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I’m not sure how to do explain it but its like… I think I don’t have a total grasp on Harry Potter’s personality bc all he really did was react to whatever the plot threw at him if that makes sense?? Like he said whatever the plot needed him to say and acted how the plot needed him to act but it never really felt like he was doing it at his own accord?? I love the HP series to death but I think it’s bc its focus was on story and not so much character imo. or maybe bc Harry was someone who was a little too perfect. We get to see Hermione’s “bossy” side and we see how others call her a know-it-all but we also see how she’s smart and logical. She has her own voice. Ron too, had flaws and good traits and his own voice but I can never pinpoint who Harry really is for some reason and idk why.

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Name: Marwa

Nickname: mares mostly lmao

Height: 5'2

Ethnicity: parents are both lebanese

Favorite Fruit(s)/Berries: mangos, bananas, blueberries, pineapples

Favorite Season: spring/autumn

Favorite Book(s): the awakening, a secret history, gathering blue, all of tracy chevalier’s books

Favorite Flower(s): honeysuckles 

Favorite Animal(s): all da amimals

Favorite Beverage: water, raspberry iced tea/lemonade bruh fuck me upppppp

Favorite Fictional Character: don’t even make me start right now THE CHOCOBROS, LARA CROFT, TIFA, LIGHTNING, MOTHERFUCKIGN BALTHIER, HANDSOME JACK, and my new wife ALOYYYYYYYYYYYY

Number of Blankets: 1, only ever need my blankie

Dream Trip: Italy, anywhere with a jungle

Blog Created: oh boy it’s been a few years lmao. may of 2012 HOLY SHITTTTT 5 YEARS. ive lost 5 years of my life to this hellscape

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Can we talk about how Isak was probably all sad and alone on his birthday last year? How he had probably just moved out of the basement and finally into Kollektivet after Noora left for London?
Can we talk about how he was probably terrified because he was all alone for the first time in his life and he had just turned 17 and his mother wasn’t doing too good? Can we talk about about how he had just cut ties with his old self and was getting caught in an endless circle of self-loathing?
Can we talk about how he was probably lonely and confused and in denial, how he was probably repressing his feelings and his attraction to boys? Can we talk about how he probably felt like he couldn’t be himself because he didn’t know himself enough, because he didn’t know he was capable of being so full of love and compassion?

That same boy is now celebrating his birthday with the man of his dreams in the comfort of their home 💛 That same boy loves himself now and loves others and loves his boyfriend and has a heart so big so so big that radiates love and care and compassion. That same boy is no longer afraid. That same boy has found his center and his home.

Happy birthday Isak Valtersen 💛🎉

unpopular opinion

lesbians who refer to fictional characters or even celebrities as their husband/loves/boyfriend/babe etc, whether joking or in seriousness, or have male idols, are still lesbians and are 100% valid and real and are never doing it for attention stop gatekeeping lesbians let us have fun

10 reasons why self-shipping is good

1. It helps people who have a low sense of self-worth and makes them see themselves through the eyes of someone who would stick by them no matter what.

2. It’s a valid form of self-love.

3. People can use it as a coping method (example: someone still living in an abusive household and are unable to escape so they take solace in their favorite fictional world), or as a simple comfort method.

4. It can literally save lives.

5. There is no risk of infidelity, heartbreak, or even abuse and venereal diseases.

6. People can be legitimately attracted to fictional characters.

7. There’s no obligation to disregard your own feelings just to keep them happy or sacrifice important ambitions to stay with them.

8. Some people use the idea that their fave will be proud of them if they reach a certain goal as motivation.

9. For some people, self-shipping can help them find themselves.

10. It’s 100% harmless.

Oh, and contrary to what antis believe, self-shippers actually CAN distinguish reality from fiction, so miss us with that tired old argument.

Y’all acting like predicting an alien threat to MCU’s Earth is some wildly amazing thing that no one could do unless they were ‘paranoid’! 

