even if it is less good

So, check this out.

This is the tapestry Bard used to check back on Thorin’s name and family in DOS. As you can see, Frerin’s listed there, so he exists/existed in movie verse.

In fact, he can be see in AUJ before Smaug’s attack.

It’s a little difficult to see, but if you zoom in close enough, you can see that the guy in the front, with brown hair, actually has the same braids Thorin and Fili have - prince braids.

This is the battle of Azanulbizar. We see Thror fighting back to back with another dwarf - most likely a rather young one, because his hair’s not white yet (as it is even with Balin at that time) and he’s a tad slimmer than the average dwarf, like Kili is. He’s got messy dark-brownish hair, and his clothes are that of a ranger, with a good deal less armor than Thorin wore, so it’s not him. It’s also not Thrain, cuz Thrain’s got grey/whiteish hair at that time already, and he’s a little further away - fighting back to back with Thorin. They’re at the rock where Azog chops Thror’s head off.

This is Thorin’s expression as he does not only see his grandfather get beheaded, but also his baby brother getting chopped to pieces by orc blades.

It’s also the moment after which he immediately goes berzerk to go after Azog, and almost gets killed if it hadn’t been for that oakenbranch.

Remember Thorin chasing after Kili immediately because Kili is just so much like both of his uncles? (◡‿◡✿)

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Why do you think so many people don't shop Asuna and Kirito together? They're obviously supposed to be together. I get all the other girls like him and all, but still..

Hmm, in my opinion there are four big reasons why the Kirisuna ship has less passengers that what you would expect from a canon ship. Basically:

  1. A lot of people ship Kirito with someone else because of the first few episodes, mostly Lisbeth. Since in the anime release, Lisbeth’s side story was put before Kirusuna was made canon (unlike in the LNs), a good part of the fandom made a connection between the two that made harder for them to ship Kirisuna later.
  2. Some people think Kirito and Asuna’s relationship was “rushed”. I kinda see their point even though I disagree with it. Maybe we could have had more explicitly romantic scenes with the two, but I think they had enough screentime together and established connection through context and friendship before becoming a couple. Let’s not even go on how SAO’s source material was a book with not that much space to make the classic Dozens of Episodes Of Dicking Around Until The Obvious Main Couple Finally Smooches.
  3. They didn’t come to SAO for romance. At all. Which basically means they are mad that these two kids won’t stop talking about how much they love each other when all they want is to see Kirito stab things while yelling “YOU BASTARD” and “AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!” for the umptenth time. Unfortunately for them, SAO just isn’t this never ending action galore and characters actually have like, feelings and stuff.
  4. Some people hate Asuna. I can’t really elaborate on this one because I have no idea why they do. It’s not even a purely ship war thing, I’ve seen some people who ship nothing in SAO and still hate Asuna. It is a mystery. That also kinda gives space for other Kirito ships, I guess.

The fact some of the girls either had crushes on him or just interacted with him in general while being girls also kinda fuels it. In some fandoms people just actually avoid canon ships for some reason too though. Just to be clear: I don’t really have anything against people who don’t like Kirisuna, even though it’s one of my main SAO ships, but I do think part of the reason it’s not shipped as widely as it could has to do with really odd stuff and the SAO western hatedom.

- Mod Fil

Laci Green has a video discussing gender neutral toilets. Unfortunately, there are two problems with this video.

1. The infographic shows a woman in the men’s toilet and vice versa, implying these people are trans. I get the point, but it’s a little bit of a shitty way to show it.

2. More importantly, her conclusion is that the best way forward isn’t necessarily gender neutral toilets, but for people to be less shitty about gender policing. Yes, this would help most binary trans people, and in theory could make nonbinary people more comfortable about picking a gendered toilet, that is very true. But it really isn’t a *good* solution.for nonbinary people, as it doesn’t include us, and we’re still forced to pick a gender. Even if people refrain from being shitty about it, it’s still an annoying and sometimes painful thing to have to do.

Nice try, Laci.

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Am I too late? ❤️💛💙💜💚

Not at all.  ❤️

  1. So, summer time.  It’s sleeping in a hammock together for the first time.  Falling out of said hammock when the weight shifts just so and suddenly they both tumble to the grass and there’s grunts and groans all around but then Blaine starts gently kissing Kurt’s shoulders in apology and it’s less of a bad thing.
  2. The summer storms are pretty spectacular, too.  Kurt chides Blaine for standing out in the rain when it’s thundering, and Blaine simply tilts his head back and smiles.
  3. Until, of course, the incident when Blaine swears he felt every hair on his body stand on edge after a lightning strike hit a little too close to home.  Kurt gratefully and graciously accepts him back in the camp of “better safe than sorry” and watches storms from inside from then on.
  4. Still: even the rainy dates are good.  Blaine gives Kurt his coat and forgets to ask for it back at the end of the date.  And no matter how hard it gushes, Kurt swears he can smell Blaine’s scent on it for days.
  5. (They have such an affinity for each other’s scents, honestly.  Nothing more comforting than the smell of a particular person.)
I am a failure.

