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Hey! Could I request that you write something about MC going on a beach trip with RFA+Saeran and while they're there, MC gets her leg caught in some seaweed while swimming in the deep and RFA+Saeran have to save her?

hello there! tysm for this request, it was really fun to write lol. I hope you like it! (but if you wanted smth different please let me know) ♥

- Admin Cat Mom.


  • this is his chance to prove to you that he’s a manly man.
  • I mean, he took swimming lessons when he was like eight.
  • he went to a swimming club for maybe two or three weeks.
  • except he doesn’t because he’s so smol and tiny.
  • struggles to untangle the seaweed.
  • did something just hit his head? is that even possible??
  • when you’re finally safe and out of the water
  • you notice something red and sticky in his forehead
  • “is that blood? are you okay, yoosung?”
  • “oh my god hOW.”


  • what was that? his baby is in danger?
  • pleasE.
  • has no problem whatsoever saving his princess.
  • and looks stunning while doing it, takes off his shirt for dramatic effect and everything.
  • “I saw a man so beautiful I started crying???”
  • mutters a very confused boy witnessing the scene.
  • frees your leg quite easily and carries you bridal style out of the water.
  • “time for some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, babe.”
  • being in danger when this man is around has to be an actual blessing.


  • do not ever question this lady’s abilities.
  • no wonder the rest of RFA relies on her so much.
  • “oh no, MC, are you stuck?! let me help you, wait a sec.”
  • acts super fast, in the blink of an eye you’re free and safe.
  • wow.
  • she mentioned having a black belt in judo before
  • but she never said anything about hAVING MERMAID GENES??
  • “MC please be more careful next time, you could’ve drowned.”
  • we don’t deserve jaehee kang.


  • “MC, what the—? what’s wrong?”
  • oh.
  • it looks like a scene from a soap opera he watched the other day?
  • and this is the part where he has to save you.
  • if only he weren’t so awkward and composed.
  • that doesn’t mean he’s a bad swimmer, though.
  • does his thing effortlessly and brings you back safe and sound.
  • and yes, he’s carrying you.
  • but he refuses to put you down until you let him say some cheesy lines and give you a passionate kiss.
  • how is it possible for this man to make everything both weird and adorable at the same time? he can’t be real.


  • my boy
  • my bean
  • he would literally die for you.
  • so this should be easy for him, right?
  • ok he’s not that fit but he did undergo physical training at some point.
  • fucking FIGHTS the seaweed.
  • and after making sure that you’re safe 
  • he comes out of the water screaming and covered in seaweed.
  • “they almost got us, MC! but I’m much stronger!! don’t worry I’ll rescue you from these bastards!”
  • boy, what are you doing.
  • “for real though MC don’t do that again, you need to be more careful I was super worried about you.”


  • uhm
  • okay, he hasn’t lost his sight 100% but this is still hard.
  • is taking pictures when it happens.
  • wait just a minute ago you were laughing and splashing water, is everything okay? why are you so quiet now?
  • starts calling your name: no answer.
  • it’s time to Panic
  • honestly asking for help is the wisest thing to do, acting like a hero would only put you in more danger.
  • thank you stranger that had no trouble rescuing you.
  • when you’re back, he holds you tight and apologizes for not being of much help
  • sweet baby boy please there’s no need to apologize.
  • now please let MC breathe.


  • “…has anybody thought of calling the damn lifeguard? no?”
  • “you’re all fucking useless and I hate you.”
  • but saeran, honey, the lifeguard is nowhere to be seen
  • wait what? fuck.
  • he won’t admit it, but things like this actually scare him a little?
  • still, he throws himself into the sea, tries to free your leg because he cares, and gets you out of the deep.
  • “here, put your arm around my shoulders.”
  • he’s quite proud of himself for being useful.
  • blushes and gets all flustered when you thank him aw sweetie.

Finally!! It’s here! Song written entirely by me, this song means the entire world to me from start to finish. Everything I am and everything I want to be. This is different from anything I’ve done before and I hope you’ll give it the same chance you gave me. Thank you all.

A dog is a dog even without his leash but I knew, oh I knew.. before I got your fleas

- B.B.

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The difference between Yuri’s crying since ep. 1 to 7, is something I wanted to mention, because just look at the boy…

And how different he looks, how he doesn’t hold back, not like he did when he first cried on the phone, he’s letting all out, he’s not trying to put on a tough act, he is not smiling while trying so hard not to break down. His emotions now feel a whole more congruent to the anxiety and pressure he is feeling. And even if Victor pushed the buttons for this to happened, and may have wanted to test the boy, Yuri later states he feels way better after crying, because he knows he finally said what was on his mind, he didn’t have to pretend, or swallow everything and just keep on going, not anymore.

Wait a sec

JJ says he wants to get married after the World Championship, not the Grand Prix Final. They’re two completely different events. Thanks to this post we know the GPF is in December and is toward the beginning of the skating season, while the World Championship is in April and is the last and biggest competition of the season.

I don’t know if it was just me but for some reason I always assumed when they were talking of marriage they were talking about after the GPF. I even went back to episode 10 to check what he says there and indeed

No mention of which competition he’s talking about.

I think, based on context it makes sense to assume he’s talking about the GPF, but unless there’s a mistake in the translation for episode 11 or some continuity error his goal is a lot more long-term. He’s already looking ahead to the rest of the skating season (season 2?).