Aliens have already attacked! They actually attacked out of a big giant hole in the sky! And they whooped our asses but for the grace of six people, some really brave police/firemen, and a re-directed nuke. We also have big shiny fuck-off energy stones all around our earth that are clearly not from around here that people keep fighting over, and we know that Loki wasn’t acting alone.

Tony was the only one who saw the full might of what one attack brought, Tony is the only one beside Thor (and Fury) that is appreciating just what kind of force could be brought to bear against Earth, but Tony has apparently informed these suckers multiple times about what they’re up against and nobody chose to listen. Also Tony, “The Futurist is here!”, Tony Stark, Actual Genius, has been established as hyper-vigilant about future threats, both homegrown and far-flung.

Tony already had a plan in place for preparing for extraterrestrial threats before Wanda fucked with his head and before the Mind Stone fucked with Ultron that wasn’t ready for implementation but was a big idea in his head. “But his PTSD just made him paranoid” yes his PTSD is a big part of his character, so thrilled you finally noticed, he still did it and no one else did and this has been established for multiple movies so take your L and piss off.

skam characters tag game

tag these names and let tumblr fill in from tags you have written in the past. either pick the first one or you favourite one. skip the name if you have none:

“Sana…” “Elias…” “Yousef…” Mutta, Adam, Mikael, Noora, Eva, Vilde, Chris, Isak, Even, Mahdi, Jonas, Magnus, Sara, Ingrid, Laila, Jamilla, Mari, Eskild, Linn, William (any version of his name)

I had a very interesting discussion about theater and film the other day. My parents and I were talking about Little Shop of Horrors and, specifically, about the ending of the musical versus the ending of the (1986) movie. In the musical, the story ends with the main characters getting eaten by the plant and everybody dying. The movie was originally going to end the same way, but audience reactions were so negative that they were forced to shoot a happy ending where the plant is destroyed and the main characters survive. Frank Oz, who directed the movie, later said something I think is very interesting:

I learned a lesson: in a stage play, you kill the leads and they come out for a bow — in a movie, they don’t come out for a bow, they’re dead. They’re gone and so the audience lost the people they loved, as opposed to the theater audience where they knew the two people who played Audrey and Seymour were still alive. They loved those people, and they hated us for it.

That’s a real gem of a thought in and of itself, a really interesting consequence of the fact that theater is alive in a way that film isn’t. A stage play always ends with a tangible reminder that it’s all just fiction, just a performance, and this serves to gently return the audience to the real world. Movies don’t have that, which really changes the way you’re affected by the story’s conclusion. Neat!

But here’s what’s really cool: I asked my dad (who is a dramaturge) what he had to say about it, and he pointed out that there is actually an equivalent technique in film: the blooper reel. When a movie plays bloopers while the credits are rolling, it’s accomplishing the exact same thing: it reminds you that the characters are actually just played by actors, who are alive and well and probably having a lot of fun, even if the fictional characters suffered. How cool is that!?

Now I’m really fascinated by the possibility of using bloopers to lessen the impact of a tragic ending in a tragicomedy…

  • me, an actual bisexual: I'm excited about this one character being confirmed bi because it's nice to have fictional characters I can relate to, even if their sexuality isn't a big deal in their story.

the women are the strong ones, truly. (insp. x)

What your Harry Potter OTP says about you:

Romione: You’re loyal and kind. You may be a bit of a romantic, even if only for characters in books. You will protect Ron and Hermione, as a ship and even just as characters, until the end of time. Very protective of fictional characters in general. Likes to refer to things as “My son/daughter” even if they’re like 43. You were probably very unhappy about the movie kiss scene.

Hinny: You’re brave and will defend your favorite ANYTHING to the death. Conventional, but maybe only because you’re stubborn. The older sibling of your friend group who is serious and mature, but would probably buy the younger ones alcohol and throw an awesome party. You love Ginny more than life, and weep sometimes at how she was written in the movies.

Dromione: It’s canon in your eyes. You probably tend to have a lot of “fanon” OTPs unfortunately. The yin/yang dynamic is your weakness. You see the good in everyone and have few very close friends, but you trust them completely. You have seen and probably regularly think about Dramione AMVs. You will ship it until you die.

