even if i am like 3 years late 2 the party

To Science and Monkeys

A special late Christmas/New Year’s gift for the wonderful msdevindanielle

Fitz and Simmons celebrate New Year’s Eve and Skye throws a Shield party. 

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Fitz and Simmons were huddled around a laptop, rather enthusiastically talking over each other, when Skye walked into the room. 

“Eating all of his vegetables? I am not a miracle worker—”

“Will you two just—”

“I have been slipping some vitamins into his tea, though.”

“You’ve been doing what?”

Skye raised an eyebrow as she opened the cabinet, but decided to try to give them some privacy as she made her coffee. She liked hearing them talking like that. It was almost like…before. 

That was until they both started screaming…

“3…2…1… HAPPY NEW YEAR!” Fitz and Simmons yelled in unison. 

Skye looked over, mug in hand. “Guys, it’s not even close to midnight.”

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