This also makes that whole exchange in episode 10 all the more hilarious because it stems from a misunderstanding. Viktor is talking about getting married after the GPF, JJ is talking about Worlds. The two weddings wouldn’t be in conflict with each other at all!

Well, Shit. (A Voltron Fanfiction Chapter 6)

First of all, I’m sorry. There is a lot of angst in this chapter but the next chapter will be better, promise! So Chapter 7 is on the way! Not to worry! ;)

Want to read from the beginning? Here you go!










The team realizes that Lance is different even if he doesn’t act like it. What will happen when they finally confront him? 

Chapter 6: Well… Shit.  

Lance did wake up eventually the next day, in the afternoon. He was in a daze from sleeping so much and walked out of his room in his pajamas, without his robe and casually walked into the kitchen. His arms completely exposed, shirt hanging low on his back. Hunk, Shiro and Keith were gathered in some sort of weird meeting but Lance paid not mind. He just moved to get something to drink, still not hungry.

He didn’t notice Hunk, Shiro and Keith staring at him, and they had stopped talking. They stared at the scars so white and sticking out against his skin. They weren’t used to it yet. But Lance moved the same as always, as if they didn’t bother him. Lance grabbed some water before turning to see them all staring at him. Great. He just drank water, looking back without blinking.

“Hey, I know I’m mesmerizing but there really is no reason to stare.” Lance said with a smirk.

Shiro and Keith groaned together and Hunk rolled his eyes but they all smiled, all but forgetting about the scars. Hunk moved into the kitchen to Lance’s side, putting a hand on his shoulder.

“Hey you’ve slept for a long time, hungry?” Hunk asked already moving to prepare something.

Lance took a sip of water, “Honestly I’m not hungry at all, so don’t bother. I’ll just wait till dinner.” Lance said.

Hunk looked at him in concern, “Dude, how? You had like five bites of food yesterday, like twenty-four hours ago, how are you not hungry?” Hunk asked.

Lance shrugged, “I don’t know. I didn’t really eat on Lotor’s ship either so maybe it’ll just take a bit to get back in the routine. Don’t worry about it.” Lance said draining his glass and placing it on the table.

Shiro came closer to him, “Why don’t you talk to Allura? Let her know. She might have to say something to you.” Shiro said cryptically.

Lance looked at him, then he looked past him at the corner of the room and then back to Shiro again, “Oh the quintessence thing right? She caught me yesterday before I went to bed and told me. I think her theory is right, so we just have to wait and see huh?” Lance said, “Don’t worry about too much, I’m going to take a shower.” Lance said before leaving.

Shiro, Keith and Hunk were left in the kitchen staring at the spot that Lance left.

“Is he really okay?” Keith asked, “He seems too casual.” He said.

Hunk nodded, “Yeah maybe, I think a lot of things have changed so maybe he’s just trying to be like he was before, you know?” He said.

“Yeah let’s just give him time.” Shiro said, “He’ll come to us when he’s ready.” He said.

Hunk looked at Shiro doubtfully and thought that there was a lot that Shiro had to learn about Lance.

And time is what they gave Lance and plenty of it. First Lance trained by himself to build up his strength. He did a lot of leg and arm exercises, he had lost some muscle during his capture. Next he worked on combat training sort of, but focusing more on getting used to one eye instead of two. Keith watched as the gladiator dove towards Lance’s left side, tapping Lance meant a point was lost. At first Lance struggled. He had to take frequent breaks to get focused again, most of the time he’d just stare off into a certain corner and then turn around and try again.

After several days Lance became better, a lot better. He would use sound to his advantage, his hearing getting better to make up for his lack of sight. One day Keith approached him as Lance looked over the combat options.

Lance’s eyes were lit in the blue glow of the screen. His scars were exposed, just in his casual workout clothes rather than his armor. Keith was getting used to it.

“Hey,” Keith said, causing Lance to turn, “You’re really improving quickly. Soon you’ll be back with the group trainings!” Keith slapped a hand on Lance’s back. Lance flinched but just barely. Keith backed off.

“Sorry.” Keith said sheepishly.

“No, no you’re fine! Don’t worry, it’s just…” Lance looked at the corner past Keith shoulder, eyes flicking back to Keith, “I’m not used to how it feels yet. Actually the skin is so rough it feels more like pressure. It’s just weird.” He laughed absently scratching his neck.

Lance turned back to the screen, “The training is going well, but I can’t join you guys just yet. A night or two will do it though. Although I still need to practice my shooting.” He smiled at Keith.

“Nights? I thought you hate practicing at night, you know, beauty sleep.” Said Keith.

Lance looked at him surprised before his eyes flicked back to the corner and back to Keith again. Keith was about to ask what was over there but was interrupted.

“Oh I don’t… sleep much anymore.” Lance stated.

Keith stood there shocked, “What? What do you mean?” He asked concerned.

Lance put up his hands moving them in front of him.

“I mean I sleep, just not as much. And it’s not what you think, not nightmares or insomnia, just I don’t need it. I wake up an hour or two later after falling asleep and I feel energized like a good night’s sleep. I told Allura, we think it’s the quintessence. This might be a permanent thing, but we don’t know yet.” He let his hands down, “But with the extra time I’ve been training, just catching up, you know?”

“Why didn’t you say anything?” Keith asked, “Maybe we could help…” He said, trailing off.

“Help? Why? There’s nothing you or the rest of the team can do. It’s not important. Plus it’s not like it’s affecting me in a bad way, it’s just a change.” Lance said.

