even hungover he is a babe


-facetimes when he’s on tour but no too often bc jetlag

-he’d “babe” you a lOT.

-always texting you even when you’re in the same room

-a cranky asshole when hungover or in the mornings

-not a morning person at all and sometimes he’s accidentally take that out on you

-”can we have another lizard babe?” “no” “pleeease he’s so cuteee”

-he would be very shy at first but months later he couldn’t stop talking

-he would take you lots of pictures and add snapchat filters on your face

-you asking yourself why the fuck are you in love with that idiot

- 90% of all your dates would probably be netflix and chill or just a nap of 4 hours

-he’d shout at you when you fight and his neck vein would explodE and obviously you shout at him back

-the boys making fun of how their little con has a girlfriend and he would blush and “fuck off guys”

-when he’s drunk he’d be very funny, always laughing and screaming and swearing

-he would write a song about you (and obviously the boys would make fun of it)

- he’d be the most annoying drunk ever, after the party when you two get home he’d be like “baaaabe i love youuu” and “i dont want to sleep yet” and “you look very sexy let’s kiss” and obviously “I’m hungry can you bring me some chips, love?”

-always trying to make you laugh

-lots of cuddles because you two loves them

-neck kisses

-you tracing his tattoo

-him being home from tour would mean that he’d stay in bed for three days straight and he make you staying in bed with him

-both of you being too lazy to cook most of the time

-he’d buy you cute gifts from around the world now and then (and sometimes he forget about them in the hotel room bc hey he’s human and he forget things)

-he’d be very shy when in interviews ask about girlfriends bc he and the rest of the boys can’t talk about it

-but he would like and rt your tweets

-he would love to kiss you and bite you and you two would end up with your lips all red but who cares

-sometimes he would be super cute and sweet and cheesy even if it’s not his type

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"Mmm, you’re warm.” CALUMMMM

Ahhhh sorry this took so long!!!


“Its my birthday tomorrow.”

Calum looked down at his girlfriend with an amused smile. “Did you think I forgot?”

She lifted a hand to smack him from where she was laid across his chest. “No,” she laughed. “But that means it’s my turn to get smashed, Cal, and have you take care of me for once.”

Her boyfriend scoffed. “You never have to take care of me when I’m drunk.” She whipped her head up to look at him with raised eyebrows, and he squeezed the hand that was interlaced with hers over her shoulder, unable to keep a straight face. “Alright, alright.”

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Surprise || Diall

It’d been a long and rowdy weekend for Nialler. He was exhausted and felt like he’d been hungover for a week straight even though he’d most likely been drunk for a week straight. After all the Master’s celebrations, he washed up and checked out of his hotel room and flew to LA. After landing and picking up some gifts for his girlfriend, he made his way home and opened the garage door. He pulled his car in and got out, leaving all his luggage and stuff for later, only bringing in her flowers, chocolates, and their dinner he picked up. “Babe?!” He hollered loudly so he wouldn’t scare her at all. He walked in and saw her in the kitchen. “Hi baby doll. Surprise.” He smiled fondly, setting everything down and walking over to her, wrapping his arms tightly around her and just holding her close. “I missed you so much, beautiful.” He said in her ear as he took in her essence, turning his head in to kiss the top of her head. 

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53 with Derek lol? Love your writing btw :) x

53. “Did you just quote Nicki Minaj?”

“I’m… just gonna go.” I said, keeping my shit together before I was going to beat the crap out of my boyfriend.

Last night he thought I’d be funny to take shots out of some girls’ boobs, who weren’t mine. “Come on babe, you didn’t even complain when I did that last night.”

“Because I was off this damn world.” I said while rubbing my hungover head.

“What happened to the y/n last night?”

I sighed, grabbed my bag and headed to the door. “Okay, okay. I’m sorry, baby.” He groaned behind me.

I opened the door, but it quickly closed closed by the arm that was lingering over my head. “I’m not living if you’re not by my side.” Derek whispered.

“Derek…” I started off, “did you just quote Nicki Minaj?” I said while turning around.

He tried to keep his laugh in but then laughed out loud. “I’m sorry, the song has been stuck in my head the entire day.”

