even if i wanted a different finale


The making of my part for MSSProductions’ MEP. ;D My original plan was so much darker, where I would have ended the clip by showing Tiana dying and the whole scene only having been her last daydream. But while editing I changed my mind and removed the sad ending and simply went with the lyrics only representing Tiana’s dark thoughts regarding her “forbidden” feelings towards her knight.

Also, since I know people will comment on it: I intentionally left Charming’s body untouched because I wanted a muscular body type for her. Think Jasper from “Steven Universe” or Zarya and Brigette from “Overwatch” (or even Julia Vins from real life). Sexy buff ladies for the win!! I’m also imaging her wearing some kind of amor under the clothes, hiding any potential boobs.

But if you still want to see a different version of Miss Charming then you can check that out HERE. :P

Final Video + More Animation Edits

Back when Cataclysm first launched, I made a human hunter. I remember bits and pieces of her story, but I do remember doing the Lashtail hatchling quest for the first time. 

I was out questing in Northern Stanglethorn for the first time when I noticed a quest pop up had been sitting on the corner of the screen for a while, and that there was a baby raptor following me. I loved the hatchling straight away and had it summoned all the time I was running quests in the area, even if it wasn’t directly related to those quests. 

When the quest finally led to that hatchling getting kidnapped, I was in denial. I made it part of my character’s story that they had found and raised a raptor hatchling from Stranglethorn, and named that raptor Chloe after one of my cats who was prone to nibble people if she felt she wasn’t getting enough undivided attention or if she just wanted to see us jump. 

Eventually, that character was forgotten as I moved to a different server with different characters. While I didn’t forget that quest, I had dismissed the raptor as out of my reach until recently. I took my 110 Druid through the dungeon.

And then I had to do it again on my 91 hunter (different from the human one), because my druid had never done the lashtail questline and therefore couldn’t get the pet, hoping my computer wouldn’t overheat and freeze as it had been doing at the time.

But, finally, I have that little raptor back. 

  • Hoseok expressed how BTS love Korean food that’s why for catering there is always Korean food.
  • He agreed to do a Vlive and wanted to keep his promise. He said “to be honest I’m not doing anything special, but I haven’t done it in a while contrary to the members. I just wanted to talk”
  • He commented on the shows they appeared in and how unbelievable it still feels “I watch youtube a lot and v app [laughs] and it was shocking that I was able to go on shows I always watch online and able to do performances. we were on James Corden and Jimmy Kimmel and it was such a new experience”
  • A fan asked him if he lost weight and he stated how well he eats lately he thought he gained weight.
  • When asked about his mixtape, it showed how still nervous he feels about it “I feel like I'm going to get indigestion if I talk about my mixtape while eating. I’m still working on it. to be honest, I can’t for sure say when it’s going to come out. it will when the results are good”. He is treating his mixtape with care like an album “my tracks haven’t been organized yet. it’s hard. I don’t know what songs to add and what kind of style to make the mixtape. you create a mixtape like you’re an album. I want to count this as an album. it’s hard to select as the quality has to be good” he will add later “I do worry about my mixtape. I didn’t know what kind of message to show. I’ve decided now it’s just selecting the tracks now that’s difficult. I’m working hard preparing the mixtape so please anticipate.”
  • He watched his MAMA live in Brazil and loved how the fans were so supportive so he thanked them
  • When asked to dance, he commented on how big the room and started dancing and moving “the hotel room is so big I can do hope on the street”
  • He spoke about the Mic Drop Remix Teaser that came out today and compliments Steve Aoki on his acting. They are going to meet him soon and they plan to gift him stew to show their appreciation. 
  • He was proud and happy about their recent outfits and expressed how clothes can affect your mood and actions. And the dancing needs to match the clothes. 
  • He promised the European ARMY that BTS will come soon to Europe and to wait for them. 
  • He died his hair red for AMA because it matches him well. Fans were worried in case his and BTS’ scalp were damaged and he answered “We dye our hairs a lot it’s true. but it’s for the concept, we take care of our hair a lot and use hair treatment”
  • A WISE ARMY PROPOSED THE FOLLOWING: “We want all BTS with black hair” to which Jhope showed big interest “WOW! OT7 with black hair? we’ve never done that before right?” (let’s pray for this death sentence to come soon) 
  • He can’t believe what is happening right now and believes that all that is happening is thanks to the ARMY “it’s still hard to believe that this is real. it’s all thanks to our fans cheering us on so much that we’re able to perform at an American award show. I think I’m living a happy life. being able to work with such great people and receiving lots of support”
  • He shared with us the book he is reading recently and it’s about self-love “speaking of loving yourself I’m reading a book [korean] “as you live your love and learn” and it talks about loving yourself as well. when I read books I get so sleepy, so it’s amazing that I even read this much. I really want to finish this book through”
  • He wants to do Hope On The streets and invite talented dancers. He is still so in love with dancing and wants to learn more if he has time.
  • About the Wings Tour Finale, he expressed how amazing it will be and described it as “different” when asked to give a spoiler. 
  • ARMY told him to keep his promise. In the past, he said he will show his abs if they gain 10 million followers on VAPP. He was so startled ““abs” ABS?! we don’t have 10 million followers on v app yet, wow don’t scare me like that when I’m eating” (That means this promise is still going)
  • He danced to ‘Gucci Gang’. It is his recent favorite song. 
  • He didn’t know his passion for music will grow so big and it turned this way thanks to both RM and Suga 
  • He was happy to share the fact that Jungkook is making beats lately (they always brag about the maknae whenever they go)
  • He called Namjoon 'Rap Monster’ then realized that he can’t call him this way anymore “[called Nnamjoon rap monster] [in eng] OH SORRY RM. [in korean] our Namjoonie changed his name to RM so please call him RM. rm backward is Mr. because I was beside him, I saw how much he worried and thought this through. he has affection towards this name”
  • He was enjoying the live stream as all ARMYs were showering him with love “I didn’t know a livestream was this fun” and promised he will do them more often from now on. 
  • He wants to study languages so he can communicate better with the fans
  • He can’t drink alcohol because his face turns very red (that’s why he drinks soda)
  • “Sprite or Coke?” for him it’s all the same
  • He said goodbye a lot and felt bad finishing the live stream and saying bye ARMY (he was very sweet)

