even if it ended up looking like

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A different Nonnie, but how about that Tommaso couldn't walk away from Johnny either. He sat practically ontop of him after the knee and then ontop of the announce table as the staff looked after Johnny in the end. Like Tommaso can't fully break that connection, even if it's him causing the pain he can't walk away from Johnny.

listen. tess says I karmically deserve these asks for giving people feels but what the hell does she know, so first of all how dare you.

second of all RIGHT???? like. fuck. okay. the PAUSES during the whole sequence are the parts that stood out the most to me. he pauses next to Johnny after attacking him,

he walks away, and then he sees Johnny pulling himself up

and attacks him again. he sits with Johnny

(recalling for all of us other fucking moments when they’ve sat together after matches. times when Tommaso comforted Johnny after a loss.)

and then Tommaso looks over at the announce table (possibly spurred on by Johnny pawing at his face)

and then pauses again

(while Johnny feels him the fuck up jesus)

he keeps pausing and then when he’s finally done he just sits there while the paramedics/refs help Johnny. 

this all plays very well with my understanding of Tommaso. he’s not turning on Johnny because he doesn’t love him, he’s turning on him because he can’t stand being made weak by that love. he’s not angry with Johnny. this violence isn’t easy. he’s forcing himself to do this. it takes effort. 

i think in those pauses he’s doing what we saw him do during the CWC match. he’s trying to find the will to hurt Johnny Gargano.

and like you said, he can’t fully break away. he lets Johnny rest his head on his thigh. he sits there at the end not only to survey his good work, but also to watch these people take care of Johnny. something he doesn’t get to do anymore.

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Credence headcannon; brown eyes

- he loves your eyes, even if you dont

- even though eye contact makes him slightly uncomfortable, he always wants to make eye contact with you

- “yours eyes.. are the most beau-” 

- “credence, stop” 

- you act like you hate it

- but you love it

- he’s always looking at you, taking in everything, scared he’ll forget how beautiful every part of you is

- you love his eyes

- constantly fighting over whose eyes are prettier

- “credence, yours are, end of story” 

- “thats not fair!” 

- he likes to drag his fingers along your cheeks so you look up at him

- he can get lost so quickly and so easily

- he doesnt care if he stares for too long, he loves looking at you

- “why’re you looking at me like that?” 

- “because, i like looking… at you” 

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I'm hoping that Keith doesn't end up like a catboy! That is so overused by the fandom and I'm hoping that the writers do something unique and different for him for his true-form.

…I don’t think you have to worry about that anon, because that’s blatantly not what any of the galra look like, even the more feline ones like Thace.

If anything, the galra features tend leonine which would keep Keith from looking much like any kind of housecat. If you’re talking about the general model of “furred ears higher on head” that we see with Thace, Sendak, and Prorok, hate to be the bearer of bad news but it’s pretty unlikely Keith will be a more reptilian galra or even the smoother-haired ones like Haxus or Morvok.

Why? Because we already have Keith’s hair texture and general silhouette, and it’s fluffy and covers most of his head. That’s a trait we mostly see on, well, the “maned” galra.

I definitely think we’ll get some interesting traits from Keith if nothing because, if we do get a purple Keith, it will still be important to make him rapidly stick out from a crowd, especially because he’s one of our main characters. 

Season 4

What I absolutely love about skam season 4 is that you really don’t know for sure what is going to happen. I mean in season 1 it was pretty obvious that Eva and Jonas were going to split up and season two and three it was obvious that Noorhelm and Evak were going to happen. Except in season 4 it’s so freaking unclear. On one hand it’s like oh yeah they’ll end up together coz yknow… look at the sexual tension but then it’s like there are so many unanswered questions and…. even if you think you know, you can never be 100% sure bc this show is freaking genius

Little Pisca ended up borrowing someone else’s clothes aboard Black Eddys ship, but pure haaaated looking like a boy. It makes no difference if she’s only got one arm she will NOT be seen out of a dress! >:C

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Don't you think of all characters h00k is the only one without a development, like he ended up not forgiving Rumple and still wanting a revenge on him ,when even Regina got a happy closure with Snow and the town

Hey Anon,

I think the only truly dynamic multidimensional characters are Emma & Regina. The big difference between them and the others is that they change gradually. Other characters may display temporarily changed behavior, but they always snap back to who they were. They go back to serving their function, and yes, I agree our attention was drawn to the fact Hook is still being driven by revenge this season. If you look at who is going to be there next season… and who isn’t, then guess what the consequences of his pursuit could be?

