voted. They also had that type of poll over at the main GOT Reddit (which isn't even the most pro-Jonerys place) and with about 22 500 voters, 82% of them are fine with the incest and 70% think they're gonna continue their relationship. Big numbers right?

Thank you so much for sending this!!! I’m on mobile at a conference but I couldn’t wait to post this, it’s too good. You made my day, anon.

I have been dealing with a lot of Jonerys negativity (from the GA! Just talking about it with colleagues haha) so seeing this made me smile and is even a little unexpected.

I’m glad to be reminded that clearly, objectively, based on EVIDENCE, a majority of people support our OTP. As they should 😁

You’re an angel 💖

Tyler Seguin - First Time

Team: Dallas Stars

Requested: Yes: can u please write a tyler seguin imagine where the reader is a virgin but hasn’t shared that with him yet for obvious reasons. if you could write about his reaction and maybe their first time together? :) If you don’t want to write smut, that’s okay though.

Edited: Yes

Word count: 736

Summary: You're a virgin and have sex for the first time

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That sex ed class made me cringe so hard lmao XD

It wasn’t Ms. Delaney’s fault though. She was actually trying to be objective this time. The students were just being immature as always and made things THAT awkward.

Now, I know how sex is a huge issue for some and not so much for others. BUT I liked how Rosa didn’t make a big deal out of it by doing the demonstration with the banana.

My country leads the rate of teenage pregnancy in the Americas. I can’t help but think that things would be different  IF society were to address sex with a better approach, taking in consideration people’s different social classes and situations. 

My point is, as embarrassing it is, I do think sex ed is extremely important. It’s even better when it’s approached in a more lighthearted yet informative way. That’s why I like how Rosa handled the situation (Hey, it was impressive by MCL standards XD)! Candy even mentioned she made them feel childish or something! das my wife =3



As astonishing as it may sound, MANY people don’t know gay and lesbian couples are supposed to use protection. There being penetration or not, ALL couples of any sexuality are supposed to use some kind of protection cause STDs are a huge problem everywhere. Unfortunately. 

Raising awareness for sexual health is necessary. 

Priya’s little discourse was enough to make me happy. Being bi myself, I cannot agree more with her because everyone tends to ignore LGBT topics at school. Thumbs up for Beemoov this time x3 

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Do you think Harry will go to one of Niall's shows? I want to think he will but I've been so disillusioned about narry lately :( I have this awful feeling that we'll never get to see/hear Harry support Niall in the same way Niall supports him, not because he hates him or anything silly like that, but just because Harry seems to be so distant from the others? Idk, just thinking out loud... sorry ppl are being so rude to you today! Hugs!

Thank you, Non-Non.

I don’t think Harry is necessarily distant from the others. I think he’s just not into the social media thing. Like- Niall is an exception; he supports E V E R Y O N E, whether it be the boys or his golf people or other artists, he’s constantly being the most supportive. Whereas Harry, these days, only takes to social media to announce things – but that doesn’t mean that he’s distant in real life. They might talk every day, and maybe Harry didn’t go running to Niall to tell him about the surgery on his wrist (I sometimes go days/weeks without telling my friends that I talk to a regular basis, sometimes every day, something) – but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t still friends and they don’t still care about each other.

As far as whether or not I think Harry will make it to one of Niall’s shows – who knows. They’re both on tour now, which means their schedules are both pretty full, so it really am not of the opinion that if Harry doesn’t go that that means that he isn’t supportive.

For Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

☀ 85 F

So. Yesterday, I drove. It was through a residential neighborhood, but there was one turn in the route where I had to merge into traffic (a huge “fuuuuuuuuck” tier of fear) before turning back in the neighborhood. Honestly? The anxiety was only bad when initially backing into the road. Most of what I did was comfortable. I even started enjoying myself by my second pass around. An incredible observation I’m making is that I’m actually just way too focused on driving to even let my intrusive thoughts enter. So, far…that is. The heavy hitters are to come but literally, nothing has been as scary as in my head–so maybe merging lanes (the biggest “fuuuuuuuuuck”) is going to be the exact same experience as today. Just, “Meh, OK. That wasn’t a big deal.” The more I do new things, I realize new things are only bad–at first. The very first. Then it’s over. Then. It’s normal. That’s what I think my lesson for today is.