Keith gave him a look and Lance went to him putting a hand on Keith’s shoulder.

“Honestly, dude don’t worry about it. You’ll get wrinkles and your complexion will get worse. It’ll already pretty bad.” Lance said with mock concern, laughing as Keith flicked his hand away, smiling himself.

“Yeah sure, is that a mullet growing out of the back of your head?” Keith questioned.

Lance’s hand flew to the back of his neck.

Don’t even kid about that, Keith. I would rather DIE than have a mullet. Oh my god who has scissors?!” Lance said running out of the room, Keith laughing.

Shiro entered the lounge where Lance and Pidge were sitting together with their heads hunch over something. They were fiddling with one of Pidge’s projects. Lance was trying to give her suggestions.

“Why don’t you put it here?” Lance suggested pointing to some port.

“I don’t think it’ll fit in there.” Pidge said, unsure.

“Nah it will, I can tell. Here give it.” Lance offered his scarred hand.

Pidge reluctantly handed the tiny piece of tech over, Shiro watching with interest.

Lance took the little rectangle and gently placed it into the slot and pushing just enough to click it in. Pidge looked at her screen and made a triumphant yell, slapping Lance’s already raised hand in a high five.

“Lance I love you!” Pidge said looking at her computer intently as tons and tons of alien code came onto the screen.

“That’s sweet Pidge, but you’re too young for me. You’re like jail bait.” Lance said with a smirk receiving a light punch in the shoulder from Pidge.

“Oh Pidge please be gentle!” Lance mock shouted.

“Oh my god would you shut up.” She said with no heat.

Lance laughed. He looked passed Pidge staring at something, his face falling. Pidge didn’t notice but Shiro did. Lance went a little pale, Shiro took a step forward and Lance’s head snapped in his direction. He looked like a deer in headlights, eyes wide. He blinked looking at Shiro, and Shiro stared back. He didn’t say anything. He felt like he saw something he wasn’t supposed to.

Lance’s face changed in an instant, the smile was back, and his eyes had no hint of any of the emotion just a moment ago. He hid it well but Shiro still saw.

“Pidge, Shiro’s here. Why don’t you tell him all about how I just saved your project?” Lance suggested, getting up and offering the spot to Shiro.

“Yeah, Shiro, this is seriously so cool! I mean Lance didn’t save it but he did help…” Her words washed over Shiro as he watched out of the corner of his eye, and Lance practically ran out of the room.

Hunk came to the hangar to do some modifications to the yellow lion when he saw Lance. He was in front of Blue leaning his head against her leg, eyes closed. Hunk watched.

Lance was still but he seemed to glow with a blue light that Hunk was familiar with. But soon it was over and Lance looked up at his lion with a smile.

“I know and I will, when I’m ready.” He said, giving her leg a gentle pat before turning around and running directly into Hunk. Lance blinked.

“Oh hey!” Lance said.

“Hey, what did you do just now? You like glowed blue a little bit!” Hunk said fascinated.

Lance blinked confused, “What? I glowed? Seriously?” Then he smiled, “I didn’t know that but that’s pretty damn cool!” Lance said.

“Yeah it was, but what were you doing?” Hunk asked.

Lance shrugged, “I was just talking to Blue that’s all.” Lance said.

Hunk nodded, “Like the image thing that the lions do?” Hunk asked.

Lance shook his head, “No like with words, through the bond I hear her voice. She speaks English and Spanish so we were chatting but like in our heads.” Lance said.

Hunk stood stunned.

“WHAT?! You can DO that?” Hunk practically shouted.

Lance leaned back from Hunk intensity, “Uh yeah man, to be honest I kind didn’t realize that you couldn’t.” Lance said

“Of course I can’t! Oh my god that’s so cool! I can’t wait to do that with Yellow!” Hunk said excitedly.

Lance smiled, “Yeah it’s pretty cool!” he said.

Hunk spent the next several hours before dinner asking Lance a thousand questions which Lance answered to the best of his ability but Hunk knew that he was thankful when dinner was called.

What happened in the room with Pidge did not happen around Shiro again. Lance seemed to be careful, he avoided being alone with Shiro at every turn. But Shiro still thought that Lance would come to him when he was ready.

Lance joined regular training again with the rest of the team. He had improved greatly. He struggled with the trust exercises like the invisible maze but excelled with protection exercises and combat.

They stood in a circle backs to one another as they had many times before. They brought up they’re shields protecting one another from lasers. Lance protected everyone with everything he had. In fact, no one fell through the floor. They made it through the whole training without losing anyone. It was the first time they did that.

Shiro clapped Lance on the back, “That was amazing Lance, that’s the first time we’ve made it through that training! Great job.” He smiled.

Lance looked a little shocked but he smiled, “Thanks, Shiro.” He said shyly.

Shiro looked at everyone, “That was some great teamwork! Let’s keep it up, take a shower and turn in for the night.” He said.

Everyone dispersed. Shiro watched as Lance left with Hunk chatting like he normally did. Maybe what Shiro had seen was just a fluke, caught Lance at a bad moment. But he wondered what could possibly have made him look so scared. But he put it aside, Lance would come to him when he was ready, he was sure.

It wasn’t until later that night that Shiro’s concerns grew worse. Shiro woke up from a nightmare he couldn’t remember, it happened from time to time but he woke up earlier than he normally did. It was still four hours until everyone else would wake up. So he decided he’d go for some light exercise, maybe he would be able to go back to sleep.

