even if it got cancelled

the more i look at the numbers, the more i am baffled …

as wonderful as the get down was, it cost $12 million an episode, and currently lies at #183 on imdb’s popularity scale (last week, #311). 16k people have rated it a solid 8.4. unfortunately, it got cancelled.

13 reasons why (are we even having to discuss this show), cost unkown, currently lies at #8 on the same scale (#1 last week). 97k people have given it an 8.6. it has been renewed.

riverdale, also cost unknown, currently lies at #7 on the same scale (#11 last week). only 23k people gave it a 7.9 rating and somehow, it got renewed (sources mainly point this towards the ending of pll and teen wolf among other things). 

a series of unfortunate events? #238 this week, and #277 last week (cost unknown). only 25k people gave it an 8.0. guess what? not only did it get renewed for a second season, but it’s getting a third one too!

sense8, which cost $4.5 million an episode in s1 and $9 million an episode in s2, currently lies at #18 - last week, it was #10 (higher than riverdale and asoue). 88k people have given the show an 8.4. and somehow, it got cancelled?!

i completely understand that the show was sure to cost considerably more than what did get renewed, but i’m sharing some of these facts because i simply assumed people weren’t watching sense8 as much as they should have, like what happened with the get down - but nope. as expensive as it was, the show was massively popular. 

so the question is, why, netflix? why?

It’s the DLC you’ve been waiting for! Zofian Trail: Journey of The Noble

This little adventure takes place as a side story during the Rise of the Deliverance. The newly formed Deliverance must set out to stop Desaix, but they have a long and arduous journey ahead of them. 

Be warned- there is no Mila’s turnwheel on the Zofian Trail and it’s hard classic or bust, kids! 

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The 5 Topics

Meeeh you know what? I’m doing all of them today cuz I’m mentally not well today. sorry guys!

Topic 1 -  What were your thoughts as you read @crackmccraigen‘s post about Wander over Yonder being canceled?

I was shocked like it’s as if my whole world was torn apart. Trust me you don’t wanna know I was like when I learned the news, let’s say I wanted to end the pain. Like I felt my friend @sneezys-flower-mom ‘s pain when The 7D was announced to be ending even before WOY cancelled happened before The 7D did but yeah you got the point. I’ve been fighting for Wander to be uncancelled ever since because it gives me happiness I never felt for a real long time

What was your reaction after seeing “The End of the Galaxy”?

Bittersweetness, that’s all I ever felt because it’s the last time I’ll ever see the show and I’ve been wanting season 3 so that’s why I’m trying to help out as best as I can.

What is the best thing that has happened to you the past year because of Wander over Yonder?

I made more friends and they’re all so wonderful to me and if it wasn’t for Wander really, I would’ve been stuck in a loop of misery of sadness and keep making mistakes over and over.

What made you join the fight to convince Disney XD to approve the third season of Wander over Yonder?

The instant moment when Wander was announced to be cancelled. I was still determined until the very end.

What items reminds you of Wander over Yonder?

More like items that are ruined forever because of WOY lol just kidding.

Banjo, green hats, stars, jellyfish, skeletons, space, horses, friendships, the concept of love, flowers, orange creatures, and most importantly, hope

Petition: https://www.change.org/p/walt-disney-encourage-disney-to-make-wander-over-yonder-season-3

@disneyxd @kureisan28 @peepsqueak @woyseason3 @savewoy

Happy 1st Year since WOY ended and the love for the show has remained strong even if it’s gone <3

Jack and White wolf

just found out samurai jack season 5. ( I don’t even know they got cancel at season 4 lol ) 

 I remember draw my very first comic when I’m around 12 and the main character is inspire by Jack and Ninjai . very good action and visual graphic.

I like his beard look more than his usual look.
hope he will defeat Aku and finally get back to the past ; )

Dear Jeremy Carver, please come back!

I’m sorry that Frequency got cancelled, even if I never watched it beyond the amazing pilot because my consuming passion for SPN doesn’t leave room for any other shows.

However, now that you’re currently out of jobs, please consider coming back to SPN. It needs you! You managed to get the show back on track after an incredibly messy and unsatisfying seventh season. Ever since you left last year, things have steadily gone downhill. Even S7 is starting to look like a masterpiece compared to S12. So please, please, come and save SPN a second time?

miyakokurono  asked:

Hey can I get a hc for Zen x MC or Seven x MC playing a game like silent hill or outlast and mc is good at it but when ever there's a jumpscare she starts either singing something along the lines don't kill me to the game or swears and screams out of fear, but then goes back to playing. Even though their playing at 3 in the morning as mc is a serious night owl and their both bored. Thank you 😊

Hi! Sorry for keep you waiting, but finally here it is. I don’t know if this is what you were asking for but I hope you enjoy it!:D

Note: I’m using they/them pronouns, so it’s the most neutral it can be.

