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Then other people need to get a grip cause that's disgusting

What’s disgusting about looking for representation and believing in a love story you wish could be true? You know I’m gonna talk about personal experience here - when I was 14 and I started realizing that I liked girls I felt completely alone. Nobody at my school was out, there was absolutely no LGBTQ representation on tv (especially in France) and even though I have a lovely family, I never completely felt like I could be myself around them. You know what saved me? What made me feel that I could actually meet someone and fall in love and have a normal life? Tumblr. The day I discovered tumblr, everything changed for me. When I realized that other people felt the exact same way as me and loved the same movies and tv shows and that we were actually millions looking for that representation and just the feeling to belong somewhere. I’ve shipped a lot of pairings over the years, some fictional, some non-fictional and you wanna know what they all have in common? They bring people together, they make us talk, share, make connections and most importantly they make us feel less alone. So when with a simple tweet, simple words, that I’m sure Lauren never meant as bad ones, she reduces this experience, those connections, those hopes and the representation we created, into something that it’s not, it hurts. So for someone who’s fragile, who’s feeling alone and scared of being who they are, to be suddenly feeling like they’ve done something wrong, something that hurt people like Lauren and Camila whom they love and admire, yeah it can break them, cause guilt is a powerful thing, especially if you’re already in a difficult place in your life.

Tips on writing Southern style for Leonard McCoy.

Being a native southerner and living in Georgia - the home of the great Dr Leonard McCoy and DeForest Kelley - I thought it would be fun to offer some tips for writing about the South.  I love reading Bones fanfics, but I see a lot of misconceptions about my home state and city, Atlanta.  THIS IS NOT MEANT AS CRITICISM OF ANYONE’S WRITING!!!  Hopefully people will see it in the fun spirit with which it’s intended!  I’ve also tagged a few people who have written Bones stories that I’ve really enjoyed.  I hope that’s ok!!  I love everything you creative writers do!!

1.  Y’all is plural.  And yes, we say y’all all the time, but only to refer to groups of more than one person.  It’s never you guys or even you when referring to a group - ALWAYS y’all.  I can’t talk without using that word!

2. Georgia is the peach state, but we’re not drowning in peaches.  The state doesn’t smell like peaches, taste like peaches, or drip peach juice.  

3. What we are drowning in is Coke.  AKA Dixie champagne, the elixir of life, the secret formula.  Nobody calls it Coca-cola, it’s just Coke.  Coke is headquartered in Atlanta and employees are not allowed to have any other soft drink on pain of being fired if they’re caught!  (True!!)  I’ve known people who wouldn’t attend a church event because someone was serving Pepsi!  Also, all soft drinks are called Coke.  If someone says, “Would you like a Coke?”  It means “Would you like any carbonated beverage of the Coke family?”  It’s never called pop or soda or anything else (especially Pepsi.)

4. Atlanta is not a small town.  It’s a city of about 450 million people.  If your story setting is Atlanta, then remember that there are no rolling fields or country roads here.  But there is Lenox Mall, Phipps Plaza, lots of nice restaurants, and lots of streets named Peachtree.  Peachtree Street, Peachtree Way, Peachtree Avenue, and Peachtree Battle Ave. are all within about a mile of my house.

5. We don’t call each other “Darlin’”.  Sometimes we call each other “hon’” or “sweetie” or I might call a boy “bud” or “buddy” but I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone called “Darlin’

6. I would suggest not writing in Southern dialect.  It’s hard to read and frequently sounds more country than Southern.  And yes, there is a difference.  Country is more redneck, Southern is more elegant.

7. We frequently say “Bless your heart”, but it’s sort of a way of saying “Isn’t she/he sweet but stupid…”  For example, “She ordered a Pepsi, bless her heart.”

8.  Outside of metro Atlanta is rural.  Really rural.  Georgia is a beautiful state that has both beaches and mountains and we love to take advantage of both!  But not everyone lives on a farm.  I would love to read a story where Bones takes the reader to Amelia Island or St Simon’s Island - it would just be so real!  Also, we don’t ever call it the shore.  It’s always the beach.

