even his ear

I just can’t get over this scene. So powerful.

I’ve never seen Isak more enamoured than here. His eyes are closed and he’s craving Even’s kiss. He can’t wait to have that deep and intimate connection a kiss means with his love. He looks like he’s in a trance due to Even touching his neck, ear, hair and the back of his head.

Isak is experiencing real ecstasy here. This scene manages to be deeply sexual, intimate and soft at the same time. Two boys in love sharing a beautiful moment. Scenes like this make Skam an exceptional piece of art.

DeanCas Coda to 12.06: Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox. Special thanks to @dudewheresmypie​ for that line.

There’s a buzzing against his thigh, and Dean barely has to do acrobatics to fish the damn thing from his pocket.  One look at the Caller ID makes him light up from the inside out. “Uh, sorry, I gotta—”

Jody smirks at him as he all but trips out of his Tim Horton’s chair, cursing the Canadians and their weird obsession with this dumbass Dunkin’ Donuts wannabe. What’s wrong with swivel chairs and goddamn diner booths? Making a huge show of clearing his throat in an attempt to cover his beet red face, Dean nods awkwardly at his mom and Sammy before stumbling towards the door.

“Cas?” Even to his ears, he sounds breathless and excited, but he barely has time to be embarrassed because Cas is murmuring his hello Dean, and Dean is a total goner.

“Hey,” the hunter smiles. He makes his way across the parking lot and leans against his Baby’s side. “What’s up, Sunshine?”

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when someone asked him what he loved about even, he wouldn’t answer with “he’s good looking”, or “he’s really charming and compliments me a lot” or “he makes me forget the shit that’s going on in my life".

no; he’d probably stutter some shit like “you know the way his eyes get all shimmery and almost disappear when he talks about some of his passions?” or “he makes me feel so fucking safe like. there’s no safer place anywhere that harbors the safety of his arms” or

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  • Kise: Can we talk?
  • Aomine: About what?
  • Kise: Us.
  • Aomine: Why would you want to talk about the United States?

anonymous asked:

How about a Chobits AU? Like Yata finds persocom!Fushimi in the trash one night and brings him home and takes care of him and stuff. Munakata, the landlord just so happens to have all these cute costumes that are Fushimi's size, how lucky!

So maybe in this AU Niki was like a robotics engineer who worked for a giant tech company and designed persocoms in general but he found most models boring, like he thought it was amusing how many people got attached to them as if they were normal people but they can’t really have emotions or show reactions the way a regular person can. Since Niki’s wife Kisa is too busy working to want to bother with a child Niki decides to make his own kid just for kicks, and just for fun he can do some experimenting on this program he’s been wanting to try so that he can make his robot child feel real emotions. It works better than expected and Fushimi ends up having real human emotions that Niki can toy with freely. Fushimi is never allowed out of Niki’s lab and as a result all of the painful emotions he’s going through act almost like a computer virus to the point Fushimi’s starting to shut down. In the meantime though maybe Niki falls sick and ends up in the hospital, his workplace sends one of their other top scientists, Munakata, to check on Niki’s home and see if there are any corporate secrets that were left lying around. Munakata finds Fushimi on the verge of shutdown and feels pity for the poor guy, while also being fascinated at this robot that can feel. He ends up partially erasing Fushimi’s current memories, saving them in a corner of Fushimi’s programming, and then shuts him down for the time being. Munakata then looks through Niki’s research and finds all this stuff about being able to make persocoms feel emotion and he’s fascinated but at the same time Munakata can see that there are ways this could be abused and other persocoms could end up like Fushimi. He decides to leave the decision in Fushimi’s hands, if other persocoms should be able to love, and leaves the program sleeping inside Fushimi’s body before dumping the deactivated Fushimi in the garbage and waiting to see who will find him, if that person will be the one who can teach Fushimi the real way to love without all the pain Niki inflicted on him.