- Mod Apu


  • Zen doesn’t play videogames, so when MC got their laptop out of its bag and turned it on Zen thought it was something related to school/work. 
  • Then he remembered it was friday night and MC liked to stay late (and wake up late).
  • He thought maybe they wanted to log in on facebook, twitter or watch some videos on youtube.
  • But no, MC just wanted to play Outlast. 
  • So Zen as a good boyfriend decided to stay awake to do some company to his beloved MC, besides, he was about to act as Oedipus in a new version of Oedipus the king, so he had to read the entire script and some context,
  • They started, one reading and the other playing, even though Zen didn’t have any idea of what the hell was MC playing.
  • He then hears some muttering of MC,
  • “Holy shit holy shit holy shit” on loop, for about one minute.
  • “FUCK” they scream.
  • And then they keep playing like nothing happened.
  • At that point Zen was curious about what they were playing.
  • “MC what are you playing?”
  • “Oh, I’m just playing this game called Outlast, is about a NO GOD PLEASE NO, DON’T YOU HAVE A BETTER THING TO DO LIKE STICKING SOME FUCKING CACTUS IN YOUR ASS OR SOMETHING INSTEAD OF FOLLOWING ME?, anyway, I was saying, Outlast it’s a game where you’re basically a journalist investigating in some asylum because of a letter that accused the place of doing some illegal stuff or something”
  • Zen just leaves the script on the night table and gets closer to MC.
  • He’s just watching carefully every move MC does in the game. Turns out they are pretty good. Zen quickly understands the game, and soon he’s into it.
  • “Babe please hide I saw someone there just hide please, please please I don’t want you to get killed by that thing”
  • “Don’t worry I have this and ohmyfuckinggod you were right there’s something I’ll go hide somewhere okay I’m- OH FOR FUCK’S SAKE THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING, WE’VE BEEN STUCK ON THIS PART FOR THE LAST FIFTEEN MINUTES
  • Hours keep passing by, and suddenly it’s 3 AM. Concept: Zen and MC are playing in complete darkness, both are muttering curses and screaming.
  • Surprisingly they finished the game before 4 AM, but adrenaline was just too much to handle so they tried with Five Nights at Freddy’s
  • They ended the game pretty quickly but oh god their nerves are a disaster and worse; they are theorizing about the game.
  • They don’t sleep til 6 AM RIP.
  • Basically their night is something like:

Originally posted by sonido-bestial

Seven/Saeyoung Choi

  • Seven’s also a ight owl so one night hey are just watching some shitty movies like Sharknado or something.
  • MC got bored so they had an idea
  • “Hey Saeyoung what if we play some videogames instead?”
  • Seven was like “This is my fucking jam”
  • Actually Seven suggested something to laugh like Superman 64 or ET the game, but MC said N O.
  • MC then asked about Silent Hill
  • “Can we play Silent Hill? Please?”
  • Seven couldn’t say no to them so both started.
  • A first they were pretty chill, even talking about the game itself.
  • “It’s kind of shitty that the most promising Silent Hill got cancelled don’t you think?”
  • “I even heard that Gullermo del Toro would have collaborated”
  • “Even Junji Ito… what a pity”
  • It was like slow burn, the scenarios were getting creepier and creepier.
  • Shit was pretty tense, they were hugging under a blanket.
  • “Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck…”
  • “Come on Saeyoung this isn’t really that sca- DEAR GOD WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT
  • Then it calms down again
  • “Hey MC you’re actually pretty good at this, you’re even better than me and Yoosung”
  • Again it builds up
  • FUCK NOT AGAIN said MC just before going back to play.
  • It was kind of surreal to Seven, when he played horror games there was a point where he would just turn off the console and stay away from te game a few days. It happened with Ib, it happened with Corpse Party, it happened with Clock Tower, it happened with Resident Evil. MC just cotinued playing, they took jumpscares like a champ even though they screamed and cursed. 
  • MC’s screaming scared Saeyoung more than the game itself
  • But every defeat and failure filled them with determination
  • They kept playing til sunrise.
  • Their night was like:

Originally posted by burntpasta

something i’ve learned about relationships in the past couple of years is that there’s no such thing as a soul mate. there’s not even a “right person”. relationships don’t last because you like the same stupid music or have the same stupid hobbies. they last because you choose someone, and they choose you, and then you never stop choosing each other. no matter what happens in your lives, you always choose each other over everything else. that’s how relationships last. 

i’m not talking about hanging out with them even when you’ve got three huge deadlines looming over you, or cancelling on friends you haven’t seen in months because they asked you to come over. i’m not talking about fulfilling their needs at the detriment of your own. i’m talking about always having them as number one on your priority list–meaning that no matter how busy you are, you’ll always find five minutes to call and remind them you care. i’m talking about showing up at their house with coffee and a bagel because you heard their grandmother just died. i’m talking about, no matter how hard it gets and how sick of them you are in that moment, always wanting to be with them. making sacrifices for them. standing up and fighting for them.