Find the Vlive HERE

Cr  vantaekim


The soul, fortunately, has an interpreter - often an unconscious but still a faithful interpreter - in the eye.

Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë


up, up & away — starring bubble fairy lee jihoon

Finally!! It’s here! Song written entirely by me, this song means the entire world to me from start to finish. Everything I am and everything I want to be. This is different from anything I’ve done before and I hope you’ll give it the same chance you gave me. Thank you all.

A dog is a dog even without his leash but I knew, oh I knew.. before I got your fleas

- B.B.

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My entry for June’s Character Design’s Challenge !
 Theme was : Egyptian Gods 

Anubis, protector of the embalmers. He opens the eyes and mouth of the dead corpse, to free the soul and guide it to the room of judgement.

The final version of my CDC participation for June!! I hesitated a long time between Anubis, Sekhmet and Ammit, but then I had this picture of chest-mouth for Anubis, focused around the face that he opens the eyes and mouth of the embalmed dead corpse to help the soul get out of it!
Will make the next participation even better o9 I want to try a different process for the next entry, a messier one x)
(though I also want to better this process too ! but I can alternate between tests uvu)

Passionfruit | 2

“To you, matters of the heart have always been simple. You’ve always lived by three rules: you don’t do emotions, you don’t do attachment, and you don’t do love. That is, until you meet the enigma that is Kim Namjoon- a man who shakes your entire world upside down.”

pairing: namjoon x reader
genre: smut
wordcount: 7.1k

part one | two | three

You were used to judgment.

It came in many shapes and forms. Men’s roaming gazes as you walked past. The way guys would leer at you, objectifying you with their stares and their wolf whistles. You were used to coming face to face with judgment. 

People made assumptions about you and always had. Guys you slept with always approached you and you knew they had seen you and made a snap judgment about who you were. Girls who saw you narrowed their eyes and protectively put a hand on their boyfriends knees when you walked past. People saw you and decided that they knew who you were, you didn’t have a say in the matter. In their eyes you were already the slut, the loose one, the messy one, and nothing you could say or do would change that judgment call.

So it had been a surprise when you had met Namjoon’s eyes last week and seen no judgment there.

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the night shift (m.)

;pairing — hoseok/reader

;summary — working the graveyard shift means you’re exhausted by the time 9am comes around. lucky for you, 9am happens to be your neighbors’ favorite time for obnoxious sex. lucky for them, you’re always up for a challenge. shitty neighbors don’t always have to be a bad thing.

