even if it is all pretend

...I just noticed something.

When encountering this rake, Shaggy gets hit by it… 

…but Scooby doesn’t. At all. Doesn’t even hit Shaggy’s back.

But, he didn’t want Shaggy to feel left out, so he pretended like he collided with it to make him feel better.

What a true pal.

We all could use someone to fake a rake collision with us.

Not sorry but posting pics and info about Brooks Brown’s baby is gross and a complete violation of his privacy. Just because he posts it to his private Facebook for the select people he has befriended doesn’t mean that they should be posted here. Y'all want to constantly complain about Brooks being a “pervert” (but you will forgive a mass murderer for killing people…okay…) and talking about Columbine but you just can’t fucking leave him alone. He’s a human being who survived a horrible trauma and made a few mistakes - most notably talking to a legal adult while she pretended to be a minor. Gross? Yes. On the same level as mass murder?? Not even close but still y'all can “understand” why Eric and Dylan murdered people and in some cases, even look past it? Some of y'all worship these killers and dress like them and fantasize about fucking them but God forbid a non-murdering human being make a mistake.

Don’t share pictures of Brooks’ baby, its incredibly disrespectful.

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Y'all really gotta come out of hiatus soon pls cuz this #MeToo thing is going around and I know it's stirring up a bunch of feelings in women and we all need to vent

The reason I have mostly been on hiatus (aside from the stress of studying) is because of this whole thing. It’s made me so angry. I don’t use Facebook much, except for activism organizing, but I have seen this #MeToo thing on there. It’s quite impactful seeing almost all of my female contacts on FB posting this.

I’ll tell you why it has made me angry. Because the hashtag also plays into the whole response from men about the Harvey Weinstein thing. Men are saying how ‘shocked’ and ‘surprised’ and ‘horrified’ they are by his behavior, meanwhile women have known about him since the 90s (maybe even before). So many people knew and pretended they didn’t, so how is it possible that all these men can be so ‘shocked’? The Weinstein scandal sparked conversations among people all over the world, and men are saying they are, again, ‘shocked’ to hear what their female friends go through on a daily basis.

I don’t think they are shocked. I think they know what women go through, but they close their eyes and block their ears from hearing about it all of the time, because they don’t want to know. They don’t care enough to know. They think it’s too hard, too painful, they are just ‘one man’, ‘what can they do?’ But the thing is, women cannot escape this. Women cannot close their eyes and ignore it the way men do. We live it every fucking day over and over and over and over…

So I don’t want to hear from men how they are so ‘shocked’ about all of this, including how many women in their social circle who post #MeToo. Enough is enough. Stop virtue signalling to the women around you and actually do something. If you care about women, fucking. do. something.


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You let out a long, drawn-out sigh. There goes Logan, going to talk to Jean even though Scott’s right there but it doesn’t matter because Jean’s so perfect that all the boys want her.

You couldn’t help but roll your eyes. If only Logan could see that there was someone not just willing but waiting to go out with him twenty feet to his left. It wasn’t like you were trying to be subtle about it, but you could only bat your eyes and casually touch him so many times before it goes from flirting to weird.

However, Logan glanced over to you and you suddenly looked down at your book, pretending to be busy reading instead of staring at your crush.

“You feeling alright?” Logan asked, sitting down next to you in the grass.

“Uh, yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” you asked nervously. Did Logan notice something?

“No reason,” Logan replied. Your lie detector sense was going off. He definitely noticed something. “I was just wondering if you’d like to head out with me? A new bar opened up, and I wanted to check it out. It’s a bit… nicer than the places I usually go to.”

“Jean didn’t want to go?” you asked.

“Jean agreed to cover you for Danger Room class tomorrow if you get hungover,” Logan replied, seeming almost bashful.

For a moment, you couldn’t find words. Logan was being so cute, and you were on his mind when he was talking to Jean?

“But I thought you’d want to go with someone like-“ you started.

“Jean?” Logan finished for you. He shook his head. “That ship sailed a while ago actually. I just haven’t found a way to ask you out until now. So, you never told me if you wanted to come with to the bar.” He stood up and offered his hand to help you up.

You grinned. “Yes, of course I’d love to go with you, Logan!” you replied, taking the offered hand and bouncing to your feet.

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youve heard of trans aizawa now get ready for: trans all might


Toshinori is amazed at how open the world is compared to when he was growing up.

