even his face is a shit eating grin

you got it!

Genji - He’s flattered that his s/o would dress up like him and makes a few jokes about how they might have gotten him down but they couldn’t match his figure. 

Hanzo - Hanzo thinks it’s rather immature but he chuckles at it none the less, a little impressed. He is not all broody and he certainly does not glare like that however. 

Junkrat - There’s an insane level of cackling on his part before he goes to his s/o “Looks just like me, mate!” Super happy and enjoys it but would actually try to place real bombs where there are fake pockets. 

Lucio - He’s so happy, he just wraps his arms around his s/o. “Looks good on you!” He won’t stop smiling for like weeks after. 

Mccree - Puts his hat on his s/o with a shit eating grin on his face. “Gotta make it look good, doll” Would even give you the infamous BAMF belt.

Reaper - “…Do I look like a joke to you?” He sounds offended but he’s smiling on the inside, don’t worry

Reinhardt - He’s so happy like he thinks it is true perfection. Gets like ten photos and keeps one framed. Flexs along beside you so you can get it down just right. 

Roadhog - He lets out a chuckle, patting his s/o on the back. They even got the voice right! call him impressed.

Soldier 76 - “…I’m not that old” he says as he smiles under his mask. He enjoys it and just likes watching his s/o dress up with his number on their back.

Zenyatta - He hums with delight when he sees his s/o followed by a little bit of giggling. It’s all for fun and games and he would lend you some of his orbs just to see that your costume is complete. 

The Things We Do For Spite

Inspired by and dedicated to my lovely Jo, @selflessbellamy - may we get our heads out of our asses and start treating our crushes nicely. 

(or not; we can always just go get coffee and take pleasure in doing illogical shit)

AKA: Bellarke as the unofficial class couple in denial

Also on AO3

“Class Jeopardy?”

Jasper nods, a shit-eating grin splitting his face in half. Clarke should’ve expected this, honestly. It’s Jasper and no matter the fact that seventeen year old boys are generally ridiculous - he’s even more so.

I mean, just look at the damn goggles.

But she takes a deep breath because she’s got this, she’s Clarke fracking Griffin and she’s been through worse.

“And does Bellamy know about this?”

Bellamy. Of course Bellamy wouldn’t sanction this and Jasper knows it, hasn’t even asked, judging by how red his cheeks go suddenly.

“We were hoping you’d talk him into it.”

“Oh, Jas, you know I can’t do anything without his say-so. He’s my co-president. He’d probably sue me.”

She’s only half-joking. They’ve never really been friends, Clarke and Bellamy, but they haven’t become enemies either - until she challenged him for the title of the class president.

And then they had to share the position, which. Ridiculous. The guy is a stuck up, boring, tedious, preposterous, absolutely no good asshole with a chip on his shoulder. He wouldn’t know fun even if it bit him in the ass.

Which is why her plan is gonna work. There is no way in hell Bellamy will approve of something as foolish as pseudo Jeopardy while they could be watching documentaries on the last day before the Christmas break.

No way.



“Come on, Clarke, he’ll just -”

“Who will do just what?”

And there he is. Somehow he’d managed to skulk over and it should make Clarke furious, especially because of their heated exchange last afternoon over the next semester’s budget, but in this instance it just makes her happy and so she beams at him, knocks him back a bit.

“Jasper was wondering if we could play Jeopardy today and I knew that you would never approve of doing something so trivial so I -”

“Oh. That’s cool, yeah.”

Clarke’s breath catches in her throat. Jasper’s eyes widen. Bellamy just smiles.

“Excuse me?”

“We could all use a little fun, right? So go ahead, Jasper.” With that, he even claps the other boy on the back and gives him a smile that shows he’s been parenting his little sister for the last couple of years. “Good job, buddy.”

And that is why Clarke hates Bellamy Blake.

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Hiddlesweek Day 2: Favourite Short Video: Fall In Love With Tom Hiddleston in 20 Seconds Or Less

even though two seconds would have been enough…

Dick gets worried that Damian isn’t growing as tall (like everyone had assumed he would) because of the long patrols combined with school. In attempt to save ‘Damian’s growth’ he decides that the best course of action would be to limit his Robin’s patrolling hours.

