even i was getting a tiny bit emotional and that's a big deal

possible warning for long post! and #rvb season 15 spoilers maybe

“Happy birthday, Isaac. Daddy sure does love his little big man.” -Horizon: Zero Dawn

dont let the quote fool you, this is about Lavernius Tucker and Michael J Caboose.

Caboose totally thinks of Tucker as his dad.

After Junior was born Tucker had was obvious a father, right, but Caboose tends to confuse things that get even slighty complicated. So Tucker being a dad became Tucker Is A Dad became Tucker-Dad - whose dad? a dad has to be someone’s dad. my dad? …my dad- became Dad Tucker and finally just (Dad) Tucker.

These two are the only original BGC blues left after (a year each season? 15 years?!???) all these years and they’ve clearly developed a strong friendship especially in recent seasons but in Caboose’s mind I think it’s more than that.

Caboose’s opinion on Tucker never seems to really stick because while he was initially competing for Church’s attention, Tucker has proven himself to be a consistent and caring presence in his life unlike Church and even Wash. Tucker’s still mean to him but it lacks the disdain and heat from earlier, and at this point when Caboose says he doesn’t like Tucker its just reflex from so many years and for Caboose adaptation is hard.

When Caboose was reassigned the new Blue Team didn’t know how to handle him and he killed/hurt a bunch of them so they locked him up. Jones still got killed but I think thats getting into the darker side of Caboose of which no one in fandom speaks. (we should tho I think Miles Luna said he was a nearly unhinged murderer or something? and thats terrifying based on what we know but it could…get worse?)

Caboose listens to Tucker when he knows its important and Tucker cares about Caboose. When Epsilon!Tex was kicking their asses and Tucker told Caboose to help him, he immediately did. But even before that he saved him without being prompted. When fighting the Meta, Tucker ordered him to stay away and to “try not to kill, [Epsilon] on accident” and Caboose just said “okay!” even though, strength-wise, Caboose could have physically fought Maine on more even footing than anyone else. Whether Caboose has the martial arts knowledge to have a Fight Scene is debatable I think, but its a clear indicator that Tucker doesn’t want him to potentially get hurt regardless.

After being without a team at Valhalla, there is no way Caboose didn’t stick to Tucker’s side (and Wash’s) and try to make up for lost time. He tried to build himself a friend (a body for Epsilon) because he was lonely. He got Sarge and Grif to help him find Tucker because he was lonely. He wanted Tucker around. If he didn’t, he could have just stayed in his base with Donut as his “prisoner” or have tried to play with the Reds. Instead he went and found his friend (and still got Epsilon a body and got two friends). He probably spent days living on top of Tucker and literally sleeping on top of him so he couldn’t get reassigned in a dream and leave or something because Caboose is like that. Caboose didn’t want to end up somewhere they’d just lock him up again (and i’m willing to bet they mistreated him a bit as revenge) and don’t know how to handle him. He probably had nightmares and Tucker had to pull double duty comforting Caboose when he was dealing with Wash too. Tucker would warm up milk and put a big marshmellow in it (because he found out the hard way that the little ones can be a choking hazard for Caboose), wrapped him in a weighted blanket, and talk with him until he fell asleep, calling him Mikey and petting his hair. Tucker knows how to care for Caboose as his friend but I think also as a psuedo-parent.

GoodDad!Tucker tried to be the best father he could for Junior, and a key skill parents have to have is patience. Caboose requires patience not just because he can be obnoxious but also because words, especially difficult concepts, and strong emotions can overwhelm him. Omega scarred and damaged his brain and he progressively worsened over time (i know the writers said it was for comedic effect). He doesn’t understand things and needs them explained many, many, many times. If he doesn’t get closure (mostly from Church’s dissappearences apparently) he sinks into depression and tries to distract himself with busy work (trying to build a body for Epsilon, digging through rubble to unleash a mechanical pet that he spent a lot of time “training” and making a tiny sombrero for). When Wash semi-fixes his helmet, Tucker is the one to fix his visor which begs the question, how did Tucker know how to do that when I-built-a-capture-unit-Wash couldn’t figure it out? Answer: because he’s done it before.