People like Toshinori…they’ve always existed. And before modern society, they were even well accepted. But when Toshinori was growing up, you either pretended you weren’t who you really are, or  you changed yourself so completely that no one knew that you were ever anything different.

That’s not to say society is perfect these days: the general mocking sneers of towards Tiger, the whispered barbs, they show that while society has taken a step forward, it’s a baby step at most.

Toshinori had accepted long ago: that choosing to live as himself would mean that he would likely never find love.

But Shōta…Shōta didn’t accept that. Shōta pursued him, flirted and teased him: at first Toshinori thought it was mocking: making fun of the old man. Then, Toshinori thought that somehow Shōta knew his secret and became stiff and distant every time Shōta drew near. But Shōta is clever, and when his methods weren’t working he switched them for light teasing and meaningless words to…to genuine wooing. Quiet nights spent grading papers together, tea made just how he likes it, quiet kindnesses.

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Hello Everyone! 

So I know I have been MIA since the season ended. The thing is I have been busy reading fics! Oh, I just love fics now! So I thought I could use all that fic reading wisdom and make some rec lists! This is my first one yet and the theme is :

Hot fics to follow every week while we wait for Take me to the stars!

So this is a list of my fave fics at the moment. They are all works-in-progress and they all update almost weekly and they are awesome! Without further ado:

1. Nobody loves me like you by cuteandtwisted

Rating: M-Chapters:4/10-Pairing: Evak

Summary: Isak and Even are childhood friends who enjoy ruining each other’s chances with exactly everyone else, rewatching the same movies, taking care of each other, and pretending they’re not in love.

My take: This is by far my favorite fic of the moment! I just love the dynamics and the love and the friends! OMG! The friends! Mutta, Elias, Sonja, Jonas, Vilde, and Eva are really wonderful in this fic and so is everyone, really. The original characters are lovable and the chemistry between Isak and Even will set your heart on fire. 

P.S.: ANGST! There is ANGST! (I love it but you might not!)

Look out for: There is also an Instagram profile

2. A careful hypothesis of the heart by StMisery

Rating: Mature- Chapters:6/10-Pairing: Evak

Summary: Isak and Even don’t start out on the best of terms. Isak had been waiting nearly a year for the position of a researcher to open up again. If he got it, he’d be working his dream job within one of the best biotechnology companies in the world. He applied for the position, heart in his throat, only to be passed over for the new recruit. When he discovered the new hire was also the son of the CEO, well, that was an unforgivable offense.

My take: If you love hate-to-love stories as much as I do, then this one is for you! The story is funny, adorable, romantic. The plot is compelling. It’s a slow burn which works very well with enemies-to-lovers. It also deals with heavier subjects and the characters are all very well-written.(Isak is my fave! but don’t tell Even!!!)

P.S.: The story deals with gossip and harmful assumptions.( and does it so well!)

3.Blood vs. Water by Bri_ness 

Rating: Teen and up- Chapters:10/?-Pairing: Evak

Summary: In which Snakesak plays Survivor.

My take: If you were a fan of the Big Brother Au, you might just love this too! Written in a witty, excited and thrilling tone, this fic is the best at capturing the character dynamics in a new light that is still true to canon. It’s the slowest burn but it’s so worth it. But approach with caution! It’s addictive!

P.S.: The story has Jonas/Isak feelings and Isak dealing with his one-sided adoration so if that’s not your thing…

Look out for: There’s some Næascar in there somewhere… 

4.Legitimate expectations by  champagneleftie

Rating: Mature- Chapters: 7/15- Pairing: Evak

Summary: It’s a good time to be Isak Valtersen. The up-and-coming Norwegian authority on matters of freedom of the press, several Supreme Court wins already on his resume - and still barely thirty. He’s carved out a place in the world that he never thought he’d reach, but sometimes that place just feels a little too small and rigid.Enter Even.

My take: Another amazing enemies-to-lovers with a big twist! This fic has a very special voice. Isak is astounding in this fic. He’s dark and blunt and sad and so mature. I truly love the different feel that this fic has. I had been yearning for something like this fic for months and I have to say this fic delivers. With Isak as a stoic young lawyer who is buried deep under the rules he thinks he has to follow and an Even that is smart and mysterious and ready to shake up Isak’s world, this is the grown-up s3 I would have wanted!

P.S.: There is a non-canon relationship in this so if that is something you can’t handle, BE AWARE!