Yata meanwhile is this NEET who works a bunch of part time jobs in order to afford rent at his apartment building that just so happens to be owned by Munakata. Yata’s on his way back from his job working at Bar Homra when he comes across Fushimi lying abandoned in the trash and he thinks he’s hit the jackpot, like Yata can’t afford a fancy persocom and he’s not great with computers anyway so he figured he’d never be able to have one of his own and here he just ran across one abandoned in the trash. Yata drags Fushimi home and is all ready to wake him up and start using him, as soon as he finds Fushimi’s on switch which I guess Niki put somewhere really embarrassing as a joke (wait if this is like Chobits with the ‘sex will trigger a reset’ thing does this mean his on switch has to be in his ass XD). Yata presses the switch and Fushimi’s eyes slowly open, he stares at Yata for a long moment before clicking his tongue and asking who the midget is. Yata’s immediately like who are you calling a midget you fucking bag of circuits and aren’t persocoms supposed to obey their owners. Yata quickly finds out that Fushimi is not like other persocoms and has a mind of his own, he’s constantly refusing to do anything for Yata and spends half his time just hanging around the apartment complaining. He also refuses to cook or clean but he’s always watching Yata do everything with weirdly intent eyes, like he’s never seen anyone do this before. At first Yata thinks he somehow got the world’s only asshole persocom but he slowly starts warming up to Fushimi too, like when Yata says that he doesn’t know what model Fushimi is Fushimi admits that he doesn’t know himself and makes a post to some persocom forum all on his own with all his specs and everything. Also maybe one day Yata takes Fushimi along with him to his part time job and one the way back Yata almost gets mugged, the guys want to grab Yata’s fancy persocom too but Fushimi glares at them and the two of them end up fighting back together, Yata’s also never heard of a normal persocom who fights and beyond that they’re perfectly in sync, him and Saruhiko (Yata gives Fushimi his name because Fushimi’s only program that comes up when he’s turned on is under the name ‘MONKEY’).

Yata slowly finds himself getting used to his roommate/persocom, to the point that his friends at Homra are getting concerned because Fushimi’s just a persocom after all but Yata keeps talking like he has real emotions. Yata’s certain that Fushimi does though, like he knows persocoms are only supposed to do what they’re programmed to but Yata swears that Fushimi has a mind of his own and can feel, and that sometimes Yata feels like Fushimi’s hurting and he’s not sure why. Plus maybe Fushimi has flashes every now and again, especially if someone tries to hack into his programming where he turns really bitter and nasty, laughing evilly as he threatens anyone who comes near him. Yata’s boss Kusanagi sends Yata to talk to one of his friends, Totsuka, whose persocom Mikoto died saving his life and who agrees with Yata that persocoms might have emotions and that he thinks if Fushimi and Yata start to understand each other that may be a start. Meanwhile Yata feels like Fushimi should at least be helping out with the rent but Fushimi initially refuses to work because he doesn’t feel like it, that’s when Yata’s landlord Munakata shows up for an unexpected visit and is all 'oh, Yata-kun, you have a roommate, that’s extra you know.’ Yata states that a persocom doesn’t count as a roommate and Munakata agrees to waive the extra fee if Fushimi helps him out with some programming work and oh as it just so happens he has a bunch of cute clothes in just Fushimi’s size that Yata may now outfit his new persocom in. Fushimi glares at Munakata all 'I hate you’ while Munakata just smiles back.