Damian doesn’t take it kindly, at all

“I don’t see you having such issues.” he’d snap eventually while rolling his eyes (a bad habit he picked from Tim of all people). “You ended up just fine.” Damian’s cheeks are warm from annoyance, he dislikes when people bringing up that fact that he’s not as tall as his father. He’s tall enough.

It takes Damian a moment to realize what just slipped through his lips, when he does, it’s too late. Dick already has a shit eating grin on his face.

“Grayson, no.”

Dick’s grin widens even more.

“Grayson yes.”

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Reo and s/o playing basketball anon here! Can it be Reo, Kagami, Kise, Aomine playing basketball and having more fun and intense game than expected :)

thank you so much again! so intense as in a stronger opponent then?


  • Shit-eating grin would be plastered on his face the whole game and he’s always smirking at his goddamn opponent, it pisses them off.
  • To make matters even worse, he usually taunts them more and even hits close to home if they’re close to him. He tends to get really annoying when he’s excited about a game. 
  • “What? Bet you can’t take me on. Do you need a diaper now that you’re pissing your pants?”


  • He’s just generally a very energetic puppy and he gets so excited he has this really happy look on his face. Even if he enter the zone, he’ll be fucking smiling the whole time because he’s so damn excited.
  • Laser sharp focus. His focus usually is already good enough, but, even without the zone, when he’s excited, he will be focusing on that and nothing else. Don’t even try to yank him away from the game.
  • “Damn, you’re good. Better than expected. This is going to be great.”


  • He transforms almost instantly. He likes to be taken seriously and so if his opponent is strong then he’ll definitely up his game.
  • Gone is cheerful, playful Kise and he’s quickly replaced by his serious, competitive self. It’s like Akashi but less obvious changes. He gets really scary and emits a certain aura that sends shivers down his opponent’s spine.
  • “I’ll be taking you down today. That’s a promise.”


  • You don’t understand why but he just instantly becomes more graceful in his steps. Every move is calculated and precise. He doesn’t waste energy.
  • He smiles from time to time but there’s this vicious glint in his eye when he’s out to get the opponent. He’ll be somewhat terrifying.
  • “Is that so? You think you can beat me? Anyone can dream big.”
Massage Therapy

Originally posted by iamlamour

“Niall? I’m home!”

You dropped your bag and keys next to the door, grateful to finally slip out of your heels. It had been a long, stressful day. The only thing you wanted was to put on sweats and eat pizza in front of the tv.

“Ni! Why’s it so dark -” you stopped suddenly as you walked into the lounge. Your boyfriend was standing in front of you in a white t-shirt and Nike shorts with a shit-eating grin on his face. Behind him was a massage table. A nice one. Salon quality even. “Surprise!” He shouted, waving his hands behind him towards the table.

“What the fuck is a massage table doing in our living room?” you asked.

“I bought it!”

“You bought it.”

“Yup. Me an’ Harry each got one. They were buy one get one half off!”

He was clearly excited about this. You were filled with confusion. What would possess either of them to buy massage tables? Harry you could see, he was probably worried about his aura or something. But your boyfriend? He was a man of simple pleasures. Meat. Potatoes. Beer. Sex. Sports. This was suspicious at best.

Cocking your hip out you ran your hand through your hair. “Babe, I’m gonna need some more background here. Just…start from the beginning.”

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ok listen i am thinking of ronan lynch singing and i am having Feelings

  • i mean it probs starts being a regular occurrence after him and adam get together and adopt opal bc he’s finally content and happy enough in his life to fucking sing whenever he feels like it
    • but never in front of blue ok he has a reputation to maintain
  • but anyway
    • opal wanting a lullaby and adam trying various traditional ones but none of them work and in the end he’s all frustrated like “i give up. lynch, anything?”
    • and ronan has this shit eating grin
    • “no. ronan, do not”
    • “fuck” groans adam
    • but surprisingly it works and becomes opal’s favorite song much to adam’s horror
  • ronan humming under his breath as he does various things around the barns and he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it until adam points it out
    • at which point he denies it till he’s blue in the face but adam knows
    • and he adores it 
  • also: ronan singing loudly in the car, along with whatever loud-ass shit he’s listening to
    • adam complaining about the music but secretly enjoying it bc it makes ronan happy
    • opal playing air guitar in the backseat
  • one time when ronan is singing to opal to put her to sleep (again, the god damned murder squash song) he looks up to realize adam has fallen asleep also
    • this leads him to two realizations
      • adam is Always Tired, Always Ready to Sleep
      • adam likes his singing enough to fall asleep to it
    • ronan has a Minor Crisis about the last one wherein he is sure he is red in the face and bursting with warmth and also very, very Grateful that no one can see him right now
  • so he makes it a habit to sing to adam at night and he tries to be Subtle and not make it look like he’s doing it just for adam
    • but ofc adam knows and he appreciates it
    • esp when he’s lying with his head in ronan’s lap and ronan is singing softly and playing with his hair