Yes. I am. My parents, they are disappointed with me. They won’t let me see it, but I know deep down, they are. They dreamt of having a doctor in the family. My brothers failed at achieving that dream and I was the last and only hope at pursuing it. But instead, I pursued being what? A programmer who doesn’t even know how to debug a code in less than 24hrs? I know, there’s nothing wrong at being a programmer. In fact, it’s a very good course if you are going to really really look and comprehend it. But the mere fact that I will never be able to achieve my parents dream of having a ‘doktora’ in the family is… i don’t know. Painful? Excruciating? Tormenting? I can’t even find an exact word to fill up the void that’s been wandering inside my chest. I love my family so much, and I am really tired of disappointing them.

Patrick is nice
He has a magnificent beard and he smells like soap. He’s gonna be a good teacher because he’s got that soothing voice good driving teachers need.

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Watching these new savior queen sneak peeks, I realized that one of the reasons why I dislike Regina is bcoz I don't like Lana's portrayal! I don't think she is the best actress on the show & there is just something about her delivery that puts me off! I don't like her as this new improved version, & even less as the EQ. It's weird for me coz I'm usually a sucker for villains. That's why i love rumple, Zelena, hook (debatable) & cruella seems to steadfastly be making her way into that list too!

See, I enjoy Regina the MOST as the EQ. I think she’s really good at being a baddie. And I also give Lana props for being able to distinguish young!Regina from older!Regina, cuz that’s not easy to do.

But yeah, the entire current incarnation of the Regina character just rubs me the wrong way. I don’t know if it’s the writing or the acting or a combination of both. *ducks from Lana stans*

Best actress on the show is easily either Jen or Ginny, with my personal leaning toward Jen. There are just so many LITTLE things that she does to bring Emma to life, that I just love. But I’ve been a JMo fan for many years, so I might be a tad biased. :)

Of the guys, it’s a tie between Robert (as much as I hate Rumple, Robert is always aces) and Colin. And when they have scenes together, it’s just awesome to watch. 

I’ve tried to live in denial for as long as I can, but I just can’t do it any longer… I think my hair is thinning on the top of my head. Not that it should matter, I don’t vlog, I don’t post a ton of pictures, I don’t have a job that requires me to look youthful. It does not matter. But man, I don’t know if I’ll look good with less hair. After years of hating my appearance, I kinda like it now. I don’t want it to change. And I’m not even that old! I’m 31. Isn’t 30 the new 20 or whatever? My dad and grandpa both still have their hair, it’s just a little thinned out on top. So maybe it won’t get bad. There’s still hope. Always hope.

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I don't know if you've answered this somewhere but how do you feel about self diagnosis?

I’m p sure I’ve answered this before but I 100% agree with self diagnosis, I think it’s really important, and being anti-self diagnosis is basically the equivalent of saying “you don’t really have any problems unless a doctor tells you you do” which makes no sense and is gatekeeping lots of people from understanding themselves and figuring themselves out and getting help!

The thing is, there are lots of good things a doctor’s diagnosis can get you, including reassurance and less (although not none - believe me, even if ur 100% professionally diagnosed you will still question yourself) self doubt, also access to medication and medical care, sometimes more help in school/college, etc etc

But it can also cause lots of harm, especially for the “scarier” mental illnesses. Psychotic people and people with personality disorders have huge rates of abuse within the medical industry, and can even be denied jobs, health care, access to certain schools, the ability to have kids, and more.

That, and for some people - like minors in abusive households or poor people - can’t always get access to a doctor. Being diagnosed with autism, for example, can be an expensive and long process that requires multiple doctors and visits. Not everyone has access to that sort of thing.

So tl;dr I think self-diagnosis is really important and good, and while there are benefits to a professional diagnosis, there can be real, logical reasons behind not getting one, plus many people actually can’t

Assorted Friday thoughts, as I drink my coffee and thaw out from this abysmal weather: spring, please come to Boston soon!