;warnings — language | mild unintentional voyeurism/mentions of exhibitionism | slight instances of jealousy | unprotected sex | oral sex | face-sitting | mentions of masturbation | very mild cumplay | soft dom/sub tones

;word count — 11k

;a/n — this wasn’t the hoseok story i originally wanted to post this week but this idea really excited me. happy hixtape season, everyone!

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                                          For the Glory of ManKind.

‘Kay, so I definitely have a NieR; Automata problem. Y’all better take away my tablet or my game—’cause my hands keep on slipping into different worlds. Fun worlds. Detailed worlds! Like really look at it, because it’s more detailed than what I did for Prompto! I love the difference between his YoRHa look and his Resistance look. I’m pleased and want to keep going and expanding this AU…even though I have like a billion AU’s and worlds! Either way, Enjoy!

NieR: Prompto 

I’m only 13 weeks but I’ve already got a little bump growing and you can kind of tell I’m preggo, and today at work this sweet little old lady notices and starts talking to me about her pregnancy and giving me advice and things.

She asks me if I’m going to breastfeed and I say that I’m going to try, and she tells me to take a washcloth and rub it over my nipples to help toughen them up because it’s going to hurt a lot. I nod along and she tells me about breastfeeding her son and it’s just a really nice conversation.

Anyway, a man is standing behind her in line and my coworker takes his check and starts cashing it while I’m still talking to the nice lady. The man gives us both mean looks but I ignore him and continue to listen to this sweet woman tell me about how she’s had four children and breastfeeding each one was different but the washcloth trick made it much easier. Finally, the man clears his throat INCREDIBLY loudly and me and the woman turn to look at him.

“I don’t really want to hear about what you’re talking about.” He says and I’m instantly embarrassed. But, without missing a beat the woman reaches out and puts her hand over mine and glares at the man over her glasses.

“Then don’t listen to other people’s conversations.” She says, and it’s so hard not to smile even though the man got really pissed off. Thank you kind little old lady, for the advice and for reminding me that there’s nothing wrong with talking about breastfeeding. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and I need to remember that.


IN PERSON INTERVIEWS: Let’s say you’re coming to CTN to show you storyborads or you got a physical interview at a studio!

PLAN. AHEAD. Everyone I know (myself included) prefers reviewing PHYSICAL PAPER PORTFOLIOS over digital! (note: this is for storyboard specificially. Obviously animation needs to go digital–good luck friendos) I volunteer at the CTN DreamWorks booth reviewing story portfolios and boy howdy, the digital portfolios had some problems. First off, you can’t rely on the con internet AT ALL to view a website.  Second, unless you lug a laptop around for the whole con, you’ll just be showing on a tablet or smartphone.  (worst impression last year goes to the person who showed their portfolio on a shattered iphone)

Originally posted by parkerpete

SO MUCH. CAN GO WRONG. SHOWING STUFF DIGITALLY!  Your site may crash. Your images could load slowly.  The reviewer hits one button wrong (very likely if it’s me) and you’re back to the home screen.  Batteries die. You get texts in the middle of the review.  The reviewer (hello, me again) can’t get back to a specific board they wanted to give feedback on

“But Megan!” You cry, “I did all this work setting up a great portfolio website! We live in a DIGITAL WORLD?! And now I can’t show it?”

Originally posted by xshady4life

Listen friendo, here’s what you do. Have your website on your business card FOR SURE.  And make sure to tell your reviewer that there’s more content (animatics etc) on your website if they are interested. BUT BRING A PAPER PORTFOLIOOOOO.

  Layout your boards in what are called CONTACT SHEETS. 3x4 boards, or 3x3, 4x4, but not more than that cuz it’s too small.

Go to your school’s copy room, or kinkos or office max.  Print those suckers out on 11x17 pages! Nice and big!  AND THEN BUY ONE OF THESE SUCKERS:


It’s like, 7 or 8 bucks!  You can fit all your pages in that!

A paper portfolio is always the most professional in-person solution.  It shows YOU PLANNED AHEAD.  Remember that cracked iphone person I mentioned earlier?  The fact they didn’t even borrow their friend’s phone just for our interview showed me they just decided last minute to get a DreamWorks review. Or maybe they didn’t and they dropped their phone in line.

Also back in my CTN atendee days before I got a job, I had someone point out pages in my portfolio that weren’t as strong as the others. Easy fix? I JUST PULLED THEM OUT before I showed them to the next person!


If you want to contact this person again, the email can go something like this,

Hello (name of reviewer!)

