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On My Own (Harry Hook)Part Six

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“You swore you’d never hurt me.”

“You swore you’d never leave me On My Own.”

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven

Chad Charming thought himself a man of the people, another reason he should have been crowned King instead of Ben. He hoped that if he proved it, the people of Auradon would realize their mistake. Which was why he found himself trying to find that pirate kid that Jay hated.

As a very fit, athletic, muscular man himself, he had a feeling he would easily find him. SO, when he followed the sounds of anger to the weight room, he wasn’t surprised when the pirate kid was beating ruthlessly at a punching bag. “Hey there, Harry,” Chad greeted, strolling over to the angry boy.

“What do ye want, Charmin’?” Harry grumbled, less than happy to have his alone time interrupted. Chad shook his head, holding the punching bag steady. “Just checking on a friend. I know if that fight had happened between me and Audrey I would be very sa- I mean angry.”

“That brown-haired lass you have hangin’ off yer arm?” Harry asked, raising an eyebrow as he recalled the princess inviting him to “study” with her on a Saturday night with a few flirtations glances and a hand toying with the buttons on his jacket. He of course declined.

“Yeah, she’s my girlfriend,” The blond stated proudly, frowning at the laugh he received. “What’s so funny?”

“Ye need to keep a better grip on yer lass, Charmin’. She seemed to have taken a liken to some men in me crew,” Harry remarked with a snicker.

“I’ve noticed. Which is another reason I came here. To offer a… mutual exchange of advice. I’ll tell you have to be the prince Y/N wants, if you tell me how to be a…delinquent like you,” Chad offered, a smug smirk on his face.

“That’s one reason I don’t like you Auradon brats,” Harry remarked, zoning in on the young Prince. “Someone wants ye to be someone ye aren’t, ya change yer clothes, your hair, the way ye talk, the way you act, you change yer entire personality just to be what they want. But on the Isle? Well, if someone dares to tell ye to change yerself, you feed’em to the dogs. We don’t change for anyone but ourselves. You. Are. Pathetic. Changin’ yerself for a lass.” Harry scoffed.

“What are ye starin’ at?” He snapped at the boy when he noticed him staring at him in something akin to awe.

“You just… You don’t care. I’ve never met someone as uncaring as you,” The boy replied. “Teach me your ways. Please!”

“I told ye, Chad-” Harry started before pausing, remembering Uma’s plan.

They’ve had it too good here for too long. It’s time for Auradon to meet chaos. We need to tear this school apart from the inside. Prove who really has control here.

“Fine. I’ll help ye.”

At lunch that following Monday, Chad sat with the pirates, eager to be taught Harry’s ways. He was in the middle of telling Chad how to snap back at someone giving him a hard time when he was interrupted.

“Excuse me, uh Harry?”

The pirate turned around, staring at the brunette girl holding his hook and hat in her hands. “Why do ye have my things?” He asked, standing up to stare down intimidatingly at the girl. It worked, seeing as she started fidgeting.

“Y/N told me to give them to you. you left them on the tourney field Saturday,” The girl explained. Harry gave a scoff. “Lass couldn’t even give them to me herself,” He sneered, snatching the hoot and hat from the girl.

“A-actually, she’s not here today, so she asked me to do it,” the girl explained before quickly scurrying back to her group of princesses.

“Really? Chad was with them?” You asked in awe from where you sat curled up in your bed amidst a sea of tissues.

“Yep,” Lonnie replied. “Jane said it sounded like Harry was coaching him on something.”

“Oh no,” You groaned. “And I can’t go find out what it is because of this stupid cold!” Lonnie laughed.

“Don’t worry, Sniffles. I’ll get Jay on it. You just focus on getting better. I have no one to help me bully the Coach into making a girl’s tourney team,” Lonnie replied. “Oh! I just remembered my mom gave me a book of recipes my grandma used to make for her when she was a kid. I think there’s some food for colds in there, I could make you some if you want,” She offered.



“Please marry me.”

“Y/N!” Audrey called, awakening you from your sick-sleep. You groaned, pulling the covers over your eyes. “How do you people keep getting in my room?” You whined. You heard her scoff.

“Maybe you should try a better hiding spot that on top of the door frame. But that isn’t important right now! Your pirate boyfriend has brainwashed Chad!” She complained, stomping her foot on the ground. “He’s walking around in those ripped clothes flirting with every girl he sees! And he won’t do what I say!”

“Or maybe he’s finally figuring out who he is,” You mumbled, rolling away from the girl. Audrey growled.

“Did I mention he slid a stink bomb into your locker?”

“He’s dead. I’ll fix it later. Get out of my room and let me sleep you evil little fairy,” You grumbled, burying your face in a pillow. You were only able to lay in bed for ten minutes before you tore yourself out of bed to go confront Harry.

You didn’t know why you had five outfits laid out on your bed. You were just going to tell Harry to leave Chad alone, but for some reason you wanted to look nice. You carefully chose an outfit that was nice enough for Auradon, but reminded you of your clothes in Auradon. To be completely honest, you had been feeling homesick ever since you came back from your impromptu “Save the King” mission.

And now, being around the pirates made you want to retreat to your old self. But, you couldn’t let that happen.

You anxiously shifted from foot to foot as you stood outside of Harry’s dorm room, waiting for him to answer the door. You knocked again, in case he didn’t hear you. “Who the hell is it!? Ye better have a good reason for wakin’ me up or ye’r dead!” His voiced called out as the door was flung open seconds later.

“Y/N?” He asked, looking both surprised an confused, before recovering his expression to a blank face. “Come in, I guess.” You walked in, keeping a safe distance between you and the pirate.

“What do ye want, Lass?” He asked, leaning against the door with crossed arms. It took all of your self control to not stare, seeing as he didn’t think answering the door was important enough to put on a shirt. 

“Harry, what did you do to Chad?” You asked, figuring there was no use beating around the bush. He chuckled, eying you.

“I didn’t do anything to’em. He asked me for a favor and I happily complied for me dear friend,” He answered, a sly smirk on his face. “It’s not nice of ya to keep accusin’ me of things, Lass. Makes ya seem a bit biased against me. And that’s not possible, is it?”

You clenched your teeth as Harry slowly walked forward, resulting in you pressing yourself against the wall in order to get farther from the pirate.

“Admit it, Lass. Admit why ye’r accusin’ me every five seconds,” He egged, leaning down so he was eye level with you. “Admit you hate me. Or, maybe you still love me. And that’s why you keep tryin’ to distance yerself from me.”

You clenched your fists at the pirate’s taunting. If this were the Isle, you would punch him and be done with it. But, unfortunately this was Auradon. And punching him could possibly get you sent back to the Isle for good.

“You know what, Harry?” You asked, glaring up at the brunet. “Hmm?” He asked, sliding a piece of hair behind your ear. “You’re right,” You stated.

A small smirk started on his face. “About what, Lass?”

“I do hate you.”

Harry could hear his world crashing down and his heart shattering in a single second. He cleared his throat, standing up straight. “Is that so?” He asked, voice cracking slightly.

“You cheated on me, Harry. With your Captain! When I tried to confront you about it you tried to accuse me of cheating on you with Gil instead of owning up to it! How can I not hate you!?” You cried out, astonished that he could have the audacity to even think he had the right to be hurt.

“You swore you’d never hurt me!”

“And you swore you’d never leave me on my own!” He shot back, angry tears welling in his eyes. “Ye know I’m not good at expressin’ how I feel or admittin’ when I’m wrong! But ye didn’t even give me a chance! You ran away from me, Y/N!”

“You’re the one that ran away, Harry! I waited for a week for you to come back! But you never did! You ran off to Uma like you always have! You always put her above me! You treated her like some sort of goddess! Like you were just settling for me! Do you know how that felt!?”

“Why do ye think I kept tryin’ to get yer attention when I got here!? I wanted to make up, Y/N! But it seems you’ve finally revealed yer true colors! You want some perfect prince, not a mangy pirate! And I’m not a perfect prince, Y/N! I never will be! I’m me! And if ye don’t like that then I guess we’re done here!” Harry yelled. He felt weak with tears leaking from his eyes, but he couldn’t seem to make them stop.

“I don’t want some perfect prince, Harry! I want you! But all you do is hurt me! You fight with me over every little thing, and god forbid I say something bad about Uma all hell breaks loose! Is she that much better than me!?” You shot back, glad to finally get everything off of your chest.

“Because she’s always been there for me, Y/N! Ever since I became part of her crew she’s treated me like I’m not worthless! You’re the one that always starts fights with me, she’s the one that calms me down! So yeah, I guess she is better!”

Harry’s breath caught in his throat, wishing he could yank the words back into his mouth. “Y/N,” He whispered, noticing the tears that now flowed down your cheeks. You looked utterly crushed. “Y/N, I’m so sorry,” He whispered, reaching out for you.

You shook your head, pushing the pirate away from you and furiously wiping your eyes. “I knew it,” You whispered. If Harry could choose the animal that most resembled you at the moment, it would be a kicked puppy. No, you resembled a puppy left alone to watch their owner drive away, leaving them in a strange place with strange people. Completely broken, in the most unrepairable way.

And as you walked out of his door, he could only imagine he looked the same.

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Tonight Is For You (Next ScamanderXReader)

Author’s notes: this story is my BABY. I have literally never written any Newt Scamander until now and I couldn’t do anything else in my life until I typed this out and it took FOREVER. I basically sat at my computer for three days straight as all these little thoughts would come to me and I COULD NOT REST until it was done.

I’m very proud of it, I am definitely NOT the best writer…there are so many others on here that do an incredible job capturing Newt so well but I gave it a shot. I honestly wrote this mainly for ME…because I couldn’t get it out of my head.

This part is dedicated to all those who just want to escape to a place where all that matters is love.

Title: Tonight Is For You


Part 2 x Part 3 x Part 4 x Part 5


PAIRING: NewtXReader



FLUFF LEVEL: Probably 2 Murtlaps in love

Gifs/Pics are not mine, if you would like credit, message me.

Feedback MUCH APPRECIATED…Shall I write more?

“Newt? Sweetheart?” You entered the case quickly, searching for your gentle husband. Somehow after nearly two years of marriage he still seemed to have hiding places.

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Just a game pt 4

When a college reunion takes an unusual turn, the reader finds herself amidst a game of truth or dare not knowing that at the declaration of dare would change her life into a spiral of trouble with the mysterious clown that lives in the sewers. Now her thoughts and dreams are haunted by him and she knows he loves to play…

…the reader wants answers after her terrifying encounter with Pennywise. With her friends seemingly forgetting about Pennywise, she decides to take matters into her own hands to get to the bottom of the mystery of Derry’s past. But with her mind focussing on the clown for the wrong reasons, the reader can only hope she can stay focused for long enough before something worse happens….

Woow, I’m like unsure how to feel rn. It’s late for me and I’m dealing with mixed emotions and feeling a little sick. I’ve had a terrible day and it got worse when I lost my story but the show must go on. But hey, I found out I have a big following all of a sudden so thank you so much! Someone asked me to tag them in the future parts so let me know if you want the same.

If you don’t like this content then please scroll on, I am trying to stay out of the main It movie tags.

By 8:30 the morning after, you were already showered (cautiously) and dressed for there was only one thing on your mind; answers. You wanted to know exactly what the hell was up with Pennywise, how long he would be active for until he returned to his long sleep and how many children would disappear until he was satisfied. You hoped to get some answers from the library so that was where you were headed.