Tucker is the one that explains thing for him, who helps him remember to do what he would forget. Caboose likes routine- he likes when things go back to being the way they are (at a given moment). I would bet money that Tucker has a routine for Caboose to follow every morning and every night. A specific step-by-step deal: wake up, brush you teeth, try not to kill anyone while you’re brushing you teeth, change from pjs into clothes, no you can’t wear your pjs under your suit you’ll over-heat, etc. Caboose knows it so well muscle memory does most of it for him so he doesnt get lost in remembering a step and if he does Tucker knows- Tucker is ancient. Too old to be Church’s best friend- that’s me. So after years together Tucker has to have developed the patience of a saint but also a method of caring for his big, slow friend who just needs a little help sometimes. and that’s something Caboose will have noticed.

Caboose is clumsy and breaks things. His helmet is high on the list of things he could break, and given his refusal to change helmets, it must have been very old and required maintainence for visor upgrades or seal re-fittings or what have you. Alpha!Church was terrible at most things involving hand eye coordination and at being an AI so he wouldn’t have been much help, and Caboose has/had (is it still a thing?) a rivalry with Lopez so only Tucker was left as an option. and much like a parent sewing up their kid’s torn stuffed animal as the kid sniffled by their side, so too did Tucker repair Caboose’s helmet.

Tucker tries to give advice as the self-proclaimed “love doctor”- as enbarassingly as any parent asking you “whats the haps” or “w-t-f. why the face” (dad!tucker for me is a lot like phil dunphy). Tucker’s word is law. In a “while you live in my house you live by my rules” sort of way, what he says goes. Stay where its safe and dont get shot. Dont shoot me or anybody else this early in the morning. Yes, fine, we can keep the ex-Freelancer but you’re walking him and cleaning any wet stains in the carpet and if i find any hairballs i swear to god. (if Freckles didn’t have guns he’d’ve been all over that).

and Caboose acts like a teen who says “i hate you” but means “i love you” instead. When Tucker nags him now its probably “take the pills Grey gave you” or “dont run around the pool” and “run AROUND the pool damn it, its on FIRE! NO NOT THE SLIDE ITS PLASTIC AND FULL OF FUMES” and “put your crayons away AND wash your hands and you’ll maybe find a cookie on you plate dude” like. Tucker has clearly come to care so much for Caboose, especially in s15 i swear imma cry.

Tucker has even been more consistent in his behavior than Wash. Carolina rolled on in and Wash stepped back in line with her for a while, scaring the RedsandBlues. Even separated on Chorus, Tucker was with him. Tucker was by Caboose and on his side the entire time. Tucker was reassigned to the desert and had to go. Even when Omega!Caboose was threatening him, Tucker didn’t leave Blue Base.

Tucker has never abandoned or left Caboose by his own volition. Tucker looks out for him physically, mentally, and emotionally. Tucker is who Caboose turns to when he wants permission for a pet, to fix the boo-boo on his helmet, and to comfort him when he’s feeling low. Caboose realizes it on some deeply buried level that Tucker ISN’T his actual dad but has assumed a father-like role, and remained steadfast and loyal while in that role just by caring about Caboose. so in his head whenever he addresses him his mind goes, (Dad), but his mouth says, Tucker.

Wash is Team Dad but Tucker is The Dad on the team.

i have so many feelings. do my boys justice. where all the fics at? more caboose/tucker friendship and family fics for 2017 please. tucker taking care of caboose. caboose appreciating and loving tucker. please. even just brotherly-fluff. im deprived.

i swear i start these intending to make a paragraph and instead write a fic outline.

[PART 1] PART 2![PART 3]…alphabetical by author…

((i was forced to copy/pasted four of the descriptions because they were better than anything i could come up with lol))

You Are A Paradigm by 1electricpirate


AU potterLock - Sherlock is his usual over curious self and John is secretly a wizard, the main story takes place mostly at 221b.

magic, fluff, smut, relationship plot, (The interaction between John and Charlie Weasly are pure gold and Sherlock’s curiosity is insatiable) (its mostly fluff and magic fun)

The Lights Are On by AmandaDBone


John and Sherlock accidentally touch lips during a case but John can’t get it out of his head and he wants to try a real kiss…

fluff, smut, and Flufff, oh yah! and FLUFF! (this is too adorable and then smutty. gloriously realistic fumbling sex ensues and its fantastic)