We met at (place) and you reviewed my portfolio!  Since then, I’ve reworked (this particular sequence) and took your advice on (this bit and this other story part).  Also, you suggested (this change here) but I thought it over and made (this other change instead). Let me know what you think!

Thanks again!

(your name)

See in that e-mail how that person made their own change?  Reviewers are not the end-all be all law makers of story, and you may get conflicting notes from different people.  But a suggested note means that board needs SOMETHING more, even if the review can’t put their finger on it.  When a problem is pointed out, FIX THAT PROBLEM, even if it’s not the exact patch your reviewer suggested.

Originally posted by doublevforvictory

Other bonus advice:

Always be working on something new.  Make a new short sequence every few months, and replace an older sequence on your website. Study the sort of shows you want to work on, and make those kind of boards!  

And don’t despair if you get studio rejections.  I had stacked up fifty four job rejections before I finally got my start at DreamWorks. Keep going!  I BELIEVE IN YOU!

You can ask me any more portfolio questions here.  I will tag such answers as thirdchildstory.



i update it very often so it’s all up to date! x (feel free to reblog/like!)

i figured i’d just put the notes next to them - starting at +100 (in case anyone looks at that before reading) instead of adding different symbols next to them :)

Peter Parker/Spiderman x reader 

               ⚓  PART 2   (+200 notes)  

               ⚓  PART 3   (+200 notes)

Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier x reader

Tom Holland x reader

Draco Malfoy x reader

Sirius Black x reader

             ⚓  PART 2 (+100 notes)

Zach Dempsey x reader

  • “Stupid tapes” - Zach doesn’t want to tell his girlfriend about the tapes and she has enough and then Bryce Walker makes things even worse.(+500 notes)

              ⚓  PART 2 (+300 notes)

Shawn Mendes x reader

  • “Too tired” - Shawn stays up late to finish one of his songs and a very sleepy y/n comes to check on him. (+800 notes)
  • “By the time we get there” - Shawn and y/n promised to come to this one party and he kinda breaks the promise. (+150 notes)

Hello, it’s #optomstudies here again with another Sunday Study Tip on catching up when you’ve fallen behind!

A masterful skill that not even the best studyblrs may have tackled. A lot of advice in the studyblr community regarding this seems a little airy-fairy (I almost question if they remember what they themselves went through), so hopefully my post will shine a different light on it (or so I hope anyway!)

1. Work out what’s essential and what isn’t. You’ve basically wasted time right to get to this point right? With limited time left, use an Eisenhower matrix of Important vs. Urgent to determine what you need to do left. 

  • Important and Urgent - any and all due assessment tasks
  • Important but Not Urgent - studying lectures for exams, compulsory readings
  • Not Important but Urgent - additional homework tasks that need to be handed in but aren’t worth much, like logbooks
  • Not Important and Not Urgent - additional readings (although it’d be great if you did this, sorry, you’re out of time)

Then cross out everything that you can afford to not do. Ironically, I find that when I use the Eisenhower matrix when I am not strapped for time, studying (in the Important but Not Urgent category) usually gets the short end of the stick. But when I’m already falling behind, all the additional readings and homework tasks get thrown out the window and I just work on studying instead. 

2. Do everything that will take you less than 10 minutes to complete. Get all those pesky emails out of the way, all the small team meeting notes, everything else you need to do for someone else. That will cross out a whole chunk of things from your list. You’ll be left with the meaty stuff like studying, completing assignments, etc. 

3. It’s a little damn late for you to regularly revise, so just binge everything. Honestly, this is the best way to get everything done. Don’t switch tasks or subjects. You don’t want to spend about 20 minutes just getting into the flow before switching subjects once the hour’s up. Plus, since you’re already panicking, turn that fear and panic into motivation for you to really focus for long chunks of time - just think about what you do the day before a final exam - because the threat of the exam is imminent, you basically study the whole day right? Trust me, if you’ve really screwed up your study schedule, you won’t have to worry about common procrastination (assuming you don’t want to fail). 

University is just one assignment done, moving onto the next before you even have time to breathe. It’s usually quite different to high school in that everything is quite closely packed together since it’s a 13 week semester. In high school I thought that 3 assessments in a week was the end of the world (lol pls kid). 

So just do whatever needs to be done first, and then if you finish before the day the assignment/exam is done, then great, you can study for the next assessment task. 