None of your friends would be awake until 10am at the earliest, not that you wanted their help. It was confusing how they could forget about Pennywise. That fucked up clown creature that kept on terrorizing you. You’d never felt so humiliated in all your life! It was impossible to forget him, his unnaturally tall body that moved in a freakish way, his unnerving grin and shark-like teeth. And those eyes…they were so wrong on many levels. You hated to think about him because the truth was he scared you! But then your mind would drift to dangerous territory. A place where your darkest desires would try to play. Those lips shouldn’t have felt so soft and pleasing against yours. His weight pinning you down shouldn’t make you feel tingly all over but they did and you hated it. Your mind and body were betraying you and there was nothing you could do about it.

You shook your head slightly and frowned at yourself for thinking so shamefully and continued down the sidewalk, the sounds of the early birds singing in your ears. You wanted to get your research over with so you could be at peace and plan your journey home, never to return to Derry.

The library was mostly the same except for the newer content of books with the recent years and the fact that the old lady who worked there whilst you were younger had now been replaced with a young man with soft brown hair because old age had taken her. He had smiled at you when you’d entered, causing your cheeks to flush and a shy smile to dance across your lips. You made haste for the history isle and began to browse, your eyebrows furrowing together whilst you concentrated.

Ten minutes later, you pulled the book you wanted off the shelf and gasped at the weight of it. The history of Derry was a huge, brown leather bound book with yellowing pages containing everything that had happened since the creation of the town. You carried it to a nearby desk and winced when it slammed down onto the table. Your head whipped round to the young library guy sheepishly, but he simply grinned and waved you off. You relaxed and sat down in the chair at the table and thus your research began. With each turn of the pages, you begun to understand why whenever you had asked your parents about the history of Derry as a child they would avoid the question. The things that had happened were the most horrific events you’d read about in a long time, and these weren’t even the disappearances! And it was true, the major events happened every twenty-seven years, even if your friend wouldn’t be able to remember telling you. A shiver scurried down your spine like a cockroach across a cave floor and you shuddered. This was all too much at once for you but you weren’t finished yet.

Carefully, you closed the large book and carried it back to the shelf it had come from. And then your eyes flicked to the attractive library guy. Hesitantly, you strolled over to him and smiled. He was reading a book of some sort but he paused when he realised you were there. He smiled once more.

“Hello, how may I help you?” He asked.

“I am doing research about Derry, but what I wanna find out about isn’t here as far as I know, unless I’m blind.” You began, cursing at your rambles. The young man chuckled.

“Depends what it is.”

You bit your lip for a moment before you answered him.

“Well…I want to know more about the child disappearances, my friends had told me about them and I was curious to know more.” You said quietly. The smile that had graced the young man faded into something solemn and he placed his book down.

“I see…I did notice you were reading about the crazy shit happening here over time so I guess that I could take you to the archives.” He murmured. You smiled sadly.

“It’s okay if you can’t allow me to see them, I just wanted to find something but-”

“-I’ll take you down any way. This library is technically mine anyway after my grandmother passed so I can allow whatever I see fit.” He cut you off. You nodded and he sighed gently. He stood up from the wooden chair he had been sat on and glanced at you.

“Come on.” He said shortly. You quietly thanked him but he didn’t really respond. He was then walking through a set of doors opposite the entrance and turning right to come to a staircase. You followed him as he began his descent down to the basement, the only sound to be heard being both of your footsteps. The two of you finally reached the bottom floor and came face to face with a set of locked doors with a chain holding the two handles together. The library guy pulled out a decent amount of keys that rattled as he sorted through them to find the one key he wanted. When he found it, He stepped over to the door and was quick to remove the chain and use another key to unlock the double doors. Beyond the now open doors were rows and rows of what were Derry’s archives. The scent of mouldy paper invaded your nostrils strongly and you gagged slightly. The male turned to you.

“This way, I’ll take you to where you should start.” He said.

You followed him down the dimly lit isle until he reached the end. As you passed the shelves you were able to read some of the labels. Each had a letter of the alphabet and a year. You dreaded to think what they were being labelled for. The library guy turned left and continued onwards until you were in the far left corner of the room. He turned to you with a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes.

“Here. This shelf is where you should start. Each one is labelled with the alphabet for the surname initial and the year they went missing. I’m gonna have to leave you but I’ll give you the key to lock up when you’re done.”

The keys were heavy and cold in your hands as you stuffed them into your pocket.

“Thank you. I won’t be long down here.” You assured him. He nodded and silently headed back to the staircase. You watched him leave until he was completely out of sight and you couldn’t hear his footsteps anymore before you turned back to the shelving. With a sigh, you grabbed the first box and peered inside to begin the research.

Being surrounded by missing children papers and boxes with many more missing children papers was the most emotionally draining thing you’d ever experienced. You’d lost track of time seeing as you had no phone anymore but you were sure you’d been more than an hour down there so it was about time you packed everything away and to be left with your thoughts. There was no real pattern with the amount of missing children except that a lot would disappear over the year or two that the clown was active. You sighed and stretched your arms out in front of you to try ease the ache in your back from sitting on the floor hunched over for long periods of time. Your back popped a little, a little bit of tension being eased and you groaned. It took a short while to replace all the records back into their designated boxes and then carry each one back to the correct shelves. Your body was aching again when you’d completed the task and you wanted nothing more than to relax on the motel bed.


Your body tensed. You slowly turned to the far wall of the room to see if a box had fallen off one of the shelves but nothing was out of place. Slowly, you turned the opposite direction and a small scream escaped your open mouth and your hand flew to your chest.

“You scared me!” You cried.

It was the library guy. He grinned a little wider than he had before.

“Sorry, you had been a while so I came to see if you were alright.”

You chuckled breathlessly and ran your hands through your hair.

“I’m sorry, I lost my phone the other day so I wasn’t able to keep track of time. Luckily, I’m finished up now.”

His head tilted slightly to the left and his grin seemed to widen.

“Oh, you mean this phone?” He asked sweetly and your body froze. Your eyes drifted down to his outstretched hand and you almost choked. In his hand was none other than your phone. You knew it was yours because it had the exact same shaped crack on the screen. You stepped away.

“No…” you whispered. That was impossible. Your eyes checked his and you gasped. They were amber tinged with red. “No!” You stumbled backwards. He no longer had the appearance of the library guy anymore, no, he was transforming before your eyes. His height growing and features changing. The soft brown hair was now long and fiery orange, his skin now the crackly white paint with the red slashes across the eyes meeting up with the corner of his now red painted lips. His nose was red and much different to the library guys and his clothing was now the grey, old fashioned suit. He giggled.

“Hello again (y/n).”

You squeaked and stepped away from him, conscious that you were reaching the end of the isle. He followed by lunging forward, closing the gap between you both. You could have cried when your back met the shelves behind you for now you were trapped. Even if you’d had a plan to somehow get away it was hopeless now when you felt his hand grasp your throat, the other pinning your wrists above your head and his knee press against your groin to keep you where you stood. You whimpered.

“Why are you doing this?” You managed to ask. He chuckled and his lips brushed against your neck.

“You’re so fun to play with, those kisses were almost as pleasurable as your scent when it’s got fear mixed in too.” To emphasize, he inhaled deeply and a gravelly sound vibrated in his throat. Your chest was heaving again as you breathed shallowly.

“J-just eat me!” You cried and he laughed again, a gruff sound that contradicted his usual high pitched squeak.

“I would have done but I crave more before I do that…so much more.” His lips trailed to your ear. “Kiss me again, I can sense you want it too.” He whispered. You shivered. He was right. But even so, you shook your head.


“Kiss me…” He whispered with firmness. His knee pressed further into your groin causing a friction that tingled through your nervous system. Fear and adrenaline had sent your body into overdrive so every touch was like overstimulation. Your eyelids fluttered as you felt his soft lips brush against yours.


He smirked briefly and then he kissed you properly, his lips perfectly fitting to yours. Inside your head you were screaming at yourself to stop this, to try pushing him away, but the instinctive part of you overruled and had you kiss back, your body heating up and the tingle to spread to your lower abdomen. Automatically, your hips began to grind against his knee, the action creating a delicious friction that you never wanted to end. But Pennywise wasn’t about giving you what you wanted. He pulled away from the kiss and the knee was gone. You whined pathetically and he giggled.

“Awww, you didn’t get what you wanted. What a shame.” He mocked. Your mind had taken back control and your cheeks flushed with shame for losing self control around him.

“Fuck you.” You whimpered. The hand around your throat was gone and instead he used it to stroke your jaw.

“Shhhh…” He hushed. Your eyes fluttered shut briefly but flung open when you realised your wrists were no longer held in place. He was gone, the only thing to assure you that he had really been there was your swollen lips and your phone in your hands. Gripping onto your scalp, you slowly slid down the shelving until your butt met the ground. You were so exhausted and ashamed with yourself. You’d let your guard down and now you knew he had you where he wanted you to be. You were fucked.

Wow okay I don’t know if this is any good. I only really like the end but then again it still seems off. I hope people like this, there’s definitely smut coming lmao. Thanks for reading and sorry it took so long to get this done.

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BTS Reacting to Seeing You With a Broken Leg

Jin: He would be shocked but then sing the lyrics “lean on me, when you’re not strong and I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you carry on” and then proceed to pick you up bridal style and say “see carry haha” and continue to laugh at his own joke as he takes you away 😂

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Suga: He would look at you with disappointment then say “look what you’ve done now” but then laugh and proceed to help you anyway he can😁 

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Rap Monster: I feel he would get you anything you needed at anytime and stay with you 24/7, maybe even try to teach you so many new things whilst you can’t run away, that your head would explode 😂

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J-Hope: he would give you all the love and attention you need to make you feel like the happiest girl in the world. He would even offer to watch anything you want (including those cheeky youtube video of bts that we all know and love) for hours on end just to see you smile 💕

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Jimin: He would have a little shock, then immediately ask to look at your cast. He would then proceed to grab a pen and draw all over it until it is a beautiful artwork that you can’t help but stare at all day😍.

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V: He would scurry around in a frantic fashion trying to get things to help you, possibly drop a few things from nervous shaking etc. You would then tell him to settle and come sit down with you, you two would proceed to have lovely cuddles that are nice and warm ☺️

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Jungkook: He would be totally shocked, like literally have an entire melt down in front of your eyes and just slump into the nearest chair and stare for a while at the cast. Eventually he would fully realized what has happened and offer to help you 🤣

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This is my first reaction, I hope you guys enjoy it 🙈 

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Alfie x Reader

Requested By Anon

Warnings: sex, office sex, ppublic sex

“You alright sweetheart?” Alfie asked as you dawdled in the door way.

“Yes fine!” you squeaked when you spotted him watching you, hurrying away before he could press the matter.

Similar incidences happened through the week, Alfie would spot you somewhere worrying, ask what was wrong and you you’d scurry away pretending nothing was on your mind. Eventually he had enough, usually you told Alfie any little thing that worried you, although it was more out of nervous fear of the huge man, but he’d grown fond of the nervous chatter and even coaxed a genuine laugh out of you a few times.

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A blue announcement

Request: For a request: I wonder what Reid’s reaction to the reader being pregnant would be?

Warnings: None

Pairing: Reid/Reader

You know I always wondered about this myself. But this is how I imagine it. ~Anna


You stared down at the white stick in your hand. Two little pink lines flashed back at you. Pregnant.

In that moment you didn’t know how to feel. A rush of emotions over took you. Happiness. Excitement. Nervousness. You’d always wanted kids. And now you got to have one with the love of your life.