Shiro made his way to the training deck. When he got closer he heard something, someone talking. Lance talking. At first he thought Lance was up late with someone else, he had been training late in the night and he knew that Keith joined him when he couldn’t sleep.

But it was just Lance’s voice, shouting words that Shiro couldn’t make out. Shiro made it to the door and it automatically opened.

“SHUT UP!” Lance shouted, “¡CÁLLATE!” Lance shouted. And the sound of something crashing to the floor.

Shiro saw Lance in the middle of the training floor, gladiator robot with a sizeable hole from Lance’s bayard, which hung loosely at his side. Lance turned out the sound of the door and he had the same look as before. Blue eyes wide with horror, face pale and breathing hard. His hand was shaking. He looked so scared.

Shiro took a step forward and Lance instinctively took a step back. So Shiro just stayed where he was.

“Lance…” Shiro began raising a hand.

“NO. Don’t.” Lance said sternly.

“What? Lance I just want…” Shiro began again.

“NO. No no no no. Please don’t. Please pretend you didn’t see this. Just this once.” Lance asked desperately. He looked so scared, his bayard was gone and he wiped a hand across his mouth. Then before Shiro could reply Lance ran out, and Shiro could only watch his back disappear into the hallway.

This couldn’t go on any longer, Shiro knew that. But he couldn’t bring himself to confront Lance by himself. But Shiro decided, no more secrets. He was resolved.

So when Lance was finished eating and about to leave Shiro said it. Maybe now wasn’t the best time but it had to happen.

“Lance, wait a sec.” Shiro said, Lance stopped looking at Shiro curiously.

“We need to talk about what happened last night and what has been happening to you.” Shiro said as gently as he could.

Lance grew pale after he said those words.

“What are you talking about Shiro? I’m fine.” Lance said attempting to smile.

“No, you’re not. Let’s talk about it.” Shiro said.

Lance’s eyes flicked nervously because now everyone was staring at him, his eyes kept looking at the corner of the room. Shiro turned slightly to look in the direction, Lance’s eyes grew even bigger and he forced himself to look at the table. Shiro knew nothing was in the corner but what did Lance keep looking at? He turned his attention back to Lance.

“Lance, why do you keep looking at the corner? What happened last night at the training deck?” Shiro asked.

Lance looked at Shiro, shocked. He looked betrayed. He opened his mouth but closed it again and he just shook his head, smile gone now.

They were all getting worried now. Hunk spoke up.

“Buddy, come on just tell us. You’re safe here.” Hunk said.

Lance’s head snapped to look at Hunk and then look passed him, at something the rest of them couldn’t see. He continued to shake his head, breath growing quick. He got up, ready to bolt but Shiro grabbed his arm. Lance looked at the hand and tried to shake it off.

“Lance please.” Shiro begged.

“No. Stop, let me go.” Lance said sternly.

“Lance.” Keith said sounding stubborn, “Come on man just tell us-” But he was cut off.

Lance turned his head suddenly eyes full of rage and pure terror. His voice came out as a scream and before Lance could stop the words were falling out of his mouth. All the emotion, everything he had suppressed came out and he couldn’t stop it.

“OH GOD HERE COMES PERFECT FUCKING KEITH! I’M SURE IF IT’S KEITH THEN HE CAN FIX IT! CAN’T YOU ALL JUST LEAVE ME ALONE?!” Lance looked at Keith with all the rage that had been suppressed, the emotion Lance tried to get rid of. Keith looked back at him, shocked like he’d been slapped. Lance didn’t care.

Lance shook his head furiously and angry tears were beginning to slide down his face. But Shiro refused to loosen his grip so he had to stand there, confessing every warped thought in his brain.


Allura’s eyes were wide just staring at Lance. Coran’s mouth was a hard line and his face was pale with concern. Pidge just stared at Lance, looking scared. Hunk just looked at him with a sad expression. Keith still looked shocked. Shiro’s face was pale and he looked like he regretted ever making Lance talk. Good, he should. Again Lance tried to stop but was already too late, no turning back now.


There was an abrupt silence, everyone was too stunned to reply or move or even blink. They just stared at Lance with horror. He hated that look, the way they kept looking at him and staring at him. The way they talked to him with pity, the way they walked on egg shells around him, the way they laughed extra loud at his jokes. He wasn’t a broken person but they kept treating like one and he hated it. Why would they act like they care when they never did before?

Lance knew that part of this was due to the hallucinations of Lotor that he still saw, he never really went away. Always standing in a corner reminding Lance of his time in the ship and the thoughts that he tried not to think about. Lotor would whisper in his head, telling him that the team didn’t care, they found him useless, they were acting, and they really hated him. The list could go on forever. But Lotor’s whispers were constant and only in the few hours that Lance slept was he actually free of those thoughts. It was too much, it was all too much.

But Lance knew it was in his head and that these thoughts were his own. He didn’t want to hurt them, they were his team they didn’t deserve it. He loved them. But Lance felt he wasn’t a part of it. Always on the outside looking in but never inside, never.

Lance turned to Shiro who had grown pale at his words, still in shock, “Is that what you wanted to know, huh Shiro? Well congratulations now you fucking know. Let go.” Lance’s voice was low, only speaking to Shiro.

The silence was back. But Shiro’s grip finally loosened and Lance ripped his arm free, realizing what he had done. He said it. He had said everything and now they know. The rage that had taken him over abruptly left and he felt only fear. If they didn’t hate him before, they hated him now. He blanched covering his mouth, backing up and knocking over his chair.

