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and when Hayboeck few years ago jumped his hill record in Innsbruck and touched the snow with his HAND, and that wasn’t an issue. and Norwegians, btw, before you start your prostests, please, check out your fucking suits ‘cause I have smaller backpack than you have your crotches.

yes, that’s my goodbye for the season.

Feeling the post-Hannibal blues even more than one year after it got cancelled. My opinion on why Hannibal was the best thing on the market at that time (but PEOPLE SIMPLY WEREN’T READY FOR SO MUCH GOODNESS): 

  • it was a series based on a cultured horror genre mythology, and employed so many motifs and homages
  • the surreality of it all, perhaps more elegantly presented after the first season - it made it so obviously distinct to Thomas Harris’s Red Dragon, whose culture was very much based on a fascination with the realities of a criminal psychopathic mindset - on the other hand, NBC’s Hannibal bypasses that one classification at some point and enters a dimension of magical realism
  • the mere soundtrack will be able to raise me from the dead
  • POC characters in positions of authority as well as shown struggling with their own emotional battles
  • it is a series with queer characters that develops on the complexity of their relationship without being centered on their actual queerness
  • INCREDIBLE acting and complexity of character interaction
  • Bryan Fuller (and his legacy of terminated TV shows)
  • I just made myself sad </3

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Ok for someone who hadn't seen it, would you recommend in the flesh (is it worth getting into despite that it never got finished)?? also is it scary at all? sorry for the random question

Hello anon! Don’t apologise, it’s great seeing people interested in the show! Yes, I would 100% recommend you watch in the flesh! It has been years since I’ve watched it but I plan on rewatching it in the next few days, I was hooked when I watched it. 

Even though the show got cancelled it’s still worth the watch, it leaves you on a cliffhanger that still stresses me out to this day but the fandom has a lot of headcanons that saved me. 

The writer is also fighting for the show to be brought back, you can find him on twitter at DomMitchell, he also talks to the fans about the show so that’s great.

I wouldn’t say it’s scary, I don’t tend to watch things that are too scary as it messes with me. I guess at parts it could be considered scary, it really depends on what you consider to be scary. 

Honestly, this show is a blessing, I mean come on:

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And that’s just Kieren and Simon, there are so many great characters in this show. LIKE AMY WHOM I LOVE MY BALL OF SUNSHINE.

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Anyway, I went off topic cause my love for this show took over. In summary, you need to watch in the flesh, this is such a brilliant show and it needs more love. 

Also, gay zombies. This show truly is a blessing and everyone should watch it.

Little too late for that... (Gray)


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You’ve been waiting over an hour for your boyfriend, Gray. You sit there at the café you first met at in your favorite dress, the white one that came up just above your knees and frames your delicate curves. Your piping hot green tea was  untouched and now lukewarm. You spent all day getting ready for this date as it’s been 3 months since you’ve last seen him. Ever since he joined AOMG he’s been super busy with schedules and performances. You’ve called his cell multiple times but it always went to voice mail… but hearing his voice asking to leave voicemail made your heart flutter and you listened through the message every time. Heart-broken you sit there and continue to wait. “Is he going to cancel again?” You think to yourself… this isn’t the first time. After a while you get frustrated as you didn’t get any news from him, not even a cancellation. As you got up to leave your phone chimes. *Snapchat from Seongie* You debate on whether or not you want to open it and end up giving in.

Angry tears stream down your face after seeing the snapchat. Did he forget? Was he busy? Why didn’t he even bother to call you? Unable to stand you slouch onto the nearest chair and waited for him, and within 10 minutes he came walking through the front door.

“Leah! Baby… I’m so sorry.” He said pulling you into his arms. You didn’t resist but you weren’t exactly thrilled to be in his arms. “Listen…” you say with contempt, “I know your music is important to you but I feel like I have disappeared from your list of priorities.” You look up at him and watch his face slowly twist into a pained expression. “I really don’t mean to let you down so much. You are my number one priority Leah, and you should know that by now.” You pull away, still not convinced by his words. “Let me make it up to you… I know you’ve missed me. I know you want me.” He whispered in your ear. “Well Gray. It’s a little too late for that.” you say, and head out the door of the café. You really didn’t want to walk away and was hoping he would come after you. Step after step you thought this was it. He wasn’t coming after you, but just as you were about to lose all hope you feel someone grab your hand. “I’m going to make it all up to you tonight.” Gray growled as he led you to his car. You didn’t want to tell him yet but you wanted him… you needed him.