find two people who feel that way about each other, and do these things for each other, and nothing will break them apart. because they don’t want to be broken apart. because they’ve chosen to stay together no matter what.

people stay together because they want to. there’s really no secret to long-lasting relationships. you just have to want it, and to choose it everyday.

we’re living in a world where the best comic of 2016-2017, nova vol. 7, starring sam alexander and richard rider, got cancelled after 7 fucking issues (not even 12) and nick spencer’s shitty ass antisemitic titles are still ongoing and i dont want to exist in it anymore

Kylie is far too talented to not being getting that much shine in Hollywood great actress and talented singer as well. I really hope she lands something amazing and people watch it cause it sucks so fucking much that pitch was cancelled even though she got praise for her work as Ginny Baker.

That Stupid Finale

Warning: If you don’t like negativity, don’t read this post. Cuz there’s a crap ton of it.

I wasn’t even supposed to watch but my sister’s graduation got canceled due to inclement weather. I watched because I clearly must love pain and anxiety. Needless to say, I regret everything.

Originally posted by patryxr

I am so livid! First of all, this wasn’t even that great of a finale. The Stephanie stuff was OK but they drug it out forever. I was hoping stuff would be resolved within the first 20 minutes. Then, we didn’t even get to see what Owen’s sister looked like. Finally, that stupid AF story line about Jackson and Maggie. I want to know what genius thought pairing the two of them was a good idea. Their chemistry is nonexistent. On top of that, how in the world are they just going to explain this new romance where Jackson doesn’t look like a complete and utter douchebag? If he hadn’t slept with April in Montana, I could maybe see how this could have been built up. But he did sleep with her. When he was dealing with all that stuff with his dad, he leaned on April. She was his crutch. Now, all of a sudden he’s gaga for Maggie? I’m not biting. Terrible, terrible writing.

Ugh, there are so many little things about those short scenes that upset me. April yelling at Jackson when he came out of the fire - making her look like some nag while Maggie’s got this miraculous ability to calm him down. Then, Maggie being all fake and like “I know he’s your baby daddy so you have more right to be worried.” Please. All of her witchiness and brattiness from earlier this season has suddenly disappeared? Whatever. And poor April, you can tell she still loves Jackson. I’m so mad that he can’t ever stick it out for her.

As for the future, I see two possibilities. A) It’s all a misunderstanding and Jackson doesn’t feel that way. or B) Jackson and Maggie become a thing next season. As much as I’d love for scenario A to be what’s gonna happen, I just don’t see it going down that way. 1) Because Maggie hasn’t had a love interest in however many months/years. 2) If he doesn’t like her, wouldn’t it just be a repeat of this season? Shonda ain’t gonna do that.








and when Hayboeck few years ago jumped his hill record in Innsbruck and touched the snow with his HAND, and that wasn’t an issue. and Norwegians, btw, before you start your prostests, please, check out your fucking suits ‘cause I have smaller backpack than you have your crotches.

yes, that’s my goodbye for the season.

The Corruption of Azngrl4whitegods

I’ve been asked by a few people to explain how me and @azngrl4whitegods relationship, so I am making this post to answer some questions. I met her once through a friend of a friend, I always knew that a lot of Asian girls had a thing for White guys. But honestly, I assumed she was different, she seemed friendly but not particularly flirty.

We chat mostly online and she seemed big on talking about her views on being marginalized by a white-run society. She talked about her Asian boyfriend and her white exes and her attraction to them, and I knew what had to be done. You see I’ve always had a thing for fucking with taken girls, I currently have a black girl in a relationship who will do literally anything I say for me. This includes: Posing in the lingerie her boyfriend got her, trash talking her boyfriend and even cancelling a date because I said so. I was determined to make @azngrl4whitegods part of my harem.

The opportunity came when I learned that our girl started a small Wordpress blog talking about White privilege and her views as an Asian in society. You may not believe me now, but back then she was very guarded about being explicit in her appreciation for whites but she did always speak of White superiority. This honesty caused her to be ostracized by the Asian community, so I saw an opportunity.

I knew from my time enjoying the the raceplay community on tumblr how she could market herself to a broader audience. She had to change her tone and show the world her place and how it has affected her. She has referenced a few times that she almost went the route of a Social Justice Warrior, and I take full credit in sparing us all from that path ahaha. I told her to gain more readership she had to talk more about her views and experiences of White Men and her blog is the result of that.

This tumblr has had the welcome side effect of bringing us closer together (and I guess giving her a platform to espouse her views,) and according to her our relationship status is “very complicated,” I am happy to say that I am corrupting another non-white girl dating a non-white guy. My race and demeanor have afforded me privileges that I have no trouble using with her, I gave her a community and a platform. If any other minority girls with boyfriends want the same treatment, you know where to find me.