Emma: “Killian… Your revenge is not your happy ending. I am. You told me that. If you destroy this heart, you will destroy your happy ending along with it.”

ya know, any time DC tries to distance Joker from the clown theme, it actually ends up making him look even more ridiculous rather than less so

I can buy that this extremely dangerous person dresses like that because he acts like a clown, but I have harder time believing that a hardened crime lord would choose to dress like someone’s edgy Sonic oc

First Love

Your first love is almost always powerful. At the time it feels like your entire world is defined by how much you love that person. It feels earth shattering. It feels like a forever love that you will never move on from even when it ends.

But then you do. You fall in love again, to a different extent depending on the person, but eventually you reach a point where you accept that you’re perfectly capable of falling in love again, and doing so does not negate what you felt with your first love a long time ago. That previous love helped build you up as a person, but it didn’t define you.

Some people will look back at their first love in different ways, but one commonality seems to be that it’s done with a certain level of embarrassment over your naivete at the time.

Mon-El was Kara’s first love, according to a bunch of writers who don’t remember the first season of their own show, and nothing is going to change that. However, Kara will fall in love again. Your first love is rarely your last, especially in television. Even if Mon-El comes back, and I think it will be only every once in a while, I believe that Karamel is still done regardless. Not a single one of the vague hints he’ll come back indicate that Karamel will continue.

So while Karamel was horribly written and rushed to the point where the writers had to force things instead of build them up naturally, it served its purpose and I don’t think the writers are going to explore their relationship any further. If they had any intention of doing that they wouldn’t have rushed anything, they would have taken their time.

I truly believe we’ve seen the last of Karamel, if not the last of Mon-El. Rejoice in that at least. We might be subjected to his nonsense again in the future, but I’m quite confident that’s all we’ll have to deal with.

One of the things that made Judo fearful of Hak is that one cooperation doesn’t guarantee it’ll be that way every time. The look on his face, the look in his eyes, you could tell this was one of his greatest fears.

I wonder if he’s experienced something like this in the past. If there was someone he put his trust in, even if they weren’t exactly friends, and ended up being betrayed in a very hurtful way. A certain something something...and it wasn’t just because he had seen Hak try to kill Suwon before. 

hey !! it’s ime, and this is sihwon, he’s a songwriter and vocal coach at spotlight with great hair i mean look at him wow he used to be the lead vocalist of a group but was really responsible for all of their success and the older members just didn’t treat him very well and he ended up leaving the group after almost five years with them. he honestly just loves music a lot and even though he thinks a lot about what it would have been like if he was a soloist but hes glad hes just staff lol

as always i would love to plot for him (or any of my characters really) so feel to message me or like this and i’ll come to you! 

BTS’s Rap Monster Talks About Their Win At Billboard Music Awards, Their Next Goal, And Which Group They Look Up To

Rap Monster shared his thoughts on BTS becoming the very first K-pop group to win at the Billboard Music Awards.

During a phone interview that was held right after the awards ceremony, the BTS leader described the whole thing as unreal. “When we went up on stage to receive our award, we saw artists like Drake and DJ Khaled sitting there right in front of us. It seriously felt as if we were dreaming,” he shared.

Rap Monster then expressed that the members had never even dreamed of coming this far. They never imagined that they would end up receiving a trophy at the Billboard Music Awards in front of such respectable artists.

He also revealed that BTS’s next goal was to hold a world stadium tour gathering between 30,000 and 50,000 attendees.

When asked which group they looked up to, Rap Monster responded that they have wanted to become like Highlight ever since attending one of their concerts back in 2012.

Congratulations to BTS once again on their huge achievement!

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what are some really important pointers you have for people who want to make animatics?

this is probably gonna be a bit long so just a heads up i guess?? also please note im not a student for anything in art and am not a professional i’m just giving out my opinions on this and things based on my own experience.

  • do thumbnailing 

you don’t always have to start it with the actual frame and the drawing for thumbnailing doesn’t have to be good. this is just to let you have a feel of what you want for the final frame. it also doesn’t have to be digital you can just doodle it in some paper you found lying about. this is also good for parts of your animatics where there’s lots of movement(like dancing!) 

thumbnailing is also good for parts where you have multiple ideas! doodle all your possible ideas and see which one is best for that scene

  • perspective/angled shots

these are super cool and can help with the atmosphere of the scene! for example:

they also just look really nice and interesting and fun

  • landscapes and backgrounds

you can’t always have just a bunch of people gathered around all in one frame, you gotta show the setting of the whole thing

this also allows for your characters to move around more! don’t always make them flat like this though(this doesn’t mean you can’t do this, just don’t do it all the time)

grab a ruler or if you don’t have one like me, zoom out completely and try to make straight lines(they don’t rlly have to be perfectly straight though! but don’t make them too slanted either)

and if you have sai, free deform it and set the perspective to 100% and then just mess around with it!

also remember to add buildings/furniture/etc if needed!!