When Jealousy Becomes The Factor by Belladonna_Q


AU Omegaverse - Omega!John flirting with EVERYONE to see if it will make Alpha!Sherlock jealous and get him to finally make a move; it works and angry possessive bonding sex ensues (John loves it)

smut, omegaJohn, alphaLock, (it has a couple of weird phrases durung the smut that I had to ignore but over all its a fffffffffuck hot fic)(also its deliciously possessive)

I’m Not Actually A Pervert by dorothydonne


John pays for a peep show but as the screen raises someone in the next box over guides him to use the glory hole between them.

smut, nothing more than smut, …a tiny tiny amount of case fic, (not something I normally would be interested in but turns out its rather fun) (no matter what john thinks, he totally is a bit of a pervert lol)

Hindsight by LapisLazuli


Sherlock is seriously injured during a case. John is there to support him as he struggles to cope with the changes this injury causes to his life. Despite set-backs, this new found level of intimacy gradually draws them even closer together, bringing their already close relationship to the next level.

fluff, relationship plot, angst, (Oh my gosh SO CUTE!!!! THE FLUFF!!!!!!!)

Up Against The Wall by LapisLazuli


John drags Sherlock out too the pub with him and some friends, Sherlock doesn’t like how John ignores him…John makes it up to him in the alleyway

smut, fluff, a tiny amountt off character plot (fffffffuck hot smut)

Omega Squared by Meowbowwow


AU Omegaverse - John and sherlock have been together for only a short while and never shared a heat together, Sherlock has big plans for their first time.

smut, fluff, relationship plot, omegaJohn, omegaLock, (yep both omega), (its like Meow says, its glorious filthy smut and its fffffuck hot)

Safe Distance by merripestin


Sherlock comes back from the dead and John reacts by falling into bed with him but he didnt take into account his struggle with his sexuality and Sherlock for his part is only just beginning to feel strong emotions and learning to categorize and deal with them.

fluff, case fic, smut, emotional manipulation, relationship plot, (its a bit fucked up and extremely angsty at times but its a Good story and when John and Sherlock stop freaking out long enough they haves some mindblowingly good sex) (the cases are really interesting too)

Better Than The Best Dream by Mount_Seleya


Sherlock basically tricks John to walk in on him while ‘taking care of himself’ on the sofa “for a case” and it leads to …well you know.

smut, pretty much just smut (the end is great XD) (also if you miss the banter from s1 & s2 this one does this really well)

Any Friend Of Yours Is Hardly A Friend Of Mine by SealandRocks


AU teenLock - Sherlock is a student at college living temporarily with his brother in an apartment in London. When Mycroft brings his friend John over to hang out Sherlock is intrigued to say the least.

fluff, smut, relationship plot, (this is super cute and then at the end super smutty that last a rather long time)

LHR-HNL by scullyseviltwin


Sherlock is obsessed with getting a floral sample only available in Hawaii and even tho Sherlock is there to work John is determined to have a glorious vacation.

fluff, Fluff, FLUFF, smut, relationship plot, (so freakin soppy smoopy cute and then ridiculously dime book romance novel but that’s ok cause its totally adorable and it makes you feel really good. Super happy feels!)

Wasted Hours by songlin


AU Omegaverse - John is respectful. John keeps his distance. He doesn’t look at Sherlock when Sherlock decides trousers are for dull people. He doesn’t breathe in and savor it when Sherlock flings himself onto the couch first thing in the morning, wafting alpha scent, dressing gown settling around him in a cloud of blue silk. He doesn’t linger when he’s piecing Sherlock back together after a fight, even though he’s half-dressed and beautiful and right there.

He can ignore it. He can control it.

smut, fluff, omegaJohn, alphaLock, (deliciously posessive) (there are no warnings other than its omagaverse so obviously john acts like and omega and sherlock an alpha… its filthy porn) :3

Five Times by strangegibbon

johnlock, SebastianWilkes/Sherlock, VictorTrevor/Sherlock

AU teenLock but later older and at 221b - A short journey through Sherlock’s life from the perspective of five times he came in his pants and one time …

relationship plot, angst, fluff, (I like the back story for Sherlock in this fic)

Perfectly Okay With It by SuperWhoAvengeTrekLock


AU Omegaverse - Sherlock rushes John out the door for a case but John doesn’t realize he forgot to take his suppressants until its too late. Sherlock then helps him with that…

smut, fluff, omegaJohn, alphaLock, (its the usual omegafic but its fuck hot and totally satisfying! also the ending is super cute!)