A pebble hit him on the head.

Dipper ignored it. 

Another pebble, this time somehow getting into his mouth.

The pebble lodged in his throat, and even though he hadn’t needed to breathe in a few millenia, Dipper still chocked on the pebble. Legs and arms flailing, he fell off the couch and with a thunk landed on the floor.

Horking out the pebble, Dipper pushed himself up to glare at his assailant.

“What the f̵̳u̱̮c̝̻̝͍̭̗k̪̞̰̙̮͡ Tora?”

She beamed at him, completely blase. 

“Hey Alcor.”





“ W̢̳͈̗͙͙h̳͈à͈͍t͉̩̝̦?̜̙͡!̞ͅ

With the biggest, shit eating grin on her face, Torako asked, “Did you hear about the guy whose whole left side was cut off?”

What the fuck?

“Um. No. Why-”

Giggles bursting through, Torako barely managed to say,  “He’s all right now!” before collapsing into laughter on the floor, clutching her sides with mirth.

Dipper felt his eye twitch.

“That’s a terrible pun,” he pointed out.

“Yeah…” Torako managed to say through her laughter, “but you still fell for it!”

Bentley, who had been doing some homework at the table, piped in. “She’s got a point.”

Dipper scowled.

“Why do I put up with you two again?”

Torako rolled over to him on the floor and plopped her head on his lap. “Because you love us.”


He Wanted Simon Snow

Word Count: 1760 (idk what this is considered)

Warnings: swearing?, severely sad baz so beware, severely in love baz

Summary: thats not how he expected to feel when he got the news

(it’s kind of sad, and sorry if it sucks. i started thinking and this is what happened)


The minute Baz realized he was in love with Simon Snow, he was being told Simon was dead.

“Hey, Baz, guess what?” He started, a shit eating grin spread across his face. Baz had already been stressed about school, but Simon’s sudden absence had made it worse (it always did, even when he didn’t know why)

“What Niall, can’t you seen I’m busy?” Baz snapped, throwing himself into his Latin work. He was really trying not to think of what Snow was getting up to. Maybe he was just in Wales. He had heard him and Bunce talking about something in Wales, maybe the Mage had sent them that way. Maybe he thought they needed a break and were getting a vacation. The Humdrum hadn’t attacked in a while.

He stopped thinking suddenly, wondering why it was so important to him. Crowley, he had the room all to himself, he didn’t have to endure the glares and whispers and constant suspicions. Snow was always worried he was plotting, always keeping some type of tab on him. He’d had Bunce cast a tracking spell on him last year.

“You’ll never guess.” Niall flipped Baz’s Latin book closed, just grinning as he received a withering glare. “But you’re going to be so happy, you won’t even be able to breathe.”

“Merlin, Niall, just spit it out.” Baz hissed, rolling his eyes, trying to remember the page he was on.

“Simon Snow is dead.” Niall nearly shouted, barely keeping himself grounded.

Baz’s heart shuttered, nearly stopping dead in his chest.

“Can you believe it?” The table shifted as Niall stood up, pacing around and to the other side. Baz was speechless, his mouth hanging open like a fucking numptie. “I know!” Niall shouted, spearing a finger up in the air, like he was discovering something. “I feel like we should celebrate.” He leaned forward, eyes wide.

It felt like the air was running out of the room, Baz kept working to pull something in but he couldn’t. He thought his heart had stopped, but realized it didn’t when it started to hammer against his ribs so hard, he was worried it would break them.

Niall was waiting for a reaction but Baz had shut down. Something tickled his throat and surely those weren’t actually tears…

Surely not, he hadn’t cried since he was a little boy. But as he thought it, his chest started to ache. And all of a sudden, he was worried he was having a heart attack.