You and Spencer had never had the talk about kids, but you agreed on almost anything else. You were only a little hesitant about telling him. This was huge.

When you exited the bathroom, you climbed into bed. Grabbing your phone you knew you couldn’t wait until he got home, you had to tell him.

“Hi sweetheart,” He answered.

You smiled to yourself, “Hi baby are you busy?”

“No not at all. We’re all finished for the night, Im just reading in my hotel room.”

You paused, biting your lip, “Spence. We need to talk.”

“Okay,” You could hear him closing his book, “I can hear you have a specific topic in mind.”

“Yeah, yeah I do.” You paused, taking a deep breath, “Im pregnant Spencer.”

There was no answer from the other end.

“We’re gunna have a baby!” You exclaimed, beaming.

More silence.

“Spencer?” Your stomach dropped, “Are you there?”

“We were so careful,” He murmured softly, “We always used protection. I know its not always effective and I should have considered that. How could I be so stupid.”

“Spencer,” You tried to stop him, “Are you upset? this is a great thing?”

“I have to go. Ill call you later.”


Spencer hung up the phone and put his head in his hands. Y/N was pregnant. Before he even realized where he was he was outside of Hotch’s door. He knocked.

“Spencer?” Aaron asked, confused.

“Can I come in?”

“Of course,” He held open the door wide enough so Spencer could scurry in.

Spencer plopped on the other queen bed and put his head in his hands.

“What happened?”

“Y/N’s pregnant.”

Aaron smiled, “Reid thats amazing. Congratulations. You’ll be amazing parents.”

“No I wont,” He argued, “I was freaked out when JJ had her baby. Im sure I wont be any different with my own. And what if the baby ends up like Mom, or like me an outsider. I just cant do it.”

Aaron sighed, sitting so they were face to face. He let the silence linger for a while.

“Do you know I felt like that when Jack was born?”

Spencer’s head snapped up, “Really?”

“Of course. A first time parent has all the same worries you do. Its normal. What you’ll learn is you will love that baby more then anyone else. I have no worries you’ll be an amazing Dad.”

Spencer exhaled the breath he didn’t know he was holding.

“How did you react to Y/N?”

Spencer recapped the whole thing.

“Oh no….” Aaron shook his head, “I’d remedy that immediately.”

Spencer nodded, jumping up, “Youre right ill go call her.”

Aaron chuckled, “No you just better fly back. You have a lot of groveling to do.”

Spencer reached for the door, “Hey Hotch? Thank you.”

Would You Be So Kind (Con x Reader)

Requested: Artsy!Con drawing his muse in the library bc you’re just so dayum beautiful to him

W/C: 1176

Warnings: Cursing, bad writing, Connor is so OOC im so sorry u gh


“Jesus, how are you okay right now? We just…we just ran a fucking mile…” you panted, leaning against the gym wall. Connor raised an eyebrow, glancing behind him to confirm that you were, in fact, speaking to him.

“Well, I mean,” he shrugged, trying to scrape up an answer. He didn’t really know why he wasn’t a hyperventilating mess, truly. He was sweating, but he looked like a desert compared to how the rest of you were soaking. “I liked to run when I was younger, I guess. People always told me I should put these long things to use,” Connor looked down at his legs, and you could have sworn you saw him smile just a little. If it were anyone else, he probably wouldn’t have given the time of day. You were different, though. He’d catch you staring when he would draw, and you worked on partner work with him when everyone else was paired off, and you greeted him when he passed you in the hall. You made him feel like his presence was special, and his life felt less shitty when you were in it

“Oh, thank God,” Connor sighed with relief as the whistle shrieked to signal the end of class. He turned on his heel with a gentle wave, ponytail bouncing as he walked toward the boy’s locker room. Lord, he was pretty.

Even when he was drenched in sweat, you found him intriguing. He’d be walking laps in the gym, or whatever it took to look like he was participating in class, and it never failed to make you smile. He’d have doodles of cubes on his arm or paint-stained hands most days, and it acted as something you’d laugh about as you did sit-ups or stretched.

People talked about Connor Murphy sketching by himself under the bleachers as he smoked, or behind the school at ungodly hours. While you’d never seen him in the act, the rumors made your heart flutter. The passion he had for his art always had you in awe, and you’d always wished for the day that he showed such passion for you.

If only.

“Fuck,” Connor mumbled, stopping abruptly and spinning on his heel. He scanned the gym for you and half-jogged back, glad to see that you hadn’t moved. “Hey, uh, are you doing anything after school?” He was looking at his feet, gently kicking the gym floor with his worn out Nikes. “I’m, uh, trying not to completely flunk out of senior year, I guess, and I have a trig test tomorrow,” Connor lowered his voice, even though there wasn’t anyone around to hear his request. “If not, it’s whatever, you’re just one of the only people I know who isn’t a complete imbecile or asshole or-”

“I’m free after school. Meet me in the library?” You chuckle in disbelief. Connor Murphy was asking for help. Connor Murphy was asking you for help. He nodded slowly.

“Library. After school. Can do.” He repeated, backing off toward the locker room again. “Thanks.” he gave a thumbs up before scurrying off again.

Things were looking up, it seemed.


The library usually had a calming effect on you. The air conditioning, smell of books, and utter silence made for a usually serene environment. However, you could feel your heart practically jumping out of your chest as you waited for your (hella cute) acquaintance to arrive.

Fumbling with various papers, you looked up as the boy came through the door. He looked exhausted, and maybe a little stoned, but you could never really tell with Connor Murphy. He plopped across from you at your little table, barely looking up to acknowledge you as he began digging through loose papers in his bag.

“Right,” Connor exhaled, tossing a black notebook onto the table with a nod. “Hey there,” he waved his hand a bit, meeting your eyes.

“Hey there,” you shot finger guns, trying to move on to math to hide your awkward tendencies. “So, trig,” you pulled out a sheet of paper and sketched a circle. “This is the unit circle, and it basically shows different- Con, are you listening?” He looked up from his notebook, which he was now writing in.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. Keep going,” he nodded.

“So you can split it into four quarters, and this here can stand for values in degrees, decimals, fractions and- Connor?” you stopped again, raising an eyebrow. You could tell he was sketching furiously, despite his protests.

“I’m listening, chill,” he insisted. It was obvious that trigonometry was the last thing on his mind as he made bold strokes across his lined paper. Rolling your eyes, you reached out to grab it.

“What could you possibly be drawing that can’t wait for later?”

He leans back, holding it to his chest. “It isn’t finished yet, he mumbled with a frown. "Just keep talking. I’ll, uh, try harder to pay attention,” Connor said with a solemn tone. Maybe it was his weary mood, or weed, or the environment, but you’d never seen him quite like this. He was calm, almost raw as he sat across from you. His body was now still as he listened, void of the usual leg shaking or idle tapping on the table. The only movement you’d see was when he would nod or shake his head, hair bouncing. It made you giggle, which made him smile.

- - - - – - –

“So, I can just plug in these formulas and I’ll be fine?” Connor asked in disbelief.

“Yup. Foolproof. Almost.” You shrug, but Connor was already back to drawing whatever it was. Were you boring him that much?

“Good to know.” He glanced up quickly before going back to his sketch. “Er, thanks again. math doesn’t suck ass all that much when it makes an ounce of sense.” he sighed, now inspecting his work.

“How does it look?” You smile. He was taken aback, like he didn’t expect you to ask.

“Beautiful. Stunning even.” Connor slid his notebook across the table. You took it in your hands, fingers brushing over the cheap lined paper. It was you, thoroughly explaining something Connor had probably already managed to forget.

“Wow..” you felt your face heat up as a grin spread across your face. “Connor, you’ve got serious talent,” you gape in awe, too stunned to be flattered. “Like, I knew you were good, but…wow,” you melted a little.

“Well, I had a gorgeous subject. It helps when what you’re drawing is nice to look at,” he chuckled with a shrug. “and you’re not so bad,” he admitted.

“Do you wanna do something soon?” you twiddled with your thumbs under the table as he took back his sketch.

“That doesn’t sound horrible. I’ll see you around, [name],” he stood, slinging his messenger bag over his shoulder with a grin.

He was head over heels for you, the one kind enough to fall for him. It just hadn’t totally hit him yet.

Geez, He Looks Cute

Lafayette x Reader
Word Count: 2175
A/N: Just a mid-week pick me up for you, Sweethearts 💗

“Yes, your father is very brave, Amaury,” you said appreciatively as you tied the little boy’s shoes.

He rested his hand on the top of your head, probably messing it up, not that you minded. As a first grader, he wasn’t necessarily coordinated yet, and if it meant having frizzy hair to keep him upright, it was worth it. The poor boy was clumsy in nature, you’d be curious to know how he fares when he grows bigger.  

“He’s smart, too,” Amaury continued, “He helps be do my adding.”

You grinned, as you moved on to zipping up his jacket; “Oh yes,” you agreed, “Father’s are usually very smart.” Well, he can’t be TOO smart, since he is continuously late picking up his only child from school, but that’s not something you can say to a child who idolizes his father. That’s not something you could say to anybody, really.

“Are you sure you weren’t supposed to go home with a big kid?” You asked, pulling his hat on the top of his head. Occasionally, his father told Amaury to go home with Sammy, an older boy who lives right beside the Lafayette family. It’s happened more than once, you waiting with Amaury long after the final bell rang, because he had forgotten his father’s instructions.

“No,” the little boy replied, happily, “He’s going to pick me up. We’re going to eat some ice cream on our way home.”

You smiled, and he returned it with a toothless one of his own; “That sounds wonderful,” you grinned before standing up and peering out the window to see if the ever-late Gilbert was approaching the school, yet. No sign of him.

“I’ll tell you what,” you said, turning back around to face the little boy, who was looking at you expectantly, “Why don’t we read a book while we wait? Does that sound nice?”

Amaury nodded his head, enthusiastically, “Only if you’re reading it, Miss Y/L/N,” he said playfully, already making his way to the bookshelf.

You couldn’t help but chuckle, “Of course,” you agreed, following as he paved the way.

Naturally, he picked his favourite; Green Eggs and Ham. You’ve read this book more times than you could count; the thing with first graders is that as soon as one of them have a favourite, they all have a favourite. And their favourite book at the moment was Green Eggs and Ham.
For what felt like the hundredth time that week, you opened the Dr. Seuss book and began reading it, doing your best “Sam” voice. At this point, Sam was turning into your alter ego, you pretended to be him so frequently.

“And I do no like-“ you began, before there was a hurried knock on the classroom door.

“I am sorry I am late,” Gilbert said, his words rushed. You knew he was from France, and although English isn’t his first language he’s fluent; however, that didn’t prevent his over-pronunciation, making his ‘rushed’ sentences a little bit awkward.

“It’s my daddy!” Amaury exclaimed, getting up from his spot on the reading mat and running over to his father.

Gilbert picked his little man up and smiled at you, apologetically. “Hey, little guy,” he said, lifting his son into his arms. “Miss Y/L/N, I’m sorry to keep you waiting,” he apologized, sounding like he had ran all the way to your classroom from France. “I was held up in a meeting with my boss, I couldn’t get out of it. It won’t be happening again.”

You nodded your head in understanding; you were only kept fifteen or so minutes after school was out, which wasn’t too bad in the grand scheme of things. You’d hate for it to become even more of a habit than it already is, though.