I pursed my lips, trying to keep my laugh in. “You fucking dipshit.” I laughed.

Written in honor of Draco Malfoy’s 35th birthday, and dedicated to my darling mangoapplepie who needs some fluff right now. (photos are not mine)

Harry enters the bedroom quietly, hovering the tray of coffee and croissants to the nightstand. Smiling, he notices Draco has kicked off the covers since he left the bed, and he takes a moment to admire his boyfriend in the soft morning light. They’d all thrown Draco a wild birthday party the night before, mostly coordinated by Pansy and Hermione, who were quite dangerous when they combined their efforts. There had been loud music, lots of friends, and a terrifying amount of alcohol. He’d been sure to set a Tempus Charm for the morning, so he could sneak out to Draco’s favorite bakery and get some breakfast and flowers. Setting down a handful of white gerbera daisies on the pillow next to Draco, Harry leans over to press a kiss to a pale shoulder.

Draco stirs and moans loudly. “What did you let me do?” Stifling a laugh, Harry nuzzles the blond hair. This is why he made sure to not drink too much last night. He knew Draco would be horribly hungover from the outrageous amount of firewhiskey he consumed.

“Happy Birthday, babe,” Harry murmurs, pushing Draco’s hair out of his face. His boyfriend rolls over to glare at him with bloodshot eyes.

“You arse. I can’t believe-” he stops when he notices the daisies, and his eyes soften. Draco loves daisies, even though he often pretends to be above ‘such a common flower.’ "You’re such a sap,“ he declares, but Harry can hear the teasing love hidden in his haughty tone.

"I’m also brilliant,” Harry replies, pushing a bottle of Hangover Potion to Draco, who beams at him and tosses the vile back in one go. Harry hands him a cup of coffee from the breakfast tray, which Draco sips on to rid his mouth of the aftertaste.

“Please tell me I didn’t do anything incriminating last night.”

“Um, actually-”

“Oh, Merlin,” Draco groans. “Just tell me.”

“Well, you did stand up on a chair and demand I give you a birthday blow job.” Harry grins at the memory. “Said that you ‘deserved some quality cock sucking.’”

“I did not.”

“You did, love. Everyone thought it was hilarious.”

“Bloody fuck. Blaise is never going to let me live that down.” He pushes his cup back at Harry. “I shouldn’t be allowed to drink that much. I’m old now, clearly my aging body doesn’t handle it well anymore.”

Harry laughs, “Oh shut it, you. Thirty-five is not old. You’re still young and you know you’re hot as fuck.”

Smirking at him, Draco stretches out his lithe body and Harry’s eyes dart to watch the contracting muscles. “Well, that’s true,” Draco drawls. “I’m still gorgeous.” The blond perks up suddenly and flashes a lazy smile at Harry. “You know, what I said last night was true. How about a nice blow job for the birthday boy-”

Harry cuts him off with a fierce kiss and Draco immediately wraps his fingers in Harry’s dark locks. Biting down on Draco’s bottom lip, Harry begins to slide his way down his lover’s body, sucking and nipping at every perfect bit of bare skin. Draco whines at him when Harry teases above his briefs, all pompousness gone from his voice. Harry revels in the needy sounds and sets about giving his boyfriend a teasing, languid blow job, ignoring every plea to hurry it up. After all, Harry remembers as he thinks about the little velvet ring box hidden in his robe pocket, They have all the time in the world.

Badboy? Luke Hemmings Imagine - Part 3

So here is Part 3! :)

It’s kinda short so I apologise

I’ve gotten so many nice comments and requests for part 3 so keep it up if you want a part 4. Also if you do want a part 4 could you please give me some suggestions on what you want to happen?

So anyway I hope you enjoy :)

Part 1  Part 2

“Wait, come back!”

I ignored Luke’s calling and walked right through the party until I was sitting in my car and driving home. I still had a smirk sitting on my face as I walked into bedroom as I was quite proud of my achievement. Later that night I was lying my bed trying to fall asleep but I couldn’t help but smile at the effect I had on Luke at the party. Monday should be interesting…

Once Monday had rolled around, I was back to dressing as my usual self and didn’t feel any different as I walked through the school doors following my usual routine. I could see some of the people who were at the party we clearly still hungover, I just silently laughed and walked to my first class. The whole day had gone by in a blur and I hadn’t even thought of Luke once.