Can vampires have heart attacks?

His body moved into action before he could think. The table jerked as he stood, a tray of sour cherry scones sliding and crashing to the floor. Niall stood back.

“Fuck…” Baz gasped. “I have to…I have to–just, I have to…” Merlin, he couldn’t breathe, and his chest hurt so bad. Like someone had pulled everything out. He had to get out of here, everything was spinning, so fast he wondered if he was dying too. Maybe Simon’s magic was keeping everything going. Maybe the Humdrum was finally ending the world. It felt like the world was ending, ending so fast, like everything was crumbling all around.

But Niall looked fine, he looked better than fine, he looked excited.

He couldn’t understand why; why was he feeling like his entire world was ending. He swept a hand across the table, dragging all his papers into his bag. Everything was blurring, like a mural of watercolors all around him.

“Baz?” Niall asked, leaning away, looking like he was worried more that he would puke on him. Baz was worried he was going to. “What’s wrong?” He didn’t step forward and Baz found himself wanting him to. To do anything, place a hand on his shoulder, tell him it was ok, tell him that the world wasn’t ending.

He wanted his mother.

He wanted Snow.

Merlin, he wanted Snow. He wanted Simon to appear in front of him and tell him that he was okay. He wanted to hear him accuse him of plotting. He wanted to hear his footsteps behind him in the Catacombs, trying to be quiet and not knowing how to.

He would have been so happy–so fucking happy–just to hear him say that he hated him, didn’t trust him. He would have done anything.

“I have to-just, I need to–I’m just not feeling well.” He choked out, the world still spinning. “I’ll–I need…” But he was already reaching for the door and had found the handle, thank Merlin. He stumbled back to Mummers House.

Simon Snow is dead.

Simon Snow is dead.

He couldn’t breathe, not even on the Great Lawn, not even when he opened the door to Mummers House and smelled the rooms and the hallways. This was more home than anything ever was to him back in Hampshire.

‘Simon is home’ he realized as he smashed through their door, into the tiny dorm they shared. A shirt was still swung over the back of Simon’s desk chair, a Watford button up. He dropped his bag and clutched for it.

Bronze hair, like an Olympian. Like a God.

He remembered the Crucible ceremony suddenly. The yank in his chest, pulling him towards the middle of the group and there he was, parting the crowd of first years and walking towards him. A short, bony boy wearing ragged jeans and shirt, just a bundle of hair and blue eyes. Those blue, blue eyes.

He couldn’t breathe even then. Fiona had told him to hate Simon Snow, but those eyes were making it so hard.

“I’m Simon,” He said, grimacing and Baz wondered if the pull felt the same to him, like someone was tying a knot with his stomach. His hand was out, all freckled and small. He looked like a bird but felt like a dragon. He crackled through the air and Baz had never felt any type of magic like that. Like a fire, like smoke, just so suffocating.

Baz wanted to breathe him in.

Tears were running down his cheeks, so shocking in itself, he couldn’t find it in him to stifle the sob. No one would hear, so he didn’t bother trying to swallow the next one. It all rushed out of him and he fell like a child onto Simon’s bed.

He only cried like this after nightmares about his mother. He wondered if this was how Simon felt like when he went off, like he was a crater. Like he was the mark after something happened. He felt like he was a smoking hole, or like he had a bunch of smoking holes through his entire body.

He wanted Simon Snow.

God, he loved him so much.

He felt like Simon had finally set him on fire, like he finally breathed him in, like he was just a pile of ashes.


He stayed in Simon’s bed for five days.

His teachers excused him because he was excelling in all his work and because when Niall came around to ask why he wasn’t in class, he told him he was ill. He felt like the corpse he always believed himself to be. Like he was trapped in a body getting ready to be buried.

Niall brought him food and he shoved it away. He wasn’t sure what he wanted now that he couldn’t have Snow, but he was sure it wasn’t food. He didn’t hunt, didn’t sleep, but never felt quite awake.

The pillow still smelled like him, and he wasn’t sure if it was a blessing or made it worse. It smelled like smoke, like the electricity of magic. Like a meltdown or a house fire, or complete destruction.