“That’s alright, Gilbert,” you grinned with a soft sigh, “Oh, and Amaury, did you grab your adding and subtracting worksheet to take home?” You asked, the little guy, “I hear you’re very good at adding,” you said, this time to Gilbert.

He smiled bashfully as his son scurried out of his arms and ran over to his desk, “I almost forgot,” he muttered as he began pulling out his mess of papers, looking for his practice-worksheet.

“It’s not homework or anything,” you explained quietly as Amaury searched around, “It’s just incase he wants to practice. He’s actually very good at his math,” you shrugged.

“I am very glad,” Gilbert said with a sigh, “I have been a lot busier at work, taking on extra shifts, attending more meetings… I’m glad he’s not being affected by it too badly,” he continued, nearly sadly.

You nodded you head in understanding, “Oh, well, I think he’s doing just fine. But maybe if you don’t have the time to pick him up after school, your wife can pop in-“

“Oh no,” Gilbert intervened quickly, “Me and Marie, we are not… We are not with each other anymore.”

Your eyes widened, and you felt your cheeks heat up in embarrassment—how could you not know they were split? You usually know the parents of your students fairly well… “Oh, I’m so sorry,” you apologized quickly, “I just assumed—because she’s been here a quite a few times, and that student-led conference—I’m sorry, I didn’t realize…” You mumbled quickly, having far too many things to say and not nearly enough time to say them.

Gilbert chuckled, as Amaury began piling his papers back into his desk, “I found it,” he declared, re-organizing his little papers, quickly.

“That is okay, Miss Y/L/N,” Gilbert grinned, “It was a few years ago, now… We have joint custody, but we’ve been apart for years.”

“That’s too bad,” you replied, not really sure of what to say next. Luckily, Amaury re-joined you, his little worksheet in hand.

“Ready, dad!” He exclaimed, grabbing at his fathers hand. “Goodbye, Miss Y/L/N!”

You chuckled and waved to the little boy as he and his father left your classroom. “Goodbye Amaury, I’ll see you on Monday!”


After being told Amaury’s parents were split up, you began wondering why you hadn’t realized it sooner. The only time you had actually seen Gilbert and Marie together was during the student-led conference, and the parent-teacher conference. You couldn’t help but feel a little bit guilty.

“Now is daddy or mommy picking you up today?” You asked, zipping up the familiar blue winter jacket.

“Daddy,” Amaury answered, “Mom’s boss sent her away for a little while.”

You quirked an eyebrow; “Oh? Where did she get sent away to?” You asked, purely out of curiosity.

“I don’t remember,” Amaury answered simply, “She has to work. She’s coming home in four sleeps.”

You nodded you head, “I see,” you replied, tucking on his hat, “So it’s just you and daddy for the week, huh?” You grinned, “That’ll be fun.”

Amaury nodded his head, “Yeah, he says we’re going to have tonnes of fun; we’re going to eat pizza, we’re going to watch movies, we’re going to play—oh hi, dad,” he said, grinning over your shoulder to Gilbert, who was nearly on time today. Of course all the other kids were gone by now, but it was nothing compared to last week.

“Hey A,” Gilbert greeted his son, “Miss Y/L/N,” he smiled at you, giving you a curt nod of his head.

You smiled back, “Hello Gilbert,” you grinned, handing him his son’s backpack.

“Oh, you can call me Lafayette,” he said with a gentle smile, “Everybody else does.”

You nodded you head, “Lafayette,” you smiled, “Got it. And you don’t actually have to call me Miss Y/L/N; I’m Y/N.”

“Y/N,” Lafayette grinned, “Got it.”


For the next few weeks, you and Lafayette had these little meetings after school while he picked up Amaury. You thought it may be flirting, but that could easily be you just misinterpreting things. But just to make sure, you kept the small meetings to a minimum—you weren’t sure of his intentions with you, but you definitely thought he was attractive, and smart, and even though he was late picking him up most of the time, you knew he was a good father to Amaury. You didn’t really want anything to come from that, though; not only would it be unprofessional, but if it didn’t work out, you didn’t want Amaury to be affected by it at all. It was just trouble waiting to happen.

So on Friday morning, when Amaury was being dropped off, and Lafayette asked to speak with you quickly, besides your little bit of excitement, you felt panic. Pure panic.

“Oh,” you let out, “Well—well class with be starting soon,” you muttered, nearly incoherently.

Lafayette nodded his head, and let his shoulders slump the tiniest bit; “I know, I was just wondering—well, hoping, really, that you would like to… Go on a date with me… Tomorrow evening?” He asked hesitantly, his accent becoming thick with his nervousness.

Oh geez, he looked cute… You blinked a couple of times, a hundred thoughts running through your mind. Of course he was cute, and handsome, and funny, and he was DEFINITELY French. But was it morally acceptable to date your student’s father? Of course, Amaury wouldn’t know, unless it turned into something serious… He wouldn’t have a clue about anything… That makes it a bit better, doesn’t it?

“If you do not want to, I understand-“

“No,” you interrupted him quickly, before realizing how eager and probably scary you sounded, you grinned nervously, letting your shoulders slump; “It’s not that, I just… I would love to,” you answered, suddenly out of breath.

“Okay,” Lafayette responded, a dopy grin on his face, “I will text you, then,” he continued, “Can I have your, uh, your—“

“Oh!” You exclaimed, “Yeah, my phone number,” you chuckled nervously, before scurrying over to your desk, writing it quickly down on a sticky note, “Here you go,” you smiled, handing him the note.

“Perfect,” Lafayette smiled, “Have a good day, Miss Y/L/N,” he grinned, “I will see you later.”

You smiled brightly back at him, “Goodbye, Lafayette.”


“He talks about you a lot,” Lafayette admitted, his accent growing thick with every drink he took, “He really likes you.”

You couldn’t help but grin; “I’m glad,” you said honestly, “He’s a really sweet kid; a great student, too.”

Lafayette nodded his head, “Oh good; he could be a bit wild at home, I was kinda worried he was wild at school, too…”

“Oh, well he’s a little bit rowdy,” you giggled, “But he knows the limits.”

Lafayette had taken you out to dinner; when he was dropping you off, you realized you weren’t quite ready to say goodbye, yet. While you were on your date, you learned all about France, and all about his family, and home, and you weren’t quite sick of that adorable accent yet, so you invited him for a little drink. And here you were, laying on a blanket in your living room, beside Laf, a glass of wine sitting on the ground next to you.

“He talks about you a lot, too,” you mentioned, rolling onto your side so you could look at him; “He thinks you’re great.”

Lafayette smiled brightly as he, too, rolled onto his side. “And what do you think?” He asked, the smallest of smirks playing at his lips.

You fought to keep the blush from covering your cheeks, and even though you weren’t successful, you were grateful that Lafayette didn’t comment on it. “I think you’re fine,” you shrugged, grinning.

“Mm, just fine?” He teased, moving from laying on the blanket, to sitting.

You copied his motions, biting the inside of your bottom lip as you thought up a response; luckily, though, you didn’t have to. Lafayette spoke once again.

“Because I thought you were pretty amazing,” he said softly, “And I would really like to take you out again,” he said, substantially more confident than he is without any alcohol in his system.

You grinned, as you nodded your head, “I would like that, too,” you replied, looking down to your hands, fiddling with your fingers to avoid looking at the man sitting in front of you. Since when was a boy able to give you butterflies again? Didn’t you pass this stage in high school?

Lafayette chuckled, using his thumb and finger, he tilted your face up to look at him. He shook his head gently before leaning in to you, pressing his lips against your gently, giving you the chance to pull away if that’s what you wanted to do.

You definitely didn’t want to pull away. Using his hair, you pulled him closer to you, softly. You felt him smile into the kiss, making you grin, too.

“Lafayette?” You asked, hesitantly.

“Mhm?” He replied, pressing his lips against yours, pulling you into another kiss.

“I definitely think you’re better than ‘just fine.’“

Kill ‘Em With Kindness - PART TWO

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

You had been detected. You were now on their radar.  You were recruited for one mission only.  You’re trained and put to the test.  With your background, everyone realizes it was a mistake recruiting a college student who would soon be faced with the thing that drove her to kill in the first place.

Warnings: mentions of sexual assault, swearing
Word Count: 1,218

“You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen… I want to ruin you.”

“You’re too late.”


     You were currently seated in a closed off area, your arms and legs no longer bound.  You scanned the room- the only things in there being a wooden desk, fine couches, and a bottle of wine.  Similar to a police interrogation, you couldn’t see through the glass. But oh, did the Avengers see you.  

     “Who is she?” Peter asked, fiddling with the loose strands of thread from his sweater.

     “Scan showed a ‘Y/N Y/L/N’.  College student.  No criminal record.  Studying to be an anthropologist,” Vision replied.  The others stood in front of the mirror, studying your every move.

    “She fights like me, you said?” Natasha turned to Tony, who only nodded in response.  You weren’t an assassin.  You weren’t a criminal (minus the crimes you obviously committed).  You were a simple college student who lived alone and passed all her classes.

     “Her parents passed when she was very young. Scan also detected her name in the foster care system.”

    Everyone shut up now.  From their perspectives, you were a vigilante who wore red lipstick like every badass woman on television.

    “Why do we all have dead parents or fucked up relationships with them?” Tony’s remark only gained one chuckle out of the group from none other than a certain super soldier who couldn’t tear his eyes away from you.  After a few more minutes or the group guessing who you really were, Steve and Clint opened the door and sat across from you.

    You knew better than to run.  You assumed these superheroes had to surrounded- you weren’t that stupid.  What was stupid was thinking this whole “assassin” gig was going to work out.  You weren’t doing this for fun- you wanted revenge.

    “So, who exactly or what exactly are you?” Clint asked.  

     “I’m not a villain or a person who wants to rule the world, if that’s what you’re asking,” you replied.  Your voice was monotone, careful not to express how much you actually wanted to burst into tears.  This was also the first time you had spoken in the last 36 hours.  To say your voice was a little raspy was an understatement.  

    “Then tell us,” Steve folded his arms over his chest and raised his eyebrows.  You chuckled quietly, enjoying the interrogation from Captain America himself.

     “I only want to help people,” you commented.

    “Didn’t you just kill a man a few hours ago?”

    “Who is to say he didn’t deserve it?” you replied.  

   The others outside the room were all impressed, Natasha more-so than anyone else.

    Steve and Clint sighed, calling Tony in.  You smiled up to him and spoke.

     “Well, it’s nice to see you again,” you bit your lip.  Tony smirked and winked, standing to the right of Steve.  

    “Who manufactured your suit?” he asked.


    “Where did you learn to fight?”


    “Who are you working for?”

    “Me, myself, and I.”

   Tony sighed but he couldn’t complain.  You were answering all of his questions.  Not as in-depth as he would have hoped but it was a start.

     “Look, it’s long story.  One that I’m too tired to tell right now.  I’m not an enemy.  I work alone.  In all honesty, this ‘gig’ I got going on is my stress reliever,” you explained.  By telling the truth and giving away some information about yourself, you assumed they would let you go. It wasn’t going to, but it was certainly entertaining Bucky.  He continued to watch you from the far back of the other side of the mirror, smirking each time you gave a snarky response.

    “Killing people is your stress reliever?” Steve questioned, his voice becoming deeper.

     “Oh my God, I killed one guy tonight.  You’re acting like I killed a whole soccer team!” You raised your voice.  You were getting jumpy.  They wanted that.

    “Not an excuse,” Steve was going to continue his lecture but the sound of your palms slapping the wooden table made everyone in the room stand up and aim their weapons.  You got up at well, staring at an arrow, fists, and a small metal glove.