Still, I do recommend chucking your phone out the window just in case, since people usually all study last minute, meaning they’ll be asking you “hey do you know wtf Prof was talking about in lec 5?″

4. Break up your courses into hour-long chunks. Although we’re bingeing, it’s important that you make a list, even if it just says “Lecture 1, Lecture 2, Lecture 3″ so that you have a direction to go. Don’t allocate too much time for any one lecture, but at the same time, be realistic about how much you can cover in an hour. For example, if you’ve got 6 hours until an exam, you’re either going to study Lectures 1-3 really well, Lectures 1-6 so-so, and Lectures 1-10 superficially. 

So choose wisely based on what you know or don’t know. If there’s a topic you know quite poorly, consider if it’s worth the time to study and learn the concept, or just bank on the subject not showing up in your exam. I’m actually pretty poor at gambling what will be in the exam, so I always choose to just study everything at a basic level. 

A common pitfall I find in this area is skipping the basic stuff. You think you know it, but when you close your book and try writing it out on a blank piece of paper, you suddenly falter. This has happened to me repeatedly in an exam. I know all the really complex stuff like the back of my hand before I get into the examination room, and then I suddenly get a really simple question and I’m like wait, what was the answer again? I advise making lecture outlines that you just rote learn - this comes in useful for long response questions because you’ll often remember the small details, but will forget the next section, meaning you miss out on a massive chunk of information if you forget. 

5. Rinse and repeat. Usually after about 2 weeks(?) of catching up like this I finally see the light of day and I can return to my normal schedule. If need be, I usually cut back on sleep to about 6 hours vs. 7.5 hours, but never pull an all nighter. You cannot do this unless you have breathing room the next day (which you won’t because you screwed up in the first place). Unless it is the very last assessment task, there’s a massive risk of ruining your next exam. 

6. Try and never do that last minute ditch again. 

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. - George Santayana. 

Never again right? Remember that starting early and finishing early is the key to good grades. We’re all just young uni students at the end of the day though, so do remember to forgive yourself if you end up repeating the procrastination. I’ll be cheering you all on! 




friends & feelings — tom h.

Originally posted by peterparkerimagine

author’s note: first head cannon bc i couldn’t stop thinking about this. also if you read this thank you so much !! i love you wowow

  • okay but you and tom would definitely start out as best friends
  • like you two would probably meet through harrison and the second you do there’s just this instant connection
    • “i’ve never met one of harrison’s friends before”
    • “maybe because you think you’re his only friend”
  • and he’d just stand there and be like did she just diss me??? i think she just dissed me??? already??
  • but he’d laugh anyway bc that’s not how girls usually talk to him and that’d make you laugh and wow what a beautiful start
  • and as the days went on you two would get closer and closer
  • you guys for sure got closer more emotionally than physically at first 
  • for instance tom would have a bad day and he’d just come to you
  • literally lay in your bed and just talk to you about anything and everything
    • “sometimes this lifestyle just gets too much and i don’t think i’m made for it”
    • “if anyone is made for it, it’s you tom”
    • “and besides if you every turn into an insensitive cocky fuck, harrison and i will hand you your ass”
  • THIS was one of the things he’d love most about you
  • like you’d be there for him and give him great advice when he needs it but at the same time you were you and you just had to make him laugh and diss him in some way to get that pretty smile on his face again
  • he adored it
    • “did you see all those girls out there Y/N- wow they really love me”
    • “lol who are you”
  • in his head he’s always be like “why is she like this” 
  • BUT when you two started getting physically closer wow just wow he adored it just as much if not more than the emotional connection you two had together
  • always hugging you
  • sometimes for no reason at all
    • “tom i’m trying to get a glass of water”
    • “shh shh i’m trying to hug you”
  • that’s when you started to think “why is he like this”
  • so TOUCHY
  • he’d always find excuses to hold your hand
    • “and then she told me- tom what-why are you holding my hand”
    • “there’s a bug on it”
    • “i think i would’ve felt-”

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anonymous asked:

hey, big fan of your recs, really loving the creativity of the viktuuri fandom in trying to parse out what caused such an intense rivalry. but what are your top ten all-time favourite fics


Hi, thank you for the sweet comment and request! It was really tough for me to find just ten fics, and I didn’t want to go with just the fandom favorites – but some of them did make it on here because they’re SO GOOD. Anyway, without further ado:

(gif by @lametooru)

My Top Ten Favorite Viktuuri Fics

Love!!! On Ice by Aeryi, Explicit, 72k (WIP)
When the world’s top skater Viktor Nikiforov is permanently injured in a freak skating accident and forced to retire from skating for good he knows his life will never be the same again. But while his life is empty without skating to fill it, being forced to become the unwilling coach of a headstrong Japanese rising star skater was the very last way he wanted to return to the ice. The reluctant coach and unwilling student clash over almost everything but even through the hatred, something different slowly begins to emerge. Can Nikiforov teach Katsuki the secrets to finally winning the gold? And can Katsuki bring back the meaning to his life that Nikiforov thought he had lost forever? Seriously one of the best fics I have read in any fandom ever. Thumbs up!