On the third day, Niall came to the room (to bring food that he wouldn’t eat, Baz figured) but came with the nurse instead. She asked him to sit up and he ignored her, asked him to eat and he ignored her, asked him to talk and he ignored her, so she stuck a thermometer in his mouth and waited.

“No fever.” She concluded and told Niall to keep bringing him food. “You should be back to class in a few days. Your teachers will fail you if you don’t.” And she closed the door, Niall trailing out after her.

He tried not to think, but he couldn’t control the dreams he had when he slept. Dreams of hair caught in sunlight and smiles. Simon’s laughter across from Bunce. He’d dream of his blue eyes and he’d wake up crying again and keep crying until he couldn’t anymore.

Simon Snow, I love you…

I still love you, God I still love you…

Am I ever not going to feel this way?

On the fifth day, he stopped feeling that way. The door opened to the dorm and Baz wondered if it was going to be the Mage. Or Niall again with his daily meal. But it felt too early for that.

“Baz?” It asked. “What are you doing in my bed?” ‘Have I gone so insane I’m hallucinating?’ but he pulls himself up and Simon Snow was standing at the end of his own bed, staring at Baz like he’s never seen anything so bizarre.

Baz’s heart jump-starts.

“Snow?” He’s pulling the blankets off of his legs and he stands. He’s covered in blood and bruises and cuts. There’s a slice on his forehead, a trickle of dried blood stuck to his eyebrows. He looks like hell. “You look like hell.” Baz can barely choke out. He’s shaking with anger.

He’s so angry, angrier than he has ever been. Angry at Snow, angry at himself, angry at the world. But his his heart trembles as Simon steps forward and fixes the blankets on his bed. He wants to check every inch of his body to make sure he’s okay. He wants to breathe him in, even if it means he’ll turn to a pile of ashes all over again.

“You’re one to be talking. Tough night?” Simon’s walking back to his wardrobe and pulling Watford pajamas out. “Probably out celebrating my death, huh?” Baz feels like his tongue has turned to sandpaper. He wants to reach out and shake Snow, swearing and angry and growling, like Snow has always growled at him. ‘How could you do that to me? I thought you were dead, I missed you so much.’ but he stays silent, trying to hide how hard he’s shaking.

“Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m alive.” And Baz has never been happier to hear anything in his entire life.

(edit: i wrote a second part, so if you read to this point and would like to read it, heres the link: http://bazsnow-simonpitch.tumblr.com/post/137030389116/dont-let-him-leave-again-he-wanted-simon-snow )

“Not to pry or anything, but that book you’re holding… well it was the worst 400 pages I’ve ever been forced to read in my entire life. I mean, like, really really bad. The kinda bad I wouldn’t even wish on my worst enemy.”

Nursey looked down at his copy of Jane Urquhart’s The Stone Carvers, fighting as hard as humanly possible to keep the shit-eating-grin off his face. This ginger kid was kinda cute, but he knew next to nothing about classic Canadian literature if he thought The Stone Carvers was crap. Nursey smoothed his thumb over the book’s worn cover. The spine had been bent from years of wear, the pages dog-eared and highlighted in a different shade each new time he read it. By no means did it hold the title of Nursey’s favourite book, but Ginger definitely didn’t need to know that.

“It’s actually my favourite book,” Nursey said, leaning against the bookcase behind him, “I’ve loved it since childhood.” Ginger’s face dropped into a questioning glare just as the bookcase Nursey was leaning on began to tilt back. It took them both a second to realize it wasn’t bolted to the floor. Ginger grabbed Nursey’s hand, stopping him from falling down with it.

One by one the first bookcase knocked the rest of them down like dominoes. The two boys stood there, looking on in horror at what Nursey had done.


“Run!” Ginger was still holding Nursey’s hand as they bolted from the library.

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Post-Wembley Blurb

Ed Sheeran still jumps on the bed 

“Ed Sheeran, you just sold out Wembley for three nights in a row!” I put on my best announcing voice, trying to convey the feel of that pivotal moment right after the superbowl, “WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO NOW?”

           I half expected him to say, “I’m going to Disney world.”

           But he didn’t.

           “I’m going to jump on the bed” the words hadn’t even left his mouth before he was climbing up on to the bed, jumping.            