     “That disgrace of a human life raped a young woman tonight in the middle of an alley and I got there too late.  Simply stabbing him in the heart was the kindest, sweetest thing I could have ever done for him,” you snapped.  Lowering their weapons, you let out a breath you were holding for the past five minutes.  

     Sitting down, you wiped the sweat from the bottom of your lip.  Judgmental looks quickly vanished and became looks of empathy.  Almost instantly, it clicked to everyone that you had a back story.  It was almost as if they forgot you were simply human as well.  Tony cleared his throat and left the room, Clint following behind.

     Steve sighed and leaned in towards you.  His blue eyes softened, “Why are you doing this?”

    You raised your head and gave him somewhat of an honest answer.  

    “Not ready to tell you that, Captain.  Let’s just say it’s better than going to sleep and waking up screaming.”

     Bucky’s shoulders fell and he stepped closer to the mirror.  No one noticed him- as always.

    Steve’s mouth dropped into a sad smile.  He understood.  He rose from his seat and nodded.

    “Your room is ready.”

    You looked at Steve quickly and furrowed your eyebrows.  “My room? I have to get back! I have class on Monday!”

    Just then, Tony walked in again, chuckling.

    “We’ll let you stay here for free and go to class as long as you allow us to train you.  We’re seriously understaffed.”

    Your mouth dropped but no words came out.  Were they making you an Avenger? Deciding not to protest anymore, you followed Mr. Stark throughout the compound.  Acting as if you weren’t just treated like a prisoner and pressed for answers, Tony showed you around.  The kitchen, the gym, the conference room, the lab, and every individual bedroom.  Natasha’s room…. Steve’s… Clint’s… Bruce’s… Sam’s… Visions… Thor’s… Peter’s…

    “That little bug I almost squashed lives here, also?” you nodded your head toward the door with his famous spider emblem.  

    “Only on weekends.  Don’t think I’m not still fuming about that little stunt you pulled, by the way,” Tony kept his eyes forward, talking through his hands.

    “Where will I be staying?” you asked.  Extending his arms for the door at the very end of the hallway, your question was answered.  His cockiness was beginning to annoy you.

    “Just so you know, we have all your stuff coming in tonight.  Don’t think we didn’t search your apartment.  Is your fridge always that empty?”

     You rolled your eyes and stepped towards the door, unlocking it. You scanned the bedroom: king-sized bed, a nightstand, two lamps, two dressers, burgundy walls, a walk-in closet, and a large marble bathroom.  You breathed in slowly, astonished to say the least. You turned around and confronted Tony. 

      “Mr. Stark, this is too much.”

     “Really? You college students surely do see the best in things not even that expensive,” Tony remarked.

      Rolling your eyes once more, your head quickly snapped to the sound of a slamming door.

    “Good reflexes,” Tony mentioned, beginning his departure.

     “Who was that? Who lives right next to me?” you asked before he could scurry away.

     “Your grumpy twin,” he scoffed.  “The infamous Winter Soldier.”



The Bite

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Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader (Sibling)

Requested: Anonymous

Summary: You get injured badly leaving Stiles only one option.

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Kanima’s. You hated them. Out of all the supernatural threats you fought against a kanima has to be the worse. You hated that it had the power to paralyse you with one swipe, to render you useless. Right now you were all up against yet another kanima. Stiles however told you to stay home resulting in an eye roll from you. You hated his overprotectiveness. You hated how he acted as if you were the only human in the pack when he himself is one. Normally you hate to admit it but he was right. You should have stayed at home. Now you were experiencing the full effect of your mistake. 

You tried to call everyone but no one picked up. After they left you stayed behind, per Stiles’s request, and looked over the research. You figured out that the person controlling the kanima is a classmate at school who wanted to kill any and every supernatural creature which you thought was ironic seeing as they are using the thing they hate to kill the things they hate. The pack weren’t picking up their phones so you decided to tell them in person down at the school. 

When you got there, there was no sign of Scott or Stiles or anyone. The only reason you knew they were definitely there was because of their cars parked outside other than you would have no idea. You tried calling them again, tenth times a charm right?, but to no avail. You groaned and slipped your phone back into your pocket and tried the good old fashioned way of calling out which looking back on it wasn’t the best idea seeming as also in the school with you and the pack was a homicidal lizard and it’s psychopathic owner. 

As you were walking down the hallway you heard some footsteps and sneakers scuffing across the floor. Thinking it was Stiles you turned around beaming but as soon as you saw who it was your face fell. It most definitely wasn’t Stiles. No, it was the psychopath you came to warn the others about. You gulped knowing that with one thought the kanima could kill you. Now you were most definitely regretting not listening to Stiles. “Oh, hey Y/N.” Your classmate said, a little too sweetly. 

“H-hey.” You greeted carefully not wanting to give them a reason to kill you. 

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N. I hate that I have to do this. I really do but you know my secret and I can’t let you tell the others so I’m going to have to kill you. No hard feelings, right?” As soon as they said that your flight or fight instinct kicked in and you ran. You ran as fast as your legs could take you in the opposite direction. You screamed so Scott or someone could hear you and know that you are in trouble. Unfortunately the kanima was faster and somehow made it in front of you causing to walk backwards away from it resulting in you tripping over your feet and falling to the floor. All you could do was watch hopelessly on as it got closer to you even if you tried to scurry away. You assumed it got a nod from it’s owner as next thing you know it swiped at your stomach with its tail. A giant gash left behind in it’s wake. You fell to the floor and watched as the kanima reunited with its owner to go after the others. 

At some point you closed your eyes because you found yourself reopening them to someone calling your name. It sounded familiar. It sounded like Stiles. “Y/N! Oh god, what happened, Y/N?” He asked as he slid onto his knees and kneeled beside you putting pressure on the wound. 

“Kanima.” Was all you managed to get out. 

“I can see that.” Stiles laughed nervously, knowing that you sounded as good as you looked which was good at all. “Why didn’t you listen when I told you to stay home, huh?" 

"I found out who was controlling it… You weren’t picking up your phones… so I came here to tell… you who it is in person.” You answered, wincing at any sudden movement you made. “It’s- It’s…" 

"Y/N! Hey, Y/N stay awake, okay?” Stiles said slightly shaking you but not too much that it would hurt. It was no use though as you fell back into unconsciousness. Stiles knew deep down that you weren’t going to make it. That he was too late. Wiping away the tears that he didn’t even know fell Stiles looked up to his best friend. “Give her the bite Scott." 

"What?” Scott asked, not sure if he heard him correctly.

“Give. Her. The. Bite.” Stiles repeated but slower this time and with more demand. 

“If I do there’s a chance Y/N won’t make it." 

"She’s going to die anyway, Scott… please she’s my sister.” He pleaded. Scott gave a small nod before moving over to you flashing his alpha eyes and giving you the bite.

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Summary: In which Adolin asks Zahel for some advice. Stormshot. Oathbringer Spoilers.

Nestled at a table in the back of the makeshift library the Ardents had set up upon their arrival in Urithiru, Zahel was doing something he hadn’t truly done in years: research. The return of the Knights Radiant had inspired him, Kaladin glowing with Stormlight as he flew above the camp, Shardblade in hand. That girl activating the fabrial with her Shardblade. Dalinar bonding Stormfather, the largest remnant of Honor himself. Renarin healing Adolin’s wrist…

All of those events amounted to a clue on how he might unlock that same power for Awakening. He just hadn’t figured out exactly what that clue was, yet.

In his fist, he held an diamond broam that he had hidden from the others, only a few strains of light escaping through his thick fingers. His eyes focused on it, though he could sense it just as well with them close, for it was brimming with Investiture.

“Your Light to mine,” he said, speaking the words in his native tongue. Stormlight flooded forth, flowing towards him as a vapor. Zahel breathed. That part had always been easy.

This next part, however, wasn’t. He’d never been able to get it to work. Still, perhaps the fabrial he had “borrowed” could help him, or so he hoped. Through its captured spren, it created an artificial Connection - or bond, to use the local parlance -

Someone was standing behind him.


Why couldn’t those stupid ardents listen to him when he said he didn’t want to be disturbed? Well, he thought, I can always scare them away again…

“Yeah?” A puff of Light escaped his lips as he spoke. He shut his mouth tight once more and clamped his nose between thumb and forefinger, it wouldn’t do to leak more Stormlight than he had to.

The person jumped. “Uh…, ummm, Master?” Damnation, it was Adolin. Zahel stuffed the small straw figure under the table. Sure, he saw the young man as his own grandson, but like any grandchild, Adolin could be awfully annoying sometimes. “Storms. How do you always do that?”

Zahel drew out a long sigh, the rest of his Stormlight escaping in a fine mist. Stupid leaky Investiture. He’d have to work on this later. At least he had some more spheres which he had managed to charge in that unexpected Highstorm. Unfortunately, he couldn’t just scare a princeling away and get back to work.

Why was he so much more grumpy of late? Perhaps it was related to that new Storm…

“I have good ears.”

“Wait…,” the boy jogged up beside his chair, hovering over him like a teacher spying on some poor student as they did coursework. “Was that Stormlight?”


“Your eyes are tricking you, boy.”

“But…I could’ve sworn…,” he said. “You’re not another hidden Knight Radiant, right?”

Zahel snorted, waving a dismissive hand at that stupid suggestion. He’d rather eat crem than bond with a spren. “I won’t go flying off with your Stormlight.”

“Just thought I would ask,” he said, still staring at where the vaporous Investiture had vanished. “You know, you’re pretty weird, Zahel.”

“Not every shade of blue is a green.“ That didn’t sound right. Did they even have a word for teal?

“What?” Adolin asked. “Green isn’t blue. That’s ridiculous.”

“Damnation language,” he muttered. Adolin grinned, a part of the boy had always liked it when Alethi fouled him up and made him spout something ridiculous. Hallandran had a name for nearly every color known to man, the Alethi only had a few scant words to describe the whole set. It was terrible. Instead of sounding old and wise, he came off sounding like a colorblind idiot. “You know what I mean, how many of these fools do you think are broken enough to get a spren to bond with them?”

“Broken?” he asked. “What does that have to do with becoming a Radiant?”

Zahel grunted. Why was he talking about this kind of thing with Adolin Kholin? He was a fine lad, but he didn’t know a thing about Investiture or the finer workings of the cosmere. Adolin wasn’t his cousin. Jasnah was a smart woman, pity that red-haired girl said she was dead.

Zahel wasn’t sure he believed that, though. Kholins were hard to kill, and if the rumors he had heard were true, she had been a Radiant, too. Probably just faked it, somehow, he thought.

“What did you want, kid?”

“I’m…ah…I started training Shallan with the sword,” he began, nervously shuffling his feet, “and I was hoping for some advice.”

The boy blushed. Great. Not only did he have to deal with that new, pesky storm, it seemed the boy had finally became a man.

“Son,” Zahel said, turning around fully in his chair. “I know you like the girl, but having heirs early i-”


Or not. Thank Colors. He didn’t want to have that conversation with Adolin. Let Dalinar deal with it, he was a better man now. Zahel was too old for that kind of crem.

Zahel frowned. “Then what did you mean?”

“Ummm, I’m… I’m training her to use a Shardblade…not…” He looked away sheepishly.

“Oh.” Yes. That was a lot more like Adolin.

“What in Damnation did you think it was?”

