even if he wasn't that great of a player

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  • me, on the inside: how has andres iniesta not won the ballon d'or? i mean. he was came in the top 3 in both 2010 and 2012, both years in which he was an integral part of his international side winning a major tournament. in 2012, he was voted man of the match in 3 of the 6 games he played, including the final to which spain won 4-0 against a strong italian side. he was also voted player of the tournament in a side that featured spanish legends in their prime, such as villa, torres, xabi, xavi, etc. although he wasn't a prolific goalscorer, his impact was still incredible. and in 2010? iniesta and xavi carried spain to the nation's first world cup final. iniesta scored in the dying minutes of the match. and that's not even his job! was voted man of the match. winning international tournaments shouldn't be the end all to rate a player, but it certainly does help. think of zinedine zidane, fabio cannavaro, the ORIGINAL ronaldo. they wouldn't be as highly rated as they are without the world cup trophy to their name. many great players are often overlooked, but this has really bugged me.
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Somehow I don’t doubt that Oharano would make for a great captain when the first years become third years someday. He really knows how to guide the team through his play-making skills, and even supports each teammate in their role.