So then one day Yata’s at his job when Fushimi gets kidnapped by some men from the syndicate known as jungle, who are interested in rare persocoms and saw the post Fushimi made wondering about his model. Jungle initially contracted Niki out about making a persocom that could feel and they want to take Fushimi apart and find the program. This activates Fushimi’s hidden memories and he goes all episode 5 Saru, attacking them all with these knives that he has built in to his body. All the persocoms in the city start sparking on and off and Yata’s worried because he just knows that this is because of Fushimi and that Fushimi’s hurting somewhere, despite what everyone says about persocoms not being able to feel. That’s when Munakata tells Yata the truth about Fushimi’s programming, that he can feel emotions and that maybe there are two programs locked away inside his heart, one that can bestow the ability to love on persocoms and one that will only give them negative emotions like fear and hate and if Fushimi feels betrayed or upset he’ll activate the latter one, only by meeting his soulmate and feeling love himself will he be able to activate the good program. Yata runs to where Fushimi’s being held and he finds Fushimi like suspended in the air by hundreds of cables, glaring down at him with cold eyes and asking what Yata wants. Yata dramatically declares that he think Fushimi’s an asshole sometimes and he’s picky and he never does what Yata asks him to…but Fushimi’s also amazing and can do so many things and when he smiles it makes Yata’s heart skip a beat, and that Yata doesn’t care if Fushimi’s a machine or if they can’t ever have a 'normal’ relationship, he still wants to be with Saruhiko forever. Fushimi’s body suddenly drops to the ground into Yata’s arms as all the persocoms begin to reboot themselves with the new program installed, all of them now able to feel real emotions like love and affection. Yata just holds Fushimi close and says he loves Fushimi and wants Saruhiko, his Saruhiko back. Fushimi’s dull eyes sputter to life and suddenly he’s looking up into Yata’s tear-stained face wondering what the hell Misaki is crying about this time and Yata just yells his name and hugs him, repeating over and over again that he loves Fushimi and isn’t ever letting him go again.

12x03 coda

Dean and Cas, talking

Cas picks up on the third ring.

“Hey, Cas.” Dean’s voice sounds falsely chipper, a little too loud even to his own ears. He’s only two beers in, but he’s well on his way to fixing that. “How’s uh—how you doing?”

“I’m…frustrated. Lucifer was here, but I’ve lost his trail.”

Cas’ voice is blessedly familiar; soothing through the phone, and for some stupid reason it makes a lump form in his throat. Dean takes another long pull from the bottle, trying to get rid of it, but his nose is already stinging again and his eyelids feel heavy. If he talks now, Cas will be able to tell how fucked up he is and then he’ll want to know what’s wrong and the whole point of this phone call was to distract Dean.

“Crowley showed up,” Cas continues with a huffy sort of sigh. Thankfully he’s oblivious to the way Dean is quietly falling apart. “There were…complications.”

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based on this amazing gem that ngozi blessed us with today:

When Bitty first calls Jack “sweetheart,” Jack freezes in place.

For a moment, Bitty thinks it’s just his Skype video acting up, but then his own words catch up to him, play back in his ears like a wave crashing back to shore. Jack’s still frozen on screen, his mouth slightly agape, his eyes widened. Even in low resolution, Jack’s eyes are still so, so blue.

“I—I mean…” Bitty huffs out a breath, wrings the corner of his bedsheet nervously. “Sorry, I didn’t mean—no, well I did, I just—” Bitty laughs, and even to his own ears it sounds forced and fake. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to put you on the spot like that. It’s just, southern habit, I guess, you know.”

He bites his tongue so he doesn’t accidentally say the rest. That calling him “sweetheart” felt so natural and right in his mouth. That he wants to call him other things, like “honey” and “baby” and “darling.” That it’s not just a southern habit, that Bitty wants to save these names for Jack and Jack only, that he wants Jack to know that he’s precious. That Bitty loves him.

Jack’s mouth moves. He says something, but Bitty’s ears are still hot and ringing and he misses it.

“What—what’s that?” Bitty asks, and presses down more firmly on his earbuds.

“I like it when you call me that,” Jack says, quietly, and the way he’s looking up through his lashes is soft and vulnerable and almost demure. “Sweetheart. I like that. A lot. It sounds—it sounds good, when you say it.”

“Oh,” Bitty says, and it’s not even intentional, it’s barely a breath. “You do?”

“I do,” Jack says, and oh, is he blushing?

Bitty suddenly desperately wants to be next to him, wants to be crushed in his embrace and feel how that blush tastes under his tongue.

“I miss you,” he says instead, because it’s true, he misses Jack fiercely, more than anything else in the world. “I miss you so much honey.”

Jack’s mouth parts again, his bottom lip pink and wet. He looks like a man who has seen something beautiful, like a man so very much in love.

“I miss you,” he says back, like it’s a reflex, then seems to collect himself. He chuckles softly. “I’m going to be down next week anyway, you know that.” He smiles again, a wide and shining thing, and Bitty feels so, so lucky.