9. It does get hot here.  REALLY hot!  And humid. But it also gets cold here - but cold to us is anything below about 45 degrees.  And the reason we’re so cold is because nobody knows what to do with it - we might own one winter jacket, so when it goes down to 20 degrees everyone just freezes.  But it’s not hot here year-round.

10. Manners are super-important.  Children are taught to say “Yes Ma’am” and “Yes Sir” from birth.  I still say yes ma’am and sir to people older than me. Gentlemen pretty much all still open doors for ladies, pull out their chairs, and stand when a lady approaches your dinner table in a restaurant (then the lady always says “Go ahead and sit!! Don’t stand on my account!”) McCoy would totally be into doing this. We ladies enjoy it.  Nobody is insulted.  But ladies also open doors for gentlemen.  We just try to be nice to each other.  I apologize if anyone ever met someone met someone rude from Georgia!  They must have been having a bad day, bless their heart. (Maybe someone offered them a Pepsi…)

11.  It’s true that tea is always iced.  And sweet. And we drink it all the time. Unless we’re drinking Coke. 

12. To me, McCoy does not sound like he has any accent, - I just don’t hear it. But Kirk sounds a little funny sometimes! 

 OK - I’m going to stop here.  If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask!!  I’m hoping to read a lot more Bones stories and I hope this helps!

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Hi this is @honeyheonie previously @wonholypeach​ or Jaz as most of you know me. Its already time for my second follow forever. I had my first 2 months ago with 500 followers and now I am back with 1000+. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH! I love you all, even if we don’t talk just know that I see you and I appreciate you. I have met so many nice people and some who I am so thankful to call true friends. Everyone has shown me such immense love and supported my fics and moodboards and I just thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making my Tumblr experience so blessed. So onto before I bore you all. Tagging my wonderful mutuals who I hope to never lose. You all are super special too me!! And a huge thank you to @ckyun for the beautiful graphic she made for me. Im still blown away and I don’t know how to repay you. Please if you aren’t already following her go and do it now and check out her amazing gifs and graphics 💜 

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I like to consider myself your favorite even though we never talk. (But in case you remember the story about the gang finding the basement only to discover it was your face and milk poured out of Eren's joints, I wrote that!)

Well I know your URL so you definitely count as my favorite haha


You: “What am I supposed to think, Isaac? We never talk about this, you never even try to and I just don’t know where we stand or what I am to you!”

Isaac: “You don’t have to worry about that.”

You: “And why’s that?”

Isaac: “Because I love you.”

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yesterday someone asked you what your three favorite things are. so I'll ask you what your three favorite things are about each boy...

this is a wonderful question! thank you for asking it. 


- how supportive he is of not just the boys (even after zayn left, Liam was the most vocally supportive and forgiving of him) and all the people in his life. he never really makes someone the butt of a joke or pokes fun at their weird quirks. remember when harry had his poutine meltdown and Liam just egged him on and then ruffled his hair after? I love it. 

- how excited he gets over really small stuff. like the rainbow cake with Grimmy or that magic trick. it’s like a kid on christmas morning. 

- his chocolate brown puppy eyes. 


- Louis is so beautiful it’s insane? like just a very aesthetically pleasing person to look at. his fluffy hair.  how he looks good in everything he wears. his eyes. his model cheekbones. his arm muscle definition??? I’m obsessed with it. all the boys are so good looking but I often find myself staring at pictures and gifs of Louis the most and being like “how…?” he’s otherworldly and looks like no one else and I’m gonna stop myself right here right now because I could write a thesis on it. 

- how much he loves his family. seeing louis with his family, sisters, and son makes my heart grow three sizes. 

- what an absolute little shit he is. 


- how he’s genuinely the weirdest, quirkiest person in the world. I know we joke about the fact that he’s a alien…but he’s an alien; a delightful little weirdo. 

- how he wears whatever he wants and doesn’t give two shits what anyone thinks or says. he’s like a modern day bowie or jagger rocking the androgyny and wearing ripped up hoodies on top of six other shirts three of which are dorky dad on vacation shirts with his 6k boots and somehow his titties are still out and I’m all about it. 

- his kindness. he’s so kind to everyone even when people treat him like garbage and I think that makes him a rare and golden soul. 