Spoils Of War by sweetcupncakes


John is cleaning his gun and all Sherlock wants is for Captain John to push him up against the wall and fuck him.

military kink, smut, CaptainJohn, fluff, (…kind of fluff…a little fluff…mostly smut), (the fic description makes it seem like gun play but its definitely not) (its fffffuck hot smut)

The Gift That Keeps On Giving by thisprettywren


For some reason that Sherlock has yet to figure out, John has informed everyone they know that Sherlock wants ties or this birthday this year.

smut, (fun time smut with ties)

The Thing Is by TSylvestris


Sherlock makes an agreement with john that he no longer when he is angry at him and is always available for cases and in return Sherlock will be his boyfriend but the problem is, John wasn’t even there when Sherlock was talking to him about this…

smut, fluff, case fic, relationship plot, psychological manipulation, (it starts out a normal relationship get together fic but then suddenly CRIME and its way intense case fic government espionage plot and Sherlock is a complete fucking twat and John is angry and its awesome)(the writing style is so fucking witty and I love it hard)

The Subversive Potential of Gender Transgression, Or: Goddamnit, Sherlock, Stop Drugging My Drinks by trashyfiction


AU Omegaverse - For a case, Sherlock needs to see if he can make a drug that can override heat suppressants and make an omega go into heat immediately. He plans to test it on himself but things rarely go according to plan at Baker Street.

smut, omegaLock, omegaJohn, (thats right both omega), dubcon (only slight dubcon cause he drug John but sherlock already knows what John will let him do and what he wont) (John loves it)

Omega’s Lament by tunteeton (this is a series)

johnlock, holmescest

AU omegaverse - Sherlock is already bonded. Now that he lives at 221b, all he wants is John, bond or not.

non con, angst, fluff, smut, relationship plot, omegaLock, alphaJohn, alphaMycroft, holmescest (The Holmescest is quite distressing and rather more descriptive than I would have preferred and definitely non con but it is there to tell the story and it makes Sherlock’s story even more tragic), (definitely read the tags from the author before jumping in on this one to make sure you are ok with it) ((the third chapter is the incest and you can probably skip it if you wanted but its important to the plot)) ((its a damn good fic even with all the distressing tags and warning))

What Meets the Eye by worldaccordingtofangirls


Sherlock gets in an accident and looses his memory but instead of telling anyone that he has amnesia he decides he will just deduce everything. …and he deduces that John is his husband.

fluff, adorable fluff, tiny bit of angst but the fluff is too strong, and Sherlock is a dummiehead, FREAKING CUTE!

Title: Valentines and Denial (Part 3)

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Pairing: Ladynoir with a bit of Marichat mixed in (no Adrinette interaction this time, sorry!)

Word count: 1728 these things just keep getting longer

Inspired by this post by @lilacblossoms

I think I have become a permanent tenant of Ladybug hell. (Part 1 | Part 2)

It wasn’t fair that she was the one whose heart was pounding so hard it felt like it was about to burst.


“So, kitty, have you done anything about the girl you mentioned yet?”

Chat whipped his head around to stare at Ladybug with eyes the size of saucers. “What?” He sounded startled and more than a little horrified that she was asking.

Ladybug waved a hand. “You know. The girl you told me about last week. The one who wrote you a love letter?” Part of her couldn’t believe she was asking this. But Chat hadn’t made mention of the girl for a week, and Ladybug was beginning to wonder if he had made some sort of progress. The thought made her heart sink every time she thought about it, to the point where she couldn’t help but ask.

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Project  Clean Up ( C.U) a.k.a See you 

So lately  I’ve been noticing that my lifestyle has been pretty crappy.
I missed so many days in school since I caught a cold 3 times in a row.
Another thing is that I’m always tired and out of energy even though I barely move. And if I do something its most of the time surfing on the internet.
Way too much time online while not really accomplishing anything. Thats gotta change quickly so I thought, why not making it a thing online?