“Lo siento.” Lance said in a whisper before he turned around and ran out of the room as fast as his legs could carry him.

Love Confession Headcanons

Originally a prompt from @thesherlokidwhovian, who was kind enough to help me out after I buggered up the reply. ;) All of the Cup Noodles for you, hun!

(。’▽’。)♡  Noct Reacting to Prompto  

Noctis would probably react with a little bit of shock and modicum of hesitation, at first anyway.

I mean, even if he’d thought about this exact moment a thousand times before, in a thousand different ways, he would still want to make sure it wasn’t just in his head- some throwaway comment that he’d heard the way he’d wanted to instead of what had been intended.

Love the lighting! Aw, man, I love these kebabs- love this song! Love you, man.

How many times had he caught himself just staring without realizing it at the back of Prompto’s head in class, just watching how his friend would absently chew the end of his pencil as their teacher droned on about the economic climate?

How many times had his heart done that weird flip-floppy thing in his chest when he’d see Prompto meander over to his locker after gym, still sort of insecure about getting changed in front of the other boys?

How about those times their hands accidentally brushed at the arcade, and Noctis could feel himself instinctively curl his fingers before they each pulled away? Or when the two of them were wedged in together, a sloppy, giggling mess in the back seat of the car after a night out partying… hell, even just walking side-by-side through a crowded Lestallum marketplace at twilight when the air was rich with spices and the kind of heat that felt made you wanna-

Yeah, he would have to be sure. Which meant a little bit of wide-eyed, mouth-hanging-open wonder, and a whole lot of breathless pause. Poor Prompto would have to, you know…“Uh…say that again?” before Noct would allow himself to hear it, really hear it. And damn, if he wouldn’t almost miss it for how his heart pounds in his ears.

And then, with it just hanging there between them, enticingly magnetic and terrifyingly unfamiliar by turns, Noct would find himself unable to contain his smile. It would just stretch across his face, taking fine features wholly hostage into the most embarrassing grin until Prompto would start to wonder if he’d really messed up.

Except the most shocking thing about it- the big, toothy grin and the way he’d then quickly cross that crackling- fucking electric- space between them to just grab Prompto, his Prompto, and pull him in close… would be the fact that it felt like some sort of homecoming. Like finding a favourite, forgotten sweater in the back of your closet and finding out it still feels really good on.  

Hell yeah, he loves him too. He could tell him at last, finally trying the actual words on for size. Turns out that too is a perfect fit.

(。’▽’。)♡  Prompto Reacting to Noctis 

Prompto would definitely have to struggle with his own daemons when it comes to this. He would be at once eager- desperate even- to hear this, feel this, for himself, and at the same time… there’s always this nagging feeling like he just doesn’t deserve it. Not him. Especially not from-

But with Noct just…coming right out and saying this, just looking into him with his stupid-pretty eyes and being all… there… with his gods-damned ‘touch me’ bone structure and perfect lips… Prompto would be at a loss to respond with anything more than an awkward giggling sound at first. He’d go against his very nature in avoiding the prince’s gaze save for a few quick peeks beneath sandy, downcast lashes.

He might even try to self-sabotage, achingly laughing as he offers back a “Yeah, me too, man!” and a casual slap to Noctis’ shoulder, because he’s Prompto, and how could he just accept that something he’s wanted so badly, in the depths of his darkest nights alone in his room, his life, is being offered up so easily in Noct’s captivating, velvety timbre?

He’d want to cry. He’d fight so fucking hard not to cry, but tears would be there, ready to roll in warm, fat droplets down his freckled cheeks.

He’d be 12 again, suddenly, working so hard every day just to make himself just a little bit better, at least on the outside, so that maybe- if he was really, really careful- he could be someone worth hanging around. A friend, to a prince who really needed one.

He’d be 15, sitting in Noct’s room on the last day of exams, cross-legged on the floor and strangely at home as Noct curses and sifts through the piles of empty water bottles and dirty socks. There’s this one hoodie he’d left there a couple months back, and they’re pretty sure it made its way into Noct’s closet.

He’d be 19, red-cheeked and sticky-hot as they spill out onto the street, a mess of limbs amidst too many stares, still somewhat bouncing around in their ridiculous lack of rhythm without a care in the world. Except for this one, not-so-little thing.

Just one more selfie together, c’moooon!

He’d be…fuck. We’re talking sappy song-lyrics and cheesy movie-monologues here- for his best friend. But I mean…it’s Noct. It’s them, right?

“No…Prom. I mean it.”

The truth of it hangs heavy in the air, heavy in his chest, and it’s achingly present in those oh-so-blue eyes of Noct’s.

And all of a sudden it’d be all Prompto can do not to send them both tumbling backward as he slings his arms around Noctis- arms that are still lacking in tone, but he can’t even care because they’re actually just right for locking around this one person’s neck. Pulling them both into this amazing closeness he never really allowed himself to crave. 

And his face is wet, and he’s laughing again, but the words are there, ready on the tip of his tongue, even as he’s seeking out Noct’s lips with his own.

Noct…I’ve always loved you. And he always had.

I’m just so scared. I’ve honestly never felt this attacked by writers of a show before, like? If this really is all just one big Queerbait than I don’t know what I’m going to feel. As a young LGBT+ person who just wants representation how is this, the fact that even in 2017 for gods sake, we can’t even get representation on a show with a very openly gay writer with a husband?