The instructor at this place is much better than in Florida last year. The guy from last year was so…Dr. Suess? He had this strange cadence to his voice and kept using these metaphors. On paper, maybe not the worst sounding thing and maybe even amusing to some, but GET TO THE POINT, OPERATING HEAVY MACHINE RIGHT NOW. The new guy? He gave me instruction when I needed a reminder and just backed off when I was getting it, to just let me focus and use my own decision-making. Amazing!

6-8 hours of sleep 👍🏻  
128+ oz Water 👍🏻
Meal Plan 👍🏻
Migraine and Anxiety Journal 👍🏻
Sunscreen 👍🏻
10,000-15,000 Steps 👍🏻
Lay Out Clothes 👍🏻
Make Bed 👍🏻 


Power Walk

so this is just my personal onion but… speaking a different language isnt appropriative. not even in the slightest. language is a major part of culture and sharing culture is very important. like for example ive read that apparently white people learning arabic/ spanish/ japanese/ yiddish/ etc is “appropriative” but… it absolutely isnt? language needs to be shared!!!!!!! BUT OFC THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO WEEABOOS USING JAPANESE AS SOME FETISHISTIC CUTESY THING OR WHITE GIRLS GETTING ARABIC TATTOOS BECAUSE THEY “LOOK COOL” AND NEGLECTING TO UNDERSTAND THE MEANING! BUT if some white person wants to learn a language thats traditionally associated/spoken by poc then. that is not a big deal. at all


okay ik Keith was just looking for things to say about himself but I kind of love how he just outwardly said he was part Galra you know? It’s as if it’s not a big deal to him and he doesn’t understand why everyone is treating it like one. I really like how he’s accepted himself as Galra and is not (as I expected him to do) beating himself up about something he can’t even control. I think this really shows how mature Keith really is and we don’t really get to see that in the series. He is always portrayed as an impulsive and impatient kid but he’s actually really mature and acknowledges his flaws and even analyzed himself to the point of figuring out what aspects of his life might be where these flaws came from, it’s just such a different side than we usually see and I’m so glad he shared it with us because I definitely feel like I know him a little more now.

Shippers: I guess I’m abusive now bc I’m 6 days older than my gf uwu

Antis: what the fuck no, we’re talking years older. 7 years older. A sexual and romantic relationship between a brother figure/teacher and a high school boy who clearly still has trouble even dealing with his emotions. Someone so close to him, that he’s known for so long and currently sees as a grown adult and big brother, turning around and manipulating the trust that he gives not a ton of people, is fucked up.

Shipper: buhhhhh its fiction! Anyway, apparently I’m abusive because I met my gf when she was 18 uwu I’m abusive bc I’m a year older than her uwu wow I’m so fucking abusive! uwu

I’m sorry, can we rewind a bit? I’m not ready to move on. Did that actually happen? I’m not even sure it happened. That was a fever dream I had, right? What is… Man, what

Also Rei’s missing from school and–

Did that really happen or

the fuck is this

the fuck is that



*flips desk*

Frank Grillo Hints At Crossbones' Return To MCU

Captain America: Civil War seemed to have killed off Crossbones, but Marvel fans know nothing is ever confirmed unless there’s a body (and even that’s suspect). During a recent chat with Forbes, Frank Grillo dropped a hint about his character’s future in the MCU. And, if the actor is right, then the MCU isn’t done with Crossbones just yet.

The actor was interviewed about his horror stint with The Purge, but Grillo couldn’t stop from bringing up his Marvel gig. “I’m also a small part of the Marvel world, but to be a part of something like this, if anyone tells you that’s not a big deal, they’re lying. It’s great to be part of Marvel too,” the actor said.