Drarry: You read a lot of fanfiction. You probably even write a lot of fanficiton (We all know it’s smutty too just own it). You’re an expert at reading between the lines. You, like the Romione shippers, are rather romantic, although it’s hidden under a colder exterior. They DEFINITELY love each other. You will ship it in the afterlife.

Harmony: You shipped them, even as a child which might explain why you are so dedicated to them and why when you have a crush, you crush HARD. While not as romantic as Romiones, you’re are intelligent and believe that the best kind of relationships are slow, steady, and bud from mutual respect and friendship. You also have probably dreamed about owning a library.

Snilly: You weren’t loved enough as a child.

Jilly: Get outta here with that weak ass teen romance shit. Marriage AUs are your favorite and you’re a firm believer that if you can’t imagine your OTP bitterly assembling Ikea furniture together, than they probably aren’t your OTP. You’re compassionate and gentle. Probably the mom of your friend group.

Deamus: You are the funniest person in a lot of peoples’ lives. You’re spunky and maybe a bit of a bro when it comes to people you care about. It’s not that you’re bad at affection, but “I love you” is usually followed by “Bruh” or something like that. It’s canon. Everyone knows it. But you ALWAYS knew it.

Nuna: You live for fluffy fanfiction because that’s basically all your ship is. The last twenty minutes of the movie was just one big Nuna fanfiction and you’re fine with that. It’s the only change they made for the movie that you’re 100% ok with. You’re funny, charming and you’re friends with pretty much everyone you meet.

Wolfstar: You read more fanfiction than Drarry shippers. Or at least, you would, if there were any.

Snarry/Snamione: The creepy uncle that everyone knows, but never talks about.

Huna: You’re a dreamer. You’re the softest of the shippers, silently knowing that yours is the best, but you won’t brag about it.

Ronks: Everything about the way their relationship was portrayed in the movie pissed you off. Like Jilly shipper, except more emotional and like 6 times more deadly. Your favorite AUs are the ones where your OTP literally is just still alive.

Fremione: Like Romione, except you cry a lot more. You ok over there?

ive noticed a thing on this website (and in a lot of social justice spaces in general) where people are more focused on making themselves look good by announcing their stance against, like, shitty groups (like terfs and nazis, which is popular here in particular) and make/add onto posts like “reblog to punch a nazi” or “reblog to make a terf angry” and such, but they dont really do much to like……. uplift or rally for or even really discuss their support for OR the discrimination happening against, yknow, the groups actually affected by, say, terfs and nazis.

i see people on here talking about hating terfs all the time but rarely show any support for actual trans women (and also thinking terfs are the end-all, be-all of transphobia, and that transmisogyny doesnt take other forms which MANY of us are complicit in as well, even if it might not be consciously), and as a jewish person myself, i remember seeing dozens of posts about punching or killing nazis after the richard spencer thing, or the captain america thing, but i rarely see anyone but other jews actually uhhh discussing actual antisemitism and the actual, real, tangible damage nazis are doing and have done to people like me and other minority groups

people who were happy to talk about how much they hated nazis because it was cool at the moment or it was about a fictional character didnt even touch upon antisemitism or jewish people, and now that its not as topical anymore, it DEFINITELY isnt being talked about outside of largely jewish or rromani circles

like yeah of course assholes like transmisogynists and neo-nazis shouldnt have a platform and of course people SHOULD be opposed to them, but patting yourself on the back for barely even doing the bare ass minimum and then not doing anything to show solidarity for the groups who are hurt by the hateful folk yall claim to be opposed to? embarrassing 


Reaction no. 254: When your friend says that you can’t marry a fictional character, because he is not real 

one of the best things about korrasami is how korra describes asami as a ‘prissy, beautiful, elegant, rich girl’ in book 1 and then not a few short episodes later tells asami ‘I had you pegged wrong. I thought you were kind of prissy’ but there’s no take-backs on calling asami beautiful