Niall (I love everything about him and this is in no way a comprehensive list but here are three things I really love about him): 

- his optimism. he’s just so happy and laid back and always having a good time.  

- his lack of pretension. every story we hear about him is about how little the pop star fame has gone to his head. I forget that producer’s name he just worked with but he talked about how he showed up with no entourage, learned everyone’s names right away, tuned his own guitar, and was just an absolute gentlemen. I feel like everyone who meets him goes into the situation thinking he’s one way and comes back out with the pants charmed right off them (cassie recently met someone who met him two summers ago and was blown away by how sweet and charming and down to earth he is.). he just seems like he can hang with anyone, anytime. 

- he just makes me happy. every time I watch a video of him doing something, I’m smiling like an idiot. 

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hey so, I need an advice. i have a bi friend, she's confided in me through her coming out, i've always been her number 1 supporter, never talking about her sexuality with anyone even when she wasn't around, I never outed her, i'm always really careful with not outing her to people in general even now that she's comfortable with her sexuality. But. I found out (understood more like?) that I was ace this summer, and I turned to her for advice. At first she rejected me, saying I just "hadn't (1/3)

(2/3) found the right guy etc etc, you know she was basically being acephobic. I kept thinking about it tho and in my mind I started to think of myself as ace, eventually I came out to two of my friends and they were totally cool, they at with me and I educated them about what it meant to be ace and that I was still trying to figure out where in the a-spec I was and that was it. Then i told this b friend of mine, and she was understanding this time. She told me she had made researches, and
(3/3) she got where I was coming from. The problem is: she is outing me left and right. I mean, she’s just randomly saying “well she’s ac,e and i’m bi” to people who go to school with us and I know she says it bc she thinks they won’t judge but neither of us knows them and I don’t know how to tell her it makes me uncomfortable without making her feel bad because she’s a very emotional person and i suffer from social anxiety and ?? what do i do ??? 

tell her about it. I know how tough anxiety is but you friend should respect you and your sexuality. You trusted her enough with that information, and she is obviously mistreating it. It isn’t her information to give out.


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Them: "Sleep is for the weak!" Me, counting minutes until I can take another dose of sleeping pills: "Please, please let me be weak." Sympathy high five from fellow insomniac. Hope you get some sleep and out of the hospital soon. Feel better!

thanks friend and i’m sorry you’re dealing with the same thing. i’ve had maybe 6? hours of sleep total since wednesday. i can hardly
function and talking is hard and i can barely eat or hold my phone, even.

so yeah people who romanticise this can fuck off ive literally never wanted to sleep more in my LIFE. but i can’t! it’s not quirky or cute it’s horrible and i feel like i’m dying, all the time lol

also, i’m out of the hospital. same diagnosis as yesterday. i’m severely deficient in somethig critical to heart health and need to boost it up if i want to get better– funny thing is, the doc asked me how long i’ve been deficient, and i told him at least four months but the previous doctors never told me to do anything about it. this could have been fucking avoided. if i was at risk of dying, i’d deadass sue them for negligence. luckily i’ve had 3 blood tests and 2 ECG’s in the past two days and all my results are normal, except for that severe deficiency. so that’s good.

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can we please get some head canons for revali when he has a (s/o) who gets cold really easily and hates being cold, even though it's pretty cold in and around rito village all the time? :3

Easily chilled s/o (Revali)

  • For a while, he couldn’t figure out for the life of him why his s/o kept shivering. 
    • They never mention being cold around him (for fear of annoying)
  • Only finds out when they’re talking to a passing merchant about purchasing a coat.
  • Confronts them about it, and their response?
    • “Well, sure I hate the cold. But I have you to warm me up.”
  • The only thing that warms up is Revali’s cheeks.
    • Touched they care that much about him.
  • They have a sudden increase in blankets soon after.
  • As well as coats.
    • They’d also have a scarf, but there’s only so many times a bird man can stab themselves with a knitting needle before he settles with getting a thick coat for them.

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there is nothing wrong with lauren saying camren shippers are invasive and sexual her and camilas friendship. because you guys do, its a fact. also " not all CS should be out in the same boat" is literally the same thing as "not all men". obviously she was talking about the camren shippers that constantly harass her.