5. Vivid in Black and White by Fxckxxp

Rating: Mature- Chapters: 5/7- Pairing: Evak 

Summary: In a Hei Briskeby video prank taken too far, Isak meets Even for the first time down on one knee—asking for his hand in marriage.

My take: Done for a prompt, this fic is FULL of fluffy, cute moments that just rip your heart out!!!! The fic is sweet and so romantic and oh-so-heartbreaking! I get a serious case of feelings when reading this fic.Butterflies all over the place! It also has a cute, little side pairing that is very well done and I ship it so hard!

P.S.: There are mentions of hook-ups with random characters. 

6. All stories are echoes by  sebastianL (felix_atticus)

Rating: Explicit- Chapters:31/?- Pairing: Evak

Summary: Even, 26, alone. A character study.

My take: We call it the mystery fic! It’s one of the most lyrical stories I have read in the fandom. Sad, poetic, heartbreaking. The story follows Even at a point in his life that we have no idea how he got to. With new people, a new persona and a looming shadow of past trauma, this story feels like a stroll through a fairy world. Well-researched and well-written, the story mixes old tales and mythology to give a new and ambiguous look into Even’s life and his relationship with Isak. If you enjoyed “Sketches of Even” you might want to give this a chance.

P.S.: The story is written in first-person and deals with some heavy MI themes. There is a lot of stuff that may be triggering. 

Look out for: The myths and stories are amazing! Make sure to pay extra attention to them!

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as expected, with the speculation of james and lena getting together, the fandom was turned on james olsen once again and is filling his tag with hate as transparent as water. suddenly even the idea of them even being attracted to each other is "forced" and "ridiculous" and "stupid", someone went as far as calling james "gross and manipulative" and they really think the only people on board of the ship are k*ramel shippers, as if fans of james couldn't possibly be excited about him getting love.

I wish I could be surprised about this, but I am not. The Supergirl fandom has been a mess for a while now, a very white mess and let’s be honest that’s all they care about. 

Most of them didn’t care about Maggie being whitewashed.

They pretended to care about James only when they could bash Lena/Mon-El for their shipping purposes. 

Honestly, this just shows that they don’t care about James. They reblog gif sets of him and are like “my precious son” but it’s all for show. If they liked him than they would support him possibly getting more screentime and another love interest. 

mod L

so yesterday I went to a pumpkin patch/fairground with my cousin @corina-annie

and this has this thing called a mystery tour which was basically two trailers of seats being pulled by a tractor driving far enough away from the fairgrounds that no one could hear you scream

and it drives down into this ditch surrounded by trees and it’s decked out to look the Camp Crystal Lake from the Friday the 13th movies

once you get down into this ditch the real action starts and these actors dressed as Jason and clowns and bloodied figures come out of nowhere with chainsaws and machetes and jump onto the trailer hitch and hit the sides of the seats and fake like they’re going to attack you

and you know how for most people their instinct is fight or flight? well I discovered a third option


I just sat there holding my cousin’s hand refusing to even look at the attackers and yelling “I WILL NOT INDULGE” and pretending nothing was happening all the while being scared absolutely witless

so yeah that was fun

the most important thing she ever taught me was how to lie down and take being trod upon with a smile - to pretend it feels good and that I like it. to make work into play, as all the men in her life are so fond of saying.

too bad the lesson is just another of my failures

without options I, too, will take it. but never having adequately learned how to fake the smile - I’ll take it even longer and what I get won’t be mild

what I get won’t even appear kind because – I don’t deserve any mercy at all

they’ve decided, with a shake of the head, that I’m barely worth feeling sorry for

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I know how quickly the askbox piles up with meaningless shit like this but. It blows my mind how controversial statements like "don't kill living things for pleasure" seem to be. Like. That should literally be one of the least controversial statements to exist. Yet the notes of that post about gentle cows are people screaming "but no really we have to we absolutely must kill them and eat their bodies." just. wow. I'm so far beyond frustrated that I'm just tired. Thanks for always working hard.

It’s not meaningless at all don’t worry, it’s a very legitimate frustration. It is sometimes very discouraging how we can’t even get most people to agree with even the most uncontroversial and basic principles, like not harming animals when we don’t need to. People are just so defensive when it comes to what they eat, and are willing to pretend to believe all kinds of utter bullshit to defend their “right” to eat animals, arguments that they wouldn’t even entertain in any other context. 