If You Can’t Handle the Heat, Get out of the Kitchen by yellowmellow2k2, Teen, 117k
“Viktor, try it.”
Viktor looked down at the plate of steaming katsudon, the house special. He flicked at a piece of onion resting on the top of the bed of rice. This, this thing, is what was made Yu-Topia beat his own restaurant in the Food & Wine awards?
Viktor frowned, placing his chopsticks beside his bowl. “Please, this shack has only two Michelin stars. I’m actually afraid to put this in my mou — ”
Yuri shoved a piece of breaded meat in Viktor’s mouth before he could finish, and Victor barely suppressed a moan as the pork melted in his mouth, tender and just the right temperature. The sauce it was covered in complemented the seasonings just right, and the egg —
“Yeah,” Yuri says from across the table. “Looks like you finally have some competition.” Great rival chef AU!

tear out my heart, and it still beats for you by hearseire, Explicit, 43k (WIP) **Graphic depictions of violence
Ever since a fateful event in Juniors, Katsuki Yuuri skates with only one purpose: to kill Viktor Nikiforov. Not to beat him, as that’s not enough — would never be enough to repay Viktor for the hurt that he caused Yuuri. 
He skates to open opportunities to kill Viktor, meticulously plans all the ways to make him disappear and hide the body and get away with the crime. His plans are perfect, plotted to the last detail, and Viktor would be dead a dozen times over by now if it wasn’t for the fact that there are other people trying to kill Viktor, and Yuuri ends up having to kill them instead. Because he is the only one that can kill Viktor.
Now, if only Viktor would get a clue and stop thinking that Yuuri is in love with him just because he’s saved his life multiple times, for god’s sake. Deliciously angsty and wonderfully suspenseful!

i’m falling for your eyes (but they don’t know me yet) by natashagrimley, Gen, 89k (WIP)
“I — I’m sorry, but who are you?”
So the rumors were true. Yuuri didn’t remember him at all. The words that left Yuuri’s mouth just then shouldn’t have left like a kick to Viktor’s stomach, causing nausea to rush over him like some sick tsunami. He was supposed to hate him, after all. Yuuri didn’t know how to skate anymore; this was supposed to be a good thing. So why did he feel like his whole world just came crashing down?
After a tragic accident, Yuuri loses all memory of his figure skating career, including the rivalry between Viktor Nikiforov and himself. Time may heal wounds, but only Viktor can give back the memories of their rivalry that were lost. What happens if Viktor doesn’t want to give those memories back? Very angsty!

coffee, cupcakes and other ways to fall in love by rebooten, Teen, 20k
“That’s funny. I like you just like I like my coffee too.” The barista’s glare changed in an instant to a coy smirk and Nikiforov’s heart leapt a little in his chest at the sight. It had been weeks since he had first spotted the man at his favourite coffee shop and he had been trying to charm him from the moment their eyes first met. Unsuccessfully so far but he knew it couldn’t be long now.
“And how is that?” Nikiforov replied, layering his tone with as much suggestiveness as he could muster.
“I don’t like coffee.” LOVE this!

the breaking of your soul (upon my lips) by rose_summerfield, Mature, 90k (WIP)
Viktor meets a boy with a secret.
(A secret as big as himself, that threatens to swallow him whole. A secret deeper than the seas that Viktor longs to chart.)
The boy doesn’t talk to him, barely even gives him the time of day. But the more he pushes Viktor away, the more Viktor pushes back.
(And maybe it’s all right, because Viktor has his own secret, too, tucked away in this new cottage by the sparkling Irish seaside.) Heartbreaking and beautiful Selkie and Swan Maiden AU!

The Spy Who Loved Me by vodkaluce, Mature, 26k (WIP)
There were three rules to being the world’s top spy:
1. Never reveal your real identity
2. Complete every mission, no traces left.
3. Don’t fall in love with the criminal you’re trying to catch.
Viktor Nikiforov, aka agent 009, somehow managed to break every rule in 5 minutes. Awesome spy AU!