I’m not going to enter a debate with you anon, first because I’m sick and I don’t feel like fighting today and second of all because I’m pretty sure that no matter what I say to you you’re not gonna want to hear, because if you’re not a CS you can’t understand how it feels and how Lauren’s words, even if it was directed to the harassing CS, hurt a lot of us who never meant in any way to disrespect her and Camila.

when you come to my mind now all i can think is “fuck you”, i seriously hate every thought i get of you now. you kept taking pieces of my heart and it’s not like i stopped giving you any, because i didn’t stop. but every time i felt like it was right, i felt like you knew exactly how to treat it because things changed since the last time. and every damn time i was wrong. i gave and gave and have nothing left for myself. the only thing i wanna do is talk to you but i don’t even know how. i’ve been trying so hard to act like i don’t care, cause maybe one day that’ll help ease the pain. i just want to know what finally clicked in your brain that you decided i wasn’t enough. i want to fix it, you know i always do. i was told that i could never hate you by someone who knows us both too well. and i was told that you could never hate me either. half of me wants to believe it, but i don’t think that’s true. i just want to know what i did so i can fix it. i want to fix us. when we’re good, we’re great. you are the only thought on my mind and the only one who knows more about me than me. losing you is worse than anything i could imagine. and i feel bittersweet about it. i know i’m sometimes the worst person in the world and i don’t always act like i should. and maybe it’s better for you to lose me, because you’re much too happy and i’m much too sad. but losing you felt like millions of little needles prying my heart open. when the realization came, i wanted to scream into the air for hours. i ripped up our picture and i tried to picture what it was like if you never existed in the first place. if you must move on, i understand. if you must fall for someone who will be better than me, because i know you deserve it, then i understand. but i wish i got an explanation beforehand. i do know one thing, and that is that i could never hate you. even if i do get mad at you.
—  a bittersweet letter to you. 

I just wanted to make a little rant….Like wow. Just wow. I never in my life have felt….so…loved? Like this blows my mind how far i came along on tumblr. I started being active on tumblr back in august… I first started it out as my cosplay blog but then i became more entranced into the undertale fandom. I followed such amazing artist and then started to talk to some of them. For such a long time…i felt alone. Even though I have friends, a family and a wonderful boyfriend I love so much. For so long I had a dark cloud over me…for so long…i thought my life didn’t matter at all. No one would miss me…I been through so much nightmares in life and I always got scared to get close to people…in fear i would be hurt…in any way possible. I….I never thought i would make the friends I made here…..they do so much for me….telling me things what i need to hear…some things can be pretty harsh but its true. I laughed with them….cried with them..had some serious arguments with them…. But i know deep down…I love every single one of them so damn much. They support me so much and support me when i feel like everything is against me…. And the messages I get from people i never met before sending me love..sending me kindness….it blows my mind and it makes my heart weep with so much happiness. I have never….NEVER in my life have been given so much love…..so much kindness…given mercy. Its thanks to all of you…every single one of you who have cheered me one…who have laughed with me…who have supported me that I am still here. 

And all I can say is thank you….you guys made me feel like i belong in this world….

Thank you.

Happy 30th Anniversary, Final Fantasy

I may or may not have a little piece to post sometime today. I’m working on it now. If I don’t finish it today, I’ll put it up sometime this coming week. 

Here’s to the game that started it all, without which none of us, whatever our favorite title, would be here celebrating. If Final Fantasy, in any of its many forms, has changed or otherwise affected your life for the better, take a moment to remember the original, even if you’ve never played it. 

Open call: what has Final Fantasy meant to you, and which ones affected you the most?

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stop trying to play this off as a joke or "take my feelings into consideration" if I were to private message you, you wouldn't even answer. You say you're so positive and you welcome anyone to talk to you but you'd rather talk to more popular blogs than anyone else. You're just like all the other "elite" blogs. You're not special.