It’s particularly frustrating on a site like tumblr, where almost everyone says they care about animals, bodily autonomy, the environment and not causing harm, yet stick their fingers in their ears as soon as animal rights are the topic at hand, and some of the most otherwise socially conscious people can be some of the most hateful people when it’s directed towards vegans. We are making a difference though, for every post with a million comments mocking vegans and making stupid bacon jokes, there is another person who has seen it, taken it on board and a seed has been planted. In the end that’s all we can really do. 

Reddie hcs based on Eddie’s Spotify playlist

(listen to it here)

  • Eddie would listen to this playlist whenever possible—riding his bike to school, at lunch, hanging out at Richie’s house
  • Richie always pretended to complain—“you have such a shitty taste in music, Eds; this is what your mom listens to when she’s getting ready for me to come over”—but all the losers knew that he secretly loved listening to Eddie’s “girly” pop music, and he loved watching Eddie listen to it even more
  • Eddie would get so into every song, closing his eyes and dancing around the room, often bumping into a lot of stuff as he went because he refuses to open his eyes
  • “It makes you appreciate the music more, I swear”
  • It’s the one time when he’s not super self-conscious and thinking about everything else around him
  • He gets everyone else up and dancing with him without even trying
  • He especially loves dancing with Richie, although he normally only does it when they’re alone
  • If “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston comes on, he always takes the opportunity to look Richie straight in the eye and belt the chorus to him until Richie groans and gets up to spin Eddie around
  • Richie always ends up singing and dancing along
  • It’s hard not to when your boyfriend is just so damn cute when he gets into the music
  • The one song he won’t perform in front of Richie is “It’s Raining Men” because somehow even with all the other songs on his playlist, this is the most embarrassing pick for Eddie
  • Richie thinks it’s adorable
  • Eddie listens to “Jessie’s Girl” and he’s so relieved he can’t relate—he had almost come close to it, only a little bit before they started dating
  • Richie had had his eye on a girl in their English class for a while, and Eddie could feel his heart breaking every time Richie talked about her
  • But Richie never acted on it, and a month later, he asked Eddie out
  • When Eddie got home that day, he listened to “Let’s Hear It For the Boy” on repeat until he got called down for dinner
  • The song reminded him so much of Richie
  • Especially the “maybe he sings off-key” part because wow, for someone so into music he really can’t carry a tune
  • But he could care less because that boy was actually his now and wow that’s incredible i can’t believe it

I could keep going but this is already too long probably whoops

Feel free to add on any more if you think of them!

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I guess we really do need that sarcasm font so fucking idiots like you won't keep ruining jokes

I’m autistic. I don’t get sarcasm. I’m not gonna call you ~ableist~ for saying that, but I am diagnosed autistic and literally don’t get sarcasm 90% of the time. I don’t even know what this is fucking referring to tbh because sarcasm is saying something and meaning something else. That post wasn’t sarcasm at all, it was just poorly worded bullshit. If you mean cringy adults who pretend to PWN 14 year olds then say it instead of making generalized statements that can be easily taken out of context.

Look everyone’s been too polite to say so but “anti” in its current usage is just a repackaged way to complain about “The SJWs” now that everyone rightfully rolls their eyes at grown adults who complain about SJWs, and “SJWs” was just a repackaged way to complain about “PC Police.” It’s literally all the exact same fucking thing. In three years everybody’s gonna be making fun of the people who get all worked up about “Antis” and then they’re gonna turn around and complain about how those mean Goodzos (or whatever new word they make up for normal people) are ruining fandom by virtue signaling and sending death threats (even though it’s obvious to absolutely everyone that “I’m being sent death threats by SJWs” is literally always a lie). Like it isn’t slick. Complaining about Antis is just complaining about “Political Correctness” with a new name, and youse all are just anti-SJ blogs who’ve somehow found a way to pretend you aren’t anti-SJ blogs


Neil tried to piece it all together, but the more he pushed, the faster it fell apart. It didn’t make sense. He didn’t know what he was supposed to think. It could be a lie, but Neil knew it wasn’t. Andrew was a lot of unpleasant things, but a pathological liar wasn’t one of them.


I wanted to draw Keith having a pet dog growing up and I was like, ‘okay, he’d probably have a rottweiler, or maybe a German Sheppard?

but when i started drawing I was like no this kid is gonna have a floppy mop dog.

