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Quick MML Hogwarts AU sketch dump before Thanksgiving, because I have so many feelings for these kids and some are happy and some are sad and I just want all the fics from @imaginashon


The SUV was huge and unnecessary. Just like the 18 inch rims, tinted windows and customised Bose sound system. But Jiwon wanted him to have it so he just had to live with it. 

“My tunes need to sound good when you’re playing them!” Jiwon exclaimed at the garage. “Chanwoo will hook you up with some fresh sub-woofers.”

He had thrown his hands in the air and surrendered the keys. It was nice though, seeing Jiwon rolling up his sleeves and helping his old garage workmates pimp out the ride.

He really doesn’t see the point of sub-woofers though. Not when he plays Barney and Friends or Sesame Street all day long anyway. The baby seems to like it and if there’s one thing that he hates more than driving, it’s driving in a massive car with a screaming baby. He’ll do anything to maintain the peace.

Sometimes, when she’s feeling generous, she lets him turn on the radio. 

“Hey, kiddo. It’s your dad’s song. Just ignore all the swearing.” He says, looking at her drooling all over the plastic starfish toy. He wonders if she recognises Jiwon’s voice yet. She probably doesn’t. She doesn’t even recognise her own reflection. 

“Daddy is better than Barney right?” He asks, pausing for an answer because his sleep deprived brain gets the wild idea that she understands him. Maybe she does. “Barney can’t even rap.”

She gives him a gummy smile and the Snoopy onesie that was clean 5 minutes ago was now completely ruined again. 

“You’re just as messy as him. Did you know?” He says, reaching to clean her face for the tenth time this morning. “I know it makes no genetic sense but we’ll just blame him okay? You didn’t get all these nasty habits from me.”

Loud. Messy. Drives him absolutely crazy. But there is nothing on earth that he loves more.

Yep. She was definitely Jiwon’s kid.

It’s really kind of funny how non-writers seem to think that being a writer makes writing a book easy

On the one hand, yeah. I did the thing. Yeah, this is what I love

But on the other hand Buddy You Didn’t See The Screaming

I am sick of waiting. I am not good at waiting. I kid myself that I am, but I’m really not.

not to be a negative Nancy but uh

I don’t have to pretend to have a horse, because it is a horse. Like the Fjord it’s an old breed (the Fjord is an ancestor actually), and they were horses before “tall” horses even were a thing. Their strong build and bone-structure are another reason why it’s fair to call them horses, for they can easily carry adults. Just like a Fjord horse. And there’s the simple naming factor: if I look in any horse encyclopedia I’ll find both the Fjord and the Icelandic with a ‘horse’ behind the name. Same with Wikipedia. Not pony. Horse. So excuse me if I call them by their breed name, Icelandic horse, and sorry that I and many others with me do consider them horses. There’s nothing about them that makes them lesser compared to taller breeds.  

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bill cipher is an adult and dipper is a child. it is pedophilia. even if dipper is "aged up," it's still very creepy for someone to wait until someone else is a legal adult to date them


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“you don’t get to call yourself gay, you’re bi” but it’s the gay community, gay rights, gay pride parade. when they hit me, it was for being gay. when i look at myself i try to measure the parts of me that fit into the slot; i’m 80% gay even on a straight day. when i kneeled to pray it was begging away the gay part. when i do something wrong, it’s gay. 

when she was dating me, she was terrified of me leaving. “you’ll marry a man,” she said, “you’re bi, none of you are really gay.” when i left her for a man i felt those words like red nails inside me. when another of us commits suicide, a gay boy and i stand outside the funeral and he spits before going inside. “this is because y’all can’t make up your goddamn mind. he couldn’t even decide if he wanted to stay alive”. when i stand and hold hands with a trans boy at a pride rally, someone throws dirt at me. “go home, hetero,” and i feel like it’s better just to leave. “i just feel like shelters shouldn’t let bi people in. they can go to the straight ones. leave the shelter space for a real gay person.” my friend is out on the street at sixteen because she’s bi. in four years, she is dead. “bi people are untrustworthy” “bi people are slutty” “bi people don’t exist” “being bi is a sign of mental illness.”

too gay, i guess, for straight people. but not gay enough to call myself one. not gay enough, even when any other word i use to define myself comes with “slur connotations.” even when they beat me for it. even when i know people who died for it. even when. 

“i don’t know why bi people get upset we don’t make gay rights about them” a sigh, long-suffering, “you guys have no idea what kind of trouble we’re in.”

I really like the idea of Keith being able to sweep Lance off his feet both literally and figuratively



in which Bakugou is me for the whole of today