  • do dynamic poses

these help the facial expressions of the character! a lot of people seem to just concentrate on just the face for emotion but body language is also important!

you can throw in some perspective into this as well!

  • make a LOT of frames

as mentioned above, movement is very exciting!! and you can show movement with those frames. it doesn’t even have to be a lot of movement like one second they were there and now they’re in an entirely different spot, subtle movement is also very good! 

try not to reuse the same frame too much! it might end up looking very awkward 

also try not to just erase and add things to the body of a character as if it were some kind of paper doll stuck to a wall like this:

it’ll end up looking very stiff and awkward. instead, just redraw the character completely! make them move around a bit

you don’t always have to make things super clean

you don’t have to do clean lineart, just doodle a frame and make it easy to read for everyone on what’s happening. especially because drawing hundreds of frames is already so time consuming and not to mention stressful. do yourself a favor and not tire yourself out more than you should.

that’s kind of all the pointers i have. hope this helps!!!

Dean barely notices when Sam runs into the house to investigate the nephilim situation. His eyes dart this way and that, taking in the tattered, broken wingspan spread out before him.

All of the times that he lost Cas, he never saw his wings. Not once. And it feels so…final.

Dean’s lips tremble as he casts his gaze upwards towards where he knows heaven is watching. He wonders if the angels care. He wonders if God cares.

He knows Chuck probably isn’t even in heaven, and maybe he has his ears turned off while he’s having the family meeting to end all family meetings with Amara, but he tries anyway. He wants to beg, bargain, and scream, but he’s not sure he can speak. He sends up a plea, his lips mouthing silent prayers.

The air is still. Too still. Deathly still.

Dean squeezes his eyes shut and slumps down to the ground. He bows his head down, but he can’t yet bear to look. Not yet. Not again.

He breathes, and it feels like a monumental effort. He is hyper aware of being alive, of his lungs filling with oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide, and suddenly he thinks he might understand why yoga helps to clear the mind. Maybe he’ll take it up. He could do with a nice, clear mind after…after…

He opens his eyes. Cas is there, but he isn’t.

Dean swallows against the burning lump in his throat as he reaches a hand out. Hand touches hand. One is cold.

Dean stares at the eyes and wills them to open as he curls his fingers around the still, cold hand. And finally, after much effort, he finds that he can speak.

“Please,” Dean pleads, his voice smaller than he thinks it has ever been. “Please. Cas. I need you.”

No. That’s not right. That’s not enough.

“I love you.”

Too late. He says it, finally, after all of these years, and it falls on deaf ears. Ears that will never hear those words.

Dean’s eyes sting. “Come back. Like you always do.” His voice cracks. “I love you. I love you. I love you. Please come back.”

The world is still. Too still.

He’s not coming back this time.

Dean folds himself over Cas’s body and finally allows himself to break.

How To Blend Cultures (Without Making Impossible Mixes)

This is a guide specifically about fantasy worldbuilding. WWC gets a lot of questions around “I’m mixing two cultures together, how do I do that?” and this is to explain both how to do that and when you very much should not.

For starters, you should avoid blending empires with their surrounding properties, especially if there is recent political strife along those lines. This is why Japan/China/Korea (or even China/Tibet) mixes should not be done. For more information on that, take a look at Research:Large to Small Scale, Avoiding Homogenizing East Asian Cultures, & Paralleling Regions Appropriately.

Next up, mixing Greece/Rome with far-flung cultures gets a little bit eyebrow raising. Unless it was a direct trading partner/conquered property, Greek/Roman cultures do not mix with non-European cultures. The Greek empire only went to the Northern regions of India at its very peak, and that is limited to the ancient world. Rome stopped in the Middle East, so, again, you don’t have the cultural backing for a mixing of anything outside of its borders. 

Depictions of Rome and Greece in ancient literature shows other ancient cultures found them quite backwards, and were adverse to mixing with them. By many standards they were very backwards, and it’s only Europe (and, as an extension, America) that revered them to the extent they do. Asia and Africa had no reason to see them as advanced, because they made many more technological advancements than either. North America and Oceanic cultures hardly interacted with either, and had both their own technological advancements+ cultures closer by to borrow advancements from, instead. 

Outside of that, cultures are born out of the environments that made them. As a result, places with wildly dissimilar climates and resources pools will not be able to blend harmoniously unless you’re taking a modern analogue society where globalism has happened. This is plain old because resources only travel so far, and people are more likely to build culture around resources they have easy access to (even well-established trade links can lead to people re-creating things: Han purple and Egyptian blue point to an ancient trade link, but they were made with local materials processed differently).