Headcanons about Stonathan's height difference.

•Jonathan wanting something from a high cabinet in the kitchen but he can’t reach it. He spends 10 minutes jumping and climbing on chairs to try and get what he wants. When he finally gives up he asks Steve to help him out and Steve doesn’t even have to stretch his arm to reach it.

•Jonathan trying to give Steve a kiss goodbye when he goes to leave his house. But he can’t reach his lips so he gets on his tip toes to do it.

•The same type of kiss but instead of Jonathan having to struggle. Steve grabs him by the waist and lifts him up to give him a peck on the lips. Jonathan is oozing shyness by now.

•Wearing each other’s shirts to bed, Steve’s shirt looks like a dress on Jonathan and Jonathan’s shirt looks like a crop top on Steve.

•When they hug Steve’s chin rests on the top of Jonathan’s head. Jonathan buries his face into Steve’s neck and they just stay like that forever. Jonathan loves the smell of Steve’s strong cologne. Steve loves the simple feeling of somebody caring for him enough to embrace him.

•Steve carrying Jonathan on his shoulders when Jon sees something like a bird in a tree and wants to take a picture of it.

•Joyce wanting pictures during Christmas of the two love birds. So Steve has to bend down to match Jonathan’s height.

•Sometimes Jon has to stand on something to look even remotely as tall as Steve in pictures.

•Steve and Jonathan getting into an argument and not talking for a few hours. Jon gets bored not hearing his boyfriend’s smart remarks or flirty pickup lines so he tries to apologize. Steve is too pissed to even talk so he keeps his back turned towards Jonathan. Not knowing what else to do, Jon steps behind the tall figure and raps his arms around Steve’s torso. He rests his head on the boy’s shoulder. This usually makes Steve blush and they’re good by the end of the day.


•Steve giving Jonathan the nickname “Shorty.” and Jon takes offense to that and calls Steve “Green Giant.”

What if Oikawa and Iwaizumi started dating because of a small misunderstanding?

Like….in college one of the boys goes overseas to study for a while and they kinda lose contact because of the different timezones and just super packed schedules.

It’s a few months before they finally get some time to text and catch up with what’s been going on in each other’s lives.

They talk like no time has passed and everything is normal between them.

“You in a serious relationship yet, Shittykawa?” Iwaizumi would teasingly ask.

“No; the person I like is too far away :(” would be Oikawa’s response; hoping he’s being vague enough that Iwaizumi wouldn’t know he’s the one Oikawa meant. Then he quickly sends, “You?” afterwards to try to shift the conversation.

“Shit, well, okay. I’ll be back in a few weeks, and if you’re willing to work things out then so am I.” Iwaizumi’s response makes Okiawa practically choke on air because holy shit is he serious??? How the hell did he even know Oikawa was talking about him???

Oikawa immediately calls Iwaizumi and is like; “Are we on the same page here??? What did your text mean???”

“Exactly what I said. I’ll be back in Japan in a few weeks and if you want to be in a relationship with me then we can make this work.” Iwaizumi sort of grumbles, clearly embarrassed but Oikawa could still hear the happiness in his voice.

After the call ends Oikawa is on could nine for the rest of the day and nothing can bring him down.

He later finds out that everything happened the way it did because Iwaizumi misunderstood. When Oikawa had sent the message saying, “You?” Iwaizumi had thought it was Oikawa’s way of cautiously confessing.

They’re both embarrassed by the misunderstanding but are happy that things worked out the way they did.


Ok so I collected a few pics from Harry’s instagram to make a few points about why I think the top pic is almost 100% Harry. I tried to choose images with a diverse range of subjects and light conditions to highlight key similarities. The final image (bottom right) is more than likely take with Harry’s phone with the same black and white filter, to highlight the differences (very possibly taken by Louis). With the final photo, I am making the assumption that harry very likely cropped and edited the photo, even if he didn’t take it. 

Harry has demonstrated a subtle and extended understanding of art, as well as an interest in photography. I don’t feel like what I am about to say is a stretch at all. 

The two things I want to draw your attention to are the use of compositional structures and guidelines, and the use of light in the photo. 

If you don’t know about compositional structures, the ones I am going to talk about are the rule of thirds and the golden ratio. Most of you should know the rule of thirds - that’s the one the camera gridlines on your phone are based off. 

It’s seen in red lines below. The idea is that you compose your photos/artworks putting key visual information along these lines, making it easier for the viewer to read and understand, as well as making your work more interesting and engaging. 

The lines in grey are the golden ratio. Much more complex, and difficult, to do automatically. It takes a lot of practice to get right, and you can’t just use the gridlines in your phone to guide you. (PS. All of you should have the gridlines on your phone turned on; You’ll take WAYYY better pictures). 

Anywayyyyy, you’ll notice that all the photos above (except for the last one) make reference to either one or both of these composition frameworks. The one OF Harry, however, uses a cross composition. This is something less experienced photographers use, because they tend to put the thing that catches their eye in the centre of the image. Very experienced photographers use it as well, but generally for conceptual reasons (e.g. Mad Max Fury Road was shot almost entirely using cross composition - it adds a tension and extreme focus to the image for the viewer - but the DP and cinematographer on that movie both noted how difficult it was to go against their instinct to frame the shots using either Third or Ration rules). 

The other thing about compositional guidelines is that we all tend to have our own preferences for how we use them. These act as ‘tells’ in our work, a way to recognise the hand of the artist in the photographer. IMO all but the last of the above IG images show the same tells and tweaks to the composition as each other. 