“Nothing.” Adolin gave him a bewildered look. Storm it. He wasn’t going to go into details if the storming kid was too dense to get it. "What’s wrong with teaching her that?”

“She’s a woman.”

Oh right. Silly Alethi and their damn gender roles. Vivenna would…no. He didn’t want to think about Vivenna. It hurt too much.

“And you’re an Ardent.”


Adolin sighed, running a hand through his hair. “You’re not supposed to…”

“I’ve trained women before,” he said. In both kinds of swords, unlike some kids who can’t comprehend simple metaphors. He, however, had enough wisdom not to say certain things aloud. “What does it matter? She’s got a sword, might as well learn to use it to defend herself.”

Adolin nodded. “That’s what I said,” he sighed, looking apprehensive once again. “But she’s just not passionate about it.”

Zahel closed his eyes, took a deep breath, then released it. How could he be having this conversation, and how in the cosmere did a man of twenty-four not understand what it sounded like he was saying?

“Master…?” Adolin only used that title when he was concerned.

“You’re an idiot.”


“Most people aren’t that storming passionate about their Shardblades.”

“Well,” Adolin said, taking a seat at the table. “They’re special. You know that, you’ve handled a few!”

Zahel rolled his eyes.

“She doesn’t have to be passionate,” he said, stopping Adolin before he had the chance to ramble on and on about said swords. “She just has to learn to defend herself. Keeping a cool head can be good in a fight. Now…what in Damnation makes you think you’d make a good teacher?”

“I’m just that storming good, that’s why.”


“But I am,” he said, “you trained me.”

“That doesn’t make you a good teacher, boy. You’re an excellent duelist and warrior, neither of those things mean you know the first thing about teaching someone else,” he said. “If we didn’t need to keep this secret, I would tell you to bring her to me.”

“You? But you’re too…”


“No, you’re just a grump,” Adolin said. Ah. That was the Alethi word for it. Hadn’t Vivenna called him something like that once? “Shallan is basically your polar opposite. Unlike you, she’s actually nice. Cheerful. Happy. She’s pretty, too.”

That might be true, but she’s not Vivenna. Instead, Zahel barked a laugh. “You fear I’d corrupt her with my…grumption?”

“That’s not a word.”

“It should be,” he said. “I’ll write you some suggestions.”

“But I can’t…oh. For her.” He blushed again. Adolin really did like this Radiant girl, didn’t he? That detraction could pose a problem while teaching,…and lead to other things.

Zahel shook his head, then flipped to a clean sheet of parchment. As Zahel wrote, Adolin went into more detail about Shallan’s lessons. It seemed they had managed two sections without incident, and the girl had gotten a basic handle on some of the simpler stances.

After some time had passed, he handed the sheets to Adolin. “Huh,” Adolin said, inspecting the sheet, “your handwriting’s actually legible.”

“You’re illiterate.” Of course, that wasn’t the only problem. Zahel preferred writing in his native Hallandren, not women’s script. It was quicker. “And,” he looked over Adolin’s shoulder, “you’re holding it the wrong way.”

The boy held it sideways. “Oh,” Adolin said, rotating the sheet…until it was still sideways again. Storms. “I can still tell if it’s legible, Zahel.”


“Thanks,” he said, standing to leave. Zahel cleared his throat, however, causing Adolin to turn back. “What?”

“Do you kids have some kind of chaperone for these nighttime lessons?”

“It should be fine,” he said, scratching the back of his neck bashfully. “Her spren’s keeping an eye on things.”

“Her spren,” Zahel deadpanned. Great. “Adolin…”

The boy swallowed. “Hey, if my father’s spren can officiate his marriage to my aun - mom,” he said, seemingly unsure of what he should called Navani. Hell, Zahel wasn’t sure either. “Then Pattern should be acceptable, it’s not like…like…”

Even if they did it, it wouldn’t disturb Zahel’s conscience. Considering how easily flustered Adolin was, however… “Just pulling your leg, kid,” he said, patting him on the arm. “If you need more help, just ask.”

Adolin nodded.

“Go on, get going,” he said, waving him off. Adolin scurried away, no doubt in a rush to meet with a certain red-head.

Hopefully, nothing would come of it. But if it did…well, he had never been that great an ardent, anyway.

Zahel took out yet another sphere from his hidden stash. It was time to get back to work.

“Your Light to mine…”

“‘Til Eternity Passes Away” Peter Maximoff x Reader (Request)

Request: “What do you think about a cellist! ( Or musician ) reader who learns to play Peter’s favorite song ( for his birthday or just because they totally love Peter and they want to confess one day ) ? The rest is up to you ! :3″ ~@shuirosgarden

Warnings: None :) 

Pronouns: Female (I naturally write with female pronouns, but I try to change it up every once in a while. PLEASE feel free to request a version of this, or any previously written imagine with different pronouns. IT IS NO TROUBLE AT ALL, Also, if you have a request, feel free to make specific pronouns part of it.)

A/N: This one was a cute little story. Sorry if it’s too short or too cheesy. I’m a slut for cheesy fics. You guys are legit the best followers in the world omg you’re all so incredible and sweet and UGH. I love you! Anyways, I hope you like it, my darling @shuirosgarden. Thanks for reading! Have a rad day! 


There were very few things that Peter could do that involved sitting for longer than ten minutes. Y/N knew this when she invited him to see her recital. She wasn’t even expecting him to come, and she definitely wasn’t expecting him to sit through the whole show, but there he was. His eyes darted around the room as he tried not to fidget or tap his foot along with the music. He had no idea how he was supposed to dress , so he’d settled with a “nice” jacket and his only pair of jeans with no rips. The man that sat next to him had scoffed when Peter sat down. Throughout the whole show, he looked incredibly annoyed by Peter’s existence, but it didn’t bother Peter much.

He clapped as a young violinist left the stage, though he hadn’t paid much attention to her performance. He wanted to. He loved the music and he knew most of the people on stage were talented, but he couldn’t keep his mind in the room. Y/N waved from the wing, trying to catch his attention. He met her eyes and shot her a toothy grin.

“You don’t have to stay…” Y/N mouthed to him.

“I want to!”

He gave her a little thumbs up and the man next to Peter rolled his eyes condescendingly. The announcer grabbed the microphone from the stand, introducing the next act. Y/N could feel the knot of fear that had tangled its way into her chest pulling tighter. What if he didn’t like it? What if he felt uncomfortable, or got bored? She grabbed her program and fanned herself with it. Why did she even ask him to come? Instrumental music didn’t seem to be his thing. He probably just felt like he had to be there because he was her friend. She sighed as a little boy finished his rendition of “Turkey in the Straw”. He bowed to the audience, sliding in the piano bench before he scurried off.

“Next up, we have Miss Y/N on the cello, playing a more modern piece.”

Y/N felt her stomach churn as she stood. She could almost hear her heart beating. She walked past the curtain and onto the stage. The lights were hot and bright. She looked out over the ocean of people in front of her, and then down at Peter, who gave her an encouraging smile. The room seemed impossibly silent. She closed her eyes and sat down on her stool as she brought her bow to the cello’s elegant figure. As she played, she swam from the dark tones to the twinkling airy ones smoothly, her arms painting with the music like it was ink on a page. She tried to ignore the sea of eyes, looking only at Peter. His eyes widened as he realized what she was playing.

If I could save time in a bottle, the first thing that I’d like to do is to save everyday ’til eternity passes away, just to spend them with you.

Peter mouthed the words along with the tune. When he closed his eyes, he felt like he was floating. He could feel the vibrations of the strings in his chest. Everything was so deep and rich. The notes were molten and golden as they echoed through the concert hall.

Y/N thought the words to herself as she played, looking at Peter, who had lost himself in the song. He stared up at her with reverence as her arms danced seamlessly with the bow.

I’ve looked around enough to know that you’re the one I wanna go through time with.

She played honestly. Truth was in every movement of the bow, ringing in every sound that was emitted from it. She leaned into the instrument as the song closed. When Peter was finally able to process his surroundings, there was thunderous applause reverberating from every corner of the room. He stood as he clapped. She gave a small bow and walked off the stage. Even then, the applause still sprinkled throughout the room.

Two more musicians played before the concert was over. Peter could barley keep himself still. The minute the last act finished their song, he was running towards the stage door. Y/N walked down the steps nervously, as if she was trying to stay hidden from the crowds of people that were beginning to form in the house. Peter snuck up behind her, grabbing her and spinning her around in a circle. She laughed melodiously and gave him a hug.

“That was…incredible, Y/N. I’m…I can’t even find the words.” Y/N blushed and looked down at the carpet, outlining it’s design with the end of her foot.

“Thanks for coming, Pete. I know this kind of stuff isn’t really your thing.”

He laughed quietly, “It’s gonna start being my thing, now. I had no idea you could play like that.”

Y/N grinned, “I practiced when you went home for the weekends. I wanted it to be a surprise.”

“God, You’re fantastic,” He smiled, cupping her face in his hands. Y/N felt her heart rise in her chest. She wished she could stay like that forever with Peter, him staring at her in amazement.


Peter walked her home after the concert. It took double the time it usually did, just because of all of the people that stopped to compliment her. She yawned as they finally reached her door. Peter wrapped his arm around her as she dug for her keys.

“I should probably get an autograph now, right? Before you’re famous.” Y/N laughed and unlocked the door.

“Thanks for coming, Pete. It means a lot to me.”

“Me, too.” He gave her a smile and a little wave, turning to walk back down the hallway.

“Hey, Peter?” She called back to him hesitantly. He turned to look at her, cocking an eyebrow. She struggled, tripping over her own words.

“The lyrics, in the song…I think about them a lot…and…” Peter gave her a confused look, nodding slowly.

She was so nervous, her voice was barely audible. She swallowed thickly, “And, I think you’re the one I wanna go through time with.”

He paused in thought, staring back at her.

“That’s good…”

Y/N nodded, feeling incredibly embarrassed. She kicked herself for even saying anything.

“Because…You’re the one I wanna go through time with, too Y/N. Until eternity passes away.”

Her heart  was on a springboard. She suddenly felt like she couldn’t breathe.

“Goodnight, Y/N.”

“Goodnight,” she whispered as he headed back down the hallway, humming the song to himself as he walked. Y/N closed her door gently and pressed her back to it, beaming.

’Til eternity passes away.

So I’m a little obsessed with the “You have your soul mates name on your wrist tattooed” imagines and I was wondering if you could do one with Andy? If you need a plot I could tell you one but since you’re such an awesome and amazing writer I thought you could ^-^ Hi! I’m the anon who requested the soulmate tattoos imagine. Basically it’s a AU where everyone is born with their soulmates name on their wrist. Could you do one where Y/N and Andy are each other’s soulmates but they each keep it hidden from each other because they don’t want to ruin their friendship with each other until Andy one day can’t take it and grabs Y/Ns wrist (they maybe fight a little) and sees his name and is happy and nervous at the same time? I’m so sorry about that btw!

A/N; I really like this one! I want to give a little credit to the previous co-writer Nimmy, she wrote the beginning (I changed a few details.) but I finished it.

Scene; At school.

[Y/N = Your Name]

[Y/L/N = Your Last Name]


Everyone always keeps their wrists covered, including me. We all have different names on all our wrists, those names are of our soul mates. I got a long name on mine, “Andrew Dennis Biersack” and whoever this Andrew guy is, he has my name on his wrists.

We are meant to be and that’s why everyone’s gotta keep their wrists covered, you gotta wait until you find your soulmate. Then you show them your wrist, they show you theirs and then you’re happy because you’ve found the person you’ve been looking for all your life.

