even if i only got one person's contact info

A most wonderful surprise

The other day I got a reminder of just how beautiful this fandom can actually be and how much love is able to connect people all over the world, no matter age, sex, color, education or religion…and that is truly amazing, so I want to share my story with you all because I’m still delirious happy…

One morning there was a surprise for me in my mailbox. I got the most amazing and wonderful gift from a fellow shipper - many of you already know her being a part of this fandom, her name is @mariaae.

 You see, I live in Denmark - a small european country where Outlander isn’t a well known serie…as a matter of fact the only one of the books translated to Danish is “Outlander” so if i want to read the rest of he books, it will be in english. Danish television isn’t the most progressive in the world and movies which are not very mainstream, are often shown only for a very short period and only in a few selected cinemas -if shown at all. The only reason i stumbled over Outlander in fall ‘15 was because the serie was aired at Viasat channel which i have a subcription to. And to be shipping SamCait..well, let’s just say that here in Denmark people pretty much don’t know who they are - at all.

A couple of weeks ago I got a DM from @mariaae..she had got her hands on more than one copy of the EW magazine and she wanted to share the wonderful pics from the Samcait photoshoot with someone not so fortunate as herself  - as me…living in Denmark it was very much out of my reach, so to speak..
I nearly dropped off my chair…at first i didnt even understand it - why would she want to buy, send and share this with me??..but well, I sent her my contact info..no harm done, right..the only thing that could go wrong, was me never getting the magazine at all.

And then one morning there it was in my mailbox: 

First i was paralyzed, then I got tears in my eyes….and then i started crying in earnest..WHAT AN AMAZING GIFT…and from a person I hardly knew and only through online activities - because we share a mutual interest…a person that I never have met and propably never will meet..After recovering from my initial shock and perusing through the magazine, i gave it a thought - or two…and came to the conclusion that this is ALL ABOUT LOVE and therefore this post - to serve as a reminder of what is important after a day when all the ugliness in the fandom seems to come crawling out from their dark holes …

The powerful and strong love we always see between Sam and Cait whenever they are together, the believe that love always wins, love and admiration to our couple, our ship and all the amazing, wonderful and sometimes confusing moments we get to share with fellow shippers, love to a fellow human being who isn’t as fortunate as yourself and love and care for each other….

What a wondeful, thoughtful human being @maria is and what a wonderful, thoughtful community we have here on SS SamCait - always ready to comfort, inspire and support each other when times a rough ( i know from own experience) and that my friends, is what LOVE is all about, isn’t it?..

Sometimes you only needs a reminder of what is important and the other day I got one….So SHIP ON, LADIES…..#lovealwayswins.