Before the Camera, Behind the Screen by lord_fourquadjumps, Explicit, 33k (WIP)
“I don’t know, I’ve been reliably informed by a lot of people that I’m very impressive.”
Nikiforov flicked his eyes to where their bodies were joined, only the smallest pieces of fabric separating them, eyebrow raised suggestively. Katsuki snorted in disgust, then rolled his hips in an unexpected movement that made a certain part of Nikiforov perk up in unintentional interest.
“I’ve seen better.”  SUCH a good actor AU!

The Strings of A Heart by ebbehmoth, Teen, 56k
Viktor had never tasted so much green on his tongue as he did in the moment he saw Katsuki on the stage, his long, slender ( — too long, too slender — ) fingers wresting perfection from the strings of the cello perched against his legs. Not a single beat missed, not a single note sour. Even his vibrato left no faltering tremble in the stillness of the hall.
Yuuri Katsuki, newest member of the Saint Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra, was in possession of a musical talent so bright it threatened to eclipse his own. And as he watched the other man shine, Viktor resolved to figure out exactly how a complete nobody in the music world could have ever gotten this good. LOVE this fic!

a truth, universally acknowledged by bravelied, Teen, 120k
Yuuri can feel his hackles rising, feel the indignance coursing through him with every word hurled at him from Nikiforov’s mouth. Balling his hands into fists, he barely manages to keep his response civil:
“You are mistaken, Mr Nikiforov, in believing that this declaration could have ever tempted me to accept your hand.”
Nikiforov’s eyes should have turned to ice at such a blatant refusal. But they do not, and briefly Yuuri’s breath falters, but he soldiers on.
“From the very beginning — from the very first moment — of my acquaintance with you, your words and mannerisms have left me in no doubt as to the depths of your arrogance, your conceit, and your selfish disregard for the feelings of others. Even in the months since, your actions have only served to reinforce this foundation of distrust and dislike. I now can easily say, without concern or hesitation, that you are definitively the last person on this earth whom I could be prevailed on to marry.” A fantastic Regency/Pride and Prejudice AU! Such a lovely slow burn!

Note: This is a post inspired by @victuurificrec‘s fic rec posts, created after I drunkenly asked @kazliin if there would be an in-universe version of victuurificrec for the Rivals-verse. Kaz said there was. I asked what a typical viktuurificrec post would look like, and Kaz let us create this as a result. Some of the fic summaries were written by her, others by victuurificrec, others by me, and the murder AU summary was written by @exile-wrath. Hope this was amusing!

animoozies  asked:

Ice spiced latte. Hey girl. Do you have any sources or recommendations on how to get better at drawing anatomy as well as shading.

Heyo Connie!

I guess the first thing I really gotta reccomend is Pinterest. This site is everything. I personally use it constantly for inspiration and of course, sources on areas of practice. Some pieces I have started just from a quick scroll through that website. 


For anatomy, my honest-to-god advice would have to be the most basic practice out there; draw from life. We see others everyday and it’s some of the most essential sources. I have discussed before that anatomy is a crucial aspect to creating a style as it will contribute to any style out there. Here’s the full anatomy talk I gave to an anon a while back. It covers most of the important shit I want to tell anybody. 

Anyway, from what I can collect over the years, anatomy relies mostly on basic shapes.

We’ll get into that later. For now, i’ll show you a technique that I practiced when I was younger from some random website. I can’t quite remember what the technique was called but let me just point out that any kind of technique the internet has will work or won’t with different people. It’s what you make of that technique yourself after you’re fluent with it that counts. There’s a lot personalaspects that have changed the technique I’ve used since i’ve stopped using it. Here’s a basic example of that technique;

As you can, most of the lines go after the circles. That’s the most basic body shape. What matters is actually the rendering of all of this. There’s a lot of mistakes that may come with doing any technique; a common one would have to be being neat with it. That’s not the case if you want to have a better flow in your drawing; be messy with your lines. Rendering will sort everything else afterwards. Being messy and almost spontaneous with these guidelines will allow your drawing to be more open to natural positions and prevent your character looking stiff. There’s also a stress that comes along with being neat with it all; you aim for perfect lines and that’s the case you shouldn’t be going for. The human body is flexible, it’s unexpected even. Rendering these lines will give you a clearer guide to the final product;

Rendering out the lines can sometimes mean just basically going over the lines in the first step but trust me when I say that rendering is all about decisions; whether your want to that leg just a bit closer to the other or an entire arm in a different position. And of course, the final lines come around eventually;