Basically what this project is about:

  • Shut down from the online world and get real
  • Pimp your body up
  • Figure stuff out and get your shit together
  • sharpen your mind

Day A (Kick-off):

  • Throw out your smartphone.
    Not literally but today it is your challenge to keep that thing away. I know you smartass got a back up full of excuses why you have to use it but nah. I recommend the app off time ( you set your time and every app you choose will be blocked if your nasty hands dare to try open it). Most of us are straining their eyes too much by spending hours focusing on that teeny tiny lil screen. The eyes get dry and are less flexible and with the time your vision gets blurry. It won’t hurt to lessen your time online a bit.

  • Is it possible to whip out a cake out of no where?
    No. In order to bake a nice cake you first have to read the recipe. Pay attention to the amount of each ingredient. Make sure to use the right techniques so it won’t end up in a total mess. Double check by peeking at the instructions.
    You can’t skip a step.
    Now take out your planner/ journal or whatever you prefer and plan out the next weeks. Create small mindmaps for each big assignment you’ll have to deal with and split it up into smaller and smaller tasks. Your daily to-do lists are your recipe with the ingredients. The plan to have an overview over the weeks are your instructions. Be strict to yourself. I agree that there are mulitple different study techniques all over the place. And thats wonderful. However you are the one making the first step. So if you lack motivation and dedication its not going to work.

  • Set up a queue on your blog. It would be ideal if you could just cut out every ‘‘dangerous’‘ distraction.

Day B (add some more goals to spice it up):

  • Pick out one sports activity you want to do. Its totally fine if you’re just following a workout video in your own room. But get active. Move. Open the window and let some fresh air in. Take a walk early in the morning before starting your working session. It’s good for your heart and to get blood pumpin through your veins.

  • During this long period you can pick out a book you’ve been wanting to read and write down some random topics you’re interested in. At the evening or on the weekend you can watch a documentary about those topics while having a break. Its a nice option to rest a bit but still keeping your brain awake.

  • For these weeks pick out one or two things that you haven’t been practicing lately. Something you are really passionate about and something you want to improve in aside from studies or work.
    In my case its drawing and playing the piano.
    Maybe you haven’t been writing on your own stories lately? There’s a layer of dust on your chess board? Try it again. The emotions you experience while getting lost in something you love to do is as close to pure magic as it can get.

Now you can set your C.U. period. The rules are to keep your strict schedule. Use every minute wisely and give out your 100%.

As for me I am going to set it for 1 and a half month. The only reason why I would appear on tumblr is to post some pictures but other than that I really need a time out.

Healing time for body and mind

  • Set some goals in terms of eating as well. Tame your sweet tooth and your cravings for junk food a bit. The food is not going to run away. Since I did experience some phases with eating disorders (anorexia and binge eating) I can not stress enough how important it is to be aware about what you are giving and doing to your body. Reward your body with something fresh, something nutritious but also reward yourself with small snacks here and there. Moderation is the key.

  • Eat slowly. Take your time to chew properly. As soon as you do that most of you will catch yourself having the habit to swallow down everything faster than your brain can register.
    Drink an apropriate amount of water. Hydration will not only benefit your skin but also keep you energized through out the day.

  • Get enough sleep. That is the time your body can regenerate and prepare for the next day. Don’t turn the night into your day. It will damage your health more than most of you’d think. Even though I know a lot of you have sacrificed your sleep in order to study - don’t. Risking your health should never be an option.
    Set a time. 30 minutes before that clean up everything, pack things for the next day and start to cool down.

  • Take care of your skin/ hair etc. If you have accomplished many things at the end of the week you can stroll through some drug stores and buy some stuff if you like to. A nice shampoo. Try out a new cleanser. Get some face masks or essential oils. It is never wrong to have some me-time. For me it has rather proven to boost your motivation and the ability to focus.
    These pamper sessions are a great way to compensate stress and just as important as raw work.

You are capable of achieving so much more than you think so gear up and be the best possible version of yourself

Carmilla Rock Band AU: Tell The World

I’m Coming Home. 

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 Part 5 / Part 6 


“Hey ba-”


Carmilla winced, pulling her phone away from her ear for a moment to recover.

“Well I’m out of the bathroom if that’s what you’re asking”


She waited for a few moments of silence until a faded and even slightly static song began to play. Carmilla blinked once, realizing the sound coming from her phone was in fact one of her own songs that she wrote not too long ago that would be on their next album.

Which meant it wasn’t technically out to the public yet, they were careful with it being leaked and downloaded illegally and only the radio stations had it and….


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