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Important PSA from Yana

Quick translation:

“Like I tweeted recently, Japanese culture and the culture of other countries are different, the way they reply [to my tweets] or their stance on fan activities are different, too, and I don’t think any of this is wrong. However, regardless of country [of origin], revealing any new information of Kuroshitsuji before the 18th is not official, but illegal. I’d be glad if people understand that such action is wrong. - Toboso.”



(warning: text spoiler of ch129 under the cut)

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haikyuu!! - 30 day challenge
day 1. favorite character
→ sugawara koushi


everyone’s talking about armin in ep. 35, but does anyone else see candy in a naked apron in the nathaniel illustration?? Cuz I do and I can’t unsee it….

From the end of S2

More on the topic of this

So, I’m actually really upset we didn’t get any Keith and Lance scenes in relation to Keith being Galra.  I’m actually really upset on how few Lance scenes their were in general but overall I’m happy about the season, it was good.

Anyway, that doesn’t relate.  So in the first part i was talking about Lance being Altean/a decendant of the orignal Blue Paladin, but i made a comment about how Lance could actually be the last Blue Paladin and I wanted to talk more on why I think that its possible.   

I don’t have many points that could solely be read as ‘lance is the paladin’ but everything I’ve mentioned previously (on the other post) works to support this point.  Lance not being surprised in episode one, his defensiveness over his ears (because he’s hiding their real shape), the way he seems to know what he’s doing and the way he already has a strong bond with Blue. 

The main scene that really sparked this idea for me was the scene where Keith asks Coran about the previous Blue Paladin.  If Lance overheard that it’s more likely he overheard everything but his only focus was that Keith was interested in Blue.  To me that sounded alot like Lance was changing the subject.  Why change the subject?  Because Lance doesn’t want Keith to know who the previous Blue Paladin was.  

This makes only minor sense if Lance and the Paladin were related, because what could Keith really get from that?  But if Lance was the previous Blue Paladin Coran said something along the lines of ‘the blue paladin was altean, actually lance is a lot like him’ that could raise some questions Lance might not be able to brush off easily.

There’s also when Shiro reveals that Zarkon was the orignal Black Paladin.  Lance is the only one to be like ‘what wait’ and Keith’s response is to tell him it was obvious.  It could be another moment of Lance being slow like with Pidge’s gender however his reaction is incredibly tame, espically compared to that.  So I think it’s more likely Lance already knew that, he just didn’t want the others to know he knew.

And why?

We’ll get to that in a second.

First lets mention Lance the Actor.  In s2e2 Lance annouces he’s a great actor.  This could be a moment of bragging Lance or just a comment to make his failure seem funnier.  But if Lance really is the previous Paladin than yeah, he’s an awesome actor because no one can tell and maybe this line is him trying to show off to people who have no idea what the situation is and therefore won’t be able to reveal him.  (Although, really, you won’t want to hint at it to anyone but remember guys this is still Lance, just older).

But again, why?  Why lie about any of this?  Surely if Lance is an older Paladin than it would be better to tell the others so he can help them with his cool orignal Paladin tricks.  

The reason is simple.

You know, the original paladins fought hundreds of battles together, side-by-side.  They were like a pack of yalmors linked at the ears.

It’s stressed from the beginning that to be a paladin is to be close to the other paladins.  Lance and Zarkon would have been friends once, good friends.  They would have fought side by side, be sworn to protect each other no matter the cost to their own life.

Would you like to tell a bunch of people trying to fight an evil warlord and save the universe that said warlord used to be your friend?

I can think of another reason Lance wouldn’t’ve wanted to tell them and it explains why he’s not a total badass like Zarkon is.  What if Lance didn’t get to pilot Blue because he earned it in some Blade of Marmora style trail.  I give to you, Lance was the son of a rich and powerful family on Altea.  Getting Lance to fly the Blue Lion was a poltical move.  Lance was not at all trained to fight in such a weapon but he was able to bond with Blue and therefore more than suitable for the polictal task.

Lance doesn’t tell the others because he wants to earn his place on the team, not feel like a chess piece moved around the board to better the king. 

Except, Lance doesn’t feel like he’s earnt his place on the team, does he?  And that could certainly lead to an interesting situation.  

But more on that later.

thirty days of skam fic: day fourteen
aka isak and even go food shopping after moving in together

beginning. accusation. restless. leaves. rainbow. flame. formal. under. move. silver. prepared. knowledge. denial. cans. order. thanks. look. summer. transformation. tremble. tent. mad. thousand. paper. winter. luxury. letters. promise. simple. future.


“Is that – Even, are you seriously putting mung beans in the cart right now?”

“Mung beans are nice! I put them in that vegetable soup thing I make.”

“We have a list, though.” As if to prove his point, Isak leans over the handles of their shopping cart and waves the piece of paper in Even’s face. It’s only the torn-off side of an old essay that Even had scribbled on, but holding it does make him feel rather grown up.  “What’s the point of making a list if at all you’re just gonna keep putting random shit in the cart as we walk around.”

“You’re only saying that cus it’s something healthy. Don’t think I didn’t notice those two bags of tortilla chips going in.”

Isak just rolls his eyes. “Even.”

He actually thinks he deserves some credit here. Yes, he’d sneakily added some store-brand Doritos, but back when Isak lived at the Kollektiv, his shopping list pretty much solely consisted of those, instant noodles, frozen pizza, and some oranges so he didn’t end up getting scurvy. He is totally moving up in the world.

“Ugh, fine, no mung beans!” Even finally gives in, big lips pouting as he puts the beans back on the shelf.

“Thank you. Get regular beans instead. And, um – fuck, what does this word say? Why the hell did you have to make a list on paper instead of just on your phone, you have the worst handwriting.“

“My handwriting’s great.” Even pauses to come over and lean on Isak’s shoulder, squinting down at the list. “Uh, yeah, I can’t read that either. It probably wasn’t important.”

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Where is my sana bakkoush season?

I’m so salty about this season treatment of sana. No other season has had so many characters arcs in the background -like for example that evak vs balloon squad fight - it has nothing to do with sana!! They could have covered that last season if they hadn’t rushed it so much!! But instead we keep getting this 30 minutes eps focused on this subplots and lose ends from other seasons!! they keep giving us updates on evak and magnus and vilde and william ¿¿¿¿why??! Can we please get the focus back on sana? Please??

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modern revolutionary squad in a cat cafe

Oh anon,,, you spoil me,,,

Prompt: This wasn’t meant to be a date, but we’ve had such a good time and now it’s 2 a.m. and I should really go home…

Pairing: T’Pura

Requested by @ussspocko, thank you for your patience! This got big! Haha! I had so many different ideas but then I realized this was perfect Fake Date/Academy AU fodder and I JUST couldn’t help myself. I don’t write these ladies as often as I should, so I hope it’s alright!

“I require your assistance.”

The words, at first, didn’t quite sink in. Nyota had been happily nursing her drink, her well-deserved reward after a long week. The music here was loud and predictable, the bartender chatty enough for company but busy enough to remove any social obligation, and it was as good a place as any to unwind. The ebb and flow of her Friday nights had become important to her– the few moments she really had to relax all to herself.

At least, most Fridays were like that. With the Vulcan woman sidling up next to her at the bar and her hurried plea for help, Nyota suspected this wasn’t going to be a typical night out.

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