Woah woah woah, okay.
If anyone has ever sent me a private message here on Tumblr, I have answered it in some way shape or form. I have never ignored any “hi"s or "hey, I hope I’m not bothering you!"s. Yes, I’m not good at making conversation so easily on here, but i have never purposely ignored ANYONE, let alone because of their type of blog or -god forbid-, their popularity. Many of the "more popular” blogs I haven’t even talked to privately before anyways(I’m just shy about talking to anybody, really). If anyone has ever sent me a private message and I have not answered, then I never recieved it. I have no problems talking to anyone, and if anything, id encourage sending messages. As well as that, I am not an “elite”. To me, elites don’t exist. We’re all on here -at least dnp blog wise- because we like Dan and Phil. Some blogs may have been here longer, or just have more followers because they’re funny or nice. There is nothing wrong with that, and I have never once thought that u shouldn’t talk to someone because of their follower count or what kind of blog they run. You can run whatever blog you want, because this is a democratized platform.
I’m sorry I made what you sent as a joke at first, but I seriously thought it was. I asked what was wrong because I am a human being and I am compassionate and I don’t want you to feel upset. If you don’t like my blog, unfollow me. The thing about these social media websites is that you can unfollow someone if you don’t want to see their content. You can even block me if you want, but you don’t need to send me hateful things.
Please, have a nice drink and listen to some of your favorite music, or watch a video you really like. I hope you have a better day.

Don’t.” Giorgio held up a finger in warning, standing on the other side of the bedroom. It wasn’t that he often addressed her like this, but he knew the look in her eye and how fucking predictable he was. If she kept moving towards him he’d forget their whole argument, but it’d only come up again another day. Rinse, repeat. He wasn’t doing this. “Don’t try to be all fuckin’ cute, alright? We’re having a conversation and we’re gonna keep having it till we’re done.” He shook his head, turning away slightly before he moved towards the seat in the corner, immediately feeling bad for even slightly raising his voice. Looking back at her, he tipped his head back and lifted his chin. “I just… I just wanna talk about this. You never wanna talk about anything. Shit, I thought I was bad, but you…” He trailed off, sitting back and lifting his chin to stare at the ceiling. His hand against his thigh tapped silently as he tried to formulate the correct words. Looking back over at her, wasn’t sure he was exactly making some sort of big breakthrough. Eventually, he leaned toward, giving up entirely on handling it delicately. The notion of that was far too out of his nature. “Your parents cut you off… You gotta feel something about it.” 

My original plan was to write a paper about trick riding. I figured my most memorable moment was the time I was roman riding at a rodeo. At the last minute, I decided to take a difficult jump and I totally nailed it. But then I realized it wasn’t the roman riding or the jump that made that moment memorable. It was the people watching. And I’m not talking about the random people sitting in the crowd. I’m talking about my people. My mom, dad, sister, uncle, grandparents and great-grandparents. So, my most memorable moment was in fact the day that I was adopted. The day I got my people. The people who nag me to do my homework and clean my room. The people who are always there for me, even when I’m miles apart. The people whose hearts are always in the right place. The people who never seem to give up, no matter what. I guess it’s true what they say: you don’t get to pick your family. But when you’re adopted, the opposite is also true: your family gets to pick you. Maybe it was meant to be or maybe it just sort of happened but one thing I’m certain of, is that my most memorable moment was when these people became my people.
—  Georgie Crawley
S10 E02 - You Just Know

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how do you get over a fuckboy??!?????? i've never been played like this before.. he isn't even good in bed and i still have a crush on him 😭😭 he tells me he likes me then next thing you know he just stops talking to me?? ??? why is he such a liar and why do i keep falling for it :/

wat I did was keep repeating the ugliness about him I promise u that is the answer it made me c ppl I was like wow hez gonna b my husband into he’s a demon of Lucifer whom wanted 2 ruin my life but not today Satan! U jus keep working on u and reminding urself how bad they could and were for u

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Do you know this fic (pretty new one I think) where Tae and Jk live in an Institute (always spelt with a capital I) and basically aren't allowed to talk to each other??

is this it?

These Grey Walls (Can’t keep me from you) by Gracetheorc - They aren’t allowed to love each other. Jungkook’s never liked following the rules. Trapped within the confines of an institution where even talking to someone else is prohibited, Jungkook and Taehyung just can’t stay away from each other anymore. No matter how much trouble it causes.