Currently, I stand motionless on the twin size hotel bed watching him as he jumps up and down, my eyes drifting to the space above his head when he reaches maximum height, to affirm that there is adequate space between the top of his ginger head and the ceiling. The last thing I need is for Ed to get a concussion, although the look on his face right now, corners of his eyes wrinkled and a shit-eating grin, makes me think that he could die right now and be completely okay with it.

He didn’t hesitate to climb up on the bed in the first place, as I stood in the middle of the doorway reliving every childhood incidence where my parents said “no.” Not Ed, no, I imagine that he’s a jumper from way back. It’s the little things that I kind of love finding out about him, even now.

 “You’re bringing down the mood” he stops briefly, almost out of breath, to shoot me a frown, before he starts jumping again, speaking in syllables when his feet touch the bed,











He stops jumping again, “WHY ARE YOU JUST STANDING THERE?”

“I was just watching you” I add, beginning to jump, “To make sure you didn’t smack that head of yours off the ceiling and lose your memories, Ed. It would take so long to remind you of all of the shit you’ve done.”

“ace!” he beams, “See this is fun isn’t it??”

“YES!” I agree, rather loudly, “the people below us probably think we’re into some weird shit. It probably sounds like awkwardly slow sex”

He laughs, the noise coming from deep within him, where his best laughter comes from. He has to stop jumping, his breath hitching in his throat

“It wasn’t that funny” I shake my head

“It’s funny because I always assumed everyone was jumping on the beds as a kid” he laughs. He sits down on the bed, and I follow suit, crossing my legs under my body, looking at Ed.

My god does he look happy. I can’t even begin to fathom that level of happiness, so I ask him, because there is no time for comfortable silences on a night like this. I demand that this never ends, at least not for him. I want to stay awake for as long as possible, to remember this as the night that Ed Sheeran felt like electricity was running through his veins. He radiates energy, happiness, excitement, the ability to see profound joy even after profound sadness. He deserves every ounce of this accomplishment.

“It feels like when you finally know that everything is going to be okay” he says, not able to contain the smile on his face, “I appreciate the pain that I’ve experienced along the way, you know? I wasn’t able to then, but I am now. It feels like there isn’t a single thing in the universe that could get me down. I can’t even describe it. I’ve accomplished something huge, like I’ve set the record for most nandos eaten in 3 days or something”

And then he’s back. He’s Ed, he’s eating nandos and calling himself pregnant after a meal and making inappropriate jokes.

“Let’s order room service and eat everything they have” he announces, “we’re going to stay up and watch movies or some shit”

“A fantastic end to a fantastic day” I tell him, “YOU DA REAL MVP”

“bassssss” infamous words, we’ve all grown to love, “but first, more jumping”

Ed Sheeran sold out Wembley. He puts out album after album after album and has awards littered across his house, and yet, he still, jumps on the bed.

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for the modern au, there are fights about boardgames, but please take a moment to imagine the kind of hell that would descend upon the household if they try to play uno. takumi and camilla nearly getting into a physical fight over who called uno first. leon eventually flips a table because nobody lets him get rid of his last card for a dozen turns. elise with the biggest shit-eating grin on her face as she hits ryoma with a draw four. ryoma's even bigger shit-eating grin as he passes it to marx


baphomet headcanons

-His ringtone for the Morrigan is a shitty MIDI version of the Black Parade
-actually that’s his ringtone for everyone
-all his clothes are way too tight. it’s Aesthetic
-his default expression is “lol yeah right” alternating with “shit-eating grin”
-he’s got a god-glamour concealing the fact that, since he’s so pale, he blushes really easily. Gentle Annie in a tank top? Red face. Laura’s badass new undercut? Even redder. Badhb threatening to step on his junk and flay the skin from his bones? ENTERING TOMATO MODE… WHY IS EVERY FACET OF HIS GIRLFRIEND SO SCARY AND HOT…
-most likely to do it for the vine
-chain-smokes when he’s stressed
-has a really flat butt but it’s also a really nice butt? also really nice hands
-“anyway here’s Wonderwall”
-little spoon or else. please hold this emo punk trash child
-has a tattoo that says “as above, so below” on his lower back and a tiny monarch butterfly on his shoulderblade
-has like 5 cats, all black… except for this one cat he found outside his apartment which is a 30-pound ginger monster with one missing eye. he named it Badb The Second
-encourages every conspiracy theory about him being part of the Illuminati, hence the butterfly tattoo. was once almost assassinated by people who actually thought he was part of the Illuminati
-pretentious asshole, but in a really charismatic artsy way
-will take any excuse to rip off his shirt and fight someone
-PARKOOOOUR *vaults over fire hydrant, trips on own shoelace and faceplants into the concrete*
-Four days before Baphomet’s divine awakening, he’d just finished his last round of chemo and surgeries. He’d just gotten used to the fact that he was actually going to live. Now his best girl’s in fragments, and he’s back on death row. It’s a damn good reason to be pissed.