Darkiplier Never Left: A Theory

Okay, so this theory has been bouncing around in my brain since March, and I’ve briefly touched on it before, but I’ve never fleshed it out on here. Buckle in, homies. This is a long ride full of excessive bolding and italics, and we’ve abandoned the land of chill and “Read More”s.

As always, this connects to my other theories.They’re not required reading, but they will definitely help. I’ll link to the two most relevant ones (which are also the two most popular ones, so that’s neat!): The big bad, which explains the purpose of each of the egos in Markiplier TV; and this one, which explains why Mark is trying to undermine Dark.

In Markiplier TV, there are two heads to the table. One of them has already presented his plan to take back control. We’re about to witness the plan of the other. 

What is the plan exactly? Well, that much we’re not sure of, yet, except that one of the clues we’ve been given is a piece of what looks to be a ransom note. We’ve also been given a still from some security cam footage, which, when brightened, has a clear anaglyph (red/blue) effect. (You can view the brightened version here, courtesy of the lovely @amycampbell00.) This leads many to believe that someone (Mark, most likely) has been taken hostage, and that Dark is behind it. I agree with this, but I think that we’re making a mistake in assuming that this is a recent development. In fact, the point I’m here to make in this post is that Dark has had control of the channel since his very first official appearance in February. 

Let’s take a look at the psychology behind Dark as a character. He has two serious hyper-focuses: control and choice. Control is what he desires; choice is what he denies. During the Horror route of A Date with Markiplier, his obsession with the concept of choice is emphasized repeatedly. 

What’s interesting about this is that he follows this statement by, technically, giving you a choice– but what he presents you with is actually just the illusion of choice. It may seem like there are different paths to take, but only one will actually make a difference. The rest send you directly to dead ends. No matter what you do, you will, ultimately, have to make the “choice” that he has been leading you to all along. 

Immediately after this exercise in futility, he extolls the virtues of avoiding choice altogether and letting him have control. 

Okay, so why is this relevant? Well, consider this: we also know that Dark doesn’t exactly obey the laws of space and time. (Mark directly mentioned this fact in the February live stream.) Not only that, but he has some semblance of control over it as well– when you try to escape during the Exit video, he immediately creates a time loop and sends you back inside. He has complete and utter control of the situation at every moment, and if things don’t go the way he plans, he can literally manipulate the world around him. 

Knowing all of this, why would Dark then allow us to make this choice?

He wouldn’t. Of course he wouldn’t.

This man just spent the entirety of his time with us asserting that he was in control, and that choices are not only unnecessary, but dangerous. He set up a false choice to emphasize that point. There is no way he would give us a genuine choice after all of that. It goes against everything we know about him. Even if he was genuinely caught off guard (which I find hard to believe, but that’s a point for another post), he would not set himself up in a position of vulnerability that would immediately undermine all of his efforts up to that point. Any sort of “weakness” he would present would only be in the service of a greater purpose. 

Darkiplier can manipulate what we see. He can manipulate what we hear. He can manipulate the laws of space and time. He doesn’t need to give us any power over him. 

He’s tired of giving people a choice, and we are no exception. We don’t have the option to shoot Dark. We never did.

No matter what we choose, we will be shooting Mark. Mark didn’t escape on his own to confront Dark– if he had, Dark would have simply thrown him back in as he did in the Exit video. No, Dark let him escape. Dark let the gun fall at our feet. And Dark let us shoot him– except, of course, that he didn’t. The only difference your “choice” makes is how long he pretends to be the real Mark. 

 This all circles back around to his obsessions: he will give us the illusion of control over the situation and a choice in the outcome, when in reality, we have neither. And these things shape the most dangerous illusion of them all: the illusion of safety.

Mark isn’t in control of the channel. Mark hasn’t been in control of the channel for a long, long time. We already know that Dark can imitate Mark flawlessly, and he’s been doing so for months. Those brief moments in videos that appear to be Dark exercising the weak amount of power he has left? Those are simply to make us believe he’s not running the show. He’s practically taunting us.

He’s been pulling the strings for months now, patiently waiting for the right time to step out from the shadows and reveal his plan. Judging by the events of the past few days, he’s finally ready. The real question is, 

are we?


female awesome meme; 5/10 ladies who deserve better: tris prior (the divergent series)
“sometimes it isn’t fighting that’s brave, it’s facing the death you know is coming”