  • Sunday is Playing Our Part, and I’m of course looking forward to what Killian has in store for us both vocally and fashion-wise. As he won’t be running there directly from a performance and changing in a cab, he may be a little less of a hot mess — who knows, perhaps the tie will even be straight this time. (Well, probably not, but a girl can dream.) But if what he sings is even as fraction as good as Fix You, be prepared for a lot of flailing early in the week.
  • It’s been a week of long train rides as the MBTA tries to unfuck itself, and in an attempt to keep calm amid the delays I’ve been listening again to The Heart That Lives Alone (which I think I know by heart now) and Confessions of Dorian Gray Series 3. There’s just something about Hugh’s voice that is so calming and lovely. (Even if he hates it himself? Oh Hugh.) I’ve not seen a release date for W1A yet, other than a vague rumor that it will be in March, but it had better be soon, because I sorely miss that gorgeous boy.
  • I’m putting this out there now so you all can hold me accountable if I don’t do it: next week I’m going to publish Chapter 1 of Once More Unto the Breach — the WWI AU I’ve talked about for a year and a half. Finally.

This morning I tried out a new upper body session: despite my apathy towards isolated, bb-style exercises I have decided to incorporate them into my routine because my college gym has no free weights at all, so this is the only way I can get stronger. I didn’t hate it, I just find doing loads of repetitive tiny movements that only focus on one or two muscles less interesting/challenging/tiring than free weights. We’ll see how it goes – if I get bored I’ll stop!

I am feeling really good about my body atm. This is the second consecutive week where I’ve been consciously cutting down on my refined sugar intake, and it’s working wonders. I am so much less bloated! This is not surprising considering that I would regularly go to the Sainsbury’s bakery section of an evening and chow down on a whole pack of cookies/flapjacks etc in one go. Now I’m making my own sweet treats instead, which are still not the ideal of health, but are relatively better in nutritional terms than a share-pack of Skittles. I feel very in control and positive about my diet/exercise which is a rare feeling for this point in term – usually by this stage I’m a hot mess relying on the sugar spikes to get me through!

Today a friend and I went to the Fitzwilliam Museum to get inspiration for our final essay of term (we both take a paper called Material Renaissance which I am absolutely loving: it focuses on Renaissance literature and material culture, and the crossover between the two. Basically lots of ideas about objects/materiality/the process of writing). We were looking at some portrait miniatures and I spotted one I’d seen cited in a critical essay I was reading last week, and I just had one of those moments when I realised how incredibly lucky I am to be studying in a place where these resources are so readily available. I am going to miss my degree so much.

when a point emerges, kill it

I’ll take his involvement as a pack it worked.
they say whats desired, and connected
if saucy would have then confront me
make me feel bad like nothing

it seeemed straightforward
the process is important
if I had a pain wand I wouldn’t
tense wince rain
rain opening remorse
so saddle remorse
given his voice
he didn’t accuse me
acting like nothing had ever happened

I was going to check the bottom of inner seams
but last february not a good idea
having seen the edge I waved to a passerby
more or less temptation
even figured out nothing
I did my best to bring in riding
when a point emerges, kill it

I tell you I’m trying but you don’t agree until I’m shaking on the floor barely able to see and I can’t even breathe,but still I never ask you for help. I’m not doing well in your eyes cause I fell a couple times along the way, but who stuck their leg in front of me.
And you say losing breath is better than losing blood, but I’d rather bleed than not be able to breathe. “This has to stop” you scream while I’m trying to tell you in tears that my best is less than average and I’ve never been good at speaking pain. That’s why I started drawing it with a blade.
I bet they’ve all said “is she.. crazy?” as I walk by with sunken eyes and scarred up thighs. I bet that scares you. Your little girl being tagged as a walking casket sheltering a ticking bomb. Better to bury me than prolong the threat to those who slice their own wires so easily. But I’m trying to cut them don’t you see, I just can’t seem to find a blue one even though they’re everywhere.
You took my chance away.
Every breath that I take is fake. I’m just trying to be ok. And they say I’m crazy. “Skin is for protection not destruction.” It may seem counterproductive to cut it up but I’m just trying to get some kind of oxygen to my failing lungs.
I’m trying to survive.
My blades were cutting the noose that’s tightening around my neck and you took them. Now there’s nothing to let me breathe.
But I’m not giving up, my hands shot up to that rope faster than it could choke me, my hands are holding the thing that’s gonna kill me.
“I’m so impressed! It’s been months since you’ve done it, good for you.” Shove it. I’ve been fighting to survive ever since I was nine and now you think because you threaten me with independency I’m magically restored to full fledged sanity.
“I honestly didn’t think she could do it” they whisper when I show them my arms like a degree I got in fighting against myself. The thing is, people are more afraid of survival strategies than they are of death. They’re scared of the girl who tries her hardest to cut the noose, instead of reaching up herself and tying the bow of her death. And you may have taken the knife away but her holding hands are there to stay.
—  Everybody fall off their rocker for the girl who tries to hold on a little longer
Got Anime?