The car ride home was overwhelming. You couldn’t contain yourself, and all he did was simply put his hand on your thigh as he drove. All it took was his touch to have you in the palm of his hand. The second you two entered your apartment, Gray had you pinned against the wall. His lips pressed against yours as he kissed you with a sense of desperation. You were just melting in his arms and could barely stand. He carried you to the sofa and set you down, slipping your dress right off. You reach over to take his shirt off too but he waves your arms away. He holds your hands above your head and he made his way to your neck, sucking and kissing you sloppily. You take your bra off and guide his head to your nipples. “A little hasty aren’t we?” He said winking. He took his own sweet time and teased you, licking around your nipples and sucking under your breasts. You unknowingly let out a moan and immediately stopped. “Why’d you stop love? I want to hear you moan for me.” He said and started to nip and suck on your nipples. You arched your back in pleasure but still tried to keep yourself from moaning. He trailed kisses down to your navel and pulled your panties down. He licks your inner thigh and you whimper. He runs his finger over your slit, “Damn you’re so fucking wet for me right now.” He says looking at you with a smirk. He leans down and you could feel his hot breath between your legs. He brushes your clit with his tongue and you let out a soft moan. “Oh yes babe… suck on my clit will you?” You ask desperate for more. “Of course, spread your legs a lil more for me baby, lemme show you how much I missed you.” He said before dipping in between your legs and sucking on your clit. He dug his tongue deep into your pussy flicking it ever so often to send pleasure up your entire body. You could feel yourself tighten with each movement he made, and your wetness was getting too intense. Gray looks at you, “You taste so fucking good… what do you want me to do now love?” You could barely let out a reply, “Finger me Gray, I want to feel your fingers in me!” And with one swift movement, his fingers were in you. You could feel yourself tighten around his fingers and each pump was sending you over the edge. He circled his tongue on your clit and thrust his fingers in and out of you with ease. You could feel your core tighten and you were about to cum. “Baby I’m about to cum” you say looking at him, but he suddenly stops. You look at him confused. “I’ll let you cum… just not yet” he teased. You roll your eyes as you lean forward to undo his belt. You had him stripped down to his boxers and you could see him fully erect, just for you. You slip your hands into his boxers and feel his length throbbing in your hands. He stops you, “Not today babe, I’m here to please you today.” He pulls off his shirt and you take in the image of the beautiful man standing in front of you, naked. YOUR man… ready to do whatever you ask him to. You push him back and straddle him rubbing your pussy up and down his shaft. “Please Leah, don’t tease me… I can’t take it.” He groaned. You lift your hips up and slowly let yourself down onto his cock. His face twisted with pleasure as you rode him, your breasts bouncing in front of you. “Fuck Leah, you feel so amazing.” He moans. The pleasure was getting too intense and you found yourself not being able to move anymore, so he flips you onto your back and slowly starts thrusting into you, his dick completely disappearing within you, each thrust taking you both closer to ecstasy. You look at him and beg him to let you cum. “Scream my name, baby, Let me know what I’m doing to you.” He growled, thrusting even harder. “AHH GRAYY FUCKK” you scream as you dissolve into a pool of pleasure. You could feel it rippling through your body as he slowly pulled out.

“Hearing you scream my name makes me even hornier babe, think you could go for Round two?” he smiled, pinning you back onto the sofa.  

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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: It's been years and I still miss Forever so much. There was so much story to still be told and we only scratched the surface of Henry's 200 years of life. It still baffles me how the show had pretty decent ratings for it's time slot and it still got canceled, it had even better rating than some of the shows that ABC decided to keep. So why did you cancel it ABC??? (For karma's sake I'm glad Wicked bombed for them) I'm so sure that Forever would be one of their bigger shows by now if they'd kept it. Imagine if we had a second season, it would be going onto it's 3rd by now. I loved this show from the very first episode and I still miss it terribly. And how could it end on a cliffhanger like that??? It deserved so much more than 1 season. Please renew this amazing series someone.
Sugardaddyforme.com is a SCAM!

Thank god for my smart bank I almost got scammed by this site.

I signed up for this site and got a lot of messages that I cant read because I didnt have full access. So I figured I’d use the free trail but my card kept getting declined. So I called customer service and this one guy (who kept picking up) tells me to call my bank so I call them and they tell me that the site was trying to charge me and each charge kept coming from different areas so it put a scam alert on my card. 

Then I looked up reviews on the site and realized many women have been going on there with the free trail talking to fake guys who want their bank info. Then even though they canceled their trail they still got charged and the messages stopped. I should’ve known all those messages offering money were to good to be true and thanks to my bank my money is safe.

So for all you sugar babies out there avoid this site!!!

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Is it really that cold in NY? Nadel is in a fluffy jacket and one more jacket over that. Gillian is steaming as usual and is only in her tshirt against the wind. I can't wait for my period to end but watching Gillian boil away and hear her talk about the hormones make me never want to experience it. Why can't the period just stop and then that's it, must we really go through all the side effects of becoming hysterical and emotional and sweat like crazy?

It’s snowing in New York and even one event got cancelled because of the snow as far as I know.

My favorite aesthetic is “sterile, clean, oddly unnerving hallways of ceramic and glass, completely unoccupied, with dim lighting”. 

Anyways, there was a big fire in my city yesterday, and I didn’t get the memo that classes, even for us, were cancelled. So I got up for nothing, BUT I get to enjoy the full charm of this liminal place so who’s the real winner here.


I’m feeling a bit melancholy. I miss Ichigo He’s my favorite character. EVER. I have four tattoos of him. I miss Bleach.. I miss IchiRuki. I miss Bleach fandom. Even the fucking whiners that were never satisfied. That got it canceled, pissing Kubo off and so he made sure they won’t make money. So even got that bullshit ending. Still I don’t regret a day of the 14 years I spent reading and watching Bleach it brought me Ichigo. And there are few things in this world I love more than Ichigo. Seriously if I had a chance to meet Kubo or YongHwa. Ichigo in the flesh or YongHwa. YongHwa loses
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Why are you guys worried about TO getting cancelled?even if it got cancelled caroline has a high chance of appearing on TO s4 finale so thats our endgame for us.

I’d be fine with that, but I lowkey want a S5 if Caroline were involved

Um i just miss enjoying things. I got paid and I was wondering what I should buy & it all seemed pointless. Like yes that shirt is cute but then what? Yeah that show coming up should be fun but the next day I’ll have nothing else to look forward to so why even go? If it got cancelled I wouldn’t be surprised so why bother getting excited?

Teen Titans opinions no one asked for:

-raven’s story arc regarding her dad is one of the most important story arcs of all time
-there is no good reason at all why raven and starfire aren’t dating
-beast boy and cyborg are probably also dating
-robin is by far the worst; why is he even there much less the “leader”
-it’s infuriating that the show got cancelled before getting a proper ending
-tara is a bitch but I love her
-beast boy is a twink