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↳ 1997.02.18 | happy birthday to the love & light of my life ☀️

Happy belated birthday to you, viria ! Here’s a precious Nico di Angelo for you, hope you like him >.< !!

Len closing his eyes and repeating “no strings on me” with his face falling and his features turning into mild longing literally confirmed Len’s massive crush on Barry


The Greek Hall of Fame: Apollo’s kids. Of course after the mortal Apollo, I had to draw his boys. I’ve been waiting too long to draw my beloved Will, but after reading Trials of Apollo, Austin was just so lovely? :((( Can we discuss the fact that Apollo conceived a child with a guy? HAHAHHA And that he loves his kids so much he kisses them and calls them beautiful (because they are)? Apollo kids should be protected at all cost. They are so precious. <3

you better call Dobby with the good ears

one of my fav things about koga is the fact that even though every time he showed up and had a fight with inuyasha about how kagome was ‘his’ he never actually tried to force her to do anything or stay with him? like he knew kagome wanted to stay with her party and that she was probably better protected with them so he was just like 'yes ok keep safe dear you do you’

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Can we just imagine a world where Kakashi travels back in time, kidnaps Team Seven, and just ventures around the nations with them? Teaches them cool jutsu, how to survive when you have nothing left, how to be happy (even though he wasn't before). Then, they randomly pop in Konoha under really good disguises every now and then just to lowkey troll all the security.




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So it's possible that Zayn reunites with them even if he wasn't happy there? By the way, I believe that Zayn was kicked out of the band and he didn't wanna leave

Not to sound cliché, but anything is possible. ;)

The boys have expressed discontentment with the format of 1D, not the band itself. There’s no doubt the band limited their potential. For all of them. But now with their solo careers they get to do their own thing, things relevant to their interests. In a way, we could see their solos as “side projects”: they do what they want, and come back as a band to make 1D music. They just have to come back as a normal band. No more cranking an album a year, recording on the road, touring non-stop, or not having creative control over their music.

Here I’ll quote dailydoseofziam (back from 2014★):

I think the problem is that the band is like currently pretty much holed up so to speak. They’re not developing to their full potential. Partially it’s because the people that surround them have found cushy jobs, and want to stay and enjoy the benefits, whether it’s in the boys’ interests or not. Partially it’s being stuck in a rut. Obviously there are signs that they’d rather evolve, but it’s just not currently happening like it should. 

And that takes us back to what I find is a legitimate reason for Zayn’s dissatisfaction in the band: they were overworked and had little to no creative control. I mean, we’ve heard about that guy (Julian?) denying Harry the frigging trumpets (or whatever) in a song. Don’t forget that Savan guy trashing Louis★ for refusing to stick to the bubblegum pop forever★. As a group, their dynamics are different, sure. But if they want to focus on their specifics interests, that’s what their solo careers are for?

Mike Shinoda has Fort Minor, and the focus is hip-hop, unlike Linkin Park. But we still have him rapping on LP, don’t we? That’s his contribution to the band. Now imagine Zayn with his love for R&B being time and time again denied to contribute with that because it didn’t “fit” 1D’s sound. I’d be frustrated, too.

In my opinion, there’s really nothing in the way of a reunion. And believe me that if Simon wants that, it will happen. He never misses a chance to make himself look good, anyway. And as much as I would like my boys to have the power to just tell him to sod off, there’s no doubt he has them by the balls. All five of them.

(Contrary to popular belief, Zayn didn’t just wake up one day and told Simon to stick it and walked away. But that’s a whole ‘nother and old discussion.) 



I’d like to just say Sidney is the greatest cause he’s supportive and kind. My old coworker asked to hang out with me and I said sure, Sidney told me it’s a date and this guy definetly likes me (also told me I’m a shitty Gemini and definitely don’t realize when people flirt with me). I didn’t get that vibe at all though.

Anyways I just came back from dinner and that was definetly a date. Come back home to this idiot smiling and asking me how my date went…super excited to marry this fool 🙃

imagine michael washing out his little girl’s hair in the bath. and she’s scared because she’s afraid that it’ll get in her eye and he’s reassuring her over and over again like “it’s okay princess, it says “no tear” right on the bottle! so you’ll be fine!” and she finally lets him put the shampoo in and he gets it in his eye. so michael is running to the sink and splashing water in his eye and his girl is like “are you okay daddy?” and he just smiles at her with a towel pressed over his eye and he’s like “there are no tears, baby! just like i said! it doesn’t even hurt!” and naturally, his daughter wants to put it in her eye because it looks like fun and michael has to grab the bottle out of her hands and the shampoo stays on the top shelf after that.

jeez i think if i ever meet d+p my aim would be to make them laugh like i literally just wanna bring a big grin to their faces and hear them do a silly natural laugh because they’ve made me laugh/very happy so many times ahhughgufhg