Many thanks to eveyone who suggested anime titles that I should watch!
I thought that Free! was one of those many fanservice bishounen series but it turns out that it might be the best, of this genre. I can’t find anythnig nearly as neat T_T
So I ended up watching Haikyuu!! and despite the fact that it completely lacks good shipping material, it was quite awesome! It could use less characters and more character developement, but still, I can’t wait for the sequel.
I tried Kimi to boku  and was very disapointed, the graphics are pretty poor and it’s barely even animated at all. After Haikyuu’s dynamic action sequences and funny scenes, it was unbearably dull.
Also Love Stage!! is fun and I even got used to the style, but I can’t stand the main character looking so childish, being so girlish and as charismatic as a ragdoll.

So I’ve watched Dramatical Murder and I did like it, I don’t quite understand why some of you insited that it’s lame. Of course they’ve cut off most of the romantic content - and - all the mature content from the game (I’m glad they’ve cut the non-consent stuff btw). But if you look at it as a classic Bishounen anime, it’s actually pretty good! I mean I haven’t seen action scenes in a BL anime ever since Yami ni Matsuei, so it’s definetly a winner. Although is lacks dynamics in storytelling, pacing and animation, but then again in my opinion the game lacks pacing all the same. I’m happy I gave it a try ^^

Somebody suggested Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! (Binan Koko Chikyuu Boei-bu Love!) and I totally love the idea of a magical boy ainme! Makes me smile like a loon. Unfortunately I can’t get past the poor graphic quality and the ammount of hearts ><

Someone else mentioned some schoolgirl slice of life anime, and that’s a no-go. The only anime that has girl characters that aren’t completely stereotypical and that I really dig is SnK ( Attack on Titan). That’s why I’d rather be watching BL & shonen stuff with no squeaky lousy bits of underdressed girls. 

I’ll try Tsuritama and Mononoke too, thanks for your recomendations! Also, if you feel like discussing some of that furtehr on by mail, feel free to send me a message^^


i’m SO sleepy!! like i don’t know how i’m supposed to function like a real human being at all!! it’s not even late right now (2am) but i’ve barely gotten any sleep this past week and it’s catching up to me. anyways, here’s sort of good selfies from when i looked cute (in my cool keith haring tee) and like a normal human being and NOT like a member of “gets-less-than-12-hours-of-sleep-per-week anonymous”

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I read the books and there Octavia isn't taken into custody but put in child care, with other parentless children. So the child isn't actually killed. But weirdly even an unmarried childless pregnant woman is sentenced to die there, which doesn't make sense re the 1 child rule which she doesn't break. So (at least in the books) it seems it's less about the rules as more about breaking the rules? (tho the books and the show are so far apart from each other you can't take anything from it lmao)

Okay, first: THERE’S A BOOK?! Yeah I’m pretty new to this… is it worth reading?

Second, okay that’s good for the child but why not put them into the care of childless parent(s). There has to be sterile people there!But again, if you keep a very cold view, it makes sense (and I’m back to the are we worth saving then track of thoughts)

As for the unmarried pregnant woman being killed, OMG THAT IS HORRIBLE AND I HATE THAT FUTURE SOCIETY SO MUCH NOW! 

Heya friends!
Just a general heads up I’ll be around even less over the next few days! I’m taking a drive up to Melbourne for a few days to job hunt and hang out with my new house mates. Exciting, yes?
But! This means any tumblarghing I do, will be via tumblr mobile. So yknow, pretty much non existent.
I’ll do my best to keep in touch and get back to any and all of you when I can, but next week is gonna be even more hectic BECAUSE I’M MOVING.

To counter that, I’ve kicked my queue into overdrive, so it’ll be like I’m here in machine-spirit, right?

Also, somewhere in the midst of all this renovation/moving madness, I didn’t just reach 400 followers, but you guys powered through that all the way to 425!?
Which means at the earliest opportunity, true to my word, I owe you guys a celebratory giveaway!

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Send asks? Okay. You're the Dresden Files guy, right? Which do you prefer, Dresden/Murphy or Dresden/Molly?

I say Murphy. They have good chemistry as partners. Molly spent most of their relationship as an apprentice and now she’s … you know… spoilers… which makes them mix even less