“I have three boys who are fanatical about Marvel, and I was surprised not too long ago because there is some news that nobody knows yet, to do with my character, that’s going to be really interesting and I’m excited about that.”

Fans who’ve kept tabs on Grillo as of late will notice his comment differs from one he gave back in January. The actor told Collider he thought he was done with The Purge as well as Marvel.

“I think I’m done,” Grillo explained. “Same thing with Captain America. There’s nowhere for it to go, unless you’re Captain America or Iron Man. They were talking about it, but I was like, ‘You know what? I’d just rather not do it.’ I’m so appreciative and grateful to have been a part of something that big.”

If the actor has changed his mind, then Grillo learned something important in the last eight months. Crossbones was presumed dead after the baddie apparently died in an explosion contained by the Scarlett Witch. Grillo’s character was willing to suicide bomb himself to take down Captain America in battle, but the Avengers stopped the Hydra loyalist from killing Steve Rogers. Crossbones’ fate was left up to the imagination of fans, but it could be that Marvel is biding time to bring the villain back. However, if the villain is treated anything like the Red Skull, it could be a long time before the MCU brings Crossbones back up.

The next MCU flick to hit theaters will be Thor: Ragnarok on November 3.

Begin Again 9

Chapter 9

“Momma, it time to go yet? Wanna see Elsa and Anna.” Lottie said as she bounced in front of her mother later that day. Peta had just gotten her cleaned up from playing out in the yard after her nap and had told her of the plans for the evening. The movie in the park ended up being Frozen 2 which was one of Lottie’s favorites.

“Almost baby, we have to wait for Maverick, Noah and Mr. Maks.” Peta said giggling.

“I take Olaf?” She asked quickly remembering the snowman.

“You can take your Olaf. Your big one or do you want to take your little box and we can put your little Frozen people in it?” Peta suggested. Right after Lottie turned 2 her attention span dwindled greatly. When Ollie was dealing with a lot of doctor’s appointments, sometimes it wasn’t always ideal to have someone watch the little one so Peta had found a lot of the Disney characters in small figurine versions. Lottie became obsessed with them. So on days when Lottie had to go to appointments, Peta would have her pick a handful of figurines and they would put them in a pencil box and take them with them. It had been a lifesaver.

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Yey Fowsia! Pulling one for the us once more. And thanks for sharing that bit of information, but a totally big one for the fandom.👍🎊🎉

LOL it’s no big deal but thank you! I’m sure f someone else, they would’ve answered. But yes I’m glad we got even more confirmation. I just needed to know for sure she was crossing over to other shows, considering Candice, Caity and Carlos were hush about it at their HVFF panel (though they slick gave it away).

art-flirt  asked:

That anon ask about mental health literally made tears come to my eyes when you ended it saying they get extra points for waking up this morning. That really touched my heart and idk why I’m crying so much, but I think it’s a cry of happiness since you’re showing so much love towards someone you don’t even know. Seeing things like that make me think maybe the world isn’t all bad. Thank you for showing no one is alone and can always find help.

Don’t cry, baby!

I don’t think people with depression and anxiety get nearly enough credit for things that most people assume are ‘ordinary’ or 'easy’ tasks. In reality those things are intimidating and exhausting for someone with mental health issues and sometimes we all need to be reminded that those 'small’ accomplishments are worthy of praise (because it’s actually a big fucking deal).

You know how Neville’s biggest fear was Snape? And I’m sure we can all agree that holy shit did that boy have to be brave to be able to face his fear and attend class with that man most days of the week for *years*? Well, for some of us, existing itself is daunting and terrifying and to be able to keep on doing so regardless of our internal struggles is such a brave, bad ass thing to do and you better believe I will award points and respect and all my love to my followers that keep on keepin’ on. I’m proud of you guys!

I don’t say anything to be the Tumblr cliché, I genuinely care about all of you & want you to feel comfortable coming to me. I sincerely hope that my followers and mutuals consider me to be a friend, or at least to know that I’m more than happy to be if they so decide.