But I have always been at least a little skeptical about this, what if you don’t like each other when you meet? Does it just always work out? This gave me anxiety even thinking about it.

“Y/N, what’s the answer to question #4?” my teacher said. He knew I wasn’t paying attention, so he called on me. Don’t you just love when teachers do that? I couldn’t help it, I was off dreaming about my future soulmate. Was he cute? Will I get along with him? I had so many questions.

“I wasn’t listening,” I said, being completely honest. “and even if I was listening, I wouldn’t know the answer to it. You gave me my grade therefore you know I have a F in this class.” I said and the class giggled.

My teacher sighed, “Y/N, just pay attention and maybe you’ll get a better grade.”

“Maybe just stop being so boring and I would pay attention.” I said, the class giggled again. Did I mention I am not afraid to speak my mind? I wonder if my soulmate will like that? Most people didn’t.

“Just hush.” my teacher said then sighed. Then he turned around and started writing on the board again.

I smirked at the boy who sat beside me, who is only ever shy around me. I barely know anything about him ‘cause he’s always so quiet. I didn’t even know his name. He smiled nervously back at me.

Soon enough the bell rang and everyone scurried out of the classroom. I gathered my things, “Great one more class and then I can go home.” I mumbled to myself.

“What?” the boy I smiled at earlier asked.

“Oh, I wasn’t talking to you. Embarrassingly enough I was talking to myself.” I said awkwardly.

“Oh.” the boy said and then he giggled.

“Yeah,” I said then giggled nervously, “I have to go to Mrs. Owens class which is downstairs so I really have to go before I’m late.”

“I’m actually going to Mrs. Owens class as well, so I’ll walk with you.” he said.

“Oh right, you are. Okay, let’s go.” I said back to him.

“I’m Andy by the way.” he said.

“Oh, I’m Y/N” I said.

We walked to Mrs. Owens class quickly and right as we walked in her class the bell rang. “Miss Y/L/N, Mr. Biersack, you’re lucky you made it on time.” Mrs. Owens said.

“Yeah, sorry.” Andy responded.

But wait. Did she said Mr. Biersack?

“Sit down, you two.” Mrs. Owens said.

Right as I sat down I put my arm under my desk and pulled my sleeve up to look at my wrist. It read “Andrew Dennis Biersack”. I just had to make sure. I mean Andy could be a shortened version of Andrew and Biersack is definitely not a common last name. At least I had never heard it before. I looked over at Andy and he was checking his wrist too, mumbling to himself.

I looked away and pretended like I didn’t see him. I took my notebook out and started on the assignment Mrs. Owens had given us. I took out a piece of paper and wrote, “Hey do you want to come to my house after school today?” I mean it was worth a shot. If he was my soulmate and I was just jumping to conclusions then I needed to get to know him. Right?

I folded the piece of paper and looked up at Mrs. Owens. She was grading papers at her desk, so she wouldn’t notice. I slid the note onto Andy’s desk and he looked up from writing, took the note, and read it. He picked up his pencil again and wrote something on the note he folded it back up and slid it back to me. “Sure, that sounds fun.” it said.

-After School-

We walked in the door and sat our backpacks down on the couch, “Do you want anything to drink?” I said to him as I walked to the kitchen.

“Sure what do you have?” he asked, following me.

“Um, let’s see, we have water, soda, and tea.” I said, looking in the fridge.

“I’ll have water.” he said.

“Okay.” I said as I grabbed a water bottle for him and a can of soda for myself.

We sat at the kitchen counter and talked about everything and got to know each other and became instant best friends. From that moment on we talked everyday and hung out after school every Friday. We slept over at each others’ houses almost every weekend, I honestly felt like I saw his family more than my own.

One night he was spending the night at my house, we were laying on my bed together and then Andy said, “You know, there is always been one thing that I’ve wanted to know about you.”

“What? You know everything about me already.” I said slightly confused as to what he was talking about.

“Y/N, what’s my full name?” he said.

“Um, Andrew Dennis Biersack, duh. What the fuck are you talking about?” I said, I was even more confused then before. Then Andy grabbed my arm and went to pull down my sleeve.

“No, Andy.” I said then pushed his hand away.

He sat up and said, “I don’t give a fuck what you say.” He grabbed my arm again and quickly pulled down my sleeve, he looked at my wrist which obviously read “Andrew Dennis Biersack”.

“Andy, I told you not to do that.” I whined as I sat up on the bed.

He pulled up his sleeve and there was my name. “Just accept it, you know we’re soulmates.”

I looked at him and I did what any sensible person would do and I kissed him straight on the lips. He grabbed my waist as soon as he felt my lips on his. I pulled away, “But what if our friendship is ruined by this.”

“It won’t be, I promise.” he said and then pulled me in for another kiss.

tripping over ourselves | jsw

summary: jeong sewoon is your best friend. he also happens to be a vampire. you’re no expert with vampires, but there must be something about his immortality that keeps drawing you to him. no way is it just his cute personality on its own.

{vampire!au, friends to lovers!au}

pairing: jeong sewoon x reader
word count: 4k
warnings: blood mention (it’s a vampire au, i don’t know what else you were expecting)
a/n: happy birthday to the baddest bitch i know, @sihyun !!!! i love u so much and i wanted to do something special for ur birthday, so here this monstrosity is!!!!! i could make this authors note like 4k long if i wanted to bc i love u so much. on a side note, me writing for a pd101 boy is kind of a one time thing. soz.

There’s a lifeless, colorless bird on your windowsill, and it’s the first thing you notice when you step inside your shared apartment. The poor thing’s had the life drained right out of it; decaying, rotting scent wafting through the room. It almost looks peaceful, really, collapsed on its side like it just conked out after a very long flight, feathers fluttering softly in the breeze that runs through the flat.

Well, at least Sewoon had the decency to open the window to get the smell out.

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Requested by @balorclubbabe  and @theworldiscolorful

Pairing:  Marty Scurll/FC

Category:  Suggestive/Fluff  

Tags:  Tags: @lclb13  @not-that-kinda-gurl08 @lahey-trash @houndofjustice-imagines @swedish-strong-style  @keep-ydgn @phyreblue @devittsbalor @artemisapalla316 @narwhalneglect @theworldiscolorful @earl-01 @sjbh @laziestgirlintheworld @wrestlingnoob @kurominonsense @i-ship-it-okay  @blondekel77 @spot-of-bother @indywrestlinglover-life @imagineyourwrestlers  @omegachronicle  @theholyfallenangel @princesstoniii @kingslayers-angel  @shieldlovereve @wrestlingtrash94 @heelstarla @devitts-girl @cosmicswimming @tvrnbvckle @brezhonegselkea @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch@lunaticfringe216 @wrestlingismyfavourite @anerdysouthernbelle @raptorsofthegalaxy  @mrkittyinmytree @shadow-of-wonder @littlebluespoon @ohcristimhookedonhavocimsodunne@littleprincess1621  @oreillyskyle @nahmooste @omegaliciousss

“You know if you wanted sex, you could’ve just asked”

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anonymous asked:

Can you do something NSFW with male MC? Headcanon, fic, doesn't matter just be gay 😆

Okay! Here’s the RFA boys + V and Saeran’s reactions (And Vanderwood cause he deserves some attention too) to Male! MC surprising them with a kiss. 

Picture that they have gone on like one or two dates and haven’t kissed yet, and Male! MC surprises them with it ;3

*EDIT NOTE* I typed this really late at night and I realize now that they asked for something NSFW with male MC, and this isn’t really NSFW… Oops. Sorry. Lmao. I did fill out a NSFW headcanon with Male MC this morning though, so hopefully that even things out. *Scurries away into the abyss* SORRYYYYYY


  • He and MC had gone on around 4 coffee dates and played quite a few hours worth of LOLOL
  • They held hands on the way home on their most recent coffee date
  • Yoosung was a mESS
  • he was bright pink
  • had the BIGGEST SMILE!!!!
  • “Your hands are warm, MC, hehe…”
  • MC couldn’t handle his cuteness anymore!
  • he had to act now!
  • DO IT NOW!
  • MC pulled his hand, whirling Yoosung around like a princess
  • He slid his other hand onto Yoosung’s cheek and leaned in, pressing their lips together
  • Yoosung’s eyes were wide with surprise
  • a muffled squeak escapes his lips right before they kiss
  • He melts in MC’s arms
  • Gently places his hand on MC’s shoulder
  • MC slides his hand into Yoosung’s hair
  • this boy tastes like p e p p e r m i n t wtf yoosung
  • He pulls away and leans their foreheads together
  • Yoosung is blushing and smiling like an idiot
  • “Why.. Why did you do that?”
  •  MC grins
  •  “You’re just too cute, Yoosung! I couldn’t hold back anymore.”
  •  Yoosung hides his face in his hands
  •  “MC!!! You’re embarrassing me!”
  •  MC fake-pouts
  • “So you didn’t like it?”
  •  Yoosung gasps
  •  “No, of course I liked it!”
  •  MC hugs him tightly and Yoosung wraps his arms around his waist
  •  “Can you… Can you do it again?”
  • yes, yes I can Yoosung


  •  It was their third date
  • Zen had taken MC to a lovely restaurant by the ocean
  • they went for a walk through an adorable park, gazing over the sunset, their hands laced together
  • MC noticed Zen staring at them from the corner of their eye
  • “What’s up, Zen?”
  •  Zen smiles widely
  • “You just look so handsome. I can’t keep looking at you.”
  •  MC laughs
  • “This coming from the famous musical actor who’s known for his good looks!”
  •  Zen’s face falls
  • “I don’t want to be known for my looks.”
  •  MC grabs his hands and leans in, kissing him on the lips quickly
  • Stares Zen in the eye, whose face is now as red as his eyes
  • “I didn’t mean it like that. I was just teasing you, Zen. You’re an incredible actor, everyone knows that.”
  •  Zen smiles even wider than before
  • “Really?”
  • MC nods assertively
  • “Of course! I only settle for the best, you know.”
  • Zen presses a kiss to their forehead, laughing softly
  • “You’re so precious, MC.”