“Oh, don’t I know it,” Bitty says, and props his chin on top of his folded arms. “I hope you’re ready for the Georgia heat, you poor ice creature. It was over 80 degrees today.”

Jack laughs, chirps, and the rest of their conversation is soft and easy, like it has been ever since graduation back in May. It isn’t long before Bitty looks down at his phone and sees that it’s 2 am.

“Don’t big hockey stars need their sleep?” he teases, and Jack grins at him.

“Don’t want to sleep, want to talk to you,” Jack says, and Bitty feels his heart glow.

“Go to bed. I’ll text you in the morning,” Bitty says. He pauses. “Goodnight, sweetheart.

“Goodnight,” Jack says. He looks radiant. Then, “Mon coeur.

Bitty doesn’t know what that means, but it warms him down to his bones all the same.


A few days later, when Jack does come down to Madison for the 4th of July, Bitty meets him at the airport and stops just short of launching himself into Jack’s arms. Instead, he leans forward, pushes himself up on his tiptoes.

“Hi sweetheart,” he whispers, and Bitty is so close that he can see in full detail just how Jack reacts to the name: can see the way his mouth trembles, how his eyes shine, how the lines in his face become smiles.

“Hi there,” Jack says back, voice hoarse, almost shy, and he lets go of his duffel bag for just a moment to lace his fingers with Bitty’s, trapping warmth between their palms.

Bitty squeezes, smiles. Slowly, Jack lifts their entwined hands and gives Bitty’s a kiss, closes his eyes, and holds on for as long as he possibly can.

Squadre Next Gen: Part One

Authors Note: War is coming and the next generation must prepare for battle as their parents once did

When Ciel woke up, Sam still had his hand in his, over his heart. His mate was sleeping on his back. Shadows streamed over Sam’s face making his golden tan skin contrast against his hair. Sleep made his features soft. Boyish even. His pointed ear twiched. Not opening his eyes, “You, are staring.”

Ciel snorted, rolling onto his back, “am not.”

Sam opened his eyes and looked at him so intensely that he turned back and looked at him. After a few seconds, Sam said, “I love you, Ciel. You know that right?”

Ciel furrowed his brows, “I know you do Sam. I love you too.”

He could see the different emotions and thoughts go through Sam’s face, “I don’t..express them well. Emotions.”

“Sam. You are who you are. I have always been able to read you. It doesn’t matter if anyone else can’t because your family can.”

Slightly hesitant, Sam leaned over and kissed him. Pulling him on top of him, Sam’s skin was warm.

He ran his fingers up Sam’s thighs, up his abdomen, across his back and pulled him down to his lips. Ciel could stay this way forever, “Marry me,” into Sam’s skin.

The fireplace flames grew so bright that they burned blue. Leaning back, Sam looked at him, barely eye contact but the gold in his eyes burned bright, “Are you sure?”

Rubbing his thumb across Sam’s cheek, “You are it, Sam. No one else.” Smiling, “Besides we’ve both been with enough people to last lifetimes.”

Sam snorted and leaned down and kissed him harder. He could get used to this.

Gavriel watched her. Her silver hair was in her face. Leaning over, he moved a piece back. His Lyria had such thick lashes. A light spray of freckles splashed down and across her shoulders.

“You better kiss me before you start purring and attacking birds.” she said, her eyes still closed.

He huffed and leaned over. Her lips tasted like frost.

Opening her eyes she looked at him, assessing, “Do you ever think about maybe downsizing?”

He knew what she meant but said, “I don’t think I could. You are five feet of compacted sass. If you got any smaller, You’d burst into a pile of snow.”

She scrunched her nose at him, “You know what I mean,”

“I don’t care where we are. As long as I’m with you. I would sleep under a horse if it meant that I would wake up next to you.”

“Are you sure?”


“Maybe in the future we could but, right now, I can’t leave my family. I cant leave Sam.”

Taking her fingers into his, “then we stay.”


Rajni felt the cool air kiss her face as she and Abraxi sat on the palace roof.

“Do you feel it?” she asked her twin. The rebel units from the fae and witches were growing. Water was running red in the witch kingdom and across the seas.

“War is coming.” Abraxi said.