BTS Explain Concepts Behind ‘Love Yourself: Her’ Album: 'This Is the Beginning of Our Chapter Two’

Mere hours before the release of BTS'Love Yourself: Her, the album’s significance wasn’t lost on the group’s leader, Rap Monster.

“It’s really a huge, big step for us,” the 23-year-old rapper/songwriter/producer told Billboard during a phone call from Seoul. “Of course, every member is so excited about the album. We’ve been just practicing until now, day and night, to show these new songs and perfected performances. I left a message on our fan cafe, the other day, after we finished that 'this EP will mark the turning point of BTS’ and even though the wait felt really long with this album – I think it was the huge event, the BBMAs, were in May – so much has happened.”

The wait has been particularly anticipated for for the band’s famously passionate fan base, known as Army, who have been waiting for new tracks from Rap Monster, Jimin, Suga, J-Hope, Jin, V and Jungkook band after voting them Top Social Artist at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards over fellow pop juggernauts Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez and Shawn Mendes.

Since then, the BTS guys have landed distribution deals with Amazon and U.S.-based The Orchard (“We believe the physical album, still, really counts and it’s really important to connect with our fans around the world,” Rap Monster said) and hung out with worldwide chart-toppers like Major Lazer, Halsey, Charli XCX(“Maybe it’s just my sixth sense, but I think maybe we will be collaborating with even more interesting artists,” he added); even snagging The Chainsmokers to produce a beat for Love Yourself: Her.

One listen to the tightly produced record – which looks likely to make a big splash on the Billboard 200 next week – and the passion is palpable from the intense lead single “DNA,” the societal commentary in “Go Go,” among multiple lyrics and moments that feel ripped from the members’ personal journals. There’s also loads of passion in Rap Monster’s voice talking about these new songs as he sees and envisions the larger picture and message for his band’s latest batch of forward-thinking EDM, hip-hop and pop tracks. Read on for Billboard’s deeper analysis of Love Yourself: Her with Rap Monster.

Let’s start right from the beginning with “Serendipity.” Why was this the right song to choose as the intro and kick off the era?

When I wrote the lyrics, melodies and the first themes of “Serendipity,” I tried to come up with some rare things you find in life, something very special, like the calico, three-striped cat; things that have extraordinary meanings in people’s lives. I wanted to share this moment.

I was reading the lyrics are gender neutral, which I think is really powerful. Was that a conscious decision?

The lyrics were based on rare and special things in life. So, I thought, those feelings transcend genders, cultures and barriers between people.

We always put out the “Intro” just before releasing our single, so the intro is taking the role of telling the concept of this album. But “Serendipity” was actually the right song to share the feelings of our single, “DNA.” The title is about how our DNA is connected in the universe, I think that was the right feel for this album.

Let’s talk about “DNA.” How does this single continue and progress the story of BTS?

When we’re talking about our title tracks, “DNA” is about the expression of a young, passionate love. The lyrics are like, “The two of us our connected fatefully from the start, our DNA was just the one thing.” At the same time, “DNA” is taking BTS to new ground. We tried to apply new grammar and perspectives – if you listen to the song, you’ll understand what I’m trying to say – it’s very different from our previous music, technically and musically. I believe it’s going to be the starting point of a second chapter of our career; the beginning of our Chapter Two.

“Best of Me” is really impressive. It sounds like The Chainsmokers, but it also sounds like BTS. You didn’t lose yourself which isn’t easy when collaborating with new artists. What was that process like?

I love that track! We met them at BBMAs, we were so lucky. Actually, they invited us to their concert just the other day – they had a huge concert in Korea and we sang “Closer” together. For “Best of Me,” they gave us several tracks and samples months ago, we and our producers picked one sample, like, “Okay, this is fit for our next album.” So we worked on it, we sent it to them, we asked them what they think of the track we developed and got their opinions. And we made it! I’m so excited for it. [Laughs]

Your albums always have deeper social and society commentaries. Let’s talk about some of the topics with this release. “Go Go” instantly comes to mind.