Finally, pay attention to how H uses the light. His use of light to frame the image and the subject is a) fabulous and b) consistent across all of those images. There is some similarity in the final image but it is far less considered - this is why I think he edited the image, because he’s done what he can to fit it to his aesthetic. 

I won’t keep going on but for me there is a clear visual consistency between the first image and the others, beyond the use of the b&w filter, that convince me that Harry did indeed take this pic, and that he has some seriously impressive photography skills. 

BTS Reaction to their gf rocking a dark lip color

Anonymous requested: “BTS reaction to their gf rocking a dark/black lip look”

A/N: w me being tan, dark lip colors r the only things i wear LMAOO; enjoy!!


Jin looks at you while stopped at the red light and you finally finish carefully putting on your lipstick. You smile at yourself in the car mirror and look at him.

“Whoa.” He says in awe.

You pout, “What? Is it too much?”

“No, it’s different and I like it!”

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Yoongi was waiting for you to come out in the living room so that you two can finally go on the long awaited date. Feeling a bit more edgy today, you fill your lips with an even darker shade.

“I’m coming!” You say while you walk to him, “Now I’m here.”

Yoongi looks up at you and stares at your lips, “Hey.”

You cover your mouth, “Is it too much? Do you want me to take it off?”

He stands up and grabs onto your hand that covers your mouth, pulling it down so he can place a quick kiss on them. “No, you look good.”

You laugh at seeing some of your lipstick on his own mouth and he wipes it off with the back of his hand.

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You were over at Hoseok’s house over the weekend to stay with him and his family, and his sister was all over you. She hogs you for most of the time so that both of you guys could shop, try on clothes, and do each other’s makeup. She presses on the fact that you should try this lipstick she never bothered using. Different from what you normally wear, you say yes and put it on. Hoseok sings your name from the door and you turn around.

He freezes in stance, “Are you wearing my sister’s lipstick?”

“Um, yes?”

“You look great!”

His sister laughs, “See, I knew he’d like it on you.”

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Namjoon bought you a new lipstick a while back, but you never wore it since the color wasn’t in season. You’re wearing it for the first time and you hear someone ring your doorbell. You rush over to the door and open it quickly. You fix your hair and see a stunned Namjoon standing in front of you.

“You… look great.” He says with a smile, “This style looks good on you.”

“Thanks,” you smirk, “I’m wearing the lipstick you bought me.”

He appears more shocked than expected, “Really? You’re actually using it? Does this mean I always had taste?

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Jimin waits for you to return from the bathroom on your date, staring down at his empty plate. He feels your hand brush against his cheek and he turns his head to face you.

“Whoa, Y/N.” He says while you sit back down with a grin.

“Yes?” You say flirtatiously.

He smiles at you and grabs your hand across the table, “You rock that color.”

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Taehyung’s looking through your makeup until he finds a lipstick shade you never wore before. “Hey,” he calls for you while you browse through your phone on your bed, “what color is this?”

You glimpse up, “Maroon, why?”

He walks over to you, “Try it on, I never saw you wear this before!”

You smile at him and put your phone down, grabbing the lipstick from his hand and uncapping it. He watches as you slowly bring it to your lips, acting like you’re putting on, but then you press it against his and he jerks away, a line getting drawn halfway across his face.

You laugh, “You rock it better than I do!”

“Come on!” He says as he wipes it off and you put it on.

He smiles at you and kisses your forehead, “You look great as expected.”

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Jungkook waits outside for you to come out of the makeup store. “Jungkook!” You call out to him and he turns, noticing something different. You’re looking at him and wait for him to make a comment before doing anything else. It took him a while, but he got it. “Oh! New color!”

You smile, “Yeah!”

“You look good.”

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Zimbits WIP

I’m rewriting part 1 of my 5+1 fic for the fourth time because I wrote it in Jack’s POV and I want it to be in Bitty’s POV so take this away from me so I can stop obsessing over it. 

Jack comes home to Bittle passed out on the couch in the Haus.

“You should have gone to bed when I told you to, Bittle. Did you even make it to your early class today?” Jack asks as he toes off his yellow sneakers. There’s a pie on the counter, golden brown and untouched. “What kind of pie is that? Bittle?”

Bittle doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t chirp Jack about his shoes or the distressing state of the sweatshirt he’s wearing. He doesn’t move to greet him. Jack can see his phone on the coffee table and his hand extended towards it but not quite touching it; like he fell asleep reaching for it and that’s so unlike Bittle who usually has the thing glued to his hand, that makes Jack step into the living room.


He groans when Jack steps in front of him, eyes barely open and he tugs on Jacks plaid flannel so it’s tucked up further around his shoulders.

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Kissing you. kissing you changed so much. it made me feel like I had more to live for, to experience. Does that make sense? When I kissed you it was like the world stopped and it was just you and me and I guess I will never truly be able to explain what I felt but it was different. A good kind of different. I felt so connected to a person, in so many different ways. Is that even possible? Like I was flowing through your veins. It made me feel safe, like I finally had something, someone who just wanted me whole, every flaw, every scar, every perfection, just the entire whole. Someone who was willing to hold me in their arms and think they were holding the most precious jewel they could have ever found. Someone they could share everything with and not feel threatened or scared that they wont love that person anymore and kissing you, that’s what kissing you made me feel and I can’t explain how wonderful it is to feel such a thing in life.
—  Lostinthewavesoftheocean

Finally able to sit down and babble about the newest chapter, because, guys, this was such a different chapter! We got to see a clash between Shigaraki’s villains and the new guy Overhaul, and the chapter ended on a short moment with All Might…

… but honestly, I don’t even want to talk about that. It’s awesome, it’s great, I can’t wait to see more, but here, I want to talk about this guy here:


Look at this cute, easily excited guy! A real nerd at heart, obviously, and I laughed out loud when I saw this panel. Dark villain-meeting or not – he’s more excited about the prospect of meeting a real yakuza.

