even if i'm not in season 2

Things that I need to do:

1. Re-watch all of Yuri on Ice

2. Re-watch all of Yuri on Ice again

3. and again

4. and again

5. and again

6. maybe take a break.

7. Re-watch it again: re experience my feelings, and proceed to cry even more.

8. Watch season 2

idk I just wanted 2 thank @shametv b4 the season ends for going out of her way to translate every clip and episode for us and like I think I speak for at least 75% of the non-Norwegian fandom when I say that we would not be able to watch it or even be here at all without you so like… thank u seriously thank you so So much for doing this I am so eternally grateful sorry if this is weird but thanks

As the Attack on Titan fandom rises from its ashes, the desperate cries of the Tokyo Ghoul fandom can be heard in the distance. The law of equivalent exchange must be respected.

  • Me, before watching the Special Episode: Karamatsu is so pure.
  • Me, after watching the Special Episode: Oop, nevermind.

Okay, let this be my last post commenting on YOI episode 12 because I just want to get these thoughts out of my mind already and move on to impatiently waiting for season 2 of my beloved Yuri on Ice.

I spent the past few days thinking about why so many people felt unsatisfied or even disappointed by episode 12 and I think I’ve reached a conclusion most of us can agree with: It didn’t deliver an emotional climax.

I don’t know if it tried to deliver one and failed or it just chose not to, hoping that the promise of season 2 would be enough, but the point is that there was none.

What do I mean by ‘emotional climax’? Like the kiss in episode 7, or the airport scene in episode 9, or the engagement and banquet in episode 10. Something that shocked and awed everyone at the same time, that amazing surprise, that big development that changed things and meant something but also that made us feel something. That positive punch in the gut.

And episode 12 just… had nothing like that.

I mean the pair skate was beautiful and I adored it and that last scene when Yuuri is running down the bridge in Saint Petersburg to meet Victor and Yurio was just as great and actually had me squealing quietly, but it wasn’t quite the level of what we’ve seen before.

And I can honestly understand why people feel unsatisfied. Because, in simple terms, we got the build-up but the pay-off never came. What I mean by this can be explained by what we’ve seen in episodes 6 to 10. 6 was a build-up to the developments we later see in 7, while 8 was a build-up to 9 and 10. Episodes 6 and 8 may have been less eventful in terms of developing Victor and Yuuri’s relationship, but in the end they were necessary and important for what happened in the following episodes. They weren’t all that satisfying on their own (this especially went for ep 8, I think) but paired with the events of the next episode, we all but forgot about that uneventfulness because it overall contributed to the amazing feeling we got once we hit that emotional climax (like the airport scene in ep 9 and the following engagement in ep 10).

Now, this is relevant to ep 12 in a few ways. Episode 11 certainly felt like build-up to something big, and that would make sense, I think we can agree here, we all felt like something big was coming in episode 12 (as is usually the case with finales). And by “something big” I don’t necessarily mean Yuuri winning gold or a wedding (though admittedly, many of us would have liked that). I think most of us though simply expected and were looking forward to Victor and Yuuri’s bedroom conversation, to them finally getting on the same page and understanding each others’ feelings. I think most us just wanted to hear Victor say that he wants to stay with Yuuri, even if he will no longer be his coach. I think we all wanted to hear that their private relationship is just as important as (if not more important than) their professional one and that just… never happened.

As of right now, Victor and Yuuri still don’t seem to be clear on what their relationship is and what they want from and for each other and we certainly haven’t seen them openly discuss it, despite the fact that ep 11 was building up to that and setting up that scene. So we basically got the build-up, but instead of the climax, the tension just sort of plateaued then began slowly falling.

I’m more than willing to attribute this to the fact that the ending was changed last-minute in order to accommodate for a second season, and perhaps the original ending did have an emotional climax to it, but this one just didn’t.

I mean, Yuuri’s flawless Free Skate had a climax of its own and I think it was great and important, but for example both Victor and Yuuri’s decisions to continue/return to skating were rather anticlimactic. They were relevant of course, but they sort of appeared and disappeared without really trying to move the viewers - they were mostly just plainly stated and the audience was left to somehow feel something from that.

At the same time though, I don’t think that episode 12 was bad or that making a second season is a bad idea. I’ve already said this the week before episode 12 was released but it was impossible to fit a satisfying conclusion into just 23 minutes. It just wasn’t physically doable. I’m sure the original ending tried to do it, but I doubt it would have succeeded either. It would probably also be unsatisfying in some way, but it wouldn’t even leave an option for a second season.