“Go Go” is a trendy song, but it’s about how our young generation are living their lives with low expectations and standards so people are upset with reality; they have little hope and there’s so much economic hardship. We wanted to say something about it and emphasize to the world that it’s not their choice, but brutal reality that forces people to live and spend as if there’s no future.

But in Korea, “YOLO” has become a big key word for young people because we don’t have money and it’s really hard to get a chance to earn a lot of money. I think society has a lot of problems for young people. Young people spend their money on claw crane machines at arcades and they spend like $30 on trying to win these dolls. And then it’s like, “Oh! I spent all my money…shit. But I don’t regret.” That’s the biggest luxury for Korea’s young people: collecting accessories, cosmetics, that’s what they think is a luxury. It’s “YOLO” because it’s like, “I’m gonna buy all this! I’m gonna buy all this food and I’m going to eat it! I’m going to do it!” I think it’s sad because it’s all we can. “Go Go” is just saying, “Okay, just do it, we won’t regret it. Just spend several bucks on the machine and eat the food!” But at the same time, the song is very easily to sing along to so I think many people will like that song, especially if they find the deeper meaning.

Of course, I have to ask about making a skit interlude out of your BBMAs acceptance speech.

You need to hear “Mic Drop” because the skit was my speech at BBMAs –  because that was a big moment for our history – and then we put “Mic Drop” next to that because it’s like a flex – like, “Okay, we’re done. We don’t need to give a shit about anything.” That was the right skit and follow-up song for this album.

The last song, “Outro: Her” really spoke to me. It almost reads like a diary.

Ha! [Laughs]

After talking with you, it feels like it recaps the whole album and is really introspective.

I think that was the fastest work I did for this album. I wrote the verse in 20 minutes; it just came, very truthfully, from the bottom of my heart. I thought it was the right outro for this album because it is really a range of emotions – I’m saying I met this person that I really love, this person is the love of my life right now, I’m saying that I was confused and I was looking for love and this world is complex. But I think it’s you so, “I call you 'her,’ 'cause you’re my tear.” “I think you’re the start and the end of me.” That’s what I’m saying: You’re my wonder, but you’re also my answers. You’re my “her,” but you’re still the “tear.”

The hook is saying that love is not all about the happiness, it’s just not just about the joy, it’s not just about delight. If you want to love a person, you should know that there are tears and there can even be hatred inside of it. I think a love really includes all of that. That’s what I was trying to say. It’s complex.

And if fans are so lucky to own the physical album, they’ll hear two hidden tracks at the very. Why keep them secretive?

I think they’re hidden because you have to be a real fan of BTS to understand them. Otherwise, you won’t. Otherwise, you’d like be, “Why are they feeling so confused about things? They’re good?!? They’re No. 1 somewhere, they have so much stuff, why are they worried?” People always talk about that. But if you are true fan of BTS and you buy the album and you listen to the hidden track – if you are an Army and we spent time together from 2013, 2014 – they could understand. It’s kind of more special, more closer, to our true hearts.

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Coming from the abortion storyline of Season 3, I think it’s extremely important that the writers included so much on Princess Carolyn’s miscarriages. The shame-free portrayal of Diane’s abortion directly contrasts with PC’s experience, especially as she struggles alone. I think it’s significant that everybody has an opinion in the abortion episode, everybody has some anecdote or comfort to give. Whereas PC is offered little to no direct support or acknowledgement. Her doctor treats her as callously and devoid of empathy as Diane’s did to her, except here we had no one speaking up, no one speaking back. She is given blame and no actual advice or help, emphasising the complete lack of support on offer for a lot of women who suffer miscarriages. Even well-meaning Todd is at a loss for words when trying to think what he should say to her at the apartment. Most heartbreaking of all perhaps, is that PC is well aware of the connotations of what has happened to her, she expects to be judged, she expects to be seen as weak and pitiful and incapable. PC’s storyline emphasises how far we still have to come in making a ‘miscarriage’ more than just some dirty word or something that women feel they have to hide.