even if i didnt have class tomorrow i cant

every weekend. every god damn weekend someone takes the only couch near the animation lab and moves it down the fucking hall. tomorrow im going in and making sure that couch didnt move a fucking inch because if it did oh man i will find whoever did it. i sit on that couch every tuesday and thursday for 45 minutes each day and eat fucking so-so chinese food from the school commons and think about my life before i have to go slave over dragonframe in animation class. the only thing i want is my couch to be there for me when i get out. but i cant even have that recently. who wants my life to end. who hates me so much they have to take the only thing i love, the only couch on the floor? “but there are other couches in the back of the hall!” NO THOSE ARE JUST SEVERAL CHAIRS PUSHED TOGETHER TO TAKE THE FORM OF A COUCH, IT IS NOT A COUCH ITS JUST THREE CHAIRS. you wouldn’t go up to a man with a ferret painted with black polka dots and tell him its a dalmatian puppy so dont try  to falsify my info about those gotdam chairs being a couch. theyre not even padded. i just want to sit on the only couch i have. the only piece of furniture in this whole campus that brings me happiness. its a heavy couch too. it took three of us to move it back. who keeps doing this. is it a rival gang?? an anti couch gang? are they fighting for the couch to be the elevator lobby couch instead of the animation studio couch??? theres already like twelve couches in the photography room go steal theirs goddamn