Imagine standing in the airport waiting for Calum’s flight to arrive. There would be a few fans around and you’d give them a small smile and wave and go wait a little of the ways away from them to wait by yourself. Sooner or later all you heard were screams, and that only meant one thing.
You saw his head snug in a beanie and his eyes drooping from the lack of sleep. You’d let him say hi to his fans, not even sure if he knew you were there or not.
Sooner or later you caught his eye and a shit eating grin would make its way to his face. He’d finish talking to fans and quickly making his way towards you. He’d drop his bags and pick you up and wrap you in a body crushing hug. He’d bury his face in your neck and you’d do the same. The smell of airplane and cologne filled your noise, giving you a strange wave of relief. “It’s you. It’s really you”

I just want the avengers being all “what the fuck”

Because first Bucky is planning to do something stupid, and Steve just completely deadpan goes “Bucky no” and Bucky replies in the most even, calm whisper “Bucky yes” and does the thing while Steve sighs and follows him. They almost get arrested.

And then Steve is planning to do something, and Bucky gives him the sniper stare and goes “Steve no” and Steve gives him the most shit-eating grin in the history of mankind and goes “Steve YES” and does the thing with Bucky immediately dragging a hand down his face and following him. They actually do get arrested this time.

and the avengers realise they’re stuck with two IDIOTS who shouldn’t be allowed to do anything ever. Especially not together. Especially. 

Yoga Instructor!Mika and College student!Yuu

hnnng I’m still hungover for yoga instructor!mika and college student!yuu AU tbh

like Shinoa invites Yuu to a yoga class with her and even makes him (forces him) to wear those tight leggings she bought for him a few days prior. And Yuu, at first, protests to go because he has no time for some “dumb yoga class” but with Shinoa’s constant nagging, he relents and accompanies her to the studio where the yoga classes are held.

Lo and behold, their yoga instructor just so happened to be that cute guy in chemistry class 101 and he just so happened to be Yuu’s biggest and current crush too. With his face burning red, Yuu levels a glare at Shinoa who sends him a shit-eating grin in return because she knows what she’s making him do and he can’t escape now. Especially since their instructor, Mikaela Shindou has taken notice of their arrival and is making his way towards them. 

After a few greetings and with Yuu trying to look cool and suave in front of his crush but just ending up acting like a stuttering dork in reality, the class starts and Yuu stands at the back right beside Shinoa, even though he was tempted to stand in the front where Mika stood. The whole time Yuu couldn’t keep his eyes away from Mika which leads to him messing up his form a lot and causing a ruckus in class. 

Fortunately (or unfortunately), Mika moves to help Yuu through all the difficult positions he couldn’t do, even making him spread his legs so wide that Yuu felt like he was going to rip his hamstrings. Mika compliments him afterwards that he had a very flexible body since he managed to achieve the positions in his first try. This got Yuu blushing like a tomato since Mika smiled at him for once and Yuu felt like he could die happy. 

When the class ends, Yuu walks home with a red, lovestruck expression on his face and probably a need to relieve himself once he arrived home. Cue Shinoa teasing Yuu how “Mika-sensei” was all over Yuu and was even making a move on him by making him do positions no one in yoga class had ever done before. Yuu didn’t want to believe it but even as he denied loudly, he quietly asks Shinoa when the next session was. 

and you can see Shinoa on the side, smirking like a little shit, saying, “Not so dumb anymore, neh Yuu-san?” 

Im sure mikasinyuu had a prompt like this mentioned to him before but i can’t find it AND I HAVE NEEDS. I WANT THIS WRITTEN //rolls around