I have to confess, I almost forgot that this fanboy is part of the league of villains. I remember him vaguely from the trainings camp, but not more. He’s Magne, or Hikishi Kenji if you want to know his real name, and he gets a few panels this chapter.


See this here? Nothing fanboy-ish here, huh? From what I’ve seen this chapter, Magne seems to be slightly cute and dorky when it comes to things that he likes – why does this remind me of Izuku a bit – but as soon as it gets serious, he has his head back in the game. He is ready to fight that yakuza, be it for Shigaraki as a boss he is loyal to or because he sees his dream getting endangered. Because his dream, guys, his dream – let me just say, this pulled at my heart strings when I saw it:


This is a friend of Kenji. We don’t know her name, and he describes her as shy and timid – and the first thing I thought was: “Is this Tiger from the Pussy Cats?”

But nope, it’s not. It’s not Tiger, but still, it seems as if Magne’s friend is a transgender woman – and honestly, suddenly I wish Magne and Tiger would have had met under different circumstances, with the possibility to talk and get to know each other. Because look at what Magne’s reason for becoming a villain is:


Magne wants to be free of chains. Possibly, most likely, the chains society gives people. And with the fact that one of his good friends (a friend that stays his friend even though he is a wanted criminal) seems to be transgender, I dare believe that Magne means the chain society puts not only on him, but on people who are different – different gender, different sexuality – simply people that are viewed as “not normal” by some dumb people in society.


That’s a big deal, at least for me. A very big deal. Because – what is wrong with that goal?


Exactly. Nothing. Everyone should be free of chains, should have the chance to be who they really are, and there is nothing wrong about that.

Magne’s whole reason to become a villain is because he wanted to give people freedom, and because he couldn’t think of a legal way to achieve that goal, he is ready to fight the whole hero society.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone. Him being a criminal, attacking people, attacking even the students of U.A., is far from okay. And if I remember correctly, he even committed murder before joining the league of villains. That is not okay, and his goal doesn’t make any of that better.

But his deeper wish for freedom – I think there is really nothing wrong about that. Especially not if that wish was born because Magne wished for equality for everyone.

And just when I am this close to melting and basically adopted this guy (never mind the murder part), this happens:


Like… Horikoshi, why do you make me love this character in a few panels when you kill him off right after that? Why? My heart is fragile, you know, it doesn’t handle such pain that well!

Basically, I find a new good character, and he dies right after.

Karma? Perhaps.

Anyway, I now dearly wish for Tiger to find out about Magne’s death and that Magne’s friend and Tiger somehow meet. Not only did the two – Magne and Tiger, I mean – fight each other, and, if I remember correctly, Magne even tried to do some Small Talk during that fight, but also I just… I just want there to be someone who comforts Magne’s friend when she hears about his death. Someone who will protect her in Magne’s stead, you know? I really hope for that.

At least give me that, Horikoshi, after you just broke my heart.

“Because a song can take you back instantly to a moment, or a place, or even a person. No matter what else has changed in you or the world, that one song stays the same, just like that moment.”

After 8 years of following the journey of these wonderful characters and their stories, The Vampire Diaries has finally ended. Though this fandom has been messy at times, and we have our differences, I wanted make this playlist, putting our differences aside, as a final appreciation for the show we all loved. I hope these songs give you the same nostalgia as they give me. Enjoy.

Listen Here

Tracklist: 1. Never Say Never // 2. All I Need // 3. Wings // 4. Skinny Love // 5. Be Still // 6. Run // 7. Winter Song // 8. Give Me Love // 9. Hold On // 10. Breathe Again // 11. Everything Has Grown // 12. Lost // 13. Beauty of the Dark // 14. Losing Your Memory // 15. In My Veins // 16. Never Let Me Go // 17. A Drop in the Ocean // 18. Yours //  19. Come Home // 20. Time of Our Lives

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We’re so sorry to hear about the death of Nat Hentoff. A lover of free jazz and free speech (and someone who understood the connection between those two things), he was a lifelong provocateur who had no problem angering both ends of the political spectrum.

He wrote for the Village Voice for 50 years. In his final column for the Voice in 2009, he recalled advice he received from one of his mentors in journalism, the muckraker I.F. Stone:

“If you’re in this business because you want to change the world, get another day job. If you are able to make a difference, it will come incrementally, and you might not even know about it. You have to get the story and keep on it because it has to be told.“

Our appreciation is here.

– Petra

Since I’ve finally had a little bit of time on my hands lately, I wanted to do a more digitally refined work of a sketch from class.

The pose and style of coloring was especially inspired by one of my favorite artists @kiekyun (seriously, as a len and killugon lover I 120% recommend checking them out), to practice feeling more comfortable with going out of the box to shade with different, vibrant colors. 

I usually don’t write my thoughts but I’m too overwhelmed with feels after YOI episode 10 so I just wanted to get them out my system: 

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