even if i tried

@excailzkrossmazi did the doodle challenge in your style.

   mfw people sexualise cadet strife.

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At two and a half weeks old, the kittens’ eyes have opened and they can walk. Moonlight has even tried to climb out of the nesting box. I’m not sure if this was deliberate or not.


This is my way of showing you how much you mean to me.
Your videos make me laugh every day. Your smile makes my days brighter. Your voice is like music to my ears.
I think I can speak for all your fans when I say that we love you with all of our hearts ♥
I’m sending greetings from Czech republic :)

Never stop moving forward.
Never stop doing what makes you happy. Just. Don’t. Stop!
(It’s for everybody who’s reading this)


man why did the internet crybabies give “sjw’s” such a cool name

social justice warrior

there’s nothing degrading about that 

it’s a cool sounding name

i think its even funnier that they tried to replace it with “trigglypuff” and that just never caught on 

Blood, sweat and tears


Hoseok worked his ass off in the studio, this I knew. He was there often these days so actually I was worried as fuck. Why did he train so hard? Our normal routines would be more thsn enough, yet he tried to do even more.
“Hoseok?” I said and opened the door to the dancing room. There he was, music so loud he probably didn’t hear me, clothes so sweaty I could even see his slightest bit of muscles. I gulped before I spoke again.
“Hoseok. I brought food.” said I and he finally turned around to me. There were big bags under his eyes and his breath was going damn fast.
“Fuck, Hoseok. Sit down and eat something.”
“This coming from you?Don’t act like you’re worried.” he shrugged his shoulders and began to dance again, which got me getting all angry.
“Damn Jung Hoseok I love you of course I’m worried!” I screamed and finally he looked at me.
“Fucking eat what I brought and then go to sleep this damn instant!” My voice cracked up after I said that and Hoseoks face swapped from annoyed to loving and sweet. He layed his hand on my cheek.
“I love you too. I’m just worried because of the tour. I don’t want to make any mistakes.”
“Then at least take care of your health..” whispered and cuddled up to him, what was really rare for me to do. Hoseok hugged me.
“Then eat with me, Yoongi.”

im on mh icon like 225 in my icons folder fight now. theres so fucking many of them and most of them are cleo i havent even tried with most of the characters

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Why has blur/gorillaz North America have you blocked? If you don't mind me asking?

no, i don’t mind! honestly, i didn’t do anything, i wasn’t even following them, but i found that they blocked me when i tried to reblog a post one day and it was right after i had reblogged a friend’s post about how it isn’t okay for fans to stalk and invade the privacy of the people they admire and harass the loved ones of those people. the post i reblogged had not singled them out specifically but…yeah…

i had unfollowed them a few months before they blocked me bc i am not cool with fans who are shitty to other fans. i am one of many blogs they have blocked for petty reasons and i kinda see it as a badge of honor tbh. it is just annoying when they post shit that i wanna reblog. 

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ghost help????? my style already looks similar to yours and i kinda like the way you draw hair and clothes so i tried it and nOW IT LIOKS EVEN MORE LIKE YOURS I DONT UNDERSTNAD

o h my gosh rip,,,,,,,,,,

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I feel like a shitty bassist cause i cant learn by ear...

Don’t feel shitty!!!! Learning by ear is super fucking hard for a lot of people actually, and most bassists have to learn by reading music / tabs. But since I can’t read music at all even though I’ve tried and tabs can be really complicated for me, I was kinda forced to learn by ear bc I had no other option and it just became easier over time.. 

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bob being like 'echo/becho? fuck no' makes it even sadder that taysa tries to hype them up. like i get that as a guest star she likes the attention, but she seems pretty close with bob so like do they not talk about their characters lmao. i just imagine him scrolling through twitter and seeing her RTs like 'yikes...'

the real reason bob deactivated for like five seconds

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I'm dying to hear about your experience at the show!(or if you're not ready to talk about it yet, no worries!) What was your favorite part? Anything you didn't really like? I'm so happy you had a great time (&I know it was very emotional) ❤❤❤

I think I’ll make a full on post when I get back to Oregon as I only brought my iPad with me and I don’t want to make a long huge ass post without a read more.

Ugh my favorite part? I don’t even know?

But fuck, the whole show was amazing. I tried to stay off my phone during the second night so I could soak it all in. And not to be that Hobi stan, but his stage presence is unfucking believable. I could not keep my eyes off him the entire time. He was made for that stage and just typing this out right now as me tearing up.


Also being able to spend time with the noonanet girls and I met a few readers. And I’m just v overwhelmed and happy.

Am I the only one who’s having trouble entering April Fool’s chats?

I cant even enter ONE of it! 😡

I’ve tried dozen of times!

Restarting the app, restarting my phone and starting over the game and its still the same!

I’m even stupid enough to wait for an hour in the loading page in hope for it to work…

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So I need advice I'm so confused about my sexuality. I used to think I was straight because I would always get really nervous around boys that showed interest in me, but even the ones I tried to date it never felt right. I also recently got assaulted by a guy I trusted and since then I haven't been able to think of men the same way. I've never really been sexually attracted to anyone really, but I think girls are more attractive. I have no idea what's normal anymore. Help plz

I heard a lot of cases like those, like starting to dislike guys after one did smth bad with you, I think it’s ok that your sexuality changes after this. You’re not the only one like that and don’t think its bad, being gay is completely ok :)

thatonepinksupervillain replied to your post “Do you ever shave your legs and spend like, half an hour rubbing the…”

Have you tried straight up moisturizer? My legs do that often and I was told it was because the skin was dry.

Yup.  it still gets red and itchy in patches.  Almost like razor burn.  I even tried this miracle oil stuff which is supposed to help with irritation and moisturize your skin and it didn’t work. :/