So overall, I’d say it was a good thing. Because a second season can give us character backstories (*cough* like for Victor and Yurio *cough*), and more character interactions, and more development, both in terms of characters and relationships, and an actual satisfying conclusion that wouldn’t feel rushed.

Victor will be able to return to his career, then properly retire when the time comes (rather than do so abruptly after taking a break), Yuuri will be able to get that gold medal he deserves (and we can explore his psychology deeper) and  Yurio will (hopefully) get more screentime and we will be able to understand him and relate to him better (and he’ll have more screentime which is always a good thing for someone that was meant to be a main character and then sort of faded into the background).

So yeah, overall, the ending of the anime lacked an emotional climax, that positive punch in the gut that forced us to feel things, which left many of us feeling a bit empty and unsatisfied. But at the same time, I’m not upset with episode 12 at all because it’s a promise of getting to know these characters better and of a proper, wholesome conclusion - both of these being key in a character-driven story such as Yuri on Ice.

Ok but guys. Everyone is breaking tumblr with posts about Shirtless Klance in the trailer. But just think about when The Moment™ ACTUALLY HAPPENS!!!

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My love for science doesn’t preclude my faith. For me, science is another language we use to talk about the same miracles faith talks about.

I am so tired of seeing everyone shit on Keith because Shiro asked him to lead Voltron if things go south in season 2? Like really just so tired of watching people say the same rude things to justify why he would be a bad leader (which really aren’t even justifications at all?) lmao you’re not cute or original. 

So let’s talk about why Keith would actually be a good leader for Voltron, please and thanks:

  • We know that Shiro has been like a mentor for Keith, both pre-series and during the show (”Remember; patience yields focus”)
  • That being said, it means that Shiro has been there for him as he has grown and matured (excluding the time he was held captive, obviously)
    • While Keith is not at the fullest capacity to lead due to his poor impulse control and hot-headedness, it doesn’t mean that he will never get to that stage of maturity and rationality
    • It means that Shiro obviously sees those qualities in Keith (which is why he put this responsibility on his shoulders) and challenges him to hone them, which will in turn force him to grow as a character to become more level-headed and rational, as a leader needs to be
  • I mean y’all are so quick to make positive posts about your faves’ character developments but refuse to think that Keith is going to have an arc that transforms him and pushes him to focus on his leadership qualities and what is best for the team? bye lmao
  • Keith actually already knows how to think of the greater good; he argued against going to save Allura because it would be hand delivering the universe’s greatest weapon to Zarkon, something Allura has said can never happen
    • Yes, it was seen as callous and cold, but strategic-wise? Actually a smart move to avoid sending the universe’s last hope straight into the hands of the evil alien mastermind who has been conquering everyone left, right, and center for the past 10,000 years
  • The kid is dedicated to his teammates in every way possible
    • At the end of the first ep, he says “It’s been on honor flying with you boys” like ?? they had their lions together for 10 minutes and Keith is talking like they’ve gone through a hundred and three battles together? he loves his peeps
    • Flies through an asteroid field to get Lance’s lion back when Nyma and Rolo were a bunch of sneaks
    • Gets all up in Zarkon’s business for attacking Shiro
      • Point being that the Black Lion takes “someone whose men will follow without hesitation"
      • Keith has proven that he is dedicated to his fellow paladins, and they have proven the same to him 
  • When the time comes that leadership is needed in Shiro’s absence, is it really that far of a stretch to believe that the other paladins will follow Keith, who Shiro has been grooming for this kind of position already?
    • the answer is no, it’s not that hard to believe, so y’all can shove your ‘he’s hot-headed and an idiot bc he just rushes into things’ logic somewhere else it’s called character development let the second season actually air before making assumptions that just make an ass out of u and me! sound good?
  • In the original series, Keith literally is the leader of Voltron lmao sucks to suck it’s gonna be canon anyway just give it time

Enough with the suit already. It’s a badass suit, but I’m the one in the badass suit, so I should be the one to tell her.

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okay I get where people are coming from when theorizing peacock!nino ( with the whole eye pattern thing)but where would the brooch even go? with the turtle miraculous he can just put it on his wrist but with the peacock miraculous it'd just be to obvious if he pinned it to his t-shirt

Hey man I get where you’re coming from, the turtle braclet would be an easy fit but

he could also

clip the brooch

there ¯\_(ツ)_/¯