These techniques and the understanding that the human body can be defined into mere shapes are what I reccomend to anybody who wants to practice more anatomy. They can be used to sources such as basic pictures online. Here’s an example of the process;

After a few more lines, rendering;

I didn’t do significant lineart here but rather, refine more for the drawing;

As you can see, I fill out some of the blank spaces using lines. This is still part of a sketch process but is crucial once you move on to colouring and all sorts; shading is something I can’t define for everyone. Anyone could have a different take on shading but what I do reccomend is starting out easy! Find the most basic spots where you just know there should be shade. Of course, under the chin, the back of the legs. All these things can be a huge factor for your next step into your piece; it can contribute to how you use colours. The sketch process is the guideline in itself to everything that may come afterward. 

As for the lighting in shading itself; I would look into lighting angles around the face first as it is crucial to most of what you will probably draw later on. A book truly recommend is Dynamic Light and Shade by Burne Hogarth. It is such a beautifully detailed book that not only shows great examples of pieces themselves but also extends upon how the light can affect any work and what mood it can convey as well. Other reccomendations would go towards inspiration from others’ work and like I said, in real life. I cannot tell you how many pieces I have created are inspired by the light I observe in real life. Take photographs and skim through them if you must; I do it most days in all kinds of environments to see how the light can be used in my work. 

As for anatomy, here are some techniques you can use; 

- The Coil Technique 

- Here’s some good figure drawing tips. 

- I believe this is the technique I started out with a few years ago.

Others you can find by a quick scroll through the interwebz. 

I have so much more to say on these two subjects but honestly it will take years; this is the gist of it all, at least. 

I’m not the master of anatomy, i have too much to learn still but over the years, I’ve learned how to cope with things I never thought I could cope with. With practice, I swear to god, things do change. I remember when eyes were like hell to draw but now, I enjoy doing them because I’ve found my own way to doing them. I remember just dying at the thought of doing the goddamned hands but it’s not so bad these days. Everything is a stepping stone and anatomy as a whole will take years for people to really get by and I’m hardly there, so don’t worry if you’re still steady at it, everyone learns at their own pace and that’s okay. 

Adios amigos. 

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Do you think you could compile a list of time travel fics? They're my not so secret love lol (Love your blog btw!!)

Friend, I LOVE time travel AUs! Thank you for this request!

Originally posted by omgdango

Time Travel AU

Turn Backwards on Go by inkwellstars, Not Rated, 5.3k
In which Yuuri and Victor, happily married and retired, find themselves thrown into the past and proceed to mess with everyone. One of the few time travel fics without angst. Super hilarious, too! I adore this fic <3

On My Love by RikoJasmine, Teen, 48k
Time travel AU where Yuuri and Victor are happy aged and married, but an accident occurs and suddenly Yuuri wakes up back in Detroit, in a time before he had even met Victor. Angst and pining ensues. Great fic!

Once More, With Feeling by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Explicit, 34k
Yuuri wakes up in Detroit after going to bed under heavy stress and emotional turmoil due to Victor’s declining mental health. Things are different. He’s dreaming obviously. And in dreams, people can do what they want. IM SOBBINGJSB

Unimaginable by emilyenrose, Teen, 4.8k
Sixteen year old Victor spontaneously travels to the future, where he’s… retired? And married?  Oh my gosh I can’t explain how much I love this AU. Funny, quick, and sweet.

Gods of Circumstance by Ritequette, Mature, 15k
During his Free Program at the 2016 Barcelona Grand Prix Finals, Yuuri suffers a freak equipment malfunction and falls, hitting his head on the ice.
When he wakes up, he’s back at the 2015 Sochi GPF. Get ready for angst, angst, and more angst. Thumbs up!

Way to Victory by crea_sei, Teen, 18k
Defeated after his loss at the GPF 2015, Yuuri doesn’t expect anything more from the GPF.
That is, until he wakes up on the 5th of December, five days before the GPF even begins. I’ve been screaming ever since I read this. SO CUTE! 

the gentle light that strays and vanishes by nauti, Gen, 7.7k
Yuuri and Viktor go back in time eight weeks before the 2015 Sochi Grand Prix Final separately, only to find each other again. Angsty and sweet. Must read!

Only You by quesadiaz, Teen, 13k
AU where Victor dies and time travels back to relive falling in love with Yuuri. Angsty, fluffy, and great writing. *sniffs* I’m totally not crying right now… *sobs*