Roman architecture exists because the Romans had access to copious amounts of concrete materials/marble and lived in the Mediterranean, which got very hot summers, heavy rains, and not a whole lot of cold. As a result they created structures that worked for this, which included open airways, pillars, easy to clean floors, shade, and ventilation. Places that lack these resources will not be able to replicate Rome.

Their resource pool was very specific to their regions, and there’s a reason Rome had the rule that anybody who did’t live like Romans were slaves: it was really hard to live like a Roman, and they wanted their slave pool as large as possible. 

Different cultures with different resources formed in wildly different ways, and might not even have anything similar to Greece or Rome. Because of this, you need to look really close at why culture developed the way it did. If it’s because they had extremely dissimilar resources pools, it’s wise to not blend the cultures (or at least not think they’ll look anything like their original cultures) 

Which brings me to value systems. Cultures put value on different things. Each culture ends up with a base philosophy for what they esteem and how they use resources, which proceeds to influence how it develops. Architecture has meaning to it. So does what colours you use in different applications. Because these things are sacred and/or practical for certain social orders. “Sacred” in cultures ends up becoming a shorthand for “this ritual helps us survive.”

There is no such thing as “aesthetic” when you get down to the root of each single item, because that aesthetic has a practical purpose. There is also no such thing as a “solely religious reason” under the same logic. Cows have become sacred in most varieties of Hinduism— because cows (and oxen) have been the main farming animal in the Indian subcontinent for millennia. They provide milk for sustenance, power for ploughing fields, and dung, which can be used as a floor polish and, when dried, a source of fuel for fire that gives off a more even heat than wood. As a single provider for crucial elements of agrarian life, their sacredness developed from their practicality. Having cows roam freely meant absolutely everyone could have access to an efficient cooking fuel.

Chinese brush painting has meaning. Jade sculpture has meaning. Pagodas and sloped roofs and gates have meaning. The philosophy, environment, history, and present circumstances of a culture is built into every. single. little. thing. about that culture, meaning you cannot just change it out.

Unless you learn the very root of culture, their values and stigmas and honours and shames, you cannot modify it accurately. Cultures survive because that was the best way to respond to the world at the time. A long-standing culture such as China’s has to be functional and incredibly well suited for the environment, otherwise it would not have survived. There is something about Chinese culture that works extraordinarily well for it to perpetuate itself, and you cannot disrespect that.

Learn the “why” of culture. Learn how it came to manifest and the reasons behind its manifestations. Study the geography and resources available to the people at hand. Know a culture so well you can explain how it works in real life and how your world’s history parallels the circumstances that created a similar culture in fantasy.

Only then will you be able to pull it off with respect.

~ Mod Lesya


the olicity q: [16/?]

Why did Yondu keep Quill? This kid was nothing to him, just a job. The job itself was likely profitable since Quill’s dad was quite powerful. So why did he skip out on an easy score to take on the responsibility of a young boy?

Remember Peter’s black eye? He’d been fighting with the other boys AGAIN and why? 

“They killed a little frog that ain’t done nothin’. Smushed it with a stick.”

Presumably Quill’s father specified that his son be delivered to him unscathed, but even if he hadn’t, Yondu wouldn’t risk the job over something he hadn’t done. Yondu must have asked Peter where the black eye came from and Peter explained how he fought other boys after they killed an innocent frog. Remember Yondu’s control console?

Any of those look ferocious? Intimidating? How about matching? Nope. All of those figurines are odds and ends he’s picked up all over the galaxy. And they are all “cute little buggers.” Whether he likes it or not, Yondu has a soft spot for the adorable and the odd. He collects them. 


whenever i can’t draw i always default to these losers in a shoujo-manga au.

don’t turn away

i did that once and lost a country 
and then lost the language
to name the loss

i don’t have a name,
just a lot of empty places on a map

and everything that has happened to me
has happened inside my own head

i waited for someone to show up and tell 
me i was forgiven 
but i made myself impossible to find
and then i made myself impossible

and of course the war never ends for people like us.

whatever was lost is gone for good this time.

i know because they didn’t show up in even the good dreams.

i’ve been so many people;
forgive me.

if i can’t look you in the eye 
it’s because i’m scared you’ll see in me
only what’s missing. 

i know every border is made up of nothing but hands
that take and take 
until you’re not the same person
you were on the other side

and i know that land can be sick with amnesia
until the only thing inherited
is the

(i belong to that failing memory,
and all the names i forget
are mine.)

(i belong to the words that escape me
in both languages. )
—  Y.Z, inherited memory loss