even if i'm convinced you are the bad guy

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I don't know what happened but every letter of complaint sent to the Director is now getting auto-returned with "bad post OP" stamped on it. Im convinced it has to have been the THB and??? I'm so upset we can't even argue about the dog discourse like this. Please undo whatever you did, guys.... - Makki from HR



It’s so easy to make Joe the bad guy. I mean… making him the villain takes the blame away, but in everything that’s happened with him, every single time… I deserve some of the blame, too. And it’s the same with you, you know? Things fell apart. And you did what you did, but a lot of it was my fault.

Paraphrased 314

Alibaba: “So my best friend and love interest have been hanging out with my killer after my death and he made my death mean nothing, but that’s fine, I don’t blame you! How could I? You’re my best friends!”

Hakuryu: “I shall be in panel without addressing the fact that my unconscious sister is nowhere to be found to the point that readers have to speculate about her whereabouts.”

Alibaba: “LOL I heard Hakuryu and Morgiana were an item from someone but I’m gonna ignore that now and the fact that we haven’t interacted in 3 years, because I want to lose my virginity and have kids and someone said a passably pretty girl (unlike Elisabeth and her relatives) likes me, so Mor, I like you!”

Morgiana: “Lets get married because I’ve always loved you! Actual communication and relationship building is worthless! I’m sure fans will be satisfied with a couple of words saying we’re canon rather than watching us fall in love and get together without a bunch of puerile virgin jokes invalidating half our romantic interactions!”

Entire Oasis City Qishan: “WOOOOoooHOOOO!”

Aladdin: “So what do you feel seeing the girl you like with Alibaba ‘virgin joke’ Saluja? Don’t worry, there’s plenty of fish like Morgiana in the sea!”

Hakuryu: “I’m fine. Even though our reunion was looked forward to and it’s been maybe a day, I will now go and search for the guy who convinced me that killing my friends, family and ending the world was a good idea! Peace out!”

Everyone Else: “Bye!”

The signs as things I've heard at my school
  • aries: "Wait Valentine's Day is on the 14th?! since when?"
  • taurus: "my butthole hurts so bad I had nachos at lunch and I think I blew up the toilet in the bathroom"
  • gemini: "Even if I do fail this test I'll just become a high paying prostitute"
  • cancer: "I stayed up all night watching x files and now I'm convinced that everyone is an alien I'm up to you"
  • leo: "I'm sorry I can't hear you over my level 31 dragon"
  • virgo: "you seem like the kind of person who jacks off to anime porn"
  • libra: "All you guys make me want to throw up on a baby" ~ my English teacher
  • scorpio: "I thank god everyday for not making me look like you" ~my geometry teacher
  • capricorn: "Sorry to disturb you but what the fuck are we doing in this class?"
  • aquarius: "maybe if I fall down the stairs I'll break my legs and sue the school"
  • pisces: "who let these fucking freshmen in the school it's like I'm surrounded by gremlins"

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so recently i started dating my best guy friend and he's super into the relationship and i'm just not??? like he's a great guy and he's cute but i don't want to anything sexual with him and i feel bad cause it's not his fault i just feel sort of detached?? idk what to do

he’s your best friend, he wants what’s best for you, the thought of you convincing yourself to have sex with anyone or continue a relationship you’re not happy in should be an absolute nightmare to him. If he doesn’t feel like that, and begins to resent you then he was never your best friend, or even like decent acquaintance, to begin with.

It’s going to be difficult but you should have a conversation with him about it and then either continuing being friends or cut him off completely if he’s spiteful. 

it’s hard, but you can do it.