Until I was walking home like every other day and I could sense someone walking next to me. I turned to look up at a smirking Luke, dressed in all black as usual “So what are we working on today babe?” he asked. “First of all, don’t call me babe, second of all, we’ll be working on chemistry and a bit more on English” I said looking straight into his eyes, trying not to get distracted by his teasing lips. “Sounds good to me Princess” he smiled and I rolled my eyes.

We arrived at my house and walked into the kitchen, we had something to eat quickly before walking up to my bedroom to start studying. Luke seemed to understand chemistry once it was explained in a simpler way. “I’m surprised, you’re actually doing quite well with this” I said still looking at my book, not noticing that he was looking directly at me. “Well I guess that just means we have great chemistry” he smirked and I turned to give him an annoyed look before looking back down at my text book and pushed my glasses up onto my nose. I moved all my hair over to one shoulder, this was something I always mindlessly did when I was studying. This seemed to get a reaction from Luke though as this left the side of my neck facing him bare which made him lick his lips.

Around a half hour later and Luke had completely zoned out, he just stared at my neck and my lips as I explained the periodic table for the fifth time. I was in the middle of talking when I felt his lips starting to kiss the side of my neck causing me to let out a slight gasp. “Hey we’re supposed to be studying remember” I said as he continued to pepper my neck with kisses “Well you aren’t stopping me” he mumbled against my skin. “Well-” I started before I let out another gasp as Luke found my sweet spot, I could feel his god damn smirk against my skin as he continued to kiss that area of my neck.

An idea came to my mind and I pushed Luke off and opened my English book, Luke let out a groan and I turned to him “We can do more of that if you study for English” I smirked. Luke gave me a surprised look before grabbing out his English book and we began studying. A short while later we were still studying and I looked over to Luke to see if he was paying attention but I was interrupted by him placing his lips onto mine. I gently but quickly pulled away and smiled innocently “Sorry, we aren’t done yet” I said sweetly, “Come on Y/N! We’ve been studying for ages, I can’t take it any more!” he whined. “I’ll tell you what, I’ll quiz you on the book and if you get all the answers right, we can finish what we started earlier” I proposed, Luke nodded eagerly “Let’s do it” he said.

We sat facing each other and I began asking questions and Luke answered them with ease “Pride and Prejudice was written by who?” “Jane Austen” “Correct, what are the names of the two main characters?” “Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy” “Good, how many sisters does Elizabeth have?” “4” these questions continued for a while until we reached a question that I knew Luke wouldn’t be able to answer since I new he actually hadn’t finished the book unlike what he had told me “What is the name of the woman who tells Elizabeth that she won’t let her marry Mr Darcy” “Lady Caroline” he said and I shook my head causing his face to drop “Dammit I meant Lady Catherine!” he complained “Sorry I guess you’re just going to have to wait until tomorrow” I said as I began to pack up his things. Luke let out a whine before getting up and walking to the door and mumbling what sounded like “See you tomorrow” before closing the door and trudging down the stairs. I smirked at how much the tables had turned and I was now the one with all the power by teasing him.

Later that night, I was about to get changed into my pajamas and go to bed when I heard a faint tapping coming from somewhere in my room. The tapping gradually got louder as I walked over to my bedroom window. I looked out to see a figure and I could already tell from the height and broad shoulders that it was Luke. I opened my window and looked down at him “Luke what the hell are you doing here?” I half whispered-half shouted “can I come in?” he replied casually. “Are you crazy? I can’t just walk downstairs and open the front door, my parents would catch us!” he said staring at him “Okay then” was all he said before he started climbing up the side of the house. My eyes grew wide as I watched, he neared the top and I moved out of the way so he could climb through the window. Once he was in my room I ran over to him “What do you think you’re doing here” I asked still very confused by what just happened. “I couldn’t wait until tomorrow” he said smirking before kissing me passionately.