  •  Jumin had bought out the entire show for an orchestra ensemble MC wanted to see
  • “Jumin there is no one here?”
  •  “I know.”
  •  God dammit Jumin
  • MC was lowkey pleased though?
  • The ensemble was incredibly romantic
  •  Jumin held their hand on the way up the elevator, holding the door to the penthouse for him
  • “Jumin that was lovely. Thank you.”
  •  Jumin smiles, pouring them both a glass of wine
  • “Anything to please my prince.”
  •  blushing!!
  • “I wish I could do something for you though, Jumin.”
  •  “Just having you around is enough.”
  • MC balls his hands into fists
  • There is something you can do MC
  • MC grabs him by the collar, yanking him down to his height
  • Jumin is caught off guard as their lips are pressed together
  •  He quickly recovers, his arms making their way around his waist, pulling their bodies together
  • MC runs his tongue along Jumin’s lip
  • Jumin eagerly responds, he’s clearly been waiting for this
  • MC pulls away a bit, releasing his hold on Jumin’s collar
  • Jumin smiles softly
  • “What’s the occasion?”
  • MC blushes, looking down shyly
  • “I just wanted to do something for you… That was all I could think of.”
  • Jumin slides his hands onto his waist
  • “Well, I must say I am more than pleased, MC.”
  • He leans in for another kiss
  • more like another makeout session
  • MC has opened the floodgates
  • SOS


  •  It was your second date
  • Saeyoung had taken MC up onto the roof of his building to look at the stars
  • They were both wrapped up in a blanket
  • snug and warm!!!
  • Saeyoung wrapped his arm around MC’s waist, pulling them closer together
  • MC laid his head on Saeyoung’s shoulder, content in silence
  • Saeyoung ran his hand along his back softly
  • “Hey, MC?”
  •  “Yes, Saeyoung?”
  • “I’m really happy you’re here with me.”
  •  “Why’s that?”
  • Saeyoung smiles sadly
  • “I didn’t say it, but I felt really alone before you came. Everything got better when you showed up. You made everything brighter, just like the stars in the sky. It’s like I was just dark before you came, but now there’s stars all throughout me.”
  • MC is m e l t i n g
  • “Saeyoung…”
  • “I’m serious, MC.”
  • Saeyoung turns to him, smiling happily as he stares into his eyes
  • “I’m really glad you’re here.”
  • MC slides his hands into Saeyoung’s hair, pulling their faces together
  • Saeyoung immediately meets him into the kiss
  • MC moves to straddle his hips, sliding his tongue into his mouth
  • Saeyoung’s hands are trailing down his back, rubbing circles on his hips
  • They pull apart ever so slightly
  • MC smiles widely
  • “Agent 606 here to make sure 707 is happy beyond compare.”
  • Saeyoung laughs loudly, tilting MC’s chin towards him, their lips hardly touching
  • “707 reporting, Mission completed.”


  •  This was probably their 7th date
  • Okay V you’re a sweetheart and MC adores you
  • but stop being such a goddamn gentleman
  • V would barely hold hands with him
  • “I just want to make sure you’re comfortable, MC.”
  • you could make me feel a hell of a lot more comfortable there, jihyun
  • One day MC came over to his house for dinner
  • The table was set with candles, a beautiful array of food had been made
  • V was waiting at the door with a small bouquet of flowers
  • “They reminded me of you.”
  • okay I can’t
  • MC throws his arms around his neck pulling him into a kiss
  • V drops the flowers in his surprise
  • MC continues mouthing at his lips, and V finally loosens up, placing his hands around his waist
  • MC pulls away gently, smiling up at V
  • “Finally.”
  • V blushes a bit
  • “I didn’t want to overstep my bounds…”
  • “You can overstep. I’m okay with you overstepping anytime now.”
  • V smiles a bit, giving a small nod
  • “Well, let’s have dinner first *Slides his hands down MC’s waist* then we can talk about… Overstepping.”
  • damn bring on the m e a l am i RIGHT? 


  • They had hung out almost every day for the past week and a half
  • Saeran wasn’t super comfortable with physical contact
  • but he was getting pretty used to MC
  • when they watched a movie in his room he would sit right next to MC so their sides touched
  • he had stopped flinching when MC placed his hand on his shoulder
  • even began to lean into his touch when MC played with his hair
  • lowkey loves having his hair touched
  • Saeran had brought MC a cup of coffee to their apartment to surprise them
  • Saeran is blushing, trying to play it off like it was nothing
  • “Well, I was coming here anyways, I thought I might as well since I know you like coffee…”
  •  MC pulls him inside, giving him a quick peck on the lips
  • Saeran is blushing bright red as MC pulls away
  • “Thank you, Saeran.”
  • “Uh.. Uh.. Yeah. Yeah you’re welcome.”
  • MC laughs
  • “You okay?”
  • “What? Yeah. Um. Yeah.”
  • MC leans in close
  • “You sure?”
  • Saeran looks away, his face still bright red
  • “..Yep.”
  • “You didn’t want me to kiss you?”
  • “Of course I-”
  • Saeran awkwardly coughs
  • “I mean.. I guess I don’t mind…”
  • “So I can do it again?”
  • “….If you want.”
  • don’t be such a fucking tsundere Saeran just admit you liked it you lil baby


  • Vanderwood and MC had been hanging out quite a bit
  • They were sitting in his car, looking out over the city lights, just talking
  • Vanderwood admitted that it had been a while since he had gotten close to anybody
  • “Why’s that?”
  • Vanderwood laughs darkly
  • “Well, working for a secret hacking organization, it’s not like I can just go being close to anybody. Companions, friends, lovers… They’re all things people can use against you. We aren’t supposed to have any for that reason.”
  • MC feels his heart breaking
  • How long had this man been lonely?
  • Give him love ok
  • He leaned across the console of the car, tilting Vanderwood’s face towards him, connecting their lips softly
  • Vanderwood gently reciprocated the kiss
  • MC pulled away slightly, staring him in the eye
  • “You don’t need to be alone anymore.”
  • Vanderwood stared up at him apprehensively
  • “I don’t want you to get hurt.”
  • “I don’t want you to be alone.”
  • “That’s not-”
  • MC kissed him again, silencing him before pulling back to speak
  • “This is not negotiable! You are stuck with me, alright?”
  • Vanderwood shook his head, laughing as he ran a hand through his hair.
  • “God… You’re a handful.”
  • MC nodded, playing with his hair.
  • “You bet your ass I am.”
You’re My Wish

I can’t believe it’s Yugyeom birthday already! Of course I had to write a special birthday smut for him. I hope all of you like it! :D (Especially all of you patient noona fans ;) ;) ;) 

Summary: You and Yugyeom decide to wait until his birthday to take things to the next level, and for his birthday, you plan a special trip to Las Vegas.

Genre: Smut/Romance/Fluff

Length: 2726

Originally posted by busanplayboy

After a long day, you came home and saw your boyfriend’s car parked outside of your house. Yugyeom didn’t live with you, but he had a key to your apartment. You ran to your door, excited to see him. You quickly unlocked the door and looked around for him. When you saw him sitting on the couch, watching TV, you scurried and sat in his lap so you were facing him. You wrapped your arms around his neck, and he quickly turned off the TV.

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Romantic Confessions With Hank McCoy Would Include ...

Originally posted by markinganx

·         Both of you always pining for each other and stealing glances every chance you get

·         Both of you turning beet red when you catch each other’s eye while staring, leading to Alex constantly teasing Hank about his crush and talking loader about it when you enter the room

·         Hank suddenly going beast mode when you enter the room and decking Alex before shuffling past you embarrassed at his current form

·         Jean hearing everything that is in both of your heads, but its only when you tell her one night how you feel about him that she starts to try and convince you to tell him

·         Jean confiding in Scott that the two of you are exhausting as neither of you is anywhere near confessing to the other

·         Visiting him in his lab, purely for work purposes of course, and you both manage small conversation before his hand brushes against your when taking some papers from you and you’re both looking into each other’s eyes trying to get up the courage to tell each other how you feel but you chicken out

·         Hank looking back down at his paper work and mumbling something about things to do and you scurrying out the door saying you’ll see him at dinner

·         Him getting the courage to ask you to go for a walk with him, on the premise of discussing some amendment’s to cerebo, after a lot of pestering from Alex and even Jean occasionally

·         Being by a secluded part of the lake and Hank is gathering the courage to tell you he loves you when suddenly Kurt and Peter appear out of nowhere, Kurt greeting both of you and chatting and peter smirking  “Sooooo… whatcha doin??”

·         Hank being fed up of always either chickening out or being interrupted.

·         So he steels himself, pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose (because he is adorable), and marches over to where you are at your desk

·         Gulping down his nerves and wringing his slightly sweaty hands together he gets your attention

·         Stumbling through a confession, you looking at him wide eyed, as he rambles and looks anywhere but you.

·         You stopping him by placing your hands on his lapels and making him look at you.

·         Calming him down by gently stroking his cheek, as he evens out his breath and takes both your hands in his

·         Professing that he hasn’t been able to take his eyes off of you since you set foot in the mansion, that he’s grown extremely fond of working alongside you and has grown to love you, stuttering out the last part afraid of your reaction

·         Telling Hank you love him too with a smile spreading across your face

·         Hank bringing his head down to your level and gently nudging your nose with his

·         Pulling Hank that little bit closer with his tie and looking deep into his gorgous eyes as you bring him in for a kiss you’d waited months for





I hope you call enjoy this and please leave feedback and headcannon requests for me :) love you xxx

Meet-Cute #1

RED (Underfell Sans)

Red looked up at you as you were taking someone else’s order. Grillby’s pub was doing well on the surface. So well, in fact, that he had to take on new staff members just to keep up with his increase in regulars. You happened to be one of them. You had been waiting tables and occasionally bussing for a few weeks now, and you had to admit you liked your job more than you thought you would. Everyone here was just so interesting—humans and monsters alike—even if some of your customers weren’t the best tippers. The monster patrons didn’t talk much, but when they did (which was usually after some alcohol entered their system) they practically told you their whole life’s story. You had to cut them off a lot of the time because you had other people to serve, but you really wanted to hear more about what it was like to live in the mountain.

Of all the monsters you had met so far, Red was the most…intriguing. He was here almost every night. Granted, he seemed to be a friend of your boss’, but it still seemed a little strange. Even the barstool he sat on seemed to be reserved for him. You caught his gaze as you went to the bar to ask for a beer on tap. You were used to it at this point, so you just smiled back professionally and turned to look somewhere else as you waited. Other times, when you had the time, you’d break the ice with some humor, which he seemed to appreciate and respond to. Admittedly, he was funny and kind of cute. After giving you what you wanted Grillby glared at Red, leaned over the counter, and nudged him forcefully on the shoulder.

“Hey! You think I don’t see you? Quit ogling at my wait staff.” That seemed to get Red’s attention, as well as some of the other bar-goers.

Unfortunately, it also put a blush on your face, so you quickly turned around to give the beer to a customer. Your boss was very straightforward about things and was never afraid to tell a customer off, even those he knew. You guessed it was an attitude he had to adopt during his time underground.

After delivering the beer you scurried over to the bathroom, which was down a little hallway that was perpendicular to one side of the bar. That seemed to be the penalty for not going before your shift. As soon Grillby thought you were out of earshot, he turned to Red. “Look, Sans, are you just going to stare at them creepily every night, or are you going to ask them out? Because I’m growing really tired of watching you watch them. I’ll even formally introduce them to you myself if it means you’ll stop.”

You were barely down the little corridor when you heard him say that. Your blush returned in full force.

“Nah, that’d put too much pressure on ‘em. ‘Sides, they’re human. Why would they ever wanna go out with a monster like me?” Red replied. Your eyebrows furrowed as you felt a little bit of sympathy for him. You desperately wanted to hear the rest, but your bladder didn’t want to wait for you, so you had no choice but to quit eavesdropping.

When your shift was finally over, and Grillby was out of sight, you tapped Red lightly on the shoulder. You thought about the idea while you were working and had finally decided to give him a chance. You were gonna do it. You had never done this before, but you were gonna do it.

“What do y-?” Red snapped before seeing it was you. “Oh! I’m s-so sorry. I t-thought you were someone else.”

You gave him a patient smile. “It’s alright. I couldn’t really do this when I was working, but, uh, I was wondering if you wanted to get coffee sometime? I know a cute little café not too far from here. My friend actually owns it.”

“Oh, um, sure. That—that sounds nice.” Red replied.

“Cool. I gotta jet, so here’s my number. Call me anytime.” You handed him a sticky note from a stack you had found in the kitchen.

He looked down at it in disbelief, but all he said was, “Okay.”

You smiled triumphantly as you walked away. You were still a little nervous about the idea of going on a date since you were a little rusty, but also excited at the new opportunity. You hoped he would call you soon.